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Default Stepmania Help (Corrupted Theme Issue)

I've had an issue with stepmania on my computer.

Well, i'll start with the fact that I have both 3.9 and 4 alpha 4.. We'll get to why that matters in a moment.

I installed a theme onto my 3.9 quite a while ago, and as soon as I started using it, it was missing parts, including the main menu, so I could no longer go to edit.

Quickly I tried to delete the theme and for some reason, the main part of the theme has held on. After I found that, I tried a reinstall. No go, the theme held on again.

That's when I installed 4 a4 and said i'm done.. Little to my knowledge, it will not create a .sm file, as 4 a4 does not need a .sm to function.

Well, now what? I have a song stepped completely, but .sm-less. I tried to use 3.9 (and 3.95, which the theme carried over to as well) to create a .sm, but to no avail.

Now, I don't know what to do. I tried ddream to get it to create a .sm, but ddream doesn't use .dwi's at all, apparently.

So i'm down to I need a converter or somebody to help me fix my theme so I don't have to restep it completely.
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