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Back after 7 years :O
Posted on: April 4, 2018, at 07:55:33pm   [0 comments]
Well, I've been back playing for a week now, after taking a 7 year hiatus. 7 years is the longest I had ever been away from FFR, and my skill had deteriorated to the point where I couldn't read 16th stream anymore.

I think the first song I tried playing was {Blaze} and I couldn't read it at all. So I tried playing a difficulty 19 song- Breaking The Common and I couldn't read that either! I had to go back to playing Beginner and Very Easy songs lol. It was pathetic, but at least it was a nice bit of nostalgia :).

After about a week of playing, I'm back to FC'ing 60+ difficulty songs, and even got SDGs on a few of them. I probably won't get much better though, because I'm pretty old now... but accepting that reality is probably a good thing because it will lead to fewer rage quits!

A lot has changed in 4 years!
Posted on: January 27, 2011, at 10:59:22am   [3 comments]
When I quit this in early '07:

Shashakiro was FFR's #1 player.

lumphoboextreme didn't even have the highest grand total yet.

There weren't any speedmods.

My FFR Rank was 23. (Now it's 693 lol)

My Average level rank was 101.6 (Now it's >11k lol)

Scoring 1 million on FOTBB would get you a Top 10 score.

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jdizzo writes...
at 5:41:38pm on 1/21/11
sarahbeara42 writes...
at 1:37:31am on 1/12/08
where are u at john?
gothicluver writes...
at 6:57:56am on 6/11/07
Because you read this,
> >
> >you will get kissed on friday.
> >
> >B R E A K I T
> >
> >and your crush will ask someone else out.
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> >Tomorrow
> >
> >will be the best day of your life.
> >
> >How ever, if u dont send this to at least 10 people, by at least 1 am,
> >
> >you will have bad luck for the rest of your life.
> >
> >Just copy,
> >
> >
> >
> >paste
> >
> >and you will get kissed on friday.
> >
> >
> >DONT send it back to the person who sent it to you, TAG UR IT!
> >
> >This is so scary.
> >Send this to 1
Actionhotdog writes...
at 10:32:36am on 5/3/07
1337h4xz0r writes...
at 2:25:50am on 4/20/07
Where've you gone to man? =(
Sku11 writes...
at 5:52:36pm on 2/22/07
YOUR AVATAR ROCKS!!! can i add you to my buddies???
JasonKey writes...
at 1:55:43pm on 1/18/07
my pleasure :)
mLg_sLinKy writes...
at 12:08:22pm on 1/18/07
wh0 iS tHaT iN y7uR aVataR brA!!!!!
1337h4xz0r writes...
at 4:43:50pm on 1/11/07
Lol, illiadin =P

Sup dude?
lumphoboextreme writes...
at 7:49:46pm on 1/9/07
caught you in avg rank ;)
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