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Default Re: TWG 194 - Game Thread

I hath returned! Time to annoy people!

leetic, it's interesting to me that you consider Duskfall an established target @59 when I'm the first vote on him. I'm also not sure what you'd want me to answer for. Explain?

FFA, your response to Bolth @72 feels rather non-sequitur to me. What does this have to do with bussing suspicions? Bolth's response seems to me like he understands this, via a reference I'm not getting.

Gotta admit, I'm highly etertained by my early P3 (81-100) with the Bolth/Dusk shenanigans. If you want, you guys can crossbus all D1 while I act all dramatic casting the final vote XD

Going to chime in on my P3 going on P4 (118/127). I do agree that lynching inactives is generally a good strategy (the information they're NOT giving the town is counteracted by their flip and the fact that we no longer have them as a distraction/easy out for wolves in later Days), and am generally inclined to lynch. My interpretation of Hakulyte's no-lynch advocacy strikes me as concerned town that has been burned by some bad past games. (Honestly, Haku, I feel like the solution to that particular conundrum is just for the PRs to play smarter.)

XelNya, any references on Lar's behavior? Do you agree with Hakulyte in some fashion?

Gonna grab a shnack, be right back to read the last ζ(3)-ish pages
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