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Default Impromptu 4 a.m. stream scores

So yeh, last night I wasn't able to sleep so I decided to stream...at 4 in the fucking morning lmao. It went...smooth?

A score from a while back, but me happy

Oh...and this...didn't upload it to youtube because I got angy lmao.

And now the scores that were noticeable for me :> (Video included as well, sorry for the loud taps, el cheapo earbud mic picked up everything I guess lmao)

Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't get dunked on this chart lmao

A massive improvement from the previous attempt lmao. Could easily AAA it I think

I honestly didn't expect this AAA at all. I can def shave a lot of the late hits but ayyy got it

and last...

I guess not the least?

Hooooo baby. The fuck lmao. SDP soon lads.

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