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Well...I like computers..and I like games..so..obviously I like computer games. I like sports...mostly basketball and soccer. I've wanted to do wrestling, but everyone says I wouldn't be able to pin someone down. Whatever. Well...I go to school, I do have a life. What else to you need to know? XD ((I thought I'd extend this a little.... because I'm bored.))
Anime (obviously the .dothack series). If you haven't already figured it out, my name isn't really Endrance Ichinose. Endrance is my favorite character from G.U. and Ichinose is the player behinid him. Anyway, I like music, video games(preferably RPGS), hats, sports, drawing, computers....Addictinggames.com.
Fav Music:
Any and everything. Pop, rock, punk, soundtracks, classical, anime music, instrumentals, heavy metal, metal, alternative, hip-hop, rap...pop? Everything, if I left anything out.
Fav Movies:
Too many. I don't feel like listing them all.
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@#$% MY LIFE!
Posted on: September 19, 2008, at 08:50:17pm   [0 comments]
School has been ICK. I aldready want it to end. I want to be a senior NOW. Fucking...colleges and tests and AP classes and everything. *kicks something* I have homework to do, but I've been listening to Poppin and J-Pop all day. Damn J-Pop---I was listening to Miss Love Tantei for four and a half hours straight yesterday! It was INSANITY!

It's just...TOO addicting.

I'm sorry, but it was so much fun...
Posted on: July 16, 2008, at 04:47:38pm   [0 comments]
I cosplayed as Haruki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya--well..it's really the genderbended version of Haruhi. I just recently became obsessed XD My friends taped a video of me singing 'God Knows' and 'Lost My Music'. by the way, I can't sing XD haha! Once I get the chord to hook my camera to my laptop, I'll post it! Haha! Priceless. It was so much fun too.

Then we did the Hare Hare Yuaki, led by Albel Nox XDDD I was on the right and Endrance was on the left. Really random characters, but it just happened. I must give Jared props though. Endrance is--or seems--like a really hard cosplay and he totally pulled it off! ^^


StarOcean: How to Get Albel in 4D space
Posted on: July 10, 2008, at 03:39:04pm   [0 comments]
I knwo the game is knida old. I've had it for a while, but never got into it until I heard about Albel XD Heard and saw. That gaunlet won me over ocmpletely.

For those of you who like Albel as much as I do (I mean, c'mon...he's awesome!). Don't invite Pepitta. I don't know if Roger will make a difference. I'll tell you on my second time around with the game after I beat it with Albel XD. So tell Pepitta NUUUUUU and then go to Elicoor II ASAP. Go to Kirlsa and Woltar will be like 'blah blah...Albel's training'. Then head to the Urssa Lava Caves and beat him the first time--he's in the room where Corsell is, if you're confused XD. You know..Corsell the Marquis? I hope you remember. It wasn't that long ago. If not, go straight ahead and you'll find a door at the very end--but it's blocked by a Magma...monster thing, so if you don't see it immidiately...it's there. It's not mandatory to fight it. In fact, I recommend not to--for the sake of items and such. Albel isn't an easy battle.

My method is time consuming, but it works, even with low items. Wait for non-fury attacks ( when he's no turning all purple) and let him hit you with your guard at 100%. He'll be stunned. Don't just do that though. Attack when convienant and shotgun blast and sidekick is extremely helpful. But when Albel uses Charge, use the Guard method I previously mentioned. Again, it takes a bit of time, but it guarantees your vicotry. Also heal yourself periodically...but that shoudl be obvious. Before your battle, be sure to stock up on blue and blackberries.

Get lots of money too, but that's for future reference. In 4D space, everything is really expensive. I spent 360000 on the Titanium Claw, which is really powerful XD Almsot every weapon is 360000 +, so SAVE UP!

If you wait to go to Elicoor (and this is true, I read this in the FAQs), Albel will get stronger and harder to defeat, so just go and get him.

Posted on: July 10, 2008, at 03:28:13pm   [0 comments]
I got five new mangas today! That, a pair of new shoes and shorts! My mom kept nagging me about clothes...and we were right next to the Vans store. XD

'Aaron! You need new shoes!'

