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AlexDest writes...
at 4:03:39pm on 10/27/14
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 7:46:20pm on 9/30/14
you gotta practice tip tappingggg
minime65 writes...
at 11:34:56am on 11/15/13
Pretty well how about yourself? :)
AlexDest writes...
at 11:47:09am on 11/9/13
nice avi there where'd you get it from
minime65 writes...
at 3:44:05pm on 11/8/13
Hello there.
Somexaznxgurl writes...
at 12:14:39am on 11/1/13
Lol, your about me says "my name is travis and ill eat your fucking face" so I'm telling you to pls eat mah face.
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 10:48:14pm on 10/21/13
what have you been up to lately?
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 10:47:57pm on 10/21/13
you do?! Cool :DDDDDDDDD
Jtehanonymous writes...
at 7:07:54pm on 10/21/13
Not really unfortunately. This is my first time online is ages, lolol
Xx{Fallen}xX writes...
at 4:08:25pm on 10/17/13
I live in New Port Richey, its just north of tampa.
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