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Default profile chat problem...

yea, i go into my profile and it says error or something user name is already taken, do i got to wait a while or something till it recovers? i still cant get into the chat

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Default Re: profile chat problem...

Clear your cache and it should work.
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Default Re: profile chat problem...

that happens to me every once and a while. for me, i just clicked ok, waited for it to connect, and there i am.
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Default Re: profile chat problem...

You are a thread bumping whore. No really you are. Stop.
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Default Re: profile chat problem...

Please don't bump old threads.

If this happens try the following:
1) Click the OK button in that dialogue box.

If that doesn't work,
2) Log out
3) Clear your cache
- for Firefox this is under Tools > Clear Private Data
- for Internet Explorer 7 this is under Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Delete button under Browsing history
4) Log back in and attempt to access profile chat.

If that doesn't work,
5) Bother me or another Profile Mod or Tasselfoot with a PM or over AIM (my screen name is supplyxdemand). You don't really need to make a thread.
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dammit chaz
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