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icyworld1hand writes at 9:33:47pm on 5/5/19
i had a blast playing with ya! this one is only level 55 since i only use it to track 1 hand progress :P my main is icontrolyourworld
gg's again!
Kukulaka writes at 5:18:46am on 1/30/18
thinking of you 2,669 - 36 - 0 - 1 - 1
95 difficulty. Not my BEST on this song, but its the best I've done in SO long. :')
Crazy_hyper writes at 3:17:11pm on 12/1/12
hello! oh really toronto? Cool! actually I just started playing ffr again after like... a while. but that sucks! thats actually kind of like me too xD Im pretty sure the people i hang with dont know what ffr is either. we're in the same boat :) you look pretty pro at ffr haha :)
Sky Kitten writes at 2:55:36pm on 12/1/12
Hi there~
i_am_phenomenon writes at 11:50:02am on 8/24/12
well look whos online...thats a rare occurance lol
ohsosilly writes at 9:45:45pm on 8/1/12
kukuuuu. long time no talk. i see that you're kicking butt in the official tourney :P also, you should enter the tourney that my friend Sax and I are co-hosting! it's gonna be awesome. link is here: http://www.flashflashrevolution.com/vbz/showthread.php?t=125078
Funnygurl555 writes at 1:32:40pm on 7/29/12
Nice Flamingo AAA. Great job on first :)
ohsosilly writes at 12:57:25am on 6/20/12
all of those tier points o.O good games today!! :)
i_am_phenomenon writes at 2:11:22pm on 5/13/12
how interesting that you would find me intriguing enough to send a friend request
i am flattered :)
sammy45 writes at 4:34:56pm on 5/2/12
Lol, oh cool :)