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About me:
About Me Ok I guess I'll Start with, My name is Vince, I am 17 years old and my Birthday is July 10th. I am not religious at all. My favorite word is moo. (don't ask)I am probably one of the weirdest people you will come across. I love pie, pie is really good. My favorite t.v show is south park, However I don't really watch to much t.v. I'm mostly on the computer, my friends say I know a lot about computers some of them even refer to me as a hacker. Anything I cant do with a computer I will try to figure out, However, I am not a nerd; I just like computers. Did I mention that I like pie? Well, I do! XD
Well, FFR Of course, Computers, Weight Training, Biking, Really big in Parkour or free running, Music, and thats all that I can really think of at the moment.
Fav Music:
Rock and Rap. Muse, Korn, Marilyn Manson, The Prodigy, Godsmack, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Three 6 mafia, Triple 6 mafia, Koopsta Knicca, lil wayne, MUCC, Gackt, System Of A Down
Fav Movies:
Don't really watch T.V. But if I had to pick some, they would be: Hannibal Lector, Silence of the lambs, Hannibal Rising, The Butterfly Effect, and all the Jet Li movies like, Hero, Fist of Legend, The Swordsmen 2, etc.
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Posted on: August 19, 2008, at 02:54:02pm   [1 comment]
I like Pie!!!!

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Bethnee writes...
at 10:01:28pm on 11/29/10
lol hey! i missed u
Bethnee writes...
at 10:43:14pm on 1/24/09
Yo, haven't talked to you in a long time.
How are you doinn?
Bethnee writes...
at 11:44:14pm on 9/14/08
Gawsh do I have to give you more pie to even reply to me!?
cashmina writes...
at 8:33:46am on 8/28/08
You toooo
Ash-a-lily writes...
at 8:25:34pm on 8/27/08
wow you realy like death note
Ash-a-lily writes...
at 8:21:45pm on 8/27/08
i dont know i hav seen most of them
how about you
Ash-a-lily writes...
at 8:19:45pm on 8/27/08
ur welcome
thats cool i like death note its awesome
cashmina writes...
at 7:59:36am on 8/27/08
She likes cows.........umm yea.....nice to meet you vince!
cashmina writes...
at 7:58:59am on 8/27/08
YEA she does.....she also likes this picture.:
CaosNight writes...
at 8:47:31pm on 8/26/08
you need to change your profile to have the fc and the aaas
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