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Default Creating a bar system with a DDR mat

So one thing I'd like to do is build a bar system to go with my Omega ITGX pad -- does anyone have any experience with this that they can share?
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Default Re: Creating a bar system with a DDR mat

I have built a bar/platform to go with my Omega ITGX as well. Its really pretty simple but you're going to need to have access to a few tools. Ideally you'll want a circular saw, a drill, and a pin nailer (the pin nailer is a must, find someone who has one you can borrow or rent one from somewhere, everything else is absolutely necessary too but the pin nailer is a bit more obscure probably).

I've been meaning to write this out and put up a guide for a while now and this is the perfect excuse to do so.

Here's a PDF diagram (courtesy of Milistisia, he doesn't post here) for the rough build that I used. Mine had some differences.
(The biggest difference between my build and this diagram is the fact that the ply base and the mdf are both the same size, and I also didn't have access to a pipe bending machine or welding tools like this guy did.)

Shopping List:
1x Sheet of Medium Density Fiberboard
1x Sheet of cheap plywood or something like that, you want two layers because the MDF does not hold together that well, but the MDF provides a very smooth surface. I personally just used some Oriented Strandboard (OSB) that was leftover from another building project.
2x 3' steel pipe. I used 1". 1" feels plenty thick, but you could do 1.5" if you wanted.
1x 1.5' steel pipe.
2x elbow joins to match your steel pipe diameters, make sure they fit at the hardware store of you'll have to make a second trip like I did.
2x mounting plates, once again make sure they fit your pipe. They should look like this guy on the left here http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-HUIL8TPUoS.../Larson_03.jpg
8x bolts/screws for the mounting plates. Make your best guess here.
8x T-Nuts. These are what go underneath the plywood bottom when you drill your holes for the mounting plates. http://www.heico-fasteners.co.uk/uph...ils/t_nuts.jpg
1x Bottle of wood glue. I just grabbed the kind that fits into a caulk gun and used about 1/4 of the bottle. You put this between the ply and the MDF to help create a good bond.
1x pack of pins for the pin nailer.
~16 feet of wood moulding. This is what you put around the pad on the top of the platform to stop it from moving. I used 1/2" quarter round moulding, and this stuff is cheap so I bought two 12 foot lengths of it. In an ideal world you'll have an angle saw where you can cut these to fit perfectly together around the pad like a picture frame.

General Building Instructions
This shit is self explanatory for the most part but here's what you'll want to do anyway.

First, measure your shit. Be precise. If you cut your MDF short you're gonna waste a bunch of money by having to buy another sheet and recut it. Follow the dimensions in the diagram above and you'll be good, that's what I did.

Second, once you cut the MDF and the plywood, you want to put that shit together. put the MDF down first then the plywood on top, spread a bunch of glue on the MDF and then position the ply evenly on the MDF and apply some pressure for a little while, then grab your pin nailer and pin that fucker up. I used probably about 20-30 pins on the back of mine.

Next you're gonna want to put your bar together. Its really obvious what you should do here. Connect the joints and put the plates at the bottom. Mark your plates as left and right because the holes wont line up perfectly otherwise. Make dots on top of the MDF where the plate holes are and drill some holes all the way through everything. They don't need to be very wide, your screws/bolts shouldn't be loose at all.

Drill some slightly larger holes into the bottom of the plywood. You're gonna want to find a drill bit thats about the same size as the circular end of the t-nut. Drill in just far enough to get the t-nut in place then hammer the t-nuts in.

Then before you actually mount the bars, put your pad on top of the platform and put your wood moulding around it, straight side facing the pad. Use the pin nailer to secure them in place. Obviously leave a small gap in front for the connector to fit. This should be obvious.

Then mount your bar and put the screws in. You're done! I'd let it sit for a day before using it just so the glue dries a bit. The convenient thing about this build is that its portable. The bar easily comes off and the whole thing can be easily transported.

End result will be something like this:

Total cost (minus the tools, but including things like drill bits) was just shy of $100. Not bad. Bar is sturdy as hell and barely budges even given the fact that I'm a hefty 230lb. Ocasionally I have to tighten the screws but its only once every 5 or 6 sessions or something like that.

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Default Re: Creating a bar system with a DDR mat

I use a pool table as a "bar" .
: )
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