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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

June 2014 Supplemental Ratings


[7/10] Circuitry / Ixia // bmah
// Definitely not something one would expect to be stepped. Though a number of improvements could be made, it's mostly small stuff, and the last 25 seconds is pretty good.
19.81s: Missing percussion note. In this group of three, 19.61s is the highest-pitched, so the pattern could be changed.
22.26, 22.87s: The percussion does have soft notes here.
29.00s: The sound stops on the 32nd, so this is a ghost note. Because each note of this sound is the same, it's odd for the pattern to start like a trill but end as an uneven split.
31.36-32.27s: When I tried stepping the rhythm here more accurately, I did end up with a more colorful pattern. I started on the same 192nd, and the arrows start 7 192nds apart (a group of five), then text arrow has 8 and 9 192nds around it, and the last six singles have 10 192nds between them. So the slow of rhythm is gradual. Your rhythm starts with 5 and 7 and then has a group of arrows 8 then 10 192nds apart (you can move the note at 32.15s down one 192nd so it's more even.) Whatever rhythm you use, it might be nice to have it so groups of arrows that are the same number of 192nds apart have 1234 / 4321 patterns so it will be easier to see that the sound slows down and make it easier to hit correctly.
36.35-36.76: You've been stepping most of the soft, fast sounds, yet miss the one here. Also you stepped a grace note to a sound that you didn't give one to at 30.20s.
39.61-40.02s: Missing some sounds here too. Because of all the sounds you are stepping, it is odd whenever you ignore one.
40.84-41.35s: because there are two different sounds here, it is odd for them all to be on 2 and 3 as if it was one alternating sound.
44.51s: Missing note. (It's louder than the sound you step at 44.28s.)
50.50, 50.94, 51.77s: Maybe step these sounds?
53.29+2m: The only sound I hear here is a tiny click, so it feels more like it goes to the wobbling bass of the previous note ending (at a lower pitch). In either case, it the arrow would be better placed on 3, because it doesn't sound like it should be an 8th jack. You have the 8th anchored to this every two measures; sometimes there's another sound there, but the bass pitch is lower on the 8th.
81.04-82.47, 84.31s etc.: Your layering is comprehendible, but it is kind of funny how dense the steps get here while the music is still so light.
80.16-80.43s+2m(4): This spot and repeat, you step two sounds and put a jump on the 8th where they overlap, but the shaker doesn't carry the same weight as the bass kick at 79.82s, so the one jump here feels odd.
104.82s: Noticeable missing note here, same pitch as the previous 8th and can be a minijack. There are some other missing notes, some not as noticeable and not necessary, in this section until 113.49s.
139.20s: Doesn't sound like it should be a trill. The sound seems to swell instead of just alternate.

[8.5/10] DESTINY / orgt // bmah
// Layering works, though some spots feel under-emphasized. Patterns are very good.
9.43-11.08s: Jump PR is backwards.
51.14s: Even though there's no crash here, it's actually louder than the hand at 49.32, but then 52.46s is louder than 51.14s, so this works fine.
54.10s: Different percussion sound and shouldn't be a part of the 8th anchor.
71.91-75.86, 82.46-83.77s: There are some crashes in here and beats that are more emphasized than others, so these shouldn't all be jumps.
96.96-101.25s: Might could use some more hands in here, because this is pretty loud.

[6/10] Highway Highway DESTINY / eoll // bmah
#OFFSET:-2.027; (-7 ms)
// The steps to the bass are mostly incorrect. The way the jumping to the synth goes in and out doesn't always work, like you sometimes avoid it to not let the jumps to the snare get in the way, but then you mix jumps with the snare in other sections.
2.82s: Cymbal isn't as loud here, so this one can be a jump. Looks odd because 3.09s is much louder but is a jump to avoid making a 12th minijack ... even though you end this burst with a 16th minijack.
3.30s: This 48th doesn't seem to go to anything.
5.50, 5.68s: These two don't have the same bass pitch on them. This is the case for most of these measures. Compare to 9.78, 9.96s where the 16ths do sound the same.
5.85s: You miss this 16th every time, and it's this 16th that makes a minijack with the 8th. At 1.0x, I can still hear that the 8th is higher than the 16th before it.
11.48s: This spot and eight measures later (22.91s) are where there should not be a minijack, because the bass has a different melody and rhythm here: You miss the new 16th to it at 11.03, 22.46s.
14.35s: Because you're emphasizing the high pitches with jumps, you might as well take an arrow out of 14.52 so the jump to the snare doesn't get in the way.
16.30s: You had a hidden minijack caused by a jump and hand at 3.80s, so you don't need to avoid it here (unless you unlayer all the other ones.)
19.16s: That odd synth you're jumping doesn't start until this 4th, so 18.98, 19.07s should be singles.
20.23s: Similar to 14.35s.
20.59s: This jump doesn't seem to go to anything, because there's no melody or snare here.
21.84, 23.27s: These triple jumps to the melody are odd, because it's just the one synth here, which you haven't been jumping by itself. Continuing to jump the snare instead of jumping the 3/16th rhythm to the melody at 24.87-26.30s makes it more odd, because you'd think jumps to just the one melody would continue to the end of the phrase.
31.48, 31.84s: Unlike 14.35s, these two melody notes doesn't really stand out. 31.48 is just the same as 31.12s, yet that's just a single and doesn't even share an arrow.
32.91s: The bass on the 8th is lower in pitch than the 16th before it, so this shouldn't be a minijack. And the bass has a note on the 4th you can step (it's more obvious on the repeat eight measures later.)
33.44s: The synth starts gliding here. From 27.73 to 50.59s, the synth changes from straight to gliding every four measures, so it would be cool to distinguish that in the layering or something somehow.
37.73, 38.09s: Try making these singles. They get in the way of the rhythm to the melody. It's usually odd to have five jumps in a row going to alternating sounds.
38.35s: There's no loud percussion on this 16th like on the other one. You could say this 16th goes to the ascent in the melody, but you can't jump the 4th in all of this, so it's out of place.
42.82s: Random jump. There's a sound on the 4th before that you don't step, so it seems like you layered that note on the 16th. But it's odd for this to be a jump when the 8th before, 42.55s, has the same sound and is a single.
44.34s: Same as 32.91s.
49.34-50.05s: There's something odd about these jumps. They don't go to the melody or the snare.
50.59-72.02s: Lots of the same stuff from the first section.
59.16-60.41s: I understand how you have layering to the melody and bass here, making it different from the first section, but it is funny how the high note you emphasized with a jump before is just a single here. You jump the snare at 60.23s even though it doesn't have the bass or melody on it, so it wouldn't be crazy to jump 60.05s instead of the snare. (And there shouldn't be an anchor here, especially not how it is now, with a single to a high note merging into a jump to the snare.)
73.44-84.87s: It feels odd to start jumping the melody by itself during a break, but there's all these singles to really soft percussion. And the 48th bursts feel like too much. There was stuff getting singles earlier that were louder than the hands here.
85.94s: The bass the anchors go to is pretty faint, so these doesn't feel necessary.
90.59-92.02s: The synth isn't as loud here as it was at 84.87s, so these jumps are odd.
95.41-96.30s: This is similar to 72.55-73.44s, so if you step the bass at 95.68s, you should step it there too.
97.37s: Your PR makes you end up with three 4ths on the same arrow in a row, which is a little odd.
107.55s: Same crash as the 4th before it, so these should be both hands or jumps.
107.73s: Similar stuff as before.
118.00s: This note goes to the melody and could probably be a jump instead of the 8th before it.
119.07, 120.50, 120.94s: Three hidden minijacks in a row right at the end, ow.

DossarLX ODI
(H) I (samurai7694)
- 3.98: This is just a single note to the burst, there's nothing being layered here
- 4.25: A jump here is effective, it removes the 16th minijack too.
- 39.01: Same issue as 4.25
- 48.83: There's a running 16th synth in the background that could be stepped here (it doesn't seem fully unbroken however, so be careful of this). This way the part isn't just a lot of 8ths
- 59.79, 62.73: No kick here, this is a single note
- 64.46: Same issue as 4.25; also in this section you can look at 48.83 and see how it could be incorporated here
- 71.77: Same issue as 4.25
- 75.71: Jump usage here is rather erratic, the kick is not landing on the 8ths (up until 77.41) and the only other element playing here is the piano which is sometimes stepped as jumps inconsistently
- 79.01: In this section there's a wristjack-speed 16th handglut going into a ~206 BPM 32nd jumptrill which is disgusting
- 90.45: Basically repeating Revolutionary Etude again but with hands this time, this is a nonsensical difficulty spike
- 91.42: Change in pitch here, this isn't a full jack to the quad
- 117.65, 118.08: Missing jumps
- 121.08: The long jack should have ended here and create a minijack on the up arrow (the synth changes pitch here). Also this jump here makes no sense unless the kick was supposed to be layered in, in which case there are missing jumps before it.
- 123.75: Synth changes pitch here. There should have been two 4-note jacks here.
- 126.42: There is a very loud burst here and 16ths should have been stepped entering into the 32nds. 127.06-127.28 should have also been filled with 16ths
- 127.93: The jumps landing on the "8th" placements here are for the kick. However, these should be landing on 4th placements when you consider how this part is melodically -- the speedup at 133.84 is also showing me that the placements were an 8th off when they shouldn't have been.
- 151.52: Same issue as 4.25
- 152.48: This 8th is a ghost note; it's also creating a jack into the quad from the jump before
- It's important to keep the player in mind when it comes to layering because this file ignores the effect of how the layering can make for nasty jack transitions. There are also some sections to look into such as the jack section where the pitch of the synth changes but the jack does not change.

Shin Sekai (ilikexd)
- 41.84, 42.02: Missing guitar 16ths, needed for the layering to stay consistent
- 182.73: Missing note for the drums
- Other judges might point out any other layering issues. The file as a whole looked nice, but was very complex.

Run Run Run (ilikexd)
- 32.41: This being a hand but not 32.58 feels off, they're both similar buzzes (see 105.53 for example)
- 106.13: This 16th is different from 106.30 and 106.47; this file seems to follow some differences in between percussion, but being more intricate with this would differentiate them more
- 108.77: Felt like a similar situation to 32.41; it is slightly softer, but still has the same effect essentially
- 110.81: There should have been a 3-note 8th jack to the kick here
- 138.09: Same issue as 110.81, jack should have started here
- 149.00: 8th Minijack should have been to the bass kick here
- File seems a bit heavy in terms of the layering but it looks sound and sensible, I would recommend looking into differentiating the different elements of percussion in this song however since the 16ths can get draggy. The 4th speedup sections and minijack parts were a nice addition

A White Cat Sings Lovely Jazz Waltz (ilikexd & Jimerax)
- 21.11: 32nd gallop is before the 4th
- 36.72, 40.77: This patterning creates a 3/32nd minijack which is a bit messy
- 39.18: I could see what was attempt here but this is incorrect. There's a 24th triplet starting at the 12th on 39.13, then a 32nd triplet on the 4th.
- 41.85: This is a 12th placement, not a 16th
- 62.76: This 32nd is a ghost note. There is a 32nd gallop on 62.70 but the third note lands on 62.83
- 63.99: Missing note
- 72.91: Without this 12th note the 48th gallop after is awkward
- 75.12: This 24th should have been on the 12th before. There isn't a 48th triplet here
- 126.66, 129.95: Why are these offsetted?
- 156.20: Same issue as 75.12
- 164.53: Missing 12th
- The layering is rather heavy and it's mixed with many colored notes for the other instruments that don't land nicely so there should probably be more of a balance in that aspect (for instance, fast gallops like 48ths into the jumps were awkward at times). Another complex chart that has the ideas there, but could use a few fixes.

Serious Shit (ilikexd)
- If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit. I have to say, this file takes serious maneuvering to play properly.
- It's a bit unfortunate 45.20-71.29 is a filler section compared to the rest of the chart, but this file does a good job at being compact and challenging without being too long.
- 47.20, 49.03, 51.38, 53.20: These jumps are rather subtle
- 60.85: Missing jump, there's still a clap here
- 98.42: In this last jumpstream section I can see the rough synth being stepped as jumps but then there are some 4ths that are jumps and not jumps, I'm not sure what some of the jumps here are supposed to go to
- With that being said, missing jumps at 99.46 and 107.81?
- My main concern is not seeing what the other jumps in the jumpstream section at 98.42 go to (besides the ones that are going with the rough synth). This is a solid hard file.


Firstaidvision (DossarLX ODI) - 7/10
@ 28.8s - missing 16th
@ questionable PR and soundmatching in some sections, but i don't think it's that big of a deal. they aren't that noticeable when playing

Jammin' (ilikexd) - 7.5/10
@ 24.86s - missing note
@ 37.74 - patterning at the end of this 32nd stream could be something like 3 note rolls to better reflect the snare roll here
@ 66.92s - should be a 32nd gallop here
@ file is fine, just the few minor quips that i had.

Serious Shit (ilikexd) - 4/10
@ the layering in the intro and outro is way too dense. you can make the argument that the layering is for accenting but the problem is is that the synth notes being accented don't have any characteristics other than pitch to warrant them being accented.
@ because the layering in the aformentioned sections being too dense, sections such as 28.49s where the bass comes in and is overall much heavier have a similar density which is difficult to make a case for.
@ the layering at 98.4s is fine because the bass appears on every 16th now so having this section really dense is justifiable.

this will be the sales event of the year (DossarLX ODI) - 5/10
@ there is multiple 32nd bursts that are overstepped. i listened on <= .5 rate to each burst multiple times and there is certainly nothing warranting them. these really need to be fixed.
@ a few spots where sound matching could be better. not too big of a deal and doesn't detract that much from the structure.

Trobbel (Silvuh) - 5/10
@ 29.14s - jump is inconsistent
@ 57.8s - missing vocal note
@ 83.38s - strongly disagree with most of the PR here. it could be much more accurate.
@ file layering and structure is generally ok but the primary issue is notation. it's not correct at all. i understand why you colored it like you did but i don't agree with it.
@ lots of tiny PR mistakes you made throughout the file that could be much better

>>> A few more supplemental ratings left ... <<<

Conditional Queue Notes

PISSCORD (PrawnSkunk)
36.87-37.11s: Two judges noted these 24ths as an error but gave different suggestions. It should just be a 16th, no 24ths or 32nds.
70.63s: 24th to the snare here; the 16th is a misrhythm.
91.83-92.31s: The 12ths in this beat don't go to any distinct sounds. The synth has a pitch drop on the 8th in the middle of the beat, so it would be better to just step that.

Johnny C. Bad (Buta-san)
Most importantly, some of the 48th stuff in 71.77-84.87 is out of sync and needs to be fixed.
Also, the missing arrows at 42.06, 42.24, 52.23, and 52.78 were noted by multiple judges. All the other areas should still be checked, too.

For UltraPlayers (rCaliberGX)
66.21-66.51s: These should be 16ths.
112.33-112.48s: Should be 24ths.
113.08-113.37s: And these should be 12ths.

Hello (DarkZtar)
109.37s: The percussion does a short 32nd thing here.
109.59s: The disc scratch is two 32nds, on the 16th and 32nd. With that 8th after it to the percussion, three notes might feel like too much on 1.0x, so it would be okay to fudge it a bit, like by just putting a 12th there. (The 24th you had is definitely wrong, though.)

Palace of Destruction (DarkZtar)
32.87-33.55s: Incorrect and missing rhythms. These three beats should all be xxx.x. in 24ths.
57.79s: Missing percussion around here, noted by three judges.
165.34-165.85s: More missing percussion.
210.28s: Missing drum 16th.
Those spots of missing percussion were all noted by three judges, some others were only noted by two, but you should still consider all the notes.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

July/August 2014

1.) SET 1
a.) DossarLX ODI
b.) ilikexd
c.) jimerax
d.) TC_Halogen
2.) SET 3
a.) bmah
b.) hi19hi19
c.) psychoangel691
d.) Silvuh


=== JUDGE: DossarLX ODI ===

[6/10] [Resubmission] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
- Looks like some spots were changed according to my previous notes.
- 23.52: Erratic layering placement here considering the snare. The jump on 23.52 should have been on 23.43 (the 16th before) and then 23.61 on 23.71 (the 8th after).
- 51.24: The patterning here is too repetitive, this feels like copy and paste seeing those same 24th patterns and 16th [12][12] jumps
- 83.90: The 24th triplets should start on the 4ths and not after, they change placement willy nilly (having the triplet start on the 24th for instance makes two of the notes go to the double pass pedal, but then the last note of the triplet lands on the cymbal, when there are three double bass pedal notes that would match the triplet if it was placed on the 4th)
- 68.71, 81.43, 87.51, etc.: Watch out for long chains of 8th jacks like these. They make the file more awkward than it should be, but more importantly don't match a certain part of the song
- 118.46: Copy paste issue still looks like it's here
- 48th gallop issue looks like it's gone
- 151.18: If this 24th is here, 150.45 and 151.02 should have also been stepped. I think for the cases of Making 151.30 stand out more as the start of the solo it's better to remove this 24th
- 153.46: Wow my previous notes said 16th triplet when I meant to say 32nd triplet. Anyways the 24ths stepped on 153.46 and 153.52 have the right number of notes stepped but wrong placements, it's a 32nd triplet starting on the 16th note on 153.49
- 163.27: 24ths stop here. There's a 16th on 163.36, not 24ths
- 163.71, 163.77: Missing 24ths on double bass pedal
- 164.31: This is a ghost note, but it looks like you meant to step the 16ths before. This and the 8th on 164.22 should be shifted a 16th before
- 186.43: That down 8th jack makes this part super awkward
- 190.80: Noticing some copy-past stuff here from the beginning
- I also saw from another judge any instance of 3/64ths in the guitar solo is 5/96ths. Might want to look into that as well.
- When stepping the 24ths, the triplets should start on the 8ths or 4ths. Having them start a 24th later makes the triplet land on different elements in the song which doesn't match the triplet's supposed effect

[6/10] [Resubmission] Akasha {Xi} (DarkZtar)
- 24.71, 35.09: These 16ths are still missing
- 24.79: Soft percussion wasn't stepped here yet it was at 39.06
- 28.44: Missing piano note
- 40.76: What makes this section a bit awkward is how the 24ths are starting on the same column as the 16ths before or after, so there are implicit minijacks in the one handed transitions.
- 62.74: While jumps can be used to accent the synth in cases like these, it causes ambiguity right after when the percussion comes in
- 70.36: Considering this is a prominent piano hit it may be a good idea to layer this as a jump
- 75.22: Missing 8th here (it can even be argued this should be a jump)
- 84.63: A jump here for both the violin and piano would be good considering how prominent both are
- 89.49: Implicit 3-note down jack, basically 3/32nd speed.
- 95.49: Hand is still missing
- 105.63, 105.79: Missing 16ths here, and 105.71 should be a jump
- 124.52: The up and down columns are getting abused here causing some more awkward anchors
- 135.38: The 16th minijack jumps going into the 24ths are ok, but the 24th patterning here has many long hidden 8th jacks. 136.36 for instance has a hidden 6-note 8th jack with 24ths and a 16th minijack jump after, it's messy to even look at
- 173.01: I can see the rationale behind why this isn't a jump but 173.33 should have a jump considering it's both the percussion and melody on this 4th like the jumps right before
- Many of the patterns in this file felt incredibly forced, especially with those implicit jacks

[6/10] [Resubmission] Rape {Renard} (hi19hi19)
- I remember SocoNHydro420's 13 chart for this song (admittedly it was dumpy and incorrect, haha).
- 16.34: This is a prominent missing 16th which looks like it was left out to not create a one handed 16th minijack, but alternatively the [12] jumps here could have been repatterned.
- 17.67: Missing 16th
- It looks like this file tries to generalize the rhythms to something more even; For instance 18.19 sounded more like 32nd triplets but was stepped as 24ths, and there are 32nds at 17.90 but it was stepped with a trill structure as 24ths.
- 28.13, 28.21: There are also 16ths here
- 31.32: What's this 16th jump going to?
- 40.52, 48.68: Missing 16ths
- 55.80: Creates a 32nd minijack in and out of the 32nd burst. Interesting
- [34]3[12] appears a lot in this file
- The structure is there but the jump usage was hard to understand considering the large spread of jumps throughout the file

[6/10] [Resubmission] Visitor {Virt} (DarkZtar)
- Looks like the quantization issue has been resolved for the most part
- 57.85, 67.57, 67.67, 67.77: These jumps are still missing
- 74.86: Note still missing
- 75.66, 75.28, 84.98, etc.: It looks like these notes were offsetted to differentiate from the percussion but they're an entire frame off (0.03 seconds) from the 4th
- 85.87: This jump is still missing (see 86.49)
- 129.82, 136.23: Jumps here would be a nice accenting technique along with layering the hi-hat underneath
- 149.77: Missing note to percussion
- 160.67: There aren't 24ths here, there is a 32nd on 160.68, a 16th on 160.84, a 32nd on 161.10, and a 16th on 161.25 -- basically, 3/32nds instead of straight 12ths.
- 163.42: Missing jump
- 192.01, 192.22, 192.43: These 32nds are what you're looking for, not the 64ths (it's an entire frame off).
- 194.31: I didn't see this 24th going to anything but there is a 4th before it
- 197.18: These are basically just an unnecessary [13][24] split-jump stepped as fast gallops, stepping 24th jumps here would be a much better alternative
- 198.06: The 64th gallops here are a bit fast, they play better as 48th gallops
- The patterning of that 48th polyrhythm in the last 24th stream is mean
- File looks better than previously but still needs some tweaking

[6/10] Black Lair {Sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
- 22.52: The 12ths wubs could have been stepped here, this feels empty without them
- 24.42: No bass kick here, this is a single note
- 29.12: This is stepped as hand, yet 30.92 is stepped as a jump. 30.92 should be a hand in this case
- 32.82: This 32nd note isn't going to a hi-hat and it looks like the triplets are supposed to be going to the hi-hats in this section
- 39.22: Hi-hat 32nd here should be stepped
- 35.95, 36.35: While the offsetting here is appropriate it's not enough. There notes are around 0.03 seconds off, which is an entire frame's worth.
- 39.92: All of a sudden this triplet isn't stepped. There should have been a triplet here with a jump on the 32nd at 40.02
- 43.17: There is a 64th triplet before but this 64th is a ghost note.
- 55.97: Same issue as 43.17, this 32nd is a ghost note
- 59.72: Guitar here is 3/32nds, not 12ths
- 60.79: Guitar note lands on the 16th after (1 frame off from being 150 BPM). Along with that 60.72 is a missing note in the 32nd burst before and leaving it out makes this part play erratically when it stands out
- 61.19: Guitar is on the 32nd before
- 62.02: Missing jump. The 4th after is also negligible to what's happening around this area, so taking out the 4th also would help emphasize what you're stepping here
- 65.72, 65.92: This 4th and 8th should be stepped on the same column to follow the wubs
- 68.42: Missing 16th
- 120.52: This should be a 32nd gallop (see 125.72)
- 125.72, 126.52: Missing jumps
- The song itself might be repetitive but the patterns could have used more variation. I saw too many [24][13][24] and [34][12][34] jumps repeated over and over again

[8/10] Blood of Ganon {Virt} (hi19hi19)
- 6.55: It may be a better idea just to stick with the leading guitar here since the lower guitar is barely audible and this part just feels off to play considering how soft it is. Along with that, the jumps feel overexaggerated from this.
- 40.84: I don't like how muddy the guitar sounds in this song; it seems like there's a 32nd on 40.77 and 40.90, where 40.90 and 41.02 look like the actual placements of what's stepped here as 24ths.
- 61.52: This 32nd is a ghost note; I can see a 32nd triplet for the muddy guitar but it's so hard to hear this guitar's actual notes.
- 61.59: This should be a jump (guitar and piano)
- 61.84: Missing guitar note
- 62.34, 67.34: I'm wondering why the guitar 16ths weren't stepped in these sections
- 70.71: Should these be all jumps? The colors already make this stand out without accenting
- 78.34: This 8th should be on a different column so the left arrow clearly follows just the guitar
- 103.86: Only the last note of this triplet should be offsetted; the last note being the guitar which stands out
- 122.47: What you're looking for is a jump here, then a jump on the 8th after; the guitar doesn't land on this 16th (and the hand I assume is from trying to layer in the guitar). The two 8ths after would layer in the guitar.
- 209.65: Missing guitar 16th
- 223.74: Missing 32nd (right column has a 3/32nd triplet for the guitar)
- 236.33: This 4th should be on a different column since the other 3 notes forming a 4-note jack are not the percussion. This could cause an unpleasant surprise for someone playing through this and not seeing what the first note is going to. At 239.76 the 4th is much more clear and makes sense in the jack, but not in this part.
- 236.40, 239.83: Note sure what these 24ths are going to
- 258.72: Missing guitar 16th
- 265.04: Missing hand
- 274.04: Keeping the left column to the percussion was a good idea. This part is structured nicely
- Despite being 5 minutes long at a relatively slow speed, this file has plenty of interesting parts

[4/10] botu2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- {hito-ookami} (Reshiram)
- 5.84: There isn't anything powerful here to warrant a hand and having a hand in the middle of empty space is incredibly anti-climactic. This should just be a jump
- 11.43: There's a stream of 16th synth running here and I'm not sure what these gallops (going on 8ths too) are following. 14.23 it can at least be seen that hi-hats are being stepped in the hi-hats.
- 17.02: Missing jump
- 39.37: Seeing many ghost notes here. There's guitar layering and stepping of the synth, but the synth doesn't have all those 16th notes, only a few.
- 50.46, 51.86: I'm still thinking the synths are trying to be stepped here with the guitar, but a prominent 16th to the synth is missing here. This section needs to be looked at again because the list of ghost notes is too long to list (along with missing notes).
- 55.44-56.05: At least these 16ths should be stepped since it's a prominent drum roll leading into the next section
- 56.14: In this section the first and third 16ths of each measure are ghost notes (so for instance, in measure 41 the ghost 16ths are 56.23 and 56.57); 62.16 and 63.56 are exceptions
- 70.11: All of a sudden it looks like the stepping has changed to something else and it's not clear what is supposed to be followed here since notes are missing
- 75.70: This isn't an entirely unbroken 16th run. Like the earlier sections, there are many ghost notes here.
- 84.08: The percussion here is much more prominent than the quiet bass and the 8th jacks here aren't entirely correct
- 92.03: This should be a single note considering 90.63 and 93.42
- 96.92: Jump is on the 4th after
- 99.71, 100.41: These 16th notes are placed too early, they're actually supposed to be on the 4ths after. Along with that, 100.67 is a missing jump
- Going to the above two lines, I can see where the confusion here lies. The orchestral part of this section is falling on the 4th and 8th notes, not any of the 16ths -- 3/16ths were attempted to be stepped, but that's not correct. For 105.30 this one should be shifted back a 16th to land on the 8th before
- 103.81: Missing jump
- 107.00: The 32nd triplet before is fine, but this 32nd is a ghost note.
- 108.35: Missing 8th note
- 109.93: The only logical thing I can think of for this 4th-64th-48th placement is differentiating the kick, guitar, and synth where all three land on the 4th. However there needs to be some syncing work done here so the offsets don't end up a frame late in conversion.
- 111.76: Missing 16th for guitar
- 112.37, 113.77: These are 24th bursts, not 32nds. Also it turns out the 24ths also start the 8th before, so they're 7-note 24th bursts
- 117.26: No cymbal crash here, this is a jump
- 119.01: Look back to 96.92; same 3/16th jump issue in this section.
- 129.35, 132.15: Ghost notes (see 107.00)
- The 16th usage in this file is odd and there are many ghost notes along with missing notes

[3/10] C'est La Vie v2 {Protest the Hero} (samurai7694)
- This looks like the kind of file where the difficulty was determined before stepping the chart. This song does not warrant FGO material except that what's currently here is a plethora of anchor jacks slightly faster than Death Piano's 12th jack section (so in a sense, an easier/slower Revolutionary Etude)
- That being said, I'm going to mention right off the bat that 189.34 to the end the stepchart took a turn for the worse.
- 11.44, 14.54: Missing jumps for the drums, there seems to be an attempt of guitar and layering here but it's inconsistent. 11.24 and 14.34 shouldn't be jumps, they're just the guitar
- 15.51: Missing jump
- Ease on the layering, this file is grossly overexaggerated
- 61.37, 62.21: Missing jumps for cymbal, the 3/16ths to it were stepped after however
- 92.83: All of a sudden the drums are jacks?
- 94.41, 99.63: This isn't a quad
- 95.94, 101.14: Hand/jump mix doesn't work here, the guitar also plays the same note on the 4th after. This should be either two jumps or two hands. Also, copy/paste
- 97.13: The guitar plays the same two notes on this 16th and the 4th after, so a minijack needs to be here to separate it from the 16ths after
- 104.03: This part is literally just all 16th jumpgluts to the double bass pedal and guitar. Completely inappropriate use of heavy 16th layering and a bad difficulty spike.
- 152.53, 152.63, 154.13, 154.23, 155.72, 155.82: There are missing guitar 16ths here
- Why are the drums suddenly being stepped as minijacks instead of the previous 4-note 16th jack structure?
- This file is all over the place and seems to change minijack and jack usage willy-nilly, I noticed copy/paste issues, and more important the layering needs to be toned down. At least in the 16th jumpglut section the jumps were more spread out, but in the ending 12th jacks they're anchor-heavy with long jacks. There are alternative ways to step this song than to just resort to layering in double bass pedal with guitar and form millions of jacks and hands.

[6/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER Project} (rCaliberGX)
- (1176 steps)
- 15.02: Missing jump (there's the kick with the clap)
- 36.28: ??? It seems like there was an attempt to do some BPM change here but the notes themselves were not shifted properly. This in its current state is a sandwiched 32nd burst. Along with that, what follows right after plays completely wrong with what was intended.
- 68.68: What's this jump for?
- 90.62: The piano run starts here, the drum triplets get overpowered by the piano and it's not a good change to have the drums here considering how prominent the melody is
- This file is all over the place with layering changes, it's not a good idea to suddenly increase the layering density when the rest of the file isn't as difficult and insignificant elements like the soft hi-hats were being stepped instead of the running melodies.
- The other submission is better. The section in 36.28 needs to be redone.

[8/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER project} (bmah)
- (1277 steps)
- 7.87: Layering the violin here would have been more interesting than the kicks and claps currently here, also considering the violin was being layered before
- 36.50: Missing jump?
- 40.44: This should be a hand but I can see why it's a jump, might be better to leave this as is
- 56.90: 24ths work here considering how they're patterned (32nds originally)
- 98.17: While this 32nd note does exist the cymbal crashes right after are much louder and removing this along with stepping a hand on the 4th after might be a better alternative. Same goes for 99.20, although that 32nd is arguably a ghost note
- The patterning at 92.39 was the highlight of this file for me, that part was great.

[3/10] Disregard {The Berzerker} (XelNya)
- 15.29: Missing note, ghost note at 15.39 and 15.84
- 47.63: Missing note
- 57.43: This note belongs on the 16th before
- 60.28, 66.68: Ghost notes
- 76.93-79.08: There is a 16th run here that was not stepped at all, just repetitive 8th jumpstream with a jump every 4th
- This file stacks awkward one handed gallop patterns right next to each other in the 16th streams which make the streams annoying and it repeats over and over. Along with that, the 8th jumpstream sections with a jump every 4th are incredibly boring and could have been stepped differently to not make the difficulty focused within the 16th streams in the first half of the file and the rest filler. The file even drags on a bit despite its length. Missing that last stream at the end was also a big letdown.

[3/10] Fighting of the Spirit {S.S.H.} (Reshiram)
- One question I'm going to raise is this: How does this file differ from the long SSH songs already in game with a lot of 8th notes and layering?
- The first 15 seconds of the file should replace all those messy bursts with jumps.
- 21.75: Missing note (double bass pedal)
- 35.19: Missing jump, this is still layering in the guitar and the double bass pedal
- 35.66: This shouldn't be a jump, there's just the guitar here (the cymbal is on the 4th before)
- 36.91: This shouldn't be a jump as well, there's just the guitar here/no percussion
- 37.38: 16th triplet, not 12ths
- 38.32: Missing double bass pedal note
- I'm not going to mention any more of the above few errors, basically it looks like the guitar is being stepped as many jumps when the jumps should only be there when both the guitar and the double bass pedal are being layered; there's an inconsistency here when percussion is being layered in. Along with that, there are more missing notes for the double bass pedal
- 44.81, 45.43, 46.68, 47.47, 47.62: Ghost notes. There are 24th hi-hat bursts on 45.67 and 46.92
- 49.81, 49.97: Ghost notes
- 59.43: This is a 24th burst
- 68.34: Missing double bass pedal note, then a missing triplet at 68.81
- The double bass pedal is stepped sometimes but then has missing notes, so it's not clear what is supposed to be followed here
- 70.14: Ghost note
- 77.09: 16th triplet here, the 16ths on 77.33 and 77.48 are ghost notes
- 77.87-80.22: This part needs to be restepped (ghost notes and missing notes, it plays erratically)
- 85.14: Ghost note
- This file has a prominent ghost note issue that needs to be observed.
- 86.63: Not a jump (melody layering)
- 90.23: Layering changes from melody back to percussion again. It's changing too often
- 106.17: The jump should have been here and the hand on the 8th after when the cymbal crash occurs
- 107.11: Missing guitar note
- 120.01: Missing drum roll note
- 121.73, 122.20: More ghost notes
- More missing notes to the double bass pedal after
- This file's repetitive stepping makes it feel like copy and paste over and over
- 140.18: Missing drum note
- I keep seeing the same [14]3[124] triplet pattern repeated
- 179.03-179.34: Guitar starts with 12ths here, then goes into 16ths
- 186.22: All of a sudden no jump for this triplet when it's been stepped previously
- 187.16: Missing guitar note, this feels like copy and paste seeing the same errors repeated
- 200.06, 210.07: Missing note in drum roll again (see 120.01)
- 213.89: Offsetted note for hi-hat? This is unnecessary
- 220.70: Ghost note
- 223.12: The guitar 16th triplet is on the 8th before
- 229.06: More layering issues
- 240.48: See hi-hat issue from 45.35
- 245.17: This shouldn't be ending in a single note
- 246.57: There is a triplet but not a 16th triplet. It's a 3/64th triplet starting on the 32nd after this 4th
- Layering in this file can be more cohesive as right now it changes too often and there are also some jumps that shouldn't be there. The misrhythm errors and the repetitiveness is also problematic here too considering copy paste issues.

[3/10] Johnny's Revenge {Crown The Empire} (blindreper1179)
- 17.48: There's a 32nd triplet starting on the 16th here, no 24ths (same thing for 18.00)
- 18.26: There is a 16th here, no 24ths
- 19.17: 8th is too early, try the 12th after
- 22.56: First off, the guitar here is all 12ths. Secondly, this part is a significantly overlayered difficulty spike. There aren't any 16ths for the accordion until starting at 23.09, which even then all these hands are completely unwarranted
- 24.39: 24ths, not 32nds -- also incredibly overlayered
- Along with being overlayered the above errors also consist of some ghost notes
- 27.78: The 32nd jumptrills in this section are all 24ths
- 36.33, 37.11: These 32nds are ghost notes
- 44.48: This is a 32nd burst
- 92.48: AIM Anthem
- 93.52, 93.78, 97.96, 100.96: Missing guitar notes, although 97.57 was stepped
- 94.04: Again, 24ths
- 102.78: Ghost note
- I'm seeing an overlayering issue here that also seems to change without any clear reason, those jacks need to go.
- 105.91: This file needs to be looked over again for missing notes. The guitar is missing prominent notes like this.
- 107.15, 107.41, 107.54: Ghost notes, also missing double bass pedal hit on 106.96
- 110.22: Basically copy paste of 49.70
- 134.48: These are 24ths
- 135.26: This file just seems like a bunch of copy pasting
- 147.07, 147.20: Ghost notes
- 147.26: The drums here are just 16ths
- 147.78-180.65: Long filler section
- 213.00: More copy paste and layering issues
- There is too much layering in this file. The song is at 115 BPM and it feels like the layered jacks and hands were only put in for the sake of boosting up the difficulty. Along with that the rhythms need to be checked over. The file is also too repetitive in patterning (I noticed a big copy-paste issue here).

[5/10] Kicks for breakfast and Snares for lunch {cheztheguy} (Lambdadelta)
- 14.05, 14.11, 15.38, 15.45, 39.38, 39.45, 42.05, 42.11: These were placed a 64th too early
- 14.55: This should also be a minijack considering 14.38 and it's the same exact sound. Same goes for 15.88
- 17.26, 19.93, 21.26, 31.93: These bursts do start on the 32nd, but is only 3 notes. It's a 3/64th triplet, not four 32nd notes.
- 35.97, 36.01: While these 32nds do exist they're stepped to a barely audible sound and not worth stepping when there's blasting 32nds before it
- 37.30: This 16th belongs to the 64th after (3/64th triplet here)
- 39.88, 42.55: See 14.55
- 46.47: There is a 64th triplet here, no 12ths mixed in the 32nds. For playing sake however, there should just be a 16th jump here.
- 47.72: There is a 48th gallop here and a 48th triplet on 47.80 so these should have been 48th gallops.
- The 64th-48th-32nd sections are messy. The 32nds shouldn't be mostly jumptrillable [12][34] type rolls for most of the file, considering how short this file is there are too many patterns that repeat over and over again and at the end there's a 32nd split roll section with jumps in it that's a slap to the face considering the rest of the file is mostly 1234 types of rolls.
- The jump usage in this file is also excessive. Sure, loud bass kicks. However, it seems like any time there's a kick there's a jump -- the jumps basically lose all their meaning from abusing them so much. The jumps should be limited to accenting the buzzes like what was done in the section at 26.72
- Basically this looks like an easier version of mutant corecore except with no fast runs, all sudden fast bursts with some 16th minijacks. This song just sounds like someone went into FL Studio and put buzz sounds at different speeds to create a track less than a minute long.

[7/10] Super Mario Main Theme {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
- 71.92: Not having a hand here made this part feel off, there can be a different kind of hand pattern so the minijack doesn't a 16th into a hand. This might also involve repatterning the two hands after so there isn't a long 8th jack on the right arrow
- 72.26, 176.17: What's this 16th going to? It seems like a ghost note. There is also the 16th before the 5 notes to the drum roll which also seems like a ghost note
- 76.34, 76.74: These should have jumps, or at least 8th minijacks to include the prominent drum hits here
- 77.10: Missing jump, both guitar and drum here
- 89.20: This 8th should be placed on 4 so there's a 3-note jack matching the guitar there. The 12ths could be moved to something like 12 in that case
- 93.35: It's also possible to pattern this so there is a 3-note 8th jack for the guitar
- 98.57: Missing hand
- 102.19: That down arrow
- 104.86, 108.34, 109.15: See 93.35
- 180.25: Missing jump
- I don't see anything good coming from the 48th roll at the very end, it could have just been a 24th triplet or 24th jumptrill (conversion mess from 16th minijack)
- After the solo the file feels like this file is repeating what was already done in the first half. There are several tricky sections and several different sections, but it's still most heavily layered 8ths like in the beginning and it's filler compared to the solo that the player goes through which already takes a minute and a half to reach in the first place

[6/10] Title (Double Dragon) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
- 6.86: Missing 16th (light percussion)
- 8.28, 8.61, 8.95: These triplets weren't stepped but 9.28 and 9.61 were
- 9.95: This should be a jump, layering in the light percussion that forms the previous 16th triplets and the piano
- 11.67: Missing jump
- 12.45: 16th triplet here doesn't go to anything; there is a piano grace note that sounds like a 32nd into the 8th
- 30.03, 30.20, 30.70, 31.53: Missing light percussion 16ths. Is this being done on purpose?
- 103.32: It may be a better idea just to have this as a 64th jump.
- 116.53: 16th kick here is noticeable enough that not stepping it makes this feel emptier
- 120.11: It may be a good idea to step this as a jump since it also layers in the piano
- 123.95: I only hear 5-note 32nd bursts here. Sure if you slow the song down to an absurdly slow rate you'll hear some other stuff in there, but it more closely resembles two 64th triplets which would still only make bursts of 7 notes. not sure why this part is stepped the way it is.
- 150.20: There should be a jump here layering the piano with the light percussion, this section is already tricky to start
- 158.78: Yuck, this section is very nasty to hit
- 165.07: Down arrow makes this messy
- 175.28: Missing hand
- The patterning at 158.78 feels incredibly forced, it's not a good idea to stack fast one handed gallops like that right next to each other. The piano solo section there is interesting but abuses too many implicit jacks or one handed gallops sandwiched in between jumps and it plays very awkwardly
- 123.95 looked incredibly sketchy. That should probably be looked at again, since the bursts are stepped faster than 48ths right now

[7/10] TRIGGER HAPPY {P*Light} (___________)
- Please include the artist next time
- 5.98: Missing hand
- The 24th trills in this file are 32nds in reality but considering how they're patterned they're passable
- 10.79, 10.95: These are 16ths, not 24th gallops
- 15.87: Watch out for long hidden 8th jacks like this not clearly following something in the song. 26.09 for instance the up and down 8th jacks are for the vocals so those are fine, but not in spots like this.
- 40.41: There aren't 24ths here, there is a 16th
- 61.11: Considering 60.79 was a hand, this should also be a hand. Same thing for 81.87
- 84.47: For this section it should just have the jumps on the 4ths to the cymbal crashes or there should be a 16th jumptrill here with the kicks and layering the two cymbal crashes after -- but not 8th jumps.
- Watch the long hidden 8th jack usage, the patterning could be improved in this file but the structure is there.

[6/10] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
- [127.20]
- It looks like for flexible rolling the 32nd bursts in this song were stepped as 24ths.
- 17.33: This 24th should be placed on the 16th before.
- 52.05: Missing jump (bell)
- 54.34: This jump looks like it was supposed to go on the 16th before and the sync in this part feels off... the violin sounds like 32nds and not a bunch of color notes like what's here
- 71.22: Missing jump
- 71.55: The layering here along with all the 16th/24ths put in makes this section very convoluted
- 77.30: Missing jump
- 79.83: Missing 12th for violin
- Like I mentioned earlier this file turned the 32nds into 24ths in an attempt to make the song utilize the bursts with more patterning options. However what isn't appealing in this file is how convoluted it gets with the layering; it may be better not to include percussion layering in the dense spots when there are already enough jumps from the melody (whether it be the violin, etc.)

=== JUDGE: ilikexd ===

[5.5/10] [Resubmission] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
-20.462s no jumps for snares on this beat, the jump usage gets kind of confusing after this part
-27.298s no jump for snare here, or 33.373s
-for a great part of the file, the drum layering is just confusing or ambiguous
-50.462s the melody that was being layered comes back in at this part
-while there is some semblance of pr, a lot of parts seem to have kind of arbitrary pattern such as 81.411s; what does this long anchor correspond to?, then you have this same pattern copied at 87.487s
-if stepping the crash at 96.601s as a hand it'd make sense to do the same at 101.538s and 101.918s; there is some unclear hand usage
-104.196s this background instrument being layered here exists at 103.437s, 104.956s, 107.234s, etc, but is neglected, ditto for when this section repeats
-143.405s missing 16th and starting here lots of missing notes
-145.826s this is not 32nd grace note, it's a set of 16th notes, and in the following beats it's 16ths and then 12ths
-150.430s missing note, others in this section
-151.475s 24ths is much faster than the actual rhythm, and it'd be better to keep this unlayered to let it stand out from the rest of the jumpstream in that way while not being too much of an increase in difficulty
-163.627s tons of missing 24ths and inaccurate 24ths later
-181.949s 2 missing notes
-183.089s ghost note
-187.930s these are the same patterns copied from the start of the chart. not a big deal in itself since it's the same musical phrase, but given the repetitiveness in the chart as a whole it doesn't help serve to break it up
->3 minutes is somewhat long for how repeating this music is -- mostly the same phrases repeating and the same couple of instruments, save one solo. better attention to patterning or diversification of patterning could help alleviate this but many parts had kind of random patterning and lots of 4 & 5 note anchors not going to anything
-quite a handful of errors or ambiguous layering

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Akasha {Xi} (DarkZtar)
-18.932s it'd be a lot better to have this note on 1 or 2 for how low it is in pitch
-26.878s these piano chords are being stepped as jumps, but others (26.229s, 26.553s) aren't
-28.418s missing note
-28.581s ghost note
-29.391s missing note
-35.067s before the 16th drums were stepped like at 29.878s, now omitted
-38.256s same as 26.878s
-39.445s missing note
-39.770s missing note
-62.716s arbitrary jump -- the next section uses jumps for the louder synth but not this one
-66.526s these 16ths should both be jumps
-69.608s missing notes, these are constant 16ths
-75.202s missing note
-77.067s missing note
-84.526s missing note
-85.662s both strings and piano play on this note
-86.635s don't understand the missing notes here, there's a constant 16th piano
-95.472s this crash is just a jump but 96.770 is a hand, both have all the same elements in the music
-109.581s ghost 32nds, there are no 32nds in the music here
-the last third was stepped quite nicely
-noticeably improved from previous submission, but still quite a few errors in missing notes

[7/10] [Resubmission] Rape {Renard} (hi19hi19)
-38.794s, 40.426s - These are the same sound, one is stepped as a 16th minijack, and the other doesn't even have a 16th. I don't think either really merits being stepped as a minijack by itself, and especially since minijacks are already being used for vocals everywhere else in the chart.
-52.690s - Missing vocal to "of".
-Structure is okay although seemingly a bit overdone for the sake of difficulty. Minijack usage is pretty liberal and used for a lot of different, fairly soft sounds, and there is a pretty high amount of 24ths and 32nds to various buzzes and bloops.

[6/10] [Resubmission] Visitor {Virt} (DarkZtar)
-offset is just slightly early
-39.213s would be nice to have these two triplets as different patterns considering difference in sound
-41.281s the layering is quite heavy in this file, but about right here it starts to show when layering both melodies together and percussion on top in that there's a jumptrill here that doesn't feel like it captures any intensity in the music
-57.92s hand? if going to the crash sound, it's happening multiple times before here, and not here, otherwise confusing
-starting here the layering is -quite- heavy in these 12ths. it seems borderline reasonable and the layering is consistent, but it's quite heavy to the point of not being easy to follow in playthrough, and not much of a semblance of pr. it might be better with some reducing
-75.611s the rhythm here is almost exactly 16ths, just a bit faster, but the 192nds are inaccurate in this beat
-76.232s ditto
-88.330s, consequential to what i noted about layering in 57.92s, this part of the music feels much more intense and ominous, but is far lighter and easier, even given the anchored trills; the steps just don't stand out from those of the previous section in the way the music does
-128.658s these 24ths are quite hard to hear as well as being misrhythms. the last 24th of each set is a ghost note, and they're not exactly 24ths either; check these in this entire section
-170.641s missing jump
-222.757s this change to 12ths seems misquantized -- i do not hear the music changing time signature here, even though as 12ths there is a drum every 2 beats, it's also like that from 221.517s to 222.654s. quantization change seems appropriate at 226.170s
-the very last note should definitely be removed since all sound will have faded out by the 2nd to last one. even the 2nd to last note should probably be removed as well.
-the 2nd half of the chart was much more appreciable in structure and layering than the first

[7/10] Black Lair {Sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
-8.500s these are constant 16ths, although the 16ths that are omitted aren't quite that audible
-22.500s understandable to omit the 3/32nd bass here since sound cuts out, but it would be a really cool effect and addition
-26.100s these jumps can definitely be hands instead except for the two at 27.3s and it leads logically into the final quad
-35.933s the guitar sound that these 92nds aim to accent is actually a 64th after the 32nd
-61.167s this guitar sound starts much closer to the 8th than the 12th. layering here starts to get quite convoluted/bunched up here but not necessarilly bad
-65.300s the bass is soooo much overpowering the guitar that i'd say it's a mistake for this to only be 16ths and in no way acknowledge the bass changing to just 8ths on the 2nd beat
-75.300s low bass note here that would naturally fit on 1
-90.1s bpm double is good here
-97s this part starts climaxing for quite a long time before any layering changes are introduced so i think constant 16ths should be brought in as soon as the drums come instead of waiting several beats
-quite creative/unconventional layering in many parts

[7.5/10] Blood of Ganon {Virt} (hi19hi19)
-40.816s drums are a bit late here
-61.318s the 2nd half of this beat is 24ths, not 32nds
-62.066s there are 16ths in these beats that are the same sound stepped in the previous beats
-63.816s ditto, and several more times
-122.201s should be a hand if the previous is
-124.326s the 24th triplets can be differentiated from each other
-147.497s the layering can be toned down here, i think hands and minijumptrills are a bit heavy for this part of the music
-218.736s missing guitar note
-258.7s guitar note
-some errors here and there but not many for file length
-while the song is quite diverse melodically it did feel a bit long by the end given how long it keeps the same mood

[4/10] botu2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- {hito-ookami} (Reshiram)
-11.586s extreme inaccuracy starting here. it's just 8ths so none of these 16ths make sense
-16.651s clearly ascending in the music, so strange to use a descending roll
-18.048s these 16ths being the same pitch, they can be on the same column - same as 20.842s, and ditto for all its repetitions
-31.320s for better pr this jump can be the same as the previous, same with 32.368s
-34.638s just a note
-38.524s missing 32nds
-39.440s ghost note
-54.023s a ton of missed notes
-56.118s while changing the structure is nice, this melody is sooo quiet and hard to hear that i don't think it can merit being a long continuous jumpstream
-66.465s missing notes
-by this point the sync is a bit late so the bpm should be fixed
-70.089s strange jump from cotinuous js to broken within one part of a section?
-74.629s this jump doesn't seem to go to anything
-79.170s this jump should go to the following 8th
-81.964s missing notes like 54.023s
-86.243s missing note
-column distribution is really strange here; 4 is almost entirely omitted without any seemingly good reason
-94.581s ghost note
-95.236s-106s totally lost as to what anything at all goes to
-109.928s all these grace triplets are just regular notes
-112.351s only 24ths, ditto 113.748s
-117.590s same as 95.236s
-cut is very abrupt
-fairly uneventful

[5.5/10] C'est La Vie v2 {Protest the Hero} (samurai7694)
-17.239s starting here hands are used to this guitar where jumps were being used, which is ok, but the previous hands were accompanied by crash cymbal and i think it'd be better reserved for expressing the crash cymbal
-20.744s, 21.136s, 26.591s, 26.984s snare but consistently no jumps, seems strange since minijack parts layer the snare with jumps and parts like 30.294s have snare layered
-39.644s this is the only part where when snare is constant 16ths it is stepped as a jumptrill
-56.045s don't understand the js breaks here. a constant guitar, constant 16th kicks and a not constant guitar but the latter has many fewer notes than are stepped, so these breaks don't seem to follow anything
-62.598s, 62.923s, 63.249s, etc what are these jumps? jump usage as a whole is unclear in this part
-71.608s, 78.012s 48ths are faster than the actual sound
-74.011s this is an exact mirror copy of the previous repetition which is really bad for pr purposes having it all backward
-104.011s holy cow, quite the difficulty spike
-129.630s should be purple also
-193.408s again, quite a big jump in difficulty right at the end
-a lot of unclear or amibguous layering, and hard to follow hand usage
-difficulty jump at the end is pretty big, probably too big to be viable
-song and chart definitely do have potential

[5.5/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER Project} (rCaliberGX)
-4.541s different pitch on these two hands
-5.913s missing note
-6.684s missing notes? very unclear what is going on here
-11.313s ghost note
-36.256s there's a beat with doubled bpm that causes the next 12 or so beats to be totally messed up. doesn't go back to normal until 41s
-43.627s hand?
-58.541s ghost note
-59.570s missing note
-71.056s this is already accented as a quad so being white is something of a double accent, not really needed
-72.598s just a note
-74.484s these are a set of 4 notes, not 3
-76.284s missing note
-78.084s early jump
-81.856s not sure what these jumps are for. if for the faint kick they should be at 81.170s too, but should be ignored since they don't clearly go to anything audible when playing
-82.713s hands for every instance of this instrument is strange/overdone. better reserved for coinciding with drum or other instrument. this combined with the stepping of the 16th hihat triplets that aren't very audible leaves this part very weird to play through
-as is the file cannot be used due to the messed up part at 36s that is momentarily 350 bpm
-some layering errors and layering scheme as a whole can be improved

[9.5/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER project} (bmah)
-34.509s, 34.852s noticeable piano sound that seems lacking to ignore
-fadeout note should be moved at least 1 beat up
-fantastic in all aspects, can't find any faults beyond the one noted even after trying. great/creative layering, pr, accenting, column usage, climaxing

[3/10] Disregard {The Berzerker} (XelNya)
-12.317s being a different sound than the two previous [14] jumps should definitely be a different jump
-18.466s missing note
-18.666s missing note
-35.014s, 35.064 ghost notes
-40.713s a ton of these 16th notes are ghost notes, dozens of them. try listening closely to the audio, although even then the mp3 quality is very poor so it's difficult to follow what's going on. it's clearly not constant 16ths
-55.660s missing note
-60.259s ghost note
-63.559s ghost note
-66.658s ghost note
-long continuous streams to very noisy drums that can't be clearly identified as 16ths. before this should be considered into ffr a better audio file should be sought after in which the drums can clearly be distinguished and accurately stepped.
-that aside, the music is quite rough and offers little potential for creative stepping

[4/10] Fighting of the Spirit {S.S.H.} (Reshiram)
-these guitar strums are more accurately stepped as 32nds than 92nds
-20.4s two jumps for one guitar flam?
-24.228s this is a different drum than the previous
-24.853s backwards pr
-26s cannot tell what instruments the 8ths are following in this part, it seems to be inconsistent
-40.9s what makes these jumps and then the rest of the guitar just notes?
-44.787s ghost note
-47.23s some ghost 16ths
-50.34s unclear what all of these 8ths are going to, and why some aren't stepped
-59.640s ghost 16ths
-68.318s no 4th stepped but kick drum here. i cannot seem to figure out what is supposed to be being followed here
-76.448 jump for just a kick?
-84.109s another unclear jump
-107.092s missing note
-112.173s ghost note
-at this point not pointing out any more ghost or missing notes, there are many more though
-225.3s hand accompanies crash cymbal, but there are other crash cymbals in this section not followed
-246.554s drum notes are offsync
-165.4s these 16ths presumably going to the backgroudn guitar are stepped quite sporadically, but also aren't accurately following where the guitar actually is
-layering is just too unclear to figure out, doesn't seem to be consistently following anything at times and there are a lot of ghost notes or missing notes
-chart is quite long without much musical diversity

[3/10] Johnny's Revenge {Crown The Empire} (blindreper1179)
-11.067s crash cymbal can be accomodated with hand since and breaks up the monotony of all the jumps used
-15.240s as a result of the constant 8th jump usage to the background instrument, these 4th jumps to cymbals don't stand out as much as they do in the music, whereas the background 8th instrument is hardly noticeably given its volume and constant repetition
-17.327s drums are quite inaccurate, not 24ths
-22.545s 12ths, not 16ths, which is a pretty big misrhythm at this tempo
-28.284s jumps to single tom drums doesn't make much sense
-37.153s 32nds
-44.458s 32nds
-49.675s constant 4th/8th jumping isn't really needed and is hard to associate with anything in the music, as opposed to only layering the vocals with the snares on the 8ths and ignoring the fairly inaudible kicks
-71.849s 16ths are fairly off-rhythm
-79.154s ghost jump
-82.545s jump placement is inaccurate in this part
-92.6s very unclear as to what is making all of these jumps, particularly the yellow ones
-134.284s missing notes
-134.719s missing note
-147.044s ghost 32nds
-147.327s ghost 24ths
-151.936s with crash cymbal this stands out, but is only a single note
-164.457s ditto
-191.588s 12ths
-204.631s long anchor that can't really be associated with anything in the music
-212.979s with this much repetition in the music approaching 4 minutes, this being just a repetition of the chorus and nothing new added musically, a cut is in order somewhere to make the chart more enjoyable, and again at 233.849s
-layering is quite heavy but there is a lot of jump usage that doesn't go clearly to anything specifically noticeable; rather, mostly everything is directly layered on top of each other
-lots of anchors and jumpgluts that don't go to anything that stands out

[6/10] Kicks for breakfast and Snares for lunch {cheztheguy} (Lambdadelta)
-14.364s etc all of these drum samples are ascending so the usage of only 1 minijack is peculiar as opposed to 2 groups of 2 or a descending roll
-27.7s drums are much faster than 32nds. while reduction/simplification is generally fine, in this case these fast drum sounds were previously stepped at their true rhythms so this is a break from that seemingly without any reason; it's better consistently simplifying this rhythm or consistently stepping it at its true rhythm
-35.948s these last two 32nds go to a hi-hat sound that is hardly audible compared to the kicks before it, so with no way to distinguish them from the previous 32nds it'd be better off omitting them since as of now they feel more like ghost notes
-47.448s this distorted sound is reduced to a single 16th note on the beat before but spread out as 48ths, then 64ths -- they sound just like 16ths on regular rate, should probably be reduced to that
-pretty short and not offering much creatively in the music, but possibly borderline acceptable with improvements

[8/10] Super Mario Main Theme {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
-42.4s-57s weird minijacks/pr in this part - they don't seem to follow the pitch accurately
-124.2s it sounds like 24ths/faster guitar come in slightly before the 24th stream comes in -- about a beat to half a beat
-solo is quite heavy with all the jumps used, but as a whole i think justified given how aggressive and heavy the layering is throughout the entire chart
-as a result though so much of the difficulty is concentrated in that one part of the chart and goes a bit long without anything nearly as challenging after that part. a less heavy layering scheme overall would probably balance the difficulty more but this is still acceptable.

[9/10] Title (Double Dragon) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
-6.761s drum is on the 16th after
-22.64s missing piano note
-138s-165s awesome
-163.844s missing piano note
-195s-196s patterning really does not reflect the descension here
-206.261s it'd be nice to have the stops in the piano acknowledged with 16th breaks in the stream, even considering the bass piano playing 8ths
-very interesting track, and quite good accompanying steps
-layering is very dynamic but matching all parts of the music well

[!/10] TRIGGER HAPPY {P*Light} (___________)
-To my knowledge, we have no permission for this.

[6/10] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
-19.256s even with two back to back hands here, there are some pretty loud kicks that are lacking to omit, especially since other fast drums are being stepped everywhere
-26.951s jump placement? kick is on the previous note, don't understand this
-31.618s 16ths start here
-34.451s missing 16th
-as a note, the mp3 seems to have really poor quality and it is difficult to distinguish fine detail in sound. as a result, it's very difficult to understand aspects of the steps. because of this it's hard to making many meaningful comments about layering or be sure of what the intention is in many places.
-35.784s missing 16th
-41.118s, 41.284s missing 16th
-42.284s missing 16ths
-79.451s bass piano 16ths
-more missing piano 16ths here
-90.951s piano 16th
-91.618s might be more 16ths here but it's impossible to tell given the audio quality
-95.868s lots of missing 16ths for the piano
-102.451s, 103.951s missing 16ths
-126.516s although the sound isn't too audible, the rhythm of these notes is much faster than the actual rhythm (what should be 90 bpm 16ths)
-as a whole the structure seems acceptable, actually pretty good, but there are a lot of identifiable piano notes that are missing steps, and there is some jump usage that is hard to understand or comment on because of how unclear the music is.

=== JUDGE: jimerax ===

[5/10] [Resubmission] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
7.930s, 14.006s, etc - 24th -> 32nds
65.842s, etc - mini jumpjack doesn't fit the music
151.475 - 163.627s - guitar syncing can be better, sometimes rhythms don't fit
175.589 - 187.930 - same with above

structured well, but getting repeititive since this is a long song.
guitar solo parts still need work for rhythming/syncing, also some pattern improvement.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Akasha {Xi} (DarkZtar)
37.905s - 24th trill + jump pattern (need to layer this jump?)
89.148 - awkward burst pattern to hit
99.526s, 171.851s - 32nd mini-bursts are okay for vatiation.. but not very looking nice
131.797s - this part is climax of the song, but there are unnecessary spikey patterns due to combination of jumpjack + 24th piano + BD 32nd

rhythm variations and structures are nice, but felt some parts are a bit awkward pattern-wise.
especially in climax part, playability can be considered more for pattern choices. other than those mostly nice.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Rape {Renard} (hi19hi19)
3.338s etc - minijacks constantly appear in up column are getting repetitive, and sometimes awkward to hit

technically no major issues.
interesting breakcore style, short song but slightly repetitive due to the style.

[7/10] [Resubmission] Visitor {Virt} (DarkZtar)
11.810s - 24ths don't fit the music
21.789s - ghost 32nd note
39.161s- missing a 32nd
41.591s - 24ths -> 32nds
44.900s - can be stepped as 32nd stream
96.292s - minijacks are a bit inconsistent here?
150.787s - missing notes
164.127s - 32nds based -> 16ths & 48ths (24ths) based
164.644s - some jack patterns are awkward/spikey (ex. 166.298s, etc)
183.929s - not 32nd (not need to layer)
196.286s, 202.490s - awkward batch of patterns in fast mini-stream

There are several technical things that may need minor tweaks.
Overall well-done and replayable.

[6.5/10] Black Lair {Sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
9.000s, etc - missing 16ths for square sound?
25.200s - missing note
25.700s - 32nds -> 24ths
43.150s, 55.950s - ghost note
60.900s - over-doubled
77.300s and later - sometimes missing sound for square

moderately enjoyable file.
however, some minor tweaks (listed above for example) can be added.

[7/10] Blood of Ganon {Virt} (hi19hi19)
61.319s - unclear usage of 32nds
98.816-100.8s - notes for guitar are prefered
145.321-145.821s - 24ths -> 32nds

longs song and weird end of the song, but the song has variations and fairly replayable.

[6.5/10] botu2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- {hito-ookami} (Reshiram)
11.412-16.651s - felt rhythm choices are weird to the song
40.052 (and similar parts) - lacking a note for the beat
54.721-56.118 (and similar parts) - notes for instruments other than bass drums can be put
109.906s and later - too much grace notes/burst emphasis?

felt inconsistent layering choice at parts sometimes, other than those enjoyable.
song cut of the ending is a bit to sudden.

[5.5/10] C'est La Vie v2 {Protest the Hero} (samurai7694)
40.431s, 98.221s - a bit spikey patttern
104.011-115.209s (and similar parts) - too much emphasis with jumps like this

didn't find legit/good reasons for putting continuous jumps that contain minijacks like those.
a bit long and the song can be cut but other parts are decently stepped in general.

[3</10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER Project} (rCaliberGX)
around 37-38s and later: apparently wrong due to obvious bpm errors, .
71.398s - 8th w/ layering or 16th streams fit better 16th triplet structures.
98.827s - missing grace notes

low rating because of severe playability error.
due to bpm errors and structure of the second half, another one is better.

[7/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER project} (bmah)
66.309s - 12ths -> 16ths
69.395s - flute rhythms can be more accurate
89.109s - unlike the previous piano, this one isn't minijack

This one has way less flaws and is better than another one.

[5/10] Disregard {The Berzerker} (XelNya)
15.317s, 21.916s, 34.714s, 60.209s, 66.608s- unnecessary(extra) 16th notes for actual sound after this point

rhythms can be more accureate, stractures are mostly okayt and stream aren't too awkward but not especially great.
besides technical factors, in songs like this it's quite difficult to make a good file unless streams looks wonderful or plays comfortable to hit.

[6/10] Fighting of the Spirit {S.S.H.} (Reshiram)
there're some unnecessary grace notes (e.g. 17.348s)
around 44.865s, 59.249s, etc - ghost (too many) 16th notes for the music
179.012s - 16ths -> 12ths
245.147s - single note is a bit too weak?

maybe due to the song, before the guitar stream part (~140s) it's getting repetitive/monotonous to play.
giving more variations or song-trim is better, there're enjoyable parts too though.

[3.5/10] Johnny's Revenge {Crown The Empire} (blindreper1179)
17.327s- 24ths are wrong (either 32nds or 16ths)
22.545s (and similar parts)- bad jack patterns + misrhythms
27.762s (and similar parts)- 32nds -> 24ths
31.936s, 92.458s, 200.85s- awkward pattern
36.893s- unnecessary 32nds
76.806- PR (should be a jumpjack)
211.806s - PR
231.763s - no need to layer something in 32nds?

there are notable misrhythms, spikey/jacky patterns, and getting a bit repetive/long.
probably requires more fluency in patterns and variation/song trimming.

[7/10] Kicks for breakfast and Snares for lunch {cheztheguy} (Lambdadelta)
13-24 based jumptrills / bursts are a bit overused, but ok

rhythms are fine and no remarkable spikes, quite short but challenging and unique song choice & chart.

[8/10] Super Mario Main Theme {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
9.501 - minijacks like these can be alright PR-wise but song intensity-wise it's a bit spikey.
79.334s (and similar parts) - drums like this are stepped as 16ths, some sounds are not very audible
119.037s - guitars are slightly offsync

good song choice, chart is well-done and fairly replayable chart.

[8.5/10] Title (Double Dragon) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
75.927 - can be a hand
98.594-99.927 - a bit spikey pattern choice
around 150s - missing some pianos?

optional but more accurate swing rhythm can be added to piano.
technical no major issues, nice jazz & 8-bit fusion song and great expression, quite fun file.

[6.5/10] TRIGGER HAPPY {P*Light} (___________)
6.283s (and similar parts) - in terms of consistency these are okay, preference issue but 32nds bursts fits better.
10.769s - 24th are a bit off here
25.904s (including similar ones) - minijack for not very audible sounds?

aside from a few things techniclly okay mostly, moderately enjoyable.

[7/10] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
11.368-19.368s - a bit spikey burst+hand patterns (this applies to later similar parts), a bit overuse of hands to the music on some parts
43.034s - 24ths for piano can be added
66.034-76.034s - drums might be layered as 24ths, but felt some ones are not audible enough to be stepworthy
90.034-111.368s This part might be layered by either drums or piano, felt still missing notes (esp. for piano) on some broken streams.
109.868s - 24ths for piano

decent challenging file and rather enjoyable, in some parts felt unconfortable due to major sound choice.

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
- I didn't mention this in my previous set of notes (likely because I was rushing) but it feels like there are missing jumps spread out throughout the file, regardless of whether or not you are opting into accented structures or direct layering -- some examples: 27.298, 28.817, 33.373, 46.190, 46.380; the list can continue for quite some time -- run through the file some more and add these jumps or minify the structure as a whole since it is quite aggressive as it is
- glaring jump error at 65.842; if that's supposed to follow the guitar instead of the percussion, it's a bad idea given how much more prominent the snares are
- 75.335/75.430: cutoff crash cymbals are a bit more prevalent than the hard to hear snare and given that the snare plays four 24th notes, it's less arbitrary to remove the jump and accent these two notes as opposed to how you have it now
- missing notes at 163.690, 163.753, and 169.956 - all following the same thing you accent at 164.766
- check rhythms at 185.462 to 187.930; a few notes synced aren't quite synced up with the guitar at all
- despite these mistakes, I have a feeling players will enjoy this chart; it could use some structural tweaks but it's queue-worthy in my book
- lower rating than the first time because I was definitely over-compensating the first time

[PASS/10] [Resubmission] Akasha {Xi} (DarkZtar)
- cannot judge impartially as I have a file for this in progress

[6/10] [Resubmission] Rape {Renard} (hi19hi19)
- transition into 18.470 is still quite unpleasant
- all of the other transitions are smoother to play through
- jump structure is still overly aggressive for my tastes and quite unpleasant in my opinion; it's still quite hard to distinguish between jumps for percussion and jumps that are following the vocal samples (or both, or... neither?)
- conditional pass if file is not queue'd because of my rating being the lowest (or tied for the lowest), I feel like that's a fair thing to do because the structure simply doesn't work well for me as a judge and I can't really comfortably change my rating

[5.5/10] [Resubmission] Visitor {Virt} (DarkZtar)
- 23.598 to 33.525: with some jumps having to be omitted due to the melody having xx-xx 16ths, the layering structure here appears to look arbitrary at some points
- 37.041: add a jump so that the kick gets a little more precedence: jumps go to the melody anyway, so having this would feel a little more complete with your current structure
- 39.316: a few missing notes? listen carefully.
- 43.659: if you make the 16th before this triple a subbeat and change this to a normal beat, you'll have the ability to more appropriately quantize a bit earlier since the melody turns into triplets here
- 57.929: really hate the structure from here to 82.126; jumps aren't properly PR'd and the mix between jumps for snares and melody looks really sloppy
- white notes starting at 75.611 are grossly incorrect with regards to rhythm
- why jacks at 96.292? if for the differentiated bass, it's out of place being that 96.706 is barely any different
- reset quantize to 16ths at 108.184 instead of 110.666
- from 110.666 to 120.179, the chart is offset to a blue note; fixing this requires a sync change to ensure that the section after stays synced to 4ths
- 128.658/131.967/135.070: incorrect rhythm
- 129.796/136.207: while this is a string of notes to the melody, this note is largely accented and could still be a jump
- 133.622: time signature change again, effective until 171.055
- 140.550: missing jump for melody
- 143.962: a jump should be added here to give a bit more structure to the next part where the melody runs a bit more (you did this at 150.580)
- 166.781: change this R to a L to get a good feel for the tom bouncing back and forth from high to low
- 168.056/174.260: better jump placement gives you the ability to maintain the mini-jacks for the 8-bit toms that you're following in this section
- 186.152: missing jump for snare
- 190.185: missing jump for snare
- 203.938: should be 16ths
- solo is quite uncomfortable due to a lack of focus in what the primary instrument is; however, the patterns are reasonably coordinated
- 221.206: this is where the quantize should be reset to 12ths minimally; however, if it were me, I'd do all of the individual time signature changes in this phrase: put a regular beat at 216.760 and quantize to 12ths for four beats (up to 218.001) at that tempo, quantize back to 16ths for 2.5 beats at that tempo (up to 219.035), then quantize to 12ths, resetting the sync at 221.206
- 223.068: as mentioned before, really dislike this structure
- chart could stand to use some structural work
- forget if I judged this or not but if I did, I most certainly did not have this many judgments to give and likely overcompensated then, so lower rating second time around - apologies!

[5/10] Black Lair {Sakuzyo} (DarkZtar)
- 14.900 to 21.300: if you're going to focus jumps for PR over freeform 16th triplets, your PR should be substantially better than this
- missing piano note at 17.000s
- the lack of jumps at 21.700, 22.500, (etc) seems a bit strange to me
- also you could add some differentiation at 22.500 using that bass as a neat little 1/6th jack or something
- 23.300: a jump missing here is necessary for pattern deviation, but it looks strange given that the guitar and the kick both run consistently through here
- 25.220: missing note for bass drum
- 30.900 to 40.500: overall, a quite underwhelming section -- structure is repetitive and mirrors the triplet-based construction earlier on, has generally weak pitch relevance, and actually fails to follow something that differentiates this section from others, which is a background but easily audible background piano; additionally, the grace notes in your chart that follow the guitar are questionable because there are a number of other notes with easily distinguishable pitch bends that could be used to more stylistically follow the guitar
- 42.400: jump is ambiguous -- what specifically does this follow?
- 43.150: ghost note
- 43.700 to 53.300: I did my best here to try and discern some sort of pitch relevancy both between jumps and within single notes that might be layered, and nothing seems to clearly coincide properly aside from the first instance -- this melody is quite simple and the pattern structure should be consistent and clear, but it's not; extraneous 16th notes aren't consistent with percussion and are arguably incorrect in a number of places
- 55.950: ghost note
- 69.300: with the snare roll here that you have, you could still have somewhat consistent PR by adding jumps to the melody (would be [34] [12] [34] [13]?); instead, it looks a bit empty and out of place for something that should be used as a intense transition into the next section
- 84.200: missing note
- 92.500: also seems like a missing note, although that's a bit tougher to hear
- 96.700: I can clearly hear the kick build up at this point; start the stream here
- 104.500 to 117.300: direct copy-paste from first chorus, that's just really lazy
- 123.200: missing jump for coinciding percussion + guitar
- structure clearly needs work, and the copy-paste certainly doesn't help at all; very obvious rhythmic issues and the layering isn't all that great

[7.5/10] Blood of Ganon {Virt} (hi19hi19)
- 17.123: missing step for hi-hat
- 19.835: the cymbal and the bass drum actually separate, so you could have a little stylistic split here if you choose -- the triple does enough for catching the more important crash accent, but just a thought
- 40.753: seems like there's a missing percussion hit here
- 60.321: love it
- 66.066/66.566: I personally think these crashes should get precedence for triples, I mean, they mask out every other instrument
- 70.691: what the
- 89.066: if the filling parts of the stream are for hi-hats, I feel like it's necessary to have that polyrhythm before the kicks, just my opinion though
- 105.564/(etc): no love for the lighter kicks?
- 108.820 to 130.821: really disappointed that you didn't go for the lower guitar here; there's some awesome high-speed shredding that you could have utilized for making an awesome and memorable section -- with regards to this section though, watch your attention to the guitar accenting: 121.951 is a portamento and not a clear note, making the triple look a bit off compared to the note at 122.201, which clearly sounds like a single, accented note; also, the note following the triple at 122.451 is noticeably more audible, so I'd remove that and make the next note a jump (two opposing jumps) - also, why is there not: a triple at 126.201, a jump at 126.576 (actually that omission could be ok), or a jump at 127.076?
- 134.826: given that jumps are for snares/piano, this jump is a bit out of place
- 183.462: missing note for hi-hat
- 183.974: ^
- 185.337/(etc): ^, are these intentionally missed?
- 216.379/(etc): jump seems misplaced; guitar plays 1/6 notes here? looking a bit further, it seems like these have some hybrid of following the lead for the start point and the lower-end to keep the jumps clean
- 247.021: separation between all 7 notes here sounds very even; likely 24ths
- 255.914: if the guitar is being followed at all (implicitly or explicitly), you're missing a note/jump
- 304.664: missing note for lower end guitar
- one thing that irritates me about this chart is the lack of rhythmic changes for time signatures, even though the chart does reset itself naturally
- structure is decent; song is a bit long but plays decently enough to not drag; some questionable elements but otherwise, chart plays well

[4.5/10] botu2 -Hyper Euro Arrange- {hito-ookami} (Reshiram)
- 11.412 to 14.206: no idea what's going on here; if it's a syncopation, it's poorly constructed
- 17.000 to 28.177: highly uncoordinated patterning that could stand to have more relevance, even implicit relevance would be ok for a synth line that is composed of gated, single notes
- 28.177 all the way to 84.060 could stand to have better pitch relevance in the synth accenting
- 38.480: missing set of 32nds for end of percussive phrase here
- starting at 39.440: various extra and missing steps presumably for the synth; comb through this area up to at least 53s, if not further
- 66.422: see 38.480
- 70.089: why is there an interruption for this particular repetition? the first one was logical given the cymbal interruptions, but this one isn't quite as justifiable
- 109.906: these grace notes aren't really appropriate
- 112.351/113.748: should be 24ths
- 118.288 to 128.766: 16ths are arbitrary and don't completely follow that background synth
- 125.623: move jump up 1/16th
- in the last third of the file, jumps are pretty heavily used for accents that are difficult to hear, which makes it feel a bit overlayered than it should be
- the file never really seems to pick a direction to take; the intro is really light and follows almost nothing, but the mid/ending is heavy and substantially tougher than other points; file lacks real relevance and often misses opportunities to add substantial accents that make the song feel different

[6/10] C'est La Vie v2 {Protest the Hero} (samurai7694)
- 16.265: what the triples correspond to is a little unclear here; what's the strong accent? if it's the lower-end power guitar, move the triple at 17.239 up 1/16 of a note
- 23.086: ^
- 17.826/(etc): questionable mini-jacks; yes, the guitar chugs make this appropriate, but there is some sequence of melody on the upper guitar
- 38.872: can't quite hear this
- 48.134: missing step if your mini-jacks are for percussion
- 50.839: accidental mini-jack collision
- 56.045: repeating phrase here is xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx (you have: x-xxxxx-x-xxxxx)
- 104.011 to 115.209: gross; it's reasonably correct with regards to structure, but it is beyond uncomfortable to play through
- 120.014: interesting color switch, but feels off given that 128.615 is a different instrument playing a different musical phrase
- 176.317: missing step for kick
- 189.318: same situation as 104.011; thankfully, it's noticeably slower
- file has decent PR overall, structure feels solid on an objective level, but those two sections really kill the playability marks given how much of a spike it is in difficulty compared to the rest of the file

[5.5/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER Project} (rCaliberGX)
- intro seems a bit underwhelming accounting for only parts of the violin melody
- PR could be largely improved throughout the entire file
- 36.256 to 41.056: something is very wrong here with your rhythms
- 72.598: jump?
- 76.456: with these two jumps being here, your entire layering structure for this section looks strange because bass drums were omitted, and these two jumps don't quite coincide with the same percussion sample
- 81.684: this also does not help the cause of the bass drums being inconsistently accented, even if it is reasonably strong accent into the next section
- 82.370 to 87.856: triples on 4ths doesn't work well when adding jumps on 8ths for the piano, because the percussion sequence is not consistent at all -- you could be easily adding a number of jumps for samples
- 92.656: changes to 12ths for a brief moment
- chart has a respectable structure, but more attention to detail needs to be paid for a song that has a number of areas that can be focused on

[6.5/10] Devilz Sacrifice -Shokuzai no Hitsuji- {OSTER project} (bmah)
- 25.681 to 33.909: rethink patterning here - PR is poor on the jumps, patterning is very roll heavy, and doesn't distinguish the change between scales and alternating notes; if the scaling becomes too redundant, break away from your pattern used initially for the scales and deviate a bit
- 42.138/42.824: a number of missing piano notes here (I assume you follow them because of 40.766/40.852)
- 56.881: should be 32nds at the tip of this here
- 58.195: not quite 12ths here, listen closely
- 73.766: sounds like there's a missing note for the organ here
- 73.852/74.538: would love some accent here for that high-pitch synth; Caliber did that in his chart and it looked great despite some breaks on cohesion in that patterning with a 4th and 192nd being separated *shrug*
- 84.138/(86.881): why is the down (left) arrow broken here? the lower end string doesn't change notes -- does this happen as a by-product of PR adjustment for the synth melody?
- 89.195: remove jump, the piano only plays a single note
- 92.024: changes to 12ths for a brief moment
- 92.709: patterning doesn't work well because there is a repeating sequence of three jumps that constrains your pattern and forces you to arbitrarily roll backwards as opposed to properly accenting the 4-note scales
- 99.181: move this 32nd to the 48th right before the jump for more accuracy to that sound effect
- 100.681: hi-hat disappears, so this is a ghost note
- stronger than the other chart, but still needs some work as patterning is quite stale in a number of areas

[4.5/10] Disregard {The Berzerker} (XelNya)
- 15.767: this note and the note immediately following don't follow anything, as the snare terminates on the 4th note
- this file really doesn't have any redeeming qualities; yes, the streams have to happen, but there is certainly more that you can do than just arbitrary jump + tap + jump + tap 8th notes outside of that -- there are some rides and hi-hats that can be followed to actually separate your file from Tear's infamous file
- stream patterns are ok at best; some patterns are very jarring
- 63.559/63.659: ghost notes
- 66.658: ^
- 79.006: missing note; this is where the percussion ends so it's an important note to have
- chart isn't well structured outside of the stream sections; there are elements that can be used to separate your chart from the well known chart and they just aren't used -- as such, the chart feels very unoriginal

[5/10] Fighting of the Spirit {S.S.H.} (Reshiram)
- previous notes (unfixed in red/partially fixed in orange)
- not really a fan of how the grace notes are executed as a whole; many of them are technically incorrect rhythmically as the pitch bends are a bit longer than represented in the chart
- 16.410: that quad really has no purpose, honestly
- 30.091: canít quite hear what this goes to
- 45.178 to 50.181: poor jump usage + missing hi-hat accenting, yet 50.025 produces a 32nd note burst for some reason (note: itís ghosted) (there are still missing hi-hat notes)
- 59.328: while I do agree with catching the synthís pitch bend, you have a little too much here in my opinion Ė a more appropriate starting point would be 59.406 for me
- 60.031: remove triple as thereís no crash here; also allows for you to accent the missing snare at 60.109
- 66.591: missing a few notes to color here, technically 66.754 and 67.067 should be colored too
- 70.194: you might as well be doing a trill into a quad here
- 87.157: rhythm for lower guitar changes here
- 106.304: see 66.591, apply times accordingly
- 119.600/129.606: polyrhythms are incorrect here
- 158.061: layering very suddenly changes from synth accenting to percussion accenting for no reason
- 170.256: see 70.194
- 179.324: 16ths (this was fixed, but now where 12ths should be at 179.012, 16ths exist)
- 186.204: see 66.591, apply times accordingly
- 199.650/209.656: see 119.600
- 218.880: why are 16ths accented for percussion here but not earlier in the phrase?
- 244.052: should be 16ths
- structure of the file really doesnít sit well with me being that it very often discards percussion and uses less prominent instrumentation for adding layering; additionally, the choice in color usage seems overdone and there are various misrhythms as well
in addition to changes to notes from previous run:

- 25.166: missing percussion notes up to 25.478
- 34.312: missing note for kick drum
- 66.676: missing note for lead guitar
- 77.151: missing note for lower end guitar (the rhythm actually changes here)
- 79.340: missing note for lower end guitar; jeez, sorry for missing some of these the first time
- 80.122: missing note for snare
- 89.581: a bunch of missing notes for percussion here?
- 107.092: missing notes for guitar?
- 108.733: missing note for lower guitar
- 110.766/110.844/115.769/(etc): missing notes for percussion (the rest of this section seems to rely on it), run through this whole section...
- 134.844: missing note for lower-end guitar, run through rest of the song and fix this as there are many instances
- guitar solo could use some patterning improvement for relevance; there can still be fluency while having a loosely pitch relevant structure
- 150.869: remove note here, you omit this note at 153.371 and the coinciding (or lack thereof) instruments are still the same
- 153.840: if you're going to follow the percussion for a moment while the guitar comes back, this kick should be added as it will give you continuity on the left arrow's repetition
- 154.622: ^, etc
- 158.218: arbitrary jump placement
- honestly, more of the same errors overall; there are now a ton of missing notes in percussion, lower guitar, and melodic guitar
- structure looks ok at a glance, but detailed examination shows a number of problems to be resolved

[2.5/10] Johnny's Revenge {Crown The Empire} (blindreper1179)
- 2.719 to 17.327: this structure can be considerably improved; having all jumps on 8ths just seems arbitrary given that some of the snares fall on 16ths and are represented by single taps -- it's hard to assume that the jumps are to whatever the melodic element is in the background (can't quite tell what instrument it is) because the jumps seem randomly placed
- 17.327/17.849: instead of 24ths, do x-xxx-x- | x-xxx-x- | (flam)
- 22.545: not only is this structure of chords completely unnecessary, it's also incorrect in terms of rhythm (should be 12ths)
- 24.371: should be 24ths
- 27.762/28.284/28.806: should also be 24ths
- 30.110: ghost note, shift down a 16th
- 31.936: if you're going to go this aggressive with guitar + kick, you need to fix the previous and upcoming sections too, as the instruments coincide but jumps aren't always used (honestly, you shouldn't go that route, because the jumps look really bad aesthetically)
- 36.110: correct rhythm: xxx-x-xxxxxxxxx (32nds)
- 37.153: should be 24ths
- 42.501: why is this jump missing (you also have a missing tap at 43.284)
- 44.458: should be 32nds
- 49.675 to 67.414: lyrics inconsistently followed; jumps and triples aren't used properly, and there are jacks placed incorrectly -- also, to give this section some differentiation in intensity, doubling the BPM might be a good idea up to 58.023, where the snare speed tones down again
- 80.980: a number of jumps are incorrectly placed in this part of the phrase
- 83.067: don't miss the chance to add some deviation from your patterning in a rock song, in many cases (and this one is no different) you will be fighting a somewhat repetitive structure, and here you have a processed, stuttering vocal that can add an interesting shift in intensity and difficulty - just be careful how you accent it
- 91.414: what does anchoring the right arrow do that the jumps don't? you likely can't answer that because you're double-accenting the guitar with jumps and jacks, which is boosting your difficulty substantially for this section and also making it rather uncomfortable
- 94.023: should be 24ths
- 98.197: more 24ths
- 105.893: missing note for guitar
- 107.067: some of these notes don't exist in the percussion
- 109.414 to 126.892: direct copy-paste from first iteration of the chorus
- 134.197: should be 24ths
- 135.240 to 139.414: copy-paste sans jacks
- 146.718: misrhythms, etc
- 212.979 to 238.023: with the exception of the 32nd drum fill, this is entirely copy/paste; if you're not going to take the time to try and differentiate your patterning in a long song like this, I'm not going to take the time to judge any issues that might exist as a result from copying erroneous sections
- file has substantial structure issues, poor layering, a number of misrhythms, and uses copy/paste multiple times which is likely a clear sign that this song's length should be reduced before considering for FFR

[6/10] Kicks for breakfast and Snares for lunch {cheztheguy} (Lambdadelta)
- interesting song
- for the most part, chart rhythms are pretty sound -- I'd consider removing taps like 16.531, 19.198, 20.531, (etc)
- 17.239/19.906/21.239/31.906/(etc): go to the 4th jump and add two 24th notes before them to have proper rhythms
- 27.864/29.198/(etc): for the second half of these rolls, switch them to spins/inverted spins (do 12341243, or 12342134) to give that extra bit of accenting differentiation
- 35.948/35.989: see how you feel removing these two notes; they are barely audible at normal rate
- despite being rather atonal and not having a melody, this particular sequence of percussion is somewhat interesting to listen to and makes for an alright chart overall
- not too bad, but because the song is short, you've really gotta nail it

[PASS/10] Super Mario Main Theme {S.S.H.} (hi19hi19)
- made a chart for this in 2010 that resides on the DF engine, and even though it's that old, I strongly feel like it's aged reasonably well
- with that being said, your chart is certainly not bad by any means, but I am afraid that I will start being nitpicky over things that are highly subjective, so I'm gonna pass this along to someone else

[7.5/10] Title (Double Dragon) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
- 26.761: given that the first sequence for the piano was 323, this should likely be shifted to 424 to correlate with earlier structure
- 40.094: if you switch this jump to a [14], you could get proper PR and have three overlapping right arrows to follow the percussion while having proper rhythm on the 24ths, just a thought
- 56.094/57.427/58.719: same as 26.761, add some continuity in patterning for pitch
- 123.927: eek
- 181.344: missing note
- file has a solid structure overall and rhythms are great - pitch relevant is prevalent and well executed; however - comb through the file and ensure you catch all of the desired percussion: the last third or so felt like there was some inconsistently omitted blips of percussion
- fun; higher level players might get a kick out of this

[5.5/10] TRIGGER HAPPY {P*Light} (___________)
- 7.580: change this jump so that there's a down arrow, that way you fully capture the vocal processing
- 8.067: patterns could be coordinated a bit better so that there is separation between the 8ths following the melody and whatever else is around, as the four arrow up jack here seems a bit out of place and also seems to imply that there is something important to be followed on all of those notes (this happens a bit more)
- 9.931/10.094: no jumps for bass drum here?
- 10.823: the 24th before this is a bit early; it should be 3/64th away rather than 1/24th
- 11.796 to 31.256: filling in the 8ths for pace (or for hi-hats maybe) is all fine and well, but that mixed with the main melody makes it seem like the chart has a number of extra notes, especially given that the melody does have some connected 16th note sequences that are a few notes long
- 28.499: mini-jack? it sounds like a single note on the 8th
- 28.904: should be mini-jack for melodic repetition
- 30.364: missing note for melody
- 40.337: sounds like 16ths only
- 42.364: remove note?
- 44.634: missing note for second syllable of "crazy"
- 45.364: bass drum causes increase in layering with vocals earlier, but isn't represented in the same musical phrase?
- 48.283: what do these first few notes go to? I hear the separation in the bass a bit further down, but not here
- 49.418/52.013: these 24ths are questionable not because of what they follow, but because how they follow the instrument -- it's pretty difficult to comprehend how that patterning works at a normal rate because it's implicit pitch relevance
- 61.094 to 71.475: pitch relevance could use some slight tweaking (64.838, 70.027)
- 71.475 to 80.556: jumps could be placed a bit better so that there's consistent correspondence to snares and kicks
- 76.502: move to left arrow for vocals
- 81.853 to 84.448: this is really good
- 85.097: missing jump?
- 87.043 to 94.827: bits and pieces of copy-paste from the previous iteration (most noticeable around 92.881)
- 100.989: more copy paste from first time this section happens -- yes, it's relatively brief but the fact that it's noticeable means that it needs to be changed
- as a whole, pattern placement seems to have a lot of 8th note repeated taps that aren't always clear as to what is being followed; in some cases, the repeated taps correspond to repetition in the melody or percussion, but other times, it's not clear
- structure is not bad, but could stand to improve a bit; rhythms are mostly correct

[6.5/10] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
- 12.618: given 13.868, 14.868, and 15.868, one could argue that this 16th should be a jump as well
- 21.618: missing jump?
- 25.784/35.118/35.784: missing piano notes
- 66.034 to 76.701: this section is so confusing -- I had a lot of trouble following it; if the 12ths are for the string that is playing constantly from start to finish, why are they missing at the start of the phrase?
- 76.784/76.951/77.118/79.451/79.618/(etc): missing notes for piano
- 77.284: missing jump
- 79.784: missing note for violin
- 86.951: missing jump
- 93.618: what's this jump for?
- 95.868/96.284/101.118/101.784: missing notes for piano
- jump placement gets a little heavy at times for following two different things with equal predence (referring to percussion + string instrument)
- various missing notes for piano, although in defense, are somewhat tough to hear
- the syncopation is alright, but with how convoluted parts of the song get, particularly from 66 to 76 seconds, you might as well do a more aggressive structure that prevents messes of polyrhythms/strange patterning


=== JUDGE: bmah ===

[8/10] [Resubmission] Maelstrom {Tut Tut Child} (Xiz)
- 46.72s,50.86s: ghost arrows
- 75.04s,95.61s: missed jump
- 79.75s: doable, but does it have to be a hand (or at least not a [123])?
- Summary: Much cleaner now. I have very little complaints. Nice!

