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00Razor00 writes...
at 11:37:26pm on 5/14/12
'grats on Veteran status :)
furioso6660 writes...
at 3:45:18am on 5/10/12
hola new veteran welcome.
u84 writes...
at 10:18:47pm on 6/13/09
If you could, I need help with a referral competition. Please, go here and make an account. It involves making a screen name, a password and making an email. All of this can be just randomly typed (asdgfdlg), as no confirmation email is sent or anything. It takes about two seconds and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and +1!
The Wanderer writes...
at 9:48:59pm on 1/6/08
i see you playin FFR john...
godslayer writes...
at 10:40:19am on 9/1/07
yo mongeese i signed up for the tournament so ya
The Wanderer writes...
at 4:41:39pm on 7/28/07
Congratz on the SLOWKIP icon John. Im in Oregon right now. im coming home tomorrow, yayy... it was totally cool here, excvept i DIDNT GET TO RIDE A GODDAMN HORSE WTF AM I DOIN IN OREGON IF I CANT RIDE A DAMN HORSE ITS THE FUCKIN COUNTRY= I RID A HORSE
godslayer writes...
at 10:49:56am on 6/24/07
The Wanderer writes...
at 9:43:43pm on 6/23/07
I challeged you and lost all my tokens. Damn, wow, well, that just sux 4 me doesn't it. Yup. Yeah. Guess so. How about you gimme a few back, and we'll call it even? ^_^ Seriousl;y though, could you gimme back, maybe, 500?
cvl0531 writes...
at 8:28:10pm on 6/23/07
i was gonna challenge you for kicks, but i swear when i clicked the *send challenge* button, my page froze. i am so unworthy :) :) :)
The Wanderer writes...
at 8:15:01pm on 6/23/07
Hey John, GJ on getting da skill toekenz. Totally pWnZor
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