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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I'm obviously siding with Vendetta because he's clearly trying to solve the game and feel as authentic as it can get.

As for DBP, It's like he don't truly cares about figuring the truth of things (or at least getting as close as we can to the truth of something). He keeps doing small things that makes the conversation redirect into a more convenient direction for himself. I'm just not sure how to approach a deeper meta with him because his intents might be more simple than what I may try to get at. I'd rather talk directly to DBP to try to figure things out.

He does care enough to give a decent argument tho, so, that gives him a few Town points.

So, it's pmuch V is Town and DBP is kinda Null.

I have to keep in mind that this could be two towns talking to each others. You know, Charu could be wolf and is currently trying right now to make me pick a side to make the other die. Better be careful wolf buddy~

If there's quotes or stuff you want me to talk about, can you dig them? My time is limited + must take shower + work 12h #fml.

Honestly, if you could all throw me questions about whatever you want, that would be perfect for me.

Particularly here. I find dbp very towny here, I also don't suspect v as I've stated I think t v t but I think you should weigh in on zenith please, hakuHaku

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Everyone sucks at this game. The second you think you're good is the second you stop trying to get better.
Originally Posted by aperson View Post
i had a mri the other day it was the best song i heard in years

Originally Posted by Sprite-
More of a joke than the time I deleted all the credits on the site.
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yeah my goldfish think im a riot they do this thing where they turn upside down and float to the top of the tank

i guess their alcohol tolerance isnt as high as mine
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