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AznGreen writes...
at 10:49:55am on 8/24/08
i'm not gonna post it up on my random thought untill i have 100 ;D.
AznGreen writes...
at 10:44:29am on 8/24/08
i repeat... thanx for voting. i didn't really state who you voted for =D. there's a little i have telling how many people have voted for him. so far only 54
AznGreen writes...
at 9:57:08am on 8/24/08
thanx for voting and oh my god homosexuals everywhere!11 lolol
Ukrainian4Life writes...
at 12:31:35pm on 8/16/08
np. XD
dalhaka writes...
at 12:29:13pm on 8/16/08
thats why i said bittorrent, using a any IE to find yaoi is like sending a horse to go to the store for you, not gonna happen. download bittorrent, googel yaoi torrent then 8p
dalhaka writes...
at 12:18:25pm on 8/16/08
i ment like just normal mushrooms like, on a pizza kind?
dalhaka writes...
at 12:17:32pm on 8/16/08
i geuss so but id rather not pay anything and have infinte free yaoi, then use a flash drive to posrt it to labtop =P
dalhaka writes...
at 12:15:02pm on 8/16/08
dalhaka writes...
at 12:13:29pm on 8/16/08
what, you dont have a printer?
dalhaka writes...
at 12:11:37pm on 8/16/08
sorry couldnt help myself
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