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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

Originally Posted by AragakiAyase View Post
this also just makes no sense to me

why even bother thinking about if freezinice is a town trying to play wolfy?

1. that doesn't make sense
2. it doesn't make sense to think about this from a town perspective, because what you'd normally do is see that: freezinice is playing scummy. there's a chance he's town, I could see why a town might do these specific things.

instead he's talking about freezin's overall play and looking for a way to justify a townread onto it which seems weird, it's like he's trying to force the read rather than read it organically.

basically what I'm getting at is why not just say freezin is scummy? why try to look for the weird possibility that it's a town trying to play wolfy? and after all that, you take a null stance?

if freezin flips red I'd lynch haku next
I'm trying to reevaluate his play. I want to believe he's posting all of this for a reason. If he don't, I'll encourage the lynch.
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