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I suppose I might write something here.
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Comment wall
WSCB writes...
at 10:04:50pm on 5/22/09
Hmmmmmm........... You're pretty good. XD
SangjunJeon writes...
at 12:25:02am on 10/12/08
rofl, whats up man? its CheeseisGod here
Zamiax writes...
at 1:05:44pm on 7/19/08
Hey u live closest to me my map placement is wrong i live in linden opposite you across the park
immawhiteguy writes...
at 8:18:48am on 5/4/08
Meh, nevermind man, They just put Sprite as our new Seeker without me knowing.
Thanks for being willing to do it at least.
immawhiteguy writes...
at 8:16:36am on 5/4/08
If you can't though, just try to get the best score you can.
immawhiteguy writes...
at 8:16:01am on 5/4/08
Lol, go check it out on the forum. We'd prefer it AAA'd because it would end the round (we would win too) and give us 150 points and dock them 100.
The whole rules and system of the tournament is explain in the topic, lol.
Suicidalfatman writes...
at 1:52:47am on 5/4/08
theres my friend code
see ya on brawl
immawhiteguy writes...
at 12:03:09am on 5/4/08
^That's the topic.
Our Chaser broke his keyboard so he can't play anymore for us haha.
immawhiteguy writes...
at 12:02:02am on 5/4/08
Go AAA None Would Escape, lol.
immawhiteguy writes...
at 11:34:51pm on 5/3/08
yo L2D, wanna be in a tournament and save my team's ass?
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