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Posted on: October 11, 2011, at 06:57:09pm   [7 comments]
okay, i shouldve posted this yesterday, but well, since i didnt, ill post it today!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!! special thanks to all my friends XDD!!!!!!!!
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thedarkknightrising writes at 11:37:22pm on 8/14/14
Thank you, Cherry. (/w\)
thedarkknightrising writes at 6:55:42pm on 8/13/14
I'm gonna be a nurse. LOL
thedarkknightrising writes at 4:33:30am on 8/13/14
acoustic guitar with lyrics ^-^ ~
thedarkknightrising writes at 7:14:25pm on 8/12/14
i'm still trying to write my first song ever right now tho. O^O learning....i'll let you know when it's done ^^
thedarkknightrising writes at 3:59:40pm on 8/12/14
i haven't watch anime for a while now lmao and no, sorry O^O is it good????? O.O
thedarkknightrising writes at 4:25:23pm on 8/11/14
omg, it's good x333
thedarkknightrising writes at 4:13:59pm on 8/11/14
Oh. I haven't listen to it yet. opps. didn't notice. hehe listening to it now :3
thedarkknightrising writes at 3:53:42am on 8/9/14
omg :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO i wanna make lyrics out of your musicnotes x333
WSCB writes at 9:31:51pm on 8/8/14
Exhausted... I've been preparing for a clarinet recital and college is back in 9 days...
thedarkknightrising writes at 1:19:34am on 8/8/14
:OOO music? what music? :OOOO