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped The Princess (Intro) {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
- bpm is far too slow, should be twice the speed
- 5.18s: offsync arrows to sound clip (plus extraneous down arrow)
- 9.59s: ghost arrow
- 11.71s,28.21s,56.76s: missing jump to drum kick
- 12.59s: missing arrow to hi-hat
- 21.24-21.68s,32.88-33.15s: try adding jumps to the emphasized drum kicks
- 39.59-49.47s: could add some jumps to the louder drum kicks on the 8ths, but I see why you might want to preserve the current pattern for PR reasons. Optional.
- Summary: Short song and is relatively clean. Cool.

[8.5/10] Across The Ocean {Zircon} (DarkZtar)
- intro has some very sensible layering generalizations; however, I felt that it would be still nice to add in the main drum beat (or at least the claps every other beat) at 9.39s. Hands can help emphasize the chords if you feel that other jumps would muddle its emphasis. The difficulty of the file is enough to warrant it. Optional.
- 19.89s: missed (single arrow) drum
- 23.93s,118.08s: missed jump to chord. Optional.
- 39.85s: missed jump to melody
- 49.54s,143.70s: would be way cooler IMO if you stepped the ascending 24ths
- 64.78s: 24ths start right away, don't hesitate
- 73.78-79.31s: not sure what the 16ths follow. Really soft drums? The sounds are definitely negligible to acknowledge.
- 101.47s: jump from layering
- 103.35s: why the colored right arrow? The sweep starts prior to the 16th (not after it), but it's better to leave it out altogether.
- 111.28-111.74s: check the jumps again; they don't follow the louder drums properly
- Summary: Really cool song that flows well too. Minor issues. Great job.

[4/10] Any Way You Want It {Rise Against} (VisD)
- the song starts on the wrong beat, and is offsync by an 8th the entire time
- arrow sync is a bit late
- the file focuses far too much on the instrumentals, and the issue is very glaring at all of the choruses (e.g. 36.03s). The lyrics are largely ignored, and to have this continue throughout the whole song (which repeats several times) drags the file a lot.
- 8.06s,etc.: many of the 32nd drum gallops are questionable, even though I know what you're trying to get at
- 92.20-93.99s: check the sync and stepping of the guitar solo
- 114.63s: the guitar solo is now added into the main chorus, but again, you just stick with the same instrumentals as all the other chorus sections.
- Summary: Offbeat file (both the arrow sync and the arrow notation) and a pretty bland chart for a repetitive song.

[8/10] Anything {An Endless Sporadic} (ilikexd)
- 9.75s: 32nd unnecessary IMO
- 13.91s: could use different pitch placement
- 17.48s: the jump placements confused me at first because it was pretty low-key before it became more prominent. I'd suggest getting to that part later and instead put jumps to the very emphasized 4th note drum kicks (this section will appear again at 56.28s anyways, so doing this will also reduce repetition of a whole section).
- 27.22s,66.44s: jump on the 4th, but not on the following 8th
- 37.88s: why is this not synced to the 4th beat?
- 107.31s: step to small guitar strum going into the next section
- 116.03s: you could step the alternative guitar strums here. Optional.
- 119.12-128.05s: you could also step the wood block that occasionally appears. Optional.
- 227.70s,etc.: it'd be fun if you step the "woo" synths in a few places like this
- Summary: A rollercoaster ride of a file. Seems messy to sync, but you did it pretty well. Minor issues at most.

[8/10] Cloud Nine {Grant Bowtie} (Deidara837)
- 7.84s,etc.: 8th jump to the melody on the start of the 24th burst. Also, even though the bursts here are faster than 24ths, this is an acceptable generalization.
- 9.34s,12.34s,etc.: ghost 8ths
- 12.90-14.02s: layering inconsistency. Most of the time, your jumps are going to the main melody, but here the melody takes a backseat and some of the jumps seem to be going to the percussions. I don't mind either choices; just decide upon one.
- 20.40s,26.40s,29.40s: inconsistency - add jumps
- 36.90s,38.40s,etc.: should be jumps according to the synth melody, but perhaps not all the time (doing so would make the chart too dense overall). You can certainly use this later on as a progressive element to climax theory. Optional.
- 48.71-60.15s: I don't mind the patterns as is, but they may feel and look more appealing if there's a bit more symmetry to them, in respect to the repetitive ascending scales of the synth. Not necessarily have the patterns remain the same all the time, but more symmetry/order.
- 76.95s: what does this colored arrow go to?
- 83.77s,107.77s: it's presumed there's a note that'd fill in this gap, though its pitch makes it difficult to hear. I'd personally complete the gap - can't see the musician actually skipping a 4th note in a single sweep effect.
- 84.40s: 48th burst starts two arrows earlier. Considering it's a single isolated burst, shouldn't be hard to implement reasonably well.
- Summary: Wow, really fun file you've got there. Check out some of my pointers. Also, this could be FFR's first song of the future bass genre!

[5.5/10] FrainBreeze {Pegboard Nerds} (MarioNintendo)
- 6.22s: should be down arrow according to your PR (and an up arrow at 8.99s)
- 15.57s,20.01s,etc.: jump to melody should be on the 4th note. This happens a lot.
- 16.68s,etc.: off sync. Guitar strums begin a bit earlier. Also, there are no gaps in the melody. Even though the strums may not be exactly on the 24ths, this could add some interest to a file that is largely 24ths and craves a bit more variety.
- 18.99s,21.49s,29.83s,etc.: jump to melody. Since some of the single swing arrows are on the emphhasized kicks, I presume you're trying to step jumps to the main melody and not the percussions. You seem to waver inconsistently between these two ideas, instead of one or the other or both simultaneously.
- 35.01-37.88s: I hear what you're stepping, but most of the 24ths here are far too soft for stepping in contrast to the upcoming 24th drums.
- 52.33s,70.10s,etc.: jump to emphasized percussions
- 79.83s,88.72s,etc.: I'd say the 8ths in these sections can now be jumps because it's part of a dominant melody.
- Summary: Still needs some work, especially for those off-sync guitar strums and general inconsistencies over the whole song. You do have a noticeable progression of difficulty though, which is much needed for swing songs that often lack variety, so this can work out if you fix a few more things.

[8.5/10] Fu Kyowa Asutoraru Kai {LeaF} (ilikexd)
- 10.91-12.76s: notational inconsistency - why are the first two set of bursts 32nds, while the other two sets are 48ths? Considering that the bpm is dynamic, they should be ideally all one or the other.
- 33.79s,34.04s,39.89s,128.00s: missing swing note
- 63.81s: notational inconsistency
- 72.84-73.31s: staircases are really gay at this speed and will cause framer issues at the turns, despite the assumption that you hit this like a [14][23] jumptrill
- Summary: Excellent file with outstanding PR and a ton of variety. I just really don't like that fast staircase-jump combination at 72.84s.

[5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
- 2.08s: weird, offsync burst. Also, the left 16th is a ghost arrow.
- 6.08s: if you must use a grace note, it comes before the 4th, not after it
- 17.38-36.79s: I hardly understand what these colored arrows are supposed to emphasize. Regardless, the amount of colored arrows is quite overdone. Secondly, the remaining arrows in this section are mainly synced to 4th arrows, but the music certainly has a different sort of rhythm going on. Sync to the proper musical notation. Putting everything on 4th arrows is a misrepresentation of the music.
- 44.28-44.68s: the colored arrows just preceding this section were stepped fairly tastefully as their emphasis were pretty clear and also weren't entirely invading the rest of the arrows. These three jumps here though are pretty low key, so I'd use more discretion and avoid putting these as colored arrows.
- 48.66s,77.22s: notational inconsistencies
- 51.33s,56.18s,61.03s,120.16s,121.18s,etc.: You have a ton of hands and quads that just don't seem very justified. The emphasis on most of these are not any more than other sections with simple jumps. If you're doing this to add variety, then I suggest you tone down the entire file's difficulty and cater to something a bit simpler.
- Summary: I would say that this file is an example of where the magic of DDReam syncing is actually more hurtful than helpful. So keep a few things in mind if you plan to fix this file: 1) sync to the music's proper notation, 2) use colored arrows with discretion, and 3) make the whole file a bit more simple to reduce the need for artificial variety such as hands and quads. The song is very nice and it'd be cool to have more genres like this in the game, so keep working on it!

[5/10] King's Misfortune {Clonepa} (woker-X)
- 18.24s,19.58s,22.08s,119.58s,etc.: a lot of small patterns here could use better PR
- 24.08-26.25s: I know you want to distinguish this section from the incoming percussions right after, but you can't really fool people's ears on this by just adding the 4ths. It's pretty distinct, so add the 8th jumps too. Perhaps distinguish the percussions using different arrow patterns.
- 35.77s: sounds like the emphasis is on the following 8th
- 36.77-37.77s: jumps on emphasized bass drum?
- 43.90s,44.40s: some 32nds missing to percussions
- 47.83s: 24th generalization is ok, but it lasts one 24th too long
- 55.44-60.77s: completely offsync as balls
- 68.69s: ghost 16th
- 71.18-72.70s,76.01s: I guess these colored arrows are supposed to go to the buzzes, but they're pretty offsync
- 88.77-89.77s: missing some interesting percussions going on
- 113.82-113.88s: don't need these 24ths
- 135.46-137.80s: all of these should be jumps
- probably don't need that very last placeholder arrow
- file becomes noticeably late, especially towards the end
- Summary: Offsync arrows are probably one of the most glaring errors littered throughout this file, along with some questionable PR. The file itself doesn't seem all too interesting, but I believe this is an issue with the actual song.

[7/10] Kirlian Shores {The Flashbulb} (James May)
- 0.00-18.07s,73.21-91.21s,109.78-118.64s: could use better PR in some areas, it's fairly noticeable
- 27.07s: ghost arrow
- 56.64s: considering how non-jacky your file is overall, these right arrow jacks feel a bit out of place
- 63.96s: there is still a good amount of distinguishment between individual sounds for this burst, so it feels better to complete the burst. For anything fuzzier than this, ignore a detailed burst pattern, as you've already done.
- 71.14s: missing 32nd. Check the nook and crannies for other isolated sounds you may have missed; this is an admittedly messy song rhythm-wise.
- 102.83s: ghost 24th
- 112.10s,etc.: grace arrows seem a bit random or unnoticeable here
- 148.18s: arrows a bit offsync here
- Summary: Not a bad file, but to me definitely preferable to the harder file in-game. Fix the PR a bit in a few places, and tighten up the sync overall...sometimes I see 64th swing while other times it's 24ths. It seems almost semi-arbitrary. The playability of the file though is pretty decent, however.

[8/10] La Fuite Des Jours - Piano Solo {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
- 9.22s: difficulty spike for sure, but unfortunately I can't really see much of a way out of it. Any other pattern would entirely defy the sound of an obvious piano trill. I know not everyone will like it, but I'm fine with it.
- 34.57s: ghost arrow
- 44.87s,94.90s: jump to piano chord
- 72.77s: a few more repeated 12th notes before the roll
- 76.38-80.28s,113.57s,etc.: maybe hands on the 4ths?
- Summary: A tastefully stepped piano file. I have very little to mention. Nice!

[7.5/10] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (XelNya)
- 5.67s,35.95s,70.86s,84.22s,etc.: take advantage of the synth chords (you do in some cases, such as 79.58s)
- 11.40s,16.17s,81.22s,90.22s,94.31s: missing synth note or jump
- 21.63s: why is this a hand?
- 27.22s: not PR to synth jacks
- 34.58s: ghost arrow
- 38.54s,40.72s,etc.: why are these not minijacks as well?
- 85.22s,86.26s: where are the jumps?
- Summary: Small things related to inconsistencies in synth sounds. The song doesn't provide much variety, but the file is overall clean and decent to play.

[7*/10] Rainbow Road [Standard] {nanobii} (Reshiram)
- 43.96-45.02s: rolls don't really represent the pattern of the piano that well
- 55.07s: I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to add the 8th jump here, would it?
- 56.49s: 8th
- 58.07s,62.31s,etc.: missing jumps to layering. I'm pretty sure this was deliberate, but so far there isn't a whole lot differentiating this file from the one currently in-game.
- 71.84s: ghost jump
- it's better to step until the song fades out in this case, rather than leaving the last bit of the song empty and ending with a placeholder arrow.
- Summary: The score I gave is solely for the file itself. However, I feel there isn't enough to differentiate it from the easy file that's currently on FFR. If you still want to step this, try making it a harder difficulty. Even so, the song is structured pretty simply, so you won't get too much out of it.

[2/10] Science Party {The Consortium of Genius} (Coolgamer)
- this chart is stepped like it was made for pad-style playing, but making a very feeble attempt at crossing over into keyboard-style playing
- overall, the stepping is such that a lot more attention is needed for
1) more accurate syncing to the sounds and lyrics (e.g. the stepping at 13.06s follows the melody, but completely goes off at 14.65s; at 150.00s, the arrow is offsync from the actual lyrics)
2) stepping more fully while avoiding stepping to places where sounds don't exist (e.g. missing 2.29s, whereas no sounds exist at 6.53s)
3) representing the song more accurately in regards to pitch-relevancy (PR) (e.g. 2.82-3.53s has a descending pattern but the actual melody is ascending; 3.53-4.06s doesn't represent the repeated sound of guitar strumming at all)
4) layering multiple sounds at once (e.g. at 7.06s, the bass drums on the 4th beat kick in, but the stepping remains the same as before)
5) ironing out general inconsistencies (e.g. 5.65-6.35s has jumps that follow the "go go go" lyrics, but the preceding jump at 5.29s goes to absolutely nothing; 11.29s the 16th drumrolls are stepped, but they were very audible earlier and still continue after your current pattern is finished)
6) increasing pattern variety
- at least the song is synced to the right offset
- Summary: You'll have to re-evaluate your stepping methods. Feel free to ask around if you need any assistance.

[PASS] Steel Machines {Look Left} (Xtreme2252)
- I feel that I cannot sufficiently review this file.

[5.5/10] Till It's Over (Cut) {Tristam} (XelNya)
- 0.41-0.95s,9.14-9.68s,etc.: some gallops could use better PR
- also, the intro could be more interesting if you utilize the occasional chords
- 17.59s: shouldn't be a jump according to your layering scheme
- 26.32s,etc.: I feel that the patterns of the 16th streams are haphazardly random, and should at least make an attempt to still follow the general pitch of the running synth melody
- 36.00s,37.09s,43.77s,48.14s,etc.: these have the exact same sound qualities as the jumps, with exception to its length - should not be hands. Possible exceptions being 46.91s,49.23s.
- 42.14-42.68s: don't hear these at all
- 46.50s: you have to be careful here...the 4th is actually a single arrow, and the following 16th is the chord, not the other way around
- 50.32s: forgot the 4th
- 52.50s: sounds exactly the same in intensity as the following jumps - not a quad
- 53.32-67.50s: pretty unintuitive stepping here. Not only do we only have [12] or [34] jumps that repeat over and over, you've missed an opportunity to also step something more interesting, such as the lyrics or chord synths.
- 69.95-86.32s: although technically correct, the patterning gets repetitive really fast
- 88.91s,93.27s: missed synth
- 88.50s,etc.: the hands are now pretty overdone IMO, not to mention that again, the patterns are becoming really repetitive.
- 111.41-113.04s,120.13-121.77s: I recommend differentiating the main bass drum with the kicks by putting jumps only when they play simultaneously
- 123.13s,123.95s: burst is late and lasts a bit too long
- Summary: Song doesn't offer too much to step, yet there are some areas where you can do more to make the chart more interesting. It is currently very repetitive.

[6.5/10] Winter Vale {Exias} (Silvuh)
- 35.90s: inconsistency - you can easily manipulate the pattern to make this 16th a jump
- 36.03-52.03s: the main melody is very lost in this section. You need to acknowledge it better and spare the skimpiness.
- 56.15-56.28s,57.15-57.28s,62.40s,etc.: ghost arrows in many places
- 76.03-91.03s: again, layering is too skimpy. It's usually a matter open to interpretation, but less so when you're compromising the clarity of the main melody, which is one of the most important elements in a song.
- Summary: Decent file with a carefully controlled difficulty, but when doing so, try not to sacrifice the appearance of the main melody in your stepping.

=== JUDGE: hi19hi19 ===

[6/10] [Resubmission] Maelstrom {Tut Tut Child} (Xiz)
- Steps begin at a rather arbitrary place, in the middle of a phrase
- Beginning layering has some errors, for example the bass melody changes at 28.103 but has no arrow
- 49.655, 55.172, etc. be careful this kind of one-handed anchor pattern, even at slow speeds, converts very difficult on FFR because of no chord cohesion (the ďTeh Tricky TechnoĒ effect)
- 65.550 just felt mediocreÖ not wrong but felt sloppy; a difficulty spike that doesnít have a really big justification to exist
- 79.535 is the only 3-note jack in the file. Itís not wrong, but itís pretty troll. Any reason the 32nd has to be a jump? No melody to layer for it so to me it makes more sense as a single, if you make that change then you can avoid long jack too
- Overall feels somewhat sloppy technically and a bit overlayered, but has a good feel, so itís definitely got promise.

[6/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped The Princess (Intro) {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
- Vocals sync at start is very far off
- 9.943 overlayered in that thereís no differentiation from the hands for crash cymbals vs these hands for idk what reason, climax-yness I guess? Could be okay for that effect, but feels very sloppy either way.
- 21.059 For drum fills like these, try more structure, for example PRing tom rolls and having snares always fall on a certain arrow or in a certain pattern. Feels more deliberate that way.
- 25.206 ghost note
- 26.882 why is this a minijack? Consistency issues with minijacks in this section.
- The runningman on down arrow gets old. Create logical variation in this part so it doesnít feel so copy/pasted and repetitive.
- 57.937 might be a fun place to use color theory, with how different the sound is from everything else
- Has a bunch of errors for such a short file. Work on consistency of structure. Not bad though, if cleaned up, it would be a fun addition to FFR.

[8.5/10] Across The Ocean {Zircon} (DarkZtar)
- 22.775 etc. These are pretty noticeably not 24ths. Did you try a 32nd split roll? Itís not bad as is but it doesnít feel quite right
- Missing white arrows 52.083, 56.929, 59.698, probably more. Check this. For the ones that come on a jump, you can either split the jump one colored one white arrow (use bpm fixing tricks) or just make the whole jump white, either is effective.
- 118.775 [13]1 to avoid one-handed jump transition (kinda a personal pet peeve on FFR)
- I really donít have many bad things to say about this other than itís a bit vanilla. Nice job overall though.

[5/10] Any Way You Want It {Rise Against} (VisD)
- 9.391 this BPM change is wrong (the quarter note is super late) which is making the sync on the drum wrong too
- 14.824 jump
- 34.248 your structure earlier is that these jumps lead into hands that share the same two arrows, yet this one only shares one arrow with the hand. Little structural inconsistencies like this add up.
- Similar structural inconsistencies with 8th jacks, for example 57.908 wasnít a continuous jack in above, but it is here. Pick one.
- 73.115 jump
- 89.487 this doesnít feel like a bend like I think you intended, instead it just plays like a ghost note. Should be removed.
- 92.782 sync on this needs work. You donít have to giga dicksync it but at the moment itís too far off to even feel good.
- Overall, a file this simple demands that much more attention to the details. Watch your consistency, watch your sync, and stick to logical structural patterns.

[9.5/10] Anything {An Endless Sporadic} (ilikexd)
- I was thinking of stepping this, guess itís a good thing I didnít
- 32.777 layering the snares in this section wouldnít kill you
- 77.609Ö well okay then! Not the first pattern that comes to mind but it works well
- 111.254 really weird to not layer this instrument, itís fairly prominent
- 208.294 get a job (sun) p.s. plays really well gj
- 266.403 I could play this part for like an hour straight without getting bored, really like it
- Good file BRO

[8/10] Cloud Nine {Grant Bowtie} (Deidara837)
- If youíre stepping the weird distorted vocal thing, thereís also a sound around 5.960
- 17.960 worth stepping the bend? Itís very noticeable, seems like 32nds but 24ths could work too.
- Percussion layering section felt nice, didnít notice anything hugely out of place
- JS parts were appropriate, nice job avoiding any bad anchor or 1-hand patterns
- Except 57.429 is a bit rough on the left hand, might want to balance the hands a bit better there. Really the only thing that stood out to me at all in these parts, overall the JS is very good
- 76.835 this didnít feel quite right but looking at it slowed down, it seems close enoughÖ
- 81.898 felt weird to have these both be [12] because they go to such different things
- 89.398 Kreygasm
- Man this file is cool. Make just a few more minor improvements and it will be a favorite for sure

[6/10] FrainBreeze {Pegboard Nerds} (MarioNintendo)
- Intro PR could be better lol itís kinda noticeable to me
- 16.864 bass does hit a note here
- 35.382 move to 2, should be lower PR than the red arrow before it
- 35.753 donít hear a hi-hat here, removing it helps with flow and lets you make the previous change then move the quarter note to 3 or 4 for even better PR, at least to me
- 43.067 melody here, not on 8th (also 51.956 etc)
- 50.012 hardly merits a minijack
- 50.567 this pattern is so hard, one-handed two frame jump transitions are so difficult on FFR. Also probably shouldnít be a minijack. Just feels so out of place compared to the much better justified minijacks to the saxophone-y sound
- 85.567 ???
- 87.790 !!! please no, all these jump transitions are so out of place
- 100.660 doesnít really seem like a stream kind of sound lol
- 101.308 missing bass here too
- 106.493 the tone changes, this feels really weird as a jack
Overall suffers from some seriously un-fun minijacks in the middle section, and some missing sounds and weird pattern choices. Not bad but needs some work.

[8.5/10] Fu Kyowa Asutoraru Kai {LeaF} (ilikexd)
- Fuck I have to review your goddamn LeaF shit again
- Nice piano dads
- Holy trollmania that color trill
- At least itís in the intro this time instead of at the very fucking end of the file *cough* so we can let it slide this time
- 56.720 okay letís ignore all the jack sounds exceptÖ this one (??? I donít get it, please change)
- 67.614 move to 4
- 72.837 my brain hemorrhaged just from looking at this on DDReam. Played it several times and itís really stupid, Iíd prefer if you change it. I know itís supposed to be climax-y but that 212 thing, no me gusta
- Split jumptrill is manageable but also a pretty noticeable difficulty spike compared to everything else, especially on FFR
- Overall minus on account of weird difficulty curve (read: minus a million for LeaF)
- Fileís really good outside those difficulty spikes

[5.5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
- The colors in the intro are all over the place but the sync is solid so weíre cool
- Some sounds like 8.338 and 9.849 omitted, not sure if intentionally or not. Fine either way
- 44.502 itís okay to make this PRíd, Iíd go with a [23] or something
- 51.328 the second tone goes lower so something like [124]34 or [134]23 is more appropriate, of course moving stuff around it so you donít get 16th jacks.
- 52.235 nothing to layer, donít think these should be jumps or a minijack, it seems like throughout the file youíve had the loud one on the 16th be a jump so in that case it should look like 57.083
- 60.432 drums ought to be stepped
- 63.747 missing grace note between this and the next 16th
- 66.619 not sure whatís up with this jack
- Layering in the next section is pretty wonky, needs a consistency check. Like why is 72.502 a jump and 71.299 notÖ I just donít follow it that well
- Anchor pattern section is interesting and the sync is good
- 101.908 this little part is so cool, I wouldnít have ever done it this way but now that I see it this way, I love it
- 127.434 just 16ths, or if you want to be more precise one 96th above the 16th, but on the 12th is definitely too early.
- 128.163 lazy! Step the violin ornaments properly like at 51.328
- 133.262 not hearing the polys here, seems like just 16ths
- Overall, I LOVE where this file is going. Great music, fun way to step it, shows a lot of a promise. Unfortunately, lots of little rhythmic and layering errors. Very ambitious structure to the file, but ambition needs to be tempered with precision, which this file still lacks a bit of. Check the file over again for rhythmic errors and especially layering consistency. Really hope this gets resubmission privileges, this is the kind of file the resubmission system is meant for. If it doesnít though, please donít give up on this file- itís got so much flavor itíd be a pity not to see it finished properly

[6/10] King's Misfortune {Clonepa} (woker-X)
- 18.242 these are three tones, any reason they are not PRíd as three?
- 22.075 these are two tones, but you have them PRíd as three rofl
- 30.606 seems a bit backwards, usually stuff thatís faster than 32nds gets made into minitrills, and stuff that actually is 32nds feels better as rolls.
- 47.773 the flam on this note is much faster than a 24th and overall this part feels kinda weird for the noise
- 50.023 ghost note. Or it kinda goes to an echo, but feels very weird to play at full speed.
- Why is this whole next section like a 24th late? If you want the color theory (which would make little sense because this sound wasnít color theoryíd before) you need to bpm fix it.
- 67.773 not hearing why the first arrow is normal colored then the color arrow is a 16th after. Seems like itís just one buzz and the color arrow should start on the quarter note
- 68.106 this one makes MUCH more sense, and in turn that makes the one above look even more wrong
- 68.689 very quiet sound, basically not noticeable, should be a jump on the 8th before instead.
- 71.106 this normal arrow into color theory arrow in the middle of the buzz setup just feels really feels weird.
- 77.172, 77.331 missing
- 82.522 change PR here to be 34; fits PR better and better transition from 32nds
- 88.767 missing a lot of stuff between these hands
- Color stuff is pretty chill, didnít check this section really closely for errors but overall, the file has a ton of potential but needs a bit of refinement. Hoping this gets resubmission privileges, I think it deserves them.

[7/10] Kirlian Shores {The Flashbulb} (James May)
- Not sure if the beginning is supposed to be PRíd or not, if it is, it could be much more structured, if it isnítÖ well it feels like you were trying to and didnít do it well so itís in that weird in-between area.
- 24.211 missing? Thereís a few tiny click sounds in the song like this that Iím not sure if they were intentionally ignored or not so I figured Iíd point it out
- 162.354 that one-handed pattern oof
- 189.687 this is pretty troll for right at the end of the file
- Okay overall, hereís my big deal with this file: the patterns are anchor-y. Not terribly so that it would get in the way of scoring, but the feel is weird as a result. Stuff like 97.211 just feels really awkward on FFR and it would be simple to spread it more evenly across the fingers and achieve a better feel. This is not the kind of thing I can really point out a few individual cases, like I did above, but itís also more of an overall feel issue that definitely comes across when playing it on FFR.
- Another problemÖ we already have a file for this song in FFR. This file plays rather similarly to it minus the retarded rollwalls. Iím a big fan of v2s, especially for files with stupid difficulty spikes, so I would be glad to see another interpretation of this classic song in FFR, but the other judges might disagree.
- Overall, itís really hard for me to explain, but the file is extremely anchor-y despite not having very few obvious anchors that I can point at and be like, ďthis is too stupid for FFR.Ē Iíd appreciate if you work on the flow a bit, but the technical aspect seems pretty sound.

[7.5/10] La Fuite Des Jours - Piano Solo {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
- Trill at the start is literally the whole file in terms of difficulty, since itís at the start itís not completely stupid but consider say, a split roll instead, or quantizing the arrows a bit more, or even moving it to a 3232 trill which is easier to see the frame gaps in, because that thing is STUPID hard to PA
- 48.868, especially 49.317, the bass is so prominent as to be a secondary melody, it was kinda jarring to me to not have it layered.
- The bass in that whole section including after the color burst/trill really begs to be stepped. Especially with how hard the color sections are, layering more in any of the other parts isnít going to affect the difficulty at all, so you might as well have it flow nicely, which to me means acknowledging that secondary melody.
- 73.139 missing bass arrow in here somewhere
- 75.316 layer the loud bass notes as hands? This part actually feels a bit underlayered, especially the quarter notes afterwards.
- 143.508 felt missing, again the loud bass
- 145.162 Texas-sized down anchor. Not a huge issue since itís slow but since it doesnít go to anything in particular, might want to break it up
- Good file kinda marred by difficulty spikes. Not unplayable as a result, far from it, but it loses its identity as an overall chill fun piano file and just becomes ďthat piano trill fileĒ as a result, which is less desirable.
- Definitely a solid accept-worthy file but Iíd like to see you play around with the difficulty spikes, and also pay more attention to the bass in the other parts to try to even out the difficulty curve a little.

[PASS/10] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (XelNya)
- Struggling to articulate why I think this file is not that great so Iíd prefer to pass it and let someone who can explain it better do so.

[5.5/10] Rainbow Road [Standard] {nanobii} (Reshiram)
- 19.604 move to 4 to match the previous tone on that arrow
- 22.339 actually falls on the 12th after it
- 43.957 would prefer a pattern here that indicates the sound does more than just go up. For example a 42134213 spin?
- 54.810 rip in pepperonis difficulty spike, consider breaking this up like you did in the first 16th stream
- 56.486 why not step the tom?
- 71.839 I hear the cymbal echo here and on the next hand but it doesnít seem worth stepping to me compared to just the two hands with stops in between to match the music being cut short. Also the existing pattern is much harder to hit than it looks
- Weird fadeout but it works.
- Overall feels a bit forced. Like it wants to be a file thatís 170 bpm streams/trills in difficulty, and also a file that wants to be 170bpm quarter notes in difficulty, and instead you wind up with a file that doesnít really appeal to either because itís too boring in places for people who can do the hard parts, and too hard in places for people who find the easy parts appropriate. It just has very big structural issues overall sadly.

[4.5/10] Science Party {The Consortium of Genius} (Coolgamer)
- Sync is rather early, gap should be 0.029
- Layering is unclear. For example why are you only stepping the snares at 11.294 and ending the snare run kinda arbitrarily?
- Another example, the arrows seem to go to the rock organ sound at 13.059 but then you just stop following that sound at 14.647 or 16.235. It makes no sense.
- The entire file has these layering and consistency errors. Stuff like difficulty curve is great and itís honestly really quite fun, which is definitely a really strong quality of the file, but thereís just no sense in what is being stepped when. Needs much clearer layering.

[3/10] Steel Machines {Look Left} (Xtreme2252)
- Sync is a bit early throughout most of the file, try a 19.946 gap
- Oh by the way, 19 second introÖ yikes that needs a cut
- 8ths in the intro could benefit from better PR
- Itís okay to approximate vocal sync with quantized arrows like this, but you need to at least have one arrow for every syllable. Youíre missing an arrow to the ďrunĒ part of ďrunningĒ around 32.571
- 37.196 not sure why this is a jumpÖ for example at 25.196 the same instruments are playing and itís not a jump
- 77.884 whoa, such a quiet sound for such a wall of arrows. Maybe just the louder strummed chords as jumps.
- 80.509 this is a very tastefully done drum fill. Nice work.
- Honestly I could spend like an hour listing issues with this file but it has huge sync and consistency issues. Iíd suggest putting this on a shelf for a while and practicing stepping music that isnít performed live, to get rid of the sync concern and let you really practice getting good patterns and logical arrangement in your file. Then when youíre comfortable with that, come back to this song- FFR needs more music of this type, for sure.

[3.5/10] Till It's Over (Cut) {Tristam} (XelNya)
- The beginning patternsÖ not sure what youíre doing here. If this is an attempt at PR it doesnít feel PRíd at all. Lots and lots of errors. For example, 10.227 and 10.636 are the same tone and that would let 10.636 be a 1234 pattern avoiding the error of having it go down at the end- thatís just one of a lot of things that need to be improved in this part if the goal was to have it feel PRíd. If you were going for something other than PR then the structure is not obvious at all.
- 17.590 why is this a jump then none of the other instances of this sound a jump
- 35.726 [12] jump leading into [12] jump in the hand feels like incorrect PR (because it is) watch for little inconsistencies like this.
- 53.044 section is just boring as hell, thereís so many interesting things you can do with the music here and what was chosen is quite boring, not even that interesting for scoring because itís all cohesive jumps.
- 61.226 is an even worse version of the above offense because now thereís not even a varied rhythm
- 71.726 vs 73.907 is really weird from a PR perspective
- Starting from here the file gets very repetitive (read: is boring) so donít be afraid to create variation provided you give it some identifiable and logical structure.
- 101.452 should be 3-note jack, not leading into the hand
- 122.316 these rolls all roll upwards not down, and the sound seems to start before the beat for the second and third ones. Check this closer
- Overall, it has a few technical errors but not enough to be completely terrible, what hurts it most though is that it needs way more variation to have a shot in FFR.

[7/10] Winter Vale {Exias} (Silvuh)
- Nice intro PR.
- This is picky as hell, but by your structure 28.526 shouldnít be a [13] because it shouldnít repeat the previous set of jumps.
- Piano melody gets a bit lost in the layering but it feels fine and itís not technically wrong so, itís okay.
- Considering the difficulty of the latter half of the file, would it be too bad to go ahead and make 51.901 a jump as you did at 75.901?
- 56.151, I can only vaguely hear what this could be going to... is it the same sound as 55.526? In which case thereís some errors. The stuff you added on to the very obvious bass synth here, itís just not very clear to me at all.
- Nice color arrows.
- 91.776 should be lower than the white [24]
- Overall pretty solid. A few errors and the file as a whole is not anything groundbreaking but itís appropriate. Absolutely FFR-worthy, especially with some fixes.

=== JUDGE: psychoangel691 ===

[7/10] [Resubmission] Maelstrom {Tut Tut Child} (Xiz)
-Initial playthrough - really fun chart to play. Overall the flow was good, few spots that tripped me up but nothing major from a player perspective.
-Early PR could use some work.
-BPM should be doubled at 44.138
-I feel the section starting at 65.264 is a bit rough.
-Missing jump at 75.036
-Left a few jumps out at the end, for consistency I feel like they should be in there.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped The Princess (Intro) {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
-Initial Playthrough - Flows well overall, a few patterns felt a little rough. Pretty short file.
-11.708 missing jump
-Where you have the three note repeated taps early in the song should only be two. The sound doesn't repeat a third time.
-Patterns in the drum solos could use some work.
-85.011 What is this jump for?

[9/10] Across The Ocean {Zircon} (DarkZtar)
-Initial Playthrough- Really fun chart to play, flows well.
-PR could be tweaked a little bit in the beginning but overall it's not too bad.
-Really solid chart, there's really nothing else I noticed that needs changing.

[4.5/10] Any Way You Want It {Rise Against} (VisD)
-Initial Playthrough - The chart is alright, part of me wished there was a little more variation. It's a lot of repeated 8ths.
-Offset to a blue note
-Patterning seems random, I think maybe you were trying to change things up a bit doing it.
-The quads feel a little out of place for being an easier file.
-Missing note in the guitar solo.
-The chart still needs a little more tweaking done to it.

[9/10] Anything {An Endless Sporadic} (ilikexd)
-Initial Playthrough - Overall solid chart, most of it flows well. Few sections were a little rough to me.
-Looking through it I really see nothing to complain about. Really well done.

[5/10] Cloud Nine {Grant Bowtie} (Deidara837)
-Initial playthrough - The chart is a bit up and down for me from a player perspective. There are some patterns that are a bit rough, and the quick jacks felt a little out of place from the rest of the chart.
-Jump usage is really inconsistent. There are jumps that are missing and jumps that don't belong throughout.
-You go in and out of stepping certain sounds.
-Starting at 159.995 why is this jumpstream? What do the jumps go to here?
-I have to give you credit for what you were trying to do with the file, I think it's a neat concept but the file still really needs some polishing up.

[8.5/10] FrainBreeze {Pegboard Nerds} (MarioNintendo)
-Initial playthrough - Really fun, funky chart to play. Flow is good overall.
-I'm iffy about the minijacks. 50.012 is one example. Then the jump minijacks like at 85.567.
-The jack at 106.355 doesn't seem to make sense. I don't hear a repeated sound here. Same for 124.132 & 133.021.
-Overall the chart is well done and I really enjoy it.

[9/10] Fu Kyowa Asutoraru Kai {LeaF} (ilikexd)
-Initial playthrough - Some of the patterns felt a bit rough and may be able to be smoothed out a little bit.(It may be because of my skills. I don't base rating off of my initial playthrough thoughts, just add them in to give thoughts from my player perspective)
-Looking at it in depth the chart is really solid overall. There really isn't anything to note here.

[5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
-Initial Playthrough - Flows pretty well overall.
-The jump usage is really inconsistent. Some don't seem to make sense.
-The hand usage is a bit much, there doesn't seem to be a reason for them that I can hear where you have them.
-I would take out the quads, for a file of this difficulty it really should only be used to accent a strong sound.
-I think this file could be really neat if you clean it up a bit. take a look at what all the judges had to say and resubmit. We don't get these types of songs often and I'd love to see it make it in game.

[8/10] King's Misfortune {Clonepa} (woker-X)
-Initial Playthrough - nicely done, flows well.
-PR could use a little touching up in the beginning.
-The triples in the beginning feel out of place.
-30.606 I would change up this mini trill here.
-58.162 it's a bit hard to hear the organ here that you step making it feel a little awkward.
-The structure overall is pretty good, just could use a few tweaks here and there.

[5/10] Kirlian Shores {The Flashbulb} (James May)
-Initial Playthrough - Flows pretty nicely overall. As a player I liked seeing an easier take on the file.
-Jump usage is inconsistent.
-PR could use some tweaking.
-105.211 mis-rhythm
-Missing notes at 99.854, 100.735, 101.687.
-Check for other instances of missing notes.
-Some sections have extra notes.
-File still needs a good deal of fixing up.

[9/10] La Fuite Des Jours - Piano Solo {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
-Initial playthrough - Nicely done, nice flow.
-Didn't notice any errors, nicely structured, good flow.

[6/10] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (XelNya)
-Initial playthrough thoughts - The abrupt start of the chart caught me off guard a little bit. Chart flows alright, some parts of it really reminded me of club though.
-83.128, 83.235, 83.401 these jumps seem out of place.
-There's several instances of jumps that don't seem to make sense. I think that the jump usage needs to be polished up in the chart.
-Patterns could be smoothed out a little.

[6.5/10] Rainbow Road [Standard] {nanobii} (Reshiram)
-Initial playthrough - Fairly fun chart, flows well. Was a bit short though.
-The straight quartner note sections are really underwhelming given the rest of the chart. I think they need to be filled in more.
-Would like to see a little bit longer of a cut.

[3/10] Science Party {The Consortium of Genius} (Coolgamer)
-Initial Playthrough - Chart was alright from a player perspective, probably could use a cut.
-Missing note at 2.294
-4.235, 5.294 why are these jumps here?
-The jump usage is really all over the place in this chart. You step some of the bass kicks but not others. You really need to go back and work on the jump structure for the chart.
-There are more instances of missing notes.
-The patterning doesn't seem to have any real structure, just seems random.
-Cymbal crashes should be accented.
-Chart really needs more work overall.

[4/10] Steel Machines {Look Left} (Xtreme2252)
-Initial playthrough - From a player perpective the chart is okay but doesn't really stand out for me. I feel it's hard to stay interested in a longer chart that doesn't have much to it.
-Waiting nearly 20 seconds for the chart to start is a bit long.
-Jumps to accent the bass kicks in the beginning would be nice.
-51.962, 52.525,52.900, 53.275, 54.775, 54.962 what are these jumps for? There are continuing instances of this going on.
-The biggest issues with this chart is that the jump usage is really inconsistent all throughout, there's some that don't belong and others that are missing. The other is that the song really needs a cut. No player should wait 20 seconds for the file to start.

[6.5/10] Till It's Over (Cut) {Tristam} (XelNya)
-Initial Playthrough - Chart flows well overall, fun to play.
-The first half of the chart is so so. PR could use some work and some of the jumps are hard to hear without wearing headphones.
-The second half of the chart is definitely much better but there are a few pattern errors here and there.
-The triple at 101.589 should have the up arrow moved to the left since the sound doesn't continue. Check for other instances of this with triples or jumps.
-Quad is a bit out of place at 52.499
-Starting at 52.499 to 67.771 feels like it could use more variation. Maybe step the lyrics here instead.
-I enjoy the file as a player but it definitely could use a little polishing up. I like the concept overall.

[9/10] Winter Vale {Exias} (Silvuh)
-Initial Playthrough - Nice flow, kinda had an oldschool feel to it for me. I like it.
-There were a few instances where you left out the jumps on the bass hits, I think they would fit in nicely if they were there.
-Otherwise really nice chart.

=== JUDGE: Silvuh ===

[9/10] [Resubmission] Maelstrom {Tut Tut Child} (Xiz)
// Oh, whoops, you got two of the same judges again. That's probably not as helpful as four fresh opinions. But you fixed everything I mentioned except for one thing that was actually a mistake on my part, so this is good work. It seems like you got some points off before for not using an inventive layering scheme, but I think what you have suits the music.
65.26-66.05s: When Brenton mentioned this section in his notes, he probably meant that you should change the layering up rather than just change the pattern. Having one hidden minijack I think is more weird than having three-note jump jacks. Like, because the high synth only plays on the 16ths, you could have five jumps PRed to the synth with 32nds between them. (Whether you want to do jack patterns like 2[23]2 to anchor the kick together or do two trills is up to you, but the jacks will be harder to hit.) 79.64s isn't as dense, so you even if you do change 65.26s, you don't need to change it there.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped The Princess (Intro) {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
// Has some good changes, but some other changes weren't worked in as well. Some patterning needs to be reworked before it's acceptable.
5.53s: I don't hear a distinct note on this beat.
9.59s: No percussion on this beat, so the arrow doesn't need to be there.
11.70s: Missing jump to the snare.
12.41, 13.82, 15.23, 15.76, 18.06, 19.47, 20.88s: There are a lot of kick-kick-snares in this, and the jumps to the snare shouldn't be anchored to the minijacks to the kick, because they're different sounds. If the kick and snare played together, that would be different. But the kick only plays twice each time.
15.94-16.11s: This should be a minijack to the kick.
21.23-22.64s: Sorry, my suggestion here was a bit off before. The problem was more with the downward not having the right intervals, which is what AJ was saying. Also, you created an unnecessary anchor here.
22.64-33.94s: The added layering in this section is good, but by just adding in jumps without changing the patterns much, you end up with some odd patterns and unnecessary anchors, like 23.35-23.88, 26.17-27.05, 28.99, 31.82s. Because of how repetitive the synth doing 32nds is, the patterns should have more structure than this.
25.02s: Missed a 32nd here to the same drum that's on 25.38s. If you add in this note, it would be good to remove the one at 25.20s that goes to the synth rather than the drum.
39.23s: Only thing I hear here that this jump could go to is the word "Go", but then the "let's" on the 16th before it isn't jumped, so it feels out of place.
44.88-45.23s: The drum has notes here, so this could be a different pattern to show that.
57.58s: This jump should be a single, because it doesn't have the snare on it.

[8.5/10] Across The Ocean {Zircon} (DarkZtar)
// Fun with good layering and PR, the only odd patterns being the [13]2[13]2[13]-ish things.
9.62-10.77s: The 4ths all have different pitches here, and 10.08, 10.54s are the same.
16.08s: Missing 8th to the instrument all the PR stuff was going to.
19.89s: Missing 16th to percussion.
22.31s: I like how this doesn't anchor with 22.08s because the instruments are different, but because 21.85-22.54s all descends, it does end up feeling like the jumps all go to one sound. 22.31s should be higher than 22.08s while keeping the anchoring between the jumps the same.
32.92s: Could be [13] so it's not anchored with the jump after it. Reasoning is similar to why your anchoring around 22.31s works well.
34.89s: Could be moved to 1 to show that the percussion on the 16ths isn't all the same.
38.92, 39.39s: These two jumps in a row shouldn't be the same, because they go to different instruments.
62.69, 63.16s: There's a low vocal "oo-oo" here that could be white.
95.92, 99.62s etc: I like how the jumps to these synth hits never anchor with the jumps around them.
127.08s: Same as 32.92s.

[6.5/10] Any Way You Want It {Rise Against} (VisD)
// The layering is good, but the anchoring still needs work.
23.11-36.03s: In this section, it looks like the anchoring pattern you're going for is changing the column on a vocal note, taking into account that the repeating guitar pitch changes every measure. Watch out for things like 23.31s, an anchor that continues over the measure line. 24.11-24.72s isn't anchored together even though 25.73, 30.60, 32.22s are. I'd suggest unanchoring those to be consistent with 24.11s, because the percussion does kick-snare-kick with the snare on the 8th jump.
36.03-49.00s: For the chorus, I can't tell how you decided on these anchors. The guitar changes pitch every measure still but you don't always change the column with the guitar. But unlike before, the guitar isn't repeating the note every 8th, just holding the note through the measure. These anchors aren't going with the vocal or the percussion, either. Every time you have a three-note anchor, the percussion does kick-kick-snare, so the snare shouldn't be anchored with the kicks before it.
48.58s: I'm guessing you put this note on 4 here so you could do 432 to the descending percussion, but the guitar has a different pitch here than at 48.18s, so it shouldn't be a trill like four measures before.
49.00-61.97s: In this verse, the anchoring doesn't go to the vocals as well as last time, e.g. 52.64, 53.24s being anchored to the previous note. Maybe consider anchoring to the kick too.
Similar suggestions from before apply to the next repeat of the pre-chorus and chorus. The added hands are good in this section except for 80.43s, which doesn't have a crash on it.
92.84s: Guitar sounds like it has a 24th or something around here.
100.69s: "Said" is higher than "she", so this could be [34].
108.95, 110.36s: Guitar changes pitch here, so this shouldn't be anchored with the 8th jump before it. Also, maybe put a jump to "Hold" on these spots.
115.53, 121.94: I'm hearing a grace note in the guitar somewhere around here that could be stepped.
120.64-124.45s: You could continue stepping a little more PR to the guitar in this section and save the heavily-anchored stuff for the next section when there are jumps to the loud open hi-hats that add some variation.
126.67-131.32s: Unanchoring the snares from the kicks might help the anchors feel more relevant.

[8/10] Anything {An Endless Sporadic} (ilikexd)
// Really good PR throughout with smooth patterns. A few sections could use a little work.
11.02-s: Neither the pitches nor percussion are repeating here, so these don't need to be anchored. (The pitches are AC.BA)
17.48-31.33s: Jump PR is spot-on and the patterns are nice. Feels like some of the percussion after 28.61s swings a 64th.
38.41, 43.88s: These don't feel as emphasized in the music as the other hands and could be jumps.
67.70s: Similar to 28.61s.
70.74s: Missed 16th to the drum the following 16ths go to.
75.75, 76.44s: These don't have loud crashes like the other hands here and could be jumps.
90.35-96.18s: I like how you do something like this instead of minijacks, but there really shouldn't be any 4321 patterns here. All the right arrows are in the right place because those are the high guitar pitches, but when you jump them, you sometimes anchor them to the lower guitar pitches, which isn't necessary (e.g. 91.07, 92.43s).
98.33s: Missed 32nd in the guitar.
99.51s: In playtesting, it just looked like the BPM got quartered here. Interesting.
99.91s: Sounds more to me like a five-note 3/64th trill starting on the 4th here, with the 64ths being the higher notes. So like, the 64th at 99.89s would be removed, and the trill would be 23232 with a 4th on 4 at 100.26s.
206.26-207.78s: Because the rhythms here aren't exact, you could probably just make the colors symmetric.
211.76s: This note is about a frame early. The guitar note comes after the percussion.
237.00s: Felt a bit odd when you stopped stepping the kick in this section because you just had a lot of 32nds to it.

[6.5/10] Cloud Nine {Grant Bowtie} (Deidara837)
// Solid start, but has some PR, layering, and pattern things that should be touched up.
12.89-13.27s: The layering here is inconsistent with the rest of the section.
11.39, 11.77s: These have the same melody pitch and can be the same jump.
18.71+1m*8: Maybe do 32nds to these to go with all the other 24ths and 32nds to the fast percussion.
20.39, 26.39, 29.02, 29.39s: Jumps to the clap. (Looks like you were jumping the clap and kick in this section.)
30.33-31.46s: These 8ths don't really go to distinct notes. The synth starts on 31.64s but also doesn't have very audible notes at 31.83 and 32.39s, so the straight 8ths should probably not start until 32.58s. Also the PR feels a little disorganized in this section, like the steps have more variety than the pitches.
36.14-47.77s: Given all the repetition in the instrumentation in this section, these patterns should feel more structured, less random.
76.83s: Jump to loud synth + bass should be on the 8th here. The 4ths around it have neither sound and shouldn't be jumps. (Also, the way you have it now, the anchor on 3 is irrelevant.)
80.39-80.77, 92.39, 106.08s: Try to avoid three-note (or longer) anchors like this when there isn't anything in the music that justifies them (repeating arrows should go to repeating sounds.)
81.89, 82.27s: One of these jumps goes to the clap and the other do the synth + bass, so they shouldn't be the same jump.
90.89, 91.27s: Same as above.
95.39-96.14s: These don't have to all be jumps. 95.39 and 96.14 should be because of the percussion, but the others just go to bass that isn't that loud.
97.55, 97.64s: Some missing notes to the synth here.

[6/10] FrainBreeze {Pegboard Nerds} (MarioNintendo)
// Mostly needs some pattern work.
13.43-22.32s: Long anchors in this section feels odd to me, because for most of it, the 4ths alternate snare and kick, so even though the hi-hat plays on most of the 8ths, it feels more like snare/kick alternating with the hi-hats. The hi-hats are the weakest percussion here, so I don't think it warrants these anchors.
16.67, 16.95s: Could layer the snare in here.
16.86s: Missing note to the guitar.
17.79, 26.67s: It's a little light, but I do hear some kind of bass here.
22.32-s: So the bass is alternating in pitch but only by a single step, and with it coming in over the percussion, it feels more like anchoring would work here.
22.88, 25.10s: Snare jump? Seems like you forgot it because you didn't want to step 27.32s as a jump (which I agree with, but it doesn't mean you need to lose the previous two.)
28.90s: Snare jump to go with the one at 28.62s, because it's the same layering.
29.73s: I don't hear anything layered here. But it goes to the main melody, and so does 29.82s, so maybe that could be a jump.
30.10-30.66s: Jump PR here feels backwards.
32.32s: Jump? Same layering as 31.21, 33.43 (melody + kick).
35.10, 35.38s: Different pitches and should be different arrows.
36.21s: Maybe change up the roll to show the percussion?
36.77s: This anchor doesn't feel like it goes to anything.
50.01, 50.56, 54.45, 55.01s: I don't hear these minijacks as being correct. The pitch of the bass changes.
66.35s: The 16th is a misrhythm. Missing notes to that sound around 75.19s, too.
67.79, 68.34s: Same odd minijacks.
83.99-85.38s: Long unnecessary anchor.
84.17s: Swing here.
97.04s: Jump to the loud snare here?
100.66s: Minitrill doesn't feel right here.
106.77s: Pitch changes on this 4th, so that jack shouldn't be this long.
130.93s: Just a hi-hat and shouldn't be part of the anchor.
133.29s: Pitch is different on this 16th.

[8*/10] Fu Kyowa Asutoraru Kai {LeaF} (ilikexd)
Title should be Fukyouwa Astral Kai
// Some of the layering is a bit odd, but the PR is really good. I do think the 23.08s trill should be changed before going in-game.
23.08s: After this note, it's like you start stepping the note's echo, which is odd, because it's not what made the start of the trill so fast. It makes the trill speed up in the middle when it should only be slowing down. Everything on the left in 23.08-24.57s can be removed, with half of the right notes moves to the left, so it can be a trill of just those notes.
28.75s: Lower in pitch than the other trill notes and doesn't need to be a part of it.
33.63-41.43s: I couldn't tell while playtesting what the layering scheme here was, and it took a bit to notice that it's the two melodies layered, which is why there are only non-8th jumps in like 36.06-36.55s and such where the one melody does all 24ths. But sometimes that one melody isn't very loud, like at 36.80s, but you have a jump there.
47.28-47.77s: Could use a little more here for climax theory and fit with the layering of 47.77-49.24s.
64.13-64.64s: That synth isn't just descending here, so the pattern should show that the synth is the lowest at 64.39s.
85.86-96.72s: I feel like this section could use a little more layering to distinguish it from 73.31-85.85s now that the guitar is playing more. But it'd be hard to do without just jumping everything, because both instruments are pretty constant, so ... hm.
The rest is really good.

[5.5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
// It's pretty dense, so some layering could be tweaked for better climax theory. There are some good ideas here but still needs more polishing.
38.61s: This strings note is higher in pitch than 38.00s; fix the PR.
41.18s: Missing 16th to the hi-hat sound. It's the same as the one that's at 43.61s.
44.51s: Not the same pitch as the one before it and shouldn't be the same jump. 43.75, 44.29, and 44.51s being jumps is debatable, because they're not layered like 44.03 and 44.67s or loud like 38.01-39.22s.
48.57s: The drum does start on the 8th here. You can step the 32nds to the drum roll if you want to.
50.42-51.91s: The long 8th anchor here should be broken up. Some amount of anchoring is inevitable given the layering, but one being this long isn't necessary.
57.54s: Missing 16th to the strings here.
58.60-s: The instrumentation is much louder here than in the previous four measures, so the layering of the previous section should be toned down so this section has more layering for climax theory. (You can hear how the melody now has multiple instruments playing it, so now jumping every note of it would be justified.) Suggestion: Unlayer the jumps at 50.42, 53.45, 55.27s, because they only have melody and no loud percussion on them. (You can also consider unlayering 52.23, 54.65, 54.81s because those percussion notes aren't very loud.)
58.89, 59.04s: Missing the notes to the percussion that you stepped at 49.20s.
60.58, 60.88s: Missing percussion.
63.45-67.08s: PR here should be redone. Your pattern begins by motioning up and then has an anchor, but really the melody is mostly going down. It has an upward escape tone at 64.74s and a valley at 65.43s.
63.82s: Sounds like there could be a 32nd to the melody here.
64.04s: Jump to strings to go with 63.45, 65.28, 65.58s.
66.77, 67.08s: Either of these could be jumps, 66.77s to the woodblock (same as 61.92s) and 67.08s to the bass drum (68.00s).
69.07, 70.25s: You're missing some flourishes in the flute, which is odd considering all the ones you stepped in the intro.
69.37s: Missing 16th to the woodblock.
72.50-75.73s: This being all jumps is a little much. The layering should be a little more focused. Like, the sounds at 74.28-74.89s are pretty soft, unlike 73.99, 75.17s, which have more power to the notes.
78.80, 83.39s: 16ths missing to woodblock/percussion.
79.24, 81.55, 83.80, 86.00s: Similarly, the strings don't stress these notes much, so these don't need to be jumps. Even 80.38, 82.70s aren't as stressed as like 79.81, 82.12s.
84.20, 84.46s: Missing 16ths to drum.
86.79-101.64s: This section is all chained together much more than necessary. And there are some really long anchors.
87.64s: You just jumped this galloping percussion at 85.44s.
89.03, 93.35s: Not as emphasized as 91.21, 95.47s and don't need to be hands.
103.68s: This could be a quad. It's much louder than 115.67s. The whole section doesn't really compare to the crash at 103.68s. The hands at 105.67, 107.67s are downbeats but don't actually have much too them, unlike 111.18s, which has a louder string note, or the crash at 115.67s.
105.67-106.16s: Something like [234][13][12] would be more PR, because the pitches descend, and you wouldn't end up with an unnecessary long anchor.
113.67-115.17s: Another long anchor to break up. The most notable thing to anchor here is the repeated bass on 114.67, 114.92s.
120.42-120.93s is a correct anchor to the guitar, but then you have a quad and continue the anchor longer than it needs to be. These quads (121.18, 124.16s etc.) could be white hands, and they'd stand out just as much. That sound being quads take away a bit from the crash at 131.68s being a quad.
127.68-129.42s: Like here, if those quads were [234], then the anchors wouldn't be overextended, and it would be fine.
130.29s: Missing some flute notes here.
133.34s: 12th anchor isn't PR.

[5.5/10] King's Misfortune {Clonepa} (woker-X)
// Some odd PR in the intro, and I can't really tell what the layering focus is in the breakcore sections. But I do like the colorful jumps; those are used well. And I had totally forgotten that I had reviewed like two thirds of this file in Skype. Some of the explanations will be a little different, but I think I covered most of that again.
7.40-11.40s: PR is difficult here, because the first eight notes have six different pitches, and then the same contour repeats two more times with a lower base pitch. To start, 7.57s should be higher than the jump before it, and 8.24s should be lower than the 4th before it.
13.90, 15.40, 16.57s: These 8ths don't share a pitch with the hand, so, unlike 12.57s, they shouldn't be anchored to the hand.
17.90, 18.07, 18.32, 18.57s: These are all the same pitch. What you step at 18.07, 19.40s etc. as A.ABA.C is really B.ABC.B, though you can do something like 3.431.2 if it would help the PR of what comes after it.
22.07, 22.29, 22.57s: These are also the same pitch, and the one at 22.74s continues as the next repeat of the thing from 13.90s.
24.07-26.24s: You can probably do this without any anchors.
28.77-50.10s: In the breakcore section, it seems like you're not jumping the kick and focusing more on snare-ish sounds, because you don't actually jump some of the full snares, like 29.60, 31.77, 35.10, 42.93s. 33.60s is like the other snare-ish sounds you've jumped, compare to 31.10s. (Not sure what the jump at 33.43s is.)
32.77s: Not really loud or long enough like the crashes at 30.10, 38.10s to be a hand.
35.60s: Jump to the snare-ish sound here? It's layered with a kick, unlike 35.77s, which you do have as a jump.
36.77s: This is just a kick, but you haven't really been jumping the kick before.
37.27s: Shouldn't be anchored with the previous beat, because there's no kick here.
37.43, 38.60s: The variation in the percussion sounds here makes the minitrill inaccurate.
39.43, 39.60s: Odd to jump both kicks here when you only put one jump to all the kicks at 36.77-37.77s.
43.43s: Another lonely jump to the kick.
50.10s: The percussion is still pretty loud here, so it felt odd playing when there was nothing to hit.
56.10-58.10s: These should be on the 4ths and 12ths.
58.10-60.77s: This should be just straight 8ths on the beat.
Maybe jump the chords in this section like you did in the beginning?
60.77s: This breakcore section is a little easier to make sense of, jumping the snare and kick, but prioritizing the snare, which is why you jump the kick at the start but don't jump it between the snares at 61.60-62.10s.
62.77s: This is a kick and shouldn't be anchored to a jump to the snare.
67.77-68.27s: The only thing here that feels like it could be a jump is the snare-ish sound at 67.93s, but you were just not jumping it between all those kicks, so really these could all be singles.
69.10-70.10s: You have a jump to one kick but not the other and a jump to one snare but not the other. Also, the jump to the snare at 69.93s shouldn't anchor to the repeating note to the kick.
71.10-72.77s: These white notes are like faux 16ths, which doesn't really work with the rhythms in the percussion.
72.93, 73.27s: Rather than 32nds, I'd do here like what you do at 74.27s where you emphasize buzzes with off-color jumps.
75.93s: Like, this 8th should be an off-color jump rather than having that faux 16th jump.
77.17s: Missing percussion 16th.
78.24s: Shouldn't be an anchor here.
82.41, 83.74s: No chords on these 4ths, so they shouldn't be jumps.
82.36s: Ghost note? I hear two main melodic lines, the one on 82.07, 82.28, 82.52, and then the one playing 82.24, 82.32, 82.41, 82.57s ... So even though it might sound like there's a low note on that 32nd, I think it plays better with it removed.
83.63s: This time I hear this as a 12th rather than a 32nd.
88.76-89.76s: Missing some notes in here.
91.10s: Different percussion sound and shouldn't be anchored to the next two jumps.
93.26s: You just jumped this sound at 92.76s.
95.76, 96.26s: Odd that this soft hit is jumped when a louder one wasn't at 91.93, 92.43s
97.43, 97.76s: If you change 72.93s, change it here too.
102.60s: Missing note.
104.43s: Jump here to go with the three after it? It's the same sound.
105.60s: This one's a slightly different pitch from the others and could be [14].
107.10s: Same as 72.93, 97.43s.
112.43-113.10s: I guess you didn't jump the kicks here because of all the other jumps, but there have been other spots where you've jumped all the kicks between snares.
119.58, 120.91s: Break the anchors.
124.74-126.74s: Similar comments to last time.
142.79s: If you need an extra arrow at the end, it should be on the release (which is a 4th or so earlier) rather than during it, because that's the most "distinct note"-ish sound you can step.

[5.5/10] Kirlian Shores {The Flashbulb} (James May)
// The layering to the snare is mostly good, but the layering to the kick is very inconsistent. PR doesn't seem to be present in the most obvious places. Patterns to the percussion feel all over the place even when they're the same sound.
0.06-9.21s: There's more variation in the steps here than there is in the melody. It wouldn't be too dull if PRed more precisely.
10.49s: This one is lower than the two main pitches and shouldn't share a column with them. With the repeating pitches on 2-3, this would be [14].
17.49s: Pitches descend from here, so this shouldn't be 1234.
32.53, 32.81, 35.78, 37.68, 43.78, 44.81, 45.92, 46.21, 46.81, 47.78, 50.81, 51.10s, etc.: Jumps to the kick? I don't think they'd get in the way. Wouldn't be too much considering how you have multiple 16th jumps in a row at times. Your jumping to the snare is consistent. Maybe you could try one version where you jump all the kicks and one where you don't jump it at all and see how those compare.
25.78, 26.06s; 38.35, 38.64s: There are spots like here where you have two snare 8ths in a row that could be the same jump
73.21-91.49s: PR is odd again here.
91.56-96.06s: In this section, you switch between jumping the snare and the kick, and there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it.
112.06, 114.35, 116.64s: Jumps with grace notes are like pseudo-hands, which is more emphasis than necessary here, so these could be just pseudo-jumps.
112.21, 122.78, 124.49s: A little odd that only one of these kicks has a jump.
148.64-150.92s: Why'd the layering suddenly cut out here? The instrumentation is very loud here, so it should be more dense for climax theory.

[8/10] La Fuite Des Jours - Piano Solo {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
// Good PR and layering. A few odd pattern things.
8.58, 8.88, 9.06s: There's more than just one soft note before the trill, so all or none should be stepped.
In the trill, the right hand is mostly on time, with only the last three notes being a little late. All the notes on the left hand are too early or too late, though you can only really tell at like 0.2x rate. The only note that's more than a frame off is the 24th at 10.182s, which should be at 10.145s.
10.83s: Sounds like there's a grace note here instead of the 12th. The straight 24ths don't start until 11.08s, so 10.98s can be removed.
19.57s: This note is a frame early. The sound is at 19.615s, so you can use a subbeat.
72.95s: Missing low note.
98.15s feels like a ghost note. PR of the trill is backwards.
99.65s: Feels like the trill should end on the 12th here rather than have those two white notes. That last white note is more of a grace note than an actual part of a trill, so if you do keep it, it shouldn't be in the same column as the trill.
119.74s: I don't hear a 16th trill at all. I hear two 12ths to the low piano, but nothing like a trill until around 120.23s. And it doesn't sound like straight 24ths. You did step the other trills with off-beat arrows. Also, there's a chord at 120.67s on the 12th. Same goes for the one at 123.92s, except this time the trill gets audible earlier, around 124.18s.

[6/10] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (XelNya)
// Has a number of layering consistency issues and a few issues with the jacks.
Because the percussion alternates kick-snare on the 4ths, you shouldn't have two of the same 4th jumps in a row, like at 2.81, 3.35s. The note at 3.35s also goes to the same synth as the 8th before it, which isn't on 2.81s, so that's another reason those two jumps should be different.
3.90-4.44s: A little trivial, but it works: 3.90, 4.17s both have that low synth on it, and 4.44s has the snare, so it should be the two jumps to the synth that are anchored together, rather than anchoring the synth with the snare. When you have multiple jumps in a row, things like this help show which jumps go to which sound.
10.17s: Unlike your other 8th jumps, this one doesn't have a synth sound that starts on it, only that sound that's swelling from 9.90s, so this can be a single.
11.53-12.90s: Jump PR could be better here. 11.81, 12.08s has that same synth sound from before with the second pitch being lower, and then 12.90s is a higher pitch than the jump before it.
16.17s: Similar to 7.44, so this should also be a jump here.
16.99s: Similar to 8.26, so these should be either both hands or both jumps.
18.35s: You stepped the hi-hat here at 9.62, so these two spots should be consistent.
21.49s: Different pitch than the 16th before it, so this could be 4 and the hand could be [123].
24.08s, 26.26s: One of these jacks should change column, because they're one after the other but are different pitches.
27.21, 27.49s: These 16ths have the same synth you put a hand to at 25.71s. Try having both of these 16ths be jumps but make 27.35s a single. (Also, that minijack doesn't feel right.)
30.21, 30.35s: These two jumps go to different sounds and shouldn't be anchored together.
28.44-31.85s: Anchoring to the low synth here is a bit off. 28.99s has a different pitch on it, and 29.53s doesn't have the synth on it, so those two shouldn't be anchored. Then, 29.67, 29.81s both have the low synth and should be a minijack. 30.62-31.85s is similar (no low synth at 31.99s like at 29.81s.)
32.40s-32.67s: The high synth that plays here and does a syncopated rhythm, you didn't PR it back at 23.67, 25.85s, but that was understandable, because the hands got in the way. (The two yellow notes after the hand have the same pitch, but because the 16th before the hand would have to be the same arrow to not cause a minijack, not PRing that synth works better.) Anyway, you don't use hands here, so you can PR 32.40 and 34.58s.
36.62-54.08s. I like how this section works. Not stepping every fourth minijack helps emphasize the difference in pitch.
54.08-62.81s: Anchoring feels arbitrary in this section. That one instrument always plays the same chord here, but the anchors aren't breaking in a predictable way. Also in the latter part, you have a lot of [24] jumps that go to different sounds, so those could be changed up.
54.49s: Missing 16th to the sound the jumps go to.
62.94s: Missing 16th to the synth I was talking about around 32.40s.
Many suggestions from before also apply to this section, don't need to name them again.
73.58s: You did jumps here at 29.94s, so you can do the same here for consistency.
81.21, 81.49s: There is a synth that does 16ths here that you can step.
83.12-83.81s: What I said at 3.90s applies here too about how the jumps anchor. 83.40 and 83.53s shouldn't be anchored. Also, 83.67s probably doesn't need to be a jump. It has the same low synth as the 4th before it and nothing more, but the 4th has the kick, which is what makes it a jump. So 83.67s should be a single anchored to the 4th before it, not anchored to the 8th after it.
86.67s: Same pitch as the 8th before it and could be a minijack.
88.31s: Here, 79.58, and 27.21s were all stepped with different layering despite being the same kind of sounds, so these should be consistent.
90.21s: Jump here to the same sound as 89.94, 90.35s.
94.31s: Missing 16th here to the same sound you jump at 96.49s.
106.85, 107.40s: Missing 16ths. The rhythm kind of gallops.

[6.5/10] Rainbow Road [Standard] {nanobii} (Reshiram)
// Even though it's harder, it doesn't offer much more than the original file (some 16th streams and jumps to the snare in the second half), but I know you submitted this before you knew that would get put in-game. It works better as an easy file because the chorus doesn't offer much more than 4th jumps.
26.66s: Not really loud enough for a hand.
43.94s: For PR, this should be crossovers, not a roll. Kind of missing a note at 45.19s.
46.48s: Missing percussion note.
2.47-3.35s: Backwards PR. 2.47-4.05s should all be minijacks for PR.

[3/10] Science Party {The Consortium of Genius} (Coolgamer)
#OFFSET:-0.029; (-29 ms)
// This file has no clear focus. Layering, patterns, and note choice feel arbitrary. It would be more beneficial for you to work with a judge personally than go through the batch system at this stage.
2.29, 5.11, 8.32, 10.61, 11.14s: Missing guitar notes.
4.26, 5.32s: I guess these jumps go to the guitar playing a low note, but they're pretty out of place. There's nothing really layered yet, and then you don't do the same jumps in the next section when there is stuff layered there (jumping the kick in 7.08-12.38s would be too much, anyway.)
8.85s: Shouldn't be part of a minijack. Different guitar pitch than 9.02s.
11.32s: Weird to do 16ths only here, because they end at 12.38s.
12.38, 12.73s: These could be jumps to the loud snares and crashes.
I understand jumping the claps, but the other jumping is very inconsistent. Snare is jumped at 13.79 but not at 14.50s; guitar chord is jumped at 14.14 but not at 16.96s. (Jumping all the guitar chords between the snares could be too much, though.) Lots of missing notes to the percussion. 12.20, 12.55, 14.67, 16.26s. It'd take too long to point out everything. It's hard to tell what you were trying to do. And it's like that through the whole file.

[5/10] Steel Machines {Look Left} (Xtreme2252)
#OFFSET:-19.952; (-52 ms)
// 19 seconds is much too long of an intro. I'm sure there are places where you can cut this even in the middle. 4:28 is really long. That long outro is unnecessary, the same patterns for 34 seconds.
// PR for the guitar is a little off. Layering and steps to the percussion are inconsistent. Many missing notes even to the guitar. Not mentioning every single instance of everything, because it all does need to be looked over.
20.32-22.20s: You do this 141312 pattern several times, but the pitches on the 8ths go ABA, where 21.07s is the highest pitch. The pitch on the 4th doesn't change until 37.95s. And in 19.95-28.95s, the pitch on the 8th is always the same except for 21.07, 24.07, and 27.07s. Would probably be best to start with the 4th on 2 for the first two measures and then put it on 1 for the next two to make room for the high pitches at 30.07s, and that way you won't end up with a lot of left-hand 8th trills.
21.45, 24.45, 27.45s: There probably shouldn't be any gaps, because that guitar pitch on the beat is constant.
34.95, 40.95: More incorrect 141312s.
43.20s: You didn't put a note to the snare here despite jumping it at 37.20s, which is odd. Not stepping the snare when it gets in the way of the vocal rhythm is fine, but it doesn't do that here.
43.95s: A jump here would go with the jump at 37.95s.
46.20s: But here you put a single to the snare after a 16th to the vocal, which is the same situation as 34.20, 40.20s when you didn't step the snare. As long as you have the snare opposite the motion of the steps to the vocal (like, doing 231 instead of 234), it should be fine. (The change in direction emphasizes the difference between the notes.)
46.57, 47.32s: Same pitch and should be the same arrow. If those are on 4, then 48.07s can be 3 and 48.82s can be 2.
49.57-51.07s: You have a long 8th anchor here, but the vocal pitches aren't repeating like that.
51.45-58.20s: The jumping to the vocals isn't consistent here. And it's kind of odd when you have a 16th jump to just-vocal when there's a snare right after it that isn't touched.
63.07s: If you're going to step the kick here, you may as well step it at 60.45 and 69.45s.
77.89s: The guitar isn't really loud enough for jumps here.
84.07s: Missing guitar note. Also 84.45s shouldn't be part of a jack, because the pitch is different.
88.20s: Just a reminder of how you jumped the downbeat low guitar note at 37.95s, and you do at 109.20s but not earlier in this verse. It's inconsistent.
103.01, 105.26, 105.64s: Multiple missing kick notes.
Same comments in this verse about some jumping to the vocals being odd when the percussion is ignored.
116.70, 125.70s: Both snare and kick on these, so maybe you shouldn't ignore them.
129.64s: Missing guitar/kick note.
152.57s: You jumped the two guitar + snare hits before this one, so there should be a note here too.
151.01, 151.20s: No distinct guitar notes here, but you do miss one at 151.39s.
156.45s: Jump to the crash?
157.43s: This minijack is a bit odd.
189.45s: Starting here now that there's a chorus that layers onto the vocals, jumping them becomes more appropriate.
218.70s: There's a break in the hi-hats here, so the anchor should be broken. And then you stop stepping it after a while ... Would be better to change its column regularly.

[6/10] Till It's Over (Cut) {Tristam} (XelNya)
// Mostly needs more PR work. The layering is good except that one section of just drum jumps needs something more.
0.40-0.95, 9.13-9.68, 11.31-11.86s: Spots where your PR is backwards. Lots of repeating pitches in this melody to listen for.
3.95s: Higher-pitched than the three 3s before it and should be on 4.
17.59-35.04s: For this section, it might be good to avoid three-note anchors, like the ones at 17.86, 30.13, 33.13s, because they don't go with the music.
42.13, 42.68s: I don't hear distinct notes here, so these feel like ghost notes.
46.49s should be a single and 46.63s should be a jump now that you're layering the two synth sounds.
52.49-67.77s: So this is just jumps to the bass drum, but really you should at least put singles to the vocals or the synth or something so it doesn't feel so empty.
71.86s: Should be on 2 for PR. Pitches are descending.
73.90s: Same pitch as on the 4th jump before it and should be a minijack. Then, 74.04s is the lowest pitch in this group, so the 16ths around it should only be on one side.
Those two notes repeat a few more times in 69.95-87.40s.
86.72s: If you have 71.45s and repeats be 2[14]321[234], then maybe this could be different, because the pitches are lower here than in the rest of the section.
89.04-89.58, 91.22-91.77, 95.58-96.13s: Shouldn't be the same pattern because the pitches are different. 89.04 and 93.40s have the same four pitches, so those patterns shouldn't be different.
More similar kinds of errors in the rest of this section.
110.99s: Higher pitch than 110.72s, so those can be swapped.
115.08s: Doesn't share a pitch with the next two notes, so it shouldn't be anchored to the jump.
119.99s: Same pitch as 119.72s and could be in the same column.
122.31-123.95s: These sound like they only need a single grace note. Also, the grace notes' pitches are higher, so the motion should be upward.

[PASS] Winter Vale {Exias} (Silvuh)
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

July/August 2014 Continued

1.) SET 2
a.) ilikexd
b.) Silvuh
c.) TC_Halogen
d.) Wayward Vagabond
2.) SET 4
a.) DossarLX ODI
b.) hi19hi19
c.) Silvuh
d.) TC_Halogen


=== JUDGE: ilikexd ===

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Synchronized Hearts {Colony 5} (hi19hi19)
-56.4s The 2nd syllable of 'fallen' sounds like it falls closer to the 8th before.
-207s Pr and relative pr on the ending here can be much better using changing patterns.
-Quite a repetitive song with little to accent; the long streams focus on an element that isn't prominent and their sheer length with arbitrary patterning isn't a very enjoyable combination. It's clear there is an attempt at a "retro" style here, and perhaps it'd be better if the song and chart were shorter.

[8.5/10] [Resubmission] Trobbel {Animal Alpha} (Silvuh)
-There are a lot of colored parts such as 16th offsetted 24th bursts being yellow/cyan colored, among other things that would have a more common notation if the bpm was either doubled or temporarily offsetted, but is okay as is.
-Everything is stepped accurately and chart is quite enjoyable. The main issue before was all the yellow notes.

[8/10] Champion's Horizon {WillRock} (hi19hi19)
-16.209s Note for synth here
-25.584s Repeating guitar note
-27.834s Guitar note
-29.584s Repeating guitar note
-35.709s Noticeable pitch bend that can be stepped
-78.209s Synth note
-82.084s All the other crashes up to here had hands (outside of 24th streams).
-102.834s These triplets aren't exactly on 16ths; the 2nd one is slightly offsync and the 3rd one is very offsync.
-204.209s, 208.209s, etc. Kick drum (although omittable to contrast with the guitar)
-248.084s Tempo can be halved here to mark the change in intensity; there is also the possibility of doubling/halving other parts of the chart during very high and low intensity parts.
-Some minor errors to be addressed, but accurate as a whole. Very long song that uses mostly the same elements throughout, but there are enough different melodies and rhythms to offset that.

[8/10] Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) {Astronaut} [bmah]
-23.12s I don't hear a grace note in the piano itself. The vocal is slightly offset from the piano, but that happens many other times such as 15.620s and is okay to consistently simplify with just a jump.
-25s The repeating pattern sets have very good pr and relative pr to each other.
-The climax at 59s is of a significantly higher difficulty than everything else and there are a lot of ways to step it without such a significant elevation in difficulty. Since the chart is fairly short I don't think it significantly effects how enjoyable it is, but it is still worth noting.
-As a whole there is very good PR and nice layering in the chart.

[3/10] Fibonacci Sequence {Dr. Steel} (Coolgamer)
-Missing two seconds of silence
-Offset is early by about .085
-There is no pr in places where it can easily be included, such as in the intro; for example the minijack at the start doesn't accent anything.
-12.793s, 15.321s These 16ths are ghost notes.
-22s The patterns are arbitrary here, but they are also often biased to one side over extended periods, such as here without any apparent reason to exclude a column. This happens a lot throughout the chart.
-The minijacks in the streams don't follow anything.
-53.385s This jump doesn't go to anything. There are a lot of jumps that don't correspond to anything or follow anything consistently.
-68.232s There are two different repeating sounds for the first 2 notes and last 3 notes of this jack.

[5/10] Fractions {Dangerkids} (VisD)
-The jack usage at the start is hard to follow. It seems to go to repeating kick drums but sometimes leads into a jump for snares, and other times it breaks before a jump.
-17.902s Missing note for vocal
-23.510s Ambiguous jump
-43.823s I can't figure out what these 3-note anchors follow. Also sometimes a coinciding kick drum and vocal make a jump and sometimes it doesn't.
-59.239s These anchors seem to go to the background guitar, but they start early.
-67.573s This is confusing because the guitar is playing here but there's no note, presumably because there is no kick drum, but the anchors seemed to go to the guitar instead. If they don't, the layering is way too ambiguous.
-82.989s Adding the 16th triplets for the synth is good, but there are now a plethora of different things making anchors, so this doesn't even serve to accent the new sound very well. It would probably be better just as unanchored triplets.
130.281s Why is this not a jump with a vocal? At this point the layering is way too confusing to attempt trying to figure out.
147.364s The long anchoring here is kind of ridiculous.

[7/10] KXLU 1 {Lauren Bousfield} (DossarLX ODI)
-3.820s, 4.638s, 5.456s, etc. The pitch of this piano chord changes each time so there's room to change from [23] jumps. As it is there's a group of [23] jumps then [24] jumps, etc, but it'd be better to consistently cycle through instead.
-The 16th sounds are hard to distinguish individually very well, but as far as I can tell: 33.888s, 36.070s, 40.343s, 40.979s are ghost notes, and 35.934s, 42.479s are missing notes. Past here check for missing/ghost notes; they seem to be the same sounds.
65.797s Ghost note
90.956s Given the difficulty of the rest of the chart, there should be no problem difficulty-wise having this as a continual jack at the end since it's not even 225 bpm.

[8.5/10] Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix) {Stone McKnuckle} (DarkZtar)
-62s This 24th pattern is quite unforgiving at this speed, and the drum notes are hard to hear, so I think it'd be better to make this easier.
-The solos are stepped quite well.
-The very last 4 note drumroll should be 24ths, not 16ths.
-The pr, layering, and patterning in general are all very good.

[6/10] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
-12.577s 32nd drum note
-Layering the very faint hihat in the start makes for a lot more jumps than there needs to be and makes it a bit less apparent what each jump is going to. There should be jumps at 13.217s, 13.949s, 19.071s, and 24.193s given the other jumps.
-25.930s, 28.857s Ghost note
-31.784s Ghost note
-40.290s Should be a jump.
-43.491s Ghost note
-85.016s, 90.869s, etc. These hihats are continual in this entire section but only apparently stepped here. I think it's better ignored as it is in the chart. But this is a more intense section of the music than places like the beginning where the faint hihat was layered the entire time.
-96.906s, 102.760s Ghost note

[8/10] Noetic {Docmo} (Silvuh)
-49.457s, 76.5s, 90.021s It would be nice if these sounds had some sort of accent given how much they stand out.
-Nothing to point out besides that. Chart is quite simplistic but fine. There is good pr for the synth.

[5/10] Paper Wings {Rise Against} (Xiz)
-Offset is early by .040
-31.320s This is just a 4th.
-55.324s Missing note
-56.748, 67.548s No vocal here, just one syllable
-108.614s, 111.014s No guitar note here
-121.964s Just a single note
-126.314s, 137.114s No vocal here, just one syllable
-143.564s Three snares in a row starts here, and the 8th should have a jump.
-145.514s, 155.114s, 156.314s Not a jump
-The ending jumpstream has tons of ghost notes; there's nothing that's clearly continuous 16ths until the 8th jumps.
-It may be better to have the chart at 200 bpm rather than 100 bpm given how energetic it is, and use halved bpms for calmer sections like 75s and 106s

[8/10] s.s.s.s {hyi} (Gradiant)
-It's curious that the streams are stepped with all rolls and spins. It seems somewhat arbitrary in lieu of more regular stream patterns, but isn't bad.
-The pr is good where applicable, and the layering is all understandable.

[7.5/10] Shiratsuyu {mo_no_chrome} (DarkZtar)
-113.995s 32nds, not 24ths
-117.353s Missing note
-118.137s Transition into this minijack section is really hard with this one-handed trill on the same hand.
Interesting layering, it mostly deals with the same elements and cycles through them, although it gets ambiguous and hard to figure out in many places ending before the stream.

