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l u l l a b y writes...
at 10:02:56pm on 6/29/07
well that wasn't nice :)
scottish writes...
at 8:59:19pm on 6/29/07
Lol so many mod haters out there
Windscarredfaith writes...
at 7:52:51pm on 6/29/07
Thumbs down for thumbs down
dcr writes...
at 7:14:39pm on 6/22/07

me and my sense of humor
dcr writes...
at 7:12:53pm on 6/22/07
your welcome
dcr writes...
at 7:09:22pm on 6/22/07
sorry dude check your PM
dcr writes...
at 7:06:53pm on 6/22/07
lol im sorry i cant help you sorry ask someone else p.s the songs aint that great
dcr writes...
at 7:03:00pm on 6/22/07
how many creds do you have?
dcr writes...
at 7:01:15pm on 6/22/07
whats in it for me?
Pieter12345 writes...
at 4:12:49pm on 6/22/07
hmhh, i cant see the skilltoken on your profile, i tried to get tokens for my other account today to, but that didnt worked also :| but ok, it took me 4 times to blackflag the song :P

Life Goes On 615,075 5 minutes ago

going to sleep now :)
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