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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

ok it's 45 minutes before EOD, I'm on page 35 and this is where I'm at

1. rzr - early on seems like he's in observation mode, most of his posts have been about semantics and why answering would be biased etc. etc. seems towny from that point on with his usual questioning and gathering information, I haven't seen any red flags from him yet.

2. Red Blaster - seems town cause he's being pushy and doesn't seem unjustified

3. roundbox Killed by SK n0 - nothing, idk why people think he could be a wolf because I have nothing

4. Vendetta21 - very busy, still gave some stuff

5. XelNya Killed by SK n1 - shitpost early on but this post and this post stuck out to me as really town. It's funny because he said somewhere that as long as he puts in a shred of care he'll be townread which is exactly what I'm doing here. since he was killed by SK in the unlikely event he was wolfing then I'd definitely look at people scumreading him (V) for candidates

6. Xiz - theme posting

7. DaBackPack - town (or SK lmao but probably not)

8. Hakulyte - idk what he's on about with his reaction to yoshl and his lately ugly posts but this feels like what he's done before in town games (haven't seen a wolf game from him yet). He seems frustrated that things aren't going the way he wants them to and that he's seemingly unable to make headway, town lean for now

9. cedolad - ???

10. botchi246 - feels kind of awkward like in the game where he wolfed with dbp. scum lean

11. Tokzic Killed by Mafia n0 - nothing

12. reuben_tate - shitposting and nothing else

13. Charu - town for the reads I saw earlier and my general impression from reading early on

14. tiloco217 Makilaz Yoshl - I can't really read yoshl, there was the one game where I thought he felt off and then he was VT. seems about normal this game, *maybe* a little bit nicer than normal if anything, I don't think that's alignment indicative. null

15. danceflashrevo - sheep/helicopter, I stand by my earlier impression

16. helphelp11 Lynched d1- been a while since I played with him. his tone is usually hesitant regardless of alignment so that's not very helpful. The key is whether or not he tries avoiding questions directed at him and I haven't seen that yet. this post seemed really towny to me. I think he was a miss

17. Sinistrosuede - has done nothing noteworthy. 6 posts really?

19. SKG_Scintill

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