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Default Enigma

Here's how it goes. I'll post an enigma (puzzle) and the person whoever gets the first solve (first PM to the person who posted the puzzle) will post an enigma of their choosing( or make, if you made any). You can join up in teams to tackle/post enigmas. If some puzzles seem too hard turn to your friends, the more working on a task the faster the task is done. Lets begin.

23451 the answer is 6
33121 the answer is 4
42131 the answer is 2
55531 the answer is 14
12124 the answer is 0
34253 the answer is ???

What is the last answer?

Hints to drive you.

Bill Gates tackled this quite sometime ago.
The place where this puzzle was introduced was in a airport.
All possible answers are even.
The highest possible answer is 20
Snake Eyes : sigh : I was never good at dice games
The Rose.....how beautiful the petals around it.
Drawing flowers could help.
If all else comes to nothing, use your resources

PM me once you think you have the answer, then I'll announce the first correct solver along with the answer to the puzzle. The solver can then post a new puzzle. Good luck.

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