[7/10] Stomp The Bats {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
-29.767s Missing 12ths
-36.173s 12ths
-44.610s Missing 12ths. The 12ths before were stepped with jacks to the repeating notes, but the jack is missing here.
-76.331s Missing note
-89.573s Missing 12ths
-152.855s Backwards pr
-The background bass synth is acknowledged throughout with 8ths and some 12ths, but there are lots of 16ths that are omitted: 16.837s, 18.712s, and many others.
-It's hard to follow a lot of the minijacks to vocals. For example 81.604s the first syllable of 'better' here really stands out yet forms a long jack.

[3/10] Under The Pale Moon {Alias Conrad Coldwood} (James May)
-14.322s, 16.721s - 200 bpm cameljack is pretty ridiculous.
-Song is incredibly repetitive and boring. Steps repeat and layer more and more until it becomes hard to understand.
-There are a lot of ghost notes and notes that don't seem to make sense. 66.897s these 32nds don't go to anything. Stuff like 69.221s doesn't make sense when playing through.

[!/10] What the #&%$ {Azul} (incubusrul3d1984)
-Chart has multiple holds. Please read the submission rules.

[8.5/10] Wood Man (Megaman 2) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
-27.411s Missing note
-52.495s, 53.995s Piano note
-139.120s Piano note
-178.217s Missing piano note
-214.995s Given the extreme intensity of the last piano chords here, hands could be used, and even a quad. Jumps feel quite underwhelming.
-Very well done in pr, layering, accenting.

=== JUDGE: Silvuh ===

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Synchronized Hearts {Colony 5} (hi19hi19)
// Most of the specific things mentioned were fixed, but you weren't convinced to change the structure at all. It still feels odd to give a high rating to something with long sections of steps that feel arbitrary. The intent makes it acceptable.
56.41s: I know I suggested that, for 56.20s to go to the vocal, it should be earlier, but the 3/16th jump ... Even though you aren't stepping the percussion, it's odd to have that 16th jump right before a clap. A single would play better, anywhere on or between the 8th before and that 16th.

[PASS] [Resubmission] Trobbel {Animal Alpha} (Silvuh)

[8.5/10] Champion's Horizon {WillRock} (hi19hi19)
// Structure and PR are good, just a few little suggestions.
23.83s: This percussion hit is lower in pitch than the rest, so it could be [12].
25.58, 29.58s: There are some pretty distinct echoes here you could step.
44.33, 49.33s: No melody notes on these 8ths, so they should just be singles. Unlayering 49.33 would break up all those 8th jumps, which would be helpful regardless. (You didn't jump 44.33's corresponding note at 122.33s)
78.83, 79.33s: Not sure what makes one a jump and the other not. They both have the guitar on them and the same percussion sounds.
101.83s: Same as 23.83s.
126.83s: Could be unlayered because it doesn't have a main synth note on it.
167.33s: Not hearing a minijack in the main guitar here, and a note is missing to it a 167.45s.
262.08s: File could end here.

[7.5/10] Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) {Astronaut} [bmah]
// Some of the additive layering is a bit odd, and the structure is pretty simple, but it works.
16.55s: Not sure what sound is layered here that makes it a jump. I hear a click, but that plus the vocal isn't jumpworthy.
23.15s: Not really hearing a grace note here at 1.0x.
23.90, 24.21s: This first 12th feels like it goes to "vup", which is fine. "Now" is on the 8th, not another 12th. But there is another instrument that has 16ths here, so the second 12th could be a 16th.
42.22s: 16th here rather than the early 48th for the vocal rhythm. The rhythm isn't totally quantized, so it's odd to have one offbeat note that isn't accurate anyway.
69.99-96.24s: So with the additive layering you're doing here, shouldn't every kick + snare + melody + crash (69.99+4m) be a quad? kick + snare + melody being hands takes away from the crashes when they're also just hands.
77.49-81.24s: You have the same layering here as 69.99-73.74s even though this section has some new instrumentation. Try stepping the echoes at 78.66, 80.65, and 81.01s to differentiate the two sections.
95.65s: There's an echo here you can step.

[3/10] Fibonacci Sequence {Dr. Steel} (Coolgamer)
// Some of the spare layering makes sense for an easy file, but there should be a better balance. Also, PR is non-existant.
Pitch relevancy is signifying the contour of the melody in the stepfile. Higher pitches on the right, low pitches on the left. The way you start with 4321432 makes it look like the melody is descending. But this melody is mostly alternating. In 1.03-2.93s and repeats, the each pitch on an 8th is higher than each pitch on a 4th. For the 16ths, the melody ascends for three notes, so 234 would be accurate, but 322 and 212 are not. Arrows shouldn't repeat when the pitch of the melody (or percussion sound or whatever) doesn't repeat (it's unavoidable when there's a lot of layering, but it's just singles here.)
10.19s: Not really loud enough to be a jump compared to 10.83, 11.46s etc.
12.88, 15.41s: These 16ths don't feel like they go to anything.
19.99-20.30s: Example of where the arrows should repeat (the 8th should be anchored to the following jump), because the vocal/accordion melody play the same pitch.
20.93s: You seem to be ignoring the percussion in this section, evidence being all the breaks not stepped, but there are some percussion notes hidden in the steps to the vocals that you have stepped. It is a bit odd having this obvious rhythmic sound going unstepped, but if just the vocals are stepped consistently, then it should be okay for an easy file. Most of the minijacks feel incorrect because the pitches aren't repeating. Yeah, the vocal melody is a bit tough to hear because of how creaky it is, but it's possible. Like, 32.94-33.41s, "takin' takin'" is the same word repeated at the same pitches, so that could be a minitrill, like 4242.
Non-vocal notes to remove: 27.57, 28.04, 36.10; Missing vocal note to add: 36.25. Also, 25.67, 25.83s sound like vocal notes although they aren't words, so they could be stepped.
// Just gonna do little specific comments from here on, because all the stuff from before still applies.
48.57-48.73s: Could be a minijack to the stutter "ma-make".
60.42s: Missing vocal note to a "bomp".
65.47s: Not a lead vocal note and can be removed.
92.48, 97.54s: Missing vocal note.
101.64s: Just like in the intro, this minijack is incorrect for PR.
122.02s: There's an new melodic instrument in this section that should be stepped to distinguish it from the previous section (climax theory).

[6/10] Fractions {Dangerkids} (VisD)
// Intro is good, but then the anchors start getting messy. Having everything as long anchors isn't even totally necessary, because you can chain them together at predictable intervals so you have more freedom with your jumps, like at 94.65-97.57s. (Long anchors work at like, 56.32-69.65s where there aren't many different pitches.) Layering to the vocals, if that's what it is, should be more consistent.
10.69-11.11s: This used to be a three-note jack, but if you're going to break it up, 33[12]44 would work better, because there's a low guitar that goes up from 10.90 to 11.32s.
17.98s: Missing vocal note here. Sounds like the first syllable of "stayin'".
28.40-29.03s: These could be jumps to vocal additive layering.
41.11s: Could be [24] to continue the anchor to the bass, which doesn't change pitch until 41.32s. And then because you have the full anchor to the bass there, you should probably have 41.32-42.57s be a full anchor, too. The anchor needs to be on one of the arrows that 41.11s isn't on.
42.98-56.32s: You have a lot of kick-kick-snare in this section, and it may play better if the kicks aren't anchored to the jumps to the snare for drum relevance. Also, you don't seem to be layering to the vocals at all in this section, so I don't know what the jump at 50.69s goes to. Same for the not-snare jumps in 52.98-54.44s.
56.32-69.65s: Similar to 10.69s, every time the bass changes harmonies, there's a passing tone between them; so 57.78, 59.44, 61.11s etc. shouldn't be a part of either long anchor.
59.65, 61.32s: Harmony changes here, so this should be the start of a new anchor.
76.73-78.82, 80.07-80.90, 83.40-84.23, 84.65-87.57s: These could be filled with 16ths to the synth. It's only after a hand that the synth does only three notes for the most part.
91.94s: Now this feels like a jump to the vocals, but then you start ignoring them again (92.78, 96.94, 98.61s) (Things like 93.61s can either stay a single because they have vocal but no percussion, or they could be jumps that don't anchor with the kick.)
126.11, 130.28s: More 8ths that could be jumps to vocals.
127.98, 134.65, 137.98, 149.65, 151.32, 152.98s: Harmony changes, so the anchor should change column.

[6/10] KXLU 1 {Lauren Bousfield} (DossarLX ODI)
// Patterns are mostly playable, but the rhythms need work, and some PR would help. Rather than shorten the file by not stepping anything after 92.18s, you could cut out repetition in the different phrases.
3.82-20.18s: Might be nice to have all these 4th jumps PR to those low piano notes.
27.00-52.91s: This is basically the same six measures repeated four times. Half of it could easily be cut out. Usually when every 4th is jumped like this, it's because there's an instrument driving the beat, but I'm not hearing that here. I hear a melody that plays most 4ths and the snare on every third 4th.
27.07, 27.34, 27.88s: I'm not hearing 16ths here. At 0.8x, the rhythm feels more like triplets.
28.09, 31.36, 31.63s: On each of these, the melody on the 4th plays the same pitch as the 4th before it, so they should be the same jump to make it clear that the jumps go to the melody.
29.25s: This 16th shouldn't be anchored with the ones before it for percussion relevancy and playability. And really, 29.32s could be unanchored from the 4th before it, because that 8th minijack doesn't go to the same sound as the three before it, so it doesn't fit in.
29.38s: I hear a 16th here but not at 29.52s.
30.00s: This jump connects two long runs to the melody despite having no melody note on it, so it feels like it shouldn't be a jump, even though it goes to the snare. Try it without this jump.
30.34, 30.61s: Same thing about them feeling more like triplets as before.
30.95, 31.09s: There's a percussion that repeats on these two 8ths, so the 4th jump should be anchored with the 8th before it, not after it.
31.09-31.63s: There's a bass drum that plays constant 16ths here to step. If you do, then 31.36s can be different from the two jumps around it (as long as 31.09 and 31.63s are the same) to make a more playable pattern.
32.04s: The sound the following anchors go to doesn't play on this 8th, so this 8th shouldn't be anchored.
32.18, 33.00s: The main melody notes here are being held rather than repeating, so there are no melody notes or snares to jump here.
32.18-33.13s: The sound you're anchoring to does two groups of four, but 3432 doesn't make that clear, because the 432 feels like it should go to one sound. Something like 2413 would work.
Similar things until 52.91s.
57.22-57.66s: Sounds like there are some repeated notes here, but it's hard to tell if it's ABA, ABB, or AAB. 321 doesn't feel right, though.
66.27-79.09s: Same stuff as before, except for the changes at the end. You're missing some triplets to it: 76.84, 77.11, and 77.66s, with 76.97s being a ghost. You could also step the 16ths in 77.72-78.27s to the bass drum.
79.09-90.54s: It's nice that your jumps are consistent here, but it's counter-PR with the same piano from the intro. But you haven't been following it anyway.
80.25s: Ghost note.
88.70s: Missing 16th to the same sound 88.57s goes to. You could step that or 88.84s to the percussion or both. And it should be consistent with 89.59-90.00. (You didn't step the percussion at 89.93s.)

[8.5/10] Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix) {Stone McKnuckle} (DarkZtar)
// Good layering and patterns except for a couple spots.
7.22s: Missing guitar 16th.
16.29-16.75s: The 16th anchor is inaccurate here, because the pitch of the percussion is descending.
70.70-71.47, 78.02-81.68s: If you're going to keep all these anchors, mix it up a little more, so they aren't all on 1.
102.10-103.78, 106.98-108.66s: Doesn't sound like the layering in these two sections should be any different.
120.93s: Missing drum 16th.

[6/10] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
// The bass kick layering being inconsistent is the most odd thing. The patterns are mostly good except for the three-note jacks.
13.21, 13.94, 19.07, 40.29, 43.21, 44.68, 46.14, 56.38, 58.94, 59.31s: Missing jumps to bass kick.
15.96-17.42s: Work on mixing up the patterns a bit more so you don't have long hidden trills like this.
46.32s: White note to back-up vocal here? And I don't hear the vocal at 46.69, 46.87s, so those can be on-beat.
47.60, 47.69s: Missing 16th, 32nd to that percussion roll you've been stepping.
49.07s: Missing percussion note. Same sound as 54.92s, which you have as a jump. They could both be singles.
68.27s: There's some slight slowing down going on, because this spot is about 15 ms early. There should be a beat on 71.231s (so the rest of your file is currently about 30 ms early), with it being 82 BPM from there. Select like 63.88-71.23s and Grow, and it'll be fixed (except for the break at 94.61-109.25s, which isn't quantized.)
71.02s: For all the "Miss Jackson"s, the pitch sounds more like ABA to me. If you want to use jacks, ABB might be better, so "Miss" isn't anchored to "Jackson".
88.21, 89.31, 90.04, 92.24s: Missing notes to the bass. Kind of weird to have jumps on them before but not even note them here.
95.90, 97.36s: You don't usually step the bass kick as a minijack, so doing so here when there's a minijack to a different sound anchored to the same jump is a bit confusing.
127.36, 128.09s: You stepped the bass kick between the "oh"s at 121.51, 122.24s, so you should step them here, too.
130.29s: One last bass kick missing here.

[PASS] Noetic {Docmo} (Silvuh)

[6.5/10] Paper Wings {Rise Against} (Xiz)
#OFFSET:-0.250; (-55 ms)
// During the bridge, the sync starts to get a little late, by about 32 ms (this taking into account you change the offset to where it should be.)
// Lots of 16th jumpstream that doesn't always feel structured, because you don't have much melody in the music to work from. PR in the jumps is good though.
9.85-29.05s: Lots of 32nds in here you could step. That would help vary it up, so it's not all just straight 16th jumpstream.
26.65s: Missing jump to bass/guitar (same as 14.65, 17.05s etc.)
31.45s : Just a 4th here, no 32nd.
32.35s+2m(3): Guitar doesn't play on these 8ths, so they could just be singles.
49.15-52.45s: Maybe vary up the patterns to go with the vocals (which are missing notes).
56.76s+2m(3): The way these words are sung don't really need an extra jump.
65.91s: The 32nds should just be a jump on the 8th, because you don't really feel the rhythm as having a 32nd triplet in the music.
74.61-84.21s: Trying changing up the pattern each measure to balance it between the fingers.
92.46s: Not part of the previous anchor. It's the same pitch as the following one, but then 92.61s doesn't have a guitar note on it, so that one shouldn't be a part of the anchor.
126.34s+2m(3): Same as 56.76s.
135.49s: Same as 65.91s.
143.89s: Jump to "and" here.
145.54s: These extra jumps are even more odd here now that they're between straight 8th jumps.
145.84s: It may help to unlayer the 8th jumps around 16ths to the vocals so the 3/16th rhythms aren't lost.

[8/10] s.s.s.s {hyi} (Gradiant)
// PR and layering are right on. It's just so short and simple.
45.28s: Percussion alternates kick - snare, so even though there's a kick here, because it's a snare that's expected, it may work better to have this be a single.
45.88s-end: Before when you stepped the kick, you didn't have other notes around it, so you didn't need to use minijacks. Now that you've filled 16ths to the synth, it may be good to have minijacks to the two-note kick things to distinguish them, like 48.13s and so on.

[6.5/10] Shiratsuyu {mo_no_chrome} (DarkZtar)
#OFFSET:-0.060; (-20 ms)
// Some issues with layering, some grace note inconsistency, but the structure is mostly good.
7.98-8.65s: These should be 2123 for PR. 7.98 is lower than 7.54s and 8.65s is higher than the two 16ths before it.
35.07s+4m(6): Different pitch than the bass minijack before it and shouldn't be on the same arrow.
43.04s: You didn't have a grace note for this sound at 28.71s. For each phrase, you do four 32nd grace notes then three 64th grace notes, even though it's only on the second 64th grace note (eg, 26.92s) that the sound feels different at 1.0x.
48.36s: A 32nd here would fit with your other grace notes. Wouldn't hurt to have these 16th jumps not be ABA. But then you do a 48th pseudo-jump at 62.74s. Either works, but it should be consistent.
50.63, 52.42s: Might be good to unlayer jumps to the clap when they get in the way of the rhythm of the main melody, like here.
55.00, 65.74s: Jump to the main melody? You miss jumping this gallop each time. It may help add variation, because there are a lot of just 4th jumps.
56.45s: Missing jump to the main melody, like the jump you have at 49.29s.
64.85, 65.18s: Main melody does 3/16ths here. These could be jumps, but you should at least have a single at 64.85s.
73.47-75.26s: Considering how much louder this is than everything else, you could use more hands than just one.
76.83s: At first I thought this was a jump to the chord, because that stands out in the melody to me, but then I realize it was additive layering to that "bop" sound. 78.39 and 81.98s don't have bops on them, so they should be singles. 82.42s is a downbeat chord, but it's still just a chord like all the ones you haven't been jumping, so it could be a single.
85.56, 85.78s: Swap the layering here.
89.61-103.94s: With how prominent steps to the bass have been, it's a bit odd to start ignoring it here, especially because you do have some minijacks to the bass later in the section.
103.02-103.92s: Might could use some more jumps to the drums here, because they're pretty loud.
103.94-118.26s: Additive layering to the two melodic instruments makes the layering feel unfocused. With how you were jumping just piano chords in the previous section, it feels like there should be more layering here for better climax theory.
123.75s: Rhythm of the instrument the minijacks have been going to isn't the same here. Starting from this 16th, it's xxxxx.xxx.x; you can split the five how you like, but it should be distinguishable from when the rhythm was xx.xx; also, this makes the minijack at 124.76s incorrect.

[6/10] Stomp The Bats {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
// Almost everything that's stepped is good, but there are so many sounds left out but followed at other times that it doesn't work.
The offset is wrong, but you have a BPM change before the steps start, so the steps are on-beat. That and the extra beat at the beginning are unnecessary.
21.64-22.11s: 12ths here? I understand not wanting to make a polyrhythm with the vocals, but you can add 12ths here.
30.54-45.07s: This section introduces a new percussion line (sounds like rims), so it would be good to follow it to differentiate this section from the previous one (climax theory). Makes it even more weird that there are 16ths unstepped that have both the passing tone in the bass and the rim in the new percussion line.
36.17-37.57s: Lots going on here rhythmically that is totally ignored.
48.59, 52.34s: Removing notes to breaks in the bass might help, because the bass was constant before.
71.79-73.19s: Could use something different here to follow the new sound that has a x.xx..x.xx rhythm on the 12ths.
81.37, 81.83s: "You" and "er" are different pitches from the rest of the vocal notes in this anchor.
84.29s: It's odd that you don't start stepping the passing tone in the bass until this break here. Then you stop in the next verse (91.79s) but start again later in the same verse, and stop at the beginning of the next verse ... If the reason for not stepping them was because they'd get in the way of the rhyhtms to the vocals, well ... every once in a while, like at 103.05s, it extends the 16th lines a bit, but there are more spots where they don't. Adding the 16ths in will further distinguish it from the section at 105.04s which doesn't have 16ths in the vocals or bass.
90.86, 92.73, 94.61s: New percussion line with 16ths. Stepping the other instruments in 95.19-97.54s but nowhere else until bass 12ths at 103.63s is odd.
119.92s: Missing 16th to "We".
154.26-155.66s: Same as 71.79s.

[5/10] Under The Pale Moon {Alias Conrad Coldwood} (James May)
X The music is exceptionally soft.
// The layering doesn't really work for such soft music. The patterns also need work. It all feels very uneven.
11.92, 14.32s: The bursts like these are a little odd, the first one because the 64th feels like an afterthought with the 32nds doing 4321, and the second because you basically have 200 BPM 16th minijacks there, which don't even fit the sound.
22.79, 28.34, 32.61, 35.31s: Missing some notes to the breathing.
23.09s: Missing note to the shiny synth.
37.12-38.02s: The 8th anchor is innacurate because 37.42s doesn't share a kick with either of the notes around it, and the trill is inaccurate, because the two 16ths have different main percussion sounds on them (kick vs hi-hat).
41.39s: If this 32nd goes to the long attack of the shiny synth, then it's odd that there's no steps at 41.77s, where the synth does some actual notes. There are many more notes to this synth that could be stepped.
41.92, 42.22s: The percussion sounds on these two, neither share the same pitch, so these shouldn't be anchored. One could argue 42.22s should be anchored to the following 4th jump instead, because the synth shares the same pitch.
43.72, 48.51s: These beats with the low synth don't feel as emphasized in the music as beats with the shiny synth, like 46.12s. Maybe try keeping hands to the louder sounds.
45.52s: Stepping these bursts from before start to feel like too much now that they're more layering. And you didn't add in all the other grace notes that you had before, so it makes these feel more out of place.
59.76-60.52, 69.22s: Given how chill the music is, the density here is too much.
Missing some more breathing notes and such in the outro.

[0/10] What the #&%$ {Azul} (incubusrul3d1984)
FFR files can't have holds. Read the rules.

[7.5/10] Wood Man (Megaman 2) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
// Feels really long because it's mostly repeating the same theme.
// A lot of it is done really well, but there are some spots that could be cleared up. The music is difficult in that the melody and percussion often complement each other, so it's easy to lose jumps to one line in the other.
16.49, 16.66s: Same percussion sound and could be the same jump.
20.16s: Just a hi-hat and should be a single.
20.32, 20.66s: Different main melody pitches and should be different jumps.
24.16s: The melodic note here is so soft it doesn't feel like part of the main melody, so it could be a single.
36.66, 36.99s: Looks like you didn't jump these piano chords because they don't have percussion under them, but it still feels odd, them being singles in the same column.
46.99s: Shouldn't the chord here be a jump rather than 46.82s? It could be additive layering to the low synth, but then you don't step the repeated pitch to it at 47.16-47.32s and you jump the next set of chords without layering.
49.42s: Could step the low synth note here.
69.66-70.16s: Could break the anchor here.
117.16-117.99s: There are jumps to two different percussion sounds that complement each other two fill the whole section, so it would be good to either remove jumps to one of them or change the patterns so it's easier to feel which jumps go to which sound.
168.66, 169.99s: Maybe unlayer this percussion sound so the piano rhythm isn't so hidden.

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

[8/10] [Resubmission] Synchronized Hearts {Colony 5} (hi19hi19)
- looking at this file again for a bit, I was afraid I might have a different opinion of it than I did the first time
- I absolutely don't; this file legitimately feels and plays like an authentic file circa 2006; it's all so noticeable and deliberate
- one thing that I noticed that I feel like you should change is at 179.092; the jumps feel a little out of place given the claps being touched on for a moment
- still seems staircase heavy to me if there were any changed, particularly near the end
- still really like this file; would love to see/make a v2 for it that utilizes a bit more modern charting style, haha

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Trobbel {Animal Alpha} (Silvuh)
- offset to a 8th note
- rhythms need some improvement particularly on the repeated snares (see: 29.018 [etc]); some snares are also quantized a bit too tightly (see: 40.159 [etc])
- some guitar notes noticeably missing in the last third of the song (see: 93.628 [etc])
- watch your offsetting near the end, as you end up synced to a 12th note at 113.847
- the chart could use a little bit of touching up with rhythms (both incorrect and simply missing), and structural offsetting (synced to an 8th)
- however, the overall patterning and layering is actually somewhat well executed despite the aforementioned note

[7.5/10] Champion's Horizon {WillRock} (hi19hi19)
- 10.834 to 13.084: PR as a whole could be improved in these jumps
- 27.834: missing note (trailing guitar note)
- a few missing jumps in first repeat of melody, all coinciding with bass kick: 43.084, 47.084, 53.834; etc -- it seems partially intentional but the structure looks strange seeing jumps for some coincidences and not others
- 65.584: polyrhythm is out of place (admittedly the guitar plays a strange rhythm here)
- 158.084:
- the first part of the guitar solo really bothers me because it puts no focus on the start of the guitar's sequence due to all of the jumps
- missing notes for the tremolo at 179.959 (optional)
- 200.084: missing bass kicks (you catch them in various other places)
- 202.084: if you're going to follow the guitar in the background, clean up your patterns so that other taps don't collide with the guitar (I see an appropriate 443322, but there's two 4s before?)
- 208.834/210.084: reassign some patterns since this is somewhat freeform patterning; the first instance has a left-handed trill not representing anything, the second one has a long slew of up arrows on the 8ths
- 226.334: glaring missing note
- ending is a bit dull, but so is the song -- maybe add some taps for the pikachu calls?
- solid file overall; a few tweaks could help but certainly not bad

[8.5/10] Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) {Astronaut} [bmah]
- 48th note at 23.159 doesn't quite sync to anything; no grace note in the piano and the vocal is fullest and most pronounced around 23.237 (or just a 16th after)
- 42.143: despite being correctly placed, this note just stands out as strange given that it's the only one in this section
- 45.386: missing note for vocal (slurred note after 45.151); multiple instances as vocal repeats
- 80.307: arguably an echo, but noticeably present; charting the synth might not be a bad idea
- triple usage is acceptable, but difficult to initially discern as direct layering
- great file! a bit heavy on the layering, but given the song style - quite fitting.

[3.5/10] Fibonacci Sequence {Dr. Steel} (Coolgamer)
- offset noticeably off, chart is quite early
- jump placement lacks consistency
- single note patterning attempts to be coherent and interesting towards the vocals (30.957 is a good example), but overall the patterning is fairly weak and almost random
- rhythms are reasonably close to correct
- layering however, needs substantial work for this file to be passable

[5/10] Fractions {Dangerkids} (VisD)
- watch vocal sync at 17.989s, 31.218s
- as a whole, this chart could benefit from better patterning -- there are a lot of repeated taps between multiple chart elements (like kicks and snares, or vocals and some other percussion, etc)
- 76.323 to 89.656: assigning jumps as a result of synth + percussion here makes the layering look poor visually; it feels way heavier than it should be
- if the chart is going to take advantage of the lower guitar, it has to be done effectively; the repeated taps are visually impossible to make sense of, and layering something like that with something as prominent as vocals is going to usually prove quite detrimental to your layering
- 147.989: that's a lot of up arrows
- has potential but the structure needs to be more concise

[7.5/10] KXLU 1 {Lauren Bousfield} (DossarLX ODI)
- to be perfectly honest, I feel like the chart is slightly overdone although I cannot personally figure out which notes do not belong due to how abrasive the song even sounds
- chart is surprisingly fluent despite looking rather abrasive on the surface
- jump placement could be slightly better/more relevant to the melody; the repeated taps don't quite coincide with the melody overall
- quite fun, almost reminds me of an easier but slightly longer Pandora without the violent bursts

[8/10] Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix) {Stone McKnuckle} (DarkZtar)
- 4.710: missing 8ths for underlying guitar notes (etc)
- a few missing taps for percussion (11.645, 21.248, etc)
- 38.700: after accenting it in the first part of the section, the guitar gets left out to dry, what a shame
- 62.021: quite a nasty pattern to have at 195 BPM, only because it forces a 24th note mini-trill
- a few missing percussion notes at 131.602 and 131.907
- 138.385: should be 16ths
- 144.177: should be 24ths

[5.5/10] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
- some jumps feel like they are missing (13.217, 13.949, 19.071?)
- 34.421: interesting choice of white note usage
- 71.205 to end: I hate generalizing like this, but these last two chorus areas really could use a lot of work in my opinion so I'll break it down a bit
----- the jump usage could be way stronger: you repeat the same jumps in the chorus while including the jacks, but you could easily switch it up for more percussion relevance
----- some percussion is just left out, which someone brings the intensity of the chorus down a bit (72.485, 73.583 as two examples)
----- in situations where repeated vocals happen ("are you nasty?" - 78.888 and 80.351), patterns could repeat themselves very exclusively, breaking any pattern chaining before and after (see 79.985, where an up arrow connects the following three taps to follow the vocals)
----- some 8ths are ambiguous to your structure (71.571, 74.498, 77.424); this isn't to say those notes do not exist, but they break from what could be a really solid and explicit structure
----- various taps are actually missing for percussion as well, although in the current state it could further convolute a somewhat loaded structure again
- the chorus sections at the end have some good qualities: the jacks feel very correct and the jumps used for vocal sequences like those at 88.766 are somewhat intelligent
- however, as it stands, this structure doesn't really work to me

[8.5/10] Noetic {Docmo} (Silvuh)
- those synth flutters could use some love
- chart is solid and well done as an easier file

[4/10] Paper Wings {Rise Against} (Xiz)
- offset feels very early
- BPM should be doubled given the song's tempo
- noticeably glaring error at 31.320
- structure does not seem sound in the earlier parts of the song (why four jumps for coinciding vocals + percussion at 31.995 but no jumps at 31.695, 37.545, etc)
- many missing taps for percussion that are quite glaring and the structure seems quite incomplete without it given that it is somewhat dense
- jumps in the chorus from 55.360 to 74.564 occasionally feel overdone as some steps don't prominently follow the vocals
- 65.789: this jump is quite glaring and likely would be better quantized to the 8th to prevent such a jarring pattern
- 74.564: this lasts for almost 10 seconds and is quite boring; switch to L/R halfway to keep your player engaged
- 89.564: should be 32nds
- 105.764: this section would be quite appropriate for 100 BPM if the rest of the song had the proper 200 BPM
- second chorus shares similar note as first chorus about some jumps not prominently following the vocals
- chart somehow manages to appear overdone at half tempo because of massive jump overusage; chart does not play well at all and has many missing elements

[7/10] s.s.s.s {hyi} (Gradiant)
- I swear to god I've listened to 14.682 hundreds of times because the rhythm sounds ever so slightly different between those two gabber kicks but DDream says I'm wrong so whatever
- not a fan of the spins/rolls; however, they do keep the stream patterns relatively smooth
- it feels like a few jumps could be added outside of the streams because there are noticeable kicks still represented as single taps, despite being somewhat cutoff
- dislike the chart, but it is solid and coherent

[7.5/10] Shiratsuyu {mo_no_chrome} (DarkZtar)
- using the bass as leverage for minijacks is not the most well-advised idea here since it's quite tough to determine what the repeating element is that causes the mini-jack
- 54.891/64.853/(65.189 -> jump): missing note for string
- 113.889: should be 32nds
- 117.353: missing note for the accordion
- 125.413: check rhythm
- structure seems quite rigid, but generally passable; clean it up a bit

[5/10] Stomp The Bats {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
- various 12th notes seem to be missing throughout the entire song in areas where vocals don't coincide, which is quite distracting
- in situations where you're going to use repeating taps to represent an element, you likely should capture it fully and not partially; the repeated taps for the synth detract from your layering when you're not capturing the 16ths in the synth (which is fine given that you're trying to capture the vocals, but this somewhat causes clutters your structure and makes it confusing)
- 66.798: should be a 12th jack (same pitch as note before)
- 80.667: six down arrows?
- 149.261: should be a 12th jack (same pitch as note before)
- not a fan; the incomplete representation of the synth and use of it as a filler when it has some rhythmic content and potential for deviation really pulls the chart down for me -- additionally, the structure seems a bit heavy and could do better with some better note placement

[2.5/10] Under The Pale Moon {Alias Conrad Coldwood} (James May)
- 14.322: 64th one-handed mini-trill at 100 BPM, ouch?
- there are a ton of ghost notes that cause the structure to get absolutely ridiculous, especially in the latter half of the file where bursts start to become intertwined with these non-existent notes - very few of the 32nds are actually present, and the 64ths are a massive stretch
- despite being 94 seconds, the song drags on for ever

[0/10] What the #&%$ {Azul} (incubusrul3d1984)
- auto-rejected for freeze usage; please take a look at the submission rules listed on the first page of the Queue/Batch Discussion Thread
- as an aside: this file needs a reasonable amount of work; the chart offset is not quite correct, the jacks are quite overdone, rhythms can be tweaked a bit and as a whole, structure could be improved

[9/10] Wood Man (Megaman 2) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)
- slightly noticeable piano note missing at 53.995
- hot damn this file is great! I wish there were a few more triples used for some of those bigger 8-bit splash cymbals and the ending piano chords, but the file feels great regardless

=== JUDGE: Wayward Vagabond ===

[7*/10] [Resubmission] Synchronized Hearts {Colony 5} (hi19hi19)

nice old school file feelz file. the only real thing i can say in regards to it and how you stepped it is to use more index friendly patterns in the streams. a cut in the song would also keep it from dragging on especially with how repetitive the song is.

[9/10] [Resubmission] Trobbel {Animal Alpha} (Silvuh)

oh wow this was so much fun. silvuh rocking it

[8*/10] Champion's Horizon {WillRock} (hi19hi19)

32nd at 113.709 needs to be after the 16th.
what's up with you and never wanting to cut any song lol. everything after 200.00 can be cut. and one of the sections that repeats inbetween the solos earlier in the song can also be cut out.

[7*/10] Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jnr) {Astronaut} [bmah]

the vocals at 23.12 specifically the 48th after the 4th and the 12th before the 8th can be removed. when playing the vocals sound like they land on the 4th and 8th so the added arrows just ruin the flow of that section. at 59.1 those 13 and 24 trill can be changed to 12 and 34 trills so they are easier to play and it would match better with the overall difficulty of the file. also remove the vocal layering you have going on in that section so it also fits better with the overall difficulty. the section will still have the climax without going overboard.

[4/10] Fibonacci Sequence {Dr. Steel} (Coolgamer)

very beginner file that needs a lot of restructuring before it can be considered. cool song choice though.

[5/10] Fractions {Dangerkids} (VisD)

this file was owning up until i hit the {firestorm} section at 76.32 and then it all just went downhill. the anchors before that weren't as over done because they were broken up more but after that section it becomes too excessive. why do you have so many anchored patterns that don't need to be anchored? change of the patterns so you dont have everything anchored and you have a pretty solid file.

[7/10] KXLU 1 {Lauren Bousfield} (DossarLX ODI)
file was nice just not sure why you stopped it so abruptly. you couldve done a fade out from where you stopped to 105.2 and just done single notes for the fade out and it wouldve turned out nice.

[8/10] Listen (Houkago Tea Time remix) {Stone McKnuckle} (DarkZtar)

the 24ths at 62.02 just change them to 16ths. it plays better and makes more sense. other than that file owns.

[8.5/10] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)

this song is bad and you should feel bad

[7/10] Noetic {Docmo} (Silvuh)

easy file not much to say.

[7/10] Paper Wings {Rise Against} (Xiz)

sync your file you noob it drifts. other than that it's fine

[7.5/10] s.s.s.s {hyi} (Gradiant)

i actually really liked this a lot lol. its repetitive but its short enough for it to not matter.

[7.5/10] Shiratsuyu {mo_no_chrome} (DarkZtar)

this is good though it drags a bit but not enough to be offputting.

[5/10] Stomp The Bats {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)

this is definitely one of your weaker files. im pretty sure you were going for an easier file for this song but this file seemed so scattered like you weren't exactly sure what direction you wanted to go in so you just lazily put something down and copied when things repeated. you could definitely do a lot more with this song

[5/10] Under The Pale Moon {Alias Conrad Coldwood} (James May)

this is one of those songs that should probably never be fully stepped as far as sounds are concered. it plays like a jumbled mess because you are trying to fit waay to much at once. tone it waaay down and turn it into an easy file and it owuld play better and make more sense. the song is too calm to warrant how you stepped it.

[!/10] What the #&%$ {Azul} (incubusrul3d1984)

you have a terrible username. this wont affect how i judge your file i just thought you should know that you have a terrible username. oh hey check it out the file is bad and it has holds so i dont even have to really play through it hell yeah.

[8/10] Wood Man (Megaman 2) {Shnabubula} (hi19hi19)

this file owned. its hard to follow what you're stepping at times because there's so much going on but it doesnt really detract from the file. some pattern choices im not to fond of but that doesnt really affect the overall quality of the file


=== JUDGE: DossarLX ODI ===

[7/10] [Resubmission] Crucial {David MeShow remixed by Kaiben} (VisD)
Length: 2:23.88
Steps: 495
Jumps: 115
Hands: 0
- 9.16, 28.36, 52.35: While these notes are here, I think it would be a good idea to take Silvuh's idea of removing soft notes like these that are barely audible. In this case, the 8ths I mentioned.
- 59.25: Missing guitar note (this isn't an echo sound and it's audible enough to be awkward to leave out)
- 64.05: Early, try the 48th after
- 71.55: There should have been a 11 minijack on this 8th (the [13] jump after can be changed to [23], etc.)
- 81.15: Same idea as 71.55 but a 22 minijack instead. Also there's a missing jump here, you layered a soft sound on the 4th after and it's also on this 8th but a single note instead
- 83.85: This [13] jump should've been a white jump considering the color scheme previously for this breezing effect (you even did it on 93.46)
- 87.15: Reversed PR, This 8th should've been on 1, it shouldn't be placed higher than the 16th after
- 94.65: Barely audible
- 119.40: There should've been a 16th minijack here (see 18.57)
- 124.05, 124.20: Barely audible
- 129.15: See 81.15
- 138.60: No 16th minijack here?
- 141.45: Why aren't the following down notes all white? They go with the breezing sound and the guitar

[6/10] [Resubmission] One For All All For One {Razihel & Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
Length: 4:20.62
Steps: 1245
Jumps: 466
Hands: 73
- 15.27, 21.89, 25.82: Prominent melody isn't playing here so these should be single notes, there is a softer melody running in the background but that's not what is being layered here. Alternatively for 25.82 you can step an 8th minijack into the [14] jump for the kick.
- 33.27: Jump on this 8th would be nice for accenting
- 35.44, 36.27: These 16ths are prominent enough that they can be included
- 39.58: Missing 16th, you can also have jumps for the 8th minijack right after to layer this in as well
- The 48th burst patterning makes sense, but at the same time they are 64ths technically and I think having 7-note 32nd bursts with spin-like patterns would work better (7-note to prevent 16th minijacks into the hands). For instance, 47.96 could have been 1243124-[123]
- 78.17, 170.86: No jump?
- 82.72: 8th jack should break up here
- 84.37: 8th jack should break up here, different pitch
- 89.13: These 8ths/4ths should have been on the same column (3-note 8th jack)
- 90.99: Change this 4th to left or right. Same idea as 84.37
- 105.89, 106.10: These should have been hands -- also, the long up jack on 104.44 isn't following anything for that long, it should be broken up
- 112.72: Missing offsetted 8th (see 109.42)
- 135.06: Missing jump (see 133.41)
- 175.27: 12th minijack should be for the kick, not the lighter synth (an alternative here for example could be [13][14][23])
- 181.89: Same idea as 175.27
- 190.58: Missing 12th
- 215.13: See 82.72
- 223.41: See 84.37
- 238.30: This is what I had in mind for 105.89
- I listed some inconsistencies above which can be expected from longer files that are hard to keep track during stepping. I would say this file suffers from repeating too many of the same themes for its length. 106.30 would have been a nice starting point as the song builds up from there. Watch out for long jacks as well

[7/10] [Resubmission] Revenge Of Mister Foxsky {Foxsky} (Xiz)
Length: 2:10.53
Steps: 812
Jumps: 226
Hands: 38
- 28.24: You could insert this 8th to "Foxy"
- 40.97: There's also a bass kick on this 24th like at 34.42 but no jump here. Keep to single notes or a jump, if you want better playability I would suggest single notes to prevent tight faster minijacks.
- 65.88: What's this 8th jump for? 67.51 I can see layers in the bass kick
- 76.24: This should have also been white (see 80.59)
- 109.24: You can layer in the "let's get ready to rumble" sounds, including the remaining 4ths up to 110.33 and the 24th on 109.88
- 113.60: Having all hands on the 4ths in this section is overkill, potentially turn them into jumps and remove the long 8th jacks (the 8ths are going to different sounds, e.g. the DJ mix sound and the "hey") so the ending could be fixed

[7/10] Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) {Krewella} [psychoangel691]
Length: 3:12.07
Steps: 981
Jumps: 235
Hands: 19
- This version was sent without a difficulty tag but this is the [Heavy] submission since [Standard] is already ingame.
- The beginning in [Standard] stepped all the 8ths in the beginning but for some reason in this version they were left out.
- 66.53, 152.25: The offsetting is fine, but a hand here is a bit overkill
- 74.80, 88.52, 160.52, 174.23: This very closely resembles a 24th stream; what's with all the color usage here?
- 77.02: Missing jump (76.71 had a jump layering this along with a color offset)
- 93.00: If this is offsetted 92.88 should have also been offsetted
- 111.52, 116.24, 119.67: Vocals don't land on this 4th, what's this jump for?
- 120.10-123.31: The jumps should only be used layering in the vocals (in this case, "every second here makes my heart beat faster")
- 164.02, 164.45: These two 8th notes are the same synth sound, they should have been in the same column (the 12th at 164.10 isn't the synth)
- 167.52: Why are the note placements different from the same "heart beat faster" stutter at 81.81? (32nds here for some reason)

[3/10] All I Ever Wanted {Basshunter} (VisD)
Length: 3:07.37
Steps: 989
Jumps: 312
Hands: 82
- I can see why the BPM change on the first note was done but this is unnecessary; the vocal just starts on an 8th, no BPM tricks are needed.
- 6.51-8.69: I'd recommend just sticking with the piano in this snippet since the piano is much more significant than the barely audible vocals
- 9.62: By this logic 4.24 should have also had an 8th. This should be removed (this deals with the barely audible or ghost notes, 11.27 for instance is real)
- 17.07: This is a 4-note 32nd burst, not 48ths.
- 22.44, 37.76, etc.: Going back to 9.62, only the significant words in the vocals should be stepped -- these are barely audible
- 31.34: This is a hand at most from what you're stepping
- 48.10, 48.31, 48.93, 49.13: None of these are hands. Change them to jumps; only the drum rolls and the synth are being layered
- 51.82: 32nds here, not 48ths (correct number of notes, wrong quantization)
- 52.44: Not a quad, quads shouldn't be used willy nilly like this
- For spots like 54.41 and 61.03 there is a 32nd triplet but no 64ths. Going from 52.86, only 64ths are included as inconsistently-placed gallops instead of 16ths for no discernible reason
- 56.58: Also from here I'm seeing jumps that aren't layering in the synth when it's playing on the 16ths, so the jump usage also needs work
- 64.44: More quad abuse
- 64.86: Single note when there's a bass kick and a cymbal? The layering needs a direction
- 78.62-78.82: Missing 16ths in the 16th run -- the 32nd split patterns themselves are already a difficulty spike
- 104.17, 105.82, 107.48: Assuming the jump at 102.51 was supposed to be for the piano, these jumps are also missing.
- 109.76: The percussion itself doesn't warrant all jumps
- 137.27: There basically hasn't been any variation and this section is incredibly overlayered.
- 145.55: Repeat of the first half with the 64ths instead of 16ths for the synths.
- This file has a massive overlayering issue and the 64ths are completely unwarranted. The synth is a normal element of the song and doesn't need any sort of emphasis like offsetting, and here it's abused. The file is also sparse with the sudden 16th/32nd difficulty spikes (especially the split 32nds). The overlayering also causes repetitive issues.

[7/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS} (ilikexd)
Length: 2:10.80
Steps: 878
Jumps: 336
Hands: 34
- 24.40: Missing jump (see 25.77)
- It may help to make the BPM changes for the female vocals a different color than 8ths since there is also a prominent 16th melody running and the switch to the vocals can be sudden.
- 49.94: Doesn't go to the vocals. This should be removed
- 55.94: Missing jump
- 57.23: Ghost note, only prominent words should be stepped
- 65.20, 65.89, 66.57: Considering what's stepped right before, these should be jumps
- 80.29: Missing jump
- 83.71: An offsetted note here conflicts with 17.89 where there's just a 4th; make 17.89 a white note to match this as well
- The quad usage in this file was awkward but for the most part the structure was there. I'd recommend using different colors for those BPM change sections.

[6/10] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
Length: 2:18.84
Steps: 652
Jumps: 237
Hands: 0
- 13.17: Ghost note (17.74 fine but here is not)
- 20.60, 75.46: This 16th should be removed. The prominent word is "No" and anything in between isn't as significant
- 25.60: Missing 8th (low bass sound at 26.74 is stepped but not this one)
- 47.31: Too many up arrow 8th jacks. The "cord" triplets can be split up.
- 52.03, 61.17: The melody shouldn't land on the same note as the vocal triplets
- 80.46: Missing 8th (see 25.60)
- While the file does have the element of simplicity to it, too many patterns repeat over and over (I for instance saw [212] 16th triplets appear too often in many 16th sections). The structure is basic and alright, but the patterns need more variation.

[5/10] Duncan Hills Cover {Metaljonus} (trumaestro)
Length: 1:13.69
Steps: 373
Jumps: 71
Hands: 0
- 10.93: There are 32nds here, not 24ths; I could see this kind of patterning work if the sound could be represented as 24ths, but here the speed of the song and the prominent nature of the double bass pedals doesn't make it work. If you want 24ths at this speed, triplet patterns would work better (e.g. 434, 232, and so on)
- 11.89: No snare hit here, this should be a single note
- 19.44: Vocal is loud on this 16th, it's worth stepping
- 20.76, 21.24: You may want to include these cymbal crashes
- There are more of those 8th cymbal crashes that only have single notes in their place (just the guitar is being stepped) and there are missing vocal notes that could be included such as 23.28, 25.20, and so on.
- I should also note the guitar patterns from 19.56-34.66 have a tremendous copy-paste issue.
- 40.87: It's worth stepping the vocals in this song from how prominent they are. "You're gonna get some" is missing here and it's blasting at the player.
- 41.59: See 10.93
- 46.17: The 8th vocals for "and scream for your cream" should have jumps, layering both the percussion and the lyrics
- 49.29, 57.44-57.92: See 10.93
- 51.69: Jump usage from here gets confusing (missing jumps at 50.25, 53.12, 57.92, and 60.79?)
- 65.82, 66.06, 66.30: Jumps layering in the cymbals would be nice
- 67.02-67.50: This is a full 32nd run
- The copy/paste issue at 19.56-34.66 needs to be resolved and the file's layering choices don't add much; this song was meant to be fast paced. Playing an easier file with those blasting 250+ BPM 16th double bass pedal hits doesn't fit

[6/10] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (bmah)
Length: 4:44.18
Steps: 1383
Jumps: 503
Hands: 50
- 39.87-44.30: I can see why this spot has some gaps to put a focus on the percussion, but outside of this section there is a running 16th stream in the background and several notes of it are missing (49.13 for instance was an awkward gap)
- 40.93, 43.01, 44.31: Iffy on the color usage here. I can see why it's used, but not much is going on here and it doesn't do much.
- 67.00, 71.17: Missing guitar note
- 85.91: What's this 16th jump for?
- 104.99: Merge the 64ths here to 16th positions. So this part should be [13][24][13][24] 16th jumps. The 64ths are wrong and make this part a mess.
- 109.33: The sound is on the 24th after, not this 32nd. There's a 32nd triplet going into 24ths here.
- Many of the color placements look sketchy in this file
- 110.96, 112.65, 115.13: Missing jumps for bass kick
- 111.48: Missing note for bass kick
- A few measures later I have to say the layering is rather confusing. There are missing notes for the bass kick in several sections, and then I see jumps layering in the melody and the bass kick sometimes. I don't see a clear focus on the layering here.
- 129.61: Another missing bass kick. There are more of these, but I'll stop listing these -- the idea is there
- 135.61: It isn't a good idea to suddenly boost up the layering this heavy. Shortly after there are 16th jumpgluts where the jumps appear for the bass kicks; however that is overkill, this part can be executed differently.
- Note on the 64th gallops: These will be an entire frame off. Even a 96th such as 143.67 is most likely to be a frame off. If these were meant to be color offsets, there needs to be BPM changes to compensate for the low BPM of this song.
- 156.80: Shifting this 32nd a 64th later would shift an entire frame and create an 11/64th interval, which is what the guitar seems to be playing.
- 161.35: Missing 12th for guitar
- 164.83: The guitar here is 3/16ths
- 170.04: Guitar here is a 32nd gallop, not a 64th
- 213.38: These 64th gallops for the guitar make the file messy and don't land on the guitar; the 16th placements make more sense.
- 218.04: Why is this jump here?
- 223.52, 223.78, 224.30: Missing jumps
- 247.01: This is an example of an alternative that could have been taken to remove the 64th placements for the guitar that were mixed in with the 16ths -- the offsetting brings focus to the guitar without making it an entire frame off
- 267.67: From this point on to the end the jumps are unnecessary
- Many of the color placements in this file seemed sketchy but I'll have to see what other judges make of it; I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The jump usage in this file is heavy so it was convoluted and hard to follow.

[3/10] If I Ruled the World {Futuristic Sex Robotz} (Xtreme2252)
Length: 4:29.97
Steps: 1095
Jumps: 202
Hands: 0
- Changed offset to -2.124
- 4.35, 9.67: These 24th gallops should change to 16th triplets for consistency with 15.02 and 20.34
- This file should have been running at half BPM -- the 4th beats are slow, there's an 8th kick but that's not the main beat. Also the song has lyrics that fall on different placements than 8ths but there are excessive BPM changes in attempt to compensate for this
- 30.13: How come all of a sudden there are jumps?
- 118.83: Up to here I've basically been seeing the same patterns over and over again. The jump usage doesn't make sense. I can see which lyrics are trying to be stepped but this file's sync needs work.
- 204.76: There isn't a 16th triplet
- 236.81: This ending is basically a bunch of copy-paste
- Song ends abruptly
- The syncing needs work. The copy paste has to lower -- the first chorus can be cut out since the first two minutes is basically repeating the same thing from a player's perspective. Along with that the layering needs to be established; jumps are just placed randomly and the patterning doesn't make sense and is overly repetitive.

[4/10] Kanon {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
Length: 2:26.07
Steps: 1129
Jumps: 220
Hands: 52
- 24.02-34.99: The way this section is stepped leaves out prominent percussion. Some parts of the percussion are in there, but then at 28.73 it seems like there is a sudden transition to the flute.
- 47.33: This section is a mess. Color notes everywhere. 50.20 there's a 32nd jump into a minijack, 55.26 there's another 32nd jump but with some 192nd gallop before it, and so on. First off, the color jumps should be removed. The fast triplets and gallops should also be removed (stuff like 51.54, 52.97, 55.15, etc.)
- The mess of color notes hurts the playability of the above section tremendously -- especially with those fast gallops and color jumps mixed in. Recoloring can be a suitable alternative, but as it is right now the section is just horrendous to play.
- 56.67: Layering in this file is rather convoluted. There is the piano playing 16ths here, but what are these jumps going to? They also create a minijack into the hand and I don't see why these are jumps
- 56.93: Right after this hand is empty space when there is prominent percussion playing. This section is severely understepped -- I see what the current notes are going to, but there's a lot missing here.
- The patterning in this file looks like it was intentionally placed to be unnecessarily difficult along with all the color placements; the fast trills are hard to discern
- 84.19-86.20: Excessive one-hand bias
- 93.45, 93.96: These are 32nd bursts
- 98.67: This 16th jump should've been stepped on the 32nd after (there's a 4-note 32nd burst starting on the 8th at 98.59)
- 103.90, 104.42, 105.27: These are also 32nds
- 109.56: There's a 4-note 32nd burst here. A 32nd triplet should have been stepped in this case.
- There were sections where the layering seemed to make sense, but for the most part this file is very convoluted. The patterning needs work and there are several incorrect rhythms; those color sections need to be fixed. Along with that the file has understepped sections that play awkwardly when other elements are running.

[6/10] Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] {Rachel Macwhirter} (XelNya)
Length: 1:20.04
Steps: 101
Jumps: 41
Hands: 0
- The good news is that the hands have been removed, excellent for an easier for like this.
- However, the layering can still be toned down. Around 40% of the file is jumps.
- 2.80-37.71 You can just focus on the piano and not worry about any layering. Accenting will work better here. For instance, 8.80 and 26.25 could have used a jump and the surrounding notes singles -- this emphasizes the harder piano hit.
- So in other words, there shouldn't be any layering; just accenting jumps should be used since the piano is by far the most prominent element of the song.
- 37.71: Here a flute is introduced. This should also be single notes; layering in several elements causes the jump usage to be excessive.
- 52.43, 69.88: Louder piano notes that would be nice for accenting.
- From what I saw playing through this file, the jumps are from trying to layer in several elements but the jumps don't add anything significant. Accenting jumps would be a much better approach here to make the louder piano notes stand out -- otherwise you just have almost half the file as jumps with empty space, making the jumps lose their effect.

[8/10] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
Length: 1:48.50
Steps: 524
Jumps: 223
Hands: 32
- 32.88: What's this jump for?
- 45.14: Not sure if this 64th placement was intentional color offsetting, but the 24th before on 45.13 is where the violin lands (creates the 12th interval).
- 56.88: Missing violin 8th note
- 60.17: Missing guitar note (potentially a jump?)
- 76.13: I can see two alternatives here: a 3/64th triplet, or a 24th triplet starting on this 16th. For the former there should be a 64th on 76.20 instead of the 48th on 76.19, and for the latter there should be a 48th on 76.26 instead of the 32nd on 76.28
- In other words, for 76.13 do either a 24th triplet or a 3/64th triplet, don't mix 48ths with 32nds -- that's not the interval
- 81.06, 81.26: Missing 8th notes, not sure what this gap here is for
- 85.71: Missing jump for violin and cymbal
- 87.07: Missing 8th guitar note
- 104.05: Missing 12th to violin
- A substantial improvement from what I saw in the July 2013 submission and was fun to play.

[9/10] R2 {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
Length: 2:13.93
Steps: 820
Jumps: 253
Hands: 28
- 18.02, 18.69: Missing jump (guitar and vocal)
- 20.47: Missing jump for snare
- 43.09: Missing jump
- 127.68: YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN! Although you're doing it with mirror...
- Man I have to say that was quite the ending. The guitar solos had many color notes and I think those could be touched up with some recoloring, but otherwise this file was a blast.

[6/10] Spooky Scary Skeletons {The Living Tombstone(remix)} (M0nkeyz)
Length: 1:54.36
Steps: 492
Jumps: 199
Hands: 2
- 6.80: This note is a different pitch than 5.86, should be on a different column
- In the beginning the vocals should be stepped; there are too many repetitive 8th notes that become boring fast.
- 10.90, 11.60, 18.40, 21.45, 22.15, 22.62, 25.90 (and so on): Examples of 16th placements that go to the vocals. The 8th notes can be reduced; it's not a good idea to fill up all the 8th notes for insignificant elements just to fill up space, a focus on the vocals would be better
- 37.15: Interesting, there's a 16th stepped for the vocals here but plenty of missing notes before
- 50.63, 58.13: Missing 16th for vocal
- 69.14: Missing jump
- 71.48: You already used the [23] 8th jump structure previously. Do a different pattern; along with that, 69.61-71.25 shouldn't have minijacks (see 62.11)
- You could also optionally add hands for 47.11, 54.61, 61.64, 62.11, 69.61, 76.64, and 77.11
- 88.09: Follow what was done at 50.39 (here it's double the BPM). This 48th should be on the 12th before, then an 8th note on 88.13 for the vocal, then a 24th on 88.28 for the gallop.
- 95.39: Follow what was done at 57.89 (here it's double the BPM).
- 101.02, 104.77: This 4th is a different pitch from the next two 12th notes, it shouldn't be part of the jack (example alternative is [23])
- 103.09: See 88.09
- 108.52, 112.27: Same idea as 101.02, this 4th is a different pitch than the two 12ths after
- 110.08: Suddenly the jack structure broke here. This 12th minijack should have been part of the 4th before.
- Song ends abruptly; an easing fade-out would be much better.
- I'm giving this rating under the condition that the jacks I mentioned above are fixed. Along with that the vocals should be included.

[4/10] Tasteless {Ken Ashcorp} (JSH)
Length: 2:58.11
Steps: 700
Jumps: 237
Hands: 0
- 26.09: The BPM should've been doubled here. The 4th beats land on 180 BPM.
- Going from there, the 16th usage and jump usage aren't clear. Sometimes it looks like the snare is being stepped as jumps with parts of the melody being stepped, some of the vocals seem to fall on the jumps, but there isn't anything that shows what the file is focusing on.
- 36.09: To give just one example going to the above line, I see four jumps here layering in both the melody and the snare, but not at 41.43 even though it's the same exact sounds.
- 130.09: This 16th stream doesn't belong here
- Most of the lyrics are stepped spot-on and the 4-note snare hits are stepped, but the other 16ths and the jump usage is inconsistent throughout the entire file and there is the noticeable copy paste since there were the same exact jump placements used for the chorus that repeated again. This file needs layering established and needs to fix the 16th usage.
- Also the song should have been 180 BPM at 26.09

[6/10] YATA {kireji} (Silvuh)
Length: 1:51.84
Steps: 857
Jumps: 199
Hands: 26
- 2.10, 7.43, 10.10: This jump should share a note with the 3/16ths after since the violin is the same sound
- 8.93, 9.43, 25.93: Missing jumps
- 32.88, 33.21: Missing 12ths
- 44.52, 46.77: Missing piano notes in the stream
- 47.35: Missing note
- 48.10: There are 32nds here, not 24ths. If a 24th staircase was to be stepped here, 64ths wouldn't be mixed in.
- 51.43: There's a slowdown and then a speedup here, and recoloring would more accurately reflect this than a colored placement mess.
- 56.02, 56.39, 56.89, 57.14: Missing notes
- 57.27-57.77: The scratch records here are all 24ths. The 12th up-right-up patterning is good, but the other placements are wrong, they should land on the 24ths and 8th.
- 59.02: There is a 32nd triplet starting on this 8th, but not 24ths. Right number of notes, incorrect quantization.
- 59.45: Ghost note
- 66.35, 66.68, 66.85, 67.18, 69.60: Missing notes
- 70.77: Missing jump
- 78.12: This is a 32nd burst but the way it's stepped right now is passable
- 96.17, 96.34: These notes should have also been offsetted for the scratch records
- At 96.59 there is an 8th and at 96.67 there is a 16th. These are the placements of what you meant to step.
- 100.75: Not a jump

[8/10] Yukidokeiro Flowers {daisan & zue-row} (Silvuh)
Length: 2:12.07
Steps: 773
Jumps: 175
Hands: 32
- This is a special case since the song is 150 BPM on the dot; the 64th triplet at 61.55 should be changed to 48ths because that snaps exactly to 1 frame for each note. A 64th would mean a messy conversion.
- 8.05: This is an insignificant sound compared to the piano that plays on the 8th after, not sure if this is worth stepping.
- 36.75: The way this is stepped is passable but for reference there is a 32nd triplet starting on the 16th at 36.85
- 75.45: Not sure what this jump is for. There is a missing piano note on the 4th after.
- 90.75, 91.35, 91.55: Missing jumps? (See 89.15) Same goes for the few measures after, the layering in this section isn't clear.
- 118.15, 118.95, 119.75, 120.35: Missing jumps (violin and piano)

=== JUDGE: hi19hi19 ===

[4/10] [Resubmission] Crucial {David MeShow remixed by Kaiben} (VisD)
- 9.290, 28.490, 52.484, etc. are noticably late from the actual sound. The first four notes of these passages are played faster than 16ths, then there's a bigger-than-16th gap before the resolution. As you have it feels kinda okay I guess, but it feels off to play.
- Note that there are passages like the one I mentioned above that are played strictly as 16ths. The guitar is very legato, you have to deal with each phrase's sync individually.
- PR fishy in places, like the 83.834 phrase being totally backwards.
- Lots of really minor errors everywhere. I'll just pick an example measure:
- 133.784 ghost note.
- 133.934 not supposed to be a jump
- 134.084 either a ghost note, or going to the guitar echo, in which case it should be a minijack like you do elsewhere in the file.
- In general, jack usage is strange. Why is 135.734 not a minijack while you have sections like 99.434 stepped really strictly with regards to same tone = jack.
- Missing a 32nd at 138.359. Sounds like an error by the guitarist, but it's so prominent as to be jarring when it's not stepped.
- Generally very inconsistent file. Will take significant effort to clean this up; the rating is an accumulation of lots of small errors and questionable stuff, not any one big issue.

[5/10] [Resubmission] One For All All For One {Razihel & Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
- You didn't include a .sm or .dwi file. DDReam files don't work with the converter.
- I'll judge it anyway because I'm nice. You're welcome.
- Beginning is generally very solid. If you want to add a little more, there's a noticable ton drum pattern at 16.387 etc. that could be layered.
- 26.836 you're layering... just the kick drum and hi-hat? So much more going on here, and it's pretty jarring to no longer be following the melody. Making this harder is fine difficulty wise too (compare to 72.767 for example). Not wrong, but a weak section of the file.
- 44.008, 47.318 etc. the tone actually changes on the 16th after. Not a clean sound = can be fudged, so up to you how you want it.
- Lots of grace notes to bends you can put here too, if you'd like. (50.008 etc.) Absolutely a style thing, just pointing it out for you.
- The copy/paste is noticable here but it's okay because it's long passages and only plays twice.
- 73.180 rougher on the left hand than it looks- worth considering for difficulty curve.
- 83.939, 87.249, etc. the wub doesn't play here so this shouldn't make a trill pattern. For example in the first one, [24] is much more appropriate.
- 84.353 different sound, shouldn't be jacking on the same finger.
- 83.939 & 84.560 using the same jump for the snare and the kick layering feels weird. You're changing one or both of them based on the above suggestions, make sure they are different. Little things add up.
- 104.422 this up anchor is very difficult and goes to nothing. You also repeat it, with even harsher layering, at the end of the file.
- Missing white arrows around 108.974, 112.698, 116.629.
- 115.387 is going to one of the repetitive echoes in this section, step them all or don't step them. Very inconsistent as it is.
- So much copy/paste aaah
- 225.457 really bro
- File is long without the variation to back it up. Cutting out one repeat of each phrase will drop it to about a nice 2:20-ish.

[5.5/10] [Resubmission] Revenge Of Mister Foxsky {Foxsky} (Xiz)
- You didn't include a .sm or .dwi file. DDReam files don't work with the converter.
- Notes around 2.721 and 2.994 missing, also in the repeats. They're actually after the 16th but before the 64th; one 192nd up from the 64th is most accurate but swing it how you want.
- Bit repetitive at 11.039. Good place for some structured variation.
- 34.402 I might have actually gotten finger cancer here on my playtest.
- 37.493 advanced tip for using hands: if a jump immediately following a hand shares both the arrows with the hand, it feels like it should go to the same sound. You can differentiate the hands from the jumps by making sure the jump includes the arrow that is missing from the hand. In this case, the following jump feels better as [14]
- 41.130 ghost note? Even if there is something there, it feels weird.
- 45.948 feels really cool and memorable. Good.
- 85.220 more obvious copy/paste. Not good.
- 120.675 so much copy/paste. Very difficult jack transitions too. If you're dead-set on jacks, consider 2-note minijacks instead. Patterns like 224[124] make for no one-handed transition.
- In general, I think this file would benefit from no 24th jacks. They are fast enough to likely be 2-framers (bad) and they just kinda stick out without really adding anything. The ones right at the end are okay, I guess, but the transition into hands is very difficult relative to everything else.
- Overall too repetitively copy/pasted in places. Adding structured variation (for example AABB if one part repeats four times), cleaning up inconsistencies, and removal of the occasional really dumb 165bpm one-handed jump transition (cough34.402) will make this file nice.

[7.5/10] Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) {Krewella} [psychoangel691]
- Beginning note omissions seem very strange. 5.005, 6.719, etc. are basically no quieter than anything else.
- 13.790 section is extremely fun. Good shit.
- There's some minor PR stuff you could do to make it even better, though. For example 23.219 could be [23] because it's lower than 22.362.
- 41.219 seems like, unfinished, especially in the context of the 54.933 section. The loud and energetic part is unlayered, leading into the quiet buildup... which you have densely layered. Feels weird. Also, compare this section to 126.933- how you do it in the later part of the file is much preferable.
- 76.683 why color theory'd? If it's going to the cleaner synth hit, there's also one at 77.005. Additionally, [13] is much better here. Considering how hard the minijacks are relative to everything else, it's preferable to have them transition nicely.
- 81.862 could make this 4231 to differentiate the vocal cut pattern from the wub pattern. Could honestly also use a trill for the vocals.
- The sound reaches its highest point around 85.433 so it's weird to have this be low PR-wise. The burst could feel more natural if PR'd better.
- How is 98.433 different from the three before? Stick with the type of patterns from the burst or commit to just down arrows here once it reaches 8ths and slower.
- 100.147 should be higher PR than the two after it.
- Consider here having the snares that are alone (without a vocal) only be singles. That would let you differentiate the patterns in the buildup more (for example 121.147, 122.005 etc. would be single) and then you can layer in the vocals at 123.505 so that the climax actually feels more intense than the buildup.
- 154.897 earlier in the file you have the minijacks repeating on the same finger twice, here they are different. Feels inconsistent. Additionally, early in the file they were all left-handed. These should either be all left-handed as well, all right-handed for mirror consistency, or the earlier section should switch hands like these.
- 3 minutes is a bit of a long file. The repeat seems unnessecary. This would be more fun IMO as a 100-ish second file. Using a similar style cut as Cheat Codes for this type of song makes it more focused.
- Overall fun burst patterns, interesting rhythms. Would prefer it cut, layer the 41.219 section, and clean up some minor things. Acceptable file now, but will be absolutely excellent with these fixes.

[5.5/10] All I Ever Wanted {Basshunter} (VisD)
- Vocal tone drops around 2.330, needs an arrow. Also wtf is up with the bpms here lol
- 2.976 move to up arrow for PR, jump becomes [14]
- He makes the "oo" of "to" a separate syllable (lolsinging) at 4.166, needs an arrow.
- PR of vocal echoes is backwards, the yellow arrows are lower than the red ones.
- 14.770 very fun.
- 17.045 slower than 48ths by a lot, dicksync it. (Up arrow down one 192nd, down arrow down two 192nds, left arrow down three is much better)
- Love the 64th swing part.
- Not going to go hugely into patterns, but stuff like 158.149 is not helping your score.
- Okay, so the file's difficulty is based around the hardest part being handstream, 32nd bursts with anchor jump transitions, and some 32nd walls. With that in mind, most of the file is total boring filler relative to the hard parts.
- To fix that, step the loud bass (18.287)- hell it's louder than the kicks! Just layer it in everywhere but the streams, that's my suggestion to beef up the rest of the file. Will wind up kinda jumpspammy in places, but the file is generally already pretty overlayered so it won't feel too out of place.
- The other option is to... get rid of the crazy difficulty spikes. Jumpstream instead of handstream, 32nd rolls only having a jump on start or end, not both, the big 32nd walls becoming 24ths instead (feels dirty I know), that kind of thing.
- Feels like one chorus could be cut. Drags a little at the end, 3 minutes is long when the song is this repetitive.

[9/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS} (ilikexd)
- 19.239 why 8th jacks, vocals change tone here.
- Blue note color thing is cute and fitting. Coulda used the cyan notes though because the effect is rather lost in places like 33.296, 104.953 and 110.439.
- 94.896 you know you want to step this
- Extremely well-made file, no complaints.

[5/10] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
- You didn't include a .sm or .dwi file. DDReam files don't work with the converter.
- Notes start in the middle of a phrase. Either add silence and actually start it at the start, or start notes at 4.721 where the melodic phrase starts its repeat.
- Jacks in the vocals are incredibly forced.
- Lots of little errors, like 18.150 is only one syllable.
- This would actually be more fun without the percussion layering, as it would let the breaks in the vocals stand out instead of being basically a jumpstream to something that doesn't sound like a jumpstream.
- 25.579 noticably missing.
- 47.007 really repetitive- and you have that nice other melody going on too that could be stepped in a much more interesting way.
- In general, outside of technical errors, this file just feels very same-y and drags a lot, in my opinion as a result of the layering you chose. As it is, it's too monotonous to fit in FFR.
- I know it would totally change the feel of the file, so this is your choice, but vocals like the ones in this song really don't lend themselves to heavy percussion layering like you have. Un-layering it could actually make for a very varied and interesting easier file.
- If you stick with this layering, you're going to have to have to break the monotony by getting pretty creative with using patterns to make jumps that have vocal/melody layering versus ones that don't feel different.

[5/10] Duncan Hills Cover {Metaljonus} (trumaestro)
- Beginning feels really empty. Can layer the percussion here even if you aren't later on.
- 19.544 section is literally over a quarter of the file repeating the exact same pattern. Need to have structured variance in a file like this.
- For example, those loud crash cymbals are begging to be layered.
- All the drumrolls being 432 is boring as hell too (they're also not 24ths, but at least you're consistent about this)
- Overall, this file is extremely repetitive and feels monstrously underlayered in many parts. Even if you want it to be an easier file with 24th-speed streams as the hardest parts, there are many things that need to be done in order to make it not feel like a boring copy/paste-fest.

[5.5/10] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (bmah)
- 23.676 feels strange PR-wise, actually. The drums are so much higher than the guitar chord, I'd like to see them as [34][34][123] or something similar.
- 33.589 & 33.980 not the same sound. The latter should definitely be a right arrow, it's exclusively in the right side speaker.
- 59.023 all the previous jump sections to this sound had the pattern: jump, jump that shares no arrows, jump that shares one arrow, jump that shares no arrows. This one is different and significantly harder for no reason.
- 66.980 missing arrow to guitar?
- 69.067 split jump to other hands, this pattern is awkward
- 70.545 a guitar grace note around here. Sounds worth stepping to me.
- Layering was fairly clear until 70.893, no idea what's going on here though. Very messy.
- For example 73.893 is going to? The muted guitar twang? There's tons more of them in this part (75.458)
- 78.197 same tone, why are these not both [34] jumps for PR reasons?
- 84.328 same issue as earlier, there's a million more of this sound you're not stepping (83.023, 81.197, etc.) and it feels very arbitrary as a result.
- 89.415 missing jump to melody/kickdrum layering, and that down anchor is going to nothing.
- In this first section, 16th jacks are overused. They're used sometimes to the guitar, sometimes to kick drums. As a result you get stuff like 85.893 which doesn't feel good at all.
- Picking just one sound to be minijacks and being way more consistent about it in this section will clean it up.
- Guitar pinch note around 95.632 unstepped, also the bend at 96.589ish.
- 107.089 right arrow; way higher than the previous right arrow pitch.
- 110.415 while playing the file, this doesn't strike you as slightly inappropriate for the sounds it's going to? lol it's not technically wrong, but it's not fun either.
- 111.197 same pitch as previous 16ths, should be a runningman.
- 111.784 lower pitch than the 8th after it.
- 113.502 not the same pitch as the previous up arrow, move to down arrow. This also breaks up the unnessecary anchor.
- 115.110 missing kick drum. Also at 115.632.
- 123.589 really awful pattern to play; also dubious PR-wise because it's higher than the previous [24] jump and the melody implies it should be lower.
- 129.589 missing kick drum.
- Nothing repeating means 136.763 is inappropriate for a minijack.
- 138.328, 139.632 missing notes
- Missing layering on 144.458 to incoming melody.
- 159.458 ghost note, upwards harp-sounding arpeggio starts after this.
- Feels very weird that the synth and powerful guitar chords come in to hype up the energy at 195.067... and the section gets way easier than the previous one.
- Also 195.067 should be a jump (kick+guitar)
- Missing kick 197.023
- 220.893 lemme just put on my best Dossar impression here and say this should probably be quantized a little bit more reguarly- it converts so badly rofl
- If you're sticking with color spam here, you're missing important notes at 222.719, 222.882, and 223.197.
- If the above notes were omitted intentionally, then do that consistently- that would mean removing 223.067.
- 222.980 extremely easy to split, especially leading into another right arrow. Approaching and exiting it like 21[34]21 is optimal.
- Having minijacks because there's literally no other option like at 258.067 is the kind of thing that should raise red "overlayered" flags, but I guess it's alright in context.
- 262.110 stop the one-handed trill here because the sound stops. Having 262.371 not be [12] for example is incorrect PR.
- Overall, this file has problems:
- The insistence on layering every double kick drum as a minijack is hurting this file.
- Much more care and consistency needs to be put into jump patterns in areas that have several 16th jumps consecutively.
- The color vomit section is a gross difficulty spike.
- Way too many general ghost note/missing arrow/inconsistent layering issues.

[2.5/10] If I Ruled the World {Futuristic Sex Robotz} (Xtreme2252)
- Not sure what's up with the gigantic number of unnessecary bpm changes in this file, but even with all of them, it's pretty offsync.
- First arrow is 37 milliseconds early, for example.
- PR kinda weird, 5.592 is the highest but you have it going down.
- Copy/paste patterns get repetitive.
- Patterns and layering to the vocals are kinda arbitrary.
- Needs a lot of work. Start by deleting all the useless subbeats and setting the downbeat to match the percussion, then tweak vocal/guitar sync after.

[7.5/10] Kanon {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
- 13.025 the repeating bass worth stepping. Use a 1212 trill?
- 13.882 not the highest in PR, should be like 232 and the second one 242.
- 23.997 I see what you were going for in this section and I feel it didn't work.
- Lots more snares in here that should be adknowledged for this layering to feel good- 30.082, 30.254, etc.
- Also leads to issues like the snare at 34.625 being missing.
- If you are worried about losing the distinction between this and the next section where you did layer all the snares, don't be. That part will still have much higher NPS and feel very different.
- In that next section, becuase you were following the flute earlier, PR should continue to follow the flute first and the harp sound second. So for example 38.739 would feel better going downward with the flute instead of matching the harp.
- 56.825... the jumps don't even go to anything prominent lmao
- 69.082 etc. these jumps are to what sound? If you are going for the louder chords, you goofed a bit (for example that means 69.597 is wrong; should be the 16th before it)
- 73.797 PR very backward here (jump layering also wrong)
- 80.225 chime is layered later on, should be here too.
- 87.597 not feeling these jumps on the 8th at all
- Feels like you went full retard with the layering in some parts of these earlier color note solo sections in order to justify the breakcore-y section being as hard as it is.
- The breakcore part is very fun, but has lots of little inconsistencies.
- For example, you didn't step any burst at 101.139 but did to the exact same sound at 106.625
- 128.568 also weird to not step the burst. I know you want the quad and the burst which obviously can't happen, but I feel the burst should win out.
- You have to play a little loose with layering in this kind of file but this is too loose lol. Clean up layering in the early solos. Consider adding jumps to the snares instead of to... other stuff.
- That said, it's a very interesting file and would be a cool addition to the game.

[8/10] Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] {Rachel Macwhirter} (XelNya)
- The same pattern repeats three times in the beginning, varying the middle repeat while keeping the PR correct could spice it up a little.
- Layering is solid in the first part.
- 36.051 and 37.141 I don't hear any other tones here. Single would be better, for difficulty reasons too.
- 79.135 should be a single down arrow, and the song should cut right here, ending before the next note.
- The last note trails off really awkwardly.
- Very solid easy file. Nothing groundbreaking, but well-made.

[6/10] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
- Some interesting sounds you can drop in between big chords at the start, if you want. It's nice either way.
- Rather than jumpspam, consider selectively layering the guitar noises (15.881, 16.462) instead. Could use patterns connected with 8th jacks to convey the driving bassline instead, perhaps. This just feels dumpy as it is.
- 20.719 feels much more appropriate- in fact, this part feels a little light haha. Layering the cymbals on the quarter note, perhaps?
- Overall, these two parts at the start are too different for what are fundamentally the same in intensity (main difference being adding in cymbalwork in the second part, so if anything I feel that one should be the harder of the two)
- 28.405 LH trill does not feel like an appropriate pattern here.
- 32.855 jump goes to?
- 35.757 not the same tone as the previous [23] jump, this one should be [13]
- 36.338 note too early; dicksync this
- 36.918 if you are going to step the guitar, keep stepping the guitar.
- 56.471 jump goes to?
- 57.826 should not be lowest hand PR-wise, use [234] or [134]
- 64.017 advanced tip for using hands: if a jump immediately before a hand shares both the arrows with the hand, it feels like the two have the same tone. You can differentiate the hands from the jumps by making sure the jump includes the arrow that is missing from the hand, in this case [134]
- 73.692 this is just 16ths...
- 74.175 this is good though.
- 76.255 up arrow, hand becomes [124] for PR
- 80.851 ??? If this is going to the guitar or drum, keep stepping that sound. In general, layering is weak in this section.
- The 8th anchors convey energy well. That part is difficult, but interesting.
- Change the anchor at 104.675, following the chord change.
- Overall very promising, but also currently very messy. Layering, sync (lolrandom24ths), consistency... everything needs to be tightened up here.

[7.5/10] R2 {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
- 2.631 what are these jumps going to?
- You're stepping the guiltar pulloff at 7.921, but not 5.876? (or is this going to the kick drum, in which case why is it not layered at 7.510?)
- Layering is kinda weird to me in general in the beginning. Stepping kick drums in some places and not others.
- 24.879 weren't you the one complaining about the triplets to bends in FUSE? haha, this is totally fine because you're consistent about it, but I find it funny :P
- Of course I'm going to mention 38.588 bothers me, maybe a 432[14] or something?
- 41.288 this is damn good.
- 49.202 feels weird as hell going into the bend. 1[24]3 better?
- Why not put the jack at 75.380
- Ghost note 77.971
- Could easily add the kick drum at 88.421, 98.492, 102.857, 103.128, 106.136, 107.222, 108.316. Compare these locations to say, 109.394, and there's really no difference, so I think they should also be there. Fills this solo section out more, too.
- I was totally like 9/10 on board with this file until about 117.739, then uh... whut
- I'm not going to outright reject this file for this because we do have shit like Our Journey and Epilogue. and Pandora in this game, but I will have you know this section is completely fucking retarded and the file would be much more fun if this section was just the guitar with little/no layering.
- At the very least use better alternating JS patterns, 118.098 up anchor for example is pretty dumb.
- Either way, definitely clean up layering in the beginning.

[4.5/10] Spooky Scary Skeletons {The Living Tombstone(remix)} (M0nkeyz)
- Patterns in start don't fit melody at all.
- 10.762 you are not following the vocal rhythm correctly here.
- Same with 22.012 and many other places. Just 8ths is boring as hell; do more with this section.
- 39.590 is cool.
- Why not step the swing at 43.887 and 44.199 too?
- The next part is much stronger in terms of structure and rhythmic variety but still suffers from random minor issues. Sync, layering, breaking structure, etc.
- For example 65.761 goes to nothing. This is a very common rookie DDReam mistake- the spike on the waveform goes to the trailing "ssss" sound in "shouts" but gramatically, the sound of the "s" is NOT a syllable so it makes no sense to have an arrow going to it. This is not the only instance of this in the file; be very careful of this.
- Just like 39.590, I really like 77.089. Consider 12th jacks at the end? It would fit in the difficulty curve and make for a nice climax to these buildups.
- 99.589: Considering the fact you avoided 12th jacks in the earlier parts of the file in places they could have easily been used, having 12th jacks here WITH SHIT LAYERED IN is a huge difficulty spike. Pick either "I will use 3-note 12th jacks in this file" or not, and even out the difficulty curve with that in mind.
- If you enjoy it, definitely keep stepping man. All these things you have to consider certainly take a while to learn, and I can see your files improving.

[2/10] Tasteless {Ken Ashcorp} (JSH)
- Song is hilarious, I had no idea this existed lmfao
- Lyrical sync is off in places. 3.573 is a 16th late, 14.990 is a 32nd late.
- Random 16th jacks
- Layering is very inconsistent. Examples:
- 30.740 should be all jumps or all not jumps.
- No idea what the 16ths at 32.406 are going to, and they don't appear anywhere else.
- Overall: hilarious song for people who know who the lyrics are about, but the quality of the song itself is quite poor.
- The file is just far too inconsistent to even make sense of.

[8.5/10] YATA {kireji} (Silvuh)
- Siiick song.
- Stepping the flute-ish sound at 6.081 but not 10.206? (Also 12.748 grace note but I can understand conciously omitting that)
- 8.748 jump to? I'm assuming that clap sound, in which case, the 16th after this and 9.414 also have one.
- 15.914 sound that was consistently repeating finger really arbitraily becomes not on the same finger.
- Can start the minijacks to the rolling drums earlier if your issue is spreading notes around on the hands nicely during the buildup.
- 31.248 slowing the roll down here is very strange, much better flow to continue it 4321[34]
- You were following the piano earlier (31.859 clearly to piano) but at 32.859 you randomly switch to drums in the middle of the phrase. Stick with the piano.
- 36.748 PR is weird. [14]243[24] to keep the 8th jack to the bass while more properly putting the 16ths lower than the notes before them.
- 44.498 missing note.
- Aside from that error, the part starting at 43.414 is amazing. Patterns, color theory use, everything. Great stuff.
- 58.498 goes down, feels weird to have it go up.
- 58.998 faster than 24ths.
- 69.748 where'd the 12th jack go? lmfao
- 70.748 this should obviously be left arrow 12ths. Feels like this jack got moved from the part above and the proper left jack got lost... no idea how that would happen though lmao
- 78.713 can continue the 32nd roll here
- 83.463 missing 16th. If you add this, treat the 12th like it will be hit as a 32nd triplet (it will be), something like http://i.imgur.com/Ld5Hmd5.png could work. Up to you.
- Lots of missing piano stuff in this last section. 97.066 (optional bass), 98.149, 98.482, 101.982... Not sure what you were going for with omitting these but it feels weird as fuck to hit.
- Missing layering: 99.399, 100.066, 100.566, 101.399. I can understand this raises difficulty issues, but leaving half in and half out is super awkward to play.
- Ending is a hilarious difficulty spike but I guess it fits. Not my favorite but not a huge issue.
- So many unnecessarily missing notes, then just random other minor issues. Overall extremely cool- would have been an easy 9.5 without all the missing stuff...

[5.5/10] Yukidokeiro Flowers {daisan & zue-row} (Silvuh)
- 8.027 ghost
- 11.627 goes to what? If it's the quiet beeping sound, there's many more of them (10.827) and I don't think this is worth stepping no matter what it goes to.
- 29.527 surprised this isn't color theory'd!
- 34.627 oh god
- 74.727 this piano is playing long before this (73.127 for example), rather arbitrary to start layering it here.
- 87.727 randomly not stepping one of the bursts?
- 114.227 pls
- Pick what difficulty you want this to be and step that file. Currently it feels like filler punctuated by occasional bursts that are hard in all the ways people tend to dislike.
- If the burst transitions were made more gentle it could be a great mid-difficulty file. I'd suggest don't layer anything in the bursts and limit them to either starting or ending in a jump, never both, and never into/out of hands.
- If the burst transitions stay this brutal, you have your work cut out for you trying to make the rest of the file feel hard enough that the bursts fit in context.

=== JUDGE: Silvuh ===

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Crucial {David MeShow remixed by Kaiben} (VisD)
// Nice chill medium file with good PR and layering. Almost everything that was mentioned was fixed, but there are a few more things I didn't notice last time.
45.88, 46.78, 47.23s, etc.: There are a lot of pretty distinct guitar echoes in this section. It might be good to step them so the density in 45.43-64.63s will fit right between the two sections around it for climax theory.
66.73, 66.88s: This could be a minijack to the guitar.
72.95s: 32nd (or something; the 16th isn't exact, either) to the guitar here.
83.83s: The sweeping synth you've been putting white jumps to plays here, too, so this should be white.
94.63s: No main melody or percussion note here, so it could be removed to go with the break in the melody.
109.78s: Interesting that you didn't do a minijack here even though you changed it at 9.14s. These two are fine not being minijacks because of how soft the 8th is.
119.38s: Minijack here.
124.03, 124.18s: You removed arrows to these sounds at 66.43s but left them in here. Should be consistent.
125.23s: No main melody or percussion note here.
130.55s: Same as 72.95s.
133.78, 134.08s: Similarly, these could be removed.
138.38s: There's like a 48th grace note here you can step if you think it'd fit.
140.53-140.83s: This is 24ths in the guitar.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] One For All All For One {Razihel & Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
// At four minutes, this is pretty long. Many different phrases but most repeat twice, so I was able to make a cut about 2:20 long that I can send you if you like.
// Looks like you fixed most of the specific issues that were mentioned, but there's still a lot more that could be done. Sorry I didn't catch this all last time.
29.42, 35.42, 37.90s: Missing percussion notes. You do step the other instances of this sound in this section.
39.56s: Missing 16th to the tom-like synth that plays on the 8ths around it.
42.35s: Could be anchored to the following jump for PR to the rough synth (same pitch. You do this at 95.31s.)
47.93s: If you want to step continuous notes as suggested, 32nds would be good, because they are actually 64ths. I don't mind the broken bursts, because I don't really hear it as two constant ascending runs. What I hear is more, like, 3/64th gallops. You should try all the options before sticking with the 48ths.
49.18s: Could be [13] so it doesn't anchor with anything around it (different sounds/pitches).
54.56s: Could be 134 so it stays anchored to the 8ths before it (the rough synth is the same pitch. You do this at 94.27s.)
56.00s: 34[14]234 would be more PR and would get rid of that unnecessary 8th anchor.
61.18s: This has a higher-pitched burst on top of it, so this could be stepped differently than 47.93s.
65.11s: High synth melody does have a note here you can step.
67.18, 67.38s+2m(2): Synth doing straight 8ths repeats pitch here, so this could be anchored.
72.56-73.18s: Something that doesn't anchor would work better. You can hear how there's a rhythmic break at 72.76s that's filled in with a kick, so a pattern that makes the 4th feel less like a part of the stream.
73.18-78.14s: I really like how all the kick jumps are closed and the clap jumps are open here. Try using this for more than just this one section (it's something I like to do for sound semblance but usually goes unnoticed.)
73.18-76.49s: Not bad, but you cooould do it without causing any three-note anchors or one-handed minitrills like you have.
76.38s: The synth the 16ths go to doesn't stop doing 16ths here.
78.97s: Odd that you filled in all the 16ths here but not 24 measures earlier (39.24s) The 79.49, 79.69s 16ths go to that bass you were never really stepping. Main difference between here and earlier is that there's a high synth doing the same pitch on each 8th, so you could complete that anchor.
80.62s+2m(4): Similarly to 72.76s, the rough synth doesn't play on the 4th, so [14], which doesn't share a note with the 32.23 thing, would work better (also breaks up the unnecessary long anchor). And the second instance should be [24] and so on.
92.21s: Pattern could be different so you don't have a one-handed minitrill here. The pitches are more like 43231.
95.73s: Same as 56.00s.
100.90s: Same as 61.18s.
104.42s: This is a kick, so it should be a different jump than all the [13] snares after it.
104.62-106.28s: The 8th anchor doesn't really go to anything, and so you can change it up. Also, the two 16th streams aren't the same pitch, so they shouldn't be the same steps.
104.73s: Remove this 16th for the same reason you removed the one at 105.35s.
105.87s: Should be a hand, because it's just like 105.24s. And really, 106.07s could be a hand too if you make 106.28s a quad. It would fit. (You do this at the very end, so it'd be fine to save the quad for last.)
108.97, 112.69s: A couple missing notes. Odd that you step one the first time and the other the second time, which is inconsistent.
115.38s: There's not really a note here. It's just a part of the every-fourth echo you're not stepping.
125.62s: Missing 16th to the tom-like synth.
129.25, 129.66s: If you jump the synth here, it would break the every-other-fourth jumping this section has for some nice variety.
131.93s: The four-note yellow anchor is unnecessary.
135.04s: Jump here to the bass/kick instead of 135.25s. You don't jump the loud melody at 138.56s. You don't want to fall into every-fourth jumping in one of the few sections where the percussion rhythm is varied.
142.28-143.73s: Change this up a bit to break the long 8th trill.
146.83, 150.14, 153.45s: This 4th could be anchored to the previous jump because one of the melodic synths repeats in pitch here. (And you missed the note the second time.)
147.87, 151.18, 154.49s: Doesn't share its pitch with either note around it and shouldn't be anchored.
148.59, 148.80s+2m(3): You don't need to stop stepping the loud percussion 16ths just because there's a new melody. These claps are new and noticeable. Also, stepping the percussion would help differentiate the 146.00-147.25s section which doesn't have any percussion.
155.73s: You jumped this kick at 149.11s.
The dubstep 12th section works fine, and everything after that is nothing new, so you can refer back to previous sections.

