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this is a waste of space
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Default Making Solo simfiles, playing Solo, Solo stuff basically


Well, basically, I want to start playing Solo, which basically means I want to start making Solo simfiles, which basically means I'd like any pointers people can give on making Solo files. I'm sure making Solo files isn't quite the same as making Singles.

Also, what are common Solo button setups? I've been experimenting, but with most of the setups I try I have the stupid "not being able to hit more then 2 buttons at once" error. Which is definitely an issue when you have to hit 5 arrows at once. Perhaps I need a better keyboard, but either way I'd like to know.

Oh, and what are some good easier Solo simfiles? I have a few, but not enough...


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behanjc & me are <3'ers
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Default Re: Making Solo simfiles, playing Solo, Solo stuff basically

Malice makes awesome solos. He has a few easy ones, just go search on ODI. If I find something I'll post it.

And solo isn't too different. It's essentially the same thing, but you have the ability to layer more. You may also notice that there will be TONS of triples, quads, quints, and- uh, sixes... yeah... Use these to emphasize sounds that are more noticeable. One thing to really keep in mind is that there are a lot of patterns that are awkward or difficult. Try to stay away from those when possible.

Bear in mind less people will play your files if they are solo. Solo is also much harder to step (or at least for me, I can't seem to do anything right with solo).
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Default Re: Making Solo simfiles, playing Solo, Solo stuff basically

solo is easy to mash. easy solo sims well just download the solo sims packs on odi and they're pretty much all in there. tora's files have different difficulties to get started. usually people use the setup "qwe iop" for the six arrows or i use "qwe 789" on the numpad.
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Default Re: Making Solo simfiles, playing Solo, Solo stuff basically

Start by playing solo pad files to get used to it a little (I've heard foonmix has them or something).
Then play easier solo keyboard files, then play the harder normally played keyboard files.
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