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Name: Raive Oskasko Species: Wolf Gender: Male Height:5'9" Weight:150 pounds Build: Normal-Cut Sexuality:Gay Eye Color: Brown DOB:1-19-1996 Age:15 Origin: Ra'Zier, Mus'Uck Description: He is a lime-green wolf with a white underbellly. He has White chest fur to go along with his underbelly that is the Shape of a heart. His tail is nice and fluffy that comes to a point also with a white tip. His K-9 Teeth are a little father extended then normal, He has big feet, Lynx ears which have Split fur tips, His left Ear is peirced with two metal studds, and has a loop lip ring on his bottom lip. When he is wearing cloths he perfers Black and Green tripp pants with a black hoody along with a blank and grey Fadora. He has a tattoo of "XIII" on his right arm and "Wolf Pride" in the middle of his shoulder blades. Background: He was born in the Land of Mus'Uck, Which is a little island off the coast of S'val in the Eastern Hemisphere, He lost his Father in the war between the Be'zid Tribe and the Na'mon tribe to which there tribe the Na'mon was defeated and took into slavery. He was three at the time, Him and his mother was then traded by the tribe to a different tribe called Mo'Saiv tribe untill he was the age of five. When Raive had reached the age of seven he was traded again to a human slave owner by the name of Jhonn Rozack which he served him as a house butler and a fetchman. Raive hit the age of ten and Jhonn had called him into his study chambers where he had seen his mother crying on the ground on her knees begging for mercy. Raive witnessed the brutal killing of his mother in cold blood. Jhonn had then had fifty-some odd slaves at the time and built his own hunting grounds. Raive was one of the "Lucky one's" as Jhonn had put it to be in it. The first day he had been used as game he had been scraped by an arrow on the right arm. That night Raive had gotten another furry by the Name of Zuky to sneek to the Utility Shed and steal a pair of b
Guitar, Bass, manga, Furries :D, reading, walking, BMX, Free-running (Parkour), computers, gaming, all of that stuff.
Fav Music:
Metallica, Megadeth, Daftpunk, ICP<Whoop-Whoop>, Twiztid, basically anything.
Fav Movies:
Forest Gump, 300, all movies as well
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