[8/10] [Resubmission] Revenge Of Mister Foxsky {Foxsky} (Xiz)
// Fixes are well done, and the layering works a lot better now.
26.85s: Straight 24ths should start here, so you're missing 26.94 and 27.22s.
34.40s: Should be a single so it doesn't make a 24th minijack.
39.67-41.58s: You can probably pattern this so it doesn't have a long, unnecessary 8th anchor. 41.58-42.67s doesn't need to be an anchor, either.
61.22s: This being [12] would break the anchor here. (This 4th doesn't share pitch/sounds with the 8ths around it.)
65.85s: Don't think this should be a jump, because the synth on 63.67s and such doesn't play here. (There is a low synth, but it also plays on 66.40s, so jumping the beats to it would be too much.)
105.67s: Shouldn't be [13]. The strings synth doesn't repeat pitches here, only the vocal sample does, which isn't on this 8th.

[6.5/10] Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) {Krewella} [psychoangel691]
// With how difficult the dubstep sections are, you won't add to the difficulty if you fill in the other sections. It would further distinguish it from the easy version and make the file feel more coherent. I didn't really understand all the colored bursts.
Intro: Some edits you made later in the Standard file should be made here too, like adding in the 8ths in the intro and making the offbeat arrows to the vocals more consistent.
27.50s: For something different, you could have a hand here.
37.79-41.21s: FSD, you could step the percussion on the 8ths.
41.21-54.93s: You do amp up the layering in the next repeat of this phrase, but you should do it here, too. It is backwards climax theory for this section to be less dense than 54.93-78.64s. (Your added layering is good, but it needs to be balanced with more layering before it.) Perhaps you could use the additive layering from 126.93-140.64s here and then do something more dense later, if you don't think the two sections should be layered the same.
65.21-67.57s: I think I may have said before that these shouldn't be minijacks to the vocals because the pitches are different, but I think that was just the vowels playing tricks. Like, 65.21-65.86s is all one pitch, but "oh" feels lower and "ih" feels higher. Maybe it's the rounding.
All the color stuff: I have no idea how you came up with these rhythms, because the vibrating is like at 100 Hz, which isn't translatable into steps. It's like they were added just to make it harder than the other version, but it's spikey and doesn't feel warranted.
77.00s: Should also be white to go with the same sound as 76.68s.
81.88-82.04s: Should be 32nds to the vocal stutter (it's distinguishable at a lower rate.)
82.17-82.29s: Two notes, approximately 16ths, should be fine here.
96.07-98.21s: Because this is constantly descending, a 4321 roll would work rather than trying to complicate it. (It goes up again after 98.21s.)
97.14s: This should be an 8th. Your notes start to get late after here. For example, 97.37-98.21s should be 3/32nds, so you have three notes in this interval when there should be four. Also, the jack is odd, because the notes are still descending.
99.34s: Missing the last arrow to the sound.
113.21-125.21s: FSD, you could put singles to the 3/16th synth rhythm like you do at 54.93-78.64s.
126.93-150.93s: When I playtested this, I didn't understand most of those 8ths were jumped, because it didn't feel like they were emphasized in the music. In the editor, I could see it was additive layering with the vocal and the 3/16th percussion. Maybe try jumping all the percussion here (with varied patterns, changing the jump more than just every measure) or something to help focus the layering and bring its density above that of the following section.
Everything after is repeats of previous sections.

[5.5/10] All I Ever Wanted {Basshunter} (VisD)
#OFFSET:-2.133; (-16 ms)
// With how repetitive it is, it could definitely be cut. PM me and I can send you something 2:17 in length, which cuts out half of each chorus and another repetitive melodic section.
// With how dense the breakdowns are, there might be more layering you could do in other sections so they don't feel like such big difficulty spikes.
2.35s: Not sure if it's because of the weird beat, but you miss an echo of "all" here.
17.04s: This should be 32nds, and you can step the vocal note at 17.25s.
18.08-41.25s: The layering works, because the music doesn't give much to work with. Even though all the clap hands feel like overlayering at first, it's really the only thing to do for climax theory.
30.70, 30.90s: Could probably step the vocal notes here.
41.66, 42.49s: These shouldn't be hands, because you have the crashes as hands now, which are much louder.
44.14s: Jump?
44.30s: Missing 32nd, because the roll starts on the 16th, not the 8th.
48.08, 48.28, 48.90, 49.11s: These are just snares, and you have jumps on snare + kick (the 8ths around the 32nds), so these world work better as singles.
51.80s: 32nds, not 48ths.
52.82-79.30s: Except for 54.40+4m(4), it's just 16ths here.
53.44, 53.65s: Repeating pitches should be anchored.
54.89, 56.54s: Unclear what makes some of these jumps and some not.
55.92, 56.13; 57.58, 57.78s: More repeating pitches to anchor, and so on.
65.44, 65.85s: Could be jumps to the strong melody notes + kick.
78.68, 78.78s: Missing percussion notes.
97.51s: Should be [14] or something to break the anchor.
99.16s: The vocal pitches don't go ABAB here.
102.47-109.09s: Runningmen aren't accurate here.
123.37, 123.58s: Same as 30.70s.
140.75-141.78s: These could be jumps this time.
145.51s: This is too emphasized to be a single. Same thing about the 64th rhythms in this last section.
171.16-171.58s: Should be all 16ths in here to the percussion.

[9/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS} (ilikexd)
// Fun with good layering and patterns and everything.
24.38s: Jump to "ka" like 27.12s?
37.83s: Ghost note? The sound here isn't any different from 26.86, 32.35s.

[7/10] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
// Adding hands to accentuate the crashes would likely help, because the layering doesn't vary much. Another thing could be jumping both syllables in "Discord" during the chorus (even though it doesn't layer with percussion), because it's the most emphasized lyric. (Hands to crashes would help with this, so there'd be a hand at 82.43 to separate the phrases if you put a jump at 82.72s.)
4.43s: Doesn't share pitch with the two notes after it and shouldn't be a part of the anchor.
28.43s+2m(3): Doesn't share pitch, shouldn't anchor.
45.86-63.29, 100.72s: Only sections where the patterns really need work. 46.15s should anchor with the previous 4th (same bass pitch). For the vocal echoes, doing ABB (so the 16th-8ths are minijacks) should work well. They are the same pitch, with each 8th being slightly stronger. But this way, you won't end up with long unnecessary 8th anchors when you vary the 4th jumps for PR (don't keep the minijack in the same column for too long), and the 16ths at 49.72s and such will stand out more.
73.29-81.29s: You need to change your layering here like you do at the end (after 119.00s), because the percussion in these two sections are the same, which is different from all the other sections.
83.29s+2m(3): Same as 28.43s.

[5.5/10] Duncan Hills Cover {Metaljonus} (trumaestro)
// You're trying to make an easier file, but you're going to have 24th stream either way, so you could probably use some more layering to the vocals or percussion or anything.
10.91, 41.57s etc: These are really 32nds, and the patterns should be more relevant, like, showing the snare hits at 11.15, 11.39s.
19.54-34.88s: Either to the vocals or the cymbals, this section could use more jumps. Something to help make it less repetitive, because the guitar doesn't do much melodically.
42.54-49.26s: With how loud those snares are, you could add another layer to this. It really needs more for climax theory.
50.22-67.48s: The jumping in the guitar solo isn't consistent. You have a number of jumps that either go to the bass guitar or crashes, so you're missing jumps at 50.22, 53.10, 60.77s.
53.34, 61.01s: Having these jacks to the snare feels odd, because there aren't any other three-note anchors. Something AABB (starting from the 4th before) would work better, or just don't have anything anchored.
65.80-66.28s: These 8ths could be crash jumps.
67.24s: It's still just 32nds here.
67.66, 68.62, 70.54s: Missing notes to the "can" in "Duncan" and the "ffee" in "Coffee".

[6/10] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (bmah)
// The first minute is well done, but then it gets brought down with odd, sometimes inconsistent additive layering.
40.89, 44.28s: These being jumps feels odd, because there are louder percussion sound you don't jump in favor of just jumping the main synth.
65.54, 69.71s: The guitar + kick jumps here are particularly odd, because they get in the way of jumps to the main melody.
66.98s: Missing guitar 8th.
67.50s: This jump is guitar + kick, but I didn't even notice the guitar until I thought about why 67.50s was a minijack. 69.06s is similar.
71.15s: Missing guitar 8th.
71.67-76.37s: Throughout here, there's a secondary melodic instrument that emphasizes the main melody, so all the main melody notes could potentially be jumps here.
72.19s: Melody + cymbal here would be a jump. Odd to have kick + guitar be jumps but not layers with the louder cymbal.
73.37, 75.45s: Missing guitar 16ths.
75.85, 77.41s: This looks like guitar + main melody. I figured 73.76 was a jump to main melody + kick to explain why 72.71 and 73.24s weren't jumps. But 75.85 and 77.41s don't have a kick or cymbal, just guitar + main melody. 72.71s also has guitar + main melody, but it's not a jump. It's the weird thing about the guitar only being a layer when it's a minijack.
78.71, 83.67s: Guitar 8th.
84.71s: This could be a jump to main melody + cymbal.
85.89s: This kick + guitar jump doesn't fit in rhythmically with the music. That's the thing about additive layering sometimes, two light instruments don't make a heavy sound.
89.41, 91.50s: You have four-note jacks, but the secondary melody goes AABB, so the jacks should be broken in half.
93.78, 94.28s: These notes are both about a frame/64th early. (A 64th is 32.6 ms at this BPM)
95.35s, 96.13s: Kind of odd to have guitar flourishes here but not in notable spots like in 93.78-94.30, 99.15-99.33, 102.78-103.04, and after 103.43s.
96.45, 96.71, 99.85s: Could step the guitar echoes here.
99.58s: Guitar is on the 4th; the 64th is the flam.
102.78-103.43s: These are all a 96th to a 64th early.
104.54s: Not the same percussion pitch as the previous ones and shouldn't be a part of the trill.
105.03s: The guitar has a note on the 64th here, but really, the two 64ths here could just be a single 32nd, because that's what the rhythm feels like.
105.65-106.04s: These are all a 64th early.
111.45s: Missing 16th to the soft kick here (same sound as 110.41s), but it works as a break to the guitar.
111.65s: Not really hearing a note here at 1.0x; or at least, it's not as audible as the other 32nd.
115.11s: Missing kick 16th.
115.43s: This is more like a 32nd than a 64th. The 16th is a bit odd, because the same percussion continues 16ths for the whole beat, but you only step the one.
129.32, 129.45s: These two don't share instruments, so they shouldn't anchor.
130.24s: You missed a guitar 16th here despite stepping it at 129.19s (There was a number of guitar 8ths you didn't step, but that was consistent.)
140.28-144.98s: Considering all the hands with minijacks and polyrhythms you've stepped, this feels very light.
153.78s: Missing guitar note.
172.85s: Note here instead of after the 8th jump, because the guitar rolls down to the chord.
173.41s: Missing guitar note.
182.54s: This crash deserves a hand even though it doesn't have the main synth on it.
188.15, 188.67s: You haven't usually been stepping the background synth, but maybe you can here; there's room for it.
197.02s: Missing kick 16th.
208.63s: Guitar flam here?
212.67, 216.32s: Missing tom 16ths.
217.76s: This 8th can anchor with the following jump to the toms.
218.02s: Not sure if tom + kick needs to be a jump compared to the 8ths after it with the main synth.
220.37-220.76s: The guitar does 32nds here.
220.98 224.02s: When I tried stepping this solo, I ended up with four more taps: 222.74, 222.89, 223.21, and then 223.85, 223.93s is 24ths, not a 16th. Some arrows in my result were a 64th away from your notes. Notable is 221.48-221.67s which can be 32nds ending with a jump to the crash. If you do make that a jump, then 222.19s can be, too.
224.80s: Odd to only jump snare + guitar here, when you could jump 223.76 and 224.28s.
260.80-261.98s: I don't really hear these as having grace notes.

[3/10] If I Ruled the World {Futuristic Sex Robotz} (Xtreme2252)
// I don't care if the lyrics were written ironically, it hurts to listen to.
// The BPM changes don't work. It's 180 flat (with some offbeat notes at times) with an offset of -2.125. Your steps are as early by as much as 40 ms. At 4:29 long, this really needs a cut. Lots of repetition. The counter-intuitive structure is basically the same throughout.
0-23.45s: The PR in the intro is good.
30.12, 30.79s: These jumps came from out of nowhere. Snare is jumped sometimes, sometimes it's not. Lyrics are emphasized randomly.
55.45s-76.12s: The sparse layering in the chorus is odd. Feels like there should be more.
Next verse has all the same weirdness as the first. Next chorus has all the same weirdness as the first. Same for the next verse. And the next chorus. And the bridge. And the next verse and chorus, and then it's half a minute of outro which for some reason has more notes than the chorus, which is backwards climax theory.

[6/10] Kanon {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
// A 48th is 28.6 ms (less than a frame) here, so it would be okay to move some arrows a bit if it would make them easier to read. Some amount of color is good to represent the disharmony of the whole thing, but 47.99-55.88 might be too much.
// You mainly switch between jumping the snare and low/prominent melody notes. The snare is inconsistent in one section, but the melody-jumping isn't very clear throughout. Everything after 91.19s is pretty good.
25.36s: Flute isn't on this note, so it can be removed.
34.62s: Same flute pitch as the previous 8th here; not hearing one at 34.71s.
46.22s: Sounds like this goes to percussion rather than melody, and you haven't been stepping percussion.
50.05, 51.62s: Around some of the louder notes, it's harder to hear when there are really notes there. So sometimes these feel like ghost notes.
50.18s: This jumping of prominent melody notes is a bit odd, because there are some similar sounds you don't jump, like 51.09, 51.20s (which sound more like they could just be (pseudo)jumps, not a trill), and 53.85s.
51.53s: Could just be a (pseudo)jump. It's pretty similar to 51.09s.
52.96s: The rhythm here is more like four 24ths with a grace note into the 8th, rather than an 8th with two grace notes.
53.48-53.82s: This sounds closer to 12ths here, so you have an extra note.
53.91, 54.08s: These feel like ghost notes because of how much the notes around them stand out.
54.24-55.88s: This sounds like it could be straight 16ths. These steps are mostly 16ths just offset a 64th, so many of them will be on the same frame if put back on the beat.
65.91s: Missing low melody note here.
68.05-68.82s: If you're jumping the snare again, you're missing the 3/16th rhythm to it here. (That's what it looks like the 69.08-69.85s jumps go to, because if you were jumping loud melody notes, you'd have jumped 69.51 and 69.68s instead. But then you don't jump the snare in 69.93-73.36s, so it's a bit odd.)
72.96s: Not really hearing the grace note here.
73.02s: This does sound like a trill on a low rate, but at 1.0x, it just sounds like pseudojumps.
73.45, 73.79s: This first 16th jump seems to go to a prominent melody note, because the snare is on the following 8th, but then the second 16th jump seems to go to the snare, because melody note at 73.96s is more prominent. 74.49 seems like the clearer note over 74.31s, so I guess I can't really tell what's going on.
75.83s: Kinda similar to 53.91s, that this feels like a ghost note compared to the two notes around it.
76.57s: I have to go down to like 0.4x to hear the grace note here. Just sounds like one note at 1.0x.
77.48s: Like, I'd think this 4th is more jump-worthy than the following 16th, 77.56s.
117.06-121.32s: The trills feel a bit odd, especially 119.31-119.91s, because the sound kind of goes in and out, and there's the organ melody over everything.

[6.5/10] Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] {Rachel Macwhirter} (XelNya)
#OFFSET:-0.052; #BPM:110.000;
// The steps are never off by more than 5 ms, so it doesn't make a difference with such a short track, but for anything longer, you shouldn't use a wrong offset to make up for using a slightly off BPM.
// The structure is basically AA'AA"BAA'AA", so you can cut out the A'A in the middle of each group of As. 45 seconds long should be acceptable for such an easy file.
// There's a little more arrow-repeating than there should be, and some of the layering could be changed up so the A and A' sections don't feel so similar.
8.78s: Jump here rather than at 9.32s because of how much louder the piano is on 8.78s. This would help distinguish it from 17.50, 18.05s.
9.87-10.96s: Shouldn't be in the same column as 9.32s, because the xylophone doesn't repeat pitch. Similarly with 10.96s and the jump after it. If these three 4ths were 142, that'd fix it.
20.23-21.32s: This could be [24]4 to not repeat with the 4th before it.
27.32s: Similar to 9.87s.
31.14s: Main piano is pretty loud here, so this could be a jump (33.32s is understandable as a single.)
44.23s: [14] to not repeat with the 4th after it.
78.49s: This one is higher in pitch than the 4th before it, so the PR with these jumps is a bit off.

[6.5/10] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
// The relative layering of different sections doesn't always fit the intensity of the music, even though the sections mostly work well on their own.
14.52-25.30s: Climax theory is backwards. The second half (after 20.71s) should be more dense than the first half, because it introduces new percussion without losing any of the previous elements. The way everything leading up to 14.52s is jumps is fine; each 8th doesn't have as much emphasis after 14.52s as it does in the intro.
17.62s: In terms of emphasis, think of changing the note color as adding on another layer: just like a hand is more emphasized than a jump, a lone white jump is more emphasized than a 4th jump. So because you are putting white notes to the bell, they don't need to be hands. You can save hands sounds louder than the bell, like how 20.33s is snare + crash.
28.01s: Violin doesn't share the same pitch with the three 8ths before it, so this jump shouldn't be a part of the anchor.
28.59s: Is the lowest pitch in this set and shouldn't be in the anchor. You could put it on 3, but then 12321 would be backwards PR.
29.56-32.66s: I understand why this was stepped like this, but it feels light compared to the instrumentation. Filling in 8ths to the bass drum or background guitar might help.
32.85s: No snare here, so it doesn't need to be a jump.
34.59-37.69s: Similarly here. 36.14-36.72s could all be jumps, because the violin has both the guitar and bass under it.
42.33-44.65s: The previous two measures feel like a break compared to this (because of the change in snare rhythm), so you could use more layering here for climax theory.
45.44-51.24s: The bass plays more here, so in that way the more dense layering makes sense. But also, it feels like a break, because there's only one snare per measure and no driving cymbals. Just feels kind of odd to go from straight 8th jumps to the lighter layering of 51.63-54.14s when the cymbals start back up again, though the two sections make sense separately.
56.47s: Similar to 32.85s.
67.69s: The violin note is held, not echoing, so it doesn't fit being anchored with the snare.
68.46s: Missing bass note.
76.40-82.59s: Could use more layering with the driving bass.
85.68s: Jump to crash + violin?
92.67s: This could be [34]3[13]3 instead so it wouldn't over-extend the anchors. It's worth breaking the PR to 92.48, 92.67s having the same violin pitch.
98.09s: Now it feels odd to go back to the jacks to the bass at the end of a phrase with minijacks to the violin. It would help here if the snares weren't anchored in.
104.28s: An anchor should start here (don't have the previous 8th anchored to it), because it's the start of the measure, and the bass changes pitch.

[7.5/10] R2 {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
// Some of the percussion layering felt odd, but the offbeat stuff to the melodic instruments worked pretty well.
2.63, 5.79s: Your later steps (6.96s, 9.15) make it seem like these were supposed to go to the snare, but the snare doesn't have strong hits on these beats, so they shouldn't be jumps.
6.96, 7.37, 7.78s: The strength of the snare hit isn't the same each time, so these shouldn't all be the same jump.
11.59, 15.95s: It's more apparent here than before (9.29, 7.09) that you've been missing a note in this drum line.
24.12-36.00s: Some of the additive layering feels odd, because it makes some soft percussion + guitar be jumped (24.40, 28.76s) when there's more prominent percussion without guitar that isn't (27.00, 27.13, 31.49, 33.39, 34.91s)
48.93s: Percussion here could be jumped; it's louder than all the other singles.
82.96s: Feels more like this 32nd should be a 16th, because it's similar to 85.16s.
85.70, 85.83s: Swap these two, because 85.30, 85.52, 85.70s have that same high guitar pitch on them.
106.13, 106.80, 107.22s: I have to keep reminding myself that you're only stepping percussion at the ends of phrases, which is why these sounds aren't stepped here and such. Kinda feels odd, but it works.
113.27-114.72-116.58-117.30s: Would be cool if there was some way to show in the steps that the main percussion switches between the snare and the kick until they start playing together after 117.30s.

[6/10] Spooky Scary Skeletons {The Living Tombstone(remix)} (M0nkeyz)
// The file is consistent except for the steps to the vocals. But a lot of the consistency is in patterns that don't totally work.
2.09s: The xylophone and bass both have the same pitch contour, and it's not the same two pitches repeating; it's more like 3241.
4.90, 8.65s: These 8th jacks are incorrect, because the pitches aren't the same.
8.65, 8.88s: These could also be jumps, layering with the drum.
9.59-39.59s: You do a lot of anchoring, more than there are repeated pitches in the music.
10.87, 11.58, 18.37, 21.42, 22.12, 22.59, 25.87, 29.62, 33.37, 34.55s: Missing vocal 16ths. You stepped the swung vocal notes right and one vocal 16th at 37.12s, but it's odd to have just one.
11.69, 34.66s: No vocal note or melodic bass here, so these 8ths can be removed.
12.40, 19.90, 34.90s: The melodic bass does some ascending 1234 things here, so these shouldn't be anchored.
24.51s: This is the first non-8th you step, yet it doesn't feel like it goes to anything.
26.34s: Bass 16th here that could be stepped.
39.59-43.34s: PR on your 4ths is backwards.
50.37, 57.87s: Shouldn't be [34], because it doesn't have the same synth sound as the other [34]s in this section.
50.60, 58.10s: These are 16ths, not 12ths.
60.21-61.62s: Almost everything before was [12][34], closed jumps; these jumps go to loud claps rather than kicks, so they should be something different.
63.73-63.96 and 65.60-65.84s shouldn't be the same pattern, because they go to different sounds. Same for the other instances of the 48ths and 32nds.
77.08-82.71s: Same as 39.59s.
88.10s: Should be an 8th with a 24th on 88.26s (and 95.76s) so it's just like 50.60s.
100.99, 104.74, 108.49, 112.24s: Not the same pitch as the two 12ths after it, so this shouldn't anchor with them.
103.10, 110.60s: Same fix as 88.10s.
105.21-106.62s: You have a 12th 1-4 trill here, but the pitches are more varied than that.
97.71-99.12, 112.71-114.12s: The instrumentation of these two spots is different so the patterns shouldn't be exactly the same. And the PR could be better, like "scary skeletons" should be lower than "spooky scary".

[4.5/10] Tasteless {Ken Ashcorp} (JSH)
// This is the exact same file that you submitted in October 2011. Almost three minutes long, the chorus repeats four times, and the patterns don't vary much, so it could probably be cut a bit, even if it's just cutting out the first of the two instances of the chorus at the end (22 seconds). PM me and I'll send you a cut.
// Biggest problem with the file is that the layering and steps don't feel focused. The verses are more focused, but the patterns need more work (breaking up non-PR anchors and such.)
3.49s: The 16th is late; should be a 32nd to "chin" here.
20.24s: "Our" is a little higher in pitch than "be", so this should be on 4.
26.90, 28.24, 33.57s: These are your only 16ths in the chorus that don't go to the vocals or to the clap. That's not enough to be following any other instrument (the synth or the bass), so you either need to remove these, or step one of the other instruments more consistently. The bass mostly does xx.xx.x. and the synth mostly does ..x.xx.x, so stepping both would mean straight 16ths. (Which you can totally do, by stepping both in a single layer and putting PR minijacks to the bass to keep them distinct. And then all the vocals would be jumps by additive layering, with jumps on claps that don't have vocal 16ths next to them.)
28.74, 33.07, 45.74s: Similarly, these are your only jumps in this chorus that don't go to the vocals or the four-note clap things. It's not clear when the vocals are and aren't jumped, so the layering feels very unfocused.
35.32, 45.99s: There are 32nds to the guitar that you can step here for something other than just 16ths.
Because the verses just have jumps on the 8ths to the clap, they feel more focused.
52.07, 57.40s: These shouldn't be one-handed every time. (Also, 51.90s shouldn't be a part of the trill.)
57.07, 67.74, 78.40s: Jump here like at 51.74s.
61.07-62.07s: You have a four-note 8th anchor here, but the pitch on each 8th isn't the same, so this pattern doesn't fit.
61.90s: No vocal note here.
65.24, 66.24s: Missing vocal notes to "is" and "be".
75.74-77.74s: This pattern is unneedingly right-hand biased, with not enough variation for PR.
82.07-103.40s: This time, it feels like you're following the synth more, but it's still not complete (missing 83.24, 84.57s etc.)
87.24s: You're missing these clap jumps now when you weren't before.
104.40-107.40s: Lots of unnecessary anchoring here.
132.74-154.07s: This is the part I would cut out, because it's basically the same as before. Only after this does the synth guitar start doing something different.
164.90, 168.57s: The guitar has some missing notes, like here.

[PASS] YATA {kireji} (Silvuh)

[PASS] Yukidokeiro Flowers {daisan & zue-row} (Silvuh)

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

My notes are a little bit more concise than usual; if you dislike notes that I have given, feel free to address them in the queue/batch thread and send me a message letting me know that you would like further critique.

[8.5/10] [Resubmission] Crucial {David MeShow remixed by Kaiben} (VisD)
- third time I have to judge this? really?
- don't take that first statement as an insult, it's actually more out of frustration that I've found this file to be quite acceptable each time I've seen it and I'm surprised it's still not in; files worse than this certainly have made it into the game in previous batches
- file still seems great to me now as an mid-level file; the structure is quite explicit and to the point, which is commendable

[7/10] [Resubmission] One For All All For One {Razihel & Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
- submission rules stipulate the provision of a .sm file; this file had .sm and .ds, so I looked at the .sm
- jump usage is acceptable with regards to layering, but the patterning could be generally coordinated better as a whole as to not repeat the same jump for when a snare is represented instead of a bass (correct: 44.215; incorrect: 57.456, etc)
- keep the hi-hats going until they're completely unfiltered in the intro, i.e. up to 36.767
- not a fan of the 16ths disappearing at 76.491 since they continue the progression of the build-up into the next phrase
- noticeably similar patterning used in the drops give an impression of copy-paste, even though it's not quite the same -- deviate them up a bit more
- PR can use some slight touching up in a number of areas
- file has a respectable structure

[9/10] [Resubmission] Revenge Of Mister Foxsky {Foxsky} (Xiz)
- 34.402 is quite rude, but it is correct with regards to layering!
- absolutely love the structure of this file; this is easily your best file that you've made. The accenting feels great, and the intensity of the song is conveyed pretty nicely through your file.

[7/10] Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) {Krewella} [psychoangel691]
- a few missing taps in the intro for the more subtle guitar notes
- 41.219 to 54.933: very empty in comparison to the section which is musically, less lively -- also somewhat inappropriately light given the rest of the difficulty
- very interesting execution of bursts for the growling bass; it gives you a pretty interesting difficulty curve for the file
- 96.076: because this sound effect actually drops in pitch and somewhat fades into the soundscape, it'd be better (and a bit less arbitrary) if the patterning was some sort of backwards pattern
- the relative PR could be a bit better in the drops
- aside from the first chorus which is quite empty, the structure is respectably done; there's a noticeable back-and-forth patterning in the bass and snares in some spots (82.362 to 92.647), but the PR could use some more tweaking to really be effective repeated and differentiated at the same time; rhythms are accurate sans the obviously intentional walls of colored bursts which are very clear and consistently with similar rhythms each instance

[5/10] All I Ever Wanted {Basshunter} (VisD)
- what is up with the intro sync? literally, the first step
- feels largely over-layered
- 52.838 to 76.011/145.114 to 168.700: 64th swing should just be 16ths
- 78.494: missing snares?
- vocals in the verses are not consistent in representation (no 8th after 18.907 but 8th after 22.218 for the same word; this happens a few times throughout the file)
- structure feels way too forced and rhythms could generally be improved because of improperly used 64th swing

[8/10] Cirno's Perfect Math Class {IOSYS} (ilikexd)
- 20.096: snares start here as opposed to the triple
- 46.153: shift this vocal down a bit, probably to 1/12 before the next tap
- we've had this discussion before: your color theory collides with the actual structure of your chart using 8ths (besides, Cirno is an ice fairy so it would be more objectively correct as 48ths anyway! )

[6/10] Discord {The Living Tombstone} (Xiz)
- missing bass notes at 25.579/80.436 are glaring
- 45.864 to 64.150/100.721 to 119.007: 16ths to the melody don't feel right because there is some light swing
- some 8ths are repeating/chained and could benefit from better pattern assignment (see: 91.007 with four right arrows covering two instruments as an example)
- structure has noticeable copy/paste with slight removals for proper layering

[5/10] Duncan Hills Cover {Metaljonus} (trumaestro)
- 16th patterns literally repeat themselves over and over again; yes, it's PR, but you should not have this much repetition happening in a just-over-70-second-song; overall PR can be improved slightly to prevent the 8th note chain at the end of each 15-note sequence
- structure seems redundant even outside of that scope; the drum fills are all 432432 patterning, and the bridge between the first and second verses is the same 4th note patterning
- solo could use some improvement; the mixing between guitar and drums makes some parts feel a bit heavier than they need to be
- for a 70 second song, it doesn't do the job

[9/10] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (bmah)
- -0.5 for not attempting to quantize the ending, shame on you
- great file

[3/10] If I Ruled the World {Futuristic Sex Robotz} (Xtreme2252)
- what is with all of the BPM changes
- this file tries too hard to stay quantized to simple rhythms; there are some instances where taps are noticeably off from their normal position yet are colored to be a particular way (30.067, 36.410, 47.078, etc).
- jump usage is not clear
- sync to the lyrics and other elements could be improved quite a bit
- the one thing that is executed respectably well is the PR to harp (the instrument playing in the beginning and various other places in the song)
- file needs a reasonable amount of work done

[8/10] Kanon {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
- 24.854: the accent to the kicks here makes the section seem empty in some spots; not feeling the opting out of the other percussion personally, either
- 56.911: seems a little empty
- 91.197 to 112.454: it feels like there's a few missing steps for some samples here; could be filled out a bit more aggressively
- 91.711: for continuity with the jack, a [34] or [13] might be appropriate
- 94.711/105.682: missing jumps to crashes?
- the overall intensity of the file is quite refreshing, I enjoy the technicality of the last half despite the somewhat empty first half

[6.5/10] Lavender Town [Fairytale Remix] {Rachel Macwhirter} (XelNya)
- 9.327/(etc): the second repeated 4ths are fine, but the first set is not with regards to PR, so shift your patterns around a bit
- 28.961: remove jump
- 36.051/37.141: these aren't chords on the piano
- 44.231: technically two instruments coming through this entirely, so these could all be jumps
- 76.954: despite these pianos having two notes (one octave separated a piece), it seems a bit arbitrary only because this doesn't/shouldn't happen anywhere else in the file
- patterning is a little strange given the structure, but for the most part it does make sense structurally

[6/10] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
- 14.527 (etc): seems a bit overdone given the added element at 20.719 with reduced layering
- strange jump placement at 32.855, 56.741
- 34.210: sounds like 12ths
- 46.799: why are all these jumps here in particular? there doesn't seem to be a noticeable change in instrumental structure
- 51.247: a bit overemphasized
- missing note at 57.729 and 59.277
- chart feels somewhat empty in places due to the omission of the bass drum in the chart

[8/10] R2 {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
- 3.703 (etc): a few subtle guitar sounds could have steps to them; they are somewhat noticeable
- absolutely love the chart detail to the guitar pitch bends/tremolos -- looks great and just feels right
- a few more time signature changes can be added to make the chart feel more proper; the intro is synced to a blue note and there are a few other areas that have temporary BNS as well

[5.5/10] Spooky Scary Skeletons {The Living Tombstone(remix)} (M0nkeyz)
- lyrics are not fully represented and are missing a number of notes
- BPM cut in half isn't necessary given that the kick keeps driving the intensity of the song
- 50.371 (etc): the 12th note is a misrhythm, and the 48th note is questionable because it's barely noticeable if it's even there at all
- 99.389 (etc): watch your jack usage, as the synth doesn't play three of the same note all the time: listen carefully at 100.527 (1-1-1-2-3-3)
- structure of the file could use a little work; there are some noticeably incorrect rhythms and lyrical omissions as well

[3.5/10] Tasteless {Ken Ashcorp} (JSH)
- given the intensity of the percussion, the BPM could stand to be doubled either at 23.406 ot 26.073
- structure doesn't seem to clearly accent anything; it appears to be jumps at some points, percussion at others, and when instruments coincide, the structure doesn't always do the same
- another unfortunate thing is that the file simply drags because your structure doesn't differentiate itself much -- it's not quite copy/paste, but there is some noticeable pattern repetition
- rhythms are correct at the least, but that's about it

[6.5/10] YATA {kireji} (Silvuh)
- after accenting that percussion at 7.414, the chart felt quite empty because all of the remaining percussion simply played along with no representation
- a few missing notes in the intro, mostly for piano (25.831, 32.859, 33.192)
- PR could use some improvement visually (27.748, as a glaring example) and physically (34.081 to 34.498 - 6 notes; 34.581 to 34.998 - 6 notes, where all six notes are in common but in slightly different ordering)
- 39.664: if you're going to accent this percussion element, you'd best be picking up the others as well; there are many missed in this section
- 44.498: missing note for piano
- 56.248: this could be accounted for a bit more aggressively given the upcoming scratches
- 57.248: sounds just like regular 24ths, although it's understandable if you want to manipulate the separation a bit to better accent the underlying tonality
- 66.248 (etc): a number of missing piano notes
- 77.272: check rhythms after each 32nd burst
- 100.732: remove this jump
- a number of small errors need to be resolved

[9/10] Yukidokeiro Flowers {daisan & zue-row} (Silvuh)
- 8.027: remove this tap to give full focus to the piano
- don't really have much more than that; file is very well done, albeit quite spiky (but unavoidably so)

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

Supportive Judgments for July/August 2014
Set 2

=== JUDGE: DossarLX ODI ===

[8/10] [Resubmission] Trobbel {Animal Alpha} (Silvuh)
- 10.73: This 32nd stands out since the gallops after are 24ths
- 27.39, 29.47: Missing 24th gallops for guitar, the one at 31.56 was stepped
- 40.18: I still say this section can be snapped better. Recoloring these as 24th gallops can maintain the original sync but show what the intended drum hits were.
- 66.99, 73.24: Missing 24th gallops for guitar, 69.07 was stepped
- 86.09: This 8th is a ghost note. There is a 48th that could be stepped at 85.87 but it's unnecessary
- 102.42, 104.50, 110.76, : Missing 24th gallops for guitar
- 113.26: The ending can be recolored to reflect all 12ths, the intended hits.
- The main color offset issue was fixed and this file was much more enjoyable to play through. I feel some parts can be recolored to reflect the original intended hits that don't land nicely, but are supposed to reflect rhythms such as 12ths. Also cosnider the missing notes and ghost note I mentioned.

[8/10] Noetic {Docmo} (Silvuh)
- 51.48: The only 16th sound I can see this going to is the pulsing low bass sound but in that case many other 16th notes are missing around it. This 16th should be removed.
- 78.95, 79.37: Going back to 51.48, there are missing 16ths for the pulsing low bass sound so stepping just a few like this makes these sections feel incomplete (77.26 and 77.68 are missing for example)
- My only concern with this file are those low 16th bass sounds being stepped. They could be removed altogether or more of them could be stepped. As it is right now this file feels a bit incomplete with only stepping a few of them.

Set 3

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

[8.5/10] Winter Vale {Exias} (Silvuh)
- repeated tap at 65.276 stands out as a little strange to me
- white notes at the end are a little questionable to me, especially the one that causes a jump near the end
- nevertheless, file is great for an easier file; I like the intertwined PR amidst the somewhat stringent percussion structure

[4/10] Steel Machine {Look Left} (Xtreme2252)
- certainly an interesting song choice
- chart really does not do the song any justice; lots of single taps follow various instrumental elements and there is no real separation between lyrics and guitar
- some jumps arbitrarily follow lyrics without any real reasoning as to why jumps are used (51.962/52.525/[etc], where lyrics like 33.775 could easily have jumps given this method)
- jumps used for the guitar at 77.837, while spiky, are somewhat appropriate; however, make sure you account for them correctly (80.462 should be a jump; 80.650 should not)
- I will credit you for the attempt for at least trying to add some detail to the guitar section at 132.400; the rhythms aren't 100% correct, but they show an attempt at structure, which is certainly not bad
- the end of this file resembles a more desirable structure sans the random jumps for vocals on occasion; you've got jumps for really loud claps, you're following the guitar -- those two things there make a very solid and clean structure; the rest of your file should seek to follow more than just guitar and vocals (and do so while not being completely ambiguous as to what you're going after).
- you definitely should cut this song; I know it's difficult to want to do after going through the process of charting over 4 minutes, but you need to also think about what's best for being played by other players

[6/10] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (XelNya)
- this file, coupled with this song, has serious potential for being your best file yet
- personally, I would drop the hi-hats from being followed; this is basically any and all of the ambiguous 8th notes that you have at like 6.356, 9.628, 10.719; this does two things: a.) it gets rid of any arbitrary notes after the big synths that happen every measure or two and b.) it gives your synth 100% attention in accenting in locations like 8.810 (the 8th feels out of place despite being correct, whereas 17.538 is a more proper execution)
- watch your pattern choices and avoid pattern collisions that cause two instruments/samples to be represented by the same arrow: 27.356 has a jump that includes the right arrow off of a synth, but there were 7 notes on the synth on the right arrow before (see 34.992 for more effective and correct pattern usage)
- 36.628 to 54.083: try to either keep the repeated taps either on one arrow or one hand until the higher, shorter synths come in; this way, you get clear separation and it feels more correct
- ^ in addition to that note, make sure that you cover all of the higher synths as mini-jacks as well, as they are the same note (38.538, 40.719, etc)
- 59.810: jump placement is incorrect for a bit here; should be jumps on 60.083, 60.356, and 60.628
- 62.810 to end: pretty much repeating the same notes as before; look out for pattern collision and improve your structure so that there is maximum clarity
- 72.083: watch your jack placement; the bass does change pitch here and breaks into multiple pitches -- this pattern really needed to be split anyway, it's quite uncomfortable
- 82.992: jumps seeem a bit out of place
- 85.719/86.265/90.083: missing jumps
- 92.810: should be 32nds
- 97.310: move to up arrow
- this file will be really memorable for players of this demographic if it gets in (it's already that way now); fix it up and solidify that structure!

Set 4

=== JUDGE: Wayward Vagabond ===

[9/10] YATA {kireji} (Silvuh)
this file owns. good to see you stepping harder stuff.

[8.5/10] Yukidokeiro Flowers {daisan & zue-row} (Silvuh)
this file also owns. i like the progressive difficulty build up.

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

September/October 2014

1.) SET 1
a.) ilikexd
b.) Silvuh
c.) TC_Halogen
2.) SET 2
a.) DarkZtar
b.) gameboy42690
c.) lurker
d.) psychoangel691
3.) SET 3
a.) gameboy42690
b.) lurker
c.) Silvuh


=== JUDGE: ilikexd ===

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
-29s I think it would be better to just focus on the strings and snare and ignore the background 8th sounds so that they are better emphasized. The jacks and chain jumps to the background instruments work better as they are done later in the chart.
-Crash cymbals are sometimes hands but just jumps in other spots -- it is hard to follow.

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] They Kiddnapped The Princess {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
-4s These vocals aren't too well synced. It would be better to be more exact than just 16ths and 12ths.
-23s I think it would be better not to layer every 4th as a jump to the background cymbal but rather just focus on something more prominent like the snare every other 4th. This makes it more reasonable in difficulty compared to the unlayered stream that follows.

[7/10] Azul (Remix) {Celas} (DarkZtar)
-The offset is early.
-6.63s,16.47s These are 24ths.
-38.32s There doesn't seem to be any piano here.
-44s These are constant 16ths.
-76s,115.5s These are perfect 12ths. The color notes don't make sense.
-As a whole the chart is very densely layered where it could be less layered to emphasize the pitch relevance of all the interesting melodies.
-There are some places with missing notes although they aren't too audible because the mp3 quality is poor.

[8.5/10] B.B.K.K.B.K.K {nora2r} (gameboy42690)
-The pitch relevancy and sound matching is extremely good.
-Layering in the crash cymbals as hands would break up some of the monotony in parts that are just 8ths.

[9/10] Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Heavy] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
-These two charts complement each other very well in what they emphasize.
-Unique music

[9/10] Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Standard] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
-These two charts complement each other very well in what they emphasize.
-The patterning is all done very well to match the rapping, and the gimmick matching the numbering was well done.
-Unique music

[6/10] Black Snow [Violin] {KgZ} (DJzAIKz)
-34.4s This can be changed to something else such as 323 to mark it as lower pitch than the previous note.
-39.02s And this one is higher than the other note on column 2.
-45.02s Same concept.
-Same concept occurs later with jumps. They change pitch in groups of three so different notes/jumps can be used when the pitch changes.
-The second part of the chart represents so much much more difficulty than the first, and it's not in a very reasonable way, with kicks by themselves being stepped as jumps. Given the easiness and sparsity of notes in the first half, it isn't favorable to load the second half with so many jumps for single instruments.
-There is good PR and generally good ideas, but the main issue that brings this chart down is the difficulty disparity.

[4/10] Blue Girl on Sunday {Goreshit} (XelNya)
-While the repeating notes for the fading echoes are admissible, when they become next to inaudible I do not think it is appropriate to include notes in the chart (to what is essentially no sound).
-The main effect of this track is the vocal samples and their echoing -- it would be good if there was distinction between the primary samples and the echoes, perhaps through coloring or using jumps, but there is none; rather the primary focus of the chart becomes the percussion.
-The music is archetypically unsteppable in all its elements and nature, although there was effort made to alleviate that. It doesn't seem reasonable that many people will enjoy playing this chart through its entirety given the total lack of progression, change, or energy.

[8/10] Braum {Riot Games} (Xiz)
-63.93s Missing note.
-90.84s These fast notes are just in groups of 3 not counting the jump so they should be stepped consistently as the others.
-Very good use of climax theory in the layering at the end. The chart was seeming to drag a bit but seeing it as a whole it progresses well.

[5/10] Desertion {Zircon} (M0nkeyz)
-34.908s This part doesn't have jump consistency. There are tom drums but no jumps. The jump usage that follows is really hard to understand. It doesn't seem to consistently follow drums or guitar.
-43.114s 24th is 32nd.
-46.5s BPM should be doubled here, if not for the entire file. It's energetic rock music; 92 BPM doesn't fit.
-49.255s Kick drum but no jump.
-57.489s The 32nd drums were single notes before, but now they're jumps.
-60s I can't figure out the jump usage here and beyond. It seems like jumps go to the drums, but they're omitted in so many places.
-68s Following the lead and background guitar simultaneously in spots like this leads to neither one being clearly distinguished and a long stream of notes that don't particularly match anything being heard. When the lead comes in, it's probably better to follow it only.
-76.5s Poor patterning for this sound - doesn't change to the ascension and generally doesn't match. There are also 3/32nd kicks not acknowledged that are more prominent than the hihats.
-78s This is a reduction in intensity from the previous section but it's nonetheless stepped equally as a 16th jumpstream. It's not needed to follow all the quiet hihats.
-103.3s Missing note
-113.66s-115.6s Subpar PR which is really important to stress in the solo.
-141s Backwards PR on these triplets.
-The music is really good for a stepchart and has pretty good potential.

[7.5/10] DISCHARGE RUSH {ETIA. vs MM Sequence} (LongGone)
-46.060s Clap
-59.752s The 48ths don't make sense. It could be constant 48ths or 32nds but there doesn't seem to be a reason for broken 48ths.
-62.935s Jump
-71.733s All the 8ths are filled in except this one.
-Really dense but decently suits the energy of the music while not being unreasonable with layering.

[8/10] Drunk Crunk Franken {t+pazolite} (gameboy42690)
-The difficulty is a bit unevenly distributed, but part by part everything is stepped well. After the long jumpstream with fairly difficult patterning, there isn't that much to affect scoring, but at any rate what follows adds more musically to the chart so it isn't that big of a deal.

[6.5/10] First Person Shooter {Celldweller} (VisD)
-28.967s,42.681s This is an 8th, same when these are copied in the next repetition
-30.717s,44.431s 1/16th early, same when these are copied in the next repetition
-71.753s,78.610s There is no drum here, so the jump is confusing.
-138.681s,138.967s It's unclear what these jumps go to.
-140.610s Ghost note
-142s The jump usage here is very convoluted; it seems like things are supposed to match the background sound but nothing is easy to figure out.
-151.3s These are very far from constant 24ths.
-160.253s These 3 4ths should probably just be jumps.

[8.5/10] Game Genie {Shnabubula} (Scintill)
-2386s I think normal stream patterns (possibly repeating) would be better than spins and rolls but either is fine given the sound.
-Really long even given tempo, rhythm, and melody changes. Stepped very well though.

[8.5/10] Gangsters Paradise (Candyland's OG Remix) {Coolio Remixed By Candyland} (wv)
-The only thing I can point out is that the structure of the track is so anticlimactic past 100s and 117s that, even though it's already so short, might minimally benefit from being cut somewhere.

[8.5/10] Horizon {Sabrepulse} (DossarLX ODI)
-The difficulty progresses well and all the layering and patterning make sense.

[4/10] Lavender Town (Remix) {Stephen Walking} (Xtreme2252)
-The offset is early.
-29.9s Most of these 16ths are ghost notes: they aren't following anything in the music.
-42.791s,49.648s These are the same sound.
-58.648s Immense difficulty spike at this speed from the one-handed trill.
-76s These minijacks come in and they don't seem to follow anything in the music.
-The majority of the track consists of the repeating bass sound as trills which repeat as a whole in the 2nd half.
-A lot of the layering is hard to follow.

[5/10] Life Ride {Pyramyth} (Xiz)
-The offset is extremely early.
-15.61 Should be jump given layering.
-26.299s This synth sound repeats at 3/16ths x2 after.
-29.747s These should be jumps too.
-62.419s A 64th triplet here, not 48ths
-67.592s This quiet 32nd sound is present in lots of places in the music where it isn't stepped, when it would just be better to ignore altogether as it's barely audible.
-87s,96.99s Should be a hand.
-Mostly a massive 16th jumpstream, no sounds themselves are well associated with anything, but it's just every sound together without anything being emphasized.
-The BPM should probably be doubled.

[8/10] Lovely City {Calum Bowen} (wv)
-This is the same chart as the stepcon submission, so my rating and judgement haven't changed.

[5/10] Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- {LeaF} (lurker)
-Pretty overstepped if anything. Lots of jumps in the middle of bursts that don't need to be there; things can be emphasized without having to layer everything inside. Lots of hand usage to sounds that can just be jumps such that hands don't even stand out by themselves.
-31.2s Strange hand usage here: in groups of three the second and third sounds are much heavier than the first, so it doesn't seem reasonable that the first one is a hand while the other two are jumps.
-34.3s Pretty crazy to load this up with jumps sandwiched between 32nd bursts. Slightly inaccurate: Missing notes att 34.673s, 34.784s, 35.340s, 35.562s, 35.673s -- though arguably intentional and making it easier to play -- it'd be better to just step it overall in a more reasonable way.
-89.62s Good example of overusage of hands. It's a barely noticeable percussion sound when playing. The kicks are loud and it's reasonable to have them all as jumps, but these hands make little sense when playing.

[8/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (DarkZtar)
-35.936s Missing 16th.
-Good PR and sufficient accuracy for all the solos.

[7/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (MarioNintendo)
-A lot of the solos are oversimplified. It's not inherently bad for them to be mostly simple rhythms, but in many cases what was stepped as straight 16ths was actually more like 24ths. There are also a few short spaces without any notes when guitar notes are being played.
-The jump usage in the synth choruses is hard to follow. It doesn't seem to correspond to anything consistently.

[9/10] Zauberkugel {xi} (gameboy42690)
-Very well layered given the density of instruments in the music, and good patterning/pr.
-30.642s These groups of three crash cymbal+brass+synth really stand out from all the other jumps and it would be good if they also stood out in the chart, most easily by being hands. Then the other sound that is a hand such as the one 37.287s can be quads.

=== JUDGE: Silvuh ===

[8.5/10] [Resubmission] Phantom Of The Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
// The climax theory is much better now, and you fixed pretty much everything from last time. I found a few more things that can be touched up.
15.68-17.62s: There's a lot of 2 and 3 here, so the PR can be a bit better. Like, 15.88s should be on 4 (same pitch as 16.46s). 17.04 and 17.42s are also both high notes, so to get them out of the trill, you can move 16.65 and 17.23s to 1 and then make 17.62s [24].
19.75, 19.94s: Swap the two notes on the left for PR, so it's 1[24]. You'll end up with a long 2-3 trill, six notes of which are unavoidable, but you can move 21.10 to 4 and 21.28s to 2 because the pitches there don't go straight down.
39.82s: Should move this to 2 to the repeated note in the guitar to anchor with the previous 4th (having this on 3 makes it look like a 2323 trill to the violin)
43.69s: Could step the guitar note here.
49.41s: No violin on this 16th, so it can be removed.
49.99s: Because this 16th isn't the same pitch as the one before it, you can move it to 2 and make the hand [134] so you don't have an irrelevant right-hand minitrill.
53.95s: Step this 4th to be consistent with 60.14s
69.43-76.40s: This section is much better now, and all you need to do is move 73.20s to 2 (same pitch as 73.40, not 73.01s)
84.81s: Missing drum 16th, same drum as 83.26s
87.73s: No drum on this 16th, so it can be removed.
99.93s: The drum starts a bit earlier, so you're missing a 16th here.
101.77s: Not sure why this is the only note outside of an anchor in this section.
106.21s: Something like 42132 or 21432 shows descending better (even though the highest/lowest notes aren't on 4/1) because there are no repeated arrows an 8th apart or adjacent ascending notes.

[6.5/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped The Princess {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
// You fixed almost all the small stuff, but I still think the anchors in 11.35-20.88s and the patterning/structure of 22.64-33.94s should be fixed before this is queued.
5.53s: Ghost note (no vocal sound here)
11.35-20.88s: The jumps to the snare should not be anchored with the repeated notes to the kick. They're different sounds. It's good that you've stepped it consistently, but it doesn't feel right.
21.23-22.64s: 21.85s could be on 2 so this beat will be a mirror of the previous one (it would break off the anchor on 3), but then you'd need to change the patterns in the next beat so you don't have an anchor on 2. The last two beats should also be more similar with each other, like they should either both have a minijack or both not.
22.64-33.94s: When you added in jumps without changing the patterns much, you created long anchors on 2 that don't play well. I can understand why you might not feel like you should have to change 11.35-20.88s, but it looks like you haven't experimented with many different patterns here. Because of how repetitive the synth doing 16ths is, the patterns should have more structure than this. Something like ([34]234[12]321) repeated for 22.64s, and then you could do similarly-structured but different patterns for the three repeats.
25.02s: Missing 16th to a bass drum (same sound as 25.38s)
44.87, 49.11s: This changing the roll to recognize the percussion was done well.

[7.5/10] Azul (Remix) {Celas} (DarkZtar)
#OFFSET:-0.646 (-19 ms)
// The layering is consistent, but sometimes when you step other sounds around the percussion, it gets odd. The 16th stream has a lot of unnecessary anchors in it that could be fixed up so the file plays better.
22.26s: This last note is a ghost note.
25.57, 30.49s: There's no need for these 4ths to anchor with both 8ths around them
34.95s: Move to 2 so it doesn't extend the trill, because the pitch here is different.
36.87s: There's a piano 16th here you can step, a repeated note (but doesn't need to be stepped as minijack at this speed)
37.49s: Similarly, there's a strings 16th here (it's a three-note descent)
38.57, 38.72s: These feel like ghost notes because they go to that soft background synth you don't really follow (because your 16ths go to louder sounds like the piano)
39.18, 39.80s: Missing 16ths
40.64-41.26s: You should be able to PR this without making an irrelevant long anchor or minitrill.
43.10s: Even though this is a note between jumps to the percussion, because you stepped the repeated jump to the piano chords at 41.72s, it's noticeable not having the repeated jump here too.
44.34-48.64s: Good PR here.
51.87-52.64s: Break up this long anchor.
59.64-60.64s: I'd think you could step this without minitrills and long anchors, but all the jumps makes it more difficult to play well and keep PR.
61.18s: This synth is so soft this feels like a ghost note at 1.0x.
65.10s: You don't need a four-note anchor here, but 65.26-65.59s should be a minitrill for PR.
67.72s: Same as 43.10s about the repeated piano chord.
68.34-75.72s: There are quite a few long anchors and chains in this section that aren't musically relevant. Also there are some spots where, at 1.0x, the piano sounds more like it's doing three-note repetitions rather than straight 16ths, like during 72.03-75.72, so you can break up the stream to differentiate this section from others where it does sound like straight 16ths.
70.03s: Making this [13] would break the anchor up.
70.80s: Shouldn't be the same as the previous jump, because this is a different percussion sound.
71.57, 71.64s: If you make these [24] and 3, that'd both make the previous anchor shorter and not overextend the trill starting at 71.72s.
74.03-74.80s: Another long anchor that can be broken up
82.57-83.80s: Missing 16th, and there's no actual three-note sound that those three jumps go to, so it doesn't feel right.
87.41-88.03s: Maybe doing something like HsJJsJJsH where gallops are jumped instead of the 4th would fit better, because that triple jump (as mentioned before) just doesn't feel relevant. So this goes for all previous instances of this synth pattern.
89.72s: Missing melody note
92.95-96.95, 102.80-106.49s: These shouldn't be three-note anchors, because the pitch of each last note is different than the others.
107.72s: The rest of this is mostly similar stream and stuff to before that should be looked at again in the same way.

[7.5/10] B.B.K.K.B.K.K {nora2r} (gameboy42690)
// The pattern matching to the vocal samples is good. But some climax theory could be improved, the PR in the half-BPM section can be fixed, and some anchors should be touched up.
10.33, 55.51, 123.27s: 423 would be more PR to the voice sample here.
12.36s+1m(3), 18.01+1m(3)s: There are 16ths here you can step, because they seem to complement the sounds you have 16th jumps to.
22.86-28.33s: No sound in the music makes a trill in this section, so you should move 22.86 to 2, 24.45 to 3, and 25.69 to 1. You'll have to move more than one note in 27.10-27.63s.
28.33-32.57s: Similar to above
30.27-30.98s: The jump patterns force a long trill here, which is musically inaccurate, so you should change the jumps around to break it up. That would also make it more playable.
33.98-45.27s: The music is more intense here, so it feels off how much easier it is than 22.69-32.57s. However, 45.27-55.16s is even more intense than this, so if you increase layering here, you'll have to increase the layering there even more. The trouble is that the extra instrumentation after 45.27s is all on the 4ths, so it may feel odd to add layering on the 8ths to make it more intense without using hands (and you don't use hands anywhere in the file, so if you use them here, you'd have to use the throughout). But you can jump half the 8ths (jump two, leave two, jump two, etc: there's a background synth that does this) or all of them (except ones like 47.92 that don't have the melody on them). You can try just jumping half the 8ths or all the 8ths in the second half ... and try jumping half the 8ths in the first half and all in the second half. (But really I mean the first half of the second half, because the percussion changes in the last quarter, and you might layer that differently depending on how you layer the third quarter.)
57.27s: PR: 57.27 and 57.63s are the same pitch (and 57.98s wouldn't be in that anchor). Highlight here for my recommendation: (2123[14])
58.69s is the same BABCD pitch contour but higher up. Rcmd: (1312[34])
60.10s: The irrelevant 4321 here is very noticeable (even though you underlyingly stepped 44323 for the melody), so something could be moved. Rcmd: (4431[24]) if you move 57.98s.
61.33s: This time, the first two 16ths are the same pitch. Rcmd: (23243[12])
The next bars are a repeat, except the 16th at 67.69s is lower in pitch than its predecessor at 62.04s.
67.86s-73.51s: In this section, having all 4th jumps feels like too much for how light the percussion is as it comes in. I'd suggest unlayering percussion without melodic 4ths behind it for additive layering (which would mean unjumping only 67.86, 69.63, 71.04, and 72.45s), or you could only jump the chords.
73.51-76.33s: The anchoring is uneven here (there are both three- and two-note anchors with no pattern) and should be fixed. It's all "bass", so there's no need to have the same 4th jump twice in a row (which seems to be what's causing your three-note anchors).
79.16-89.04s: Good patterns here. The anchored gaps work well for playability (e.g. 79.95, 80.57s) even though the pitch never actually repeats.
91.42-91.86s: Fix pattern here to either break the anchor or the minitrill or both, because they're not musically relevant.
104.22s: [23]131[24] would play better here to avoid the five-note trill. Similar thing at 109.51s. Like at 73.51s, you're creating odd anchors by having two of the same 4th jumps in a row when it's not necessary.
112.60s: This 16th shouldn't be a part of the following trill, because it's not the same pitch here as the other two.

[7*/10] Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Heavy] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
// I've given the file an acceptable rating on the condition the intro is fixed, and there's also a few rhythmic errors from stepping vocals. A few PR and layering things other than that.
Straight 32nds is definitely too fast at the start. You end up with five more notes than you should have. The median interval is 7/192nds apart, so an average BPM of 102.85 will work better. Try this:
#BPMS:0=102.85,1=97.516,1.5=104.477,2=106.487,2.43 75=135.11,2.625=99.554,3=102.85,3.5=120;
Or, much more simply (but a bit less accurate):
#BPMS:0=102.85,2.4375=118.577,2.625=102.85,3.5=120 ;
(This makes the notes start on an 8th so that 4.02s can be a 4th jump. Also, this puts that jump on (ddream) beat 5, but it's at beat 9 right now, so you'll have to move your steps.)
Everything will feel like straight 32nds at 102.85 BPM except for 3.05-3.26s (I put a 192nd, 12th, and 64th between the 32nds, because the rhythm is faster), and then there's a break at 3.83s and 120 BPM 32nds into the jump. I get that you didn't want to overcomplicate it by being too precise, but I feel like this solution is a much better balance between simplicity and accuracy. Also, because it's slower, you can be more PR with the patterns. And actually, something more roll-and-staircase-y (exchanging what sounds like a trill at 2.34s for something like 2123212) will be both more relevant and more playable.
5.64, 7.64, 8.64, 11.64s: Nothing on these 16ths are a repeat from the 4th, so these shouldn't be minijacks.
9.27, 13.57s: This jump could be a single to not get in the way of the two jumps to the guitar. (Like you do starting at 17.27s.)
12.39s: It seems like you just jumped the wrong 16th, because this one has the guitar on it, and 12.64s has nothing to accent.
14.27s: This minijack feels like it goes to the vocal (because no percussion repeats), which you haven't been stepping, so it should be broken.
15.77s: Missing 8th to hat (see 11.77, 14.77s)
28.77s: Not sure what makes it a jump here but not at 20.77, 24.77s. Should be consistent.
29.94s: The gap here would feel less odd if there was more after the 4th, but like this, the 4th feels like it should be the end of a roll. I'd put a 24th on 1 and move the 4th to 4.
30.77s: Shouldn't anchor to the jump before it for PR.
33.77, 37.77s: Move to 3 for PR.
34.10-34.77s+1m: The clap layers on the guitar here, so these could be jumps.
35.27s: The 434 here creates an inaccurate pitch contour.
38.77s: Shouldn't be the same as the previous 4th for PR.
43.39s: You have three 16ths in a row on 3, but this one doesn't have the same percussion on it as the other two.
43.64s: Jump on the 16th here, not the 4th before it, for consistency. (You could consider jumping both the 16th and the 4th each time.)
46.71, 50.71s: Could step the 32nd of the fast hat thing here like you do at 54.71s.
47.02s: Percussion note on the 4th here. The 16th at 47.14s has only a vocal note on it and should be removed.
53.27s: Just an 8th to the percussion here, not a 32nd.
53.46s: There's no percussion on this 32nd, so it can be removed (the word "at" is on this 32nd, but you're not stepping vocals.)
62.02s: 1321423 would work better here to avoid repeating 8ths.

[6/10] Belly Dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Standard] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
// Lots of small rhythmic errors and ghost notes, and some jumps don't totally work, though the 1-2-3-4 gimmick is cool.
4.89s: Ghost 16th (no vocal)
6.89s: 3442 would be more PR than a minitrill here.
10.52s: No vocal on this 4th
11.52s: Nice jumps for the layered vocal.
12.19s: 12th for a gallop rather than a 16th here.
12.52s: This "a" is lower than "make", so it shouldn't be a minijack.
12.89, 13.02s: Minijack? The vocal sound is so similar that a minijack would fit here.
14.31s: 48th for a gallop rather than an 8th here.
15.27s: The "zer" in Budweiser is on an 8th here, not that 16th.
16.77s: I don't hear the same layered vocal thing here as before, so I don't think these should be jumps.
17.64s: Vocal ghost note (unless it's "a couple" and not just "couple", but I don't hear an "a")
18.39s: Vocal ghost note
18.52s: I hear "to us to do" as 16th gallops, and "when I'm not" are 24ths (12th-8th-12th) in the middle of the next beat.
21.27s: Use the same rhythm as 25.27-25.69s here.
22.52s: This 4th shouldn't be a part of the anchor for PR.
23.18s: 12th for a gallop rather than a 16th here, which also means breaking the minijack.
27.64s: 16th rather than 12th jump here (you can hear that the rhythm of "stop my car" is not straight).
29.64s: I hear "kin" after the 4th, on the 16th here. Also, it shouldn't be anchored to the jump for "what". This goes for every other "drinkin'", i.e. 33.64, 37.64, and 59.52s.)
29.77s: 24ths here? Considering you stepped them at 31.52s (though the sound is a bit different here.)
30.39, 30.77s: Shouldn't be the same note for PR.
35.27s: Step the instrument here?
42.14s: Vocal ghost note
45.89, 46.02s: Sounds like it's just 16ths here, no 24th.
46.14s: This note feels early.
47.14s: The pitch doesn't repeat in "adrenaline", so I don't think this minijack fits.
49.27s: "Fucked" is higher than "up" here, so it shouldn't be a repeated jump.
40.36s: Make this 12th a 64th. (He is saying "green", right?)
53.19s: I hear the onset of the H as more of a 12th gallop here, but because it's friction here (not a separate syllable), I'd make it a single.
53.39s: A 16th here would go to the end of "howlin'", with "at" on the 32nd after, not a 24th.
54.02-54.35s: These are the three notes to "the cooler", and they're too early. Like, "the" is on the 24th or 16th after the 4th.
55.64s: For PR, this shouldn't be a minijack.
56.55, 56.64s: Missing 24th to the "uh" of "eleven", and "ven" is on a 16th, not 24th.
60.02-61.52s: Kinda feels odd to not step anything in the break here, even though you haven't stepped this sound before, because you'd always step something in the breaks.
63.52s: Vocal ghost note
63.77s: I'd think this vocal note is emphasized enough for a jump.
63.89s: This 16th is a ghost note. There is a 32nd gallop, but you have it early: it starts on the 32nd, so you're missing the note on the 4th.
64.14s: Vocal ghost note
64.39s: 32nd gallop starting on the 16th here. The note at 64.33s is too early.
64.89s: This 16th should be two 24ths to "(wor)kin' while I".
65.19s: 12th for a gallop rather than a 16th here.

[5/10] Black Snow [Violin] {KgZ} (DJzAIKz)
// You should step something in the intro, because twelve seconds is a long time to wait.
// There's mostly good PR with some noticeable errors, but the real trouble is with the layering. There's a huge difficulty spike in the middle, and then the second half is a lot compared to the first half.
15.96ss: Move to 3 so it's not the same pitch as 16.52s (16.52 and 18.02 are the same, so that's good.)
22.42s: 16th is lower in pitch than the 8th, so 214 would work better.
24.02s: Same pitch and sound as 12.02s, so this could be [14]. (It's odd having a crash as [12] or [34] because a crash feels like a wide sound. Or course, a crash shouldn't always be [14] if you need to change it up for PR.)
34.33s: Similar to 22.42s. The pitch here isn't ABA.
39.02, 40.52s: Move these to 1 because they're lower in pitch than 37.52s.
42.02s: If you move 40.52s to 1, then this note can be moved to 2 to show that it's not the same pitch as 40.52 or 43.52s.
43.52 and 45.02s are fine being the same note despite not being the same pitch, because you'd need more columns to really PR this section perfectly.
48.02s: Now that you're using jumps, you have six choices rather than four, so you can PR it better. You want something that's CBADBAEBAE (A is high, E is low). And the pitch order of the jumps are [34] [24] [23]/[14] [13] [12], so there's you're ABCDE right there.
For the next section of jumps, all you need to do is move 57.02 to [12] and 58.52s to [14]. You could also move 55.14, 56.64, and 58.14 to [24] to even the columns out a bit (rather than having too many 3s).
62.08, 62.27s: Same pitch and should be the same arrow. I'd then move 63.02s so it's not the same arrow as 62.27s.
63.96-66.02s: This should not be the exact same pattern as 60.96-63.02s, because the overall pitch is lower despite the contour being the same. So you can offset the pattern, like doing 4123-2-11 instead.
72.39, 73.89s: Missing notes to the snare
74.64, 75.02s: Like before, it's odd having a crash on [34]. The melody note repeats but the percussion doesn't, so you could move both the notes or change just the one to the crash.
76.52-78.02s: Just use singles here. (78.02 could stay a jump.) This is a massive difficulty spike compared to the rest of the file.
79.52-103.52s: Going straight to jumping all the 4ths is too much of a jump from your previous layering scheme (which was just singles to the melody.) If you want the end to be harder than the beginning (but not too much harder), you can try changing the layering here to additive layering between the kick and melody (where "sound A + sound B = jump"), so you don't jump any 4ths that are just the kick. Another thing you can do is step the 16ths at 84.96-85.33, 96.96-97.33, and 98.17s.
102.02-103.52s: These should not all be [12] jumps, because they're not all the same. And they don't all need to be jumps.
103.89s+2m(3): Missing notes to the snare. Three instances of this are two measures down each.
108.39s: You have a five-note anchor here that should be split up (keep it to just three-note ones like before).
110.64s: This is a crash and should not be the same jump as jumps to the kick/snare after it.
111.02-112.52s: These should be chains like earlier for consistency.
114.02s: These shouldn't be all [14], because the pitch rises.
Here are layering suggestions for the first half of the file to make the difficulty not jump so much:
12.02-36.02s: Fill in the 4ths to the kick with singles except for the ones during 3/16ths to the melody (so, like, don't step 13.14s)
26.02-46.5s: You don't need to add anything here.
46.52-48.02s: Step singles to the notes to the kick here.
48.02-60.02s: Either fill in all the 4ths here or just the ones during the breaks at 52.52 and 58.52s. You don't need the extra 4ths during all the jumps (because them being jumps is a lot of extra notes already), but you can step them if you like. And don't forget the 8ths to the kick at 59.46 and 59.83s.
60.02-72.02s: Similar to 12.02s: You don't need 4ths during 3/16ths to the melody, like at 61.89s.

[6.5/10] Blue Girl on Sunday {Goreshit} (XelNya)
// You have some strict patterning that mostly works but creates some unnecessary anchors. The music is pretty repetitive, so more variation in the steps would help keep it interesting. 5.14-7.33, 12.14-14.33, 20.47-21.34, 33.17-34.70s: Maybe you decided to step all the quiet notes in the intro because you felt like you couldn't find the right time to end them, but, they're just too quiet and really should be fixed. These are my suggested removals: basically, not having more than seven gallops in a row.
39.30, 46.30s: Move to [23] because the anchor on 1 is unnecessary.
42.36s: Seems like an accidental note, because you don't have it at 35.36s.
62.73s: I don't hear what makes this 4th a jump. Unlayering this jump would also decrease the spike a bit.
63.17s: Shouldn't be [12] like the previous 8th jump, because there's a higher pitch that makes this beat different.
65.36s: Even though your other jump kicks are [13], this one would be better as [14] to not make an odd anchor. There's that percussion sound with the xx..xxx rhythm, but you see 323.323, making it look like two triplets, which is inaccurate.
72.25s: Ghost 16th. If there is a sound there, it's too light to step.
75.87, 76.52s: The 1s of these two notes should be moved to 2 to not interfere with the other percussion anchoring on 1.
90.76s: Same as 62.73s.
91.20-119.22s: There should be something more you can do in this section to differentiate it more from the last 16 measures. Like you could do 16ths for the new background synth, like at 96.45-97.33, 97.55-98.20s, or do 24ths for the little rolls (like at 93.38s, though stepping all those might be too much).
93.38s: Can move this to [23] to break the unnecessary anchor on 1.
97.11s: Missing 8th jump to that kick sound.
105.98s: Missing 16th (same sound as 98.97s)
118.79s: Same as 62.73s.
124.48s: The synth doing 16ths becomes even more noticeable in this section.
146.16s: I was thinking you were intentionally ignoring some sounds around the end so it could be like a light fade-out kind of thing, but then you have this pattern as dense as the previous times here, so maybe you can tone this last one down even more.

[8/10] Braum {Riot Games} (Xiz)
// The PR is mostly good. The first chorus could use more layering compared with the rest of the file. I think some hands could help, but I don't know how far you'd want to go with that.
10.11-11.38s: There's more variation in the percussion than the steps show here.
28.83-46.29s: The layering should be increased here for climax theory from the previous section (11.38-28.83s). There are a lot of added drum notes you're still ignoring, e.g. stepping the 12ths to the drum after 29.38, 31.56, 32.65, 33.74s, etc.
46.29-63.74s: This section has lighter instrumentation but has more melody notes, so it's necessary to step this much here, which is more reason to find more to step in the previous section so it doesn't feel like backwards climax theory.
93.06s: I don't think the 16th is necessary here. I don't hear as much here at 1.0x as I do at 90.88s.
116.11s: When I playtested this, I felt like it took way too long to finally get to jumping all of the melody notes. But you can't really do that at 98.65s, because then you'd need to start using hands at 116.11s. (When I was playing this, I really wanted to hit some hands.)
117.74, 118.29s: Same melody pitch, same jump.
126.47, 127.02s: Same as above.
127.56, 127.93s: Different jumps for different pitches.

[5.5/10] Desertion {Zircon} (M0nkeyz)
// Some sections could use more layering to match the emphasis of the music better (like, your additive layering sometimes makes you end up not jump loud sounds like the cymbals in the section starting at 157.35s), and using more hands would help with that (which you used in one section only; having some hands makes the missing hands in other sections feel more odd).
// Minijacks are used inconsistently, like they're avoided in some sections but not in others. You don't need to worry about 16th jumps anchored together at 92 BPM.
34.90s: Missing jump to snare. I can understand not jumping the snare at 35.72, 35.88s because of the long guitar note.
36.86, 37.02s: Either jump the 16th to the guitar or the snare on the 8th here, because it feels odd without either considering all the layering you're doing.
37.84-38.16s: Change up the pattern so you don't have a three-note 16th anchor.
40.12s. Same as 34.90s.
42.97s: You have an odd one-handed minitrill here that should be undone.
43.22s: Neither the percussion nor guitar just alternates here, so these jumps should be more varied.
46.48-56.91s: The additive layering between the percussion and melody is good here.
46.48-49.09s: This is almost one whole long hidden trill. It seems like this happened because you were avoiding minijacks, but the trill is not musically relevant, and there are actually minijacks to the rhythm guitar or kick throughout this section that you can step. There are other sections where you do have more hidden minijacks between jumps, so it's odd to see none of that here.
47.46, 48.11s: Different pitches and shouldn't be the same jump.
47.95, 48.11s: Minijack to the repeating guitar note here?
48.27s: Ghost 16th. Not a distinct guitar note.
49.09, 49.25s: Repeating kicks like these are good to anchor.
50.56s: Missing guitar note here.
52.67, 53.33s: Same as 47.46s, these shouldn't be the same jump for PR.
56.91, 57.08s: These should be the same jump. It's the same kick and guitar sound. (Compare with 51.70s when you stepped the same jump to the kick despite the melody being different notes.)
59.69, 64.90s: Missing jumps to kick + guitar (see 57.08s)
59.85s: Missing jump to snare/cymbal/guitar (57.24s)
61.48s: The second half of 32nds is lower in pitch than the first, so 12321232 doesn't feel right.
62.45s: There's no repeating sound here, so this shouldn't be a minijack.
68.33, 68.92s: Same as 47.46.
69.96s: Same as 49.09s about the kick.
70.53s: Nothing special here and should just be a 32nd.
71.91s: This beat doesn't have an odd sound on it now and should just be a 4th.
72.08-72.40s: But you can do something off-color here to go to that high synth. The anchor of the 32nds around the 8ths is a bit odd. Doing 323 (starting on the 8th) would work better.
73.71s: Doesn't have percussion layered on it and should be a single.
75.17s: Anchor the kick
76.48s: Four four-note trills would be more PR here. The BPM is slow enough that you don't need to roll 32nds. 77.13s can be a jump to the crash, maybe even the 8ths.
79.09s: Hands! There are a lot of places earlier in the file I would have used hands. It feels kind of odd to see them only in this one section.
80.83s: Missing 12th to kick
83.00-86.91s: There's some missing layering to the guitar here (which you start to add with the 8ths at 83.33, 83.98s)
86.91-88.22s: These new percussion rhythms should be emphasized somehow.
91.04, 91.26s: Missing 12ths here.
93.43-97.35s: The layering here should be consistent with 83.00s.
96.37, 96.53s: Minijack to the guitar
97.84, 98.33s: Maybe jump the snares here, because, like 86.91s, this spot feels empty.
98.73, 100.53s: Missing percussion 32nds
103.79s: Ghost 32nd
111.78s: Missing guitar 32nd
113.08s: I get that you're just stepping the solo in this section, but it feels odd to leave out this percussion 32nd which follows from the previous 32nd.
113.16-113.33s: Because these notes go to the guitar, it should be something more like 234 for PR.
113.82s: Move to 3 for PR
115.39s: This 12th should be the peak of the 115.39-115.77s pattern, not the following 4th.
116.48, 116.70s: Should be 12ths here.
123.43-124.09, 124.41s: Missing 24ths
128.08s: Should be on 1 for PR (same pitch as 127.92s)
130.85-131.18s: I can hear the 64ths at a low rate, but at 1.0x when playing, it feels like too much. Also, that 32nd minijack goes to the percussion, so it shouldn't be in the solo.
132.84-133.05s These notes feel a frame or two early. Like the sound on the 16th is closer to a 24th.
140.39-143.00s: PR here is all backwards. The minitrill is inaccurate, and the groups of three 24ths should be ascending.
143.57s: This little fast one-hand triplet starting the roll off doesn't play well, so the pattern should be changed up.
144.01, 144.07s: These two notes should be replaced with a single note on the 48th between them. As it is, this roll is a pretty big spike.
154.74s: Make this [23] for PR because it's lower than 156.04s and so it doesn't share a note with the peak at 155.23s.
165.50, 166.15s: You can make these jumps to the snare + cymbal, and you're missing a cymbal note at 165.83s.
174.30-175.61s: Doing [12][34] jumptrills is something to avoid minijacks from PRing straight jumps, but at 92 BPM, you don't need to avoid that, so this feels odd, especially considering you have a one-hand polyrhythm that's more odd than anchored jumps would be. The polyrhythm shouldn't be a triplet for PR, because the kick descends.
177.57-178.54s: The rhythm isn't straight 16ths here.
186.04-196.48s: The fact that you have all this here, lots of anchored jumps and hands, makes it even more glaring how little layering there is sometimes everywhere else in the file. So you should tone this down or bring everything else up.
190.36s: Missing snare 32nd
193.87-196.48s: If you're going to keep all the density, I'd make these 4ths here all hands to the crashes, with the last note being a quad.

[8.5/10] DISCHARGE RUSH {ETIA. vs MM Sequence} (LongGone)
// I can't play this at all, and I'm a little hesitant because of the long anchors, but I can see how everything works with the music.
1.78s: Move this note out of the jack, because the vocal pitch is different.
9.57-10.14s: This should be two minitrills that aren't anchored to each other, like how you do at 23.99s.
30.05-34.08s: The synth doing straight 8ths here has some repeated pitches, so like 30.19, 30.77, and 32.50s can be anchored to the following jump. And for PR, 31.06 and 31.34s wouldn't be the same arrow.
59.76-60.05s: This could definitely play better.
62.50, 67.11s: Missing repeated note (it's like 61.34s)
78.75s: It may be better to move this 24th to 4 and end with [12] rather than a hand to keep this whole thing jumptrillable (like you do at 97.26s)
92.93s: Missing [12] jump?
117.98s: Maybe end with a note here right as that synth cuts off, because it's like stepping a change in sound. Better than a note in the middle of nowhere.

[7/10] Drunk Crunk Franken {t+pazolite} (gameboy42690)
// The slow sections could use a little PR work. The layering is good except it feels like there are quite a few missing hands. A few errors in pattern matching and unnecessary anchors.
2.42, 3.10s+8m: Same pitch, should be the same arrow
7.47s+8m: Lower in pitch than 7.74s
17.15s: This is the highest pitch of the last five notes and shouldn't be on 1
28.60s: Hand to the crash here, [124], because the sound is different from the previous 4th
37.06-54.78s: In this section, the bass has a 123.123. rhythm, so I don't think all the minitrills are accurate.
43.19-46.06s: By this point, the synth that was repeating the same pitch has drowned out, so here, the notes on the 8th jumps are constantly ascending.
46.06s: Hand here, same has 28.60s. So I can see you've intentionally left them out, but I can't see why, because they are just as loud and actually are the ones that start the phrases.
64.38-73/51s: This is just one melody here, so the PR can be better.
> 64.67s: Higher in pitch than the previous 4th and shouldn't be the same
> 65.81, 66.38s: Same pitch, same arrow
> 68.09s: Nitpicky, but this could be on 1, because it's the same pitch as 67.24
> 68.95-70.94s: Repeat of the above
> 72.94s: Move to 3, same pitch as the previous two 16th beats
73.51-77.05s: You have more repeat jumps here than there are repeat pitches in what's being jumped
82.92s: The 8ths here are (kick or snare) kskksk, but your 4ths are all [14] despite being snare-kick-kick, so this could use more sound matching. Like, I often use open jumps for snares and closed jumps for kicks if I can make it work, doing something like ([23].[14]3[12].[34].[14].[23]) here.
84.42s: This may be enough of a crash for a hand.
84.96s: White jump to the buzzroll sound. Either that or make this a single, because there's no kick or snare on it.
85.24s: Or maybe this is the same percussion as the one you jump on the previous 4th? But it's not as loud as the kick and snare and may work better as a single.
86.87s: Could be a hand like 28.60, 46.06s.
90.96s: Same.
94.24s: Break up this anchor, because the percussion sounds aren't repeating like that.
94.44s: 16th should be here, not at 94.30s.
98.87s: The sound all the 16ths have been going to continues up to here.
103.78s: Make this [123] or something so it doesn't anchor with the 8th before it for PR with the synth that has repeated pitches.
108.42s: Hand
112.37s: Move to 1 to anchor with the previous jump. Same synth sound around 103.78s.
115.92s: Move to 3 so it's not anchored with the following jump, because they don't share any sounds.
117.15s: I feel like you're using a lot of [14] jumps for open sounds, but, again, you create an odd anchor in doing so, so either the previous 8th or this jump should be moved here.
133.51s: The pitch of the sound isn't alternating, so I wouldn't make this a trill. The color change is nice, though.
134.60-170.58s: This swing section is pretty good. The only thing that felt kinda odd was 153.15s being jumped instead of the 24th before it to the melody (and so on), but you stepped it consistently, so that's good.
159.69s: Similar thing about a trill not feeling right here.
171.28s: This first note is lower in pitch than the others and could be moved to 3 or something.
173.87s: Because the pitch steadily increases, maybe this could be a series of minitrills. Also, the 16ths should continue until 175.51s.
178.11s: Missing 8th to the kick

[7/10] First Person Shooter {Celldweller} (VisD)
// There are some ghost jumps and missing hands in different sections, and I'm not sure how well the synth layering works in the last quarter.
11.11-22.25s: Trills aren't the most PR pattern here, but they should be fine as long as each one is no longer than 4 notes.
22.25-23.43s: I can understand not stepping the 16ths between the hands, but after this last one, there's not another hand in the way, so these all feel like missing notes.
26.53+4m(4): Jumps to the synth + cymbal
49.53-49.68s: Mirror this burst so it doesn't anchor with the following 12ths (these 12ths don't have the same sound as them)
70.25-70.89s: The percussion on the 8ths isn't the same sound every time, so these jumps could be more varied.
71.75, 73.46, 78.61s: I don't hear what percussion is layering here that makes these jumps
91.68, 105.39s: Jump, same as 26.53s.
95.53s: This 4th seems more worthy of a hand than 95.11s from loudness
99.82s: Hand here like at 92.96s?
109.25s: This is loud enough for a hand.
114.68s: Same as 49.53s.
125.89s: Missing 24th
136.11, 138.96s: Can't tell what makes these jumps
140.11-140.96s: If a lot of these 12th jumps are from synth + synth layering, I don't think it works as well as synth + percussion, because it feels too dense to have this many jumps that don't go to percussion.
140.46s: Maybe move this pattern around so you don't have a one-handed trill
143.53-156.39s: Same thing about the synth layering, and I think the straight 12th jumps makes you miss some 24th rhythms in 146.11-148.25s.
160.25-161.11s: There's some faster rhythms here you could step

[8.5/10] Game Genie {Shnabubula} (Scintill)
// Mostly pretty good with one section of odd layering, and ending with 32nd walls feels like a bit much.
40.84-45.99s: The rhythm of the bass is different before each 4th jump in here, so maybe you can follow that (like doing 4[23]1.[24]3[12] at 45.34s)
47.16s: This jump doesn't seem to go to anything. A jump on the 8th to the snare would make more sense with what you have earlier and right after.
54.45, 55.31s: Missing cymbal jumps
139.09, 141.66s: If you're going to step that synth on the 16ths at 137.81, 140.38s you should step them here too. (Or remove the other jumps if you don't want to jump these.)
141.99-147.13s: I'd suggest not having 4.321 patterns and the like with the 32nds here, because it's easy for a player to hit 4321 24ths instead and get a good on the 16th. Stuff like 1.321 is good because the rhythm doesn't change along one direction.
180.09-19.54s: Sometimes in this section, the synth you're stepping to gets so soft that it becomes inaudible under the other synth that does minijacks. So maybe some of the 321 stuff could be 322 and stuff like that.
191.54-199.18s: The ignoring of 4ths seems to emphasize the bass, but it's odd to do that only that one time in each section.
264.32-277.82s: All the 24ths in this section may be a little much, because that sound isn't very distinct the whole way through.
386.41-394.05s: It felt like you ignored the 24ths from 371.14s to here to keep the file easy as it was coming to an end, but then these 32nd walls came up, so it felt odd.

