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<3 The things to know <3 My name is Sammi, and I live in Cudahy, Wisconsin. I am currently 18, and I love FFR & DDR. I'm single, but it doesn't bother me. And..... I LOVE LIME GREEN <3
I love hanging out with my friends, driving, kickin' it at the mall, or just chillin in the warm summer air.
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Marlyn Manson, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Evenescence, The Killers, Metallica, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Disterbed, Guns 'N' Roses, Creed, Rob Zombie, Nickleback, Ozzy Osbourne, P.O.D., Pantera, Sublime, Stone Temple Piolets, Godsmack, H.I.M., Stone Sour, Grechen Wilson, Nepalm Death, Steve Miller Band, Silverchair, White Zombie, Megadeath, Type O Negative, The Blue Man Group, Aerosmith, AC/DC, CellDweller, CKY, Cradle of Filth, Fall out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Jewel, Led Zeppelin, Korn, Megadeth, Motley Crue, A New Found Glory, 3 Doors Down, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Puddle Of Mud, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rammstein, Scorpians, System of a Down, Slipknot, Stained, Steve Miller Band, Sublime, Ted Nugent, The Used, White Stripes, Offspring, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, Jackyl, Good Charlotte, Godsmack, Simple Plan, Drowing Pool, The Beatles, Erm...
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idk... all the ones I have?
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Gates of hell
Posted on: August 8, 2008, at 06:15:15pm   [0 comments]
Steping through the gates of hell.
Unspeakable things I can not tell.
Darkness and Malice surround
Whatever dead thing touches the ground.

The afterlife is dark and cold.
The once beautiful and young are now ugly and old.
No one is happy, everyone is sad.
No good thoughts because everyone is bad.

The water smells of rotten eggs and spoiled meat.
It makes you sick; no need to eat.
Could you venture this horrid place
And keep a smile on your face?

I am damned to live here now.
I constanly ask myself how....just how?

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Aeroethimetic writes...
at 2:06:59am on 1/19/11
Omg....=) So nice to see youuuuu. Wow really? Nice. Lots of things happened on my end. Way to much to say in one message. I hope you been alright. Thanks for saying hi, very nice to see you again =). Maybe catch up sometime if you are interested. Take care of yourself. Don't forget...but omg Sammi =)
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 4:43:07am on 12/9/09
Snow is here~. Maybe if I'm lucky I can hit you with a snowball from here =O
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 5:54:06am on 11/14/09
*hugs* Kinda miss you...
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 1:15:05am on 10/28/09
*hugs tightly* hope your okay...and the pregnancy and stuff >_<. happy halloween...wanted to say something thats all...>_<
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 9:51:53pm on 10/12/09
OMG now I'm spamming your message box thing because my internet sucks >_<. Hate distance >_>... Just delete this and that I guess...I'm sorry >_< I don't know, I had to say it...
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 9:49:49pm on 10/12/09
main thing right? =O
Take care okay? Hopefully talk to you soon. *hugs*
Btw...Stupid message limit =(
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 9:48:44pm on 10/12/09
main thing right? =O
Take care okay? Hopefully talk to you soon. *hugs*
Btw...Stupid message limit =(
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 9:46:07pm on 10/12/09
YAY its you =). Awesome to hear your still okay. =) Relived to hear that actually... Don't worry too much about the phone. I'm getting a new one soon anyways. Contract is over, been over a year, and I'm switching to Rogers...so yea. I don't have a phone atm, and I'm going to be getting a new number. So it's really okay =P
Really young to be pregnant but...congratz? I guess. YAY for at least your not lonely anymore. I'm glad you found someone for you =). Hope hes not hurting you or anything >_>
I'm alright, still just working and...thats it. Waiting for the stupid strike to be over so I can start advancing in life. Until then...really nothing else to do =P. Everyones sleeping when I'm not working...and I'm sleeping during the day....so there goes having any sort of social life. Lonely ftl...
And its really okay. Thank you a lot for saying something. Reallllyyyyyy glad to hear your alright. Sure yea someone might be coming soon thats not so great but...at least your okay...thats the
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 5:13:02pm on 10/9/09
*hugs tightly*
Aeroethimetic writes...
at 3:35:40am on 9/25/09
*hugs* I hope your lifes going alright. I just wanted to say hi thats all. Take lots of care okay?
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