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Just a guy who likes to smash some arrows to some music. I've loved playing rhythm games for a large portion of my life, playing off and on for ages now. Trying to get back into FFR a bit, but my main game currently is Etterna (same kind of game).
Rhythm games such as FFR and StepMania, Computers and hardware, playing my keyboard, and the occasional Dreamcast or N64 game with my little brother.
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I enjoy most genres, and my favorite music is a bit scattered across the spectrum. I would have to say overall though, my favorite bands are Trivium, Incubus, and Protest the Hero.
Fav Movies:
Man On Fire, Enthiran, Birdemic (it's hilarious), Django Unchained, and Cabin in the Woods.
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Posted on: March 4, 2018, at 09:34:03am   [0 comments]
I'm changing up my profile, it's going to look borked for a while.
Posted on: September 1, 2016, at 11:49:37am   [3 comments]
Over the past several months I have been less and less focused on FFR and StepMania, both on an in-game and community level. I distanced myself from interaction and site duties, and went on an ever growing spiral of feeling too bad about it to return and own up to it. I used to be so enamored with this place, though a combination of less than stellar events pushed me away later on last year (such as literally not even being able to stand playing a single minute of it due to arising problems with my eyes). I thought I could come back and keep active, but it's clear that I've just lost interest overall and am unreliable. I sincerely apologize to all of those who I've burdened by shrugging off responsibilities.

During these last few months my eyes have been able to mostly cope with rhythm gaming again, thanks to some special drops to alleviate the pain of existing in light. Though my rhythm cravings have been mostly quelled by having jam sessions with my friends when I'm away from work. This isn't to say that I don't still love these games, but that they get pushed to the back-burners and I end up just not playing for weeks, or even months at a time. Unless things heavily change, I imagine that I'll only be interacting with FFR and StepMania pretty casually from now on.

I will ensure however that I still mirror SM packs to SMO regardless of my lack of interest. Archival is a very important part of allowing people to explore and enjoy the StepMania communities' works. I'm going to be compiling all mirrored uploads in the List of All Major Simfile Packs For StepMania and Other Resources thread each month. This way stuff doesn't get overlooked for too long if people deem it a 'major' submission.

Anyway you get the picture. I've spent countless hours with FFR, SM, and communities revolved around them. I have had lots of great memories, and I hope to continue making more of them as time moves forward. I'll just be a lot more casual with my involvement from now on.
Posted on: July 6, 2013, at 10:00:03pm   [1 comment]
I've been on and off with this game since 2011, but recently I have significantly improved, and perhaps have become even better than I used to be. With that said, it makes be very happy to finally be able to say this again:

Average rank 3 baby!

I've been getting some pretty nice scores, and perhaps with enough work, I might even hit average rank 2! In light of this, I feel perhaps there is some benefit in taking breaks, and returning to things you think you've hit a limit on. I always seem to find that after I return and put effort into it again, I end up doing better than I did before.

Edit from 2 months in the future:
I did it, after countless new PB's and AAA's, and a hell of a struggle, I officially made average rank 2! How long it will last I don't know, but I finally pulled it off!
Posted on: November 18, 2012, at 06:29:21pm   [4 comments]
Let's just say that I did pretty good...

Not only was I able to ram my way into second place in the competition, but I was also able to throw myself into SECOND HIGHEST GTS EVER OBTAINED IN ONE DAY! That's right, I defeated Adamaja456's long standing #1 score of 1.51 billion, and with some of the worst preparations EVER. I managed to Mash Mash Revolution for (not counting my small dinner and couple second breaks) ALL 24 HOURS THE GAMEWHORE WAS ACTIVE! FUCK SLEEP, it's not like it's important anyway. Oh yeah, and I didn't even take a nap during the day. I woke up at 1pm Friday afternoon and hung out with one of my friends at my house until 12:50 am, because WHY the HELL NOT? I originally planned to sleep during the gamewhore...but I decided I would play until I passed out (which was NEVER).

I also had NO SNACKS, and only two bottles of water to drink the ENTIRE DAY. Nutrition, phht, not for me.

The end result of all of this was a sexy spot at number two on the daily all time stats, the feeling of satisfaction after surpassing Adamaja456, and of course getting 100% COMPLETION on my tokens! I also learned that credits come pretty dang slow, because I'm pretty sure I only pulled a bit over 30k credits from getting almost 1.6 BILLION POINTS WAT.

Anyway, I thank everyone that was rooting for me to pass Adamaja456, and who congratulated me after the day was over! You are all awesome for supporting me after feeling so horribly fatigued after such intense torture. This was my first real serious attempt at gamewhoring ANYTHING, and I'm still amazed at how well it went.
Posted on: October 16, 2012, at 12:27:27am   [1 comment]
THE CURSE IS FINALLY LIFTED! I AAA'd Piano Etude (Gymnastics), and I STILL can't believe it! I've had this bastard flagged for SO LONG, but luck give me a break and I FINALLY DID IT! I've never been so happy that SMO lost connection, because I would have never played FFR just now to do this!

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cool guy 2020 stay tuned for next year's post
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cool guy
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Yooo congrats on 1800 AAAs!
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Just wanted to say I was bringing the TCG back if you're interested
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hey my dude congrats on 1700 AAA's
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im better at being worse than you xd
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Nicely passive agressive, I like that lmao
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Haha I remember your old banner, you gave out creds then aswell. This one is just as brilliant mate, love it.
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home run derby monstsa
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Nice derby unlock!