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Default Re: Nov/Dec 2019 Set 5

Clutter Funk Countdown (XillareX) [3.5/10]
Judge Notes:
- offset changed from -0.120 to -0.104
- chart was pointing to wrong audio file; this can get your file rejected in the future
- song metadata is not filled out; this can get your file rejected in the future
- 9.301: this is 64th note swing and belongs on the 64th note at 9.260
- 9.479: also 64th note swing, and belongs on the 64th note at 9.510
- 9.979: ^, belongs at 10.010; the 64th note swing thing is a recurring issue, so I won’t list them all; go through the song and look for any instances of hi-hats that are like this
- when forming your patterning, watch out for colliding mini-jacks; for example, you correctly utilize mini-jacks at 9.854 (incorrect rhythm aside) because there’s three hi-hat notes - however, you incorrectly utilize them at 11.604, where the first [D] is for the hi-hat, but the second [D] lands on a clap (additionally, claps appear to be accented as jumps earlier on)
- lots of color note usage that isn’t immediately clear behind their execution
- 21.604: this mini-jack into a triple is pretty rough compared to other things in the chart, though it does happen multiple times (33.249, 1:06.104, etc)
- once the melody comes in, the structure gets quite inconsistent; many triples are used in various circumstances that are not really easy to pick up on, and accents are missed
- 42.031: don’t quite see a need for this minijack here
- 42.604: why quads here?
- 1:01.843: this is even tighter than the problematic mini-jack at 21.604 and again, doesn’t have a use musically. This will almost certainly be a 1-frame conversion.
- 1:06.031: another minijack into a triple
- 1:21.895: 48th minijack at 120 BPM is not acceptable under any circumstance; this comes out to a 360 BPM 16th note mini-jack.
- throughout this file, there’s an overabundance of 192nds without any real consistency behind their accenting. The melodies are no tighter than 32nd notes and the percussive swing is 64th notes (3/64 to be precise), so any white notes really should be reserved for special accenting or something of the sort.
- overall, this chart needs a lot of work. There’s an attempt at layering that is noticeable, especially at the end when the previous structures basically all come together, but the execution is simply not good enough for hitting the queue.
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