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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 4

Chronostasis [blanky] {黒皇帝}
Rating: 7/10
- offset is good
- intro PR’s decent
- 43.192: these 12ths really interrupt flow being jumps; you accent them as polyrhythms earlier on and it’s probably still fine to do that
- 49.365: very audible piano note missing here
- 49.212/etc: at least for the first half, I really wish there was more noticeable pitch relevance like there was in the intro; the layering seems entirely agnostic to the melody here, which is a bit of a shame
- 59.008/etc: not a fan of this section; a bit too cluttered - it makes sense, just disapprove of the approach
- 1:21.355: this tempo change should occur at 1:21.049 for proper coloring; this quantize shift is very strange looking
- 1:45.539: numerous missing 24ths here
- 2:02.069: not really feeling this tempo change either; the thing it tries to accent is barely noticeable above the chaos of the main soundscape
- 2:04.059: piano very clearly continues to run past this note and doesn’t really stop
- 2:05.130: numerous missing 24ths here
- 2:07.273: some missing notes after here too
- solid structure but needs a bit more of a tune-up
- when in doubt, consult the BMS chart for proper rhythms/points where streams can be found
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