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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

Okay so I had prepared a rather lengthy synopsis of my reads here, and I will tl;dr them to the best of my ability as they gotten eaten by the server earlier:

Suspects: DBP, V (mainly as SK), Xiz (big maybe on this one).
Town: Charu, Haku

the rest -

Red b: Still seems to fit his normal town game meta, but th elack of fruition bothers me, he's not putting his effort into town's goals, but this is an inactivity issue not a content issue like with..

SKG: why are you still alive? Lol, you and reuben.

Personally I'm inclined to seek a lynch on backpack as I'm tinfoiling him hard lately, but albeit his actions seem so far from what I anticipate his scum game to be, i,e, he acts towny. If I had to put someone on the block at this moment... it would probably be SKG over backpack simply because I don't see backpack's death as helpful to town as SKG's. If dbp is scum/sk that will continue to make itself evident (stay wary). Same with "v" or whoever.

At this point I must personally concede here. Nor role wise, but I admit I am ashamed of making this decision. My wife and I are working things out (for the better), and I am moving back to Boston as I think I mentioned earlier. I said I would do my best to play mobile, whic I have over the last weeks without a PC, but now this is my last day at work and I won't have any type of access aside from mobile. I have seen the trouble with competing while phone posting, and given the measure of the gravity of the game here I find it in my best interest to request Jrodd as my replacement. I do not think I will have enough time after tonight to dedicate myself to fulfilling my goal with this game, and that requires the time and focus to commit to the new meta I've worked on establishing, and friends, and a sold last few games. I'm not sure when I'll be able to return, and I will watch from mobile to keep in the swing of things, but again for now I must concede. In the event Jrodd is unable to play or show up in a timely fashion please inform me and I will try to play the best I can, but tomorrow I start packing and loading the uHaul and Sunday I move, so, wish me luck, and best of luck to all of you! This is also the only time I've ever requested a sub, so take that with a grain if salt please, I don't do this light heartedly.

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