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Default Re: July/August 2016 Set 5

gameboy42690 finished the primary judge task for July/August 2016 Set 5. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the July/August 2016 thread.

[8/10] Gamma Stop Sending Me High Quality Rips {Kurorak} (Ghost_Medley)
5.391: How come you stopped stepping the ShamWow guy here?
16.019: I’d change this 16th jump to a single note, just so it’s identical to 16th at 16.130.
24.635: I don’t think these white notes really need to be jumps as well, but okay.
26.186 & 26.297: I don’t really see a reason these two jumps need to be jumps. It’s not terrible by any means but I think single notes would work better.
26.852: Should be a jump for the bass kick.
28.075 & 28.130: I’m not really sure what these two jumps are going to. (28.186 is fine.)
33.186: I think it would make more sense for these two jumps to be single notes instead and the 4th note at 33.297 to be a jump.
35.574: Same deal as 16.019. Alternatively you could turn this into a jumptrill.
40.963: Single 8th note should be a jump.
41.741: Single 4th note should be a jump.
42.741: Same thing again; this should probably be a jump.
• A lot of this is fairly minor, I think it’s worth looking into anyways.
59.408: Should be a jump.
63.102: The 32nds here don’t really work that well if you ask me. Normal jumps would have been just fine. Same goes for 76.435.
94.574: Missing 16th.
127.222: These two 12th notes could be stepped as a mini-jack.
138.935: Rather than have a 32nd after the 12th note, you could place a 64th before the 12th so it matches the other two 64ths.
145.889: Same idea here, just put a 192nd before the 12th instead of a 64th after the 12th so that it matches the previous two 192nds.
182.908: These two 16th jumps are incorrect. There should actually be jumps on the 4th and 8th notes.
• Holy crap this was painful! Even though this file is a bit too high above my skill level for me to keep up with the entire way through, there’s really nothing here that I thought was too unfair. High D7 should be able to handle it.
While not conditionally queued, I’d really like to see 63.102 and 182.908 addressed.

[6.5/10] Grid Compass {matra magic} (James May)
1.553**: There’s some missed notes just before this 4th note
2.022**: A lot of the 32nds/grace notes in the intro are stepped incorrectly. For instance, this 32nd burst should only be three notes long, not four. At 2.725 I can only hear two notes being played (the 16th is a ghost note). 3.803 is only one 32nd before the 4th note, and no notes trailing after the 4th. (Also worth mentioning that the right hand bias on this burst isn’t really fun to play.) There’s other incorrect notes here too besides these three examples, and it makes the intro pretty messy.
• Similar issues with grace notes come up again starting around 123.053 and during the song’s outro, though they’re usually not as bad.
6.803**: There actually should have been a grace note after this 8th.
• Like the above note, there’s also a few other instances of missed grace notes starting around 123.053 and during the song’s outro.
11.678: A lot of times I’ve noticed that you chose to do PR in reverse, with low notes stepped towards the right instead of the left. But there’s also a few other times where you do the standard PR with low notes to the left. Because of this, some of your PR tends to come off more confusing than anything.
21.803**: Why the hand here? This should only be a jump.
23.678 & 24.240**: Missing jumps for the bass kick.
25.178: Since you’re not stepping the same sound as 25.553, this hand shouldn’t be stepped identically. Either switching it to a [124] hand or a jump would be better.
30.803: One of the drawbacks with your layering scheme is that the transition from hands into 32nds always results in a forced mini-jack. That’s not really a terrible thing, but in this case you’re transitioning from right-handed 16ths into a right-handed 32nd burst. Consider changing this pattern (as well as similar one-handed patterns) to not be so biased towards one hand.
• The 32nd streams are otherwise fine, it’s just the transition into the stream that’s sometimes an issue.
33.803**: There’s some inconsistency in how you’re using hands here. Since the drum and synth are played simultaneously, a hand does technically work, but on the other hand you only stepped a jump at 27.803. So either 33.803 needs to be a jump or 27.803 needs to be a hand.
• Personally I’d make 33.803 a jump, since the combination of synth and drum doesn’t carry as much weight as a combination of synth and cymbals, such as 28.553 and most other hands stepped during this part of the song.
44.303: The jack technically shouldn’t start until the 16th note at 44.397, but as it is right now it actually doesn’t feel wrong. It’s up to you whether or not you want to change it.
47.303**: There’s no reason to have a mini-jack here. Any previous mini-jack stepped to a high-hat was only incidental and not intentional.
52.694**: Missing a few 32nds here.
54.803**: Misrhythm; the note you’re trying to follow actually begins on a 16th note.
62.584, 63.709, etc.**: These 32nd bursts should actually be 24ths.
73.740: 24ths or 32nds for the glissando in the background could be cool.
76.717: Green notes are a cool idea, but you’re missing quite a few green notes. That instrument plays four notes starting at 75.803, and two other notes at 78.803 and 79.365. Those notes should have been green as well.
87.053-99.053: I’m really not a fan of all the anchoring here. Most of it feels very arbitrary and doesn’t actually connect much to the song. If you listen really closely, you can hear that the high-hat isn’t actually played with the same amount of force every time. So rather than a long 8th jack for the high-hat you could switch between two arrows, one arrow for a lighter tap and one arrow for a harder tap.
• While I get what it is you’re layering, the bass isn’t really the first thing that jumps out at me when I listen to this part of the song. Personally I would have gone for layering the synth instead. Additionally, there’s some grace notes you could have stepped to the synth to add a little something extra to this part.
100.037, 103.037, etc.**: Double-check the 32nd bursts in the jumpstreams; These two 32nds and a few other 32nds are actually ghost notes.
108.662: Missing 32nd.
180.803 & 109.365: These two jumps would work great as hands instead.
111.569**: There’s an awful lot of right-hand bias during this solo. As a matter of fact, the file pulls a M.A.M.A. and ignores the left arrow during the entire solo, and for very little reason. PR is heavily lacking and should be looked into.
143.772**: Ghost 16th. There should only be a mini-jack here.
144.334**: The 32nd roll should actually end here instead of continuing for another two notes.
144.897**: Same as above, the 32nd roll should actually end here.
145.084: Missing 16th.
I’m really torn over this one. There’s some legitimately great parts in this file, but there’s a ton of technical errors as well. Lots of potential for something awesome, but it needs a bit of extra work before it’s ready.
Notes marked with ** must be addressed before acceptance.

