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I'm in the graduating era.. Only faithfully belonging to the Class of 08. I'm Currently trying to attend University of Maryland College Park. Concert and Marching band is orgasmic to meh at all times... Especially incorporated in Disney Classics... Musically incline with Final Fantasy like Emsembles... occassionally bumping to the beat of a Maryland Club Mix. Um... I believe Avatar the Last AirBender is one of the best animes made by Americans.... Ever. Period. While I'm not making money.. playing Flute or Trumpet.. Harrassing my GF... killing Final Fantasy.. or watching Avatar.. I'm here Trying to find out what'z good with the FFR peoples...or Drinking Cream Soda... El yum. ~^.^~ Parental Discretion is always advised tho. Lol. Got love for anyone who got love for meH! Be Easy All !!
It's not in your best interest to know.
Fav Music:
Baltimore Club Mixes, Techno, Rap, Hip-Hop, Classical, Live Concert Based Ensembles, Multiple versions of different bull crap... blah blah blah... Hey! Besides reading this crap how bout we go Grab a StarBuck Carmel Frapp' and make some History, ey ? n.n
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Lion King... Beauty and the Beast.. Aladdin... Mulan... Tarzen... Anything assiociated with Disney... FreQuency... Basic... Everything dealing with James Bond... FlightPlan... -Tis' Flexable-
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Gay National Anthem - It'z Raining Men!!
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Something Interesting
Posted on: December 19, 2007, at 09:53:59am   [1 comment]
My Avatar is actually tattoo'd on some part of my body.... =p

Final Fantasy 8 Liberi Fatali Live Ensemble
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finalblood writes...
at 9:56:05am on 12/17/12
Hey there! It's been far too long since I've seen you or talked to you and I came by to check on you and make sure your alright. I miss talking to ya and hope we get some time to hang out and talk. (: if you got yahoo send me a request ok sweetie? <3
yagamitrance writes...
at 2:01:08pm on 3/24/09
haha thanks :D
HanzokuBlackFox writes...
at 7:10:02pm on 9/22/08
Hey ZeeZee it's Foxxy You Know that animated gif that u gave me with the two girls kissing on my profile? Well my friend wants to know what anime that came from he's into lesbian too.
BowserFanatic writes...
at 1:54:57am on 7/29/08
hey! havent talked to you in a while :)
kayla8585 writes...
at 7:55:28pm on 5/14/08
hay im new
~innocent_angel~ writes...
at 4:28:21pm on 4/21/08
BowserFanatic writes...
at 7:10:38pm on 4/19/08
hey whats goin on?
puppylover554 writes...
at 4:52:16pm on 3/28/08
nothing much u?
arrowprincess writes...
at 1:33:55am on 3/23/08
eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww lol so you like that stuff?
you sick twisted yet awesome chicka lol XD
arrowprincess writes...
at 6:23:01pm on 3/21/08
lol no kidding and yuri is anime right?
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