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ddr_f4n writes at 9:43:04pm on 9/1/14
sup. Yeah it's been a while. How you been?
thedarkknightrising writes at 1:13:01am on 8/31/14
xD okay. and omg omg omg omg your prof x333333333 i love you. who made it? :OOOOOOOOOOO
DarknessXoXLight writes at 10:20:51pm on 8/27/14
i actually didn't make my current profile, but i used to have a template too. i wonder if i could still find it ahahha. it's really just a lot of trial and error. leave photoshop up while you put up test profiles and adjust what's needed~*
errr i dislike rinharu ~_~ but kagakuro on the other hand is wondrous. :)
DarknessXoXLight writes at 9:56:59pm on 8/27/14
aren't they fantastic? ahhaha. :3 i've had this profile forever though, i might remake one with haru and makoto~*~* your profile is adorable too. ^~-
HikamitheSoulReaper writes at 3:35:20pm on 8/27/14
cherry-chan~! ^~^
thedarkknightrising writes at 11:37:22pm on 8/14/14
Thank you, Cherry. (/w\)
thedarkknightrising writes at 6:55:42pm on 8/13/14
I'm gonna be a nurse. LOL
thedarkknightrising writes at 4:33:30am on 8/13/14
acoustic guitar with lyrics ^-^ ~
thedarkknightrising writes at 7:14:25pm on 8/12/14
i'm still trying to write my first song ever right now tho. O^O learning....i'll let you know when it's done ^^
thedarkknightrising writes at 3:59:40pm on 8/12/14
i haven't watch anime for a while now lmao and no, sorry O^O is it good????? O.O