[5.5/10] Sampling Magic {AMUNOA} (James May)
2.208: Are these 16ths going to the vocal samples? If they are, there’s a ton of missing 16ths in the intro.
8.152: It’s not really necessary to step these hands and jumps as white notes. There’s nothing else being accented besides the handclaps and the light cymbal taps.
• The white notes at 11.810 are fine though.
14.188, 17.480: Look into breaking up some of these long 8th anchors during the jumpstream. 17.480 in particular has a lot of right-hand bias that I didn’t really think was fun.
21.504: Very nitpicky, but I’d change up the last three 8th jumps before the jumptrill so that they’re not all [12] or [34] jumps.
25.711: I could see this hand working if you were consistent in stepping the snare with hands, but the problem is you’re not consistent at all. Either go back and make the other snares hands as well, or change this and all the other snares into jumps.
28.272: Missing note for the vocal sample. (192nd note to match 25.345.)
28.637: Single note should be changed to a jump.
28.820 & 29.003: I don’t really understand what these jumps are going to. If anything, the 16th should be a jump instead to go with the bass kick.
29.186: Change this hand to a jump.
29.918: Single note should be a jump.
32.113: 8th note is a different pitch from the previous two; switch to a right arrow.
36.137: Rather than this jump being another [23] jump, you could change it to something else such as a [34] jump to accent the vocal sample.
40.527: The song plays the exact same here as 28.820, but it’s stepped very differently. Your layering and pattern choice here should match your layering and patterns at 28.820.
• This seems to be a common trend throughout the file. There’s a lot of changes in layering that don’t make any sense. Pick a layering scheme and stick to it.
41.441: Missing note for the vocal sample.
45.557 & 45.923: Missing 16ths.
46.197: This jumptrill doesn’t make any sense at all. This note and and 46.380 are fine as jumps, but anything else should just be a single note.
46.929: Single note should be changed to a jump.
60.396 etc: What are these 64ths supposed to be? I can only hear a straight stream of 16ths, so turn all of these 64ths into 16ths.
66.592, 67.324, 68.055, 68.787: Missing 16ths.
71.134: In this entire 4-note burst, I can only actually hear two notes being played. Same goes for the other burst at 71.561.
72.628: Misrhythm. There’s no 16th here, but there should be an 8th at 72.270.
76.012 & 76.378: Missing 8ths.
76.927, 82.780: I’m really not sure what to make of these 24th bursts. At most I can hear some 16ths way in the background, but no 24ths at all.
78.482: This should only be a single note, not a jump. And just like 72.728, it shouldn’t be a 16th either.
At this point a lot of my comments were heavily repeating themselves. A missing note here, a layering issue there, etc. Basically this file has a lot of small errors that add up very quickly and this would turn into a very long review if I went into every single technical issue. Since the song features a lot of repetition, it shouldn’t be difficult to pick up on additional errors not mentioned in this review. I could see this song being really fun once it’s fixed, but for now I can’t accept it.

