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About me:
Well if u want to know about me, im a nice guy who just wants to enjoy life. Oh and yeah i put a "z" at the end of my lol just cause i can >=P
FFR, music, going outside (not many people enjoy that lolz)
Fav Music:
Atreyu, Poisonblack, Twisted Sister, Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping, Breaking Benjamin, Enter Shikai, Rammstein, Muse, Alexisonfire, Drist, Dark Tranquility, I.O.N, Killswitch Engage, Iced Earth, Demons and Wizards, Devil Wears Prada, Silverstein, Dark Funeral, Chimera, Slayer, Job for a Cowboy, Nodes of Ranvier, Bullet for my Valintine, Shadows Fall, Disturbed, Chiodos, As I Lay Dying, Between the Buried and Me, Bring Me The Horizon, Dimmu Borgir, Slipknot...too many to name, i luv music.
Fav Movies:
Ninja Scroll, Samurai X:Trust and Betrayal, Samurai X:Reflection, both Karas movies, both Afro Samurai movies, Kingdom of Heaven, Troy, King Arther, most horror movies, most action movies, most vampire movies, old kung fu movies ect.
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N i g h T writes...
at 8:22:43pm on 12/10/10
damn the time police!
xxasumaxx writes...
at 12:19:27am on 4/4/09
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:56:48pm on 4/3/09
definitly. anyways, i think im going to bed because ive been tired all day. So ill talk with you later man!
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:53:42pm on 4/3/09
yeah its pretty sick. I think im going to use an update some time soon, but i dont know what to so im delaying it... maybe alestorm? but anyways changing it all the time isnt a bad thing it just makes it more original
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:48:52pm on 4/3/09
yea thanks! i tend to go through band themes, before it was AILD (as i lay dying) people say it looked better but it got old and it was time for change
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:44:29pm on 4/3/09
ah, at least you got it... it looks pretty sick
Bangcrashboom writes...
at 11:37:19pm on 4/3/09
thats awesome! did you find out what you did wrong? it looks pretty good btw
N i g h T writes...
at 2:12:15pm on 4/3/09
what son xD
N i g h T writes...
at 11:54:43am on 3/27/09
play more ffr mark !!
N i g h T writes...
at 7:16:58pm on 3/21/09
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