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My fav FFR songs: She Bang (William Hong >.<) A Christmas Carol Sonic Final Battle Cid's Theme Piano Concerto Legend of Zelda Remix^^
Anime, Japanese, School, Music, Fun Stuff, Friends and Being Random
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i *heart* all music except country...
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Kyran writes...
at 12:41:00am on 10/8/08
whoa! im not like it^^ (tnx god!) umm... ummm... i like...like... k i couldnt match myself! but im sitting on a chair and mie left leg is on a other chair, thats the way i am ^^.... TT.TT
Kyran writes...
at 6:40:45am on 10/5/08
i will b glad :D n sorry 4 the slow answer D: i couldnt answer cos i broke mie leg, please forgive me!! pretty pleaze ^^
Kyran writes...
at 2:38:47am on 9/29/08
yup it relaxing !!! :P tell me if u need any pics for ur bg and banner hhehe, by the fast name 4 ur acc i can pm u 3452 pics of anime and i have some NAMED anime pics u noe unrandom 4 example i have hack, chrno crusade, x , fma, toa, n stuff, i can find very cool pics in an hour so tell me if u need any ^^
Kyran writes...
at 2:38:08am on 9/28/08
im Kyran ^^ n u had said that u love all kinds of music exept country, does this includes classic ?? :P
L e e writes...
at 10:04:48pm on 9/25/08
i like your avi
Kyran writes...
at 12:25:34am on 9/23/08
:P so whassur name??^^
AznMichael writes...
at 8:40:13pm on 9/22/08
umm yea im back from skoo
DJAirWave writes...
at 8:39:46pm on 9/22/08
i like urs too ^^
DJAirWave writes...
at 8:36:55pm on 9/22/08
thanx ^^
sexyaznboy writes...
at 6:28:46am on 9/22/08
o i see,nice to meet you too,well im off to school!
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