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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Pending fixes reviews:
Accept: Alone, Light of the Seven, The Candy Corn Witch, Tope Doge
Minor C/q -> acceptance: Credits

- Everything that was tabbed as needing to be fixed has been fixed, file looks good.

-most of the file looks good now, but the last section still has some missing 16th jumps, (54.375, 57.056, 59.738, etc.).
Also make the jack transition consistent when you do add those jumps (e.g have 1 column shared between the two jumps like you do at 58.937.
Literally just add in those jumps and this is ready.

Light of the Seven
-Pr was improved a lot, file looks good.

The Candy Corn Witch
-Fantastic job with the changes. Really looking forward to playing this when it gets released.

Tope Doge
-Theres still super minor stuff I'd personally change, but everything I asked for was taken care of, file's good to go.
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