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About me:
Hi, name is AJ. I'm 24 years old, an avid keysmasher, and really easy to get along with as long as you're nice to me.
ITG/PIU/Pop'n/DDR/IIDX/[insert rhythm game here]. I love getting to know people who share the same interests with me as well. Other things: I occasionally create music, play poker, and like to watch YouTube Poops because I like avant-garde art. :p
Fav Music:
I'm into techno and trance, but I like taking a step away from that and listening to rock music as well. I don't pay attention to specific bands, I just like the sounds that come out.
Fav Movies:
I'm not a big movie person to be honest. I'm not going to put a movie that I somewhat liked only for you to think that it was a stupid movie. ;)
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TC_Halogen's Music on FFR
Song NamesSong StyleDate
Faint BreathTrance19-05-12
CutthroatDrum'n Bass07-03-13
TC_Halogen's Stepped Songs
Song NamesSong StyleDate
CoactiveBreak Trance26-01-07
Toxiferous DystopiaDark Breakbeats18-12-08
TageriSiberian Breakbeats29-11-09
DownDrum'n Bass Screamo22-12-10
The Crow's NewspaperProgressive Rock12-05-11
Beware the Purple WaterGame Remix20-10-11
Mermaid IslandLatin Samba20-12-11
Scrap SyndromeTechstep03-01-12
Big DogIndie Dance26-01-12
Faint BreathTrance19-05-12
Still Blastin [Heavy]Chiptune Breakbeats29-10-12
Undiscovered ColorsAmbient IDM05-02-13
Into Your Eyes (Boyinaband Remix)Drumstep19-02-13
Fractured SunshineBroken Tek28-02-13
Move It Groove It [Heavy]Hip Hop28-02-13
Unconnected.Touhou Breakcore14-03-13
Fast Rap BattleFreestyle Rap13-07-13
Clouds from the EastElectronica24-10-13
to luv me i *** for u (Reprise)Terrorcore21-11-13
Sonic the Hedgehog (Dubstep)Dubstep Rap28-11-13
Bits and Bytes (Original Mix)Techno05-12-13
Queen of BootlegsSpeedcore26-08-14
Rainbow Road [nanobii]Happy Hardcore01-10-14
PolargeistDrum'n Bass01-10-14
DjentrapTrap Metal29-10-14
Crimson FloodClassical Piano Solo05-11-14
Men & Machines [Redemption]Dubstep05-11-14
This Will Be The Day (James Landino's Magical GirlNu Disco15-07-16
Comment wall
choof writes at 1:37:43am on 7/19/16
oh hey speaking of xanopticon
Senpai Noah writes at 6:16:57pm on 7/14/16
If you're looking for stuff to step, look at stuff by Bossfight (https://soundcloud.com/bossfightswe ) or by NIGHTKilla/Rukkus (https://www.youtube.com/user/NKmusicOfficial ). One has more of a chiptune-y feel and the other a "hardcore dubstep" feel.
I've just been looking everywhere for a file of a song by these guys and haven't found one, and I don't have the time or skill to make one.
ItsOnlyDanO writes at 3:59:09pm on 7/13/16
Thanks! It's been a long time coming :)
choof writes at 1:06:30pm on 7/7/16
yo you might like this
happyhardcor3 writes at 11:16:55pm on 7/3/16
thanks very much now if only I could aaa that bad boy but 7:30.... easier said than done lol
CDCan writes at 6:35:10pm on 6/30/16
hi !
Sanjixcon writes at 6:52:21pm on 6/26/16
hey nice job on round 1 AAA
GammaBlaster writes at 9:59:02pm on 6/6/16
ty aj! ;w;
Jukesy writes at 9:18:59pm on 3/20/16
Haha, I get your avatar, it's because you have superhuman aim ;)
Smoothie World writes at 7:04:45pm on 3/3/16
hey there :p