[9/10] Gangsters Paradise (Candyland's OG Remix) {Coolio Remixed By Candyland} (wv)
// The breaks have a bit of odd PR, and you have some extra 12ths you don't need. Everything plays well.
21.89s: Move to 2 because it's not a repeated note in the melody.
26.80, 28.25s: If these jumps were [24] and [13], you wouldn't have repeating arrows.
33.34, 33.71s: Swap these, because it should be descending.
72.37, 75.76, 84.01, 87.40s: ghost 12ths (no percussion)
82.43s: You can change the pattern around the 4th so it doesn't look like a part of the 12ths to the percussion (like, from 82.07s, do 321312)
94.31s: Missing 12th
94.43s: Because you're missing the last note of this 32nd roll (86.11s), if you want to add that in and keep and even number of notes, you can put a jump on the first 4th here. Goes to the same sound you jump at 92.98s.
96.61, s: This should be higher
98.07s: This should be [12] or something so it doesn't repeat with the previous 4th
112.25s: Should be higher than 111.88s

[6/10] Horizon {Sabrepulse} (DossarLX ODI)
// A lot of missing 16ths feels odd, and you could add more throughout while keeping the climax theory intact. The melodies are very repetitive, so some amount of eschewing PR to keep it interesting is necessary, but sometimes it's too simplified or random. The rhythms in the last quarter need to be fixed.
12.02-23.97s: So you have the kick on 1 and cymbal on 4, but not all cymbals sound the same, so it doesn't feel relevant, and you had to sacrifice PR with the main melody to do it. Like, 19.15 should start ascending, and 20.55s could be PRed better if the cymbal was on 2.
27.02-39.02s: I can understand ignoring the low notes at 27.86, 28.61s just to have some breaks in the stream, but you should step 28.05, 29.55s because you step 27.30, 28.80s.
39.02s: Only five-note runs are stepped here, but removing 27.30, 28.80s in the previous section wouldn't work, so it still feels odd missing the 16ths.
46.71-48.21s: The melodies are different here, so if you insist on doing 1-4 to the cymbal, the second one should be 32423.
49.43, 49.80s: Missing 16ths
51.02-63.02s: If you ignored all the 16ths earlier to make them less dense than this section for climax theory, because those missing notes were pretty clear, it may work better to add more to this section, like adding in 51.11, 52.61s (every other missing 16th). That way you'll still have fewer notes than in 63.02s.
51.96-52.52, 53.46-54.02s: These two have different pitch contours (second peaks a 16th earlier), so the patterns shouldn't be so similar.
63.02-75.02s: All these inaccurate minitrills I guess help "ground" the patterns in the same way the mini 8th anchors did in the previous section, but it is a bit odd that actual triplets in the melody aren't recognized, like at 65.08 and 65.83s, and they can't be if all the minitrills are there.
87.02-105.02s: This rhythm with a gallop into the 4th is not in the music at all. What you can do is fill the 8ths and 16ths back in and then remove every fourth 4th (87.77, 89.27s, etc) because there's that background synth on each 8th that sometimes has a 16th before the 8th.
93.02s: Shouldn't be the same as the jump before it, because they're different sounds, but you'd have to break the triplet between the two jumps for that.

[4/10] Lavender Town (Remix) {Stephen Walking} (Xtreme2252)
// The track really should be cut in half with how repetitive it is. The 24ths should not be trills, making those sections incredibly spikey. There is a lot of inconsistent layering and patterning that needs fixing.
#OFFSET:-2.106; (-29 ms)
4.24s: The notes before this one aren't really loud enough to be stepped.
The four repeating notes don't share pitch, so 1342 would be more accurate
29.53-34.24s: The sound all these 16ths go to is very soft, and the pattern seems to change arbitrarily. They should change at 32.96s when the kick goes from every 4th to every 8th beat.
34.46s: You didn't jump any other kick before the 12ths, so this being a jump feels odd, especially because that soft sound doing 16ths continues to 34.67s.
42.82s: Can't hear what these 32nds go to.
36.39-63.82s: Repeats of the following two notes:
> 37.24-39.82s: These shouldn't be trills, because the pitches do more than just alternate.
> 49.99s: The sound choice here is odd considering how loud the percussion hit on the 16th here is. And it's the same sounds that you put 32nds to earlier.
58.67s: This file will not get accepted with a long, irrelevant one-handed fast trill like this. 24ths at 140 is like 16ths at 210.
63.82-70.67s: PR here should be fixed. Jumps should repeat to repeated pitches. 67.24-68.10s is backwards.
70.67-91.24s: The stepping of 16ths here is inconsistent. Look at 71.85 and 72.07s versus 75.28 and 75.49s two measures down and 82.03s four measures later. It's the same sounds but stepped differently each time.
> Also, the hats are too soft for minijacks, and it's especially odd having these considering all the repeating kicks you didn't put minijacks to.
> And compare the two beats at 76.67, 83.53, and 90.39s: different layering to the same sounds.
71.42s: You jump the 16th here but then jump the 4th instead every time after, and it should be consistent.
92.24-104.96s: It seems like there's sporadic extra layering to the guitar in this section. Like I'd think that's what makes 98.10s a hand, but then 101.53s is a single despite having the guitar and kick on it. It's not clear why the snare sometimes is missing its jump.
98.74s: If you're going to put a minijack to the kick here, why not everywhere else?
104.96-117.82s: The loudness of the guitar goes in and out in this section, so maybe it shouldn't be stepped when it's softer, because it feels like steps to nothing.
117.82-118.67s: This is such a quiet spot it would be nice to not have any steps between these 4ths.
118.67-146.10s: Repeat of 36.39s.

[6/10] Life Ride {Pyramyth} (Xiz)
// Straight 16ths could be changed up more. And because the background stuff doesn't have much melody, the patterns often feel unstructured. There's some inconsistent layering and odd anchors and jacks here and there. None of the trills feel relevant.
#OFFSET:-0.149; (-57 ms)
13.59-13.94s: Jump PR is backwards because the pitches are ascending
15.66s: Should be a jump, the same jump as the following 16ths, because they're the same pitch
21.01s: For PR, this 16th should be a minijack with the following 8th, not anchored to the jump before it.
22.21-27.73s: You could just step the gallops here rather than straight 8ths to differentiate it more from the sections around it.
29.11s: The pattern should change as the percussion picks up. It feels odd to playing repeats when the sounds are changing.
31.18s: The synth you do jumps to repeats the note from the previous 4th here, so this should be a jump.
31.87s: Rather than be a trill, this pattern should vary more to follow the different percussion sounds, which aren't just alternating.
33.25-71.87s: For a little more rhythmic variation in this section, you could remove notes to light hats, like at 35.14s.
38.76s: The fast synth here swells, so a trill is inaccurate.
39.80, 39.97s: Jumps here like you did at 34.28s.
40.32s: considering all the jacks you do later, this could be a 32nd minijack, because there is a sound that repeats.
41.18s: The synth you anchor here, the pitch of it isn't the same each time: it's more like ABABBC.
43.76s: The minijack to the kick doesn't work because it's totally anchored to the hand after it and because it's [14], which is the most open jump, and a kick isn't really an open sound. Also, you jumped the kick when it was difficult but not at 44.11s, so really, you could change the [14][14] minijack to just 22.
45.32, 56.35s: Same as 39.80s. Either add these jumps or remove the ones at 34.28s.
51.35s: Same as 40.32s.
52.73s: You can move these two singles from 23 to 42 so they're not anchored, because they don't have repeating sounds.
57.21s: Shouldn't be anchored. (And this is a light hat that could be removed.)
60.83s: Same as 38.76s.
63.25s: Same as 41.18s.
72.90s: The 32nd to the kick shouldn't be in the same column as the 32nds to the light percussion.
76.70s: The synth you jump on the previous 16th echoes on this 4th (and the bass on the 4th is louder), so this could definitely be a jump.
83.25, 83.94s: Hands to the same sound as the following 8ths
97.04, 98.25s: Missing hand and jump to snare/kick to be consistent with the hand/jump between these spots.
103.94, 107.90, 109.45s: These three-note jacks aren't PR. The synth is more like ABA.
113.94-115.32s: Keeping the straight 16ths under the 12ths makes the pattern feel too fast for what's going on.
119.45 to end: Because of the fade out, after this hand, only 120.14s is really loud enough to be a jump. There shouldn't even be a note after 120.83s.

[7/10] Lovely City {Calum Bowen} (wv)
// The layering is good, but the patterns feel unstructured, because there are inconsistent anchors and PR.
3.87s: Missing clap jump (you jump all the other claps in this first section except the two in the 16ths)
5.37s: Shouldn't be anchored to the previous jump (no repeated pitch or percussion)
7.37, 7.70s: Same arrow to low piano repeated pitch
8.03s: Unlike at 8.70s, the low piano doesn't repeat pitch here (it does more like an ABA thing)
11.03-11.37s: This could be anchored together to the repeated low piano pitch. (8.37s is okay with only a two-anchor, because it follows the percussion)
12.70s: Pitches in the melody are different, so this shouldn't be anchored to the previous jump.
18.20-19.53s: Each 16th is a higher pitch than the last, and the 8ths are lower than the 16ths, so an ascending pattern like 13243142 would be neat. Except the 8ths don't constantly ascend, so you'd have to mix it up.
21.37s: This is a low chord and could be [12]. Also that way it should share a column with the following 8th (rather than the previous one), which has the same pitch.
25.95s: Missing percussion note
42.87s: If this is a jump to the vocal, 42.20 and 43.53s should be too.
48.62, 49.95, 50.28, 52.62s: Missing percussion notes
54.70s: [24]1[23]1 would be more PR for these 8th jumps
57.03s: The pattern I mentioned at 18.20s would work great here, because both 8ths and 16ths are ascending.
58.53s: Because these notes follow the pitches on the 4ths (rather than just being repeated notes to the clap), this could start as [24]12 for PR.
65.37, 65.70s: The bass changes pitch, and the sound that is the same pitch goes from short notes to long notes here, so these should be in a different anchor (like you do at 68.03s). Same thing for 70.70s.
72.45, 72.62s: Missing 16ths to the same sound as 71.45s
76.37, 76.70s: Missing bass notes. I can understand skipping 77.53s and the like to follow the breaks in the melody.
78.37s: With how much you don't step or anchor the bass (eg 81.03s could be an anchor), it's funny to have this one anchor here. The melody plays different pitches.
85.70s: This triplet is not PR
87.37s: Neither the melody nor the bass repeat in pitch here, so this anchor is not PR
92.53s: This minitrill is not PR

[8/10] Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- {LeaF} (lurker)
// I feel like I'd enjoy this if I could actually play it. The structure is good and just has a few things that could be touched up.
5.61s: This hand should be different from the ones around it because it has a snare on it
8.06-8.50s: The percussion the first 16ths go to descends in pitch, so the notes shouldn't be alternating. And then 8.28s has the same snare-ish sound on it that you jump at 8.61, 8.72s, so it might play better if that was the only jump in this interval.
10.50s: Because this burst is shorter than the previous one, it's odd for it to have the same rhythm. Try making this just [12]43, removing the last two notes.
12.06s: The same sound from before repeats here, so this should also be [12]. But also there's a missing 16th at 12.11s, so you'll have to change the patterns up if you make 12.06s a jump.
13.61s: Missing note. Same synth pitch as the 8th before it.
15.72, 15.84s: These are the same pitch and could both be on 3 so it doesn't anchor with the 4th from the burst
15.78s: Ghost note
30.87s: 12th here rather than an 8th
32.39s: Missing note to kick, should anchor with the following hand
32.61s: This 8th doesn't have a kick on it like the others and could just be a single
44.84s: It feels like you're jumping the melody in this section, which would mean you're missing a jump on this 8th.
45.11s: Missing percussion 16th
50.61s: Missing percussion 8th
59.78s: Try jumping this 16th to the kick rather than the 4th after just for a change in rhythm
64.06-64.50s: Can't tell what makes these hands but not 62.28-62.72s. Also, 64.50s shouldn't be the same hand as the one before it, because the sound is different.

[8/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (DarkZtar)
// Could use a little touching up in the solos and a few pattern tweaks for playability
#OFFSET:-0.472; (-17 ms)
9.03s: The peak in the melody is on this 16th, not the 24th before it
9.63s: This minitrill isn't PR
9.91s: Peak is here, not on the following 16th
9.99-10.18s: Three notes rather than two between these 16ths would be more accurate
10.56-11.01s: Given how accurate you've been in most of the solo, the rhythm here should be fixed up. Like 10.69s is a note that goes to the percussion rather than the guitar, so it can be removed. The next four notes are a 48th early (except that the 48th at 10.88s is a ghost note), and moving them up will let you fit another note in at 10.96s.
11.14s: This is a low note which could be clearer in the pattern.
11.30s: This note shouldn't look like a valley, because it's between the pitches of the two notes around it
11.72s: This 16th is a ghost note, and the two notes around it shouldn't be the same arrow.
31.24, 37.39s: PR of the trills is backwards
35.28s: This could be [23] to make that anchor on 4 not as long.
61.43s: Same as 35.28s.
72.68s: I can hear the grace note at a low rate, but it feels like a ghost note at 1.0x.
74.27-74.41s: Sounds like there's a missing note or two between these.
74.79s: Missing note here. The 48th is actually the middle note of a 321 thing.
76.72s: Missing guitar note
126.68-128.22s: This inverse staircase kinda thing doesn't play very well. The one-handed triplets of staircases work because they roll, and these don't roll.

[6.5/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (MarioNintendo)
// Making the solos only as fast as 24ths is fine, but 16ths when it should be 24ths isn't. Also, the layering in the other non-vocal sections could use some work.
8.27-8.47, 8.66-8.85s: 24ths here, not 16ths
10.20s: There's a valley in the melody on this note, so the following 24ths should ascend.
10.68s: Ghost note
10.84-10.97s: These should be 24ths. Also, 10.97s should be a valley, not 11.16s.
11.42s: Peak on the 12th here, not the 8th before
11.93s: Note on the 4th here. The following 16th is a ghost note.
18.85s: Hand here?
31.16, 37.31s: PR of the trills is backwards
31.93, 32.12s+4m: Jumps here to go with the ones at 35.01, 35.20s. 33.66, 33.85s are similar and could be added, too.
34.04s: Patterns like 1432[134] roll better because it plays like 4321 with an extra jump, whereas 4321[234] plays like 3212 with a jump.
37.31s: If the minitrill makes you not want to put the hand on the 4th, you should just step the 32nds as a roll again.
38.52s: Ghost note
41.93s: Hand here to the crash
42.12, 42.51s: These both have the main guitar and kick on them, whereas 42.22s is just the kick. I'd jump 42.51s for sure, and maybe 42.12s if you can make the pattern work.
57.31-69.62s: All the same stuff in this section.
69.62s: Hand here?
71.51-72.02s: The first three notes here are too early, and the last two are too late.
73.18s: This note shouldn't make a minitrill with the previous three for PR
74.20-74.33s: Sounds like there's a missing note or two between these.
76.64s: Missing guitar note
78.27-78.85s: The rhythms here need a little work, like I don't hear the straight 24ths at 78.27s.
80.68-80.97s: Missing notes
97.31s: Hand here?
115.77s: Hand
128.08-131.16s: These don't fit the pitch contour
138.85s: Same stuff from before in this last section.

[7/10] Zauberkugel {xi} (gameboy42690)
// To improve playability, there are quite a number of anchors that can be broken up. There are a few spots of oddly dense layering, and there are a lot of 24ths that could be PRed better.
3.57s: The pitch here is lower than the next, and the following pitches descend, so this could be 3..432. Similarly, the triplet of 8.55s isn't PR.
18.72s: The rhythm feels a bit odd on the right hand here; doing [14]32[14]3[12] will play better, and then 19.30s will also be [12] because the piano plays the same chord twice.
19.60s: I couldn't tell what this 16th went to at first, because the pattern makes it look like it's in the middle of a 123 sound. But it goes to a gallop in the sax, and you can show that in the pattern by doing [23]41
19.89s: Missing low piano note
21.45s: It looks like you're jumping the piano in here, but the piano has a note the 16th before this 8th, not on it. It should be fine to step the 12th as a jump to show the piano more clearly than if you stepped a polyrhythm. Also, 20.87 and 21.06s both have piano notes and could be jumps since they're layered with the percussion. Also in this area, you basically have a long left-hand 16th trill. So even though minitrills work for the percussion, you should try breaking it up to make it more playable.
23.21s: The chord here is higher than the others, but the others are already [34], so if you don't want to change them, you can make this [14] or something.
27.51s: These XXxXx patterns play better when you don't anchor the 8ths together.
28.49, 28.88s: These could both be [23] for PR (same pitch), and it would break the anchor on 4. If you changed the jump to follow the bass: there are other times you kept PR to repeated pitches in the main melody when background pitches changed (like, right at 29.37, 29.66s), so you should do that here too. Also see 41.00s, though the jumps around the 24ths make it more difficult.
32.17s: Pretty audible grace note on the 48th here
34.35s: This is the lowest pitch of the four chords here and could be [12].
35.33s: Compared to the chord on the following 8th, this doesn't feel like it should be a jump, even though it goes to the percussion. You mostly do jumps to the melody, so really, you could also jump the background chord on 34.84s instead of the 4th at 34.92s.
44.71, 45.88s: Something like 2321 and then 3432 would be more PR.
48.03s: Percussion does 24ths here
49.20-49.73s: These notes are all a 48th early. And then the ending 4th can be [13] to show it's not part of the trill. (The rhythm of the trill isn't even, but stepping it at as such works just fine at this speed.) And actually, the whole thing from 49.11s is a trill, so the 31234 start delays the trill for too long; 2342424242 would be better.
50.31s: The sax doesn't trill here. If you want to be a little more precise, you can do 3/64ths starting from the 32nd at 50.33s so you end on a 16th. It's only three notes, making 50.51s a ghost note. And then the following notes are another 2321 thing, not ascending.
54.29s: Not jumping this chord starts to feel funny here when it's left out with jumps all around it, because the chord is as loud as the one on the following 4th. And 55.07s and such sound softer but are jumped.
55.26s: This is another 2321 thing, so something like [34]132 might work better ([34]123 is ascending when it should be descending).
56.63-57.02s: Missing 16th in the first half-beat and 24ths in the second half-beat to the sax.
58.78s: The sax is a bit faster than 16ths after this beat
66.78s: Move to 3 (same main pitch as 66.99s)
73.63-75.20s: The16th at 73.93s goes to piano, but it's the sax you're stepping, which is on the 24th after. Also, the trill shouldn't start yet: the sax ascends until 74.16s (a 12th rather than 16th). I'd put 48ths at 74.25 and 74.38s, and then 74.48-75.00s is 24ths.
75.20s: Not feeling the jump here (the piano chords don't start until the following 16th jump, and the crash is on the 8th before)
80.77s: This is the only spot in the file you have this many 16th jumps in a row, and with how tinny the melody is here, I don't think it's necessary.
81.26s: this 8th to the hat feels like a ghost note because you're missing the following 16th to the low piano, 81.35s.
84.68s: Missing 16th to the same synth as the following ones
90.39s: If you complete the roll and make the hand [134], you'll have an even number of notes, so it will roll well. When a pattern rolls well, you don't notice hidden minijacks.
91.31s: Missing 16th to the sax.
93.18s+8m(2): Same as 27.51s about playability
94.16s+8m(3): Same as 28.49s about same jumps for same pitches.
97.84s: Noticeable grace note here
103.15s: The roll should continue until this 8th, so you'll have to make 102.95s a jump to make it work. The crash at 103.34s can be a hand instead.
104.32s: The sax does 3234321 here, so the 16ths shouldn't be anchored. Though with that pattern, 104.42s would be [12], and you want that note to be high, so some reverse PR to the sax would be fine. (Also, 104.42 shouldn't be the same jump as 104.12s for PR.)
115.75s: There's a missing note around here.
115.85s: The peaks and valleys should be on the 4ths/8ths here. It could just be 1234321 if you want to stay simple. But it should end with something like 4324, not a minitrill (117.22 and 117.41s share pitch).
117.67s: Peak on this 12th
118.10-118.59s: You have a hidden 4-2 trill here that could be mixed up.
122.36s: Missing 24th
125.23-126.40s: Same thing I mentioned at 35.33s.
127.87s: Missing notes to the fast drum here.
131.88-133.83s: See if you can break up some of these 4-note anchors at the end.

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

[6/10] [Resubmission] Phantom of the Opera {Lindsey Stirling} (VisD)
- as much as I'd like improved pitch relevancy in the opening before the chorus melody, it's understandable to generalize because it would produce really poor patterning otherwise
- patterning could be a bit better improved for PR purposes in the chorus from 26.849 to 39.240; a few jumps seem strange given that the snare is the prominent layering point
- accent the snare flams for a little more differentiation from the rest of the structure (see: 63.243, there are others)
- detail on some of the violin rhythms could be a bit better, though it's a little hard to tell because the song sounds like it drifts against the assist tick a little bit
- not a fan of the structure, but I do understand how it works; make the overall chart's sync a bit better and take another listen at some of the finer violin rhythms and make sure they are correct; various minor misrhythms/missing notes exist throughout the chart for the melody [28.147 (not quite even intervals between 2nd/3rd note there), 65.307, 74.175 (violin starts around 74.151, and at a slightly fast interval), 103.998, etc]
- a few jumps seem strange since you elect to follow the snare for most of the chart (34.597, 37.692, 56.278, etc? - be less ambiguous with your choices)
- still needs a little more work, I think.

[7/10] [Resubmission] They Kidnapped the Princess (Intro) {Action Adventure World VS The Plasmas} (XelNya)
- rhythms for the ad-lib intro could be tightened up a bit; syncopating to common rhythms is fine but they could be a little closer
- 16.121: move to R for continuous three-note bass/bass/snare structure
- 39.588: this seems like a counter-intuitive layering drop given that you could maintain this alternating pitch relevance and keep a semi-strong layering by following the snare
- 49.116: change to 4231, that melody hasn't terminated into the drum fill yet
- 49.469: jumps here but not in the stream is a really strange ending
- pitch relevance is reasonable, structure is acceptable although I do feel like the ending should be beefed up a bit more

[6/10] Azul (Remix) {Celas} (DarkZtar)
- adjusted offset to -0.647
- not a fan of the intro structure because some jumps are used to arbitrarily accent prominent single notes when a.) chords exist and b.) the opening of the chart uses jumps combined with the piano for the 8ths (11.570/11.877 breaks structure here too, among other things)
- slight structural inconsistencies in percussion with the snare being represented as jumps on some occasions and triples as others
- 22.185: should be three notes, and not 48ths, either
- piano notes missing in the melody at 33.954, 34.570, 39.185, 39.800 (etc)
- more missing notes at 44.954, 46.185 (etc)
- similar notes missing in the second iteration of the piano melody
- missing notes for chords after the crash at 75.723/115.208 (yes, they are there)
- very lazy charting job near the end; very clear portions of copy/paste at the end
- chart has a very forceful and jarring structure due to the large amount of chained 8ths, which could easily be alleviated

[8/10] B.B.K.K.B.K.K {nora2r} (gameboy42690)
- right arrow: bass
- left arrow: kick
- cannot get over this help
- 38.927: I hear the repeating note, but I don't hear THREE repeating notes there; minor structural conflict
- 57.279: PR, move to down arrow
- 58.691: more PR issues, fix this, I know I don't need to baby you
- 67.868: not feeling the patterning here; lots of repeated taps and not where I expected them particularly with repeating 8th notes that don't seem to be a by-product of pitch-relevancy, meh
- 93.279: you dirty fucker you switched the arrows for BBKKBKK how could you lol
- 121.515: nice little details on the patterning since the snare does ascend in pitch
- file's cute; structural gripes aside, I think a lot of people will enjoy this

[6.5/10] belly dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [Heavy] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
- 32nds are too fast for the intro
- really wonky structure, but there is some merit behind the patterning, clearly visible with the properly placed guitar notes between everything without layering on numerous occasions
- the five note 32nd bursts don't always properly accent the percussion, either
- second half of the chart is considerably better than the first imo, structure is a bit more explicit and just feels more correct
- meh, hard to really choose either way but I don't feel comfortable accepting it personally

[6/10] belly dance (Consistently Drinkin' Remix) [] {Kotira Sample} (wv)
- ah, there's the lyric following! was wondering why it wasn't in the heavy given how fast it is
- check your rhythms, many notes can be shifted and some notes can be removed; even if you're trying to keep your notes quantized up to a certain rhythm, the chart can certainly be executed more accurately
- 20.273/22.273/24.273/26.273: cute
- lower score than the other one because more obvious mistakes, but also much easier to fix, just comb through and clean up the rhythms and this one will be an easy favorite for lower level players

[4.5/10] Black Snow {KgZ} (DJzAIKz)
- for a song so simple, pitch relevance needs to be spot on
- with the rest of the chart's difficulty being so low, 76.523 is a massive spike
- 79.523 to 103.523 really messes up your chart's structure, given that the entire focus of this chart was the melody either in the violin/synth; the generalizing of jumps for every 4th removes that structure and makes the last part arbitrary
- past that is even worse in terms of difficulty
- not acceptable/queue-worthy with that last half

[7/10] Blue Girl on Sunday {Lauren Bousfield} (XelNya)
- understandable relevancy in the intro, but man, that is a looooong time to keep players doing the same thing, although it defines your later structure which is kinda neat
- be a bit more careful with keeping that outlined structure, you've got a few repeated taps that break your stringent rules, which to be honest, really makes this chart kinda neat
- this file's got a cool foundation overall being as repetitive as it is, it's quite rare to see that

[7.5/10] Braum {Riot Games} (Xiz)
- 18.930: remove the 24th; doesn't really need to be there
- 44.475: since the difficulty on this chart is relatively low, take care from accidental jacks/trills like the one-handed one you have here
- 66.839: not quite the correct rhythm, hard to give an actual estimation though; something like this seemed reasonably close - 75.566, 77.748, 82.112, (etc) seem to have very slight discrepancies in rhythm; the 48ths are passable at normal rate, though
- 69.112: 432 instead of 234? it descends and is unlayered so this change seems rather harmless
- for the first half of the last repeat of the melody, it might be a bit wise for your structure if you keep away from the barely audible string instrument and stick to the percussion, that way when you increase layering for the second time, it's a bit more felt in the chart's pacing
- overall, this chart works well; a restructure near the end could make it work even better

[5/10] Desertion {Zircon} (M0nkeyz)
- patterning to the guitar in the opening can be improved a bit; noticing the change in pitch and switching from the D/U is good, but after each switch is another note that doesn't follow the same pitch scheme as what you're following (see: 23.984/24.147 are the same, 25.451 is higher than the base pitch your D/U follows, etc - keep following and fixing accordingly!)
- 33.440 to 43.712: needs a little more structure; your rhythms are correct and layering is proper, (38.087 is questionable) but the patterns seem to have a little randomness in their placement as some jumps create repeated taps and others don't for no discernible reason
- 45.831: I personally believe that you should double the tempo here (up to 77.787), since there's a pretty heavily driven percussion now; also, this section would work well with properly placed repeated notes to accommodate for the kick/kick/snares and might help with keeping a more stringent and correct patterning setup
- 56.918 to 67.353: structure is strange here, jumps happen as a byproduct of layering sometimes, but other times snares are alone and are jumps, but also appear as singles by themselves too, so there's some structural repair to happen here
- 83.005: the guitar being followed is good, but you miss jumps after introducing them later on; double check to make sure you catch them
- synth solo could use some work in terms of pitch relevance
- 123.439: the previous synth is still audible and trailing against the synth coming in here, so this seems a little empty
- 129.309: check rhythms; it's tighter than 32nds - also, remove the mini-jack at the end
- 143.575: tight mini-jack that could be avoided given that this entire sequence is the same note
- 165.179: why is this here and nowhere else?
- 175.939: definitely understand what you're going for here, but your patterning could differentiate in sets of 3 a bit better here to highlight the ascending melody
- 186.048: just feels overly done; structure is accurate, but it seems strange to have it this heavy in a section that's nowhere near as intense as others earlier on
- structural improvements could really do this file well; rhythms are almost all correct and layering has some sense, but it is not structured in the best way and it makes the file strange to play

[8/10] DISCHARGE RUSH {ETIA. vs MM Sequence} (LongGone)
- 59.762: what in the
- 72.094: missing note for vocal
- 96.252: ouuuuuuuch that is rough
- brutal ending
- solid structure, plays well, jacks are well placed aside from a few accidentals into triples but that's hardly a big deal

[8/10] Drunk Crunk Franken {t+pazolite} (gameboy42690)
- tasteful pattern repetition
- technically, the streams are merited between the upper and lower synths, no complaints
- 52.061: why does the stream cut here?
- 64.388 to 73.514: PR could be improved a bit
- 90.968 to 95.059: a few missing notes for the lower synth
- 99.696 to 117.150: a few missing notes for synths in general (101.264, 101.673, 105.627, etc)
- 117.150 to 134.059: that string actually has notes on 117.286, 119.468, 121.650, 123.832, etc.
- really like the back half of the file, although the last part gets a little chain heavy for my tastes
- fun regardless, many of the notes are really minor and are not detracting from the overall nicely structured patterning and whatnot

[4/10] First Person Shooter {Celldweller} (VisD)
- really abstract intro; neat concept, but it feels like the 48ths terminate a touch too early
- 10.681: nothing wrong with the triple, but the 16th notes following the second triple make the first one seem erroneous because there is a wobbling bass after both of them (this of course continues throughout the intro and even through the rest of the file with them being missing)
- 19.681: should be 12ths for repeated taps, or 16ths if ignoring that accent and continuing to follow the background synth, which wouldn't be the best of ideas given that noticeable accent
- 22.253: why are there no steps here?
- 25.253: nothing merits 7 repeated notes here: the percussion sample changes for each note and the bass changes once every 3 notes
- 28.967: should just be an 8th
- 29.539: 48ths for the effect are cool, but it seems too sudden/short given the sound extends to (or even past) the 8th note
- 31.253: the bass doesn't quite oscillate here; 12th notes would be the best rhythm, the notes in between just feel ghosted
- 35.824: again, I'm alright with the concept, but the termination feels a touch too early
- 36.396: this would serve fine as 8th note accenting as opposed to the bursts that you have for synths that seem to filter in and out, don't quite agree with this being a 32nd into 48th roll
- similar notes up to 53.539, find and change accordingly (note: 50.110/50.753 are proper lengths for walls like this)
- 98.110: again, I have no issues with generalizing rhythms for certain sound effects, but the bass very clearly plays at 16th notes and makes this look like a mess
- 101.539: really rough transition
- many of the notes above apply up to 122.110
- 140.610: ghost note?
- last section of the song seems ok, albeit a bit heavier than it should be
- structure is... strange. there are some attempts at trying to generalize rhythms for certain sound effects, but numerous instances of these attempts happen where clear rhythms can be heard from a particular instrument; additionally, there are clearly missing notes that could be represented to help make a file better

[9.5/10] Game Genie {Shnabubula} (Scintill)
- holy mother of fucking god
- 136.848 to 141.991: mini-jack usage could be a touch more aggressive by adding the respective ones after the 24th blips, but hardly a big deal
- 291.321: pattern symmetry, really nice
- layering looks a little strange at first glance a few times because in quite a few cases, certain percussion elements are ignored, but it is completely coherent and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it
- 7 minutes long? doesn't feel anywhere near it - file's a masterpiece

[6/10] Gangsters Paradise (Candyland's OG Remix) {Coolio Remixed By Candyland} (wv)
- 94.981: missing note
- patterning as a whole could be improved to better accommodate for certain musical elements; even simple things aren't taken care of: 7.893 doesn't place a R for the string despite it being done in entirety for the intro and after this point too; 14.438 could have a U for the chip, 17.347/17.711, similar things, etc.
- this isn't to say there's no details at all, things like 39.892/106.798 are nice touches
- structurally acceptable, and correct rhythms, though patterning could be improved quite a bit

[7/10] Horizon {Sabrepulse} (DossarLX ODI)
- colors in the intro... interesting
- chart is a really good play on the call/response-like melody that this song conveys, lots of pattern symmetry
- 27.962/(etc): not agreeing with the repeated taps that happen, even though they are consistently located in the same spot
- syncopated structure for the second repetition of the chorus doesn't work for me only because the highest note of the melody constantly plays on a point where you have absolutely no steps to follow it
- file's... got a structure, but the rhythms are a bit questionable near the end (consistently so).

[3.5/10] Lavender Town (Remix) {Stephen Walking} (Xtreme2252)
- 29.506: what you are following here is pretty far back and it feels like it's ghosted
- 37.220 to 63.791: this entire section needs a better structure -- having the 16th trills are fine, but the 24th note trills are a disproportionate difficulty spike that don't give you a full range of accenting that you could provide; additionally, the 16th jumptrills don't follow really prominent instruments, and finally, some of the 24th trills are one-handed, which adds even more in the way of difficulty spike issues, not to mention that some of the taps are just strangely placed in general (41.506, 48.363, etc)
- 70.648 to 91.220: your rhythms for the most part are correct, but you need to ask yourself precisely what you want to give emphasis to and then work on that structure - there are a ton of jumps here and it's not clear what you want to accent overall. Also: mini-jacks?
- 91.220 to 118.648: your layering disappears despite the music progressing, this is inconsistent difficulty
- 119.506 to 146.077: see 37.220 to 63.791

[7/10] Life Ride {Pyramyth} (Xiz)
- offset changed from -0.092 to -0.149
- 43.770: not a fan given the difficulty of this chart
- 58.080: change to [DR] so the repeated U stands out a bit more as an accent
- 64.287: similar situation, change the triple to [DUR] so the L before it stand out properly
- 66.011: cute!
- 104.114: I'd remove this jump; not an integral part of the percussion structure and it makes that pattern a lot tougher to hit too
- 113.942: vocals snap to 3/32 instead of 1/12, changing that up will not only be more accurate but it also cleans up that mess of poly-rhythms
- 117.390: I'd remove this [12] jump for two reasons: a.) no kick on it and b.) it'll allow you to catch the synth 1/32 before this
- after all changes are applied, double your chart's BPM - drumstep is not 87 BPM, 'tis 174 BPM (being silly, but seriously consider it!)
- this chart is an interesting example of being able to get away with not accenting cymbal crashes; the song somewhat masks them behind the more prominent percussion
- structure could be a bit cleaner, but certainly not bad at all

[7.5/10] Lovely City {Calum Bowen} (wv)
- 42.206: a bit inconsistent on jump usage here (and as a whole compared to earlier on)
- 51.039: this jump is really strange only because the repeated taps afterward don't have anything
- 52.623: I'd add a note here even if you're trying to avoid the swing that happens as a result of following the percussion
- throughout the file: repeated taps that don't seem to really have a purpose (5.206, 7.873, 8.539, 12.539, etc)
- solid overall aside from the strange repeated taps

[8/10] Ongaku -kaiongaku mix- {LeaF} (lurker)
- 30.840: put that 1/12 before the next 4th, it's slightly delayed
- 34.284: REALLY intelligently patterned, thank you for not making the bursts 7 notes like they should be, because that would be absolute death
- 48.562: remove note
- 45.118: missing note for snare
- 50.118: missing note for synth
- 60.173: should just be 16ths
- 64.729: ^
- 87.469: ouuuuch, that's a gross pattern because of the 12th note mini-jack (comes out to a 202.5 BPM 16th mini-jack mid-stream)
- 107.082: those jumps... I understand that there's two instruments fighting there, but I'd personally drop those jumps given the section previous to that had jumps for the really strong synth melody
- great file overall, really great structure and surely going to give even the best players a run for their money!

[7.5/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (DarkZtar)

Result: [>]
ver: 1395 steps
- 31.224 to 43.532: I understand the layering for the chorus, but I feel the jump placement could have been executed a bit better to the pitch of the accented notes overall, even between the jumps that happen every measure
- second half of the guitar solo desynchronizes a bit from the proper rhythm, a few noticeably offsync notes
- despite the rigidity, the ending guitar solo just catches my eye since the 4ths all land on LLLLDDDDUUUURRRR and all have that arpeggiating pattern; the only thing is that they should not be straight 24ths
- don't like the fade at all, there wasn't that much song left
- beats the other only by a bit because the guitar solo feels a bit more complete; extraneous structure is acceptable

[7/10] Wheelpower & Go {Dejo & Bon} (MarioNintendo)

Result: [<]
ver: 1479 steps
- opening guitar solo syncopated, which is fine
- a few sequences of five-note 32nds that should only be three notes
- better vocal relevance in the chorus
- guitar solos are noticeably lighter than the other version, which is not bad on its own; however, there are quite a few notes missing even at normal rate
- ending guitar solo executed differently and also acceptably, though it too suffers from having a constant 24th note stream when it shouldn't quite be
- only a hair weaker than the other only because the guitar solo is a bit underdone; both files have different structures in the verses/chorus areas that are understandable

[8/10] Zauberkugel {xi} (gameboy42690)
- intro piano seems like it can be synced up just a -little- tighter
- 7.580: a few saxophone notes missed here; intentional?
- 22.238/(etc): sax trail-off seems to be unrepresented here, what a shame D:
- 43.541: missing note for kick
- 80.577: this jump's a bit off because the instrument doesn't quite fall right on a 16th (jump can stay there, though - it is completely understandable if you don't want to create a stupid rhythm there when most people won't notice)
- 90.105: a little too early on that trail-off there
- 102.613: ^
- you deserve credit (and you might have been seeking it looking at that structure): way to really restrain yourself and only use triples on the super hard clap/crash combos, really nice structure given how much ambiguity you could have had!


=== JUDGE: DarkZtar ===

[4/10] [Resubmission] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
-30.066 ignoring the percussions stuff at places like this feels underwhelming after you layered the intro fairly aggressively (for what the music offers)
-32.993 should be a single note
-34.457 k, little confused cause if the jumps on the 16ths in the measure prior to this one are going to the percussion then stuff like 32.993 should be single notes, but if the jumps are going to the guitar plucks (which imo don't warrant jumps but up to you), then this should be a jump.
^ stuff like that can get little confusing for the player cause you're taking a layering scheme where the jumps have a specific rhythm that follows one instrument, then applying the jumps to another sound while having pretty much the same rhythm with the jumps.
-38.847 should be a single note
-41.774 inconsistency here: other instances in the file you have this as a single note
-45.432 this was a jump earlier, while 46.164 was a single note (and a white note) so inconsistency here
-46.347 consistency issue again compared to previous instance (the 1 in the [14]) should be white
-47.627 again imo should step the drums
-49.091 you have nothing here to go to the softer kicks in the background, but at 50.554 you have a jump
-56.401 initially i was gonna not comment on this, but jumps such as the one here are emphasizing much softer kicks that probably don't warrant the same layering as the stronger kicks that you are putting jumps to.
-59.335 same thing as 56.401, better to reduce stuff like this to singles and focus on emphasizing the strong beats.
-87.334 if this is gonna be a jump you're kinda forced into following the same layering scheme you were earlier (this whole section has inconsistencies when compared to the previous similar sections). I do like the attempt to layer the section differently to make it interesting but you still have jumps from the previous layering scheme stuck in here that don't cohesively work with the new layering scheme you're going for.
-105.809 the 16th and 8th shouldn't be jumps
-same general inconsistency in the ending (jumps at 131.237 and 131.602 but not at 132.151 etc)
lot of inconsisencies throughout the file, i like the general layering schemes that you're going for but the inconsistencies prevent the file from feeling technically sound


[6/10] [Resubmission] Phantasy Story -ReStart- {otokaz} (Silvuh)
-7.707 don't hear what this 16th is going to (several other instances of this, song feels like it really just warrants straight 8ths here)
EDIT: wait if those 16ths going to the timpani in the background than damn, even with the note there the timpani really doesn't catch the ear >.>)
-18.906 should step the 32nd drums here considering you stepped it at 21.783
-21.249 jump should be here instead of the 4th after
-21.968, 22.174 should be jumps
-24.537 same thing as 21.249
-25.615 same thing as 22.174 (but the melody here does sound more ambiguous, could probably generalize it as an 8th jump)
-27.824 same thing as 21.249, not gonna note further instances
-32.448 whole midsection from here till the end is great
-however some of these 16ths feel like ghost notes (eg. 49.996, 51.640, 54.928, etc. same thing later as well eg. 104.674)
-i realized some of those values might be off because I had to shift the song slightly to maintain the sync (probably due to the mp3 having a slightly variable bitrate?)
-decent file, dont think id qute give it the thumbs up just yet though, would like to see some of the 16ths that go to really faint stuff removed.


[PASS/10] [Resubmission] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
I made a file for this before and I don't think I can judge this fairly since I really don't agree with how the song has been cut or the structure of the file in general.

[8.5/10] Artificial Intelligence Bomb {naruto} (hi19hi19)
-30.955 run begins on the 8th, and imo feels better being generalized as 32nds
-57.520-83.452 really liked this whole section
-63.114 16th jump should be on the 8th before it
-67.650 and 68.459 i suggest adding the jumps here (that im guessing you omitted for playability reasons)
-82.846-83.452 plays a bit weird, maybe follow the 24th melody and fill the 16ths in since the 24th melody is more prominent
-105.353 (and other similar areas) consider adding jacks to the kick
-124.014-124.216 and 125.231-125.433 sounds like the 32nds should be filled in here like you did for 124.622-124.825
-the additive layering gets a bit confusing at times due to the melody not being present on some of the snare hits which sometimes results in drops in layering while the song maintains the same overall energy.
-really liked the polyrhythm sections to the melody
-really fun file overall

[8/10] burned down the ghost house and escaped spooks {cybermiso} (Silvuh)
-63.093 missed 48th
-65.901-68.628 feel like you could have done a ton of cool things if you stepped the background clicks in the background (clicks happen in other areas too)
-66.992-67.532 considering stepping the gliss
-77.356-78.446 another area where stepping the clicks woulda made for a really cool polyrhythm section
-89.356, 89.901, 90.446, 90.992 although these are softer than the earlier cymbal crashes id still recommend making these hands
-109.810-110.083 no 32nds here. (copy paste without checking?)
-there are 2 more audable laugh sounds at the end of the file that could be stepped, really not a big deal though
-pretty conservative swing file, feels like some good opportunities were passed up, but as is the file is really fun.

[PASS] Children's War {Kradness & Reol} (DarkZtar)
-Own file

[6/10] Chipwrecked {Rainbowdragoneyes} (hi19hi19)
-Intro could have better pr
-6.877 refer to 92.077
-11.677 beginning 24th stream feels like there are a lot of ghost notes in here, especially at places like 15.427 and 15.727
-58.047 16ths start on the 8th here
-68.077 personally feel that sounds you're layering in this 16th jumpstream don't warrant jumps, but if you're gonna stick with it there needs to be a 3 note jumptrill at 70.927, a 5 note jumptrill at 71.377, a 3 note jumptrill at 71.827, and a 5 note jumptrill at 72.277
-72.877 should be a hand
-92.077 given how aggresive the majority of the rest of the file is when background sounds are present, this section feels kind of empty with the background scratches ignored
-98.677 debateable hand, I'd argue the volume increase isn't enough to justify it but your call
-106.047 same as 58.047
-113.977 even though I get the want to use hands to emphasize the vocals here, really don't feel like they are warranted since the music disappears completely here. I'd recommend jumps at most
-pr/patterning in some of the 24th streams feel questionable (eg. 42.877 the stream is ascending when the music is descending pitchwise). I recommend re-checking all of your 24th streams, the patterns are for the most part pretty smooth and playability is ok, but some of them just feel off.
-not bad, smooth out some of the awkward patterns and this will be really fun

[8/10] Dandelion Sparkle!! {potato_digger} (Silvuh)
Note: I had to make the mp3 a non-variable rate so it would play properly in sm5, so some of the timings might vary slightly from your values. (I think its +0.040 ms for my values)
-6.046, 7.194 should be jump
-22.553 feels like this hand would be better as the same as the previous ones for pr
-23.343 missing 16th
-23.424-23.989 some of the 16ths here feel like ghost notes
-65.831 feels like this should be a single note for consistency
-99.060 personally for me, ascending rolls feel kinda weird here (feels like it would be better as a trill)
-short, cute file. I liked the consistent aggresive layering to the crashes with the hands/quads to contrast with the slower more mellow sections that were unlayered.

[8/10] Diamant Spectrasplosion {Blitz Lunar} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)
had to reprocess the audio file to get a stable bitrate so my timings might differ slightly
-26.577, 29.377 feels like the 8ths should be filled in here to the background sounds
-41.311 should have a 96th(?) grace not after the 12th here, same sound as the 8th preceding it
-42.377-42.777 imo feels better with the 12th at 42.644 removed since the louder sounds feel syncopated. It makes sense when I listen to it at .5x but at normal speed doesn't really feel like it fits what sounds are present
-67.377 should be a jack
-some of the layering choices are a bit obscure at a glance since it's all additive but nothing wrong that I can see
-feels like some of the 32nd streams could be cleaned up but other than that, file was excellent


[7/10] Emotional Adventure {Sky} (Silvuh)
-had to put the mp3 through audacity to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings may vary from yours
-51.632 feels like this should either be a hand or the hand before it should be a jump, both chords have the same # of notes/loudness.
-58.977 same thing as 51.632
-68.389, 68.848, 70.225, 70.685, etc. really feel like you should layer the higher pitched piano melody with the accompaniment, which would make these jumps
-87.671 missing 8th
nice easy piano file, liked the song a lot, consider the layering suggestion for the middle section.


[7.5/10] Guitars Still Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
-57.621 would be better to fill out the 16ths to 58.076
-58.381 recommend acknowledging the vocal sample
-62.240 same thing as 57.621
-63.114 same as 58.381
-63.391 some of the guitar runs starting here don't sound like straight 16ths, you alluded to the rhythmic intricacies earlier but left the later streams as straight 16ths
-71.947 same as 57.621
-same comments on the following phrases with similar repetitions as above in general
-94.211 should be 3 notes here rather than 2
-118.568 feels odd that you stepped the section similar to this one as jumpstream earlier but left it as just 4th jumps here
-really liked the ending
-still a good, fun file, consider some of the suggestions

[9/10] Guitars Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
-tad disappointing that some sections focus solely on the percussion when theres a lot of stuff going on with the guitar, but the whole chart is very clear in highlighting exactly what the stepper intends the player to listen for.
-sync drifts a bit late towards the end downtempo section of the song
-fantastic, nothing else to really note

[5/10] Japan Style Breakcore - 2 {Reizoko Cj} (hi19hi19)
wtf did I just listen to
-coulda done some cool bpm-halving but thats always optional
-12.861 missing 16th
-13.701 theres another note to the roll here
-17.741 i really disagree with how hands are used here, yeah its a hard file but simply slapping on supplemental layering to the parts that lack rythmic complexity just feels like the difficulty here is being unreasonably forced
-47.501 this doesnt feel right as a roll, you alluded to split directional sounds later on in the file and could do the same here with 32nd mini-trills. this would jack up the difficulty pretty hard but im assuming thats not a concern
-58.541 you have similar sounds stepped as 8th jacks pretty consistently, these should probably also be 8th jacks
-64.102 16th here sounds like a ghost note
-67.643 liked the usage of hands -> jumps -> single notes to the decreasing number of sounds
-77.123 [34] jump on the 8th instead of [12]? [12] would make more sense since its going to the same sound as the jumps before it (you'd have to change the jumps in the following trill too)
-83.484 liked the notes to mirror the directional audio
-85.284 - 85.884 rhythm here sounds incorrect. Missing 16ths at 85.824, 85.944, and 86.184, while the 16th at 86.304 should probably be dropped in favor of following where the melody is present.
-97.945, 98.065 missing 16ths
-116.607 you have this roll going all in one direction when earlier in the file you stepped a similar sounding roll descending and then ascending when the sound pitch switches which makes more sense imo
-rolls following the one at 116.607 are similar, so they should all at least be going in the same direction considering there is discernable pitch, I do get you're trying to vary it up here though.
-125.607, 126.327 missing jumps
-131.021 you used [12] jumps for the compressed kicks just before, considering the sound these [12] jumps are going to is noticeably higher I'd recomend changing the notes. (Using the same notes for jumps to different sounds is fine, but since the jump repetitions happen so close together it feels weird to have them all using the same notes when the sounds are different)
-134.728 recommend putting a note on the 8th at 134.728 to the vocal echo (maybe some of the echos after too but the first 1 or 2 are definitely noticeable)
Hard file with a lot of stuff going on. im not entirely sold on the approach to hands in certain places as well as several other instances where the file doesn't seem to follow consistent sounds clearly. Several sections will probably be confusing for the player when they have to deal with hard patterns that don't really represent whats being heard well.

[4/10] Just Follow Time {Yuyoyuppe (Ft. Calo)} (XelNya)
had to put the mp3 through audacity to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings my vary from yours
-intro pr feels weird, could be much better.
-1.650 you have the same jump going to each of the chords in the intro when the chords are different, change the jumps.
-30.287, 35.157 the running 8th background continues unbroken throughout this section so this 8th and 4th should be filled in
-38.274 really jarring to go from layering the percussion consistently to having it play filler for jumps that go to the relatively quiet piano. recommend having a jumptrill here to maintain the percussion focus.
-50.741 again a jumptrill would make a lot more sense (esp considering the jumps here don't go to anything distinguishable)
-52.300 same thing as 30.287 etc, the running 8ths make all of the gaps feel weird.
-75.482, 75.871 recommend taking these 8ths out, the running 8ths to the piano stop here. (they actually stop one measure earlier but the percussion on the 8th warrants a note
-79.183 why the quad? this isn't a particularly loud or abrasive drum hit, and you have a hand going to a much louder cymbal crash + vocals right after it. This should probably be a jump while the hand after it can stay a hand (or make it a quad if you really want to highlight this as a big moment in the song which im guessing you do since you have a quad here)
-97.495 should be a jump
-100.807 should be a single note
-101.196 should be a jump
-123.696 ghost 16th
-137.235 dont feel like the 32nd grace note is necessary here just cause all the other vocal wavers have been generalized as regular jumps previously
-162.949, 163.339 neither of these should be hands
-163.729 this should be a hand
-166.066 shouldnt be a hand
-this whole section has hand inconsistencies. im assuming they're supposed to go to the crashes, but you have them on random percussion downbeats that aren't particularly noteworthy.
-ending is straight 8ths, and the pr on the 8ths that you do have is backwards.
-song could use a cut
there's potential here, but in a looot of the sections you have layering inconsistencies that leave the file feeling very incohesive, hands feel kinda random, the focus on percussion is muddled by the random measure or 2 that have jumps on the piano notes instead of the percussion. The running 8th seems to be the backbone of the song, but having running 8ths throughout the entire file gets bland fast so id recommend picking and choosing what you want to follow/accent in each given section. there are plenty of opportunities where the percussion varies or the vocals vary in prominence that you can draw the player's ear to with different layering choices that highlight them.


[8/10] miko {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
-21.283, 22.616 not sure about the jumps here, the cymbal hits are practically the same volume on the rest of the 4th beats so id recommend either making these jumps singles or adding jumps to the rest of the cymbal hits
-27.283, 28.616 same thing with the jumps, but I its clearer to me why they weren't included here (with the drops in the melody) still i'd recommend adding jumps to the cymbal hits or making them all singles for consistency
-section beginning at 46.341: some of these note clusters are going to really really quiet stuff, like even with headphones and loud volume I barely hear them, even though everything seems accurate. eg. 64th at 70.234 sounds like a ghost note. Not really advocating for change but do note that this feels kinda weird to play since some of the sounds can barely be heard.
-73.776, 73.851 consider adding jumps, both of these are still part of the measure of piano that you're emphasizing with jumps
-75.381 interesting use of jumps, works to highlight which piano notes catch the ear, i like.
-liked the speed up section (edit: nvm looked at the bpms its not really a speedup, but sure feels like it)
-99.766 (and others) disappointing that the background drum rolls aren't acknowedged here, they are pretty subtle but considering how quiet some of the stuff that was stepped earlier in the file was these should probably be stepped.
-section beginning at 107.970 a lot of these 16th sounds just blend together so fluidly that some of the 16ths feel out of place, but again nothing objectively wrong.
-125.034 liked the jumpstream here
-whole drum section leading to the end was great.
Lot of stuff that i really liked in here, there are some minor things that do feel a bit weird to play, but i feel like thats partly cause of the music.


[4/10] Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) {Varien & SirensCeol} (VisD)
-right off the bat pr needs to be better, especially when theres so little going on music wise. stuff like the 4 notes at 9.632, the last 2 notes are the same pitch and should be the same note
-16.342 should step the sustained vocal pitch changes here (since the vocals are pretty much the only thing being followed)
-17.775 the low drums here should be followed throughout if you're using them as a basis for layering 4th jumps in this section (eg 17.775, 21.632, 22.275, etc)
-38.561 3 note trill pitchwise should be 212 not 121.
-65.346 i dont feel that trills represent that the pitch of the drums is steadily increasing in frequency. ascending rolls would fit better here.
-70.811, 72.525 the vocals here come before the 16th both times
-72.952 same thing as 16.342
-77.005, 77.219 missing 16ths
-77.898 no 12th here? (debatable only because you could be going for generalization with 8ths but even then that makes the file feel inaccurate)
-80.326 the 24th gliss here doesn't really work imo because the sounds that are being represented extend all the way to the next 4th. stuff like this works when fast buzzes or other similar sounds aren't drawn out very long, but in this case id either step the whole thing or just take the gliss out and focus on the 8th melody.
-83.433 misrhythm
-94.523 missing 32nd
-98.326 vocals come before the 4th, 12th earlier in this measure also questionable
-101.326 repeated stuff here has much better pr than the intro
-112.041 missing 8th
-121.898 this time the first triplet has the inverted pr, they should both be the same
-139.041 minijacks all of a sudden? i don't see what they're going to
-170.183 (and the other instances like this) should step the synth sounds.
-177.612, 178.669 i get the hands to the power chords + kick before this, but neither of these downbeats deserve hands imo
errors/inconsistencies in several sections, some of the generalizations feel weird. File has potential to be good though and I liked the song.


[8/10] Noushou Sakuretsu Girl {96neko} (Silvuh)
Oh man the 3 way iron stepartist battle begins
my timings may vary slightly from yours, had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate mp3
-18.891 the 16th jack should happen one more time here
-51.601 should add the jump here (normally would be fine to leave as a single to avoid a forced jack, but I feel the jack isn't a big deal in comparison to how the jump would really accent the percussion)
-63.775 missing note here to the vocal (this happens with every repetition after)
-66.891, 67.085 missing notes
^ that section in general feels like it has missing notes, check it over.
-81.871 the whole drum roll is 24ths
-105.871-124.452 this section was fantastic, loved how the jacks and layering fit together.
-138.000 missing note
-147.677 for the measure here i'd strongly recommend removing the 16ths you having going to the vocals in favor of focusing solely on the piano solo considering the sections immediately precending and following it are geared towards following the piano solo.
-153.871 color section beginning here: same missing note comments as the previous color section
-184.839 initial 16th jump trill is confusing here. If youre accenting the vocals for this measure (which is my assumption) it would best be represented with the initial jumptrill being 5 notes long followed by a 3 note jumptrill
-203.323 remove the 16th here, feels kinda like a ghost note, and the emphasis is much better being placed by ending on the jumpjack
Looks like I wrote a lot but honestly I loved this file, tons of great jack usage and accenting. Consider my suggestions though.


[7/10] Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl {96neko} (MarioNintendo)
my timings may vary slightly from yours, had to reprocess the mp3 to get a stable bitrate mp3
-a lot more generalization of the vocals as 16ths in this file than the others, which is fine, but it is objectively less accurate.
-43.703, 43.897 missing 16ths
-46.413 missing 16th
-49.026 jacks here don't feel warranted
-54.445 last 2 notes don't get to the piano and should probably be removed to make this section more clear
^ for the section in general i see that you're trying to follow everything, which ehhh kinda works, but would be much better to clearly focus on one thing. What you have is honestly executed well, but i don't think its as effective as what was present in the other files (both which strongly focused on the piano solo)
-62.574 really disappointing that nothing was done to represent the vocals here
-119.671 should just be a jump
-123.155 considering there are only vocals here all of the jumptrills here going to the vocals should be single notes
-123.445 missing 16th
-153.929 same thing as 62.574
ending feels pretty underwhelming
I still give this an accepted rating, but it simply isn't as well defined or accurate as the first 2 files.
Sad part is honestly I feel all 3 of these files would have been accepted individually, there are 3 unique takes to the song varying from trying to include a bit of everything that catches the ear, to really emphasizing what the stepartist wants the player to be listening for.

[8/10] Suicide Pact {LeaF} (ilikexd)
very straightforward file, feels a tad repetitive even for being 1:40 in length though
no errors to really note.
this could totally have a stupid hard v2 with 32nd jumpstream


[6/10] The star hill {ginkiha} (VisD)
-For a file this short and simple I feel like pr needs to be better in certain places (eg, 15.782 and the ending have 4 notes that are all descending so the notes should be something like 4321)
^ honestly my only complaint (though it is a pretty significant one given how easy the file is), short and cute file.

[9/10] waltz in d-flat op. 64-1 (panic station mix) {kayfaraday} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)
chiptune remix of a classical song thats interesting
-sync even down to .5 is very precise
Really not a lot to comment on, everything in the file is carefully and precisely put together, burst patterns are comfortable.
i like how the file presents unique and challenging rhythmic patterns for the player, FFR needs more of these.
-theres another 3 note blip at the end of the file that is ignored, not a big deal though

[8/10] Xyris {Exias} (Silvuh)
the amount of care to place all the 8th jacks in such a way that is relevant to the repeating sounds while still maintaining the general sense of pr to the melody is impressive for such an easy file.
I agree with the generalization of the guitar strums as jumps for the sake of simplicity, nicely done with the whole file in general.

=== JUDGE: gameboy42690 ===

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
30.047s - Could have had a 32nd burst going to the drum.
34.422s - I like the color note theory, but keep in mind that this note is 0.016s earlier than it would have normally been. That's about half a frame. Depending on how the conversion goes, that could easily put your white notes a frame earlier than you intended them to be. It's recommended that you play with the BPM so that your color notes are as on-beat as possible.
47.608s - Missed another 32nd burst here.
84.754s - Missed a jump going to the drum.
87.681s - Same as above. The same error happens multiple times during both choruses. Adding in jumps to go with the "Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh" is fine, but don't forget about the drum.
126.278s - Missed a 16th note going to the drum.

Good file, just has a few minor things that need fixing.

[8/10] [Resubmission] Phantasy Story -ReStart- {otokaz} (Silvuh)
6.147s-17.654s - I don't like how a lot of the drums were ignored during this part.
19.195s - Ghost note. Having this mini-jack leading into a quad really wasn't fun, anyway.
21.353s - This jump actually should be at 21.250s, not here. Pay attention to the melody; you made this same error multiple times.
21.969s - Missed a jump going to the melody.
28.544s - Same as above.

I really only have problems with the beginning of the file. Everything else is pretty good.

[5.5/10] [Resubmission] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
0.589s - Add 2 seconds of silence to the file, and then put a note here. Not stepping this sound didn't make much sense.
11.922s - These are 32nds, not 24ths.
13,755s - Same here. I get not wanting to have a 16th mini-jack (I get enough complaints about A Yodeler In Texas's ending :P), it just feels weird playing 24ths when the drums are clearly playing 32nds. The best compromise I can think of is maybe make the 24ths a mini-trill, or change the hand into a jump so you can have the 32nd burst without being forced into a mini-jack.
14.339s - Another burst that should actually be 32nds. This happens a lot in the beginning of the file and elsewhere in the file, too, and with a handful of exceptions I can't understand why. I'm not going to point out every single one of them, just know that a lot of the bursts are incorrect.
23.255s - Okay, this is a lot better.
55.922s - So many of the 48ths drum bursts aren't that audible compared to the rest of the song. I wouldn't step them as 48th bursts. Just a single jump would get the point across.
58.339s - One of the few drum bursts in this part that's actually easy to distinguish. Unfortunately, these are also incorrectly stepped.
63.672s - Same as above.
65.922s-76.589s - What's with all the polyrhythms? When playing the song at full speed, it's very difficult to distinguish exactly what the strings are playing and it kinda just sounds like one continuous stream of 16ths. (While I'm aware that's not actually what's being played, at full speed it just sounds like a continuous stream of 16ths. You can't really tell otherwise.) What you've stepped here is very messy and very confusing.

Some parts of this file are really good, but the sheer number of incorrectly stepped bursts and the weird polyrhythm section ruin the file for me.

[8/10] Artificial Intelligence Bomb {naruto} (hi19hi19)
30.550s & 30.753s - Missing notes going to the bass kick. The second kick would probably make the transition into the 48th roll a bit awkward though.
41.302s-52.655s - There's a few sounds playing in the background that could also be stepped if you wanted (not referring to the precussion, I mean the 8-bit bloops at 42.214s, 42.822s, 43.836s. etc.). What you've stepped is still good though.
63.095s - The jump should be on the 8th note just above at 62.993, not here.
70.486s-83.453s - Layering during the solo is confusing. The jumps all go to the drums, but not every drum beat is stepped with a jump.
70.588s - This 16th isn't part of the solo.

Overall good, fun file.

[6.5/10] burned down the ghost house and escaped spooks {cybermiso} (Silvuh)
3.155s - Missed a note.
5.337s - The note being played is a higher pitch here; arrow should be down as opposed to left.
9.882s - The note being played here is very hard to notice. It felt like a ghost note in my first playthrough, and it will probably feel like a ghost note to a lot of players. It might be better to just leave this note out.
10.791s-17.882s - The general layering scheme seems to be to have jumps going to the lead synth. In that case, you missed a few jumps.
15.064s - Same as 9.882s.
28.246s-34.791s - Layering doesn't make much sense. There doesn't seem to be any real rules concerning where jumps go. The file still plays okay but the odd jump usage is really distracting. This kind of thing happens again during 36.973s-43.518s and again later on.
44.337s - Thank you for not trying to shove a 64th burst into the file.
63.165s-69.700s - There's a lot of missed precussion in this section. I can tell they're intentionally left out but I think it would be a better file if those sounds were stepped.
109.791s - 102.427s-111.165s is a copy & paste of 36.973s-45.700s but with different patterns. That's fine except the 32nd burst from 44.337s doesn't repeat here.

This file should have been really good, but because of some of the weird layering and the unstepped precussion during 63.165s-69.700s, I'm not finding the file as fun at it could have been.

[6/10] Children's War {Kradness & Reol} (DarkZtar)
4.918s - Missed a 32nd note here.
5.347s-6.718s - This would make more sense as a 32nd stream.
8.775s, 9.461s, 11.518s, 12.204s - Strange that you would have jumps accenting the background synth, but you wouldn't step 16ths when the synth plays 16ths.
24.547s-46.490s - 16th usage during this part seems pretty random. There's a lot of little sounds in the background that play 16ths every so often, and sometimes you step them but other times they're left out.
51.975s - Very good color note theory! There's really only a handful of times that I didn't like the color notes, and they're all similar cases; 53.518s-53.690s and repeats of this color note theory. There's no need to make all three of these notes blue. We already know which vocaloid is singing, it didn't need to be accented further.
- During the entire chorus, there seems to be quite a few ghost notes and notes going to sounds that are near inaudible unless you slow down the song. Chances are if it's too hard to hear at full speed, when you play the file it's going to feel like your hitting notes that don't go to anything at all. In these cases it's probably not worth stepping those notes.
73.490s - Why not have an 8th note here?
83.232s & 84.604s - Ghost notes.
139,318s & 139.575s - Missed notes going to the solo.
163.078s-172.687s - It would be a nightmare trying to step the two arguing vocaloids in this part, but if done right the payoff would be so worth it. The way it's stepped now is okay but it really doesn't bring out the full potential this section of the song has to offer.

There's a lot of really fun moments in this file, but the first verse and especially all the ghost notes during the chorus really drag the quality of the file down.

[4/10] Chipwrecked {Rainbowdragoneyes} (hi19hi19)
6.878s-11.078s - I actually like that you ignored the precussion in this part.
11.687s - Ultrasounds! v2? But unlike Ultrasounds! or Rave 7, I just don't think the 24th streams works here. Yes, the song actually is playing a continuous stream of 24ths, but it's extremely difficult to notice unless you slow the song down. At full speed it sounds like short bursts of 24ths with only a handful of longer streams. When I playtested the file, any time I was doing a 24th stream (with the exception of the solo starting at 41.678s) it didn't actually feel like I was playing the song. The streams are also a massive difficulty spike compared to the rest of the file and should probably be toned down.
22.478s - And after that first barrage of 24th streams, there's this recurring problem of ignoring lots of sounds. For what it is, it does play nicely and I wouldn't change anything if this was meant to be an easy file. But since we just got done with 200 BPM 24th streams, I think it's safe to say this isn't meant to be an easy file. I don't see any reason to hold back. This happens for most of the rest of the file.

The parts of the file that are good are pretty good, but the 24th streams are way too much and other parts of the song are understepped by comparison.

[8/10] Dandelion Sparkle!! {potato_digger} (Silvuh)
32.255s-40.293s - Personally I would have layered the melody with jumps, but I understand why you decided not to.
55.221s-59.528s - The 16ths are barely audible, even if the song is slowed down. My first time playing through the file, these felt like ghost notes. Happens again later on in the file.
57.375s - Missed a jump going to the melody.
98.858s - I'd change this quad to a triple so you can step the 16th note at 98.930s.

Solid file, but those near inaudible 16ths I mentioned pull the file down a little.

[9.5/10] Diamant Spectrasplosion {Blitz Lunar} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)
Holy crap this file is good! A handful of 32nd streams towards the end of the file felt just a little uncomfortable to play, though (92.718s in particular is weird), so maybe look into somewhat friendlier patterns during those streams. I still think the file is pretty damn amazing though.

[7/10] Emotional Adventure {Sky} (Silvuh)
13.048s - Missing a grace note just before this jump.
42.660s - Missed a note.
49.776s-53.449s - There's some very faint notes being played during this part that weren't stepped. It took me a long time to actually notice them, but they're there. If you want the file to be as technically accurate as possible, it may not be a bad idea to step these notes. Happens again during 57.122s-58.598s.
51.613s - The piano chord is pretty intense here, so maybe make this a hand like you did at 49.776s?
68.370s - With the melody and harmony both being played at the same time, it would make more sense for this to be a jump than a single note. The same error happens multiple times in this part of the song.
82.832s-104.869s - Similarly, this part doesn't utilize any jumps at all when two notes are being played at the same time. But since this part is already pretty intense compared to the rest of the file, I fully support leaving out the jumps.
136.088s - This is actually a lower pitch than 137.465s. I'd switch the two jumps around; make this one a [23] jump and 137.465s a [12] jump.

The file has a handful of technical issues, but generally it's a good file.

[8.5/10] Guitars Still Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
- Needs about another 0.2 seconds of silence at the beginning.
2.798s - There's a recurring set of ghost notes throughout the file where these 32nd bursts are used to accent the way the guitar slides up in pitch. Not a bad idea in theory, but something like a 48th or 64th grace note would be more appropriate. The way it's stepped right now suggests a continuous stream of 16ths with a quick 32nd burst in the middle, which isn't what the guitar actually plays.
4.187s & 4.662s - Why not accent the guitar with jumps here as well? As with the above comments, this repeats throughout the file.
57.602s-58.057s - The guitar is still playing 16ths during this part. I get that you're accenting the drums, but suddenly ignoring the guitar is an odd choice. Again, happens multiple times throughout the speedup.
- Speaking of the speedup... DAMN. Also the most fun part of the file.
84.258s-86.147s - But I really would have liked to see 16th streams here as well.

The file's a ton of fun as it is, but there's also room for the file to be even better.

[8/10] Guitars Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
- guitars suck. guitars suck. GUITARS. SUCK.
116.342s - I feel like the drums in this part should have been layered with jumps.
132.092s - Missed a note going to the snare drum.
143.348s - I know these 16ths are going to the guitar, but the drum kind of drowns out the guitar, so on my first playthrough this felt like a misrhythm. I'd step just the drum here and ignore the guitar since it's so hard to hear in this one half of a second.
151.915s - The drum could have been layered in here as well.

Even though I have slightly less things to complain about than Guitars Still Suck, I don't find this file nearly as fun. It's still a very good file though.

[8/10] Japan Style Breakcore - 2 {Reizoko Cj} (hi19hi19)
2.362s - This hand doesn't need to be a hand. A jump would be okay.
4.882s & 5.122s - I have no idea what these jumps are going to.
8.722s & 8.962s - Same as above.
10.762s - I'd make this a jump too, to go with the loud drum banging.
12.682s - Same as above.
26.842s - Nice throwback to the first JSB.
38.122s - Missed a jump going to the bass kick.
42.562s - This should actually be either left or down (your choice) to form a mini-jack with the jump at 42.442s.
84.922s-86.602s - I would have liked to see the drums layered in here as well.
109.882s & 110.242s - Same as 2.362s.
122.002s - This 8th note could also be a jump.
125.602s - Missed a jump going to the... uh, gabber... drum... thingy. Not really sure if you'd call it a drum, actually. Feel free to correct me on what it is. The point is, I'd prefer if it was a jump.

Solid Reizoko file, even with everything I just complained about.

[6/10] Just Follow Time {Yuyoyuppe (Ft. Calo)} (XelNya)
- This is a beautiful song, but it might need to be cut. The file tended to be draggy. But before doing any sort of song cutting, I would try some of the suggestions in my notes and the notes of the other judges and see if they help make the file not as draggy.
- Needs about another 0.5 seconds of silence.
26.527s-38.215s - Careful, you missed the high-hat and snare drum quite a few times during this section.
79.514s-91.961s - Why not have jumps going to the vocals as well? You do this the second time the chorus plays, so you should probably do it here, too.
100.748s - I think you meant for this jump to be at 101.137s, not here.
123.150s-148.085s - This part is okay, but it could be improved. Why not use 8th note mini-jacks? Whenever the bass kick or high-hat plays two consecutive notes, step a mini-jack.
123.637s - Ghost note.
137.128s - What is this grace note going to?
146.137s - This shouldn't be a jump. The jumps were going to the snare drum, but it's not playing here.
152.663s - Missed a 16th note going to the bass kick. The same error happens a bunch of times, keep an eye out for it.
159.968s - The snare drum plays on the 4th note just above, not here. Change this to a single note and make 159.774s a jump.
161.137s - Not sure why you decided to make this 8th note a jump. Prior to this you hadn't been stepping the bass kicks with jumps. Same error repeats a few more times.
165.618s - Missed a jump going to the snare drum.
166.202s - Should be changed to a single note.
172.826s - Same as 165.618s.
190.751s - Ghost note.
190.848s - Eww, one-handed 32nd burst.
191.238s - With virtually no other 16th mini-jacks anywhere else in the file (except for the gross one-handed burst mentioned above), this mini-jack is really out of place.
213.348s - When this cymbal played during the chorus the first time, you stepped a jump. So why is there no jump here the second time around?
229.906s - This jump isn't going to the snare drum. Change it to a single note.
234.582s - Same as above.
241.789s - These last few piano notes are actually going from a lower note to a higher one, not the other way around. So these notes should go 1-4, 1-4, etc.

Good effort, but could use some work.

[8.5/10] miko {tarolabo} (ilikexd)
21.264s - There's some precussion that plays on every 4th note from here to 23.597s, but it was only layered in with a jump at 21.264s and 22.597s. It would have made more sense for all eight times to be stepped as jumps. Same thing repeats a few more times in the file.
71.282s - Ghost note.
72.032s-81.603s - Layering doesn't really make any sense during this part.
98.891s-106.120s - There's a bunch of drums playing 32nds that were ignored during this part. Clearly intentional, but would probably be better if they actually were stepped.

Great file overall and a really unique song.

[7/10] Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) {Varien & SirensCeol} (VisD)
15.184s - "The" is a lower pitch than "moon", so the notes should have gone 2-4-1 as opposed to 4-2-1. Pitch relevancy is usually good in this file otherwise.
16.470s - Missed a note going to the vocals.
35.542s - "To" is a lower pitch than "keep", so the notes should go 1-2 instead of 2-1. Oddly enough, it was stepped correctly the second time these lyrics were sung.
38.694s - Ghost note.
45.506s, 46.363s, etc. - The mini-jacks weren't fun.
70.792s & 72.506s - Both of these should be 8th notes, not 16ths.
73.042s - Missed the vocals again. There's a synth playing at this same point, so you really should have a note here.
76.664s - If you want to be super technically correct, the 12th and 24th notes in this burst are actually a 64th and 32nd, respectively. Most people won't actually notice though, so it's really not important.
89.970s - Ghost note - the bass drum doesn't actually play here.
93.399s - Same as above.
96.827s - Same.
97.256s - Missed a note going to the wub.
122.649s - Ghost note.
129.613s - The drum roll starts here, not at 132.184s where you actually started stepping it.
139.042s-141.613s - I didn't find these mini-jacks fun, either.
170.327s - Missed a note going to the wub.
173.542s - Same as above.

Decent file. I was expecting it to be a little draggy, but it turns out the file feels shorter than it actually is.

[7/10] Noushou Sakuretsu Girl {96neko} (Silvuh)
9.695s, 12.792s, etc. - Ghost notes.
39.211s-50.050s - There's a bit of shifting back and forth from stepping the vocals to stepping the synth. It gets a little confusing sometimes.
46.470s - Why is this 16th note a jump? Jumps were only going to the snare drum during this part of the song.
51.792s - This 8th note technically isn't a pitch relevancy issue, but it feels like one when you're playing the file; the two quick piano notes that play after this note are exactly the same as the two piano notes at 52.276s, but the 8th notes just before the two sets of piano are not in the same column. I'd prefer if both 51.792s and 52.179s were both in the same column.
62.437s - Interesting color note theory!
101.147s-103.469s - The drum is playing a continuous stream of 16ths, so this jumpstream shouldn't have any breaks at all.
137.921s - Missed a note going to the drum.
161.244s - This burst is incorrect; there's a 3-note long 32nd burst here, which transitions into a 24th burst at 161.340s.
203.244s - Ghost note.

Decent file, but I think hi19's version is the best of the three Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl's. His file tends to flow very nicely while this one is a little rigid at times, often due to the liberal use of mini-jacks.

[6/10] Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl {96neko} (MarioNintendo)
2.128s-7.547s - Rather than try to step every sound, I would focus on just the synth and the three louder precussion hits (don't know exactly what instrument it's supposed to be) that you stepped with jumps. The way it's stepped right now feels a little confusing.
9.773s, 12.870s, etc. - Ghost notes.
19.451s - Same as above.
20.709s - Why note have a jump going to the cymbal crash?
20.709s-26.902s - It seems like you were trying to also include the synth playing way in the background during this part. Nevermind the fact that the synth was missed a few times, I would recommend focusing on just the vocals and snare drum. It's a lot simpler to follow and makes more sense when you're playing it.
31.547s-33.096s - Why are all of these jumps? There's no reason they needed to be jumps, and it's really not fun.
48.967s & 49.345s - Mini-jacks made no sense.
62.515s-68.709s - Why not step the vocals during this part? You stepped the vocals from 60.967s-62.515s, ignoring them here didn't make much sense, and the file felt very understepped because of it.
100.838s - These are 24ths, not 32nds.
105.870s-112.064s - The high-hat is so hard to hear during this part, most of these 16ths felt like ghost notes when I first played it. It's probably better you don't step the high-hat at all.
113.902s - Missed a 16th going to the vocals.
114.289s - Ghost note.
119.612s - There's no reason at all this needed to be a hand.
122.902s-124.451s - Same as 31.547s-33.096s.
153.870s-159.676s - Same as 62.515s-68.709s.
159.676s - Weird place to cut the song.

It's clear that you tried, but I don't think it came out that well.

[6.5/10] Suicide Pact {LeaF} (ilikexd)
9.647s-26.714s - I really don't like how minimal the layering is during this part. It's especially weird considering that the song repeats itself almost exactly during 82.181s-99.247s, but that part is layered more heavily. I can understand climax theory, but the ending really doesn't sound any more climactic than this part. I'd rather see more intense layering than the minimal layering you chose here.
34.447s & 34.714s - Could have had jumps going to the drum. The 3-note 8th jack you have now doesn't really fit.
52.314s-56.581s - Could have stepped the snare drum on every 8th note, too.
60.847s-65.114s - Same as above.
71.247s - Could have had a jump going to the cymbal.
76.314s, 76.514s, 76.847s, 76.981s - Why not layer in the precussion?

The file's decent, but I really don't like some of the layering choices you made.

[7/10] The star hill {ginkiha} (VisD)
- Not that it'll have any significance in FFR, but the 9,000 BPM beginning of the file acts weird in SM5. The first jump doesn't show up until a split second before I have to hit it, and only at that point can I start seeing the rest of the chart. Just something to be mindful of. But like I said, no actual significance in FFR, so no actual effect on the rating.
5.784s - The lower piano notes play more than just one chord on every other note. Here, for instance, the piano plays a string of five 16th notes. The same string of notes (sometimes it does only four notes instead of five) plays at the start of every other measure in the song - 5.784s, 13.056s, 20.329s, etc. - and it's missed every single time.

That's really about it. Short, easy file with good pitch relevancy.

[7.5/10] waltz in d-flat op. 64-1 (panic station mix) {kayfaraday} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)
- Minute Waltz 8 bit remix? This should be an interesting file. :P
13.973s & 14.173s - These short 48th bursts are repeated in the song throughout much of the first few seconds of the song, but very rarely are they actually stepped. They're stepped here, but ignored almost everywhere else that they occur. Either step all the 48th bursts or don't step them at all.
53.424s, 53.957s & 54.491s - Missed jumps going to the melody.
57.691s - Same as above.
64.326s - Again here.
65.392s-68.824s - I didn't like the change in layering here. I'd rather keep the melody stepped with jumps and everything else be stepped with single notes. The change in layering that you did was confusing.
68.824s-75.024s - All of these 32nd trills are technically incorrect. I get not wanting 48th trills (I wouldn't want 48th trills either), but the 32nds felt really weird.
93.977s - Why not make this 24th a jump?
129.919s - There's 3 more notes at the very end of the song that you didn't step.

Interesting song and file, but I feel it could use some tweaks.

[6/10] Xyris {Exias} (Silvuh)
10.394s - Missed a couple of notes going to the guitar.
12.030s - Same as above.
13.666s - And again here...
15.575s - At this point I noticed you keep flipping back and forth between stepping the guitar and not stepping the guitar. You're consistent with stepping the drum, the violin and the tambourine, but the inconsistency with the guitar is confusing.
32.757s - Okay, now we're getting to something nice. There's still the issue of flip-flopping on whether you step the guitar or not (most of the time it isn't stepped, but it's stepped at 35.212s just to give one example) but most of this feels okay.
53.485s - This should be a 3-note 8th jack with a jump on the quarter note, like what you did at 54.848s (the bass drum and tambourine both play at this point).
85.121s-111.303s - Layering during this part is very difficult to figure out, and it didn't really feel much like I was playing the music when I playtested this file. You may want to simplify how this part is stepped.

This could be a good low-level file, but it needs some work.

=== JUDGE: lurker ===

First Half, Artificial Intelligence Bomb to Just Follow Time.

[6/10] Artificial Intelligence Bomb {naruto} (hi19hi19)
8.754-33.996: stepping the perc rhythm CONSTANTLY through this section makes it feel really clunky. any other layering is obscured by it
30.853-31.157: please don't do this
70.485-83.452: this section's also kinda clunky due to some combo of inconsistent stepping (80.211-81.224 seems out of place due to the lack of notes, maybe add minijacks?) and odd layering choices
70.587: ghost note
72.512: I'd recommend not having a note here, it kinda blurs things together
124.622-124.825, 125.231-433: should be the same rhythm for consistency's sake

I'll admit that this has a couple decent parts, especially 98.051-124.014, but this feels pretty rough around the edges

[8.5/10] burned down the ghost house and escaped spooks {cybermiso} (Silvuh)
63.073: missing note
77.881: missing note
109.790-110.063: absolutely no 32nds here

[6.5/10] Children's War {Kradness & Reol} (DarkZtar)
offsync by about half a frame. using an offset of 0.123
8.448-13.248: switching the jump that represented the synth chords constantly made this confusing to follow. when playing this it doesn't feel like it's following the song (although at the VERY end switching the jumps to left+right made it work)
35.534-46.163: hard to tell what's going on here, too. if you're following the vocals then there's a missing note at or slightly later than 42.306; if you're not, why is there a note at 42.648 afterwards? there are a few missing 16ths if 37.163 is following the perc instead of the vocal
68.106-68.191: both the 16th and 8th don't fit the second drum hit. recommending jumps at 68.106 and 68.163 (the 12th)
83.248, 84.620: both ghost notes
85.077: missing note

pretty entertaining. the repeat may be a bit much but it wasn't a drag

[7.5/10] Chipwrecked {Rainbowdragoneyes} (hi19hi19)
11.677-20.077: chip guitar solos are really hard to follow, I agree

I guess for a total dump the structuring is okay??? points off are directly proportional to how much of a stretch I thought they were

[9/10] Dandelion Sparkle!! {potato_digger} (Silvuh)

oh my god this is just fantastic. only complaint is that the quad at 98.857 isn't necessary so you could just remove a note from it and add the 16th you left out to avoid a minijack

[8.5/10] Diamant Spectrasplosion {Blitz Lunar} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)

can't think of anything to say about this one either but I think not stepping the hihats in 31.117-31.517 and 56.317-56.717 is a little forced

[8.5/10] Emotional Adventure {Sky} (Silvuh)
13.047: missed grace note a 48th before this, not sure if intentional
51.612: should be a triple tbh. I get that the bass note is way more prominent at 49.775 but this chord is just as loud and contains roughly the same amount of notes. plus the chord after this one is so much weaker and yet is also a jump. I would not necessarily say the same thing for 58.957 due to the notes after it

does what it's supposed to: be an easy piano file

[8/10] Guitars Still Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
I'm suspicious of some of the solos in the first half thinking that they might be consistently early but that might just be my ears since the drums seem fine
57.525: remove this note to please the consistency police
94.840: early

what else could you possibly do with this song tbh

[8.5/10] Guitars Suck {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)

definitely appreciate the structuring up to 109.672 considering what you could've done instead. the ending might be overly long but this is pretty good

[6/10] Japan Style Breakcore - 2 {Reizoko Cj} (hi19hi19)
2.361: right off the bat, having a hand makes you wonder why 2.601 isn't a jump. it becomes clear at 6.201 but still
4.881: definitely not loud enough to be a jump
5.241-5.481: feels really weird since 5.361 sounds blatantly different from the other two jumps
17.721: since you layer fairly thinly before this, the sudden hand mashing is pretty mean
20.601: not soft enough for a single note, also should be different from 20.841
35.961-36.201: no good reason for these to be hands
38.121: missing note
41.241-42.081: the LR jumps are identical to 40.761 soundwise, suggest changing them all to LUR including 40.761
53.721, 54.081: same sound. change the trill between them to DRDR
54.201: should be different from the previous two jumps mentioned
54.441: not powerful enough for a hand
57.021: there's a note here
63.681: ghost note
90.201: having a hand here is really funny when there isn't a single one in the previous 5 seconds
116.601-119.001: brutal. transition into it is awful and the trills between the bursts are practically RNG to hit
120.921, 122.841: should be triples

breakcooooooore. some stuff is too nasty, layering choices are odd at times

[4/10] Just Follow Time {Yuyoyuppe (Ft. Calo)} (XelNya)
note: definitely not all of the errors in this file
1.590-2.370: immediately establishes a lack of PR for no discernible reason, which will remain consistent throughout
19.707: remove this note, it's sorta in the background and you don't include this note most of the time when this melody repeats
26.915-27.305: minijack is out of place
27.597: I don't get why there isn't a note here. the logic you use for adding in 16ths during this part isn't clear
30.227: missing note (the piano part didn't suddenly change)
38.214-38.993: the piano melody drops out at the beginning (there's a synth that sorta echoes it but you're not following that), so 38.214 should be the only jump here
50.876, 51.071, 51.266: unlike the previous section, these jumps are straight up ghost notes
79.123, 79.512: the contrast between these is bizarre
123.636: ghost note
162.889-163.668: I think I figured out there's a specific snare sound you're overlayering, but it's still overlayering. it's odd that the crash at the end of this suddenly doesn't get a hand
213.541, 219.775: should be hands

I could go on and on and on but it's essentially repeating the same 3 mistakes over and over. it comes down to confusing layering that is prone to errors, a lack of PR (even in places where only one sound is being stepped) that just adds to the confusion, and a tendency to add 8th jumps to 16th streams that really shouldn't be there. it's enough to distract a LOT from the relatively cleaner parts in here

=== JUDGE: psychoangel691 ===

Second Half, miko to Xyris.

[9/10] miko {tarolabo} (ilikexd)

Going through in the editor I didn't notice any major errors. At 13.227 it sounds like there should be a jump here, I hear a chime. Otherwise solid chart.

[6.5/10] Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) {Varien & SirensCeol} (VisD)

38.648 - Remove this 32nd, same at 122.648
44.755 - 58.469 - I completely understand the minijacks in this section, but they are a bit quick and I feel you'd have much better flow without them being minijacks. I played around with it and kept your 2 32nds in a row on the right arrow then moved the 3rd 32nd to the down and the 4th onto the up arrow and did that for the entire section till the next where I did the same pattern just on the opposite side. This gives the section a better overall flow in my opinion.
83.433 - Mis-rhythm, use 24ths after the 16th.
91.612 - Missing note.
139.041 - 141.612 - These minijacks feel out of place.

[8.5/10] Noushou Sakuretsu Girl {96neko} (Silvuh)

Everything looks pretty good in the editor, the only thing bugging me was some of the minijack placement. Some of them I couldn't really hear a reason for them, and then there were spots where they could have gone well but weren't there. The file is structured really well and flows well. i really enjoyed the color tricks as well.