My pair of Etnies lasted a LOOOOONG time though XD After Etnies..I've been kinda skepital about Vans, but I deided against slip-ons this time and got normal shoes.
And I got those plaid short I've wanted since they came out. XD

Then I went to Borders and was like 'Wow..lots of..Manga--but they were EXPENSIVE AS FUUUUUUCK! They were a whole dollar fifty more than the ones at Fry's. Their selection isn't nearly as big, but the quality--regardless of that ONE DeathNote that was all bent up---is just as good.

But I got BLeach, Blood--never read, but looks interesting--, .hack//XXXX and .hack//G.U.+

Elk and Endrance...are in them. I almost died. Elk is in the majority of the first volume of .hack//XXXX...I was so happy. And there's plenty of Endrance--unlike in all the .dothack games.

In GU, Endrance DOES have his share of scenes, but Elk..he may as well have NOT been in the game. In the first, you get to invite him in your party most of the time, but the game is so short it doesn't matter. In the second, he's with you a lot too...but the third and fourth---the longest games---you SEE him, but you CAN'T invite him and then he's all pissed at you until AFTER the game. Yes, AFTER! I found this out the hard way. Wait until after the credits to finish the game and get fun little items. Seriously--yes, it's bullshit--I'm telling the truth!

But on the brightside..the mangas have helped me alot with my fanfics XD. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out Elk's personality---between the whole Elk/Endrance period..when he was seventeen. At first I thought he was more Elkish (shy, loyal but bitter), but then the whole Endrance thing go to me (cold, alone)


But I think I have an idea now. Geez.

Posted on: July 9, 2008, at 09:26:58pm   [0 comments]
Today I turned sixteen! w00t!My mom took me out to Fry's and I bought a WHOOOLE bunch of anime stuff. Okay..seven mangas and four DVDs. MOst of it was Death Note stuff, but I saw those KH mangas and I decided to grabed those too XD. Then I got the complete Spiral series XD After I finish all this AP homework on Friday, I'm going to spend the rest of the summer rotting my brain with anime, anime, ANIME!

The last DN epsiode was so kick ass. But I guess I'll eventually find out why everyone hates Near. Like..seriously DX. He's my favorite character. Aside from L and Light. Yeah, I began to like Light a lot. But Near is #1 on my list of favorite characters XD. Then there's Kite and Elk and Balmung and Ayumu and...well..yeah. I ahve a lot of #1s XD But Rukia is my only girl favorite and Kurama---he's girly enough! I have al of Team Urameshi---yes even Kuwabara. After his battle with whatshisface...Toguro's brother, I was like 'HOLY SHIT, HE ROCKS!' Hehehe.

But my birthday's been super awesome special! CHAAAAAYESS!

I forgot to tell you about my awkward moment at Fry's. XDD Normally I wouldn't even talk about it, ut this truly was HILARIOUS.

So, I was grabbing all the DeathNote stuff I could find...but restraining from buying all of it, considering I only had three hundred dollars XD (that's a lot of money, but for all the stuff they had..I'd at least need three hundred more). So, out of nowhere...this dude comes up to me and says: 'Someone likes DeathNote'

And I'm like: 'Are you kidding! I fucking love it!'

And then he says: I fucking love you!


But I just laugh like nothing's wrong...then he gives me his number....

Yeeeeah....very strange. No, I didn't call him though. XD

SOOOOO weird....

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at 6:06:13pm on 3/25/08
i need some friends for my profile
cal607 writes...
at 10:06:09pm on 2/18/08
endrance gets pownt.
Atoli is so cute. my favorite by far.
cal607 writes...
at 10:04:20pm on 2/18/08
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 10:03:31pm on 2/18/08
no, i didn't draw them. i WISH i could draw that good x3
wolf200 writes...
at 3:15:13pm on 2/13/08
i no. no1 really watched .hack
i game tested teh card game
i just wanted a val. day theme and fruits baskets had teh best picture.
Anime-Eye writes...
at 12:44:53am on 2/12/08
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