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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 2

TC_Halogen has looked over passed files:

G e n g a o z o (DarkZtar) [8/10]
Judge Notes:
- offset changed from -1.613 to -1.592
- the bassline in the intro could be followed slightly better but what you have is fine enough for players to notice via the mini-jack usage; you could continue to constrain those lower notes on the same column as the mini-jack for maximal relevance (see: 14.141/14.239 being U, but 14.631/14.925/15.219/etc).
- 21.493: remove note
- the decision to accent only some of the jumps as a syncopation was a really smart move and it absolutely pays off in this structure
- for all of the streams, the second mini-trill actually shouldn’t be a trill at all as the notes on the two 16ths are different (1:04.827, etc)
- for all of the streams, the three note mini-trill shouldn’t be there (1:05.415)
- for all of the streams, the longer seven note trills should be eight notes in length
- for all of the streams, the “delay stream” actually goes to the 16th note (i.e. missing notes at 1:07.327, 1:10.464, etc)
- 1:46.297: missed opportunity for minijacks here, the bassline deviates from the simple two note accent and actually gives you six consecutive notes to alternate on
- honestly, this chart is well polished overall; I understand the intent behind just about all of the decisions in it. Minor things here or there but by no means is unworthy of being queued.
- very rough, basically feels like a more aggressive/modernized Almost There in some spots

GIGAHERTZ (gold stinger) [6/10]
Judge Notes:
- 14.235: split-handed 32nd roll at 277, yikes
- 22.588: we’re at such a high speed that having a 12th note minijack like the one here is actually 207.5 BPM 16ths, you might be better off doing [13] 2 4 [13], as plain as that pattern is
- this happens a few other times
- 26.872: holy christ. This is also 415 BPM jumpstream, just so you’re aware.
- 27.736: ending that 415 BPM sprint of jumpstream into a roll that starts on a [14] - literally no one is going to be hitting that
- 30.113: so... 16ths at this speed already create 1 framers, and yeah I don’t want to even fathom what a 555.5 BPM, not cheatable 16th burst of this length will convert as on FFR. It’s likely that we’d have multiple pseudo-jumps created in this.
- 34.649: this sequence is way too hard because it essentially creates an anchor of 16th note mini-jacks at 207 BPM
- 57.115 to 1:07.268: this section’s pretty cute, not gonna lie
- ...more of the same from 1:12.669 on.
- the toughest part about this file is that from a structural standpoint, it’s really not bad at all. If this song were a lower tempo, it could probably get in without much issue. However, we’re pushing the limitations of the engine with something like this.
- there are some decisions that aren’t the most mindful for top level play; the burst patterning is a bit over the top with some 9-note 32nd bursts that have to be tamed after fighting off dense 277.75 BPM jumpstream.
- it’s not a bad attempt, but I can’t see this file getting into the game not only in the file’s current state, but also the engine’s current state.

Uso and Braindead Berserker (DourGent) [6/10]
Judge Notes:
- offset is fine
- opening has a few too many notes; it overcompensates in trying to find vocal qualities/enunciations that just really aren’t there
- 14.168: for best accenting, all four jumps should be the same
- 24.285: missing jump
- 29.462: not sure about the use of a mini-jack there; it’s three kicks (why not three jumps like at 21.580?)
- 30.050: ^? happens other times so I won’t keep mentioning it
- 36.462: unnecessary minijack
- 36.697: missing note for sample
- 38.168: why is a color trick used here, but not in the earlier pattern repetition at 26.874? is it for the vocal sampling? If so, why isn’t there anything at 25.462?
- 39.109: definitely don’t agree with quads being used here
- 46.756: not sure about these 16ths; definitely incorrect if they’re following the screaming vocal
- 57.579: this transition is pretty nasty
- 1:03.049: missing note
- 1:12.755: not quite right in the rhythm here with the minijacks
- 1:20.284: unnecessary minijack
- 1:40.931: minijack is a bit unclear here
- 1:41.461: this is just a strange accent with the one arbitrary single note
- 1:48.284: another strange accent; when dealing with repeated sampling line this, giving an accent that’s not the most uniform makes it seem like there’s actually something very deliberate to accent on these notes that should be more paid attention to, but in reality it’s just sampled vocals for all five 32nds here
- another thing about this: this chart might be a bit more readable and might give you a bit more accenting room if you double the BPM. Not a requirement or anything that has caused a reduced score, just something to think about given that this is pretty clearly a mashcore-style song.
- this file’s got a reasonable structure and rhythms are paid attention to reasonably well; however, it needs some cleaning up. Improve the chart by better and more consistently utilizing your mini-jacks and clarifying your jump utilization, as there are instances of inconsistencies throughout the chart involving jumps in combination with mini-jacks.
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