[7.5/10] Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl {96Neko} (MarioNintendo)

Structure is pretty good and flows well. Some of the triples felt out of place to me, same for some minijacks like with the other file for this. I also didn't quite understand why some of it was so empty given the overall difficulty of the file.
33.095 - I'd get rid of this forced minijack.
48.966 & 49.353 - The minijacks don't feel appropriate here.
62.514 - 69.482 - Given the rest of the difficulty of this song I'd suggest filling this section in more.
The file's structure is pretty good overall but it definitely could be improved on. There's two of the same song in this set and they're pretty close in difficulty. I think overall the other has an edge over this one.

[9/10] Suicide Pact {LeaF} (ilikexd)

Good solid chart, structured well and flows well. Didn't notice any major errors in the editor.

[7.5/10] The star hill {ginkiha} (VisD)

Nice easy file, the pitch relevancy really could use some work. Being an easier file I'd like to see that cleaned up more. Otherwise the structure is solid and it's a good easy chart.

[9/10] waltz in d-flat op. 64-1 (panic station mix) {kayfaraday} (hi19hi19 & ilikexd)

Very colorful and interesting file. Everything looked good in the editor to me and seems to be structured/flow well.

[9/10] Xyris {Exias} (Silvuh)

Nicely done, good easy file. Really don't have anything to add.


=== JUDGE: gameboy42690 ===

[8.5/10] [Resubmission] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (Xiz & Razor)
2.045s - Could be a jump, to differentiate this very low-pitched note from the next few notes you stepped.
65.566s - What exactly is this 16th jump going to? It should probably be changed to a single note.
68.175s - Half of the other times that this musical phrase plays, it goes jump-step-jump-step-jump instead of jump-step-jump-jump-jump like it does here. This should also have been jump-step-jump-step-jump.
71.697s, 72.218s, 72.740s, 73.262s - Missed some jumps going to the lead instrument.
85.914s - Why is this 16th a jump but not the 4th after it?
89.436s - Missed a jump going to the lead, and again at 91.523s.
135.610s-140.305s - Can I just say these 5 seconds were extremely satisfying?
145.001s - This hand might be better as a [134] or [234]. Really minor issue.
240.740s - Missed a note here.
254.436s - Unlike what happened at 68.175s, this jump makes perfect sense since this jump is also going to the drum. All the more reason to fix 68.175s.
266.566s - This jump should also be [23]; there's no change in pitch here.

I really enjoyed this file, there's just a few small things that could be fixed.

[7/10] [Resubmission] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (bmah)
6.357s - Since 5.675s was a jump, why not here as well?
15.084s - Same as above. The same thing happens one or two more times later on in the song, too.
21.356s - I don't hear anything that warrants a hand here. I'm fine with the mini-jack though. Maybe a [13] jump instead of a [123] hand?
36.765s - Missing a note going to the synth here.
37.629s-54.083 - Layering in the high-pitched voices (or whatever they're meant to be, silly dubstep/glitch hop songs and their crazy sound effects) playing in the background would reduce repetitiveness in this section. The patterns are nice and varied but I feel more can be done.
54.492s - It's very difficult to distinguish what sound this 16th is going to. It's probably worth taking this 16th out of the file.
59.810s - The drum can't really be heard that well or at all until 61.037, so it's probably not worth stepping jumps until you reach that point.
65.401s - How come you didn't step the background synth here?
72.901s - The sound you're stepping actually changes pitch here. It would make more sense to have [12]-3-4-4-[12] rather than [12]-3-3-3-[12]
82.583s - Left out the background synth again.
91.582s - Also left out the backround synth here.
92.946s - There's actually 32nds being played here, not 24ths. Although stepping 32nds leading into a hand could be a little rough, it just makes more sense that way.
106.855s - It took a really long time to figure out what these two 16ths were going to. The sound they're going to is hard to hear, so it's probably not worth stepping.
110.809s - The song has softened up to the point where a hand might not be necessary here.

Not a bad file at all, really. It could use some touching up though.

[8/10] 3 Year Anniversary Mix {Didrick} (XelNya)
22.476s - Not sure what these 5 jumps are going to.
33.492s-35.835s - I don't personally think the vocals needed to be layered in at this part, but it plays okay. I do wish it was a little less right-hand biased.
70.054s - This should have been a 24th trill, not a 32nd trill.
80.836s - These should also be 24ths and not 32nds.
85.055s - The mini-jack is a bit awkward to hit, and probably doesn't need to be a mini-jack anyway.
96.774s - Another mini-jack that I felt wasn't necessary.
175.930s - This part would be much more comfortable if this 32nd were on the left arrow instead of right (with the next 32nd on down, to stay consistent with how you stepped 169.301s). The one handed polyrhythm you have right now is tough to hit.
183.624s - The guitar is still playing 24ths here, not 32nds.
187.108s - Nice climax

Minor, easy to fix errors. Very good file overall.

[4/10] Alchemist {Savant} (klimtkiller)
- "RageBitmapTexture: Couldn't load /Songs/2014.5.3/Alchemist (klimtkiller)/alchemist-bg.jpg: No such file or directory" There's no need for .jpg's in an FFR file. I don't know why the Banner and Background fields in the .sm are filled in, but next time don't forget to leave them blank.
- First note starts before the 2 second mark. There shouldn't be any notes until after 2 seconds or else the file gets all screwy in FFR, so make sure there's at least two seconds of silence at the beginning of the mp3.
6.583s - Why does the 32nd roll stop here? The 32nds should continue all the way to 6.703s. Change the jump at that point from [14] to something else to make it more comfortable, of course.
7.554s - Quite a few errors stepping the voice sample. A handful of notes are off-beat, the 12th at 8.086s is a ghost note, and there should be a note at around 9.057s.
9.575s - The jump at 9.476s is going to the drum and the voice sample at the same time, so by extension this should probably be a jump as well.
9.894s-50,744s - A lot of the hand in this section would be better off just being jumps. 25.213s, 26.490s, 27.766s, 29.043s, etc. are great times to have hands, most other parts not so much.
10.799s & 12.075s - These 24ths are ghost notes.
- Also if you're going to do color note theory, it's recommended to adjust the BPM so that the colored notes occur at the same second they would have occurred if you stepped it normally. In this case, the 48th at 10.878s would instead be at 10.852s. 0.026 seconds might not seem like a huge difference at first, but in FFR this could potentially push the note one frame later than you wanted it to be. It's definitely something to watch out for.
14.043s - Rather than having a jumpglut here, wait until 14.362s to do a jumpglut. Which, actually, is along the same lines of what you did at 24.575s, so I'm not sure why you didn't use that sort of layering here.
15.479s - This should be a 12th note, not an 8th note.
18.405s - There's no bass kick here, so there's no reason this needs to be a jump.
Similar errors to the above few things I mentioned happen a few more times in this part of the song, there's really no need to name every single one of them.
51.063s - The pitch doesn't change here. This note and 51.702s should both be on the up arrow.
53.297s - In this upcoming section, the layering doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The most obvious choice would have been to have jumps going to the drums, which is done at 60.957s-61.914s, but rarely anywhere else. Most of the time you only put jumps on the snare hits and to accent the sounds playing at 55.052s, 55,531s, etc. The latter example I like, but in the other parts, stepping only the snare hits as jumps and not the bass kick is a little underwhelming here. Also in this section, there's really no need for the 24th/32nd thing going on.
69.095s - What is this burst? There's 24ths being played here, no 16ths or 32nds.
69.467s - Misrhythm - the sound I assume you meant to step is actualy played at 69.414s.
69.573s - Opportunity for another jumpglut here. You've already done quite a few difficult jumpgluts, there's no reason to hold back at this point. Actually, about 20 seconds from now when the drums repeat this part of the song, there IS a jumpglut, so now not stepping a jumpglut here is plain inconsistent. There's other similar parts of the song where jumpgluts could exist that aren't taken advantage of.
73.084s - Double check this mini-solo. There's a few misrhythms here. Those 32nds at the end don't even exist in the song.
73.722s-94.147s - More layering weirdness. It gets even more confusing here. Don't overcomplicate things; you really only need jumps going to the drums. Hands are overkill in this section and should be converted to jumps.
76.275s - Bass kick here that wasn't stepped.
76.488s - 12th note that doesn't go to anything.
76.807s - This should be a 16th note.
85.849s - Missed a note here going to the melody.
88.402s - Same as above.
89.519s - Repeat of the same problem at 69.095s.
90.796s & 91.115s - I actually wouldn't have made these jumps at all. It's really uncomfortable to hit these and the surrounding 12th notes. A single arrow would be better. Omitting the drum here and just following the solo would play even more cleanly and is preferred.
92.977s - Misrhythms and lots of omitted notes at the very end of the solo.
109.067s - Two ghost notes here.
110.104s - Better to follow the drum than the vocal sample here.
118.721s - The bass actually starts playing here, so the jack should start here too.
123.827s - I'd like to see the drums stepped with jumps in this section as well.
134.558s - Careful, this burst and the next burst should both start on a 12th note. Same goes for the next set of 32nd bursts later on.
136.007s - This and the next 24th are both ghost notes. Same goes for the next two 24th notes.
161.804s - Would be nice to step the vocal sample in the last few seconds of the song.

Really awesome song choice and could make an amazing simfile if done right, but as is the file as a lot of errors that need fixing.

[7/10] Azure Emotion {iF} (DarkZtar)
48.667s - Why the two 16th jumps? The rest of the stream just has a jump on every other quarter note to go with the clap. The same error repeats a few measures later.
49.917s - I didn't like the mini-jacks in this stream, either. The stream would be more fun without the mini-jacks thrown in.
83.250s - I think this burst would be more fun if it went 1-2-[34] instead of 1-4-[23], but that's just me nitpicking.
87.938s - The jumpjack is technically correct, but it's pretty difficult to hit compared to the rest of the file. A jumptrill also get the point across and isn't as hard to hit. It's up to you though.
91.688s - I like how you're accenting the lead synth in this upcoming section, but I think it would be better if the 8th at 91.896s and the 16th at 93.042s were also jumps (and then of course repeat throughout this part).
105.021s - Similar to 87.938s.
108.250s - Why the mini-jack?

Good file overall, but the repetitiveness of the song does hurt a little.

[6/10] CHICKEN for the WIN {innkeeper} (bmah & Xiz)
54.534s-60.159s - Pretty big difficulty spike during this part. Most of it is okay but the 32nd stream at the end of this section should really be simplified.
63.909s - There could have been a jack here.
67.542s & 68.011s - Missed a couple of notes here.
77.034s-92.034s - I didn't like how much the file followed the background synth. It just really wasn't that fun.
92.034s - There should be a note here and the end of the roll.
103.987s - Not stepping the 32nds is a good choice, but there could have been an 8th note placed here.
110.198s - What is this 16th going to? If it's supposed to go to the synth, then it should have been at 110.432s, not at 110.198s. The same error repeats a few more times.

It's an okay file, but I think a toned down, less difficult version of the file would be more enjoyable to play.

[6/10] Creatures ov Deception {Rainbowdragoneyes} (T-Force)
- Song offset changed to +1.144. Also, don't forget to add 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of the mp3 or else the file will act really weird in FFR.
0.120s - Remember, good pitch relevancy usually has arrows going from right to left when the notes in the song are going from a high pitch to a low pitch, and vice versa. You show a very good understandong pitch relevancy a bit later in the file with the jumps starting at 20.331s as well as the solo at 113.804s, so I don't understand the lack of pitch relevancy here.
10.225s - The song is starting to build up here, so layering in more sounds would be a good idea instead of repeating the same thing with different patterns.
20.331s - The file starts to get much better here, but still not without issues. I don't follow why you decided not to step the 16ths playing in the background. While this part plays nicely and may have worked in another file, here we're going from purposefully leaving out 16ths to stepping a 190 BPM jumpstream at 30.456s. It's quite a leap in difficulty.
50.646s - And now after having some intense jumpstreams, the file suddenly calms down and becomes very understepped. There's plenty of sounds that could have been stepped here but were completely ignored. This is a continuing issue throughout the file; you have some really intense jumpstreams, but most of the rest of the file is very understepped by comparison.

Other than being sorely understepped most of the time and some pitch relevancy issues in the beginning, the file shows a lot of promise.

[9/10] Dark World {GaMetal} (buta-san)
- I honestly have no idea who you are. That being said, this file made a pretty good first impression on me. Nice job.
- I do have a few issues though. First, there's a couple of parts that could have been accented with color note theory. 22.604s and 32.328s come to mind. Other parts of the song are accented with white notes, this just seems like another good addition. But this is really really minor and doesn't make much of a difference to me personally.
90.072s - This and the jump right after, I don't really think needed to be jumps. It caught me a little off guard. I get what you're stepping, but for this part I would have just stuck to jumps just on the snare hits.
92.736s - And here the snare drum isn't stepped at all.
100.994s & 101.822s - Not sure why these snare hits aren't stepped as jumps, but the one at 104.290s is. I get that the guitar isn't playing on the first two notes I mentioned, but the guitar isn't playing on 104.290s, either.
101.615s - I think this woud be more fun to hit as something other than a jack.

Excellent file, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you.

[7.5/10] Follow You {Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
- Actual title is "Follow You (Virtual Riot Remix)" by Au5 ft. Danyka Nadeau.
48.857s - There's a handful of 16ths that could have been mixed in with the jumps here, but it's clear they were intentionally left out. It plays just fine without the 16ths too. Changing it wouldn't have any significant impact on the file.
- The slower, calmer parts of the song feel a little draggy at times. But there's really nothing that can be done about that without cutting the song, which I don't think Virtual Riot allows. (If I'm wrong on this please correct me.)

Honestly a good file, I just feel the song itself prevents it from being an amazing file.

[7/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
37.949s-44.872s - I don't see any good reason to make the file any harder here. The song didn't get any more intense, it's still the same as it was a few seconds ago. You didn't do anything like that on [Light], so I don't get why it was done here.
80.641s - These 32nd bursts are not fun to hit at all.
96.218s - What is this jump going to? In this upcoming section you have jumps going to the melody and the snare hits (and a hand if both happen at the same time), but this jump doesn't go to either of those things.
106.603s - Why not have a burst going to the piano?
119.872s - Even less fun than the bursts at 80.641s.

Generally a good file, but some of the bad parts about this file are really bothersome.

[7.5/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Light] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
11.401s - Not sure why this note isn't stepped. The music box is pretty loud here, and the sound you stepped at 11.276s is so faint. It just seems so strange to not have an arrow here.
13.026s - Similar problem here.
50.641s - The solo is playing 16ths here, but there's only quarter note jumps here. It would make more sense to have 8th notes in between the jumps as well, since you usually stepped 8th streams when the solo was playing 16ths.
55.257s - Same as above.
57.564s - Same problem again here.
65.497s - Missing a note here going to the solo. It looks intentional and I can understand why you did it, but when I played the file it just didn't feel right leaving out that one 8th note.
85.113s - Same as above.

Pretty good file, I actually thought this was better than [Heavy].

[6.5/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games ft. Agnete Kjolsrud} (Razor)
- Needs 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of the file.
17.029s - You missed a jump going to the bass kick.
24.362s - What is this hand going to?
27.029s - The layering all throughout this file is a little inconsistent. For example, in this section it looks like it's supposed to be jumps going to every snare hit and jumps whenever the bass kick and the vocals occur at the same time. If that's the case, then the jumps at 31.029s, 35.029s and 36.196s shouldn't be jumps. This kind of thing happens often in the file.
29.112s - Ghost note.
58.279s - Another ghost note, which also repeats when the chorus repeats later on.
73,612s, 76.279s, 78.946s, 81.612s - These are actually ghost notes as well. You'd think the high hat would repeat itself here, but the song actually leaves out the 16th high hats this time.
80.446s - Ghost note again.
119.279s - And another ghost note, and every 16th after this point is also a ghost note.

Despite all of those problems, I actually did find the file kind of fun. I don't think it's ready for FFR yet but it's getting there.

[6/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games} (XelNya)
- Needs 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of the file.
0.362s-5.695s - Pitch relevancy needs a lot of work here.
11.250s - This should be an 8th note, not a 12th.
16.360s-27.026s - Rather than follow the high hat, I would have just followed the vocals and layer in the bass kick. 27.026s-37.691s feels very similar to 16.360s-27.026s but with more intense music, and I think just stepping the vocals and bass kick during 16.360s-27.026s would express the music better. There's technically nothing wrong with how you stepped it, but it could be more expressive.
37.525s & 37.608s - These two snare hits should also be jumps, while the jump at 37.691s shouldn't be a jump.
49,358s-61.689s - If there were supposed to be jumps on every bass kick and snare hit, then you missed quite a few jumps here.
61.689s-83.020s - Similarly to 16.360s-27.026s, I would have left out the high hat during this part and instead focused on other sounds in the song.
63.022s - This 16th burst is incorrect. The 16th note actually occurs at 62.938s, not 63.105s. Same applies to the next three bursts.
98.851s & 98.934s - Both of these snare hits should also be jumps.
99.018s-120.349s - Same as 49,358s-61.689s.
137.194s - These two notes should actually be at 137.361s.

Razor's version is slightly better. Both versions have a number of errors, but Razor did a better job of expressing the music in his simfile.

[PASS] Insignia {Muzzy} (gameboy42690)
I still think this is more drum & bass than it is trap but whatever.

[6/10] Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix {Takoyaki_o} (trumaestro)
3.588s - This is kind of an awkward pattern.
5.117s-6.645s - You could have layered in the bass drum during this part, too.
8.269s - And here as well.
11.231s-12.760s - And also during this part.
26.135s - There's a piano note being played here that I would have liked to see stepped.
36.263s - Missing a jump to the snare drum.
26.517s-32.632s - Again, you could have stepped the bass drum, too.
38.747s-44.861s - The instruments change up here, but the steps are barely any different to 26.517s-32.632s. Some more variation in the patterns would be nice to differentiate this part from the previous part.
49.734s - Why is there a mini-jack here?
51.263s - I get why there's no jump here, but maybe instead of having a 5 note long 32nd burst, instead you could place a jump here and remove the 32nd at 51.310s. It still gets the point across.
53.269s & 53.556s - Missing notes going to the bass drum. I'm assuming you did this intentionally, but it's really odd that you wouldn't choose to step it. It happens in many places during the song, and the file could easily be improved if they were included.
55.371s - I understand not wanting to have 24th jumps going to the snare drum, but at the very least turn 55.371s and 55.466s into jumps.
56.613s - Missing a note going to the bass drum.
56.804s & 56.995s - More snare hits here, these should also be jumps.
62.250s - A [234] hand would make for better pitch relevancy instead of a [123] hand.
62.632s - Missed the bass drum here again.
63.205s-69.320s - Also could have stepped the bass drum here... Yeah I think you get the point by now, I really wish the bass drum was included. Many parts of the file feel empty without the bass drum being stepped. There's no point in going over every single time the bass drum is ignored.
69.320s - I think this cymbal crash is a little too quiet to be stepped as a hand.
83.078s - Why is this a hand? A jump is good enough here.
84.224s - Missing a jump going to the piano.
86.326s & 86.422s - Ghost notes.
88.428s - A [234] hand would make for better pitch relevancy instead of a [123] hand. Of course, you'd have to adjust the roll just before it.
90.721s - The jump should really have been a 32nd gallop; the drum plays at 90.769s as well.
94.256s & 94.447s - Both of these should also be jumps.
96.454s - These should be 24ths, not 32nds.
118.336s & 118.431s - There's no reason these need to be jumps. Single notes are fine.
118.622s-119.387s - There's a series of 24ths being played here, but only 119.196s-119.387s were actually stepped as 24th notes.
120.199s - Missing a 32nd note here.
130.661s - This should also be a [14] jump.
133.909s - Same as 90.721s.

Good effort, but the file needs some work.

[6/10] PWRPFF RAVES {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
- "RageBitmapTexture: Couldn't load /Songs/2014.5.3/PWRPFF RAVES (MarioNintendo)/background.png: No such file or directory" Why are the banner and background fields in the .sm filled in?
3.163s - There's actually 32nds being played here. Why is this not a 32nd roll?
13.481s - Ghost note.
38.435s-61.708s - I didn't like the minimal layering in this part. This is a very hyper song, and the file should reflect that. You could just do something basic like jumps of every 4th or you could have jumps accenting the notes at 38.799s, 39.344s, 39.890s, etc.
47.163s-48.617s - Missing quite a few notes here.
61.708s-73.344s - Layering could use some work here. For example, the 8th jack at 61.728s could also have some jumps tossed in to accent the drums.
68.981s - These are 24ths, not 32nds.
72.617s - There's a burst of 32nds being played here that was ignored.
73.253s - There was also a drum playing here that was ignored.
77.708s-89.344s - Had you layered in that bass guitar with jumps, this part of the file could have been amazingly fun. Without that layering, this part ends up really underwhelming instead.
89.071s & 89.253s - Missed a couple of 16ths here.
89.344s-99.526s - This part could be a bit better if you stepped the synth playing in the background.
95.071s - Mini-jack is awkward to hit.
109.253s - So is this one.
122.799s-123.890s - This part would be more fun if the jumps were going to the drums and not the synth.
123.799s - Missing a note going to the jump.
123.890s - Should have had a short 32nd burst going to the drums here.
124.253s-134.435s - If more of the file was dense like this part of the file is, this would have been more enjoyable overall.
129.890s - Awkward mini-jack.
132.890s - Ghost note. The mini-jack was awkward, anyway.

Good effort, but the file could use some work.

[7/10] Rampage {paraoka feat. haru*nya} (bmah)
27.436s-39.904s - Smart decision to keep this part of the file understepped.
54.709s - This jump should also be a [34] jump, since the pitch didn't change here.
57.436s & 57.728s - Missing jumps going to the bass kick. It would be understandable if you only stepped a jump when the bass and vocals play on the same note, but there's times when there's no vocals but you have a jump going to the bass kick, such as 57.826. This kind of thing happens a lot during 55.488s-67.956s. Sometimes the bass kick does work better as single notes, like with 58.215s, and other times like I just described, it just makes more sense to be a jump. As it is right now, the exact layering is very tricky to follow. The same kind of thing happens again during 124.059-136.527s.

It's a fun file but the layering gets a little weird during the chorus.

[8/10] Summer Colours Arch {Y.W.} (VisD)
- Why the red-blue switch in the beginning?
23.650s - Pitch relevancy could be improved in the last four notes of this jumpglut.
63.124s, 63.913s, 64.308s, 65.097s - There aren't any loud cymbal crashes here, so these shouldn't be jumps, unlike 61.150s, 62.729s and 63.518s which are being stepped to cymbal crashes.

Good file, there's really not much that needs to be fixed.

[8/10] Triumph {WRLD} (masterzatwork)
86.721s, 93.578s, 107.293s - I think you missed a jump at each of these three points.
106.650s - I didn't like this mini-jack.

And that's about it, really. The file is otherwise pretty much how I imagined it would look, and it plays well.

[3/10] Turn Around {Bumblefoot} (Xtreme2252)
- Needs 2 seconds of silence at the beginning of the file.
0.366s - Missed a note.
3.896s & 4.072s - I noticed in addition to the snare drum, you also layer the guitar with jumps. But on these two notes you didn't put any jumps at all despite the guitar playing here. Remember to stay consistent with your layering. Speaking of the snare drum, you also missed quite a few jumps going to that, as well.
- Your layering throughout the song is pretty much all over the place. Come up with one layering scheme and stick to it as best you can. You can switch up the layering if there's a significant change in the song, but don't change the layering scheme every two seconds. Inconsistent layering is everywhere in this file, so going over every single instance of bad layering is impractical. But I will go over some of the bigger layering issues.
5.307s & 5.484s - The guitar plays the same note at both of these points in the song, so both jumps should be the same. Having a [24] jump followed by a [23] jump isn't very pitch relevant here.
7.425s - An 8th jack going to the guitar is a great choice, but keep in mind that the guitar started at 6.896s and ends at 8.837s, so the jack should continue from 6.896s to 8.837s, not just for a short three notes.
12.366s - Another reoccurring issue throughout the file is when you leave out those three note 16th bursts going to the drum, which you stepped at 1.072s, 3.896s, etc. Again, it's inconsistent and it's confusing.
72.593s - There's no reason for these next few hands to exist. The guitar that's playing here isn't any louder than it was before, and there isn't an additional instrument that joined in at this point. Jumps would be fine.
88.660s - Similarly, the guiar is probably too soft here for this to be a jumpjack.
125.013s-136.442s - There's so many hands during this part, but really most of them only needed to be jumps. Try to save hands for very loud notes, bangs, cymbal crashes, etc.
136.442s-142.156s - Stepping a calmer part of the song with lots of hands and then stepping a heavier part of the song with no jumps or hands at all is really weird. When a song gets more intense, the steps should reflect that. What you stepped here is pretty much the opposite of how it should have gone; the guitars got heavier, but the steps became easier.
150.531s-159.841s - This part of the file is extremely repetitive. Remember, if something repeats for a very long time, you're allowed to switch up the patterns so the player doesn't get bored.
170.875s-188.806s - This upcoming guitar solo is a huge difficulty spike. The 24th stream and the 16th mini-jacks in particular are really out of place for a file that isn't very hard otherwise, and the patterns used in the 24th stream are pretty awkward, too.
194.669s-211.220s - This section is extremely understepped.
213.979s-216.738s - So is this section.
237.427s - The last few seconds of the song aren't synced.
239.496s - You could have made this the last note in the file. The placeholder note at 253.979s isn't needed. Most players don't want to wait 14 seconds just to listen to a guitar fade out before ending the file.
- If you're allowed to cut the song, I would recommend doing so. 4 minutes is a long time for an FFR file. Some songs are interesting enough that stepping the entire song is perfectly fine (Full Mast is a great example of a good marathon). Turn Around is a good song, but I wouldn't step the enitre song.

Turn Around needs a lot of work before it's ready for FFR. Make sure to work on layering; that's the file's biggest problem.

[7/10] Wild Horses {Teetow} (M0nkeyz)
- The mp3 was pretty quiet compared to the other files in this batch. Can you increase the volume of the mp3 a little?
31.000s - The drum plays here too, so this should be a jump.
50.314s - Ghost note.
72.659s - Missed a note here (it might actually be at 72.626s since much of this song is swing, but it's hard to tell).
75.867s - Same as 31.000s.
81.464s - Missed a note.
84.606s - This isn't a 16th, this is another swing note.
88.986s - Missed a few 24ths going to the drum.
93.499s - There should be a grace note around here. You may need to change the hand into a jump to avoid any awkward transition into the following 12th note.
101.552s - Missed the drum again.
131.464s - Same as 88.968s.
160.756s - Missed the drum.
161.287s - Missed the drum again.
170.900s - These last three notes don't need to be jumps.

Nice file, but there's a bunch of little missing notes that need to be filled in.

[8/10] Wonder Bullfighter ~A Barcelona cuando florece la lira~ {Remixed by naotyu- feat. R.Yago} (bmah)
23.440s - I'm really not sure why this is a jump. During this part you're mainly stepping the bass kick, handclap, violin and piano, and if two of the three happen at the same time or if there's a handclap, there's a jump. But on this note, it's only the violin that plays and nothing else.
28.240s - Missed a note going to the piano.
30.581s - I'd prefer if that clapping sound was stepped with a 3 note jackhammer, like how it was stepped at 13.724s. This is actually the only time in the file that the 3 consecutive claps aren't stepped with a 3 note jack. It's not a major problem, but it's an odd choice.
45.098s - Missed the piano again.
50.834s & 59.380s - I would try to avoid these two mini-jacks.
81.506s - Missed the guitar.
85.448s - I thought this mini-jack was a little rough compared to the others in this file.
92.160s & 100.588s - Same as 50.834s & 59.380s.

Very good file, just has some small errors.

=== JUDGE: lurker ===

[7/10] [Resubmission] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (Xiz & Razor)
65.545: shouldn't be a jump, remove the left
71.415-73.502: I get what everything's doing here but it feels kinda like a slump when there's no good reason for it musically
89.415, 91.502: should be jumps? the highest piano note from the previous hand gets repeated
105.328-106.110: all the notes after the second one feel like they might be early, the last 3 especially. the third and fourth ones are probably off by just a tiny amount
111.654-111.718: the notes at both ends of this are ghost notes. there is an actual note somewhere in the middle (maybe the 24th at 111.676?)
122.110: move up to 122.089

song is too awesome to keep out of the game


[6.5/10] [Resubmission] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (bmah)

29.264, 29.401: the bass matches the sound at 29.673, not 28.582, so move these to left. probably move the left at 29.537 too
30.628-31.719: I get that you're trying to add some variety here but this pattern comes outta nowhere
72.627-73.445: this part's the same as 28.992-29.810 so apply the idea for 29.264, 29.401 to this as well
74.263-75.354: this should look more similar to 30.628-31.719
81.627-82.172: this jack should match the one at 80.809-81.081
83.672: feels a little less messy if you change this to LU
96.763: maybe change to LR to get rid of the down jack?

a lot of these notes lean more towards cosmetics but this file could use a little more consistency


[6/10] 3 Year Anniversary Mix {Didrick} (XelNya)
offset was early, so these notes use an offset of -0.221
30.444: should be a jump, I think you didn't notice the piano note here
51.725: ghost note
52.604: missing note, not sure why you would avoid a longer jack here
57.545: huh? a normal 16th would be fine instead
70.065-70.534: these are definitely 24ths
92.800-93.034: there's a hihat in here that you leave out which is odd since you stepped the 32nd burst of em before that. I believe it's at 92.946
99.714: remove a note, the only sound that hits here is the vocal
124.909-125.847: I can't tell what these 12ths are for because a synth with a clear 16th rhythm dominates it
142.253: this pattern's a little rude. doesn't compare to the 32nd stream after this but as the first 32nds that aren't a straightforward roll that one hand triplet's kinda mean
168.150-168.538: I hear nothing at 168.247. the synth here's some sort of rainbow action which is closer to 24ths than 16ths, but there's still a drum hit at that last 16th note
this file is dominated by the difficulty spikes at 144.421 and the ending which I wasn't too happy about


[3.5/10] Alchemist {Savant} (klimtkiller)
7.553-9.202: could definitely be synced more accurately. 7.712 and 8.085 are late, missing note at 9.069
31.701: missing note
33.190: should be a jump, it has two of the three sounds from the previous beat
47.392: the gallop here is just awkward
62.274: having nothing here feels really odd
92.072-92.869: the one hand trill here doesn't fit with PR whatsoever
92.889: this should be a plain old red note
93.109: missing note
93.189-93.561: first note's fine, every other note is late. second and third aren't the same pitch
93.667: missing note
104.737: ghost note. guessing this is supposed to be AFTER the 12th at 104.784, not before
119.198-120.954: this jack feels completely pointless compared to the buildup it goes to. definitely add a note at the end, possibly change the pattern so it's more interesting as well
123.507-133.719: okay, so I get that you're trying to build up the layering, but having it this minimal feels really awkward
134.357-134.996, 139.464-140.102: not even close to accurate. second burst has four notes, not three; last burst is really early
136.006, 136.219: no idea what these are for. if it's for the bass growling it's pretty awkward to start stepping that this late
153.187: missing note, the same sound shows up here as at 148.100
157.914: ghost note
161.006: see 47.392
161.803-164.356: this ending is really underwhelming and is a pretty good example of your odd layering choices throughout the file
no overall structure to speak of and pretty annoying


[8/10] Azure Emotion {iF} (DarkZtar)
7.624-7.832: three 32nds, not 24ths
48.666, 48.874: not sure why you emphasized these notes with jumps. same thing at 55.332
71.582: the triplet here seems a little mean though it is PR'd correctly, especially since at 83.249 you don't use a minijack. maybe move the first note to down
nothing groundbreaking but it's enjoyable


[6/10] CHICKEN for the WIN {innkeeper} (bmah & Xiz)
67.521: since there's a lot of dull 8th note jumpstream in this file, maybe add a note here?
79.825-92.013: you start stepping this beeping synth in the background that alternates between staccato notes and legato trills. you mostly ignore the trills (understandably) so I will too. 141.232 to the end is pretty much the same musically and some of the same notes apply after time-shifting. note that this sound VERY clearly begins at 77.482 and transitioning from the chicken sound you do step there into this synth part is kinda awkward
81.310, 81.388: ghost notes
84.044-84.513: I'm not hearing 24ths here. they might be 32nds
84.982-85.450: it seems weird to pretend you can still hear this synth part when there's a much more prominent one that flashes in for a moment. I suggest copying how you stepped this beat at 146.857
88.849: I figured out what this goes to but it really feels like a ghost note
89.904-90.138: here you actually stepped one of the "trills" I mentioned. there are definitely more than 3 notes here, full 32nds recommended (though not totally accurate). I looked at a spectrogram for this lmao
91.368, 91.486: ghost notes. I suggest layering in the kicks at 91.310 and 91.661 to aid in the buildup. the final 32nd roll has this same issue
this file's progression is really nice but the harder sections are pretty messy


[5/10] Creatures ov Deception {Rainbowdragoneyes} (T-Force)
offset was really late, use -0.139 instead of -0.179
this one's going to be short because I just can't see this song working as a file without a decent cut. it's just too repetitive. beyond that, this file is structured pretty badly: 30.455-50.665 is by far the most intense part of the file, it isn't even a third of the way in, and it's nowhere near a climactic part of the song, which just results in making the rest of the file feel really boring. your pattern/rhythm choice isn't bad when looking at small parts in isolation but overall it doesn't really work


[6.5/10] Dark World {GaMetal} (buta-san)
22.602-22.809: feels like the synth is ignored here due to no PR
50.327-50.533: 24ths
53.637-53.844: 24ths
70.897, 71.112, 74.215: ghost notes
85.079, 85.217: make these the same note since they're, uh, the same note
86.321: not the same note as the right arrow after it, move to down
89.838-90.303: really don't like how you moved the drum hits to match up with the rhythm you pretty much made up for the vibrato
93.148-93.562: just step the guitar here, it feels awkward otherwise
101.614-101.821: bad idea outta nowhere. make it a one hand trill instead
102.027: ghost note
131.841-132.048: there's another drum hit in here that you're missing
132.048: about 1/32nd too early, makes the 8th jack afterwards feel late but I don't think that's actually the case

i don't think stepping the guitar vibrato where you did makes much sense when looking at how much you simplified the rest of the file


[9/10] Follow You {Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
87.551-87.986: since there's one more bassy sound at 87.551 than at 87.769, the second gallop feels like a ghost note/mistake. i'd suggest adding a note or moving the note at 87.551. same for 88.421 and 101.465

really well done file and might i say *gasp* fun???


[9/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
84.679-84.967: goddamnit bmah nobody likes this shit
it is ridiculous how fun this is up until you get nuked by a burst


[9/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Light] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
4.275: missing note
107.323-107.900: this silence feels really weird. maybe get the bass involved? it should add notes at 107.612 and 109.919

extremely consistent


[7/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games ft. Agnete Kjolsrud} (Razor)
22.445: no reason for this to be a jump
53.028-53.695: how is this different enough from 47.695-48.361 to warrant removing jumps
58.278: you thought the ending of a word needed a jump. no.
repeat the last two notes for the second chorus

it's not that bad but I think the layering in the choruses is pretty messy


[6/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games} (XelNya)
5.027-5.694: doesn't fit with what the guitar's doing at all PR-wise
61.688-72.353: the yellow notes in here are all ghost notes. 68.020 would make more sense as a gray note than the 8th note after it
137.193-137.207: at least one of these should be moved down a 16th where one of the high-pitched buzzes actually happens
141.012: missing note *around* here
144.345-149.094: "fixing" the sync on the last note feels really inconsistent. either shift all of the notes before it by the same amount or don't bother

very monotonous


[8.5/10] Insignia {Muzzy} (gameboy42690)

this file's really basic but I can't come up with any serious complaints, other than the fact that it's... well, really basic


[8.5/10] Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix {Takoyaki_o} (trumaestro)

49.637-49.733: this minijack looks like an accident
90.720: this deserves a grace note compared to 91.007 and 91.293
148.621-148.717: the synth here changes note so there shouldn't be a minijack
154.736-154.831: see above
166.965-167.061: see above

the middle's a little hard to follow but this is pretty fun. shoutouts to MIDI


[8/10] PWRPFF RAVES {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
122.889-123.434: assuming the jumps here go to the piano, the last one should be different from the others since the chord changes. it should match 123.707 but going from UR to LU doesn't match the pitch at all

I like the old school feel of this file. sometimes it seems a little sloppy though


[8/10] Rampage {paraoka feat. haru*nya} (bmah)
15.065: ghost note
16.331-22.565: I counted four missing notes in this (16.331, 16.818, 21.396, 22.565). three of them seem deliberate for flow purposes but 21.396 should be added- it's the same note as 21.201 so I'd suggest a down
55.292: maybe too subtle??
57.143, 57.532: ghost notes (slightly justified since it's for coherence)
77.208: missing note
126.104: you could add a note here, especially if you leave in the notes at 57.143 and 57.532 (plus the singer *almost* sounds like she's singing a different note there anyway)
142.760-150.260: see 15.065-22.565

pretty quirky and enjoyable but a couple minor things seem off


[6.5/10] Summer Colours Arch {Y.W.} (VisD)
13.485-13.583: needs to be different from 11.906-12.004 since it ends on a different chord
20.096-20.392: this is really bad PR
20.985-21.478: those two right arrows seem arbitrary since you're not clearly following the melody here
64.899: make this a jump for the tambourine

there's a breakbeat rhythm that shows up for the first time at 38.057 and hangs around until 48.123 that feels a bit stale. I'd suggest stepping the bass instead or at least not having a minijack every time

not terribly exciting but nothing about it is wrong enough to warrant a hard reject


[6.5/10] Triumph {WRLD} (masterzatwork)
slightly offsync. using -0.113 instead
46.827-46.899: four 64ths, not three 48ths. repeat this note every time you use three 48ths (replacing them all won't affect difficulty *too* much)
75.220-75.542: six 32nds starting at the time indicated, not four 24ths
82.184-82.399: four 32nds, not three 24ths. more forgivable since it leads into the triple at 82.399 more nicely
86.684, 93.542: should be jumps because of the perc
106.613-106.720: change one of these

this is already pretty enjoyable despite its flaws. fix them up and this will be a really solid low-tech file


[3/10] Turn Around {Bumblefoot} (Xtreme2252)
first off, this is offsync. I'm using an offset of -0.219 although it gets a little early after the BPM change (implying it may be too fast)
in general this file is VERY inconsistent
the long 8th jacks wouldn't have been annoying if they were used in a consistent manner
72.622 is NOT the place to be putting the first hand of the file, it's during a more relaxed section and there's no justification for it being more than just jumps like it was before
the solo wasn't actually that bad until 194.698 when it pretty much starts wasting time with tons of empty space, but I have to admit that I laughed at the trill at 170.904. 182.629-183.491 was really mean given that 90% of the file before that was 8th notes and the minijacks afterwards are mostly inaccurate. 193.318-194.698 is synced pretty well


[5/10] Wild Horses {Teetow} (M0nkeyz)
17.039-51.021: this whole section feels really monotonous and dull. I'd say it's a combination of stepping too many sounds (certain drums don't need to be present throughout this ENTIRE section), lack of expression (using jumps for the trumpets would do a surprising amount of good for this file), and forcing that swing pattern which some of the instruments (especially the horns) don't follow so strictly
81.419: missing note around here
93.498-99.339: this is another part with poor layering. you combine the guitar and hihats sloppily to create something that doesn't really fit the song
after about 2 minutes everything just starts repeating adding to how dull it feels. there's a little potential here and there but it's just boring


[8.5/10] Wonder Bullfighter ~A Barcelona cuando florece la lira~ {Remixed by naotyu- feat. R.Yago} (bmah)
slightly offsync. using an offset of -0.855
28.366, 45.224: both of these have the same violin note as the jump after them. maybe switch both to right? 60.560-60.677 is another "missed" minijack but it breaks flow more to put it in
120.148: arguably a missing note for the piano

sync is pretty much spot on (ignoring the slight offset change) and the patterning's pretty neat


=== JUDGE: Silvuh ===

[7/10] [Resubmission] Gym Training Montage {Virt} (Xiz & Razor)
// This review is mostly reworded versions of comments you've already read before. It's acceptable, but I do hope for some more fixes.
65.54s: Remove this jump to go with 69.71s
67.11, 71.28s etc: If you compare how the kicks sound going into the 4th like this to 74.67 / 78.85s, you can hear that the kicks on the 4ths are stronger/lower than the ones on the 16ths. So the guitar minijacks should take priority, which is relevant to 85.89s.
72.19s: Jump to cymbal + melody here to go with the jump at 76.37s (similar layers)
73.37s: This should be a minijack with the 8th to the guitar
78.45s: This 8th jump should at least be anchored to the previous 4th to the same pitch in the main synth (like you could do [14] to keep the kick on 1)
85.89s: I'd suggest unlayering the 16th to the kick, because a 16th jump here doesn't rhythmically fit.
89.41, 91.50s: These should start with something like 3[13] so they're not anchored with the next two 8ths (the secondary melody has different pitches, and the percussion isn't all the same). Actually, these two 8ths could be jumps to melody + kick, so you could start with [23][13]
93.06-107.93s: I'm a bit surprised you didn't decide to add more notes to the guitar here. So the guitar doesn't have very distinct notes in 93.78-94.28, but 96.71s has a clear echo, and there's a note at 102.89s and two notes after 103.43s I can hear at 1.0x.
93.78, 94.28s: These notes are a frame early
105.78s: These three 32nds, the first two are a frame early, and the third is two frames early.
110.41s: The kick is higher here, so you can release this anchor and keep the one out of the 4th
110.93s: Not sure what makes this one a jump, because it's just the melody (no kick or snare)
111.65s: This 32nd is slid whereas the next one is distinct, so it plays like a ghost note at 1.0x. And the 8th should be higher than the 32nd for PR.
115.50s: Missing drum 8th
129.45s: Like 128.80s, this doesn't share its instrument with the previous note, so the two jumps shouldn't be anchored.
136.76s: No repeating sound on this 16th, so it shouldn't be anchored to the following hand.
140.28-142.89s: Try stepping these 24ths around hands to the crashes if you haven't yet.
150.55s: This 64th is a frame early
153.71s: Missing low guitar note here
154.37s: The two notes after this one feel a bit early.
159.52s: There's a descending slide out of this beat, so it's odd having only the one extra note to it. But you don't step the guitar slides, so I don't know what this 32nd is.
160.98, 161.32s: There are two grace notes in the guitar here, so both or neither should be stepped.
165.15, 165.19s: The 12th is a grace note into the 16th
182.54s: I said "hand" the last time, but this crash is so loud I could see it as a quad, because it is stronger than that first hand to the main synth.
212.67, 213.98, 216.32s: Missing tom 16ths (you stepped it at 212.15s)
222.752s: Missing a guitar note here. The rest of the solo is good now.
260.80-261.42s: It's hard to hear these as having grace notes at 1.0x.

[7/10] [Resubmission] Nightfall (Original Mix) {Rogue} (bmah)
// Comments with > are repeats from last time that I still think should be fixed. The layering is much better, but there are still a few anchoring issues.
5.67s: The jump to the loud synth shouldn't be anchored with a jump to the snare, because the sounds are distinct.
11.67s: Move this 16th out of the jack, because that bass isn't repeating in pitch.
16.99s: This should be a hand for consistency with 8.26 and 24.62s and so on.
21.08-21.62s: The way this was before worked better. I don't hear repeating sounds that would make minijacks relevant, and the 4th is just a kick and shouldn't be a hand. I'd do 23[12]4[13] and then swap 21.90 22.44s back, so you have [12] on both kicks.
27.21, 27.49s: These are the same pitch and should be the same jump, with the snare not being anchored in the middle. If you do [23][14][23] or [34][12][34] to anchor it with the preceding jack, it would be consistent with 35.94s.
28.44, 29.53s: Make the first jump [13] and the second jump [34], and then the anchors here will be correct (the low synth doesn't play the same pitch on those two 4ths)
> 30.62-31.71s: The anchoring should be similar to 28.44-29.53s here.
36.62-54.08s: I'm glad you didn't add more minijacks to this section. The only odd thing structurally is the minijack columns being 243.243.312 for the first three times when the jacks haven't changed pitch yet. AAA and ABA are more predictable than AAB.
> 59.94-s: The jumps are a bit inconsistent here. The drum rhythm (starting on the 16th) is 42.3.1.. repeating, so 59.80 and 60.49s should be singles, and 60.08 and 60.35s should be jumps. Also, it would probably be better to prioritize the percussion PR over keeping the 212321 pattern constant. None of the percussion sounds are the same pitch, so having three 8th [24] jumps in a row is inaccurate.
72.08, 72.62, 72.76, 73.13, 74.26, 74.80, 74.94, 75.35s: Similar to the 28.44s section, these beats shouldn't be a part of the jacks.
75.83s: There's a 32nd you can step here.
80.80. 83.67, 84.21s: No main synth here; shouldn't be anchored to the following notes
86.80s: The previous minijack shouldn't anchor into this hand, because the same synth pitch isn't on this 4th.
> 83.40s: Shouldn't be a jump, because there's no loud sound here
> 85.71s: Missing kick jump
88.58s: Make this [34] so it's not anchored with the snare
89.53, 91.71s: More notes to unanchor
> 93.01-93.35s: 32nds would be rhythmically accurate here. Stepping 32nds here wouldn't feel out of place with the rest of the file.
95.26s: Move this to 3 so it's not mixed in with the other 4s to the synth
96.62s: The kick doesn't need to be anchored to the 16th jumps around it. I'd suggest anchoring it only to the previous 16th (and when changing the pattern, remember that 96.08 and 96.62s shouldn't be the same jump).
106.85s: The pitch here is higher than on the other 16th and should be on 4

[6/10] 3 Year Anniversary Mix {Didrick} (XelNya)
#OFFSET:-0.218; (-9 ms)
// The trumpet swing needs to be fixed before this is acceptable. There are some more rhythms that can be touched up.
47.31s: Jump here like at 39.81s
50.83s: Consider stepping this synth/piano note, because I could hear it before I could tell the break went to the vocal sample.
51.53s: 32nds into hands play better when they don't end one-hand triplets
52.95s: This note goes with the bass, not a sample, so it should just be an 8th (you could make 52.70s white to the sample)
54.05s: Missing 32nd to step rather than the jump on the 16th
55.49, 56.02s: These 64ths are a frame early, so you should use subbeats
56.37s: This note goes to a wub rather than the vocal sample, so it should be a different color
57.54s: I don't hear anything odd that would make this not just a 16th
58.84s: This grace note doesn't feel relevant at 1.0x
59.28, 59.75s: Color this vocal sample? Maybe cyan or something, because you used green to a different sample at 55.53s
64.43s: Missing drum 4th
65.66s: Missing drum 32nd
67.60, 68.53s: These should both or neither be minijacks
68.42-68.65s: Missing drum roll
70.06s: A running man would be more accurate than a trill here, because the percussion on the 16ths isn't the same
71.46s: There are a lot more 32nds in this section than you step, but I can understand wanting to minimize them. Though after your first 32nd at 76.09s, a player will expect following similar rolls to be stepped.
72.75s: Missing jump to the same snare as 72.40s
75.98s: Missing 32nd (the roll starts earlier)
76.62-79.90s: Starting with this beat, there are 32nds in every other beat you can step.
85.45, 92.95s: The light percussion the 32nds go to has a gallop here
81.78-96.78s: The trumpet does 24th swing here, so all the 16ths are incorrect. Also, the trumpet notes on the 4ths are slightly delayed and often land on 48ths, though I can understand wanting to simplify that.
88.81-89.28s: This should be all 24ths to the percussion.
96.66s: I don't hear a minijack being relevant here.
99.36-100.18s: The high synth has the most notes here, so I'd only jump it, which means removing the jumps at 99.47 and 99.71s. 99.71s especially looks like it's part of a melody (being anchored to the other notes to the high synth), but it's just a vocal sample.
100.29s: This 8th can be removed, because it just goes to the middle of a descending wub.
101.82s: The synth the previous 16ths went to has a note here which is the same low pitch as the following 4th jump.
104.82s: With all the grace notes you've stepped so far, you could add in this one here.
105.39s: This 32nd is a ghost note
106.43s: Grace note here to the same sound as 101.70
113.18-113.54s: This could be a 16th jack (the 24th is incorrect)
123.94s: This 64th is a ghost note
145.06s: Starting here, the rhythm is no longer straight 32nds. At 145.06, 145.53s, the rhythm is closer to 24ths. Also 146.41s is a ghost note (there's a gap in the guitar), and 146.47-146.70s is also closer to 24ths.
148.31, 148.49s: These should both be 64ths
150.07s: 64th here, not a 16th
153.58s: 64th here, not a 48th
155.04, 155.21s: These notes are a frame early
155.72s: This 16th is a frame early
156.10s: This 64th is a frame late
166.72, 166.85s: I hear these more as jumps than grace notes, so if you want them to be colored, move them to the same frame.
165.43s: Starting here, you did have the sync correct, but because the offset was off earlier, you'll need to move the beats earlier here
168.13-168.52s: This is just 24ths, not a polyrhythm
168.97s: Missing 24th to that synth
169.55-169.94s: These offbeat notes don't appear to go to anything. I do hear a high synth, but it has four notes, not three, and its rhythm isn't offset
170.26, 170.36, 170.78s: Missing notes to the guitar
172.91s: Just a 24th, not a 48th
175.78s: Same as 169.55s.

[5/10] Alchemist {Savant} (klimtkiller)
// Has quite a bit of inconsistent layering and missing notes, and the PR to the melodic synth needs work.
// There's this high bubbly synth that you use as a layer to step hands to in many sections, but the sound is so light compared to the intensity of the percussion, that it feels like you should find a new hand layering scheme.
6.62, 6.66s: Missing 32nds. You should be able to change the patterns to make a full roll work.
9.06s: Missing vocal sample note
9.20s: Shouldn't be in the same column as the following anchor
9.89s: [124] so it doesn't anchor with the previous 12ths (this 4th doesn't have the same percussion sound on it)
13.35s: Missing 24th (same note as 12.07s)
13.40s: Going with your previous 48ths, this could be a 48th jump for consistency. Do that or change the other 48ths back to 4ths.
15.53s: 12th here; 15.47s is too early
15.63s: Jump to snare (you jump the snare without the synth behind it at 18.19s)
16.01, 16.32s: These 24ths feel like ghost notes
18.82s: Sounds like the same stuff you've been putting hands to
21.27, 22.55s: 12ths to the low synth
21.70-22.02s: The synth always ascends here, so some variation is good, but this PR is totally backwards.
25.53-25.85, 28.08-28.40s: PR is backwards
30.31s: Hand here to go with 29.04s etc
31.70s: Missing synth 12th
36.38, 37.65. 38.93s: Missing 4ths
35.42s: Hand here?
40.21-40.53s: Break up this anchor
41.80, 43.08s: It feels a bit odd that the high bubbly synth is what makes these hands, when that sound is very light compared to the other instrumentation.
44.36s: The bubble + kick would put a hand here in your layering scheme.
44.99-50.10s: Like, given how much you've used hands in the file, the layering feels light for the strong instrumentation here.
51.70s: This 4th is a higher pitch than the following 8ths, so it shouldn't be in the same column.
53.61, 54.09s: Missing percussion jumps
54.57s: The synth sound doesn't have grace notes, so it looks like these go to that really light percussion, but 57.12 and 59.67s don't have the same sounds around them, yet the grace notes are the same.
54.89, 55.37s etc: Jumping the percussion won't get in the way of jumps to the kick here. It almost feels empty without them.
59.20, 64.30, 66.86s: Missing kick jump (You jump it at 56.64, 61.75s)
64.78s: Missing synth jump
69.41s: Missing kick 8th to make a polyrhythm
71.96s: Missing kick jump
73.32s: This is just a 16th, not 24ths.
73.72-92.55s: The percussion layering is inconsistent in this section (can't predict when a kick will be jumped).
75.55s: This 16th is just a melodic note and shouldn't be a jump.
76.27s: Missing note to kick.
80.18s: A peak in the melody is on this 16th; this shouldn't be a trill
84.09s: Missing synth note
86.32, 86.64s: These 8ths are pretty much ghost notes
90.79, 91.11s: The fact that you make awkward patterns with jump kicks here makes all the other unjumped kicks all the more odd
92.07-92.79s: The melody does not play one long trill here
113.29-115.52s: The instrumentation is fading, so these steps really need to be lighter
117.14s: Not a kick note, so this shouldn't be in the same column
118.72s: The kicks start again here
120.95s: Jump to the crash?
122.54s: Maybe step the vocals here to signal the end of the silence
123.50-133.40s: Definitely feels like it could use more layering given the intensity of the percussion

[9/10] Azure Emotion {iF} (DarkZtar)
// Just fix the PR in the intro and remove a few odd jumps, and this is really well done.
2.31s+1m(4): The arrows of this gallop should be swapped each time, because the 8th is higher than the previous 4th, and the 16th is lower than the 8th.
8.35-31.68s: Doing the same switch at 8.97s etc in this section will take a bit more pattern maneuvering, but doing so will be good for PR.
21.68-31.68s: The snare hits on every other 4th, so you shouldn't have the same jump twice in a row to snare-kick. Unless you do so predictably.
46.68s: You can unanchor this hand from the previous 8th, because it doesn't go to a repeating sound.
48.35-58.35s: This stream is spot on except for the following two notes
> 48.66, 48.87, 55.33, 55.54s: The only thing I hear on these 16ths is a high synth note, which is just part of the stream and doesn't warrant jumps.
> 54.18-54.60: Here you can keep the direction going up to the new synth that comes in.
75.02-85.02s: Good use of mirroring in this section
94.60-95.22s: Break up this anchor

[7/10] CHICKEN for the WIN {innkeeper} (bmah & Xiz)
#OFFSET:-2.025; (-12 ms)
// Because of how difficult the breakdowns are, it was odd when odd sounds in the choruses were very simplified. Not many actual errors in the file though.
16.32s: The synth the anchor goes to feels too light to anchor until here
17.02-24.52s: Good PR
37.18s: Remove the jump here to go with 33.43s.
48.19, 50.07, 51.94s: These 8ths can be anchored to the following 4th jump to the repeated synth pitch
50.77s: If this were [23]..123[14], then you wouldn't have any three-note anchors here
58.27-60.15s: More jumps here? considering all the layering earlier
63.07s: The synth here is so soft compared to 63.31s it took a few listens to tell it wasn't a ghost note.
63.66-64.25s: The anchor makes this feel like one "pattern", when actually before the jump is the synth and from the jump on is drum.
66.24, 73.74s: I only hear a clap here, no need for a white note.
74.09s: Not a repeated pitch and shouldn't be anchored
76.08s: Lower in pitch than the previous jump, so [13] would work
77.84s: Maybe put this a 96th earlier just to make it colored to the bird sound?
81.01, 88.51s: Just a single here. Because it's white to the odd sound already, it doesn't need to be a jump.
92.02s: Missing 4th
101.63s: Missing hi-hat 8th
108.19s: Missing 24ths to the hi-hat after this 8th
108.90-116.40s: The drum the singles in this section go to is so light that I couldn't hear them at first and was wondering where all the steps to the hi-hats went.
124.36-153.90s: Look for all the same stuff from 62.49-92.02s here.
148.74, 148.86s: The synth feels frequency-cut here, with the following two 16ths being much louder, so maybe these two could be singles.

[5/10] Creatures ov Deception {Rainbowdragoneyes} (T-Force)
// The layering is consistent (except for the hand usage), but the sound choice is odd, with many rhythms ignored that would add interest to the file without adding to the max difficulty. PR needs an overhaul, with many unnecessary anchors fixed up.
#OFFSET:-0.141; (+38 ms)
0.14-19.40s: You step repeats of the same rhythm to basically the same melody, but there's more instrumentation in the second eight measures than in the first, so you could follow some of the new percussion. Also, your patterns should have more structure, because each measure repeats the same melody for the most part. Like, doing 4321 at 1.40 and 3.93s works because it's the same spot in the melody, but you do 1234 at 5.98s at a different part in the melody.
19.40-20.19s: The sound peaks at 19.66s before the 4th, goes down to 19.98s, then goes up again to 20.19s (you're missing a couple notes at the end). Making it easier by using 24ths works.
20.35-29.82s: Here, you need to worry more about the PR of the jumps to the main melody than to the alternating pitches of the bass. You have way more anchors than are appropriate.
> 21.29s: No need for a three-note anchor here
> 22.24, 25.72, 27.29s: No need for a single to be anchored to a jump when there's nothing repeating
> 22.56, 22.72s: These go to two different pitches and shouldn't be the same jump.
> 25.08s: Same pitch as 25.40s, so the two should be the same jump, though you'll need to play with the pattern to avoid long anchors.
> 27.93-29.03s: Mini 8th jacks would be appropriate here, because the melody echoes on the 8ths. 28.87 and 29.03s have the same pitch and should be the same jump.
> 29.35s: Maybe follow the 4321 of the background melody here so it's not all trills
32.03, 32.19s: Same vocal pitch and can be the same jump.
32.35-32.98s: Three different vocal pitches which shouldn't all be the same jump.
33.93s: This should be lower than the 4th jumps around it
32.98-34.24s : In this section, you should have the 16ths following the contour of what can be heard on the 8ths (as much as you can without eschewing vocal jump PR too much), like 33.29-33.77s ascends.
34.40, 35.03s: These anchors don't go to anything.
35.43s: Also in these jumpstream breaks, you don't need to ignore the 16ths. Maybe at least step the kick here.
35.51s+4m(3): Missing the first beat of 16ths. Even though it's after a hand, it's fine to add them.
37.72s: Repeated jump to repeating vocal pitch like at 36.45s
38.03s: Similar thing to 32.98s here.
40.24s: Maybe don't jump the melody here to accentuate the percussion better.
Look for all the same stuff until 50.66s when this section ends.
52.72, 56.82, 57.77, 59.03s: These 8ths shouldn't be in the same column as the 8ths around them for PR. 58.08 and 58.40s should be the same.
53.03-53.66s: These 8ths probably shouldn't be on 1, because they're higher than the 4ths.
53.51-53.98s: It's possible to do a PR pattern here that doesn't anchor at all (52.87-53.19s does require an anchor, because those are three different pitches)
56.51, 58.08s: Couple more unnecessary anchors
60.77s: Hand here?
62.51s: This 8th doesn't go to the vocal or melodic synth and can be removed
63.14-63.77s: A trill would be PR here (8ths high)
63.93-64.56s: The melodic synth descends here, so there's no need for anchors.
65.35s: Unanchor this
66.93s: Different pitch from the previous 8th
68.35-68.66s: This is one spot a three-note anchor to the synth would work.
69.14s: Ghost note (no melodic synth here)
69.45s: Unanchor this
70.79s: Missing drum 16th
71.19-71.82s: Color notes to the high synth here would be neat
73.08s: Different pitch from the first three vocal notes and shouldn't be the same jump. This mistake is made every time.
75.06s: This one lone 16th is really odd, considering what all else you could be stepping in this section.
92.35-113.82s: Look for all the same things that have been mentioned before.
101.19-101.82s: This should be all 16ths.
114.77s: PR of this ministair is inverted: The 8ths are the same with the 16ths alternating.
115.32-115.56s: Minitrill here
116.03s: This is a low note in the solo and should make an obvious valley in the patterns.
116.90s: Same pitch and should be anchored with the previous 16ths
117.45s: Move to 1 because the pitch is lower
117.56s: 24th gallop here to the slide, not a 16th
118.24s: Low note here
119.03, 119.19s: Not the same pitch and shouldn't be anchored
119.19, 120.14s: Would be fun to accentuate these either by coloring them or giving them a grace note
121.08s: I bet if you did 343423231212 here, the one-hand trills would be fine because of how PR they'd be.
127.72s: Missing vocal jump
130.08s: Break up the long anchor
Everything until the end is familiar stuff.

[6.5/10] Dark World {GaMetal} (buta-san)
// The layering is good except for some of the layering to the crashes and hand usage. Has some small anchoring issues and a few misrhythms.
7.49s: I think the offbeat trill is going to that odd guitar sound here, which would mean the PR is backwards (low-high-low-high), and the second high note is higher than the first. Also the sound ends on that high note, with the 16th at 7.80s going to the low guitar, not the same sound as the trill, so I'd suggest removing the 16th.
7.91-12.84s: The following notes apply to all three repeats in here
> 7.91s: These beats don't have the guitar playing the melody on them and shouldn't be anchored with the 8ths.
> 8.01, 8.43s: You could anchor the 16ths to the 4ths to the repeating bass, but I understand not wanting too many minijacks here.
> 8.84, 8.94s: These should be swapped, because the guitar is higher on 8.94s than in the anchor ending at 8.63s.
20.13, 20.53s: Anchor to the middle 4th for consistency
21.87s: Ghost 16th
35.01-35.43s+1m(8): This is now kick-snare-kick, so there shouldn't be an anchor
35.12s: This 16th almost feels like a ghost note. If anything, it's like 36.77s ...
36.77s+1m(7): which should be a minijack with the previous 8th to the bass guitar.
43.91, 44.05s: These jumps don't go to the same sound and shouldn't be the same jump (though really 43.91s is a comparatively light sound and doesn't need to be a jump)
48.25s+1m(4): Minijack to guitar melody with the following 16th
50.43s: 24ths to the drum here, not a 16th
50.74s: Ghost 8th. Even though it's in the middle of a guitar slide, there's no distinct note on it
53.22s: In fact, this could be a mini jump jack to the repeating guitar note and snare.
64.18-66.67s: Keep up the 64th color until here until the percussion starts
70.78, 75.76s: Similar thing as 7.91s in that these shouldn't be anchored to the following 8th (like you do at 69.14s)
74.51s: Breaking the anchor here is inconsistent
80.72-s: It feels a bit odd not layering the crashes in this section after stepping them in the previous section (crashes without the main guitar behind them can be singles)
83.83, 83.94s: Steps to the descending guitar here?
86.32, 86.52s: Different guitar pitches, shouldn't be the same arrow
90.07s: Kind of like 43.91s in that the sound feels too light to jump, especially here with the two crash jumps after it.
91.07s: Different guitar pitches and no kick should make this not anchor to the previous 8th
93.42s: Seems like an accidental jump, like you meant to step the extra guitar note on the following 24th
101.71s: This 16th feels like a ghost note, because the guitar goes in and out, and it only comes in twice,
105.53, 105.64s: This should be two jumps, because the 16th doesn't have a crash on it like the other hands
108.87, 110.51s etc: The instrumentation under these hands doesn't really hit harder than the jumps before them, so if this is just layering with the melody, then 108.45, 111.76s etc should be hands.
118.80s: Hand here. Has the guitar and crash on it.
119.11s: Just a 16th, not 24ths
119.42s: 32nds, not 24ths. Also probably shouldn't be a trill.
120.46s: 7.91s stuff applies again.
123.77s: Hand to crash to go with 127.08s
126.87s: Jump the percussion because it's stronger than 125.22s
133.08s: This note is higher than the previous one each time, so they shouldn't be the same.

[7/10] Follow You {Virtual Riot} (Xiz)
// Layering is consistent but with some odd notes here and there. File is long and repetitive.
21.02-22.98s: The pitches go up, so this PR is backwards.
25.16s: Higher than 24.50s
27.98-20.72s: Color here is interesting, because it looks like the roll fades to white, which matches the fade out of the sound. But 29.39, 29.61s feel like ghost notes with how soft the sound is, so you should remove those and make your white-out start at 28.31s. You have one then two then three white notes, but the blue jump gets in the way, because, really, one of the blue ones should be white, and the 4th should be red. So, making the white-out start earlier also fixes that: it will be RYBwRYwwRwww.
34.72, 41.68s: Missing note to "end" / music box synth. You miss it both times, though I don't see a reason for doing so.
56.35, 56.57; 63.31; 77.22: There's a high synth that has 16ths here you can step. If you ignored them to not get in the way of the following 16th trills, I guess that's okay.
59.07, 72.98s: You could move this 8th to 3 to make an anchor with the three notes of high synth
86.79s: Move this 16th to 1; it's the same pitch as 86.46, so the anchor is incorrect PR.
87.55, 87.76s; 88.42s; 101.46: These are not the same sounds and shouldn't be the same pattern. I don't hear a grace note for the 8th.
106.68, 106.89s: The same sound was at 99.72s, so the color should be consistent.
109.61, 109.83s: Missing 16ths (the rhythm might be faster than that, but 16ths work)
111.46s: Just a single here?
125.81s: This note is low, so you can make this 2 and then change 125.37s to [13]
131.79, 138.74, 145.70: Missing 16th (same sound/pitch as 131.46s, so there's no need to ignore it)
132.33, 132.76s: Not the same pitch
138.74s: Same as 131.79s
141.68, 145.16s: Anchor to previous 4th to repeated pitch (you'll have to change 145.37s to not make a three-note anchor)
149.29s: Make this [14] to break the long anchor
159.29s: Missing a grace note for this beat
169.32s: Grace note to a similar sound as 169.54s
171.57s: Missing 16th to the high percussion block sound
173.20s: Same as 169.32s

[7*/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Heavy] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
*Make sure color theory notes make jumps, not grace notes.
// There are a few odd layering choices and some 32nds that don't fit, but for the most part, it's consistent and plays well.
10.52-12.52s: Because the instrumentation hasn't changed and still feels light, this extra layering here doesn't feel right.
*22.08s etc: To keep these as 48ths, use subbeats to make sure they are on the same frame as the 4ths/192nds, because you're using color theory, not grace notes.
22.66s: This is the highest note in the cyan melody, so it should be on 4 with 22.39s on 3.
37.08s: This note is snare with no kick, so it can be unanchored from the previous kick jumps.
37.94-47.17s: Now it seems like you're just jumping the melody straight without any layering, which would mean jumping the gallops at 39.24-39.53s and so on rather than the claps between them.
41.41-42.27s: Similarly, jumping the 3/16ths here instead
50.35, 61.31, 61.89, 62.46, 63.04s: Going by your additive layering, these claps wouldn't be jumps, because they don't have melody notes on it. But you consistently jumped every 4th in this section, so it works.
72.20s: Missing drum notes (unlike in the light file, there's no need to ignore it for difficulty here)
73.86-74.87s: There doesn't seem to be any kind of different sound here which warrants color theory.
74.87-76.02s: If you want to color something else in this break, I'd color this 8th background melody that you stepped in the Light file.
76.81s: Jump to the kick on the 16th rather than the 8th before it?
77.39s+1m(3): Maybe jump the 16ths in the melody that you stepped in the Light file (and consider unlayering the 4ths that would make jump gallops) for rhythmic interest.
80.64s: Because the sound is 32nd minitrills (which I understand might be too hard to step), these rolls feel all over the place and don't feel like they fit. Doing colored notes instead of 32nds like you did at 57.56s might work. Or you could do like 43214.3.12341.2. repeated so it feels more structured.
84.93s: Missing 32nd. You'll have to move the pattern around, but it can be done.
86.41-95.64s: Good PR
113.09-115.25s: Similar to 73.86s, though the color would likely get more in the way here than it would at 74.87s.
119.87s: Okay, well, this time, your 32nds don't feel all over the place, because they're all split rolls. Changing this to something more like 57.56s is still an option.

[8/10] Galaxy in Toybox [Light] {Umeboshi Chazuke} (bmah)
// I could understand most of the simplifications, but it did feel like there were some missing rhythms.
4.27s: Missing melodic 8th
9.27s: It may be better to move this to 4 and change the PR of 7.27-8.77s (like by doing 3132123) to distinguish this from the 321 at 5.27s.
10.77s: Not sure this note stands out enough for a jump
11.40s: Missing melodic 16th
50.64-51.50s: Maybe fill in the 8ths to the fast synth here to go with 48.62-49.48.
51.93, 52.22s: You had 16th triplets earlier, so maybe you can step the ones here, or at least step the 8ths.
55.40, 55.68s: The 16ths haven't stopped, so these 8ths should be filled
65.35s: Maybe step 432 12ths to the 24ths?
76.16, 76.81, 77.03, 81.65s: Consider stepping the kicks for rhythmic interest
116.04, 116.26s: Step the percussion here to differentiate it from 115.25-115.83s

[6/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games ft. Agnete Kjolsrud} (Razor)
// The color theory of the alternating synth pitches in the second half is good, but not all the offbeat notes work well. It seems some jump structure was attempted, but it wasn't done consistently. The break/bridge should be lightened up for climax theory.
3.34, 3.50s: These would be more accurate as a 64th after the beat rather than before.
5.86s is a ghost jump (the "w" of "wanna" starts a bit before the 4th, but the rhythm of "wa-na let it" is even, so 6.02-6.36s could be jumps to the vocal.
10.36, 15.69s: Jumps to the guitar? Either add more jumps to the guitar or remove jumps to the lighter guitar notes like at 13.36s.
10.69s: This 16th feels like a ghost note, because "uh uh" is two notes, and the 16th kind of goes to the wobble in the middle.
17.69s: If this jump was [14] so the 16th didn't make a triplet, it would be easier to tell it goes to that light percussion roll (like the other times you step this sound)
26.02, 26.36s: That odd sound doesn't play on the 4ths, so those two 64ths are ghost notes.
26.52s: This should be a 64th to that odd sound.
26.69s: Could be a 64th to the scream, because it goes with the other 64ths
29.11s: This is kind of similar to 10.69s.
31.54, 31.67s: I just hear guitar here, nothing that feels like it needs 64ths.
35.69s: Jump to guitar/vocal
39.34-39.04s: The extra notes here don't feel necessary. If you want the grace note at 38.38s to the end of the frequency swipe, but you're missing changes to the direction of pitch int the same sound at 38.15 and 38.25s. However at 38.69s, I only hear the three notes on the 4ths and 8th.
40.36-43.69s: The way the percussion alternates kick-snare makes me think you shouldn't have lines of 4ths in a row this long.
40.69, 40.86s: Swapping the 1 and 4 here would make the pattern more PR, because the 8th is low.
42.52, 47.86s: The minijack isn't PR to the synth
42.69, 48.02s: The first pattern seems to follow the pitch of the synth, but the second one just anchors the snare together. Pick one to follow consistently.
43.69s: This and 49.02s are similar and should both be or not be jumps (If you want to follow the synth more, you'd jump 43.86, 49.19s instead)
45.52s: Consider anchoring this 8th to the following hand instead, because there's a snare at the center of five kicks. Especially if 42.36s and 47.69s are going to stay AABB.
45.69s: Should this be a pseudo-hand to match 56.36s? There doesn't seem to be anything strong enough for a hand here.
46.36s: Missing jump (synth and vocal on top of a kick here)
48.36-49.36s: The repeated jumps here I'm guessing to the synth (like the two jumps at 43.02s) feel odd compared to the alternating jumps at 40.69-42.36s which ignored the synth pitch (the [23] jumps all have different synth pitches)
51.02s: I'd make this [124] so it doesn't share the [34] anchor with the snare
53.19s: Similar to 42.52s except there is a kick here, so the anchor is more reasonable.
53.36s: You had two jumps to the snare here two and four measures ago
54.86, 55.19s: These feel like ghost notes (no percussion, synth, or vocal), but I do hear like a 24th gallop on the 24th at 54.97s which you could step.
55.86, 56.19s: Missing 8ths to the synth
58.27s: I don't hear anything on this 16th
58.52s: Same as 42.52s.
60.19s: Same as 54.86s.
61.69-72.36s: The instrumentation is lighter, but the file is more dense than in the chorus, which is backwards climax theory. I'd suggest trying it without following the hi-hat.
Also, in the first part, you anchor all the kick-snares except for 63.52s (and miss a jump on the first kick, 62.19s). But then in 67.02-72.36s, you don't anchor the first three and anchor the last two kick-snares.
88.36s: Remove the 4th so this is just a jump. The instrumentation doesn't have the strength for a hand.
88.36-98.02s: The color theory here is good. I'd expect to see green jumps be lower and white jumps be higher, but sometimes you have them as the same jump in a row. The repeating-8th structure works when there's no synth, but you'd need to mix it up for better PR. There's also the thing about how kicks and snares shouldn't be the same jump in a row.
98.02s: Missing a white note to the same sound as the following three
98.27s: These shouldn't be grace notes, because the sounds are at the same time. This makes them pseudo-hands, which is too much. It should just be [14]1[23][23] with one note of each jump being white.
99.02-120.36s: There's no harm in copying and pasting like this, because the instrumentation is exactly the same, but it looks like you started to change it up then decided it wasn't worth it (it becomes the same at 101.69s). So all the stuff from last time applies here.
109.69s: There's still a crash here, so either this should be a hand or 51.02s shouldn't be.
119.27s: This 16th is a ghost note. I hear a K on the following 24th, but "'cause" is one syllable, so the consonant shouldn't be stepped separately.
120.36-s: Doing straight 4th jumps really limits your pattern choices, and you end up with trills mixed into your running men. One way to keep the layering without making a long trill would be to alternate every other jump, like doing ABAC. With the trill on the left, your PR is backwards on the right hand.
> Also, I can barely hear the 16ths you step here. But it does seem like you're missing quite a few, like there's one every other beat in 123.02-125.69s. I think stepping them distracts from the synth PR a bit though.
128.69-129.69s: The rhythm here should be 24ths. Should be able to hear it at 0.7x.
137.19s: Missing note(s), depending on if you want to give it a grace note.
138.69s: missing note to the same sound as the previous 4th
143.69s: This one I don't hear as having a grace note
146.36s: You could probably stop this fourth note,

The two files had different issues, which makes it hard to pick one over the other. The second file had better layering for climax theory, but the first file had more structure in its patterns, but the structure was inconsistent. Both files had playability issues, the first having some odd offbeat notes, and the second having inaccurate three-note anchors. Both files had some inconsistent layering.

[6/10] Get Jinxed! {Riot Games} (XelNya)
// Biggest issues here are some anchors to the percussion being inaccurate or inconsistent, and sometimes it felt like the jump patterns weren't structured enough.
0.36-0.86, 3.02-3.52s: The rhythms of these two spots should be the same.
6.19, 6.36s: Missing vocal notes
17.61s: Probably shouldn't be a triplet, because it's a percussion roll that you don't step as a triplet at 22.86 and 25.52s.
18.61s: Missing note to the same sound as 17.61s.
37.69s: There's just the soft synth of the break here, no percussion, so this should be a single.
39.37s: Ghost note. This is just the middle of a buzz.
40.02s: I'm guessing the white notes go to the fact that they aren't the synth on the 8th, but now that percussion has come in, this can just be a jump without the grace note.
40.36-61.69s: In this section, I can't really tell what the jump patterning is. There aren't any repeat jumps to the synth, but it doesn't have the alternating structure of going to the percussion. Listening to just the vocals, the jumps don't feel PR to them either.
40.36s: Even though there's no snare here, it could be a jump to the crash. Also, [14]231[24] would be more PR, because the 4th is high.
40.69s: Missing jump? You don't jump the same beat at 46.02s, but you do jump it at 51.36 and 56.69s.
42.52, 47.86s: There's nothing that repeats in pitch here (the synth is on the 8th is lower than on the two 4ths around it), so this 8th shouldn't be anchored
43.69, 43.86s: All the other kicks are anchored in this section, so consider anchoring it here, even though the trill is PR to the vocal.
45.19s: Like 42.52s, the synth pitches are different, but this has the same kick as the previous 4th jump, so it should be anchored that jump or neither.
53.19s: Same as 45.19s
54.97s: There's a 24th gallop in the synth here you can step for rhythmic interest.
58.52s: Same as 42.52s
60.30s: Same as 54.94s
61.69-83.02s: It's good that there aren't so many jumps here that this becomes more dense than the chorus, but it still is straight 8ths. I'd suggest trying it without any 8ths just to the hi-hat, so you're just following the snare, kick, and vocal (including the "la"s) when it comes in.
72.36-83.02s: The layering here is good, how you added jumps to vocal + kick.
85.02s: Should be white to go with 83.69s
87.02s: Not strong enough for a jump
89.52, 97.52s: Like before, these 16ths shouldn't be triplets
90.36s: Missing jump to the high synth
91.02s: Doing two measures of jumps to the synth + snare (straight 4ths) and then two measures to the snare (every other fourth), would mean this kick shouldn't be a jump (it does have the synth on it, but unlayering the jump would make the snare-only jumps of 91.02-93.69s more obvious. In fact, you don't have this jump at 96.36s.
93.69-96.02s: The jump patterning here works well, because you have the high synth on [14] and the low synth on closed jumps with the snare on alternating open jumps (96.02s should be [13]), but I don't see other measures in this section as having structure.
97.69s: Similarly, this 4th would no longer be a jump.
98.86s: This can be a [34] jump to the snare.
99.02-120.36s: The layering should be consistent with the first section of the chorus, because the instrumentation is exactly the same. This time, there were some different missing jumps, and some of the anchors are stepped differently. But it should be consistent.
120.36-131.02s: The PR is inverted: it's the 8ths that are the same and the 4ths that should be alternating.
130.36s: You don't need a four-note anchor here.
141.05s: Note here. Your 192nd at 141.20s is too late.
146.36s: You could probably stop after four notes. But if not, the last note should just be on a 4th, because it's a bit odd when the last note to hit is offbeat.

