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Default Re: TWG CXLIX: Cedolad Replaces Out GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by DaBackpack View Post
top read until a few minutes ago was helphelp as wolf, he was in commentary mode for most of the game until he voted another player (forget who) for not answering a question --- and when I gave him pressure he dropped the vote without resistance

but his recent interaction with Charu doesn't fit because he actually seems to be interested in this notion of "playing a character" as it pertains to Charu (though I don't remember where his actual vote is)

I want to see his actual reads list before pounding hard in any direction

other than that I think Xel is projecting town, and yes it's true that it could all be artificial as you say, but I don't see it yet --- not opposed to the idea, it will become apparent over time what's really going on I think
Okay I think you're clear


Gonna lend Charu my vote for now
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