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Haru0ro writes...
at 5:37:57pm on 8/22/07
hey wats up?....did you listen to gackt's latest song? its called "Returner ~Yami no Shuen~"...its such a cool song! ^_^ gackt has such a cute voice!! ^_^
Cj_leonine writes...
at 5:43:06pm on 8/14/07
Having a contest, go read post on my profile if interested
mankodechu writes...
at 8:34:55pm on 8/7/07
it never occured to me that the hamster dance was country
mankodechu writes...
at 5:47:35pm on 8/7/07
dang i totally forgot about cottoneye joe! that can pass too
x.dRiFt writes...
at 12:15:56pm on 8/7/07
well who knows lol
mankodechu writes...
at 6:55:17pm on 8/6/07
Yeah. The only country I like is Toe Jam from Beatmania IIDX Happy Sky (well, it's listed as country techno) XD
Cj_leonine writes...
at 3:43:35pm on 8/6/07
Go read the links. The first posts should tell you. As for a simfile upload on FFR Resonance, I wouldn't know
x.dRiFt writes...
at 12:23:51am on 8/6/07
same lol
Haru0ro writes...
at 12:14:36am on 8/6/07
go on my chatroom so we can talk about gackt yay!! ^_^
Haru0ro writes...
at 12:05:45am on 8/6/07
not much....just playin ffr...if u wanna add me as ur buddy then click my profile and click add to buddies..so....yea :)
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