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Default Bronycon MMXIX HD Final Chapter Remix [Pad Pack] [Release Thread]

Download: Mediafire | Dropbox

Bronycon MMXIX (2019) HD Final Chapter Remix is a small MLP-themed 10-song pack made to celebrate the final Bronycon in Baltimore. It contains a variety of songs, pony and nonpony, with all charted difficulties intended for pad play. Brony or not, there's probably something in here you would enjoy.

I made this solo in 2 months with minimal beta testing, so please let me know if there are any issues with the charts.

Special thanks to the talented artists who gave me permission to use their works.

Song List:

Art Credits:

Batty - Raunoko "Flutterbat" http://fav.me/d79rmoj

Cubic Vamp - thattagen "Spiteful Drive Starlight Glimmer (5-star)" https://sockypockymod.tumblr.com/pos...rlight-glimmer

Hotaru - mirroredsea "Autumn Blaze" http://fav.me/dcy9w4l

House with Legs - Madacon "Happy cely" http://fav.me/db62dtr

Ikukangimmick - Nyaseiru - "Dance like there's No Tomorrow!" https://www.deviantart.com/nyaseiru/...rrow-693499531

Magic - Yakovlev-vad "What this is?" http://fav.me/dcbs69u

On Hold - Yakovlev-vad "A waiting" http://fav.me/db5c709

Stay Swing - NC Mares "To the Safehouse" http://fav.me/d972hef

Uptown Funk (CLX Remix) - RougetheGreat "Pegaswag" http://fav.me/dcq2jnz

Wonderland - Hatahound "Rarity Investigates" http://fav.me/d9adtqo

(Yeah the mid 2000's forum sig banner and spoofy Kingdom Hearts name are intentional)
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Default Re: Bronycon MMXIX HD Final Chapter Remix [Pad Pack] [Release Thread]

Solid stuff, dood!
List of packs with my files (Pad) :

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