[8/10] Insignia {Muzzy} (gameboy42690)
// Gaps in the intro could be filled, some PR in the melodic parts should be fixed, and there are a few missing notes in the percussion section. Well done overall.
2.17-21.37s: In the intro, the breaks you step are consistent, but I can't see why some of them are there; the drum and high synth do constant 8ths (some of the synth is low and a little harder to hear at 1.0x, like at 3.03 and 4.05s, but 5.77 and 6.80s clearly have notes).
3.71s+4m(4): Jumps here would go with 2.34, 7.83s; it's that same echoing sound.
20.51s: Here, I do agree the synth soft enough to not be stepped.
28.05, 28.40s: These pitches are different and shouldn't be the same arrow, but it will take a little work to make a good pattern. 27.71 and 28.05s are the same pitch and could share its column, but it shouldn't share its column with 28.40 or 28.74s. Because it's a lower pitch, I'd put them on 1. The 8th is lower in pitch than the 16ths, but it can't be lower than 1, so 3 becomes the best spot for it. And then 27.37s can be moved to 2 so it shares column with 26.85 but not 27.71s. Also, one can argue that 29.25 and 29.43s be swapped, because the 16th is the highest note, and the 4th jump will be totally below it. This resulting pattern has one extra spot of flipped PR (27.88s being higher than its surrounding 16ths) but I think that works better than 28.05 and 28.40s being the same arrow.
32.34-35.08s: Same thing here.
39.37s: The fix here is simple: Move this to 3
48.80-57.03s: Cool color usage
57.03-62.17s: I like how the alternating jumps ascend regularly to the frequency sweep. Some steppers would have gone ABAB the whole way through.
62.51-64.91s: Given the jumps earlier, I feel like these 4ths could use jumps so the density increases.
66.63-67.48s: I might color all these notes to accentuate the odd sound. Also, the sound isn't the same on each 8th, so maybe they shouldn't all be on 3. But you anchor the samples at 110.51s, so I understand it.
68.08s: 321 for the 32nds would be better to avoid a minijack on 4 with the synth note
69.71, 75.20s: There is a synth here to step, like you step at 72.45s
75.71s: I don't hear a repeating sound that makes this a jack.
75.80s: Missing 32nd
76.23s: Good BPM multiplying usage
80.68s: Unlike 69.71, there is a break in the synth here, so differentiating that from this is another reason to add the synth notes.
106.40, 108.97s: Similar to 62.51s, you could jump these 4ths.
114.37, 117.11s, 125.34: There's an odd sound you could step here if you don't want just 8ths
119.68, 120.03s: Bit of a different sound, but more 16ths you could step

[6/10] Over the Rave F.O.R. Remix {Takoyaki_o} (trumaestro)
// The biggest overall issue that the PR should be improved to fix a lot of anchors. Ignoring the kick for the most part works, but there are some stray rhythms here and there to fix.
4.35-5.11s: PR between 4ths is backwards
4.82, 5.02; 6.74, 6.93s: The pairs are the same pitch in the main melody
8.74-9.03s: Minitrill to the main melody
14.28-20.40s: Interesting that you follow the kick only in this section where it's just every other 4th.
16.96, 17.15s: Make this [12]3, because this 8th is the same pitch as the two following 8ths
9.63, 19.73s: Minijack to the main melody. And with that on 3 or 4, you can move 19.92, 20.11s to 2.
20.40-24.60s: PR here works despite the four ABAs not being followed (22.02, 22.79, 23.55, 23.93), because the pattern direction is still correct. Just two spots with incorrect direction:
> 20.59-20.97s is backwards (It's AB.AB like 22.12-22.50s)
> 23.36s: There's a peak in the melody here
28.61s: This can be [14] because it doesn't share pitch with the following 4th
31.29-31.67s: The melody does a rhythmically uneven trill here. 31.10s is the same pitch as the low note of the trill.
31.29s: Missing snare jump
31.99s: Missing 12th to the drum roll
32.63-38.74s: This section has some 8ths that shouldn't be anchored because the pitches are different (33.39, 35.11, 35.49, 36.26, 36.64s).
> 34.16s: The 16ths around this 4th shouldn't be anchored together, because the repeating pitch changes.
> 36.26s: Missing snare jump
38.74-44.86s: The ways you changed this section to make it different from 26.51-32.63s created a number of incorrect anchors. The pitch contours are the same, just an octave higher. It would probably be easier to change the patterns at 26.51s to make them feel lower, using here the higher patterns you have there now.
44.86-50.97s: Any 8ths anchors longer than three is incorrect. 48.01s should not be anchored with the previous 16ths to show the pitch change. Another thing that makes this section different is the crashes on some 4ths in the second half, so maybe you can accentuate those.
> 49.63s: Shouldn't be a minijack
51.26s: You can jump the snare here without making the pattern difficult.
53.07-53.55s: If you want this to be PR with the bass, you could do 2[34].[12]3. You could step the kick on the 4th in the middle to differentiate this from 56.32s, which doesn't have it.
54.79s: I know you've been ignoring the kicks in this file, but this one stands out because it's like missing the first note of the rhythm.
54.98s: Missing note to the bass
56.61s: The kick here feels like it's just a part of the snares, making the gap feel odd.
57.66, 59.19s: These two 8ths are lower in pitch than the previous 4ths and shouldn't be anchored. Also, the following 4th jumps shouldn't be anchored, because you end up with minitrills, which is irrelevant to the bass. You do AB.ABA patterns here when it's actually just AB.BBB, so if you're going to keep with stepping the jacks as triplets, AB.BAB would be better. Maybe try AAB/ABB minijacks instead and see if you like how that plays.
63.20s: Missing jump to the crash
65.11s: Shouldn't be anchored for PR
66.26s: Unnecessary three-note anchor
66.93-67.40s: These are xxx.xxx.xxx 32nds. If you want to step these as 24ths, 66.45-66.64s should be for consistency.
69.31-73.90s: The synth does x.xxx 64ths at times, and it was good to ignore those 32nds, because they're not clear at 1.0x.
> 71.70s: Remove this 16th, because the synth actually stops on the 32nd.
> 72.23s: Do add the 32nd here which goes with the 24ths
75.43-81.54s: Got some pitch-irrelevant anchors in here.
> 80.91s: Missing 12th to the drum roll
> 81.16s: The melody ascends to here, so maybe the trill shouldn't start yet for PR. The seven-note anchor definitely should be broken up somehow.
81.83s+1m(4): I have to go down to 0.5-0.7x to hear these 16ths as separate notes. At 1.0x, it sounds like the synth only plays on the 8ths. And then the pairs of jumps like 81.73, 82.12s which have the same synth pitch can be the same jump.
83.07s: This being a hand takes away from the hands that go to crashes.
88.42s: Patterns like 123[124] 341[234] play more smoothly when ending ascending rolls, because 34[123] ends with a fast one-handed triplet. (Also, 4[123] is a downward movement.)
90.76s: Percussion has a grace 32nd here, so you can make it a pseudo-jump.
94.16-94.44s: These three snares should be all singles or all jumps (the cymbal on every other 4th doesn't play here, so there's no additive layering). They're probably loud enough to be jumps given the jumps at 90.72-91.48s.
96.45s: The rhythm here is actually x.xxx.x 48ths, but stepping that would require frame fixes at 30 fps. 32nds give 1-1-2-1 frames between notes, and the correct rhythm makes it 2-0-1-2.
99.79s: You have been stepping the kick in this break, so you shouldn't ignore it here.
100.27s: Trill PR is backwards
100.61s: Potential grace note
102.76s: [12] here would avoid a one-hand minitrill that gets in the way of the following 4th being a high note
104.09s: Same as the pitches around 102.76s, so the pattern direction should be the same.
105.62s: The piano roll changes direction in the middle, so the steps could show that.
108.39s: Jump to the snare?
108.97, 109.16s: The 16ths should continue here
109.25s: The two 24ths after this jump should be anchored to it, because the pitches are the same. For this, the two 8ths jumps shouldn't be the same.
112.50-113.55s: The minitrill at the start is incorrect, and from 112.79 to 113.55s, the pitch strictly descends, so your direction is backwards.
114.41s: [12]3421 would be more PR here, not a 24th triplet.
115.56s: The PR of this flourish is backwards
116.42-116.83, 117.57-118.04s: These would be uneven trills if this was more PR.
118.33, 118.43s: These jumps don't feel like they go to anything.
118.43, 118.52s: Minijack to the main melody
119.19s: 24th triplet for PR (can just move the 8th to 3)
120.24s: Missing snare jump
121.10-130.75s: Your rhythm for singles in this section corresponds the most with the bass, so I'll give suggestions based on that.
> 121.10s: Hand to the crash
> 122.82s: Missing bass note (minijack with the previous 16th)
> 125.02s: Minijack with the 8th here instead of a note at 125.11s, which is to the kick.
> 125.69-126.07s: This should be jump-jump-hand. 126.07s has more power than the previous two 8ths.
> 128.46s: No bass note here
> 129.32s: Missing bass note (minijack with the previous 16th)
> 130.18s: Remove this 16th to the kick
131.37s: The 32nds should start here and then end with a hand. You've had 32nd rolls ending in hands before, so don't be afraid to put one here. The crash definitely calls for it.
133.90s: Similar to 90.76s, this could be a pseudo-jump with a grace note on the 32nd to the bass drum.
136.39-136.71s: Trill here for PR
137.72-143.84s: If you step just the 8ths of the melody first (it's only four different pitches with the exception of 140.59s which is lower) and then fit the 16ths and jumps around that, you'll be able to make a pattern that feels more like it goes up and down with the melody (rather than having 16ths on one side and 8ths on the other).
144.60s: The piano roll continues to this 4th.
144.22-156.07s: I think you're following the synth here, and there are a number of pitch-irrelevant anchors.
> 145.46s: Missing synth 16th. In fact, 145.37-145.65s should be a minitrill.
> 145.94-146.71s: The synth pitches here go ABBCC, but your anchoring shows AA(A/B)BC.
> 148.71s: The synth doesn't repeat pitch, so this shouldn't be a minijack.
> 149.95s: Hand to crash
> 152.06s: Same anchoring issue as 145.94s. This five-note anchor definitely needs to be broken up.
> 154.54, 154.83s: Same synth as 148.71s. These two have the same synth pitch and shouldn't be anchored to the 8th.
155.11s: The following minijack doesn't share pitch with this jump
156.07-161.42s: You'd be able to make more accurate anchoring if the jump wasn't always the same. Like, 158.74 and 159.13s shouldn't be anchored, and 160.65s should be anchored to the previous jump.
159.03s: No synth on this 16th
166.96s: I don't hear any similar sounds that make this a minijack.
167.72s: Ghost note
168.01s: If you want a minijack to the kick, it should be with the previous 4th, not the following 8th. Also, the synth has different pitches where you have the minijack.
169.40s: You can put a hand here, just don't do 34[123]

[7*/10] PWRPFF RAVES {cranky} (MarioNintendo)
*The incorrect rhythm at 68.97s needs to be fixed: should be 24ths
// Mostly plays well except for some missing rhythms. Some stream could be more structured.
16.07, 18.98s: Missing 8th. I don't really hear it as gallops here.
18.70, 19.16-20.98s: It feels like the earlier 16ths are going to that little percussion doing triplets, which you're totally missing here.
20.98, 23.88s: Change these jumps to break the anchors because they're lower in pitch than the previous 4ths. The four-note anchor should be broken up.
20.98-23.88s: There's only one single 16th here, and it's not clear what it goes to. I'd suggest stepping the 16ths to the vocal sample that sounds like "dup" to change it up from the previous section.
26.79-36.98s: Because these 16ths don't really go to anything melodic, the patterns could be more structured. Like, right now, I can't predict where you use minitrills or runningmen.
33.70s: Jump to the cymbal
38.79s: Given your jumps to repeated vocal sounds at 44.25, 44.61s, this should be a jump to "dance"
47.16-47.52, 47.88-48.25s: I don't see a reason to ignore the 16ths to the synth here
63.70-64.25s: The percussion here is incompletely stepped (missing 32nds and a 16th)
65.52, 66.07s: The grace notes don't sound that fast. Try 24ths.
66.61, 66.97s: Missing jumps to that synth
*68.97s: This should be 24ths, not 32nds
71.52s: Pseudo-jump to the bass here to match 70.61s?
71.88s: Grace note to the bass is too fast
71.52-72.61s: If you're jumping the synth, 71.51s shouldn't be a jump, and 72.25 and 72.61s should be.
77.70-s: The patterns are more predictable here, which is good.
83.97, 84.79, 85.07s: Break these off the 16th anchor.
86.07, 86.07s: Break these off the big anchor, because the bubbly sound doesn't play on these 8ths.
88.07-s: The sound the 16ths go to sounds too soft to follow. The 8ths shouldn't be anchored because doing so isn't relevant to the percussion.
89.34s: If you're going to use hands in this file, this would be a great spot for one, because it separates the two phrases, because right now they kind of blend together, because it's straight 8th jumps.
89.34-99.16s: Just stepping the vocal samples here works well.
101.16s: Missing 8th
102.25s: Move to 2 or 3 because the pitch is lower here than in the rest of the anchor (like you do at 105.16s)
103.52s: This minitrill could be unanchored because the pitch is higher.
110.97s: Unanchor the lower pitch here
114.25s: Lower in pitch than the three 8ths after it
120.25-121.34s: The 8ths here are lower in pitch than the 8ths at 121.34-122.79s
129.98, 132.88s: I don't hear melodic minijacks here. If they're to percussion, I don't think it's necessary given the emphasis on the melody.
134.61, 134.79s: Jumps to the melody?
141.34s: Hand here to match 138.43s (-2m)

[8/10] Rampage {paraoka feat. haru*nya} (bmah)
// A few layering errors, but the PR is good.
8.44s: Maybe step the 16th to the low synth here? Though with that anchor on the left, it would make an odd minitrill if you don't move the 8th.
43.01, 46.13s: Jump here would go to the same synth + kick as the previous three jumps.
41.85, 43.40, 44.96, 46.52s: Consider either removing these jumps to the kick which overextend jumps to the vocals, or add jumps on 44.57, 47.69s for consistency.
57.43, 57.72s: Missing kick jumps? 57.43s is kick with no vocal, but so is 56.65s, which is jumped.
58.21s: Jump here; it has kick, vocal, and chord
64.64s: No kick here, so it can be a single
71.65s: Maybe step this synth note?
74.18s: Jump to kick + melody
74.28s: Likely a ghost note; I don't hear it in the main melody
80.22s: Jump to kick + melody
88.60-89.77s: Maybe step the synth 8ths here? 88.40s is the only real break.
101.65, 101.94s: Not sure why you have just the one 16th without the other kicks here.
103.40s: The odd sound here feels so fast that the notes probably should be hit together. If you put a 64th or smaller before the 4th, then the two notes will be on the same frame.
108.47-117.82s: Similar comments to 43.01 and 41.85s in this section
132.04s: Put the 192nd before this 8th so it's on the same frame as the 8th
134.38s: There's no kick here to anchor

[6.5/10] Summer Colours Arch {Y.W.} (VisD)
// The trills at 64.30s were fixed, but there's still a fair amount of PR that should be touched up.
// Please fix the beat offset for the intro. You'll end up with more 8th than 4th jumps there, but that's what they are.
8.05s: There's both a low and high note here, but moving this note to 1 will differentiate it from when it was just the high note at 4.89s
1 8.22s: This is just a 16th here. But because it is a different percussion sound from the ones around it, if you want to color it, a 192nd or 64th after the 16th would be better so it stays on the same frame as the 16th (18.216-18.250).
19.20-19.99s: 19.20 and 19.40s are the same pitch and should be the same arrow. If you shift those three notes down and get 3.321, the next two notes are the repeated pitches making 3.32121, but I can understand going up to 3.32143 to not make a minitrill because you'd have to play with the patterns to make the minitrill play well.
20.19s: This 16th is the lowest note in the phrase, so try putting it on 1 and working around that.
20.59s: This is higher in pitch than the 16ths around it
20.78, 20.98s: The main melody has the same pitch on these beats, so 20.78s should be share a column with the jump.
20.98-21.47s: The second pair of percussion hits is higher than the first, and using [23][23] for one pair wouldn't be that much harder. Also, the two singles here go to different piches.
21.67-23.25s: Similar stuff here.
23.25-24.04s: The chords ascend until 23.91 and go down for the last chord
*35.68s: 24ths instead of 32nds here
37.46-48.51s: In all the three-note 16th anchors, the third 16th is softer than the others, so consider unanchoring them. Doing so will give you more pattern freedom, which will likely help with PR to the main melody. In fact, they're so soft, they're almost inaudible at 1.0x. In 66.28-78.51s, you don't step them.
38.64, 42.59s: Keep the snares unanchored from the other drums
41.21, 41.61, 42.20s: The main melody on these 8ths descends in pitch, so it's a bit funny having them all be the same.
44.37-45.16s: Same as 41.21s but ascending
*48.32s: Same as 35.68
64.30s: Try changing this jump, because it doesn't have the same crash as the previous [13] jumps, and the trumpet note is higher, too.
68.15, 68.25s: considering you do have other minijacks in this file, you could step the minijack to the trumpet here.
78.51s: Change up the 32nds to make this jump higher for PR
78.71, 79.11, 81.87, 82.26s: Maybe step the drum on the 8ths to keep the momentum going.
79.50, 79.89s: Not the same pitch and shouldn't be the same jump
80.78, 80.88s: Like 68.15, this could be a minijack to the trumpet.
80.88s: There's no melody note here, so this can be a single. Either do that or make 81.28s a jump to the percussion for consistency.
83.05, 83.45s: Same main melody pitch, and you can make them the same jump if you change up the patterns.
87.99-89.37s: Similar to 23.25s, your use of closed jumps gets in the way of PR, though it's not as noticeable this time: 89.17s is the lowest note of the group, so you'd need four different jumps instead of three.
91.05s: Missing drum note
97.16-97.66s: Try changing the pattern here to avoid an anchored one-handed minitrill.
100.03s: You have a pattern that doesn't need to be this tricky, because the percussion doesn't make a trill here.

[7/10] Triumph {WRLD} (masterzatwork)
#OFFSET:-0.113; (+16 ms)
// The music is pretty simply repetitive, and the layering is good. Could use a little PR work.
// You could probably cut about seven seconds off the beginning, because players don't generally like waiting 14 seconds each time when playing a file repeatedly.
15.54, 20.68, 22.40, 24.11s: These jumps don't share pitch with the repeating notes and shouldn't be anchored to them.
34.40s: Shouldn't share a note with the previous 8th, because this beat doesn't have the same tinny percussion on it.
41.04-41.25s: You can make this 4123[124] so you'll have a hand to the crash
41.68-42.11s: Steps should ascend with the pitch here. Or you could step a two- or three-note jack to the synth that starts on the 8th.
44.68-45.97s: The second two hits are lower in pitch than the first, and then the last one is higher, so [134].[124][124][23]1[234] would be more PR.
47.04s: Shouldn't be anchored to the previous note, because the hit is stronger here.
47.89, 48.00s: This could be a minijack to the repeated percussion sound.
48.75s: Same as 41.89s: this could be a jack
50.04-51.11s: The melody peaks at 50.57s, which should show in the steps.
52.82-65.68s: Look for the same things from earlier in this repeated section.
68.47s: Same as 41.89s
68.68-81.54s: I actually like how you mix up the patterns more in this section so it doesn't feel like playing the intro again. However, the four 8ths at 76.18-78.75s have no business being anchored to those jumps.
> 75.22s: This is actually 32nds starting from this 16th, but I can understand putting 24ths to keep the density down (you don't have any other 32nd rolls that long)
85.82-87.11, 92.68-93.97s: This part of the stream doesn't match the pitch contour (like, 86.47s should be a high note)
100.39-101.04s: This trill is irrelevant.
104.47-105.54s: So are the trills here.

[2/10] Turn Around {Bumblefoot} (Xtreme2252)
#OFFSET:-0.218; (-29 ms)
// The first twelve seconds were good, but then everything became inconsistent. Much of the climax theory is completely backwards. The file needs to be completely reworked if you want to make the hard stuff in the solos work.
3.92s: The drum descends, so this shouldn't be a triplet.
8.15s: This goes to the guitar, so it shouldn't be 321 like 6.74 and 9.57s which go to the drum.
11.86-23.15s: Not sure why you stopped jumping the snare suddenly. Doing so wouldn't get in the way of the jumps to the vocals/lead guitar here.
12.39, 12.48s: Missing notes to the drum
13.89s: Missing guitar 16th (you step it at 19.54s)
15.30s: Missing drum 16th (you step it at 20.95s)
18.04s: Same missing notes as 12.39s
20.86s: Missing jump to vocal/lead guitar
25.98-32.86s: At least jump the crashes in this lead guitar section
29.15-31.98s: Changing the column of the 8th anchors will help show the lead guitar has increased in pitch here, and so on for the next measure.
37.27s: This crash should be emphasized somehow.
37.27-57.04s: Half of this section is strings of repeated 4th jumps which don't make sense with the other half of the section. Half the jumps go to the snare, and the other half don't appear to go to anything (the fact that the guitar plays the same pitch repeatedly doesn't warrant jumps).
>37.87s: Missing drum 64th. These are missed throughout this section despite you having stepped them in the previous sections.
>55.63s: Missing guitar note
57.39-59.86s: This is inconsistent with 23.51-25.98s
59.86-66.92s: If you're going to ignore the vocals, at least jump the crashes here, which there are more of than there the last time this lead guitar line showed up.
68.33-79.76s: This is a break, so the steps should be lighter, not heavier. Your climax theory is backwards. Also, many of these 8ths are ghost notes (68.87, 69.58, 70.30, 71.72, 72.44s etc). There are many crashes earlier in the file which would be appropriate for hands. The hands you have here simply make no sense. In fact, 79.76-85.47s has a stronger guitar, so it should build on the first half of the break, which means you have backwards climax theory inside the break.
> 79.05, 79.22s: Missing percussion notes
88.68-90.27s: This is too soft for jumps.
96.71s: Missing guitar 16th
98.39s: The lead guitar doesn't start until here, so the previous four 8ths should be singles. Also, the lead guitar changes pitch, so these shouldn't all be the same jump.
99.63-102.45s: This section is underlayered compared to the other repeats of it. It's also missing the 16ths to the guitar.
108.01s: Missing guitar 16th
108.45-110.92s: Not anchoring the 8ths here is inconsistent
112.33s: If you're going to use hands in this section, there's many other crashes that are asking for hands.
113.74-123.63s: The lead guitar has a new line here, but that's not a reason to ignore all the jumps.
125.04-136.47s: You don't have ghost notes here, but all the hands in the break are still a problem. Again, the first half of the break should be lighter than the second half.
145.21-147.62, 147.97-148.31s: These are all too soft for jumps. The other jumps here are fine, though the jumps could be in an ascending pattern as a way to show the increasing volume.
150.55-170.90s: This section needs to be heavier for climax theory. You just had a long anchor of jumps during a break. Your patterns should change with the pitch of the guitar; right now, there's too much repetition.
170.90-194.69s: This is a really crazy difficulty spike given the rest of the file. If you want to step this, you really need to amp up your steps in the rest of the file.
172.45s: Missing guitar note here.
191.93s: The first four hits aren't loud enough for jumps.
194.69-s: I get that you wanted to emphasize the guitar solo here until the end, but it leaves most of the ending way too empty.
225.38-227.80s: It's odd stepping the percussion here but not at 214.00-216.76s.
233.31-238.83s: These notes are offbeat to varying amounts.
239.373s: Beat here. Where you have the hand is 4-5 frames late.
254.00s: There's no need for a player to wait this long for a single note to end the file.

[6.5/10] Wild Horses {Teetow} (M0nkeyz)
// The layering is much improved, but there are still some missing rhythms that need to be fixed before this is accepted. There are alot of percussion rolls where you do jumptrills, and it often feels stale, because there's more variation in the percussion than just ABAB.
19.27s: Missing guitar note
24.05, 24.16s: Notes to the bass here? It feels odd that this is the only break in this section.
29.67s: Missing percussion slide (same sound as 21.18s)
30.95s: Jump to the drum? It goes with 22.46s (though do consider patterns other than jumptrills for these rolls)
41.77s: Missed drum note. A jump here like you have at 50.27s would be consistent.
43.94s: You added the bass at 35.45s but didn't add the same note here
54.43, 56.55s: Do two minijacks here like you did at 52.30s for PR
59.47s: If you want to keep this hand here (which causes a minijack), then there are many other hands to crashes you could step (it seemed like you were avoiding them because of the minijack it would create).
60.27, 60.40, 60.67s: Because you step the guitar note at 59.89s, you should step them here to fill in the gap until the sax solo starts (or remove the note at 59.89s)
60.73s: There's a flourish in the sax you can step here
61.99s: This note goes only to the background guitar, not the sax, and should be removed
64.12s: These 32nds should descend
68.92, 69.29s: These shouldn't both be [234] because the sounds are different
74.34s: The 48th grace note you had to the sax here was good. It's audible at 1.0x unlike the one you had at 74.91s, which was good to remove.
82.57s: Move this piano note to 3 so it's not anchored (there's no piano note on the previous 4th jump)
85.75-87.08s: Even though the pitches on the 8ths are alternating, the anchor here works given the layering. I'd just move the 87.08s to [34] because it doesn't have the same piano notes on it. And then 87.23s would be moved to 2 to avoid the anchor on 1.
88.94s: Missing percussion roll
101.51s: Missing drum note
110.44-111.13s: Missing some jumps here to match 101.95-102.64s
114.63s: Missing percussion slide
115.91s: Jump to the drum like 30.95s? It goes with 107.41s
129.38s: Missing drum note. Because it is just the drum here, maybe these don't need to be jumps.
131.55s: Same drum roll here as 129.38s to step
134.60s: If you want to keep the grace note here, you should step the others in this section: 131.15 and 133.54s. Also, 134.60s doesn't have a crash on it, so it should stay a pseudo-jump
140.11s: Maybe step this with a 32nd like you did before for consistency
148.61s: Missing percussion slide
160.71s: Missing drum roll note
160.89-161.42s: There's a percussion roll you can step here
170.84s: I think ending with singles worked better, because the drum isn't all that powerful here.

[9/10] Wonder Bullfighter ~A Barcelona cuando florece la lira~ {Remixed by naotyu- feat. R.Yago} (bmah)
// Really good layering and sound choice. Has a few spots to fix.
23.32-24.02s: It seems like you jump the 3/16ths to the chords with the 4th to the snare here, which leaves the 23.43s 16th jump questionable. Also, 23.55s can be anchored to the following 16th jump to the repeated pitch in the melody.
32.10, 32.45-33.50s: The singles to the background drum here can be removed, because you don't step them anywhere else in this section.
59.26s: Your 16th anchors have been to repeated sounds so far, but there's no repeated percussion or melody for this one. Seems like it was done to repeat 234, but stepping [12][34]1 would work too.
72.02, 73.89s: The first 192nd goes to a crash and the second goes to a high note, so one of them should be a different color.
75.69s: Missing 24th to the roll here
92.04s: Similar to 59.26s
104.56s: This note slides down, so if the grace note is going to that slide, it's too early. There are similar slides that aren't stepped though (105.03, 105.62, 106.55, 108.91, 111.02s), so it may be better to remove this grace note if you don't want to step all of them.
113.23, 115.10s: Same as 72.02s.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

Supportive Judgments for September/October 2014

Set 2

=== JUDGE: ilikexd ===

[7.5/10] [Resubmission] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
16.421 - With jumps on the piano notes, this should be one as well
34.338 - Missing piano note (ascending)
34.588 - Low violin note (should be layered as jump)
40.171 - This violin note seems to be on the previous 8th
65.588 - The piano continues as 48ths here, 32nds seem counterintuitive
79.338 - Missing bass piano note
96.171 - Jump doesn't seem to go to anything
101.004s - Same as 34.338
103.754s - Same as 34.588s
Seems a lot more clear since the last submission. The mix of the breaks and various melodies on the 16ths can get a little hard to follow sometimes.

[5.5/10] Children's War {Kradness & Reol} (DarkZtar)
At the start, the offset is slightly early
8.431 - Synth note here (although soft), same as 11.174
The layering here is kind of confusing. The quarter notes alterate between kick and kick+snare, but there is a jump every time on the kick notes, instead of the kick+snare notes.
There also doesn't seem to be much PR where it could be very rigorously done for this repeating melody.
18.246 - Just a 16th. It's a bit early because the offset is a bit early.
37.831s - There is a 16th note here to a faint sound which happens again at 38.431 and
39.546, and many other places but are omitted. There are a lot of 16ths used to various sounds besides the vocals that are not very audible, it might be better to just follow the vocals.
42.289 - Missing vocal 16th
45.717 - Ghost note apparently; there's no vocal but just a very faint sound, while the other sounds, like the one in the beat after are not followed.
52s - Interesting coloring technique, but it's impossible for me to figure out what the red notes (what would be 16ths) are following; they seem to go to an audible sound sometimes but other times they don't, and the sounds they follow sometimes are at other times ignored.
68.131 - Ghost note
73.489 - Very apparent sound not stepped
83.231, 84.603 - Not 24ths
91.146 - Missing 16th
91.660 - Missing 16th
130.403,130.660 - Doesn't seem to be a reason for this to be a jump: they're individual synth sounds, same when this is done again
159.203, 159.374 - Missing 16ths
168s - This is layered well, but it would be nice if it maintained the ascending repeating 16th pattern with the jumps layered on instead of removing the 16ths; I think it would climax better
204.305, 204.477 - Missing synth notes
208.344 - The repeating synth is higher in this part, but uses the same [14] jumps as before. Like the ones in the intro, these passages could have much better PR
There are good ideas in the alternating color but the chart needs to be a lot more accurate.

=== JUDGE: TC_Halogen ===

[7/10] [Resubmission] Miss Jackson {Panic! At The Disco} (Xiz)
- missing jumps from my previous notes were resolved
- structure at the end was very slightly changed from previous version, mostly to accommodate for Silvuh's notes regarding missing kicks
- i'm still not a fan of the continuance of the structure, but it seems slightly more relevant with the missing notes taken care of
- passable

[8/10] [Resubmission] Phantasy Story -ReStart- {otokaz} (Silvuh)
- 21.249: higher string plays along with the snare so layering would dictate this being a jump, though it conflicts with the two chords that you have represented as 8ths immediately after, so... tricky. The higher strings are a bit more prominent.
- 22.379: ambiguous jump compared to
- 74.674: this should be a jump as the string plays here (remove the jump on the 4th)
- 93.064: all other snare blips have the 5th note, you should add it here for consistency (or remove it from others)
- 102.721: while relevant, this burst is quite nasty because of the forced mini-jack - the triple could be removed in exchange for a more rigid pattern, certainly optional though
- this structure must have changed a lot given the previous notes about avoiding precedence and mixing things up too much; this chart has a pretty crystal clear structure to me personally

[8/10] [Resubmission] Zephyros {xi} (Silvuh)
- the earlier missing piano notes that I mentioned previously judging this are still missing, and they're even more noticeable to me now that you have an audio file with substantially improved quality
- playing the two versions side by side, and I must say, your changes from 66s to 76s were really well conceived, the structure is super-explicit there and it just feels right to me personally
- something that I didn't ention before, but 65.588 does not mark the end of the piano's 48th notes there, it goes a little further than that
- the later missing piano notes that I mentioned, well... I simply don't hear them. The luxuries of having better audio quality and good headphones really go a long way here.
- 80.588: still missing a jump for that repeating violin note (or kick, your choice)
- structure is substantially cleaner overall, lots of mistakes previously made were addresed and corrected accordingly

Set 3

=== JUDGE: DossarLX ODI ===

[8/10] Insignia {Muzzy} (gameboy42690)
- 2.79, 4.85: I'm curious as to why these 16ths are missing
- 3.39: Jump should be inserted here
- 5.79, 6.82: Missing 8ths
- Above three points also apply through 21.22
- 94.77: Missing jump for clap
- 100.77: Missing 8th
- 102.82, 105.57: Synth doesn't land on here, not sure why this is a jump
- Patterning is a bit repetitive although the file has a great foundation. Some of the notes look like they were intentionally left out, although it brings up questions about why similar sounds were also stepped if this was the case.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

High FGO Special Batch - Phase 1


High-Priestess, Maniera v2, Nest, Odd22, where is my balls

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.
Other comments: First and foremost I'm going to preface my notes saying that I'm mainly going to focus on patterning and playability. I feel that at this difficulty level, as long as there are no glaring simfiling errors (which I will point out as I come across them), if the file is playable and structurally enjoyable (no massive difficulty spikes or stale patterning, etc.), it is probably good enough to be accepted into the queue. Nitpicking over PR, better potential layering schemes, and other 'subjectivemania' bs, especially at this difficulty level, would result in very few files from this batch making it into FFR.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8*/10] High-Priestess {Luxion} (hi19hi19)
- aarrghh I feel like I've told you what's gay and what's cool about most of your submissions on skype already do I really need to write stuff out
- 7.02, 16.81: No hand, yet there was a hand at the very beginning?
- those jumpgluts are going to piss some people off but I like them
- that jack section is going to piss some people off but I like it

- Actually from what I saw the jack patterning in the second half was thought out very well.
- 73.15: This song sounds like a sequel to Purgatorium

- quite a significant difficulty spike with the ending section here (probably more than intended?), even with the jumpglut and jack sections beefing up the rest of the file's difficulty a good amount (specifically 133.013 onwards, the first half of the ending section is quite a bit more manageable than the patterning in the second half, and I believe it's largely due to the 32nd streams here ending on split jumps as opposed to mostly one handed jumps in the first half)
- 133.06: The 3/32nd jacks on the down arrow back-to-back makes this section incredibly choppy
- ending offset 16th jack leading into split roll is very gay
- Going to the above, the jack makes the up-arrows prone to missing or early-good rushing. Another thing I noticed is that the up 12th at 141.91 is likely to give a late good with the rest of the area AAA’d, so some repatterning here could help.
- still incredibly fun for its difficulty, hoping the patterning can be cleaned up a bit (no need to outright remove 32nds, just improve flow if possible)
- For the most part this file is solid although the 3/32nd jack issue in some of the 32nd rolls makes those parts in the second half very choppy. I think an 8/10 could work here with a CQ flag to clean up the large number of hidden 3/32nd jacks in the 32nd rolls, and potentially change that ending as well.

[3/10] Maniera v2 {Musical Masterpiece} (0)
- mfw this file
- several sections have anchored jumpjack patterns that are at a high enough bpm to require vibration in order to PA properly (28.983, 29.560...), which is something we want to avoid
- the coloured flams are quite hilarious, +1

- 32.27: NOPE
- 57.829 ayyyyyyyy
- 59.68: NOPE
- 61.868 AYYYYYYYY
- We’re not trying to play Ducky’s 250 BPM Edit at 208 BPM
- good hot 24th polystream
- even assuming the file is some technical Simfiling Masterpiece, it's far too difficult for FFR even with the intended difficulty expansion (the aim was for the highest difficulty to still be DDG'able by the top 15 or 20 players, and I don't see that happening here), and vibrating is stressed at several points
- but I won't give it a 1 because I still had a good laugh ty 0

- This file doesn’t provide anything more than the ingame Maniera, it just integrates more jacks/jumpgluts and terrible patterning.

[7*/10] Nest {Cardboard Box} (lurker)
- this file's really fucking fun for the most part
- the 24th trills starting and ending on jumps are massive bootraps, I'd consider changing them to split rolls instead...but they're still doable, so fuck it I guess they're alright with me but lets see what Dossar says

- On the note of 24th trills, 20.03 is an example of how the trills should be stepped. The chiptune bursts don’t end on the 4th after, they end before. So having any 4-note 12th jacks here is wrong to begin with.
- What this file suffers from is a “layer everything” mindset. I can see the hands staying for the 222 BPM sections as this file does provide a nice opportunity for dense 16th jumpstreaming at a reasonably fast speed, although this density continuing at the 333 BPM 12th section causes a tremendous spike.
- 75.83: No hands in this section yet there were hands back in 32.63

- despite the rest of the file still being quite difficult, that middle section (78.197 - 96.197) is a MASSIVE spike and results in a pretty frustrating difficulty curve for scoring (I'm failing to SDG the file due to that section alone while AAA'ing everything else quite comfortably)
- if the rest of the file's difficulty was on par or closer to the difficulty reflected at this section, it wouldn't be a problem, but the equivalent of 250bpm 16th semi-dense handstreaming with bursts is a fuckton harder than everything else present
- I know you probably don't want to but I think you'd have to water down that section in order for this to be queued, since the rest of the file can't really be beefed up
- the 16th burst patterning here should be cleaned up a lot, many patterns (including a good handful of one hand minitrills) are forcing 8th minijacks that are ramping up the difficulty astronomically
- I'd also stick to strictly jumpstream, the hands are overkill

- For a summary of the above, removing the hands in the section from 78.197 - 96.197 would smooth out the difficulty curve for this file. It would provide for a good opportunity to contain semi-dense 250 BPM jumpstreaming as well. Note that with the current hands, they ALWAYS force an 8th minijack and an anchor so removing the hands also allows more flexibility. 84.77 is an example of how hands limit patterning here, and mixing 16ths with 12ths one handed at this speed doesn’t play well at all.
- 87.89: Snaking pattern here with the hands is a WWE-type difficulty spike that is influenced from overlayering instead of polyrhythms
- 88.84: Hidden up-arrow jack, very choppy to play here
- 91.13: Hidden up-arrow jack ending in a 16th triplet. Yuck.

- still really fun though, I hope you're able to smoothen out the difficulty curve in a way that you're happy with because I'd love to see this in FFR
- In general the hidden minijacks resulting from the overlayering issue in the 333 BPM 12th section results in very choppy patterning that needs to be revised. Overall this file’s layout looks alright, although it needs to be cleaned up to not spike up the difficulty unfairly in one section. The patterning could also be a bit better in the 222 BPM 16th sections, although that’s not as severe. Please consider more careful placement of the hands.

[7.5*/10] Odd22 {Terminal11} (Choof)
- difficulty on SM isn't 22, -1
- the jumpstream patterning in this file makes me feel like I'm faster than I really am so ty for that

- 75.18-110.60: I've noticed this same pattern keeps getting repeated over and over again and it gets annoying after a while. (Yes I’m aware that is an old screenshot, but this issue still exists from my previous notes)
- 94.329 very gay minijack
- For the above note, an 8th minijack with a 16th trill would work better for the vocal sample there
- 112.60: Up arrow anchor here is problematic, especially going into the 3/32nd jack
- 117.30, 123.60: Down anchor starting with the 3/32nd makes this section much harder than it should be
- 118.69, 125.00: Ghost note, the soft kick lands on the 16th before
- 118.95, 125.27: Very choppy; revise patterning to not be a long 8th jack
- 129.91: Now this is starting to look like copy/paste, the above issues apply again

- ending 32nds are fucking brutal to play through but that's probably just me being shit
- really don't have much to say about this one...for a file past the difficulty threshold of playing for the AAA (even for D7 players), it's not just a complete clusterfuck of unfair bullshit, so it gets the go-ahead from me

- Some patterns are repeating too often and I could swear I saw quite lot of copy/paste going on and this becomes especially problematic with awkward one handed patterns back to back requiring air movements. With some more cleanup this would make for a great challenge.

[7*/10] where is my balls {LOLI RIPE} (YoshL)
- 8.52, 9.00, 10.92, 11.52: Missing jumps (inferred from the layered vocal+break at 8.04)
- 19.107 32nd pattern here would force a two frame minijack on FFR, change so that the 4th and 8th are same note
- 32.187 - 32.787 this section is pretty awkward to hit as is, largely due to the 16ths separating both sets of 32nds. I'd change the 16ths from 32 to 43 and then continue the start of the next 32nd roll on the left hand

- Going to the above point, the 16th up anchor is what causes major problems here -- and the average-rush trap at 32.49 causes more issues as well. The patterning here needs to be revised.
- 38.40: There is a 5-note 64th burst here, although with how the vocals turn out on normal rate it’s better to have this part as a 4th jump into a jumptrill triplet [34][12][34] to cover the most prominent parts.

- 39.867 transitioning in and out of these 48ths is manageable but pretty weird to play through, would consider revising
- 64.08: This 8th jack is chained with the 8th jacks to the vocals right after. It’s combining an 8th jack for two different sounds and also provides a long hidden jack, so this should be revised.
- nothing to really point out in the middle of the file, flows pretty well
- glad you kept the patterning but took out the jumps for the first half of the ending stream, was pretty shit to play through formerly given all the trills...also makes latter half more climactic

- 159.18: Up anchor here is very problematic
- 160.527 change the right hand minitrill here to 424 to improve transition from 32nds prior and also into the 16th jumptrill
- 160.44: A better alternative exists for the above. Since these 16th streams mainly just have jumps for the vocals, the same should apply here. This means the jump at 160.44 and 160.68-160.98 can be removed, and there can’t be perfect layering with the 32nd burst anyways. These kinds of burst spikes shouldn’t be like a paranormal activity jumpscare.
- as much of a fan I am of 32nd rolls that can be cheated as [12][34] jumptrills, the patterning does feel pretty repetitive after a while. To keep the player more engaged, consider changing a few of the shorter bursts to split rolls (mostly the five note rolls wherever possible, anything longer and this'll start to play like sys doc at certain parts and We Do Not Want That)
- american dad memes

- A meme reference doesn’t warrant lengthening a file by 24 seconds at the end.


Dysnomia, Hyper-INF-LATiON, LE6!ON, My Wolf Eats Preps, The lost

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Red for notes. Pink for providing comments to the lead judge.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

Supplemental Judge: TC_Halogen
Color: Orange for notes, Brown for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Dysnomia {YZYX} (DossarLX ODI)
- Since this is my file I can’t give feedback. Someone else will review these lead notes.
- not quite firstaidvision-tier but ya this is a pretty dossar file
- definitely just has that feel, haha - light, yet brutal
- very much enjoyed this as is
- while the file’s definitely well done, I’m so surprised that it’s kept as tame as it is!
- only criticism is that the second set of intro quarter note trills starting at 9.314s shouldn't be the same arrows as the previous trill but reversed given the ascending melody, plays quite awkward to hit what’s there at the moment but then seeing the next two sets of trills PR’d accordingly
- very much agree, I actually addressed the pitch relevance in the intro in my notes as well - looks a bit strange
- up to 14.806: patterns could be organized a bit better to capture both the accented strings and the more "plucked" ones with proper pitch relevance
- almost all of the rhythms here are correct after checking with multiple passes, however...
- the jump placement doesn't seem the most accurate in some spots; most are to cymbal crashes, which is good and all for this generally "light" structure, but jumps like 16.999, 24.960, 26.806, (etc), while understandable, make the structure feel a bit incomplete because many instances of the sounds accented here are left behind in other spots
- you introduce a pattern repetition later for snares (44.575 + 44.922, as an example) that could be somewhat effective earlier on as well
- check your rhythms around 73.422, because there's a bit of a deceleration here that isn't quite accented well just going from 32nds to 16ths
- despite running at 260 BPM, the patterns are pretty fluent - feels like a hybrid that beefs up Hero Reconsidering and Breakbeat Acid into a nice 260 BPM burst-fest
- missing notes at: 27.672, 33.095, 33.210, 46.595, 75.210, 78.095, 81.672, 84.441, 85.479, 89.056, 90.787, 91.825
- also, check (or explain if intentional): 78.499, 85.883
- dude, give me three hours and I will have a field day with this song, I could easily make this a 99 on the current scale and still have it be completely fair :V

[5.5/10] Hyper-INF-LATiON {cosMo@Bousou-P feat. Hatsune Miku} (SonicX.)
- 12.98 to 15.06 is overstepped, only the light cymbal plays here and jumps are used for every instance (the loud guitar at 14.62 is also ignored)
- 17.44: There aren’t any 16ths here. The drums and guitar are 12ths. They were stepped correctly at 19.82
- 21.30 to 24.57: Erratically stepped, this needs to be revised. Many 8th and 16th percussion sounds are ignored and there are many ghost notes.
- 27.17, 28.36: Missing 16th for bass kick
- 29.40: Ghost note; there are 16ths to the bass kick at 29.25, 29.54, and 33.70
- 34.15: This goes to the piano and does not belong in the same column as the bass kicks
- 38.53: The layering looked ok up to this point and then it stopped making sense. The snare had its emphasis on the 8ths, and then increased in frequency but was neglected. In addition the 12th section after is missing a lot of layering opportunities (for instance, 48.33 and 50.71 at the very least should have been jumps) and the jumps there should have been hands.
- 56.15, 56.25: Missing 12th vocals
- 63.48: Many notes are missing here, there isn’t any indication of what’s supposed to be followed here.
- 67.93 to 70.91: This part is just a 4th jump section that doesn’t follow anything
- 71.05: The 16th run starts on this 8th and there’s a missing 16th on 72.32; the stepping of this run also needs more thought -- that 8th up jack makes no sense.
- 72.39: The vocals aren’t 12ths here. They’re a series of broken 16ths.

- 73.01s left hand trill here quite awkward
- On the above note, that trill is also wrong.
- 91.33: This file has many missing notes
- 92.29: The triplets start on the 8th note.
- 101.50: The percussion and vocals here aren’t 12ths, they’re a series of broken 16th notes.
- 107.44: The vocals and bass kick are 12ths in this specific spot
- 111.00: The percussion and vocals here are broken 16ths.

- the only reason this file made it into this batch was because of the ending (120.535s onwards), and it was a very enjoyable file until that point, but that ending jumpjack section elevates the difficulty from FMO to near-FSO
- The above note is also something that needs to be considered since most of this file’s difficulty consisted of jumpstreaming and the ending makes it completely different.
- change the three note jacks to minitrills and the difficulty structure will be much more consistent, leading to a much better file
- This file has a lot of errors and it and requires some significant reworking if it’s going to be considered. The layering isn’t even clear to begin with.

[5.75/10] LE6!ON - {Frums} (Lambdadelta)
- 53.13: These very slight pitch changes on the 32nds are only noticeable on 0.3 rate. They should be removed, and the patterning is also horrid in that burst.
- 53.41: Considering there’s a pause between this and the 8th note before, having the hidden 5-note 8th jack doesn’t fit here
- 54.24: 24ths should have been stepped here as this part is 48ths; the 32nd spin roll also is an uninteresting pattern.
- 54.52: The 8th jumps don’t fit here. Trills would have worked better to follow the bass rush.
- 57.58: I saw what was attempted here, although it doesn’t work. This burst starts as a 48th, and already there’s a 32nd mixed with a 48th that’s a guaranteed zero frame interval. Simplify this burst into either a 32nd or 48th burst. To make the file more interesting, a non-jumptrill 32nd burst would add more flavor.
- 59.10: This should have been a 32nd as opposed to 48ths. There’s a 64th burst here, and the straight roll pattern is uninspiring.
- 61.26, 61.46: From what I can tell there are missing jumps here.
- 62.16: If this was to be stepped as 32nds, several other spots right after should have been 32nds. This is a bit of a cheap spike, and be aware of the long hidden right jack. I feel like the layering could be toned down a bit.
- 68.89: These roll patterns can be varied up much more.
- 69.94: Missing jump; this is part of the snare run.
- 93.36: There aren’t any 48ths here; this is a 64th burst, and a 32nd should have been stepped instead.
- 93.83: There is an overwhelming bias of 8th jacks on the right note in this section.

- might have slightly overestimated the difficulty on this one, but the jumpstream density and burst sections still put it around 88 (jumpstream layering is heavily reminiscent of FREEDOM DiVE and around the same bpm) so fuck it
- can't stand the song but the file is still surprisingly enjoyable to play through despite that

- Considering that some of the layering choices are still slightly incorrect, this felt like a forced attempt at making a file with some dense jumpstream. This isn’t really a good song to do it on as it doesn’t offer much creativity.
- bursts actually converted somewhat decently on FFR too so that's a plus
- nothing to add really, somewhat generic jumpstream file but meh, had fun

[5/10] My Wolf Eats Preps {Renard} (YoshL)
- 13.93: This should have been a single note
- 67.43: Not sure why more of these jacks were left out
- 84.10: What would’ve worked better is [13], [14], then [134]. All hands doesn’t account for the change in pitch for the vocals and the current hand results in a nasty anchor on the left hand.
- 97.27: Nasty right anchor

- ugh
- yes, I know, I know, I made a post about how 180bpm jacks should be the limit with respect to what's submitted for jack difficulty, but when those jacks are the only patterns emphasized throughout the file...I don't find this fun to play through at all, both casually and for scoring, and I feel like a good majority of players would agree with me
- going to pass regardless because structurally it's okay, and it's certainly possible to AAA (best is 0-0-3-1 or 0-0-3-2...bet a lot of scores would look like that), but I just feel this isn't appropriate for FFR
- hell I might be in the minority here though so lets see what others have to say

- This file is forced at best. There isn’t anything inspiring about it, and the song is limited with what can be done for a hard file. Better choices exist out there for high fgo or higher files.

[5/10] The lost {midoriA} (hi19hi19)
- 41.09: I feel like the file could start around here, considering the first 40 seconds is a lot of filler compared to the rest.
- lmao this is so fucking overstepped
- the spiky scoring structure reminds me a lot of husigi...and this file has the same notecount wtf
- I'm all for hard pain but this is just too much given the nature of this song, and a decent chunk of what's being layered in is barely audible at times

- 45.95: Already I can see where this is going.
49.222 - 50.033 ugh, cheatable but such a mess
51.384 - 52.465 and again

- The overlayering is what’s ruining the flow of this chart. For the above points, I guarantee a 12th single note jack would fit those bass kicks much more and provide a better streaming experience than some sandwiched jumpgluts.
- 65.438 everytime I've played this file I've been completely blindsided by this jack and it doesn't help that you can barely even hear what it's going to lol
- Going to the above jack, 65.77 and 65.86 should have been placed on a different column (probably right) since there is a drastic increase in volume
- 84.898 (happy) sick hands (these aren’t difficult on stepmania, but with FFR forcing some two framers here, it’ll be pretty dumb to play through this part unless frame fixes can somehow improve playability)
- the polyrhythmic jumpstream at around bar 63 with 16th jumpjacks... while the polys would be cheatable on FFR, this is quite gay, like far gayer than anything in heterochromia, and heterochromia's already pretty fucking gay in the second half so

- 90.01 Is straight up horrendous and needs more thought put into it. Heterochromia Iridis was much more thoughtful of the player in its minijack jumpstream.
- 92.465 - 93.006 this is the one roll section in the file that I don't actually mind since there aren't a ton of jumps mucking up the timing
- 102.08: The up arrow FFFFFFF
- transitions into the denser 16th/24th polyrhythms in the final 12th jumpstream are kinda gross at times (102.263 for example forces a pretty awkward up jack that abruptly cuts off the rest of the section which flows very nicely)
- 128.682 - 130.304 (heidy) intensifies

- I felt like I was bracket smashing a crossover spectrum chart in the above section
- iirc you had a [light] version of this file you sent me a while ago which I may have lost (heh) but I think that version may be significantly more suitable for the game
- fun but I regrettably must inform you to dial back the meme notch just a tad

- The overstepping really does not match the song at all. There are many opportunities for polyrhythms and 24th streaming already, the extra layering just makes the file forced and it results in the awkward jacks that result in awkward floating motions.


Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong, shit palette 2.0, Stress Free Style, You Universe, You're gonna love my nuts

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[9/10] Maybe All This Time I Was Wrong {The Flashbulb} (YMIA & Halogen)
- probably a couple points easier than an 89 but w.e fuck it
- great file with excellent flow, even the split jumpjacks were very comfortable to hit

- 69.23: While I’m mentioning this specific 32nd section, some of the other 32nd parts could also have patterns that aren’t one-hand jumps (12341234, etc.). This is an overused pattern in many files in the game and making even just a split roll pattern would be better, although this is just a general suggestion; there’s nothing wrong there.
- Being 180 BPM this file will convert consistently, although frame fixing should help resolve some of the faster burst issues if they arise (such as the 48ths/64ths which will guarantee some sort of 0 frame placement).

[4/10] shit palette 2.0 {goreshit} (HeZe)
- literally on my way to the airport right now so brief notes without going into the editor (apologies)
- the difficulty structure for this file is extremely inconsistent which would prove very frustrating to play for scoring (the beginning is very difficult but the difficulty immediately drops off at the start of the first 'verse' where it's just very simplistic quarter and eighth note jumpstreaming for what feels like close to a minute, until the second half of the file starts...this section should have increased layering to [try to] match the difficulty of other sections in the file)

- Going to the above, there are a lot of 16th triplets and missed layering opportunities to include the vocals. For a minute, the player is faced with a lot of easy 8th sections and it’s not a good difficulty spread.
- the constant 16th split jumptrilling is just plain unfun and will most likely force at least a single one frame gap per each group of five jumps on FFR (resulting in even more scoring frustration)
- some 32nds are also very poorly patterned, at this bpm try to make all repeated arrows in a 5 note 32nd burst at least an 8th apart due to frame issues

- The layering in the first 35 seconds of the file doesn’t even make any sense. Yes, there are the 16ths and 32nd bursts there. However, the melody has sparse notes in comparison, and the other elements don’t happen at the frequency of the jumps.
- 36.90: In this section, jumps are being stepped for each bass kick. This part needs to be redone.
- 50.40: This is what I meant by many missing 16th triplets.
- 99.56: How is this a hand?
- 100.52: Same layering issue as the first 35 seconds of the file.
- 130.55: nope
- 147.03: What are these jumps for?
- The layering issues continue through the rest of the file.
- The only layering that made any sense was the minute-long 8th section after the beginning section and even then it left out many elements that could’ve been utilized.
- In general the patterning was very awkward, especially in the 32nds. 130.55 was the worst case. Most of the patterning problems were due to the excessive number of extra jumps.

[7*/10] Stress Free Style {MOSAIC.WAV} (Scintill)
- fucking relentless file wow
- General note: the 12ths in this file are 198 BPM 16ths for reference
- also this has scintill written all over it
- 22.81, 23.49: These aren’t 24th triplets; the 24ths are ghost notes
- 24.13: This is a 16th triplet, not a 24th burst

- I think a good majority of the jumpjacks in this file can probably be cheated on FFR, which is a shame but what are you gonna do
- 19.49s lol fuck you change this

- Going to the above: This part alone already gives a CQ flag considering the rest of the file.
- 29.717s this is fine as is if you choose to leave it alone, but if you intend for this to actually be trilled, change it to a two hand trill because I guarantee 99% of players will jumpjack this
- Going to the above point (and referencing the fact that 12ths at this speed at 198 BPM 16ths), the players would do themselves a disservice by trying to trill a 198 BPM 32nd trill.
- 38.96s this is so much fun to hit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
- Agreed. That trill was a great addition
- 45.31: Remove the layering during the bursts here to follow them more accurately as opposed to stepping fragments (which results in having the normal beat interrupt the bursts).
- 47.66: This entire 16th section is actually 12ths
- 66.29: What’s stepped as a 16th trill is just 12ths
- 68.34: The only 24th in this trumpet burst is at 68.53.
- 69.17: Restep the trumpet to be just 12ths here. Same for 68.34
- 82.88: Same trumpet issues again; a hold note isn’t the same as a 24th burst
- 89.66: What are these 48th-offsetted 16ths for? The trumpet starts on the 12th, not the 24th
- 91.88: Same issue with the 48th-offsetted 16ths; there are softer 12th drums here and a short 12th trumpet burst.
- 93.45, 94.59, 94.81: Vocal and trumpet don’t play until the 12th after
- 95.97: This should have been on the 12th after

- solo is fucking fun as hell to play through
- the upjacks starting at measure 154...these require a great deal of control to AAA through, and while certainly doable, they're stepped to a short drum interlude at the end of the solo that is easily the least chaotic part of the song, and I think the difficulty should maybe reflect that...consider changing to up/down trills?

- To go to the above point, these are back-to-back 198 BPM 16th jacks. So the player is going to be faced with an ugly glut of 2-framers. It’s not as noticeable in stepmania where I can vibrate it and it’s not that bad, but in FFR the glut of 2 framers will be disgusting.
- 157.43: See 68.34
- 168.75: What is this right hand color trill for? The vocals are the 24th gallop with an 8th note on 168.91
- 171.97: See 68.34
- 178.75: See 89.66
- 180.97: See 91.88
- 182.54: Trumpet is on the 12th after.
- 183.71: Why was a 32nd stepped here instead of a 12th?
- 185.07: Previously at 95.97 there was a 48th. Now it’s a 32nd. This should be a 12th jump.
- 182.88: Why is this burst so drastically different from 93.79?
- 186.24: This should have been stepped on the 12th before
- 192.56: The vocal here does start a little earlier, but the 48th-offsetted 12th jumps after should have snapped to 12ths and 4ths.
- Maybe want to tone down the meme notch just a tad at the end

- excellent challenging file but definitely touch up that absurd intro burst thing

[8*/10] You Universe {Blitz Lunar} (hi19hi19)
- love it, but you already know my gripe with the jacks
- This file makes Metro look like nothing, haha.
- 24th jumpstream patterning flows very well, as do most 32nd streams
- if you want the streams to be the main difficulty focus, split the long jack lengths between two arrows (the ending 32nd transitions in and out of the jacks is especially problematic and overshadow the parts intended to be more difficult imo)

- If you ask me, the best alternative would be to split those long jacks into minijacks. The jacks definitely can’t stay in their current state though; someone can be strong at fast streaming but get crushed by the 16th jacks in this file. Having minijacks will also alleviate the problem with the 32nds.
- 111.64: The 32nd for the snare was stepped here, but not at 106.97 and 109.31
- Due to the nature of the song I understand the recoloration back to 4th notes, although I could see that screwing around with players’ heads with all the streaming going on haha.
- The most problematic parts of the streams were 3/32nd jacks that lasted 4 notes. At most 3 note 3/32nd jacks is what I’d consider reasonable for faster 32nd streams, but once it gets to 4 notes or more the difference starts to become much more noticeable.

- probably my favorite FSO if this gets queued

[8/10] You're gonna love my nuts {Reizoko Cj} (gameboy42690)
- I'm worried about how this is going to convert on FFR but I can't say I really have problems with anything after playing it on SM a few times
- I’m wondering why “with” wasn’t stepped in the very beginning, but “slap chop” was.
- I'd remove the opening four note 16th jack though, at 260bpm that's gonna force one-framers regardless of frame touchups (and the RATO opening jack 20bpm slower is annoying enough)
- The above is probably referring to the 195 BPM jack at 14.31 (which would still basically be a glut of 2 framers). Either way, minijacks would work better as later on in the 260 BPM sections minijacks are also stepped rather than four note jacks (e.g. 61.86).
- 148.50: Holy crap this is mean. Prone to [23] syndrome
- similar difficulty structure to base, latter half bringing it down a notch but yeah, good clean fun


Mondo Brutale, Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT-, Resistance 8, Stress Free Style v2, Ultraviolent Junglist

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Green for notes, Light Green for providing comments to the lead judge.

[6.5/10] Mondo Brutale {Komprex} (hi19hi19)
- My main problem with this file (besides the arguably polarizing song choice; we’re here to talk about the steps though) is those very long jumpjacks. Musically I can understand why you chose long jumpjacks instead of doing more jumpgluts (such as the ones from 28.098-31.125), but the end result isn't very fun. Take 37.611-40.098 for example. There's a hidden 24 note long 8th jack at 277.5 BPM (or a 138.75 BPM 16th jack if you want to think of it this way). An even more difficult example is the hidden 32 note long 8th jack from 65.457-68.808. Even the shorter 16 note long jacks in this file are tough to pull off at this speed, and there's a ton of those in the file.
- There's two alternatives I can think of to what you have now. They would be to either take the current series of jumpgluts and convert them into mini-jacks without jumps or turn them into 8th note jumpstream, and in either of the two cases take the current long 8th jumpjacks and turn them into long strings of jumpgluts with more variation than the current jumpjacks, which I think would be more manageable for the player while also still reflecting the music and staying difficult.
- I otherwise don't really have an issue with how the rest of the file is structured. Just that the overabundance of brutal jumpjacks really takes away from any fun factor the file may have otherwise had.

- There are some layering sections that need to be addressed.
- 28.13: My main quip here would be that the jumpgluts don’t all have 8th minijacks attached to them. For instance, take the [23] jump at 28.67 and [14] jump at 29.10; if you want my advice, this section would fit the track better if you started the 8th minijacks on the 4th notes and kept it that way.
- 46.07: How are these all jumps?

The jumps are all going to the guitar riff, with the few single notes going to what sounds like a comparatively lower guitar note. The downside is that it’s difficult to tell the two sounds apart, so those few singles seem pretty random. It would make more sense for most of the guitar riffs to be stepped with singles and only have jumps to the drum and the stressed guitar notes (45.826, 46.475, 47.015 etc.)
- 62.09-62.78: How are these hands? Same issue with 101.59-114.85
- 136.40: Why is this a trill instead of 8th jacks?

I kind of liked how this was stepped, but 8th jacks would match better with how the rest of the file was stepped.
- 144.62: How is this a hand?
- From a tournament file standpoint this file wouldn’t be fitting since it has such a heavy focus on long sustaining jacks and transitioning between them. It’s a rather split heavy file, although as a standalone file it could be a mega-jack challenge added to the game.

[4/10] Parousia-LAST JUDGEMENT- {xi} (YoshL)
OFFSET CHANGED TO -0.442 (Technical issues with my SM and certain kbs rates on .mp3 files, not an issue on your end.)
Beautiful intro. Pitch relevancy is good, layering is good. I honestly wish the rest file was more like this, because once we get into the hard stuff a lot of the difficulty feels really forced.

19.46: There isn’t a 32nd note here. There’s a missing 16th at 17.79 too; there are some missing notes in this area and it’s not clear why they weren’t stepped.
28.210: It looks like you intended for this wall to be jumptrillable, but the triples made it hard to do that. This might be easier when it converts to FFR though, but I don’t know for sure.
Going to the above point, keep in mind that due to the hand and jump the player is actually doing a 16th vibrajacking jack on the left hand. In order to not have 1-frame intervals on the 24th minijacks, this part would have to be changed around to messy placements on the right side.
38.104: Here’s a good example of where I feel the difficulty was really forced here. Everything you stepped here exists in the song, but trying to cram it all together ended up not being all that fun.
For the above point: There is a very clear layering problem here. I’m seeing hands crammed with too much density everywhere. Upon analysis I can see what parts can be hit as [12] or [34], but even then these imbalanced sections are largely due to jumps or hands making many forced minijack patterns.
49.54: As a general guideline, jacks at this speed shouldn’t go above 5 notes (especially not with a one handed anchor in between).
51.508: Another really dense part of the song. Again, it’s all there, but it feels forced. This one isn’t nearly as bad as other parts of the file though.
100.019: These 24ths I think are going to some faint piano in the background… And because the piano is so faint here and I can barely hear it, it gave off the impression that these 24ths were going to nothing. The second time around they’re more noticeable.
101.295: All these hands and minijacks crammed together felt really forced and unnatural.
111.827: Also felt very crammed together and forced.
These above three things repeat later in the song.
132.572: This 32nd jumpstream is insane.

The above is a mess of minijacks and when we get to 133.88 there are basically two cameljacks connected to each other and it’s a very unnatural pattern to play.
The climax has more of the same “feels forced” problem. In every one of these situations I’ve pointed out, the notes are there in the song but playing the file is a chore. Technically accurate, just really not all that fun.
From what I also gathered in gameboy’s review, this file is composed of many unbalanced parts. There is some 16th streaming here and there, although most of the difficulty comes from snaking Winter Wind Etude-like patterns that jump at your face for a fraction of a second. Fixing the overlayering issue will remove a lot of forced minijacks, and more thought needs to be put into the patterning. This file has a long way to go.

[2.5/10] Resistance 8 {Pyongyang Hardcore Resistance} (HeZe)
20.678: I was questioning why you chose to just step the bass from 20.678 onward instead of including the rest of the drums. Seems weird to leave them out. Including them would have given the file some much needed flavor. Stepping just the bass at this point was pretty boring.
43.951: This long series of [12] jumps where the BPM doubles was boring, but I could see why you would step it that way. Personally I think you could get away with doing something like [12][12][12][12][34][34][34][34] etc. like in the last quarter of Zombie Sunset and it would be a bit more tolerable. It’s up to you, though.

More importantly, there are other parts of the song that could have been stepped. This is going by a “step a bass kick as a jump” mentality and ignores everything else.
55.587: This jump could have been a hand to go with the cymbal crash. The 12ths that followed were odd since you left out the bass every so often; strange since before you stepped almost nothing but the bass.
The jumps in the section mentioned above don’t make sense given what is stepped. There are missing bass notes, and even if that 12th melody was included partially, it’s missing half the jumps that should be there.
61.405: Quit out during my initial playtest. I have absolutely no idea what these 16th streams are supposed to go to. The change in direction in the streams does obviously correspond to something in the song, but the streams themselves don't go to anything. I can hear a rush of 8ths being played, but no 16ths here at all.
That 16th stream is playable but goes to nothing. Yes, there is an 8th bass rush. No, the melody is not 16ths. This is Trigger syndrome.
73.07-75.93: Trigger syndrome again.
76.04: The 16th up arrows previously will make this awful.
82.53: I could say “Missing hand for clap” here, although there are plenty of extra jumps that don’t make sense. The 12th bass rush doesn’t explain the 4th jumps.

83.223: Eww, 330 BPM 16th trill. I would have stepped this as a roll instead; a 16th trill this fast is pretty brutal, and it doesn’t help that it’s followed by a wall of 32nds. The 32nd wall is technically accurate, but just as soon as that buzz starts playing, it starts to fade out, so I’m wondering instead if it should just be one solitary white note. 330 BPM 32nd walls aren’t very fun anyways.
85.678, 87.132, etc.: More 16th ghost notes. If you’re looking to accent that high pitched synth that’s fine, but they shouldn’t be 16th streams.
90.314: No 16ths here either.
101.951: Same as 90.314, but now you stepped 32nds in the burst?
104.905: Ghost 16th note.
This kind of throwing in ghost notes happens very frequently in the file, but it also seems very deliberate, as if you’re trying to accent certain sounds in the song. Again, it’s fine to accent sounds in the song but ghost notes generally aren’t the way to do it.
107.769, 108.496, etc.: These short 32nd bursts get very irritating very quickly. Some of the transitions in and out of the bursts can be awkward. Things get even more awkward and unnecessarily difficult to play starting at 114.314, where the player now can’t just simply jumptrill their way through the bursts, and then at 119.587 where 16ths are thrown into the mix between bursts.

113.79: These 64th jumps create a 64th gallop. They’re just 4ths and introduce faux hands.
131.223: This upcoming part with the barrage of 32nd bursts gets particularly brutal and unfun. In a situation like this, it would be preferable to just have bursts of four 32nds instead of nine 32nds, similar to what Resistance 4 does.
137.041: I really don’t hear any 32nd gallops here. This just seems like another attempt to make the file harder than it should be.
142.905: Doesn’t seem like there’s any real purpose to these 16th mini jumpjacks, honestly. Again, it just feels like you’re trying to bump up the difficulty more than it needs to be.
154.882: During this final part of the song, there’s some drums that you missed stepping. Ignoring everything after 166.881 until you reach the last placeholder jump a few seconds later probably wasn’t the best choice.
This was an unusually brutal file. Much of the difficulty felt very artificial. The file could really benefit from being toned down.

The layering changed willy-nilly throughout the file and there was very little thought put into the patterning of this file.

[PASS/10] Stress Free Style v2 {MOSAIC.WAV} (Scintill)
- This review is no longer relevant. v1 is the same file but with 12ths instead of 16ths at a different BPM and that one already has the review.

[4/10] Ultraviolent Junglist {Venetian Snares} (DarkZtar)
Before going into gameboy’s reviews below, I’ll leave a few comments first.
- The difficulty was entered as 98. If this is a 98, Death Piano would probably be a 65 in comparison.
- OWA and I wanted to stay away from vibrating files as a general guideline. At this kind of speed, 16th jack usage should be limited to 5 notes and simplified. There can be exceptions, sure, although this file is basically like Xandertrax’s Islamey on steroids. There were jacks faster than 16ths that were considerably long.
- This file submission violates our guideline for having a file be possible to get under 100 goods by high D7 players.

- This file was hard. Really hard. There is some downright extreme jacking in this file and I actually couldn’t pass it in SM. I'm going to try and review this as best I can, but keep in mind this is also beyond my skill level.
60.951: A lot of the jumps in this song are going to the snare, including the jumps at 61.251, 61.401, etc., so not stepping this 8th and the following 16th as jumps and stepping the quarter note at 61.101 as a jump was weird.
62.751: This note would work better as a triple instead of the quarter note at 62.901 being a triple. 62.751 is a much louder sound.
64.851: Same as above.
66.201: This should also be a jump. The rest of the jumps in this jumptrill are all going to the distorted drum, and this quarter note isn’t going to any different sound.
68.901: Technically 32nds and not 24ths, but I can’t say I blame you for choosing a 24th trill instead; I did the exact same thing in one of my submissions to this batch so I can understand why you’d do something like this.
71.001: The drum is actually slightly delayed here and comes a bit later than a quarter note. A 32nd would be more accurate.
75.501 & 75.726: Can’t say I agree with these triples being triples. The sound you’re following isn’t really loud enough. The quad at 75.951 is definitely loud enough to be a hand. It’s up to you whether you keep this as a quad or make it a triple instead.
77.601: Missed a few 16th drums in between these three jumps.
79.851: The drum is the same here as it was at 79.701, so this should be turned into another [24] jump.
81.501 & 81.651: 96th bursts didn’t really fit with these two drums. I’d recommend white notes to accent the drums instead.
92.001: Based on earlier layering, this part would make more sense with 16th jumpgluts.
92.526: Missed a 16th drum.
96.051: A 6 note jumpjack at 200 BPM? Can’t say I’ve seen too many of these in FFR. I got some criticism over a 4 note 195 BPM jack in “You’re gonna love my nuts”, so I can’t imagine this jumpjack or any of the large amount of 4 note jumpjacks in this file are going to go over well either.
103.401-118.701: This rainbow note section could be polished a little more. I listened to the song at 0.5x rate with the handclap on, and a few times the handclap drifted from the vocal sample. I could feel the sync drifting a bit during my initial playtest, too.
123.426: Mini-jack felt very out of place.
127.701: Same as 92.001.
131.751 & 131.976: These two notes should also be jumps. Since these two drums are the same as the drum you did step jumps to around this part, you could also step mini jumpjacks. [34][12] gallops work fine, too.
133.251: The transition out of these 96ths is really weird. Something basic like 1-2-3-4-1 would flow a lot better.
134.901: Yikes! Technically correct, but jumpjacks like this are just torture.

Going to the above: That is the Islamey Jack.
136.551 etc.: Similar to 131.751. There’s a few more instances of this happening throughout the file.
150.801: Another opportunity for jumpgluts, but I can see why you wanted to avoid them this time. Transitioning from a 64th roll to 16th jumpgluts would be pretty ugly. Still, jumpgluts just make too much sense here. I’d tone down the roll to 32nds and then step the 16th jumpgluts.
167.601: These 20ths are the equivalent of a 250 BPM 16th jack. That’s pretty intense. And there’s a few more of them later in the file, too.
191.001: This is a very long one-handed trill, almost reminiscent of Flight of the Bumblebee. Granted it’s really easy compared to... well, everything else in this file, but this would play a bit better as a two-handed trill instead.
199.851: Instead of this jack being a jumpjack, I would make this a normal 3-note jack and make the louder snare drums at 200.076 into a jumpjack.

211.43: nope
231.68: nope
234.61: nope
236.78: nope

260.601: This rainbow jumpjack is about the equivalent of a 175 BPM 16th jumpjack. That makes it similar to Death Piano’s last trill, though this is much shorter (thankfully). Not sure if we’re looking to see something like that again in FFR.
273.801: This is where the file becomes certifiably insane. It’s a 17 note long 200 BPM jackhammer, complete with bonus white notes that form jumpjacks and a 32nd trill. This is way harder than anything currently in FFR not named vROFL. I’d be very uncomfortable seeing something like this in a file that’s supposed to be taken seriously. Fortunately we’re less than 10 seconds away from the end, so the file doesn’t get an opportunity to get harder than this.
Of all the files I’ve ever reviewed, this is by far the craziest. It might even be too crazy. Coming up with a numerical rating to give was very difficult. Ultimately, I really do think the file is just too hard even with the proposed difficulty expansion.

Even if someone was able to get through the short jumpglut and speed sections with teens goods or better, they’d get screwed over with 100+ goods from the 64th walls and long 16th jacks.


Apocynthion Drive, Breath After Breath, Epileptic Crisis, DIST SQUAD, oppIrish(GYPSYCOREremix)

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[1/10] Apocynthion Drive {HertzDevil} (DarkZtar)
- Before continuing: This file was really offsync for me, I was getting a bunch of early greats. In addition, the sections that have a plethora of color notes should have been at a different BPM.
- lmfao fucking nope
- some of the sections in this file are so fucking far past the line for the intended difficulty cap even with the extension
- the line is a dot to this file
- 81.433s, other crazy shit was already bending me over and giving me the shaft prior to this but now you went balls deep
- multiple 3/64th Death Piano-esque trills (including one-handed ones lmao)

- 128.12: nope
- when I got to the section playing in the SM preview music (165.872s), I failed
- that part was just a whole new level of buttfuckery

- That’s harder to pass than Ultraviolent Junglist which was already the hardest submission so far. At least someone that can vibrate can pass UV.
- I could go on but you probably already know this is quite outrageous
- Rejected for violating the guideline of having high D7 still being able to get double digit goods.

[8*/10] Breath After Breath {Craving} (hi19hi19)
- ok listen up cornlord
- despite this finally being a potential true stamina test for FFR, the sheer length of this file bores me and I can't stand powermetal
- that being said, I've only heard good things from other people about this file, so I don't think it's fair for me to give this a low rating when I'm probably in the minority of people that wouldn't enjoy this
- We Will See If FFR Is Craving Some Stamina

- This file looks similar to when I tried stepping Risk is My Business, except 9 BPM faster and 6 minutes longer!
- 6.90-19.88: I could loop this amazing beginning for hours. The 24ths on the double bass pedal and guitar are full of yes.
- 17.17, 17.71: There should be jumps on these 12ths layering in both the double bass pedal and drums.
- 32.58: If this jump was supposed to layer in the “I” from the vocals, it fits better on the 24th before.
- 58.26: Why is this a 5-note jumptrill?
- 84.74: With the blasting percussion and guitar, I can’t tell what the jumps in this section are going to.
- 168.93: Missing jump
- 215.02: Missing 12th note
- 227.45: Layering in the vocals here would be nice for some variety.
- 312.59, 357.99: Missing jumps
- 363.67: If you really wanted to be mean there could be a lot of 24th trills here for the guitar, although the way it’s currently stepped is fine.
- While most of the file looks alright layering-wise with a few parts that need to be addressed, I have a concern with the handstream and jumps landing on 12ths. This isn’t wrong/doesn’t need change, but it’s definitely an extra layer of complexity to dense handstream.
- Another irrelevant comment: This file has ~1700 more notes than The Games We Played Full Edition at ~10 minutes less. That’s scary considering even with the breaks in the file the average TPS is 17.59

[5/10] DIST SQUAD {Dj Sharpnel} (ItsOnlyDanO)
- the only reason this file qualifies for this batch is obviously the 48th walls
- unfortunately, they're gay
- very, very, very gay
- the shorter 48th burst patterning is kinda abrasive at certain parts but the walls are a much bigger issue, you'd have to change them to 32nd walls at which point the difficulty probably wouldn't breach the min level for this batch

- Two issues before I have more notes here: Those walls are actually 64ths, Rebound Vibrajacking Pack II had the walls correct. Second, this song was already stepped for a previous Dragonsfury tournament with a similar concept and the main difference is the 32nd rolls are to 48ths.
- 47.97: Poor 48th patterning, causes a 16th minijack on the up arrow
- 52.77: This 64th roll stands out since everything else is 48ths
- There have already been two interpretations for this song (Stepmania with 64th rolls and Dragonsfury with 32nd rolls and 48th bursts), this is more like a hybrid between the two. Most of the difficulty comes from walls and rolls, something we want to avoid.

[8.5*/10] Epileptic Crisis {Nightmare} (ilikexd)
- love it
- take out the ending handjacks you dick

- At the very least, tone them down to jumps.
- 9.16: Ghost 32nd
- 73.86: Why are the jumps on the 16ths?
- 78.14: This 48th pattern should probably be changed. Either way, I’ve have to make sure this 48th note doesn’t form a zero-frame interval with the 4th jump.
- 93.84: If you really wanted, you could imitate the jumpglut section at 53.71 here.

[8/10] oppIrish(GYPSYCOREremix) {cybermiso} (gameboy42690)
- yo
- this is tight
- I recall playing another version prior to this that had some annoying minijump/handjacking stuff at the very end, glad to see you took those out since it kinda ruined the flow of the file
- 123.379s this 11ELEVEN-type pattern kinda blows but I don't know if there's really any way to improve what you have there atm so fuck it
- nice one gamedad

- 14.08: This is a 32nd triplet, not a 48th burst
- 29.08: What are the jumps in this 16th stream layering?
- 42.14: Left arrow here causes for a very possible average-rush scenario
- 111.64, 112.18: I’m wondering why these trumpet notes were left out.
- 129.01, 131.15, 133.30, 134.37: This sounds more like a 5-note 24th burst than 16ths.
- That color ending.
- While I didn’t place this in Conditional Queue, I’d still recommend looking at the other points I mentioned.


Corporal Jigsore Quandary, Grind4, Onset, VEC†LEGGENDARIA

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[2/10] Corporal Jigsore Quandary {The Berzerker} (mi40)
- no
- the heavy emphasis on jumpjacking at 160bpm is extremely unfun, maybe if they weren't straight jumpjacks it'd be slightly more tolerable

- The layering is also way overdone. Having the bass drum and the guitar putting jumps all over the place backfires in a case like this.
- 38.67: One handed runningman at 320 BPM out of nowhere.
- I can't hit the 302bpm jumpstreams because they're like three days long
- a few longer 100bpm 32nd jacks show up and we don't want anything that can't be wristjacked

- I saw this starting at 113.81
- 154.618s this 32nd jumpstream (and the one at the end of the file) would be much more enjoyable to hit as an actual stream instead of a series of trills
- and then we have the guitar solo which was a glorious mess of 100bpm 48th one hand trilling, awkward quadbursts with an additional note appended to each set (218.218s is what I'm referring to), aaaaaaaaaaand...more jacks

- 206.20: This section is a mess. The overuse of jumpgluts is unnecessary.
- 217.00-221.80: nope

- following this, the rest of the file really drags because the difficulty drops off SUBSTANTIALLY for the last minute
- I'd love more Berzerker on FFR and props to stepping a Berzerker that didn't end up as pure streaming but this wasn't the right way to go about it

[8/10] Grind4 {Dev/Null} (rog)
- this is pretty cute (and I can't believe I sightread a blackflag)
- ending speedup 16th jumpstream kinda awkward to hit but still manageable

- What makes it awkward are the 34143 patterns that form the “tower” on the up right and right up. Although actually, that’s a bit amusing because on mirror a left handed player can find 21412 comfortable to hit.
- rog you're like one of the only simfilers who can step these types of songs (which I fucking hate) and still make them enjoyable for me
- I don’t know any song harder than /mu/tant corecore that is less than a minute long. This will probably be the shortest at under 40 seconds. The syncing looked good.

[3/10] Onset {Bexarametric} (Mourningfall)
- The very first mistake was making the BPM 85.
- pretty neato song
- unfortunately I have no idea what the flying fuck is going on in this file
- the first 30 seconds needs some refining, but then when the file takes off it's just...yeah...

- 45.63: This is [234][234][123] in disguise with a hidden up jack and one handed triplet.
- After seeing what happened in the first 45 seconds, this file abuses one handed patterning.

- 46.879s help me
- Referring to the above section: 340 BPM one handed trills with jumps in the stream is not something you should do.
- 56.453s 170bpm handjacking is already stupid difficult but then 48th jacks start to show up aaaaaaaaaaaaa
- That and 56.92 are not 48th jacks. This file is littered with many other technical errors that I’m not going to list here.
- 59.188s probably not the first instance of this but these cameljack type patterns in combination with the sheer density of everything else going on is a big no-no
- 69.13: ~340 BPM 16th jack
- extremely overlayered and all the one handed patterning really isn't fun to play through
- but I do like the song in combination with a brutal chart (just not THAT brutal) so I'm hoping you'll try to clean it up and resubmit at some point

- This file needs an overhaul. Both the BPM needs to be increased and the layering toned down; the layering throws hands everywhere for no reason which severely limits available patterns.

[3/10] VEC†LEGGENDARIA {Rotteen} (gold stinger)
- check out this memer
- 24.37: Missing note, ghost note at 24.65
- 25.20: Anoher missing note. Ghost note at 26.43 (16th). Check over the first 27 seconds of the file again for missing notes and ghost notes.
- 35.34, 36.23, 37.12: There aren’t 16ths going to the heavy bass kick here. I won’t be listing any more of these types of technical errors.

- 70.151s probably the most aids jumpstream patterning I've ever seen so grats on that award (the other instances throughout the file were only slightly less aids-y)
- The 3/16th jumpstream stuff at 63.01 was surprisingly smooth which makes the jumpstream patterning at 70.14 ironic.
- 87.84: The synth stopped at the 4th before.
- 101.76: These are 16ths, not 24ths.

- nice touch with the equivalent of over 400bpm 16th light jumpstream at the end
- also by nice touch I mean bad touch
- like I thought I was gonna get away in time but still ended up getting molested at the last second
- truly spectacular

- Indeed spectacular I should say myself. This reminds me of Trigger in DDR where a 200 BPM 8th stream was stepped as a full blown 16th candle run into a jump. The 24th stream at 113.79 took a 16th run at ~18 tps and turned it into ~27 tps, not including the jumps and hidden 8th jacks.
- some memes just simply need to be dialed back a notch but I think you broke the knob clean off
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

November/December 2014


Hatsune Miku no Gekishou, lapis, Crystallized Silver, gorechestra

Lead Judge: DarkZtar
Color: Dark Gray for notes, Light Gray for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Hatsune Miku no Gekishou {cosMo} (hi19hi19)
Had to reprocess the song to get a stable bitrate mp3 so my timings might be slightly different from yours.
-22.312 Recommend changing the bpm here to reflect the 6/8 time signature change.
I don’t feel this is a particularly big deal. I’m okay with this part being left at 200 BPM.
27.092: Numerous drums left out from here to 28.292. The file feels a little empty here with the drums not stepped.
37.892: I feel like the BPM should double back to 200 BPM here.
The background energy of the song stays pretty similar despite the addition of 32nd hi-hats so I think keeping this the same bpm is fine.
-54.037 missing 16th. The missing 16th in question would go to a sound you hadn’t been stepping before during the 1/3 speed section. If you do step it, there’s a bunch of other notes you’d have to step too. I personally like the approach you took so I’d leave out the 16th.
-60.562 missing 8th
-63.863 this measure being blank feels weird (Considering the drumroll/gliss).
I agree. This is the same problem I had with 27.092 earlier.
-89.962 recommend making the 8th a jump since the running 8ths are easy to see as the dominant backdrop rhythm and there’s nothing else to distinguish the vocals (which you’ve been emphasizing for the great majority of the file) This happens in other places (91.762, 92.062, etc) and my recommendation is the same, but it’s up to you.
-100.112 I hear 16ths here, not 12ths.
-101.312 ^same here
-101.812 I get what you’ve put these 16th streams to, but they do feel pretty ambiguous
-Cool use of 2x bpm.

-107.492: Missing jump.
-112.762 instance where playing the chart at 1.0x speed feels weird (the vocal stutters make it sound like the 4ths should be filled in) up to you whether you wanna leave this like it is though. I would leave it as is.
-117.092: Missing jump again. Both this jump and the one at 107 im assuming you mean go to the bells, but when I reviewed it I assumed only the strings were targeted for jumps. Either way I agree these should be added since the bells are pretty clear.
-127.425 recommend dropping the 32nds here. the sound i’m assuming you’re putting them to is so ambiguous/quiet. Additionally I feel that they just don’t play that nicely.
- 148.592: A [23] jump would feel just a bit better here but this is a major nitpick.
Very well made file, not a whole lot to comment on outside of subtle recommendations.

[2.5/10] lapis {Shiki} (rparty89)
Don't put your username in the subtitle; not only does is it not required but judges are discouraged from looking up who stepped what to prevent any bias.
Intro jumps shouldn’t change as much as you have them change. The intro follows a pretty simple pattern of three repeated notes with the same hi hat, so there’s no reason to change the 3rd jump with each set of repeated notes like you did.
-2.711 layering error here, you have a jump here where the kick is by itself, but then the following 2 single notes have the kick + hi hat + synth melody happening on both of them (same could be said for the 16th before this jump)
^errors repeat with each similar phrase in the intro

2.897: You've been stepping the bass kick as jumps for most of the intro, except for whenever you have these two consecutive 8ths. It's technically incorrect, but it also feels good so I'm not too worried about it.
You could also take a different approach to the layering by stepping a jump only when both the synth and the bass play at the same time (basically what DarkZtar suggested). In other words, change the 2.711 jump to a single note, then turn the two consecutive single 8th notes into jumps.
pretty much this, gameboy clarified it better.
4.232: The synth plays a lower pitch here, so the 8th jump at 4.335 would work better as a [23] jump (after you change the jump at 3.924 into a [24] jump).
9.472: Break up the anchor. Based on the patterns you have now, the two notes between the two jumps should both be moved to column 4. Any changes to patterns you make later on should also avoid creating an anchor here.

-14.835 Ghost 16th stream. This shouldn’t be straight 16ths. What makes this weirder is that you allude to the correct rhythm at 18.533.
A lot of times what happens in these streams is that the step artist is stepping the bass kick and hi-hat while at the same time stepping the synth. Much of this first stream technically can be justified since everything goes to something, it’s just not very expressive of the song and feels wrong when you’re actually playing it. The switch to stepping only the synth at 18.533 feels much better, and stepping the song more along the lines of what was done at 18.533 would make for a much better file. In hindsight ghost 16ths was a poor way of describing the section, gameboy summarizes what i meant very well though.
True ghost 16ths do exist later on in the file though, such as 22.109, 22.315, 23.547, 23.753 and 23.958 and many many other places.
Pr here (and honestly in the file in general) needs improvement. There are many instances where you have clear stepwise ascending or descending patterns in the music and you don’t acknowledge them in the steps at all. Eg. 19.250 the 16th after this 8th is lower in pitch but you have the pattern going 34.
-21.410 more ghost 16th stream
-22.434 this shouldn’t be a trill since the 24ths have a 3 note pattern.
-23.054 more ghost 16th stream
-24.698 more ghost 16th stream. At this point im not gonna note any more instances of ghost 16th streams, just know there are more, and they should be pretty obvious at this point.
-26.341 misrhythm here, the 16th following this 4th is a ghost note and the 2 notes following it fall on the 8th at 26.547 and the 16th after it.
-27.061 ghost 16th
-27.369 same issue as 22.434
Alright the same issues keep happening, lots of ghost 16th stream, 24ths as trills when they really should be 3 or 4 note patterns. Layering is also off in places since you have arbitrary jumps in many of the 16th streams that don’t really go to anything.
Almost all of the jumps go to the piano, there’s only a small handful that don’t, and in the instances when you have jumps to the piano you have extra jumps in places like 34.355 and 47.506. PR with the strings in the following section is often backwards, etc.
31.253: Compared to the rest of the file, a pattern like this is relatively hard to hit. A pattern like [34]-1-2-4-3 would work better since the player can easily jumptrill the 32nds. You actually did exactly this pattern at 110.568, I'd recommend doing it again here. PR for this roll is backwards too as it is now.
39.369: Missing 16th note going to the piano.
39.472: Of all the 16th notes from here to 41.116, only one of them actually exists in the song. Where did all the rest come from?
40.499: Should be a 24th burst.
52.623: Again, most of these upcoming 16ths are ghost notes. It's recommended you break up that anchor on column 1, too.
60.020: Missing note going to the lower strings. It would also be worth stepping jumps whenever the violin and the other strings play on the same note (57.143 and 57.554, for example).
67.075: The piano only scales from low to high; This change in direction in the roll makes no sense. The roll should strictly be a 1-2-3-4 pattern all the way through, and the jump at the end should be a [12] jump.
67.417: Long anchors weren't very fun.
69.678: Violin plays on this 8th note, not the 4th note at 69.883.
74.815: Doesn't hurt to have a jump here to start the 12ths.
75.499: 12th minijack doesn't fit the song. There also happen to be some 16ths playing here, but stepping them as well as the 12ths would result in an polyrhythm. Given the nature of the rest of the file, I'd be reluctant to let a polyrhythm slip in, so I prefer how you only stepped the 12ths here.
76.253: Same as 69.678.
80.054: The minijack is technically correct but it doesn't really fit how the rest of the file is stepped.
80.568: If hands had been used other times in this file, I wouldn't have such a problem with this one. But because this is quite literally the only hand in the file, I would change this to a jump. The cymbals aren't really so loud that it warrants a hand, and this one hand just comes across as being random.
93.102: This part is awfully dense compared to the rest of the file. While the 16ths technically are there (93.616 shouldn't be a jump though), I would remove the 16ths to avoid having such a random spike in difficulty.
94.130: The next 7 measures of the song feel relatively calm without the bass kick playing, but the steps are still stepped just as densely. Toning down the difficulty from here to 105.636 would fit with the lower intensity of the song.
113.034: These are 32nds, not 24ths.

A lot of these are general errors that repeat frequently, gameboy did an excellent job pointing them all specifically out.
This needs a major overhaul, I’d be happy to help you work on this if you’d like. Just PM me.

[5/10] Crystallized Silver {S.S.H.} (FFR Pro 21)
-7.186 Layering transition here resulting in the jump-trill feels weird because the transition is pretty abrupt (you only follow the first layering scheme emphasizing the synth for a few bars). Recommend sticking to one layering scheme (following the synth, or power chords) or the other because the quick shift feels inconsistent, and the transition where they meet doesn't really make sense. My recommendation would be to change the jumps at 7.371 and 7.577 into single notes, then turn the single note at 7.474 into a jump.
-8.830 Leaving the 8ths as hands to give yourself wiggle room top follow pr without forcing jacks is ok, but it does feel kinda weird not having the 8ths and 4ths with the same weight in layering since they all fall on the same emphasis with the crashes and guitar notes. Changing the 8th jumps into single notes would allow more PR flexibility as well as let you break up the hidden 2-3 trill. I’d be ok with the jumps staying, there are crashes on the 8ths too so I feel having only single notes on the 8ths would feel even weirder.
-11.481: Missing jump.
-13.556 missing jump
-15.653 missing jump
-15.961 There's a sync issue here somewhere here, intro seems to be a tad late, but when I adjust the sync so that the intro is synced, everything past here is early.

There’s no syncing problems in this file at all. I believe the problem you were experiencing was due to the .mp3 itself and the SM5 editor experiencing technical issues with it; I had this same issue in the editor, but while playtesting the file there was nothing wrong at all. There definitely isn’t an incorrect BPM. Almost all of S.S.H.’s songs are set to a fixed BPM and Crystallized Silver is no exception. SM5 is garbage for judging zzzz.
-18.222 missing jump
-19.763 jump should be on the 16th here and not on the 8th after based on what the layering you're going for
-21.098 background guitar would be best stepped as a trill here (suggestion)
-21.663 and 22.485 I don't hear anything going to these 32nds, the high pitched synth im assuming you were going for runs as 16ths.
-21.715 several of single notes in the stream in this beat feel like ghost notes, the power chords are essentially all that the song has going on here.
-22.845 missing 16th
-23.256 missing 16th
-22.982 grace note should come before the 4th, not after
-24.078 missing 16th
-25.003 missing jump
-25.208 missing jump.
The sound you’re referring to is pretty soft and isn’t easy to hear, so I can understand leaving out this jump. Would still advocate for adding the jump here since it is still the main synth (albeit less prominent)
^ these errors (from 22.845) repeat several times when similar music structure repeats in the music, im assuming you're going for the background guitar as the backbone of the section but the layering is so inconsistent that it's pretty hard to tell.
-27.777 missing 16th

-28.330, 28.638, 28.947, 29.152: Missing jumps.
-33.530 missing jump
-33.838 missing jump
-34.763 missing 16th
-35.071 should be 24ths here, not 16ths.
I don’t hear any 24ths here. It’s fine the way it is.
40.453: Should be 24ths here, not a 32nd burst.
-42.263 missing jump
following stream section feels ok, but the song keeps getting more and more offsync
also at this point the chart is so offsync to the point where I'm gonna have to adjust the offset continually to judge the rest of the file so there are gonna be timing variations from this point on
-60.861 check the jumps here, many of them are off.
The only two I noticed that were off were 61.227 and 61.432. Both of these jumps should be single notes and the 16th in between these two notes is where the jump should be.
-61.889 you have straight 16ths when the guitar has a clear rhythm. The intent seems to be to follow the drum, but the heavy guitar is so much more noticeable that following that instead would likely be more enjoyable.
there are many many instances of inaccurate rhythms in the guitar solos, I'd suggest reworking the entire solo section on a slow rate.
and then there's copy/paste repeats to the music with im assuming the same errors as the previous sections.

