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L dies. Light dies. They all die.
Medicine Biology Computers Sweden Japan
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The Pianist
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Random Thought
Posted on: September 13, 2008, at 01:08:46am   [3 comments]
I think I'm good at reading the arrows and nothing else.

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seany1888 writes...
at 5:38:35pm on 5/2/15
Mrowmrew writes...
at 4:46:22am on 8/23/14
So they all die? Spoilers???? what??????
seany1888 writes...
at 11:21:42am on 8/12/08
Lol. you're better. You just don't play as regularly or try as many songs as me.
seany1888 writes...
at 12:19:29am on 8/7/08
I have 201 FC's now. =D
seany1888 writes...
at 6:06:05pm on 6/30/08
akmx1 writes...
at 10:53:30pm on 6/28/08
lol. that's good. Lowell can get confusing the first week, but after that everything is pretty fun. oh and sometimes stressful.
akmx1 writes...
at 9:46:33pm on 6/16/08
erm ready for lowell next year?
CodaVein writes...
at 11:04:01am on 5/26/08
Yeah, I'm realising some particular stepfile writers are better than others.
CodaVein writes...
at 9:57:58pm on 5/25/08
I'm still pretty inconsistent though. It's not like I know exactly what I'm doing all the time when I get a perfect. Sometimes I got averages and I'm like "what! that was SO perfect!"
Goldspark writes...
at 8:19:22pm on 8/10/07
FC some more songs then. You must be able to do more than 29
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