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Posted on: April 16, 2014, at 09:03:23am   [0 comments]
I figured since I no longer have any sort of interest in playing this game anymore, there is no point in continuing something I once enjoyed. I have not touched this game in over four months and I do not intend on coming back either. For those who respected my past accomplishments and my dump files, I thank you. Good bye.
Posted on: January 29, 2014, at 02:43:10pm   [0 comments]
1. NBA ON NBC THEME ( http://puu.sh/6CS0u.zip )

This was supposed to be the first stage bonus file for Rebound Dump Collection Pack 3 but since it was canceled, I decided to make this my first single release file. Pretty short and fun dump file that I am proud of and I think majority will enjoy this file. This file should be AAAable for most above average players! Pretty fun on rates as well! ^_^

2. High School Musicial ( http://puu.sh/7a0pI.zip )

The original file had 32nd trills during the main chorus section but I figured that a lot of people would not be able to do it really well thus ruining the fun factor of the dump and so I decided to change those into 24th trills. This is personally one of my better made dumps as it combines a variety of simplistic 24th to 32nd "easy to read" patterns making it a fun chart in my opinion. If you guys want the 32nd version, PM me!
Posted on: January 19, 2014, at 12:06:55pm   [0 comments]
Since I canceled RDCP 3 and will never finish it, I plan on releasing single dump files stepped by me personally. I no longer what to make dump packs for SM again because it takes way too much time for me just to finish one and I do not have as much time for stuff like this as I used to. This will not be a weekly thing but every now and then, you will see a single dump release by me. I will only post links on my profile and may possibly make my own thread about it. For every 15 new dumps I make, I will bundle them into a pack.
Posted on: January 1, 2013, at 05:34:41am   [0 comments]
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