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Default Re: SocoNhydro's Tournament of Eternity

Here are the prize diviations! Ive decided to DQ people that only submitted 2 or less scores throughout the tournament.

1st place: Everr 30,000
2nd place: Zekramcross 15,000
3rd place: typing like wat

1st place: JSH 30,000
2nd place: Panic4Me 15,000

1st place: VarleyisDance 30,000

1st place: poison- 30,000
2nd place: jhro13 15,000
3rd place: Mopey Joe

1st place: RagedBerserker 30,000

1st place: coolrun 30,000
2nd place: ~Zeta~ 15,000
3rd place: remedy1502

No winners!

The remaining 43,000 credits will be sent towards the July tourney.

MUST... AAA...

FMO AAAs (27): Epidermis, Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star, Rottel-da-station, Disconnected Hardkore, Melonmans OP, Battle Theme #37, Fast Asleep, Gacha Gacha Hertz Figu atto Radio, Puzzle, Midnight Dragon, Distorted God, Variations 2, Strangeprogram, Arrogant Cobbler, Kanon Medly ~Metal Wings~, Dance and Zeal, Heavenly Spores, Document 13b, The Divine Suicide of K, Yorukumoryuu Yamikaze, Summer Time Perfume, Chaosmaid, Colorful Course, O (piano version), Ambient Angels, Defection, Jeanie and Caroline
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