[6/10] The World (jose656 + Ghost_Medley) {TheDiamondCrafter} (jose656 & Ghost_Medley)
2.092: These first six notes all scale up in pitch, so a better approach to pitch relevancy would be something like 1-2-3-4-2-3.
5.910: These next four notes should be a copy of 4.819, since the same exact four notes are being played here.
6.456: I like the white notes here, but once again your patterns could use some adjusting to be more pitch relevant.
10.819-15.183: Since the music is exactly the same thing as the previous two measures, you could get away with just doing a copy & paste of 6.456-10.819. At the very least, break up the anchor on the up arrow at 13.819.
16.410: Technically correct, but at the same time this mini-jack feels a little off. The cymbals aren’t really the focus of what you’re stepping other than these occasional mini-jacks. Instead I’d move this 16th note to a right arrow. (The background synth at 15.592 is a lower pitch than it is here, not the same, so this change creates better pitch relevancy to that synth.)
17.092: 8th note should be changed to an up arrow.
17.365: White notes aren’t a bad idea, but how come there weren’t any white notes at 15.183 and 15.592?
22.410: Change this white note into a normal 16th note; the lead synth doesn’t play a 16th triplet here, just two 8ths.
23.910: Use of white notes stopped here for some reason, even though you can still hear that synth.
27.183: 16ths for the background synth here? You were pretty consistent with stepping it up until now.
32.637-33.728: This same set of eight 16ths repeats itself every two beats, but the pattern you use keeps changing. Some better consistency would be nice.
40.274: Long anchor on the down arrow should be broken up.
40.956: What is this 16th supposed to go to?
51.183, 53.365, etc.: There should be jumps on these 4th notes to go with the drum.
54.183: You could actually move this 8th note to a left arrow so you have an 8th mini-jack for the wub.
54.728: On the flip side, this 8th mini-jack doesn’t really make any sense.
55.819: This short stream of 16ths would fit the song better as a trill. (Technically it should be a jackhammer, but then it wouldn’t quite fit how the rest of the song is stepped.)
56.365: Missing jump for the bass kick.
58.274: Same thing as 55.819.
58.819 onward: The rest of the song just repeats itself, so apply the above notes to the rest of the song. Remember, while pattern variation is fine, you should stay as consistent as possible. For instance, 59.228 shouldn’t be a jump if 15.592 isn’t a jump, if there’s a 16th at 16.410 then there should be a 16th at 60.047, etc.
Not bad, but there’s a bunch of consistency issues and PR issues that should be addressed.

[2/10] The World (TheDiamondCrafter) {TheDiamondCrafter} (TheDiamondCrafter)
Offset changed to -0.040
1.267, 2.767: There’s no reason to have jumps here, as there’s only one instrument being played here. Change both of these jumps to a single note.
4.404, 4.813, 5.222: These three notes, on the other hand, would have been very appropriate places to step jumps since there’s two different instruments being played simultaneously.
• As a general rule of thumb, jumps (as well as hands and quads) are typically used when two or more instruments are playing a note simultaneously or to accent a particularly loud or “heavy” sound. In other words, jump placement should have some correlation to the music. In this file, jumps seem to have absolutely no correlation the music at all and are instead placed randomly. 15.313-18.313 is a great example of why your use of jumps and quads really doesn’t work. Every single note you stepped here goes to the same instrument, but there’s absolutely no consistency in how you step it. Some notes are single notes, some notes are jumps, and some notes are quads. But since you’re only stepping the one instrument, there’s no reason to keep switching between single notes, jumps and quads.
8.767: There’s no need for a mini-jack here. Jackhammers of any kind should be used when one note is repeated multiple times in a row. In this case, 8.631 is a higher pitch than 8.767, so stepping 8.631 with a right arrow and 8.767 with a left arrow would be much more pitch relevant.
19.676: Ghost notes are another frequent issue in this file. These 32nd notes don’t actually go to anything in the song. You can’t just place notes wherever you feel like, they need to actually follow the music.
This simfile lacks many of the fundamentals that make up a good simfile. For some general simfile making guides, take a look at the guides posted in the Rules/Submissions Guidelines thread. (Scroll down to the bottom for links to the guides.)
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