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Jerry DB writes at 7:44:12pm on 4/1/14
Yea my hand has been such an ordeal I don't know if I want to play again when it is better at this point. I still want to keep in contact with everybody I know here though. I would love to play again too but apparently life hates me, or it loves me and wants me back. Don't really know yet haha. If you have a facebook I get on there more at this point.
Jerry DB writes at 9:52:32pm on 3/19/14
haha no my laptop broke is what happened because my brother downloads everything and doesn't know shit about computers >< All I had was the family laptop but I got a new one and obviously I'm the only one who is going to use it. My hand still is dumb but I peck with my left index finger and use my right hand normally when I type to avoid agitating my hand more. Sometimes I just use only my right hand haha I need to build speed. Anyways hows it going, have I missed anything epic :o
xxXitsunexx writes at 7:41:18am on 2/5/14
That Stinger lol. I haven't touched that file in 8 months and when I did... Boom, A. Surprised me :3
You should get back into SM and we should SMO man, missing you around here ;(
xxXitsunexx writes at 9:58:55pm on 2/4/14
Aw, good luck then!
My MA is better than ever now :3 haven't picked up much speed though. Just more control and I improved a whole lot at jacking
Check my recent scores out ^.^
xxXitsunexx writes at 6:40:09am on 1/31/14
You haven't quit SM yet, have you? You haven't been up to much recently :(
xxXitsunexx writes at 11:32:04pm on 1/5/14
Think of your accomplishments. You can't give up just yet. Maybe be like me, I used to at SM everyday until I got bored of it, hence my 5 months hiatus. Then I noticed people steadily improving while I was away, and then I realised, I couldn't quit. What I def was play StepMania now and then, maybe in between 1-3 days each, playing songs that were in my reach to boost MA. I think that's what you need to do, just play once in a day or so, and you'll find yourself playing SM again (:
xxXitsunexx writes at 10:13:40pm on 1/5/14
Hey thanks man! Oh why not? You're not motivated or did you just want a break from it (like I did on my 5 month hiatus, a bit long though)? Yeah, about that Finale, I was using dell laptop keys like dossar's dell, which was a huge help since my mech kb has blue keys which aren't rally made for jacking. And that Reality, it was about time, I got used to the trills and finally got an AA on it ^.^ I just need to AA the other two, which is more stream involved.
Oh, you should also check out my Winter Wind Étude replay on my profile (:
Good luck with SM/FFR man! Don't give up yet! :)
xxXitsunexx writes at 7:52:41am on 1/5/14
What packs are Stepmen playing these days?
xxXitsunexx writes at 5:09:53pm on 12/29/13
Dude, I got 8 Miss on Cetaka's Finale 0.0
xxXitsunexx writes at 11:15:01pm on 12/28/13
I would think the same as well. But idk, I don't play as well on FFR as opposed to SM. I can't even do FFR's Reality when I can AA the Reality in SM