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Posted on: October 11, 2011, at 06:57:09pm   [7 comments]
okay, i shouldve posted this yesterday, but well, since i didnt, ill post it today!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!!!! special thanks to all my friends XDD!!!!!!!!
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sikavonangel writes at 8:36:17pm on 7/24/14
I live wiith him lol
___________ writes at 12:37:18pm on 6/13/14
I can run a few miles at moderate pace without stopping (it's pretty tough). What songs are you doing/planning to arrange? I've tried a few but haven't gotten very far.
WSCB writes at 8:28:01am on 6/13/14
Yeah, word count is a teensy bit annoying.
WSCB writes at 8:27:36am on 6/13/14
You are great, don't worry! I received the millions of credits through the gambling hall actually haha. I made a million credits a few months ago but I lost all of it through gambling (I admit that I should have stopped at a million). Those 500k bets are ridiculous - I lost two in a row! I also know that it's hard trying to get used to this game. You have to be an ultra-addict of some sort to master rhythm games to the point where you can AAA FMOs/FGOs (when those terms existed - I can't tell if those are still around). I can't fathom the amount of time people spend playing Stepmania and FFR to get as good as Dossar (who is a pretty cool guy). PMs are cool with me!
WSCB writes at 10:43:11pm on 6/12/14
The only music that I listen to from anime (at least from what I can remember) would be the Samurai Champloo OST (Departure) by Nujabes (highly recommended) and Fat Jon. There are some other great soundtracks out there but I don't watch anime nearly as much so I can't find many I enjoy. haha
Thank you for telling me! :) I've always felt like an outsider on this site. I've made a big fool of myself. Most of the higher-ups on this site completely ignore me to this day. No one cares or comments on scores like mine (despite working ridiculously hard for many of them). Most of the "friends" I had ended up abandoning me for some stupid choices I made (I consider losing a couple million credits a small mistake because credits amount to nothing; I also let people earn things for me in the past - I could easily get all of those tokens now). You have to forgive and forget for the most part (or do the latter at least). Things were looking much better for me socially when I got off of th
___________ writes at 8:41:39pm on 6/12/14
Doing fine myself, taking on long distance running this summer (how tiring lols)
___________ writes at 8:26:11pm on 6/12/14
Hello again. I haven't talked to you in forever. How are you?
sikavonangel writes at 10:48:55pm on 6/10/14
Good, living with my boyfriend now, going to school and working :) but that's awesome!
WSCB writes at 10:23:52pm on 6/10/14
Haha, I prefer more subtle works of electronic music so I don't think I could make any k-pop / j-pop suggestions. :< The picture you sent looks fantastic! How long did it take you to draw that?
WSCB writes at 8:02:09pm on 6/9/14
Nope! College has been great for me, academically! I'm taking summer courses to cover my requisite courses ahead of schedule. *typical pre-med troubles* My music tastes are WILDLY different from two or three years ago. I have favorite artists around the electronic genre. You can send a song through a PM over FFR if you'd like, I'm going on Facebook less and less now and playing a bit more FFR with some spare time haha.