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Default Re: Rules/Submission Guidelines

Here's the results for my assigned pending fixes:

Drive of Unliving Things
i wanna fuck the moon
My Catchy Lil Bassline
Sis Puella Magica
We Wonít Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)
Yellow Smile (NOTE: Fixes were already accepted in October.)

Conditional Queue
Nightfall (Original Mix)

Drive of Unliving Things [8/10]
19.658 & 21.782: Iím still really not crazy about either of these bits even after revisiting the file. Canít say itís really worth conditional queuing though; the latter leans more towards personal preference anyway.
28.154: What I actually getting at here in my previous notes was that the first 32nd should have been nudged down by one 192nd and the second 32nd should be nudged up by one 192nd (I probably should have clarified, sorry about that). Either way, as I said before this was a super trivial note and likely wouldnít matter due to FFRís frame-based timing.
61.604: I think rather than this second hand also being a [234] hand, you could change this to a [123] hand since the synth is a lower pitch here than at 61.703.
- Layering has been cleaned up quite a bit! Accepted.

i wanna fuck the moon [9/10]
22.545: This is very clever! I love how the white notes for the more dominant sound are perfectly pitch relevant, and at the same time the 8th notes for the background are also perfectly pitch relevant. (Admittedly, I didnít even catch what was going on in the background when I first reviewed this, I just heard ascending notes and saw descending 8ths.)
55.697: I prefered the original patterning for the last few notes, but thereís really nothing bad here.
- All of the fine-tuning youíve done clearly shows. This is really solid! Really quite a shame it isn't longer though. Accepted.

My Catchy Lil Bassline [7.5/10]
25.658: Missing a single 16th note for the hi-hat.
- Other than that, everything looks okay. Itís not a groundbreaking file by any means but itís acceptable. Accepted.

Nightfall (Original Mix) [8*/10]
**36.764: I really like having these three-note jacks in the file, but what I donít like is how youíre completely fixated on having every single jack on the down arrow from here all the way to 53.400. Itís super repetitive, for one thing. (I donít think the difference in the jump placement and the last few 16ths each measure does enough to add variety.) Secondly, the synth begins steadily increasing in pitch about halfway through this sequence, so starting at 45.355 you could actually begin scaling the jacks from left to right to reflect the increase in pitch. I would do this in groups of three jacks; first three jacks on left, second three jacks on down, etc.
81.627: This jack shouldnít actually be anchored to the 16th jump. It actually should be anchored to the 8th jump following the jack. (So in other words the pattern should look more like [14][23]11[14]1[13])
114.900: Missed an 8th note at the very end of the file.
- Other than the aforementioned repetition issue, everything plays really well! The only thing that I think really needs to be addressed is the repetition. 36.764 to 45.355 can stay the same since itís technically correct, but after 45.355 thereís no reason to keep spamming the down jacks. Conditional Queue.
**Notes marked with ** must be addressed in order to be accepted.

Pear [7.5/10]
6.299: Having a 4-3-1-3-4 pattern here implies that the music from 2.141 is an exact repeat. It isnít. Pitch relevancy still needs to be fixed.
37.581, 41.752, etc.: These sets of five 8th jumps still arenít quite as pitch relevant as they could be but itís at least consistently structured now.
- Good improvements otherwise. 6.299 should probably be fixed, but itís really such an easy thing to fix that itís not worth conditional queuing over it. Accepted.

Powerhaus [8/10]
26.890: The one-handed pattern is kind of a jerk move. Youíd probably be able to treat this as a jumpjack and get perfects consistently though, so I donít mind it that much.
74.890: Feels a little on the empty side with only 8th notes here. Then again, itís way better than the mess of 48ths you used to have.
96.533-107.247:Itís very difficult to hear what a lot of these jacks are going to unless I slow the song down. It's technically correct otherwise.
- This file plays so much better without the 48ths! Accepted.

33.707: I really donít understand why you removed the jump here, or for that matter why there arenít jumps at 28.252, 31.889, etc. (I really should have caught this in my previous review since this was a problem then as well, I kind of feel like an ass now.)
89.434, 92.343, etc.: These mini-jacks are somewhat uncomfortable to hit due to how theyíre sandwiched in between a hand a [23] jump.
- Good fixes overall. Not conditional queuing this since 33.707 is a fairly quick and easy fix, but please look into it. Accepted.

Sis Puella Magica [8/10]
- The link you provided was broken. Itís okay though, I still managed to find the sheet music you were trying to link to. Really smart decision to link me to the sheet music, by the way, it really helped to have that while I was re-reviewing this file.
- Honestly you werenít much of an ass in your response so donít worry about that. :P
45.769: Iím confused as to why you changed this to a single note. Thereís clearly two different piano notes being played at this point and the sheet music verifies that.
49.103: Now that Iím looking at the sheet music, this hand seems especially off now compared to everything else. I mean, technically itís correct since thereís a three-note chord here, but thereís other notes just like this that are only stepped with jumps and not hands. Youíll either need to step hands for all of those chords or leave them as jumps and reserve hands for 82.158 onward.
81.158: By the way, the heavy layering is completely justified now that Iíve seen the sheet music.
87.443: Sometimes due to the heavy layering, you accidentally end up with some long anchors like this one on the left arrow. Itís not a big deal, especially at only 108 BPM, itís just something I find very mildly annoying and this is probably a really trivial note.
93.551: Shouldnít this be a hand, too?
127.864: There shouldnít be any mini-jacks during the jumpstream, since the piano doesnít ever play the same note twice in a row. (136.611 is excusable due to the hands, and the jumpgluts are fine too.)
- Having the sheet music in front of me justified most of what I originally complained about. Despite this being a relatively wordy review for pending fixes, most of what I pointed out is minor and very easily fixable. Accepted.

We Wonít Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) [7.5/10]
- Metadata in the .sm is still incorrect, but the folder is named correctly at least.
90.078-111.335: I can hear some 16ths in the background that I didnít notice the first time around. (They usually occur around the 8th mini-jacks.) Since what you have now is pretty repetitive, you could add in these 16ths to add a little bit of extra flavor.
125.735: If you want to keep stepping the guitar in addition to the vocals, thatís fine, but you need to follow through and continue to step the guitar. This is the only time you ever step the guitar between vocals, despite the fact that the guitar continues all the way until the end of the song.
- 125.735 is the only real issue, but itís also an easy fix. Everything else plays well, although like I said earlier itís pretty repetitive. Accepted.

Zephyros [8.5/10]
0.588: Kind of confused why you decided not to step a note here.
19.088: Missing 32nds between the 8th jump and 4th hand. Then again, having 32nds between the jump and hand would be total ass to play so I totally get why you decided not to step the 32nds.
- Solidly charted! My only real complaint is some of the 32nd bursts that lead into hands (11.254 for example). Theyíre technically correct, but theyíre very difficult to hit consistently at this speed and I didnít think they were that fun. But they fit, so Iím not gonna tell you to change it. Accepted.
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