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Kyran writes...
at 12:49:34am on 6/10/09
OMG- i was jus checking my acc n tadaa!
u were there! Well- im fine (as always :D) or we can call it - im like im in a magnificent paradise ^^!
so many good things are happening :>
So wassup? ^^
P.S:Sorry 4 the late reply, well, i was not actually IN ffr anymore, im playing online games ^^--but if u want, i can chat with u dai by dai :P
Kyran writes...
at 12:08:18am on 12/3/08
if fineeee, missed ya too^^ so how r ya??
Kyran writes...
at 2:35:16am on 11/22/08
yea im very very cool now ^^- so how bout ya? ny thin new at ur life huh-huh??
Kyran writes...
at 12:26:47am on 11/12/08
sorry long time no see cos i was too lazy to open ^^ so how r ya?? u noe that mie legs prob is totally gone so im fine :P
Kyran writes...
at 6:05:29am on 10/29/08
im fine i had a hard time so i was in a hurry :D
Kyran writes...
at 1:27:45am on 10/28/08
long time no see-- how r ya-- mie leg is fine!! it is normal now-- i was thinkin n i tought bout ya so here im typin please lets talk a little i missed ya!!
Kyran writes...
at 11:59:30pm on 10/12/08
whoa! r they little or r ya big? ^^
Kyran writes...
at 12:17:27am on 10/10/08
um, accually...
mie family tree ^^
mom dad
kyran anna jessica
(me) (mie lil twin sis) (mie bigger sis)
thats it ^^ (whoa making it was fun :P)
Kyran writes...
at 9:18:16am on 10/9/08
buzz! wrong, i have one sis and a twin sis too ^^ no bro, or have i wrote it wrong at somewhere ?? :P n tnx 4 askin my leg was better, n it became better when i read the sentence of urs ^^
Kyran writes...
at 12:42:20am on 10/8/08
hey y i cant reach u?? is there a problem?? have u stopped openning??
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