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Artist Hoshi
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Location:Karakura Town , Florida, USA
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Artist Hoshi's Gameplay Stats Today
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About me:
Call me Hoshi. Im a anime artist and lover. Bleach obsessed and a amauture graphic designer in the making.
Art, Anime, Music, Japan, Graphic Design, Video Games,
Fav Music:
Acid Black Cherry, Kelun, Last Alliance, Inoue Joe, Bump Of Chicken, Aqua Timez
Fav Movies:
Bleach: Memories of Nobody, Bleach : The Diamond Dust Rebellion
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carlin writes...
at 8:01:51pm on 1/11/09
Yes, now I hate you. Go die. ANYWAY. Besides J-rock, what kinds of music so you listen to?
darkbiohazard writes...
at 7:58:15pm on 8/13/08
no problem ~
and thx!!! :D
darkbiohazard writes...
at 7:54:50pm on 8/13/08
haha yes, blame my stupidity 2 years ago and my dumb dull pencil crayons XD
thx for the picture comment! your drawings are AMAZING!
Excalibur35 writes...
at 12:37:48am on 8/7/08
dam, mines still in sept 2 >.<
jodog99 writes...
at 8:36:25pm on 8/6/08
let's play togather
Nor writes...
at 8:38:40pm on 8/5/08
Your pictures are really good and very inspirational ^-^
Excalibur35 writes...
at 8:15:06pm on 8/5/08
grr stupid fucking long summer holidays >O
plus when u going back to school?
Excalibur35 writes...
at 8:08:34pm on 8/5/08
babysitting right now -_- and apparently really bored~
Excalibur35 writes...
at 11:45:40pm on 8/3/08
watcha doing ms. artist >3 ?
Blooregard Q Kazoo writes...
at 11:41:03pm on 7/31/08
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