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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by rzr View Post
Hiiiii red

I don't think I addressed my zenith point well enough for you saw your post but I wanna put my quotes/case up tomorrow I have stuff at work and I'm on my phone

Since I can't and Haku has no f5 button do you care to weigh in?
Well when you first brought up Zenith it was before all of this weird shit was posted, now I don't really care because he's made a case on himself in true Zenith fashion.

But in the interest of transparency, I initially thought you were - go figure - scummy for casting a vote on him despite there being multiple people doing as little as he is. It seemed like you knew something and were trying to steer a lynch and yada yada..but yeah all of that is irrelevant now.
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edgelord Linkin Park adolescent angst music
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hey great contribution to the thread cucklord the exit's up in the top right of your screen, it's called "log out"
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what's a milky christmas :O
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