65.337: There’s no 24ths here. Most of the guitar work here is 16ths, with one 32nd thrown in at 65.491. 24ths sound correct to me.
66.980: These jacks just seem to come out of nowhere. Switch these to normal streams. Could go with trills with one of the anchors changing each time to show pitch change. Yes, trills, why did I not think of trills? Go with trills.
68.419: This 8th jump seems to be meant to go with the guitar. Not a bad idea in theory but it breaks your current layering scheme.
69.652: Same with this 8th jump.
70.268: Change this to a single note too. Layering in some of the guitar as jumps seems a little random and inconsistently used.
74.378: Much of this 24th stream isn’t straight 24ths. It’s very arbitrarily stepped instead of closely following the guitar. As DarkZtar said earlier, you should consider going back and reworking much of the guitar solo.
90.919: The first couple of 24ths aren’t actually 24ths. The transition out of the 8th jump is kind of awkward.
91.638: Random switch from stepping the 8th snares with jumps to stepping the guitar with jumps. It’s an unusual and inconsistent switch.
126.467: Missing jump.
126.980: This 16th stream feels unusually light. Consider adding jumps to add some weight.
134.172: Last triple is the same pitch as the previous two, so this should also be a [134] triple.

Good start, I like the song and the layering schemes you're going for, but this is riddled with errors (not to mention the sync problems which I assume is due to wrong bpm) and needs a pretty big overhaul before it is acceptable.
3/10 seems like an awfully low score to give this file. The file has many errors but it also shows a lot of potential. I believe a 5/10 would be a much fairer rating. It’s not a terrible file but certainly not ready for FFR yet.
Fair, my perception of the 1-10 scale is likely skewed towards negative bias since the threshold from 6-7 is very tight in terms of acceptance vs rejection. Considering that files with small/moderate errors are often dealt 6’s etc, I presumed a file with errors as numerous as this one warranted a much lower rating. I’d be fine with going with 5/10 for the rating.

[7*/10] gorechestra {DEV/NULL} (klimtkiller)
-2.491: Bass kick here could be stepped as a jump.
-3.049 there are 2 soft kick hits here in between each breakdown sections. these sounds happen several times and should probably be stepped because they are similar to the sounds you acknowledge during the breakdown sections (even though they are a lot softer)
4.723: Same as 2.491. There’s quite a lot of this kind of thing throughout the file. It seemed deliberate at first, but then you started stepping jumps to the bass kick such as at 13.651 and 21.463 in the intro.
-38.341 pitchwise this section is straight descending, the staircase pattern doesn’t make sense.
-some of the hands in the file don’t feel warranted (eg. 49.222). Using hands for the crashes and echo-y synth are fine since they are pretty clear, but several of the hands that go to the kick/snare/melody without any of the other more prominent elements just feel weird.

Jump usage continues to be inconsistent after the staircase as well. For instance, 42.666 and 42.945 are stepped as single notes, but 43.782 and 44.061 are stepped as jumps (I’m assuming you intend for 43.782 to be treated as a jump). Other than that one sound effect you stepped the 48th to, all four of these notes are going to the bass kick. I see no reason here to step half of the bass kicks as single notes and the other half as jumps. I can see how stepping too many jumps could result in this file being too dense and cluttered, but the layering needs to be consistent too. I think there’s a distinct shift in focus here for layering and that the jumps mostly follow it decently well. There are some missing jumps (ex 47.408, 51.872, 56.336, 56.476) for the new layering that seems to go to the snares but I personally find the layering shift interesting.
Actually as the file progresses this layering scheme too appears to break down so I agree this section should be looked at.

55.429: The windup doesn’t increase in intensity, so the shift to 32nds doesn’t make much sense. It made for an awkward transition into the hand. Agree, should keep this straight 24ths
55.778: The placement of this 8th note just makes it more awkward to play. Switch it to column 1.
57.138: The 32nds are very uncomfortable to hit here, and breaks the idea of using 24ths to accent the winding up/down.
I think the idea was to use the 32nds to represent the windup sounds that had a distinctly different timbre than the instances before, but I agree they feel weird and would probably be better represented as 24ths like the other windup sounds.
58.254: Burst should start on the 8th note, not a 32nd.
59.358: Should be nudged up to a 16th note.
64.496: Missing 16th.

-66.112 this sounds more like a 32nd/12th than the 24th that is here.
68.821: Same as 55.429.
75.633: Nudge this 12th down to a 24th.

-94.956 these should probably be straight 48ths (or 24ths if you wanna do half time). The split gallops you have here right now don’t really work well. 215 BPM 48th walls are very difficult and I would advise against stepping straight 48ths. 24ths or 32nds would feel a lot better. The last couple of 48th bursts aren’t nearly as bad since they’re so short. Indeed they are but the sounds represented here are much more abrasive. Having them represented by the 24ths that have been used for the smoother windup sounds would feel off. 32nds would probably work better. Or you could make it a 48th wall if you feel evil. :^)
98.951: Minijack was awkward to hit.
104.741: I can understand not wanting to step the entire song, but I think putting a hand here would be a better ending to the file than two single notes. (Cut off the unused part of the .mp3 next time, it helps to reduce the file size.)

-Nice short/intense file, what I’ve written is all I have to really note really, vast majority of the file is patterned neatly, and the bursts are comfortable. Using the rolling 24ths to acknowledge the winding up sounds works pretty well for the most part.
I disagree with DarkZtar. I noticed a few really uncomfortable transitions, and the inconsistent use of jumps for the bass kick as well as some of the hand usage DarkZtar pointed out was also problematic (although layering wasn’t otherwise a big issue). This is definitely a good try but I think it needs significant work before going in to FFR. My rating would be 6/10, 6.5 at most (though I’m not quite sure about putting it in the Conditional Queue).
My rating was mostly based on the fact that I felt that the file did a lot of things quite well, the layering is kept interesting (albeit has errors that can be fixed), and the file uses consistent themes such as color notes or anchors with consistent sounds (outside of the windup sound representation discrepancies) that make the file feel very visually complete. Upon further inspection however, i do agree that the file needs a bit of work to be acceptable. My suggestion is 6.5 with c/q status.
Conditional Queue is fair. After looking at it again I think the initial 6/10 rating was a little low. 6.5 with c/q works better.
Side note from DossarLX ODI: Acceptance is at least 6.75 (automatic Conditional Queue), so I've bumped up the rating to 7 with a Conditional Queue Flag.


Hajnal 2, Exothermic (Overheat Remix), Waves, Space Threat, I'm Getting Serious!

Lead Judge: ilikexd
Color: Purple for notes, Pink for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[5/10] Hajnal 2 {Venetian Snares} (FFR Pro 21)
41.811s - jump (same as 41.294s)
42.156s - ditto
44.828s, 45.087s - drum notes
46.552s - 16ths here (the sound is the same here as how it continues which is stepped with 16ths)
49.914s, 50.431s - drum notes
55.259s - same exact sound as 4th that precedes, so jump->note and column change is unexpected
60.259s - missing note
52.328s - missing note
63.995s - ghost note
-- past here i won't be listing every technical error, but check the file for these missing & ghost notes
66.466s - this beat starts with a rhythm that's basically 4 24th notes, then 32nds, not entirely 32nds, although 32nds aren't a horrible approximation

72.30 - The up arrow anchor here makes this section very choppy.
77.5s - this is an extreme difficulty spike that can easily be fixed by simply not ending with a jump. it's a 2framer minijack transitioning out of the roll at the moment.
79.822s, 84.649s - missing note
141.3s - this is also very excessive. you don't need to layer inside of 32nd bursts. even though it's all rollable it it will be extremely difficult to not be inaccurate in comparison with the difficulty of the rest of the file.

Going to the above point, so far the difficulty of this file is mostly concentrated at these types of dense spikes.
151.287s, 152.322s, 156.115s, etc etc - there is inconsistency in the way you are stepping the various drums throughout the file. some drum sounds will be jumps, some single notes, and when they repeat they may or may not be on the same column; here for example it's the same drum note but changes from jump to note for no reason--it becomes very tiring to try to figure out what the reason is for different sounds being jumps or notes especially given the duration of the file
201.977s - lacking any note or jump given the sound here
268s - cut the mp3, no need for ~30s after the last note
much improved from the last version but still very long given most of the track is same-sounding breakcore that doesn't offer anything novel to the stepchart, so a cut would probably make it more playable, e.g. how the current chart is on ffr.

The notes below are from ilikexd. In addition, the difficulty disparity is also a problem.
// When a specific request was made, it was usually fixed, but there's still some more general work that can be done.
0.60-4.74, 7.84-11.98s: The patterns are exact copies here, although the sounds aren't exactly the same. There's two synth sounds you step singles to, a clean bass sound (c) and a sound that drops in frequency (d). Here are corresponding times with the different patterns:
1.12s: ccdd; 8.36s: dddd
3.53s: cccc; 10.77s: ccdd
7.67s: Missing 8th to the bass synth
12.67-13.01s: This could be 234 for PR (it's the same as 14.05s)
14.91s: Missing low bass 8th
24.57s: Same as 7.67s
30.60s: There's actually a sound here similar to the one you step at 32.32s. The rhythms aren't the same, but they both end on a 24th (so if you step the one here, I'd remove the 4th at 30.94s.) Straight 24ths would work here.
32.27s: The sound starts on the 24th before the 4th here. This is definitely better than the previous pattern, but it ends too early: the last note is also a 24th, 32.61s. You can shift the notes down a bit so you end up with 24-4-24-32-48-24, which, in 96ths, are 4 4 5 5 6 notes apart, making an even slowing rhythm.
34.13, 34.22s: Because these are loud string notes just like the 4th, I'd make these all jumps.
37.63-38.33s: The first and last notes are a frame early. Make the 32nd an 8th at 37.67s and the last 48th an 8th on 38.36s.
41.81, 42.15s: There are string + kick hits here like the ones you jump at 41.29 and 43.70s, so you can jump these too.
44.38s: This snare thing has ascending pitch, so it doesn't feel right to step it alterating, because it's clearly a different sound than 39.91s. If you don't like how [23][34][12][23][34] or the like plays, you could unlayer the 16ths and do something like [12]3[14]2[34].
45.51s: I understand not jumping this 16th despite how loud the snare is (it's a different snare sound from the previous three 16ths, so it would have to be a different jump, creating a minijack), but because of that, it feels odd to jump the snare on the following 8th when both 16ths around it are louder.
45.81s: You were told this 32nd was a ghost note, but it's not. There's definitely a drum on both 32nds.
46.69s: A 12th or 64th jump here (the 16th is a bit late) to the synth plus the string sound (same strings as 46.12s) might work better.
47.50-48.01s: The first two 8ths are kicks and could both be singles and the same arrow. The second two are snares which could just be jumps, because they're not as emphasized as 21.98s or 38.87s and are more just like regular snares. And during this is a synth that has 16ths which you could step.
48.19, 48.87s: The first jumptrill is kicks and the second is snares, so they should be different patterns. Either do that, or for 48.87-49.56s, jump the 4ths/8ths and not the 16ths, because it's odd for it go from a jumptrill to singles when it's all just snares.
50.94s: Jump to the strings here. I figure you left it out because of the jumps to the snare before it, but you jump the strings at 60.60s in a similar situation.
55.25s: Should be the same jump as the previous 4th, because they have the same synth and percussion sounds on them.
56.29s: There's no strong hit here, so it should be a single.
61.29s: Like 44.38s, this shouldn't be alternating.
63.53, 63.87s: Jumps to the strings? 63.87s would be the same jump as 63.70s.
63.99s: Another thing you were told that was incorrect: there's no note on this 24th. There are only three notes in the buzz, starting on the 4th, like you had before.

[8*/10] Exothermic (Overhead Remix) {Virt remixed by Yamajet} (bmah)
11.548s - for a very simple pr fix the hands can be [123] [124] [134] [234], so the last one is rightmost since the sound is the highest
18.382s - missing note

Going to the above point, the bass kick has a 16th triplet starting on that 8th note.
20.548s - pitch on these two jacks gets higher, so the 2nd one here can be 44, or at least the previous can be 22, for example
22.66, 22.83, 33.33, 33.49, 34.41: More missing notes.
25.409s - if you are stepping the grace note here, grace notes also occur 14.076s, 16.743s, 17.909s, 18.576s, 27.409s, etc etc
29.132s - drum hit

39.16: The 3/16th bass kick here should be on the same column like previously. There’s also the missing triplet on 39.74
40.715s - grace note is backwards; it occurs after the main note not before
43.99, 44.16, 49.24: More missing notes.
53.215s - in contradistinction with 11.548s, the last hand here can be to the left of the previous since the pitch goes down
76.298s - same as 11.548s
77.215s - halving the tempo would be a good touch (by no means necessary)

90.96: The up anchor here leading into the 12ths isn’t that great.
99.88, 110.55, 111.88, 115.88: There were 24th blips here that weren’t stepped.

[7/10] Waves {AsphyxZero} (wv)
18.84: There are the two [14][14] jumps here, but places like 23.04, 27.23, 31.43, and so on don’t follow this.
25.13, 41.92: Missing jump
49.36: What is this jump for?

67.7s-71.9s - you can just use the same 2 columns for these 2 alternating notes (i.e. move 69.370s from left to down) and only switch it when the pitch changes; that works fine given how simple and short it is
68.56, 69.40, 70.66, 71.50, 72.76, etc: I see what’s being done here, although jumps for the clap could be nice -- not necessary though.
i'm somewhat indifferent to the colour usage to accent the entirety of the track--my personal recommendation would be something like to go from regular color to the 48th color at 33.7s when the bass fills the track, or vice versa, rather than to have the whole thing that way

[5.5/10] Space Threat {Pyramyth} (MarioNintendo & Xiz)
the music string in the .sm is #MUSIC:Space Threat(cut).mp3; but the mp3 is Space Threat (Work It).mp3 , please make sure your submission can actually open and that the files don't need to be modified or renamed beforehand
17.039s - probably don't use two [14] in a row for two different sounds

18.01: I would say missing hi-hat here and that the 8th minijack at 17.60 shouldn’t be a minijack, although this goes into ilikexd’s summary at the end of this file review.
35.28, 37.16, 39.57, etc.: The 3-note jacks formed from the jumps don’t follow anything in the song. The jumps themselves make sense although they should be repositioned to match the melody.
75.19: While not too much of a difficulty spike, the one handed patterning of the 32nds in the middle of a 16th jack is noticeable.

76.905s - 16th [?], drum is on 64th as stepped, so is the vocal
137.342s - 17 seconds of the exact same pattern is a bit crossing the line imo

Going to the above, the 16th minijacks here are actually wrong. There are two different sounds playing that are stepped as the same minijack repeatedly.

the biggest problem with this chart is that so many things are stepped simultaneously as 16ths, and the result is very long and unbroken sections of dense 16th js where no individual note or jump stands out as being associable with any specific sound in the music, and the main reason is because almost every single hihat is stepped. if you removed the notes for all the hi hats you'd have much more room to be creative--to associate different sounds with different patterns & columns, for the jumps to be more easily associable with different sounds in the music, but as it stands it's just doing long slow jumpstreams, and not really feeling what each note goes to. consider parts like 129.5s-136.538s with long anchor-js, but nothing sounds like it would be an anchors, and the individual loud/standing-out electro sounds just blend in with the constant stream of hihats

[7/10] I'm Getting Serious! {Furries in a Blender} (YoshL)
11.953s - can't tell if this is going to the laughing or the fading out synth, either way it's not synced well with anything
The beginning was fine up until those three notes, then I couldn’t piece together what they were for.
21.792s - jump [?], the rest of the 4th jumps seem to be following the background bass synth, this one is hard to follow
32.6s - the descending triplets are well used here, but at this point the pitch changes yet you keep 421 as the main pattern (when you could use 321). you could literally go 432 432, 431 431, 421 421, 321 321 repeat & add on jumps for this part and it would fit perfectly
45.792s, etc - watch the minijacks after jumps, there are 2 free columns to put the note so you don't force it to be a minijack--not that it's an issue of difficulty, but of better pr & flow of the stream, unless the note repeats

60.65: Up arrows leading into the 16th minijack with the hand should be separated. Specifically, 60.82 doesn’t go with the synth and should be moved.
70.85, 73.59, 76.34, 79.08: Missing jump (synth and bass kick)
80.334s - the main melody follows a pattern of xxx_xx_xx_xx_xx_ (where x is a note and _ is an empty 16th space), rather than constant 16ths, and you have no note here which marks that, but then the rest of the stream is continuous, better would either be to make the whole thing continuous and ignore the actual pattern of the melody, or to follow it completely & not have a continuous jumpstream
Also the dense hand/jumpstream at the end with the minijacks wasn’t a good addition to the file, toning the minijack usage down there would be better.


Sentence, AirTrip-SF#2-, Big Up Toronto, Kronos, ShutEmDown

Lead Judge: ilikexd
Color: Purple for notes, Pink for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[4/10] Sentence {TC_Halogen} (ShadowDueler97)
- 4.5s-59s - there doesn't seem to be anything consistently distinguishing the drum stepped as jumps and the drum stepped as single notes. some groups of 3 are a 3-note jack and some are just 2-note. there are also a bunch of missed notes for drum sounds.
- 14.52: This 32nd should have appeared after the 16th.
- 16.90: Missing drum note.

- After this point, many drum notes are missing, also mentioned by the lead judge. To the point about 2-note jacks instead of 3-note jacks, take 44.45 for instance; the majority of the other drum jacks are 3 notes.
- no usage or approximation of pr when the melody comes in
- 63.12: First appearance of a roll pattern, which also appears again after. The patterning changes from 32nd trills to a roll for the snare.
68.8s - hard to understand why the melody stopped being stepped
- In terms of layering, single drum notes are being stepped as jumps, and the quads are much too overwhelming for two instruments. The jumps in drums issue was also pointed out by the lead judge.
- The last 20 seconds of notes aren’t at the correct BPM, so the ending is wrong. At 137.20 the song slows down to approximately 92 BPM, there may need to be some adjustments there but 98 is definitely too fast (the notes should be falling on 4ths).
- The orchestra is heavily underutilized considering the layering opportunities it could have provided; in addition, the syncing in this file needs work.

- quite repetitive

[7.5*/10] AirTrip-SF#2- {TiS} (bmah)
- 9.69s - the 24ths actually start here at the start of the beat. Please fix this.
- 46.456s - 24th triplet starting on the 8th, not just the 32nd note. The 32nd should be replaced with the 24th triplet.
-58.411s - not a fan of these minijacks to hihat not only because it's so inaudible but also because of the minijack scheme which was just used (and used well) for repeating keyboard. even the minijacks to bass guitar are understandable, but associating it with 3 different things at once is probably too much. I can agree with this, having an insignificant song element carry the same weight with minijacks as two other prominent elements seems inappropriate. In the slowdown however, the hi-hat is much more apparent.
73.3s - i agree with stepping the slide here as 32nds, but you should probably be consistent and also do it at 6.757s, 13.975s
74.68: Left 8th jack goes on a little too long here. Later on it’s understandable with the repeating hi-hats.
98.8s - on the contrary the minijacks to this hihat works better since it's isolated and very clear/apparent (as opposed to much more confusing in the former case)
101.494s - the quickness of the sound merits 32nds here, and it's probably not a difficulty issue as you can always change the hand to a jump if you need to, plus it's better for consistency with the other 32nds
107.133s - another slide that can be stepped (although this one is admittedly less audible)

108.29: 24ths that resemble triplets should start on the 4th instead of the 24th so the 8th note stands out more than the 24th triplet it’s attached to.
109.87, 115.28: Missing 8th notes

117.396s, 119.201s 121.005s, etc - these chords repeat so minijacks should be used as is with the other repeating chords
123.63: These hidden staircases with the 8th jumps are going to ruin someone’s day.

[5.5/10] Big Up Toronto {Adraen} (___________)
- all the bass sounds at the start should be regularly quantized. the [12] 32nd offset should just be on 8ths, the 64ths should just be 12ths, the 12th up arrows should be 5/32nds. they are not offsetted in the music; where the notes are placed is approximately where they are loudest, but the attack is clearly on regular intervals when you listen closely. especially those 64ths, you can clearly hear the sound right at the start of the beat
- for patterning the js @ 20s on, watch out for all the 3 and 4-note anchors that don't need to be there at all, like after a snare hit the following sound will play as a jack which doesn't match what's in the music at all

- 40.38-60.52, 120.93-141.06: The massive increase in layering limits your pattern choices here and makes it confusing when the guitar comes in (the jacks don’t quite match up all the way).
- 60.52: I can see the focus on the disk scratches, although some valuable percussion is also missing.
- 93.08, 98.12: These 8ths shouldn’t be part of the 8th jack that comes after.
- 95.15, 95.57, 100.19: The 48ths should be on the 32nds instead. Accenting the “wub” sounds with jumps can be done, although having the notes on the same column can suffice in this case with all the other stuff going on.

- Also take the notes from the lead judge into account for the beginning section, in addition to watching out for the 8th jack patterns that don’t match the song. It’s an improvement from the previous version, although the overlayering problem still causes issues; the jacks would probably fit better for the guitar when the song picks up.

[7/10] Kronos {Sakuzyo} (gameboy42690)
- 9.10: To match the 3/32nd visual previously, this 8th should be on the up note.
- 18.71-19.29: Considering you included the other piano at 16.02, these 16th notes should also be included. 19.67 could also be a jump layering that piano.

- 24.452s - missing note. Yes, this is for the piano.
- 31.02-31.60: More piano notes that can be included, similar case to 18.71.
- 33.33, 33.71: Are these actually jumps? I just hear the violin.
- 36.60: There could be a jump layering the violin with the piano here.
- 40.83: This isn’t a 32nd triplet. It’s a 4th note followed by a 32nd gallop that starts on the 16th after.

- 47.721s - confused about the jumpchaining here, while it works decently, it seems like a strange choice instead of just anchoring the bass and ascending, possibly understandable to lower difficulty (though it wouldn't seem harder than some of the js bursts that follow) but still comes out strange
- 77.27, 78.81, 80.35, etc.: Missing 16ths. These gallops are from the drums, and the 16th jumpstreams came from the drums as well.
- 79.10, 79.19, 85.35, 91.41, 91.50, 97.66: Interesting 16th chime sound that could be stepped. It comes in the form of a 16th triplet starting on the 8th note.

- 77.817s, 90.125s - 16th here and possibly on the 16th that follows--though it's really hard to tell. i understood what you were going for with the instrument layered in this section, but it will end up being nearly impossible to follow while playing through, as opposed to more obvious guitar sounds @79.067s, 85.317s, etc

[6/10] ShutEmDown {Blue Stahli} (DarkZtar)
- Changed my offset to -0.400 in this review so please take that into account for my listed times.
- 16.666s - these 4 notes are offsync
- 33.487s - 3x 16th notes, you could at least step something here

- 37.61, 38.36, 38.57, 40.39, 40.50: Missing notes
- 43.39, 44.04, 47.36: Missing notes

- 45.166s - missing note
- 49.344s - same as 33.487s
- 43.344s - again, there are more notes after this; 41.523s onwards sounds like constant 16ths or at least close to it, but the low quality 128kbps isn't helping at all to distinguish any sounds. try using higher quality audio files so the chart can be more accurate
(and these again issues when the track repeats)
- 45.166s - missing 4th

- 52.07, 52.29, 55.72, 57.11: Missing notes
- 57.273s - missing 16th
- 69.43: Missing note

- 82.50, 89.36: This 8th should be on a different column, sound is different from the 8th jack before.
- 106.93: Missing 32nd

- 110.68: This brings back the issue in 33.487 from the lead judge. The repetition in the track shows the same errors repeating.
- 114.75: I won’t be listing more missing notes from this point on, but since the song is repeating these same issues are appearing again. The ending also has quite a few more missing notes.
- pretty cool track and chart idea, but the amount of repetition drags it down, especially when the entire thing repeats 2x after the interlude


Aggressor, City Drive, Powerhaus, Theory of Everything 2, Yellow Smile

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: Silvuh
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[5/10] City Drive {Breakbeat Heartbeat} (klimtkiller)
#OFFSET:-0.075; (-14 ms)
No need to put your username in the subtitle. Actually, it's better for simfile judges to not know who stepped the file in order to avoid potential bias.
I'm not sure how you ended up with a stop after the last note, so it wasn't even there to break the sync in ddream, but in general, you should remove stops before submitting a file to FFR.
0.075, 3.075, etc.: These sounds being played every 8 beats are stressed pretty heavily, but go completely unstepped. The notes at 6.26, 12.26s are light in comparison: they're the same note as 0.26s, which you didn't step. So if you step those, there's no reason not to step the downbeats. There's both a low and high synth, and the only breaks in both in the whole intro are at 3.26s+4m(4) (so for instance, you could fill in 3.45-4.95s with notes on 2 to the low synth).
1.76, 7.76s, etc.: These are four-note minitrills in the synth. 3412 is okay because it has the right direction, but the 2321 at 7.76s should be fixed.

5.325, 11.325, etc.: Pitch relevancy should be fixed here. The notes being played from 4.950 6.075 to in the song are all going from high to low, so something like 2-1-4-3 would be more appropriate than 1-2-3-2.
13.95-14.32s: This should be an 8th jack for PR.
The light, incomplete intro feels even more odd when it's followed by a densely-stepped percussion section.

24.075-46.970, 78.075-96.075: Even though technically what you've stepped is mostly correct (those 24ths bursts should actually be 32nds Even though they are technically 32nds, because they're slower than 24.63 and 26.13s, the 24ths work to show the speed difference. So if you want to suggest the 24ths be 32nds, then there needs to be some kind of differentiation. Like, use 4321 for the first two bursts and then do spins like 1243 for everything that was 24ths, or step the first two as just jumps, because the buzz is too fast to step accurately. there are some inconsistencies with following repeated percussion hits like at 28.76s), it really isn't fun. This is one of those times when less is more. Stepping every single sound in the song can actually take away from how enjoyable a file is. Trying to layer the melody and the bass and the snare all at the same time in the middle of those 16th streams resulted in an incomprehensible mess. The layering all blurred together and I no longer felt like I was playing the music. A better approach would be to leave out the 16th streams altogether and simply concentrate on the melody, the bass, the snare, and the occasional 32nd bursts.
While it's okay to suggest a different layering scheme when you think something really doesn't work, you should still try to give suggestions within the boundaries of the stepper's intent, speaking of your own scheme only as an alternative.
The best compromise I can think of is to only put jumps on the bass and snare drums (which is mostly what was being done at first), that way it’s a lot clearer what the layering scheme is. I would still prefer the “easy file approach”, but at least this idea would keep the original intentions of the file in place, and I could see someone enjoying the file.
35.70s: Because you end up with a lot of trilling just from all the layering, doing two minijacks to the repeated synth here would make the unique sound stand out better.
46.95-47.88s: This is descending and shouldn't have a minitrill, and then the last 8th has a repeated pitch with the following 4th
48.075-72.07:s I can understand jumping all the piano in the first four beats of this section, because the synth is much louder there, but after that, you need to be more consistent with your layering. You miss a piano note at 51.26s, then 51.82s has piano and the snare but is stepped as a single. There doesn't seem to be a single scheme. Try additive layering between the piano and percussion.
> 49.76, 55.76s: So you jump these three chords by default every time, which works, but adding the percussion on top of that to make a hand is overemphasizing it.
> 52.57, 54.44, 55.19, 56.69, 58.19, 59.69, 60.44, 60.82, 61.19, 63.26, 63.82, 64.01s: Various beats where the layering feels off.

48.075-69.075: Layering started out okay, but after a while I really couldn't figure out what you were going for. The hands made no sense at all.
69.07-70.19s: The volume/pitch variation should make these not all be the same arrow.
72.07-78.07s: Espeically now that a hard part of the file has been experienced, this section should have its rhythms completed.

101.981: Placeholder note at the end of the file isn't needed.
This file is very overlayered in some places, but could have potential if the file is toned down a bit.

[7/10] Yellow Smile {Junk} (bmah)
Yellow Smile? I think Junk must have a weird fascination with people that don't brush their teeth.
12.019: This is actually a 32nd burst, not a 24th burst. Fairly minor problem though, I get not wanting to have a 5th note in this particular burst.

12.27s: Missing percussion 16th here. Adding this would also make a 32nd burst work better, because it won't be isolated (the 5th note won't feel odd at all).
14.260: There's some piano chords during this part you could follow as well to break up some of these long jacks.
22.709: Coming out of a dense jumpstream, thi s bass rush would make more sense as a jumptrill than an ordinary trill.
Or you could try only jumping the high notes in 21.32-22.70s and then the chords in the trill, something so the climax theory doesn't go backwards. That might work better, because the instrumentation here isn't as intense as, say, 43.39 or 55.12s.
25.46s: The kick is by itself here and should be a single (see 26.32s; also, removing the 3 would be a way to break up that irrelevant anchor.)
28.74s: Missing 8th to the soft chord?
33.05s: The anchor should start here.
35.12-40.63s: Compared to the previous section, the jumps you've added all go to the percussion except 38.57s, making that jump feel out of place.

50.381 & 50.554: Missing 16ths going to the synth.
54:519, 54.691, 54.864: These 16ths are ghost notes.
If they go to that high background synth doing straight 16ths throughout this section, you should remove them, because these are the only 16ths to it.
56.15s: If you changed 12.01s to 32nds, do it here too. (Also at 105.81s)
57.53, 63.05, 68.57s: I don't know about the jacks. The first pair is ascending, the second is a valley, and the third is descending.

62.019: Missing jump going to the kick.
65.467: You seem to be using this same jumpstream pattern a lot. Rather than copy & paste the same exact pattern, some variation would be nice.
The measure at 59.94, 65.46, and 70.98s have the exact same instrumentation, so copying is reasonable.
73.054: Same as 62.019.
73.743-76.502: Technically correct, but personally I'd ease up on the density for these couple of measures. It just feels weird playing something so dense during a less intense part of the song.
The jumps I'd remove first would be 75.12-75.38s, because the snare is comparitively soft. The jumps to the bass synth are more reasonable.
77.10s: Jump the kick here? I see you're jumping the melody, but a jump here would add to it nicely.

79.260, 79.778, 80.295: I don't get what these three jumps are going to. There's a high chime sound. 80.29s should be a low jump, because it's the lowest pitch of the three.
82.622 & 82.795: There's a couple of 16ths that could have been stepped here. Even though you were ingoring them through 79.25-82.01s, it'd work here because the extra layering makes the player expect more.
112.364-115.122: I'd wait until after 115.122 to do jumps on every 8th note, in order to better differentiate itself from the very end of the song. You could instead have jumps on just the snare drum and not the bass. If you do decide to keep the bass stepped as jumps, another possibility would be to make consecutive bass jumps all the same. For instance, 112.536 and 112.709 would both be [12] jumps, then the snare at 112.881 would be a [14] jump, then the next two bass kicks at 113.054 and 113.226 would both be [34] jumps, and so on until you reach 115.122.
Decent file, had some pretty fun moments but could benefit from a few tweaks here and there.

[7/10] Aggressor {S.S.H.} (DarkZtar)
#OFFSET:=-1.090; (-14 ms)
2.609-14.761: Pitch relevancy could use some work. The first measure is good; in the second measure, you have an overlong trill, which can be fixed by swapping 4.60, 4.79, and 4.88s. Following that at 4.98s could be a minijack. Swap 6.88 and to 6.97s to show that it's descending. Stepping 1234 at 7.35s should be okay (even though it extends the previous trill) because 7.64s is a low note.
8.02, 14.00s: These are 24ths.

14.950, 15.710, etc.: There's a distinct drum being played here that could be accented with an 8th note jump. You got the snare drums on every other 4th note, so I'm a little confused as to why the 8th jumps were left out. I hear half-beat 32nd drum rolls, which I'd suggest stepping instead of jumps.
Yeah, 32nds work too. Personally I’m okay with either approach, just as long as they’re acknowledged.
24.44s: There's a 32nd roll similar to 14.95s here you could step instead of the 16th jump.
25.39s: Hand to the crash here? And possibly at 26.15s.
53.49s: The drum the jumps starting at 51.21s go to doesn't have a note on this 4th, so this can be a single. (see 59.57s)
54.63, 57.67, 60.71s: There's a light crash on this 4th, maybe not enough to make it a hand, but it shouldn't be the same jump as the previous 8th, because the 4ths have descending chords.
56.15, 56.43; 68.30, 68.59s: One of the drums you jump gallops here, so these could be jumps.
75.80, 76.37, 76.94, 77.51s: This section feels like it could use a bit more layering for climax theory, so I'd try jumping the snare on these 16ths

89.652: There's actually a burst of 24ths here rather than a 16th.
I had to go down to 0.6x to hear it well; then at 0.8x, I don't hear the 24th, just the 12th making a gallop into the 8th. The 16th to the constant percussion feels more audible than the 24th to me, so 24ths work, and a 16th with a 12th would work too.
103.418, 104.177, etc.: There's a lot of these sets of 3 jumps going to the bass guitar, but the bass guitar gets so drowned out by the rest of the song that it's hard to tell it's even there. I can't even hear what they go to, so I think it should be reconsidered.
Reconsidering how to step this part is what I was getting at but I wasn’t clear enough about it, so thank you for clearing it up.
138.08, 138.36s: These could be hands.
146.15, 146.53s: These feel like 103.41s again.

152.595: A few notes in this guitar solo could be stepped a little more tightly. These 16ths, for instance, are actually a little early and should be nudged forward to 32nds/48ths. (It may be possible to get more accurate than that, this is at least somewhat closer from what I can tell.)
Also, 152.29-152.60s are all a 48th late and should be moved up. Then add a note on the 48th at 152.64s and move 152.70-152.89s down a 48th as suggested above.
153.17-153.36s: I only hear 24ths here.
154.79s: I hear a 16th here isntead of a 12th.

174.905 & 175.095: These 16th should have been jumps, too. Make whatever adjustments you need to avoid unnecessary minijacks, of course.
177.184: Like the previous guitar solo, this solo could be stepped a little more tightly. This 16th should actually be a little earlier, for example.

177.19, 178.33s: feels like a note is missing around here, like this 16th could be 24ths.
193.24s: 24ths here like at 8.02s

I think I would have liked this a lot more if it had been shorter. The file is mainly jumpstream with some bursts sprinkled liberally throughout the file. After a while, the file started feeling a bit draggy. The solos do help make the file more interesting, but that's about it. Not a bad file by any means, but not really a great file, either.
More work could be put into patterning to minimize overlong anchors, like the right-hand trill at 24.44s.

[1/10] Theory of Everything 2 {DJ Nate} (_DJ Vinyl_)

Quit out before reaching the halfway point of the song. File is very poorly synced, has nearly no sense of rhythm (the song is generally 12th notes with a handful of 24th bursts and yet it's stepped with nonexistent 16ths and such?) and has an incorrect BPM. There’s basically no redeeming factors to be found here.
In ddream, using the wave filter might help make it easier to see where the beats are. The way I found the BPM for this track was by tapping beats in with B as the music plays, starting at 11.05s where it's easier to feel the beat. After tapping in a couple measures, select the beats and use Grow (G) to even out the BPM. Make sure the first beat is aligned with the music, then use Autofill (A) to fill in everything with the BPM you found. It probably won't be perfect yet. Select the first beat and scroll down until you see the beats not being aligned to the music. If the beats are late, press G and increase the BPM, and decrease it if they're early. You can easily find a BPM that way without relying on any kind of BPM analyzer program, which isn't as helpful when the BPM isn't constant.
For a song with no tempo changes and is made electronically, such as this song, you can also get a near exact BPM just by running the .mp3 through MixMeister, a free downloadable BPM analyzer. It takes only a couple of seconds and doesn’t require all the work that finding the BPM in ddream requires (though ddream has plenty of use, such as working with songs with dynamic BPMs or a drifting BPM). Just remember that the program usually likes to add or subtract 0.02 to the BPM, so use it as a guideline and not an absolute. This should help assist you in finding the right BPM when working in ddream.
Regardless of which method you use, just remember that the downbeat should generally be a red 4th note. If at any point you notice the 4th notes aren’t landing exactly on the downbeat anymore, it’s time to make adjustments to the BPM.

[6.5/10] Powerhaus {Klippa + Mayhem} (YoshL)
The actual title is "Powerhaus (Klippa + Mayhem Remix)" and the actual artist is Azrael (yeah I know they're all Renard but the song and artist should still be accurate).
13.764: I don't think anything in this song is loud enough to warrant a hand yet. Maybe later when the song picks up, but not now.
20.622: Besides, having hands now causes unfun moments like this where you have a 48th burst leading right into a hand. In particular, the 48ths just before the hand are all biased towards one hand, which makes playing this part of the file really rough.

I'd say that 27.47s is the first hand that fits. All the ones before it, that bass sound is softer than the sound at 30.96s, which is a jump. (Also, there are some crashes like 54.90, 96.04, 137.19s which would work as hands.)
For that matter, I had an issue with most all of the 48ths in this file. Most of the 48th bursts aren't actually 48ths at all; they're 32nds. I really can't think of a good reason why they should be 48ths instead. If it's to distinguish the 8-bit bloops from any other 32nd burst in the song, just use some color note theory; you've used it other places in the file, so why not here, too?
The fast rolls are 96ths, going 123 with each 1 on a 32nd, so stepping them as 32nds would feel accurate. Actual 48th rolls (between the 96ths) have been stepped as gallops, which works. But then there's 74.83s, which is 48ths in the music stepped as straight 48ths. If the 96ths rolls were stepped as 32nds, it'd be slower steps to a faster sound compared with 74.83s. (But I agree that 74.83s should be changed.) So when 74.83s is made easier, then stepping 32nds for all the 96th rolls will work.
The gallops I’m not that concerned about, it’s mainly the 96th rolls and 74.83 that I had issues with. I took another listen, and those rolls are in fact 96ths, but from what I heard, every 32nd is stressed heavily over the rest of the 96ths.
28.372: On the subject of color note theory, I’d recommend adjusting the BPM for this upcoming section as well as the section like it at the end of the song. Because the file isn’t synced to compensate for the color note theory, all of these 48ths are 36 milliseconds late. One frame in FFR is 33 milliseconds long. This can easily lead to these notes being off-beat in FFR.
Actually, the 48ths are 9 to 25 ms early, because the chimes are closer to 32nds (and aren't consistent). Some 48ths are a frame early (28.371 < 28.394), and others aren't (32.656 = 32.670s)
47.62, 47.83s: This should just be a 4th and an 8th here.
55.54, 57.26, 58.97s etc.: Minijacks to this percussion sound would add some more interest among the bursty stuff. Also, you do minijacks to the sound at 62.19s, so stepping more wouldn't be out of place.
58.12s: The first two jumps go to the synth and the third to the percussion, so it would make more sense to keep the third jump from being anchored to the first two, so the sounds feel separated. Doing [24][34][12] would also fix the PR.
59.19, 59.40s: The 4th goes to the clap and the 8th to the kick, so they shouldn't be the same jump.
64.76s: 140 BPM is slow enough that you can step ascending jumps without it being too hard for the rest of the file. The jumptrill isn't PR.
67.76s: This is really just 32nds that are a 96th after the beat, so you have them a 96th too late. Also the it has a simple pitch contour, which this pattern doesn't quite show.
71.19, 72.90s: Same as 59.19s.
72.04s: You could probably make a jump to the synth hit work here.

74.459: The transition from the 16th jump into the 48ths is pretty gross, and the 48ths themselves aren't very fun, either. I know the 48ths can be cheated as 32nds, but I found this part really awkward to play regardless. Even though this is the one in the file that the 48ths truly are 48ths in the song, dumbing the 48ths down to 32nds might be worth considering if only to make the file more fun.
The density doesn't feel appropriate with how soft the sound gets. I'd step just the 16ths for 74.83, 74.94s and do 48th gallops at 75.04s like how the previous 48th sounds were stepped. Then at 75.26s, the buzz sound overpowers the 48ths, so I'd either put just an 8th at the start of the buzz or step 32nds to it.
95.83s: A jump on the 8th to the cymbal would work better than a jump on 95.94s, which doesn't feel like it goes to an emphasized percussion sound.
96.77s: Maybe change the pattern so the last chime doesn't anchor to the kick jump.
96.90, 98.72, 99.69, 100.12s: Minijacks to the bass synth? (with the followng 16ths) (98.29s could be a three-note jack; 99.79s should be with the 8th, not the 4th.
107.83s: This doesn't sound like a minijack at 1.0x
108.88s: Grace note to the guitar?
110.49s: Same as 96.77s
112.01, 115.44, 118.87s: With how intense the percussion in this section is, I'd try jupming these descending tom drums just to see if you think doing so would help the steps fit intensity of the music.
112.65, 116.08s: Jump triplets feel odd because the percussion ascends rather than alternates. Try something like [12]3[24]
113.83, 120.69, 121.33s: Jump the cymbals? There are only a few, so it'd fit well with the layering you do have.

122.515: The jumps in this 32nd burst make this burst pretty rough to hit, though it’s technically accurate given what you’re layering. I’m torn on whether this should be toned down for the sake of fun factor or if it should stay as is.
I would leave it, because it rolls nicely.
123.26s: It's possible to break the irrelevant three-note anchor here.
123.479-137.193: It would be cool to layer in jumps on 123.907, 123.336, 123.657, 124.979, etc. (basically any louder sounds), but what you have now is okay too.
139.12s: If you're going to put minijacks to this sound, you need to be more consistent with it, because the sound occurs almost every beat.
147.04s: Similar to 64.76s about doing more PR jumps.
147.79, 148.22s: Step the minijacks in the melodic synth here.
148.65-149.08s: Mix up this alternating pattern for PR. Just moving 148.87s to 1 would be enough.
150.04-150.47s: The rhythm here is stepped too early, and you end up with an extra note.

When there aren't any of those 48th bursts around, this can actually be an enjoyable file. But those 48th bursts really get in the way and drag down the file a lot.
I wouldn't give this file a rating this low if I thought the 48ths were the only big issue, because it's an easy fix. I'd give it like a 7.5*. But I saw more work that could be done, so I could see giving this a 6.5.
This admittedly was a tough one to rate because of just how much I disliked the 48ths. In retrospect, a 6.5 would be a fair rating.


Death Moon, Smoke Weed Everyday, ELECTRiCiTY, Forbidden Tracks, Nekuro no Makkuro Kuro Majutsu, DRAGONLADY

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[7/10] Death Moon {SHK.o2SE} (DarkZtar)
File’s sync is noticeably off, -2.150 worked better but I’ll do the review with the original offset.
14.020: Pitch relevancy was reversed here. The hands should go [123][124][234][234] instead.
27.332: Minijack isn't needed here.

Actually, the minijack above does go to the trumpet.
32.020: The transition into the roll is a bit iffy. You might want to change the roll to a 1-2-3-4 pattern instead of the 4-3-2-1 pattern you have now. (The only other way to improve flow here would be to change 31.832 from a 3 to a 1, but you're breaking pitch relevancy by doing that).
I didn't really find the rolls to be fun, particularly the 1-3-2-4 and 4-2-3-1 variations, but the rolls are technically correct…
53.770, 54.145, 56.207: Missed layering in some of the percussion.
62.604 & 63.729: The snare roll doesn't stop at either of these points. This should be one continuous 16th trill with no breaks.
64.104-76.104: There doesn’t seem to be any conscious effort to make the jumps pitch relevant to the lead synth during this jumpstream. Past 76.104 where the jumpstream get really dense, pitch relevancy doesn’t matter so much, but here there’s no reason not to use pitch relevancy.

66.09, 72.09: This 4th can be moved so the melody’s 8th minijack can stand out. Otherwise this is just a 4-note 8th minijack that doesn’t go to anything else.
When this part of the song repeats at around 125.604, there’s a more noticeable effort to use pitch relevancy. It’s not perfect pitch relevancy but at least it’s there.
71.791: Missed a jump going to that lead synth.
Same thing for 65.90
79.291, 80.041, 85.291, 86.041: The lead synth isn't actually playing on these 8th jumps (or at the very least it’s much harder to hear; there’s definitely something playing on these 8ths but it doesn’t sound like the lead synth to me). It may be a good idea to change these four jumps to single notes.
81.46: Missing jump for lead synth
94.21, 100.21: I don’t get this [34][12] jumptrill. The trill makes sense, although the only jumps here would be the lead synth? The guitar isn’t playing 16ths here.

101.791, 103.391, 104.891: Most of the jumps in this part are stepped to the guitar, but these three 8th jumps don’t seem to go to anything at all.
115.12, 116.62, 118.12, 118.96, 119.62: While not every note needs to be stepped here, these synth notes are audible enough to be significant. There are several more after and I think you see the pattern.
121.666: Pitch relevancy on the jumps during this half-speed section was good up to about here. From here to when the song goes back to 160 BPM, you may want to take another look and make the jumps a little more pitch relevant. It’s particularly problematic at 124.854 and 125.229 where you have two [12] jumps, but the notes being played by the synth scale upward in pitch. It doesn’t help that both notes are higher than 124.104, which was also stepped as [12] jump. Ideally 124.854 and 125.229 would be better stepped as [23] and [34] jumps respectively, or whatever you feel flows best with the 32nds, as long as the jumps go from low to high.
124.666: This jump doesn't seem to go to anything either.
133.291: Missed a jump again.
140.791, 141.541, 146.791, 147.541: Same as 79.291 etc.

142.96: Missing jump for lead synth
149.604: The trill fits, but I feel like adding more variety to the 16ths instead of having one long trill would feel more climactic.
The file gets a little draggy sometimes but it's otherwise decent.

[6.75/10] Smoke Weed Everyday {Rasmus Hedegaard} (Xiz)
The BPM is actually closer to 100.05 BPM, not exactly 100 BPM. The slightly incorrect BPM causes the file to gradually drift offbeat over the course of the song.
9.868 etc.: Ghost note. This same exact 16th ghost note appears every time the lyrics "smoke weed everyday" come up. (Occasionally there's actually a synth being played between "weed" and "everyday", and in those cases you're okay. Other times there's nothing being played and you're left with a ghost note.) Pitch relevancy could also use some fixing up around here. "Smoke" is a higher note than "weed", so a pattern like 4-3 would make a lot more sense than the current 2-4 pattern.

Well in the case of 9.868 that note is going to the hi-hat.
10.768 etc.: The two chopped vocals this mini-jack is going to doesn't make that much sense as a mini-jack, since the two syllables here are two completely different syllables and pitches instead of a repetition of the same syllable with the same pitch (such as "smo-o-o-o-oke" where you stepped the 5-note long jacks).
57.394: I'd change this 2-4-[13] pattern to something like 1-2-[34], in order to better distinguish what's being played in the song here is completely different from what's being played at 57.734. (Notice the inflection on "up" compared to the next few lyrics; it sounds very different from what comes immediately after but the steps don't really reflect that).
104.211: The vocals here are an exact repetition of what was played from 26.550-29.548, but here you stepped a mini-jack that you didn’t step the first time around. Like the mini-jacks I pointed out earlier, this mini-jack doesn’t really fit (same reason as before) so I would get rid of the mini-jack.
There's really not a whole lot to say about this file. It's stepped decently but it's also very basic, but basic is really all that can be done with this song anyways.

The minijack and BPM issue are what need to be addressed in this file. I was getting early goods by the end.

[8/10] ELECTRiCiTY {NIKITA} (bmah)
3.593, 9.079, etc.: These jumps would feel much more pitch relevant as [23] jumps, [24] jumps, [14] jumps... basically anything that's not a [12] like what you have now (this implies that the note is going to a lower pitch, which it isn't). This basically applies until 22.82.
15.764: Once the bass kick first appears in the song, all of the short jumpstreams end with a quarter note jump except for this one. I thought originally that may have been because you only wanted to put jumps to the piano and not the bass, but I’m struggling to hear a piano note at 18.507 where a jump is stepped.
25.82: The triplet 48ths in this section of the song should be 32nds.
63.336: Missed a jump going to the melody. You could technically put one at 63.250 just before, too, but it would be better to leave that note as is and avoid a 4-note mini jumptrill.
66.764: Missing some 16th jumps here, too.
83.479, 84.164, etc.: There's actually some soft piano notes playing here that weren't stepped.
Not stepping these piano gallops is a noticeable emptiness, so adding these in is encouraged.
133.136: If the cymbals at 112.964 are going to be stepped as a triple, then this needs to be a triple, too.
113.479: These two jumps don't seem to go to anything.
Pretty fun file overall.

[8/10] Forbidden Tracks {The Flashbulb} (ilikexd)
9.735 & 10.041, etc.: The high hat plays twice consecutively, so this might have worked as an 8th minijack. (The second high hat is slightly more prominent than the first so I can understand why you chose to step it the way you did.)
10.99 and a few other instances: The hi-hats here are very soft so they shouldn’t be placed on the rightmost column when the prominent bass kick before is on the exact opposite of the spectrum. The convention is to have higher pitches or louder elements closer to the right, and softer elements to the left.
31.75, 41.52: This hi-hat would work better on the up note to match up with the 4th up arrow after.
36.64: This 8th should be on the right note since the previous two right 16ths also go to the drum.

37.982: Missed a 16th going to the drum.
53.43: There should be a down arrow on this 4th to make a 16th minijack for the snare.
58.901: Starting after this point, I really think the layering could be kicked up a notch. The snare drum is pretty heavily used in this song. Sometimes the drumming is relatively soft, and sometimes the drum is hit much harder and sticks out much more (59.664, 59.969, 60.275 for example). As I played the file I found myself wanting some of those harder hitting snares to be stepped as jumps. But throughout the file you're mostly sticking to the same jump usage as in the beginning of the file with only minor variations (usually stepping an extra jump to a cymbal). Your current layering isn't bad by any means, I just feel that you could take the layering a step further.
75.696 in particular bothers me since you have two snares in a row, but only one of them is stepped with a jump. The layering right now makes sense when I take a closer look at it, but when I'm playing it I just can't help but feel that second snare should have also been a jump.
79.055: You could fit a 48th roll in here, similar to what you did at 48.213.
I also noticed this too, I was expecting a 48th roll here from previously.
82.29: This 16th should be on the right note with the snare stepped before it as a right note.
82.567: There's a very soft high hat being played here that was missed. It's very difficult to notice though so I personally don't really care if it gets stepped or not.
100.77: Missing hand?
117.70: This seems to appear throughout the file. Basically, the snare gets stepped on a different column in some cases, but then in other cases like these it’s stepped on a different column. This 16th should be stepped on the up note to fit the 16th up minijack after.
119.23: Why isn’t there a snare minijack here?

126.909 & 126.985: Another couple of high hats here, too, and a few more throughout the last 30 seconds of the song. Again, they’re really hard to notice and the file still plays very nicely without those notes being stepped.
Going to the above, 129.31 has a noticeable 32nd hi-hat triplet.
Very enjoyable file!

[7.5/10] Nekuro no Makkuro Kuro Majutsu {paraoka} (Charu & Gradiant)
9.876: Some kind of 32nd burst to match the organ trail-off would be neat to have here.
18.581: 24ths are technically incorrect, but continuing to step 32nds could make this bit and the snare roll just before hard to distinguish from each other. The one thing I can think of that might work would be to take the 4th note at the very end of the 32nd roll and switch that to column 4, and then step the 32nds going from right to left (to counter the previous roll which goes from left to right). As it is right now, it's really not a big deal and I'm not against keeping the 24ths.

31.00: Missing 32nd for drum roll triplet
33.185: The synth is trilling here. If you can figure out a way to step it without making the steps awkward, that would be really cool to include. If not, at least fix the 16th at 33.509; there's actually 24ths being played here, not a 16th.
35.128, 35.991, 37.717, 38.581: There's a bass guitar playing at each of these four points. I'd layer in the bass guitar instead of stepping just the vocals.

53.72, 53.93, 54.15: There’s vocal layering here, although that’s not the case for these three jumps. What are these for?
58.653: There's one more vocal note being played on this 4th note. Since you've been stepping the vocals with jumps, adding one more jump here would add some closure to the vocals instead of just ignoring the last syllable.
59.33: Missing jump, I could see the choice for not including vocal jumps here but this one in particular ends the 3/16ths you were stepping for jumps.
59.516: It's almost impossible to hear what these 24th trills are going to until you reach 60.379, and even then I think just stepping a 16th jumpstream would have worked better.
63.617, 63.940: Missed notes going to the drum.
Throughout the entire chorus you seem to be stepping mostly the vocals, but sometimes you also step the organ. Sometimes you step 16ths when the organ is playing 16ths (and there's no 16th vocals going on), sometimes you don't. If you're choosing to follow the organ as well, I would advise that you step all of it instead of just a few times.
89.084: I'm not a huge fan of these one-hand biased 32nds, but that's probably just me.
94.695: This stream started by layering in the organ as jumps, but here you switch to just stepping a jumpless 16th stream with some sort of pitch relevancy to match the organ. Things would feel a little more consistent if you stepped jumps here, too. But rather than step every note as a jump, I would step just a few jumps (most likely 94.695, 95.019, 95.235 and 95.343).
101.602: Similar idea here.
108.832: Should be a jump to go with the snare drum.
110.343: Same here.
113.472 & 114.983: More snare drums here that could be stepped as jumps. There's a lot of snares that aren't stepped as jumps despite the fact that you clearly set "snares are jumps" as the layering scheme starting at 105.918.

114.15, 115.66, 117.17: These aren’t full 24th bursts. They start with a 16th triplet, then go into a 24th burst.
115.199: Odd missing note. The drum is playing here, the organ is playing here... No reason for there not to be a note here.
117.60: Missing note.
122.14: There should be a hand here.

126.314: Missed a note going to the bass kick.
128.580 & 129.875: I like that these synth notes were accented with jumps, but I don't like how these two jumps in particular are [12] jumps. In each set of 5 notes, the fifth note is a higher pitch that the other four, and the jump placement should reflect that.

133.90: I only hear the snare for this 16th, what is this jump for?
135.487: A couple of more missing notes here.
136.350: Here's an opportunity to layer the drum in with the synth. This file is easily an FMO already, a polyrhythm and possibly 12th jumpgluts aren’t going to be the hardest part of the file.
145.846 & 146.494: More unstepped drums.

156.67: This could have been a three-note 8th jack for the 8th kick. In addition, 157.75 could have been a minijack for the 8th kick as well (that one could be a jump), you get the idea.
160.55: This rhythm is interesting. It’s not a 24th triplet, but a 32nd gallop starting on the 16th.

164.623: Missed stepping the drum here.
170.774: There's a couple of 32nds here that weren't stepped.
171.529: There's 32nds being played here too, but chances are stepping those 32nds would make for an awkward transition into the triple. Maybe you could get away with using 24ths here, or you could keep what you have now since it does follow the organ perfectly.

173.72: Be wary of the long right-note 8th jack here.
189.875: Starting here the file is mostly a repeat of 58.653 onward. All previous notes apply here too.
Going to the above point, I found another repeated error a little before at 184.94 which goes back to 53.72.
190.55: Copy paste. Same missing jump and 24th trill.
216.34: There’s only the drum here, this jump should be a single note.

There's a ton of small things throughout this file that really bug me, but whenever this file does something right, it does it really well! There's a lot of really fun moments here but also quite a few things I think should be looked at.

[9/10] DRAGONLADY {Nankumo} (hi19hi19)
YES. FFR can always use some more jack-heavy files, and this one's pretty fun too! The jacks fit the song perfectly!
Considering how much repetition is used in this file, there's some parts of the file where I wondered why there wasn't MORE repetition. For example, I would have expected 50.915-51.715 to be an exact copy & paste of 50.115-50.915 without any variation at all, but instead it gets mirrored. I think a lot of the direct copy & pasting that goes on in the chart works well for this song, so it bothers me that small bits like this are given any sort of variation... This is really a big nitpick though. It's weird of me to even suggest that a file wasn't repetitive enough. :P
Pitch relevancy in some places isn't great (example: 69.015 and 69.215. The notes being played in this entire section are going from low to high and are stepped accordingly for the most part, but these two particular 16th notes were stepped high to low instead) but it seems like you were focusing more on making the file fun than making it pitch relevant. I think the file plays really well as it is but a couple of adjustments to pitch relevancy would help make the file just a bit better.

I don’t have much else to add, this file was crafted nicely.


Real, Sunset Hamlin, Problematic, Winter Night's Journey, DATA DRAIN

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Light Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: Gradiant
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[7/10] DATA DRAIN {DJ Sharpnel} (hi19hi19)
56.047, 57.344, etc.: It's very difficult to hear what these 16ths are going to.
- The 16ths are 59.777 are much easier to hear. I’d recommend keeping these and getting rid of 56.047 etc. since those are near inaudible at 1.0x rate.
Although the 16ths at 59.777 are louder, I don’t see a problem with the earlier mentioned 16ths like 56.047
- Hands at 43.641, 54.020, 55.317, 86.452, 98.128? The cymbal crashes are pretty prominent in the song
98.128: As the music picks up in intensity, adding more notes (stepping a note on every quarter note is probably enough, some notes would work well as hands but you’ve avoided using them entirely) instead of just repeating the previous 8 measures with new patterns would make things just a bit less repetitive. And this whole entire file gets very repetitive very quickly...).
105.912: Like that you switched the 4ths/8ths from the right side to left when you repeated the same stream pattern as 51.750
- Jump at 108.506 feels out of place since the jumps immediately after are going to driving bass drum, coloring the jump like you did to the similar sounds in the very intro of the song would be good
- Another hand for cymbal crash at 124.227,

147.579: And so begins the only reason to step DATA DRAIN in the first place. :P
- Rather than start off by only having jumps going to the bass, you could step the synth too up until whatever point you feel things are getting too hard. Stepping just the bass makes the start of the speedup pretty boring. As the song speeds up the 16ths become less and less distinguishable, so at some point you could stop stepping 16ths and only step the 8ths to the synth with the bass layered in, and then once things get ludicrously fast just follow the bass only (right around where you switched from jumps to singles would be the absolute last point I'd consider stepping the synth).
Starting the speedup with jumps makes the progression up to its top speed pretty nice, though it wouldn’t hurt to include 8th singles in between the jumps from 147.578 to say, 156.694. Any more than that I think would make that section the hardest rather than having the difficulty ramp up to the hardest section being at the song’s top speed.
- There's really not a whole lot to say about DATA DRAIN. The speedup is arguably the only interesting part of the song, and everything else is generic repetitive Sharpnel; consequently this leads to a mostly generic file. It’s not technically a bad file, but it certainly has a hard time sticking out.

[7/10] Problematic {Kezwik & Protohype} (Xiz)
2.807: Rather than 3-2-1-2-3, a pattern like 2-3-4-2-1 would feel much more pitch relevant. Happens again a couple of times. Specific points like 12.807, 24.100
25.513: If you wanted, you could get some pitch relevancy to that high-frequency sound if you moves this note to 4, and then moved 26.572 onward to 2's and 3's, using column 4 only for when you're stepping a jump (or if you really just don't have anything that flows better). What you have now is fine too, it's just that the high-frequency notes jump out at me before the rapping does which is why I made the suggestion. Personal preference.
29.483: Missing note. There is a faint sound going on here but the sound that’s happening isn’t what’s being stepped here, rather the bass kick and vocals are.
31.204: The second note in this 32nd burst is a ghost note. A lot of the 5-note 32nd bursts in this file are like this. Most of them should actually have that second note removed. Listened to this a ton on different rates and note ticking to check and if anything’s a ghost note I’d actually say it’s the first note. It’s continuous 32nds that get louder
33.586: Should be a 16th, not a 32nd.
40.777: Same as 29.483
44.388: These are 24ths, not 32nds.
44.836: Not sure why you stopped using color note theory for these two notes. Also, the 32nd is a ghost note.
44.932 should be stepped as a jump to go with the cymbal.
46.954: Missing note to the drum.
53.483: Missing note to the drum again.
Feel the same about these drum notes as about the missing notes at 29.483. There could be arrows here but the sounds aren’t the prominent thing going on that’s being stepped so there might be too much going on.
53.394: The patterning from here through the roll to 58.335 is a bit repetitive. The roll is fine since the sound is ascending, but the sets of three 16ths before the roll could also be done like 1-3-(24) or 2-3-(14) so the notes are still going left to right but it’s not repeating the 1-2-(34) patterning
59.042: Hand usage after the bass drop gets a little confusing. From what I can see, hands were meant to be placed on every snare drum, but not every snare is stepped with a hand (and it doesn't seem to be stepped that way for the sake of flow, either) and there's a few other hands stepped elsewhere that don't quite make sense.
67.512: Technically ghost notes, but I can't deny that these 24ths go with the bass growling really well.
Yeah, I really love this part here.
90.159: These 24ths, however, I think need to be changed. The sound that's playing here is closer to 16ths than 24ths.
94.865: Missed a jump going to the bass kick.
101.571: I didn't like the back and forth here. Stepping this as a 4-3-2-1 roll would be more enjoyable.
Agreed, a staircase like this would easily be the hardest part of the file to hit and is pretty spikey.
114.277: Missed stepping the bass kick entirely.
117.982: Have this sort of repeating on (2) here that could be changed to something like 1-2-(34), fits the sounds here a bit better

[6.5/10] Real {Bumblefoot} (ilikexd)
10.113: Toms here are quite loud so having these as just singles feels a bit empty especially since the toms are louder than the sounds you have the jumps going to before this section
42.630: DAARGHH DA-DAARGHH DA-DAHM DUUUUUN DA-DOO KA-TAHM (stepping this as jumps would have been funnier IMO but it’s no big deal) Or maybe coloring them. With all the colored notes you have in the rest of the file, wouldn’t be a problem. The color notes in this file are generally a matter of syncing rather than a matter of looking pretty, so I disagree with introducing more colors in this part. Making everything red is fine.
65.269: Shit just got REAL. *BA-DUM tch*
- Seriously though this whole speedup is a pretty huge difficulty spike. The rainbow notes are a real (No pun intended this time, I swear!) pain in the ass to play. The patterns are pretty unforgiving at times and don't always flow nicely, and the irregular timing on those rainbow notes just makes the file that much harder to play. It just wasn’t that fun. I've listened to the guitar solos at 0.5x speed and even then it's incredibly difficult to decipher exactly what the guitar is playing since all the notes are slurred together. If you just stepped straight 16ths I doubt most people would be able to tell the difference at all. A combination of fudging the solos to 16ths and making some of the patterns slightly less awkward would make this much more enjoyable; at the very least I think one of those two things should be done. There's obviously a lot of effort put into making the solos as technically accurate as possible, but this is a situation where I think technical accuracy got in the way of fun.
Think Gameboy’s put it as nicely as it could be put. Looking through the section I see a ton of 1-3-2-4 transitions which are pretty awkward to hit at this speed. Being paired with how it’s colored, it looks like a mess and it’s extremely hard to distinguish patterns while playing, which might be fine if the rest of the file was similar in difficulty but it’s not, so right now it’s such a huge kick to the balls. Wouldn’t want to accept this unless the guitar solo is smoothed out a bit.

[6/10] Sunset Hamlin {The Flashbulb} (blanky!)
- The start of the file as well as 15.652-28.120 suggests that you plan on following the drum more closely than the guitar, but I noticed you actually try to follow the guitar more closely more often than not, and this leads to a lot of missed drums. If you had stayed consistent with what you were following this could be a better file. The guitar is usually stepped with good pitch relevance though, so that's a plus.
- Layering overall tends to be off, too. The main problem I see is that sometimes you're layering in the louder drums with jumps (such as during 32.795-34.354), but most of the time you don't (18.769-21.886 is a prime example of loud drum hits that would be great as jumps but instead are stepped as single notes). I really like those drums layered as jumps, doing that more consistently throughout the file would help a lot.
Combined with the first point. I think you sent this in when we were both doing Moches’ first stepfile workshop, and I think I pointed out the same thing here that Gameboy is with the layering inconsistencies between following the guitar and following the drums. The intro is fine since the guitar hasn’t started yet, but it gets more and more noticeable after that.
Also when you start putting hands to the cymbal crashes there are several instances throughout the file that are jumps instead even though the volume of the cymbals are the same (49.743 and then 49.938, 46.042 and then 46.821, etc.)
Pretty sure that when I looked at the file back then as well, all the instances you have trills (39.808, 52.276, 77.211, etc.) were just regular rolly patterns which I think matched the sounds in the song a lot better

27.925: I didn't like this 32nd trill. I get what you’re going for but I don’t feel like it quite fit the intensity of the buzzing. You could probably get away with replacing the 32nds with a simple white note or something along those lines.
79.029: This was an awkward transition. I'd suggest changing the notes from 78.867-79.159 to a 4-3-2-1 pattern, and then change 79.159-79.549 to 24ths (I don't hear 32nds in this part) and use a pattern different from the previous 4-3-2-1.
82.471: The sound being played here doesn't really sound like a continuation of the 24th trill to me. The 32nds would work better as something that's not a trill (4-1-2-3-[124] would be better than what you have now).
- If you don’t plan on stepping the entire song, it’s recommended you actually cut that part of the music from the .mp3 just to reduce the file size.
- This file has potential but it could really use some more work.

[8.5/10] Winter Night's Journey {LEAF XCEED} (DarkZtar)
- .mp3 is named “Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm)”. A quick Google search confirmed that this is the official title as opposed to simply “Winter Night’s Journey”.
46.440, 46.611, 46.783: Since you've been stepping the lead guitar with jumps throughout most of the file, there should be 8th jumps here too.
47.640: Ghost note.
58.611-69.583: Halving the BPM to reflect the half-time drums would make sense here. This is really just personal preference and it's up to you how you want to handle it.
Not necessary but agree that it’d be pretty cool if you did this.
78.497: To improve the pitch relevancy, I'd change this [23] jump to a [34] jump, then change the next two [34] jumps to [24] and [14], respectively.
79.097: Lack of jump here threw me off since it’s the same snare sound as the blue jump right before it at 79.011. Would mess with the 4th hand (79.183) right after it if it was a jump but there’s also cymbals at 78.840 and 79.011 so the cymbal for the hand doesn’t stand out very much. Just a suggestion, could go either way.
89.469: Same thing as 78.497.
90.069: Same thing as 79.097, just a suggestion
After listening through the song once and then playtesting the jumpstream section, I find myself continuously tapping to the triplet piano(?) going on between 96.326 and 97.011. Think it’s more prominent than the ascending bass guitar, and adds a bit more variation in rhythm after that whole 16th jumpstream part.

- Jumpstreams flow really well, layering is spot on. I really enjoyed this one! Very great file, only things that stood out to me weren’t necessary changes, jumpstream played nicely, and the song choice was pretty neat so it was fun to play to as well. I’d actually give it a [9/10], at least 8.5 is fine though.


Stupor of peace, THOROUGH PINATA DICKING AMATEUR XXX, Pointless Fast Rap, Psycho soup, Elusive Reaches

Lead Judge: bmah
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8/10] Stupor of peace {LeaF} (ilikexd)
- 1.97-5.16s: PR is suspect
- 27.00: Why wasn’t this an 8th minijack for the percussion like previously?
- 40.66-41.06s: not sure why you have jumps here. The drums sound fluidly as single arrows. There’s a running 16th melody in the background.
- 49.36-49.46s: these are jumps, so something like a jumptrill would work here.
- 60.88s: no jump

- 91.22: This jump shouldn’t be here, it’s not layering the cymbals. It actually makes the next two jumps confusing since they go with the cymbal crashes.
- 91.35s: this section confused me a lot at first but I think that's because you didn't put a jump to 91.11s and I also expected a few jumps to be jacks (91.27-91.35s) according to the music. Also, the music tricked me into thinking those 8th jumps were 16ths. Maybe should clarify this section a bit. I really expected those jacks!
- 108.53-109.43: Considering the synth was what the layering turned into here, these 16ths should be included.
- 110.29, 110.86, 111.14: These should have been jumps.

- Summary: At first I really didn't like this song, but then it became a lot more interesting later on. Stepping is typical of you stepping LeaF music but works well all the same. I'd just investigate that one area that confused me.

[2/10] THOROUGH PINATA DICKING AMATEUR XXX {The Quick Brown Fox} (Xtreme2252)
- syncing is noticeably early
- 2.23-7.05s: What's with all these BPM changes? They aren't necessary!

- The beginning is just 16ths at 200 BPM. The BPM changes are wrong.
- 2.31s,etc.: some missing 16ths to synth
- 3.30s,4.51s,etc.: offsync jumps probably due to the BPMs - make this entire intro a static BPM please!
- 3.00s,etc.: 12th/24ths swing arrows due to your weird BPMs - see above
- 4.66s,5.90s,etc.: ghost arrows possibly due to lack of attentiveness but could also be possibly due to the changing BPMs - see above
- 5.44s: what prompted you to add this 32nd?
- 7.05-11.24s: the placement of 8ths and 16ths to synths is wrong - please review
- 11.84s: at first, straightforward 8th jumps are acceptable as an introduction to this difficult file (reminds me of Necropotence). However, it seems like you continue this pattern the entire way through this part of the song without layering in what I think is the more interesting 16th synth pattern along with the pounding 8th beat drums.
- 13.91-14.21s: bad jump placement (trill + right arrow anchors), not to mention the burst is not simply a single 32nd triplet
- 16.46s: considering the consistency of the sound, I don't get why the second two 16ths here are jacks and the ones prior to these are not (or vice versa)
- 23.74s: not simply a single 32nd triplet for this burst
- 30.91s: where did this 12th come from?
- 31.31-31.46s,31.91-32.06s,etc.: I suppose you could keep these as jumps, but I'd prefer the guitar strums here to be single arrows. The sounds don't strike me as jump-worthy.
- 33.98s: did this [34] 32nd jump come from some random sound clip? Omit it.
- 41.21-41.81s: yuck patterns here. The 32nds are justified, but please change the 16th jacks!
- 42.81s: yeah I hear this really fast burst, but I don't find it particularly fitting still.
- 44.21-44.66: why all the jumps?? Not to mention 1212 arrows with down arrow anchors. Also, I believe the burst at 44.66s is comprised of 24ths.
- 45.49-46.01s: more 16ths that are jacks...unpleasant at this BPM, and they also appear arbitrary considering the adjacent sounds.
- 46.61-47.14s: ugly patterns due to lone 32nd after a jump plus right arrow anchoring, creating a one-handed trill as well. Yikes!
- 49.01s: you certainly have room to place the [23] jump elsewhere, as it is currently creating a real hazard when you transition from the 32nd burst (note: the down arrow!)
- 49.61s: an extreme burst like this could be conveyed as a single colored arrow instead of a jump
- 49.91-51.26s: again, watch the resulting patterns creating anchors. For instance, the up arrow at 50.14s creates a more difficult transition into the 32nd due to up arrow anchoring, and the [24] 8th jump at 50.66s creates an extremely difficult down arrow anchor transition from the 32nds into that jump. There is also a noticeable up arrow anchor at 50.81s.
- 52.61-53.14s: I can see these being justifiably jacks, but I still think they're kinda mean due to the BPM. I personally would've just put these as a normal 16th pattern.
- 53.81-54.04s: But this is really not good - transitioning from fast 32nd rolls into minijacks, the first set of which also has a 32nd triplet! This won't feel good at all.
- 55.16s: an arrow that could be omitted. Also minijacks - see my earlier comment.
- 55.61s,55.76s: in addition to difficult-to-hit minijacks, why did you add jumps to these? Why?
- 56.36-56.59s,57.11-57.34s: bad burst-to-minijack transitioning. I'd stay away from minijacks altogether when you consider the BPM of this song.

- 60.44: Some of these notes go to the yelling but the blasting synth is erratically understepped.
- 65.21-67.01s: these trills go to absolutely nothing.
- 76.20s: should just be a 4th jump, not a weird 32nd jump.
- 78.41-78.64s: same as above. The sounds clearly convey these jumps as 4ths.

- I think what might have offset these as 16ths is the early sync issue. But yeah, these are definitely 8th jumps.
- 79.01-88.34s: the generalizations here are fair and are doable.
- 88.52s: extraneous 32nd
- Summary: There's a lot of work to be done here. I'd recommend re-evaluating your file by playing it a few times and asking yourself, "Does it feel good to play this file?" If you find that you are having execution difficulties in certain sections, revise them. In other words, play by your instincts on what feels like a good file - don't just make a hard file for the sake of making a hard file. I'm not saying this because I am unable to play difficult files (quite the contrary), but because I felt this was far too unintuitive to play. Consider the various factors this song provides to you: a fast BPM, many opportunities for bursts (of which you must control carefully), and the majority of sounds being pitch-irrelevant which gives you more freedom as to where to place your arrows. Given those factors, arrange the arrows so that they play well not only for my fingers, but for yours as well.

- Expanding on the summary above, the patterning in this file has very little thought put into it and the layering is all over the place.

[7.5/10] Pointless Fast Rap {Boyinaband} (gameboy42690)
- 11.41s,12.72s,20.22s,44.60s,61.10s,68.50-68.60s: out of sync in many spots, presumably for simplification of steps. However, I'm only pointing out the areas that I felt were significantly off. I think opinions vary on this, but for me step generalization works to a degree. But that stops working when it feels a bit more off than my fingers and ears would comfortably synchronize to.
- 33.63s: ghost 16th

- 60.94: This works better as 12ths.
- Summary: Decent straightforward file but syncing needs to be refined a bit. I'm not talking about 64ths or super specific timing - just a few areas I felt really should be resynced.
- Alternatively, what I can also see working is stepping off of familiar intervals (e.g. with the 4th aat 11.44, the 32nd before fits better) and then recolorizing to give the appearance of the basic notes. Again though, this is just an alternative that I suggest. The current syncing is a bit sketchy, although I did see which lyrics the notes were supposed to go to.

[6.5/10] Psycho soup {Pogo} (M0nkeyz)
- 19.65s: unnecessary jump
- In addition there shouldn’t be a 3-note 8th jack here. The 8th on 19.68 matches with the hit on 19.94 for an 8th minijack.
- 23.04s: missing jump
- 24.11: Unnecessary jump.
- 24.60s: I thought you were going to step to the "3,2,1" sound clip, but that's optional
- 25.84: This was stepped too early. Stepping the 64th closer to the 8th is the preferred choice if you want to keep the green color.
- 26.17: There isn’t a 64th gallop here.

- 30.86s,35.04s: I believe a 24th stream generalization is acceptable here, as it adds some variation yet stepping the dropping sound exactly may prove to be too much of a spike.
- 30.89, 35.07: The difference in patterning for these two 24th sections despite being the same sounds should be changed to be similar. For instance, I could see two 24th triplet patterns working each, or keeping the roll structure.
- 39.21s: lol I will acknowledge this is some good color theory, though I don't think it's needed at 42.34-44.17s.
- 44.17: This 64th should’ve been stepped on the 32nd before.
- 47.30s-49.65s,63.99-66.86s,etc.: I found a few areas in this file that tend to have repetitive patterns. For a song that I believe produces pretty low-key stepping, it'd be good if you could vary up repetitive sections.
- 68.20, 74.46: Missing 8ths for the hi-hats.
- 77.17s: unnecessary 16th jump
- 84.60-85.39s,etc.: really different sounding vocals could use some color theory for added interest, especially towards the end of the song (just don't go overboard).
- 94.52s: why the slowdown?
- 98.69s: unnecessary jump
- 109.13s: variation in pitch of these crazy vocals can result in a pattern that's different than a trill

- 116.97: This should just be a 4th.
- 125.43: As a side note, 64th offsetting at this speed is risky. It’s almost always going to be an entire frame off, so this file would need some frame attention.
- At 121.55 there are the layered 16th jumps which form a minijack with the bass kick, yet 129.89 doesn’t do the same.

- Summary: It's not a bad file. I think the main problem is that the song itself lends to anemic stepping in the first place, and so you need to do as much as possible with variation to generate as much interest as possible. From the perspective of a fun/exciting chart, I would rate this a lot lower; however, the rating is purely from my technical observations. The stepping is not overly erroneous but this song doesn't provide many opportunities for interesting gameplay.

[7.5/10] Elusive Reaches {Ensiferum} (hi19hi19)
- 9.52s,etc.: not layering the main guitar melody within the drumrolls is acceptable although certainly harks back to the stepping styles of older simfiles. However, it won't really hurt if you do decide to add them in because the guitar melodies are always 4ths or 8ths. (The only time I would be against multiple layering is the complex guitar solo in the middle.) If you do choose to only step the drumrolls in these sections, I would OMIT unnecessary jumps as they do not contribute in any way: 9.52s,59.92s,61.72s,194.32s. I see older simfiles do this as well and I don't really get why it's a thing.
- 11.06: This should’ve been a minijack like 9.85 for the guitar.
- 41.92s,42.22s: hands
- 59.02s,68.62s: I don't get why you omit an arrow here - add it so that we feel the constantly driving beat!
- 71.77s: 8th to vocals
- 91.27s,99.07s: missing 8th to drum
- 100.72-119.62s: acceptable pseudo-layering to convey multiple elements
- 113.92s: missing jump
- 144.30-144.52s,146.62-146.92s,etc.: need to sync better with the guitar solo here (and possibly other areas?)

- 148.94: This should’ve just been a 16th triplet starting from the 8th. The previous occurences of the 32nd and 24th were for the bass pedal, but that’s not the case here (it’s the guitar).
- 184.32: What’s with this 64th?
- 194.35: Layering in the vocals here would’ve made for some excellent jumpstream.

- Summary: Straightforward file that's quite fun to play. Reminds me of Dragonforce but what do I know of this genre of music haha. Taking into consideration your stylistic preferences, my only recommendations is to fix a few missing 8ths to beats, remove a few jumps when 16th drumrolls begin, and recheck the guitar solo for a few out of sync areas.


WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys), Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead, Hatsune Miku no Bousou, Guardians of Old, Dear My Sweetie

Lead Judge: DarkZtar
Color: Dark Gray for notes, Light Gray for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Red for notes, Red for providing comments to the lead judge.

[9/10] WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys) {Cardboard Box vs. STereochan} (ilikexd)
this file could pretty much be named stream pattern practice, stream patterns are very smooth
bpm changes reflect background drum rhythm well without adding extra clutter to the layering

- 24.81-26.54, 31.72-33.45: This kind of pattern is killer on accuracy (think of the [23] phenomenon that happens during a stream like Eclipse Solar which also has a lot of repeating 13241234 type patterns), my hands basically have to float to not get greats here and it’s very unnatural.
-50.741 that's a lot of bacon
-50.957, 51.822 these 4ths could also technically be jumps since the vocal sample pronounces bacon as 2 distinct syllables.
-you really could layer in all the vocal samples within the 16th/12th/whatever streams to make this dumb hard but I get this file’s supposed to be smooth
gonna go eat at five guys now

- For the most part this file was fine but the patterning issue I mentioned at 24.81 and 31.72 is incredibly problematic considering how much better the other streams in the file play. While this isn’t going to put the file into Conditional Queue from my discretion, I strongly suggest changing the patterning in those specific sections to prevent the [23] problem.

[4/10] Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead {Rainbowdragoneyes} (Xtreme2252)
-9.872 to 11.257 all of these 16ths are ghost notes. Lead in sounds or ambient sounds that are sustained notes should only have one note to indicate where they start.
-11.795 missing 16th
-12.449, 13.680 missing 32nd ← happens many more times throughout the song
-12.642 these are 24ths ← this happens many many times in this section, slowing down the song to .5x rate will help you identify them
-13.334 missing 16th
Also there are glaring inconsistencies in this first section. Sometimes you follow what im assuming is the synths that follow 24th spurts (but you follow them with 16ths) and other times you seem to be following the scratches. You can do both since they have different identifiable rhythms, but as it stands now this section isn’t really clear, and is inaccurate in several places.
-19.795 missing 16th
-20.795 should be a jump
-21.026 missing 16th
-22.103 missing jump
-23.180 ghost note
-23.488 missing 16th
-25.949 missing 16th
-31.103 ghost 24ths (the 24ths before this also could be simplified into a 2 note gallop since the sounds they go too are pretty quiet and only the last 2 notes are decently audible)
-31.872 this is technically a 24th trill with some rhythmic deviation but 12ths work if you would rather keep it simple
-35.411 missing 8th
Alright, a loooot of the 24ths in this section go to scratches that are barely audible. These are probably better off removed. What makes these even stranger is that there are instances of 24ths/32nds scratches later in the section beginning at 42.949 that you’ve chosen to ignore completely in favor of just using 8ths.

- 39.78: The missing 12th here in addition to many of the previously mentioned missing notes gives the feeling of a rushed file. The patterning also could use more thought in the 24ths, there’s a heavy amount of one-hand bias.
-44.795, 45.103, 45.411, 45.718, 46.026 why are these hands?
-51.718 subdivided 16ths? considering you went with 32nds for a lot of the smaller bursts of blips in the intro you might as well make this 32nds as well.

-60.81: Why are there so many jumps here?
-61.680 another instance of where using notes to represent one ambient sound doesn’t really work
-62.257 ghost 16th

-64.50: This is a 24th burst, not a 32nd triplet. Same for 69.42
-65.57: Minijack usage in this file is inconsistent. 65.42 should have also been a minijack if this is a minijack, but there are other instances of this that need to be resolved. Also, missing 8th on 65.88

-66.565 missing 16th
-67.180 ghost 16th
-70.795 missing 8th
-70.872 missing 16th
-71.334 missing 16th
-76.257 missing 16th
-76.718 missing 16th
-80.411 missing 16th
-80.757 ghost 32nd

-Going to the above point, 80.55 (the 24th) is also a ghost note. The notes in this part don’t make sense, are you trying to follow the synth?
Some general advice at this point, avoid trying to use 32nds/24ths to generalize sounds that you hear at 1x rate at face value, slow the song down and evaluate whether there are distinct sounds that you are emphasizing with notes rather than trying to use multiple notes to embellish what you feel is important. Hand usage up to this point has been weird since you’ve used hands for select vocals at times, but there are plenty of opportunities (such as crashes/abrasive kicks) that would stand out better as hands.
-82.334 same as 31.872
I’m seeing several of the same issues mentioned in the previous sections appear in the following sections since many of them are repetitions, go through the file carefully on a slower rate to catch the rest of the ghost/missing 16ths as your rhythms for many of the scratches are off.
-102.411 missing 16ths in this measure

-Going to the above, this section is very sparse considering the song elements playing.
-111.54: This 32nd should’ve been a 16th.
-117.103 just cause the vocals are lower doesn’t mean they suddenly warrant hands
-Also should note that the scratches that you stepped as 24ths in the previous verse are present here as well and you ignored most of them in this section, I feel this plays better than the previous verse.
Another general note, you have a lot of anchors that scattered throughout the file that honestly don’t really go to anything, considering changing the notes up to break up the anchors.

-121.01: Missing 12th. I’d suggest slowing down while stepping, since all these kinds of missing notes tend to indicate a rushed file.
-140.81: This section has 24ths, not 32nds.

-141.565 missing 8th
-142.180 this should be straight 16ths
-142.334 missing 4th and 16th
-148.180 good use of a hand to a crash, use hands like this more throughout the file.
-152.103 missing 16th
-152.642 many missing 16ths in this measure

-153.11: Another very sparse section like previously.
-163.257 the background music disappears entirely here, drop the entire layering scheme down a notch and make the jumps single notes, and hands jumps here
-173.180 missing 16th
-175.257 oh god break up this anchor, there is no reason this should be here.
-179.334 ghost 16th
-180.488 same thing with the long anchor
-184.180 more ghost 16ths
Pr in the solos needs work overall
-198.385 not sure what you’re trying to represent with the 24th. gonna assume it’s the 24th blips that start on the 8th at 198.488 so the 24ths should be here
-200.949 make this a single note since you've kept the solos mostly unlayered.
-218.334 16ths here are off in many places. (eg. 218.565 is a missing 16th while 218.718 is a ghost 16th)
Good start, needs a lot of work though. The basic structures and concepts are good but the chart lacks fine detail. There are also numerous missed notes and ghost notes throughout the chart as well as questionable hand/anchor usage.

- The layering and patterning need significant work in this file as well; there were lots of hidden jacks that went to nothing.

[6/10] Hatsune Miku no Bousou {cosMo@BousouP} (gameboy42690)
-2.56, 5.66: Missing 16ths
-5.264 missing 16th
-7.683 gonna nitpick here cause as is the pr here is slightly off and these changes would make it much better. 8th here should be on 3 since it’s the same pitch as the 8th before it. change the next 4 notes that are currently 3232 to 4324.
-10.974 same pr nitpick here, pitch doesn’t indicate an 8th trill.

-14.44: This 48th shouldn’t be here. There is a drum roll 24th starting on the 8th at 14.27; this should have been a 24th sequence instead of a 48th triplet.
-17.167 technically also goes to a crash but this crash is much quieter than the others and i’d liken it more to the ride on the 4th after it, so i recommend reducing this to a jump.
-20.554 missing 16th
-20.844 missing 8th (^both of these go to the same drum sound as the 16th on 20.941)
-21.34, 21.73, 22.89, 23.27, 24.44, 24.82, 25.98: Missing 16th notes
-22.683 missing 16th
-23.651 missing 16th
I get that there’s an attempt at generalized rhythms that are comfortable, but these are pretty noticable even on 1x rate.
-25.780 missing 16th
-26.651 highly recommend flipping this 8th-16th pattern to since the 1234 16ths after follow the horn, and having these notes as 21[34] would break up the constant left to right motion, giving more recognition to the pr for the horn.

-30.24: If you really wanted there could have been a 16th jumpjack here, although I can see why it was stepped in the current manner.
-32.264 Can understand the attempt to go for the nice visual pattern, but pr really should be better here. The jumps here are also kinda ambiguous but they kinda sorta feel alright? you might wanna double check them though.
-36.425 missing 16th
-36.715 missing 8th
-38.954 don’t hear straight 24ths here. If anything the first 3 24ths are kind of there, but the prominent drum sound follows 12ths.

-39.18: This 24th is a ghost note.
-44.050 i’m assuming your jumps indicate vocal + drum overlap, but i’d actually recommend you alter the layering scheme to have singles for the overlaps and just save jumps/hands for other crashes/specific accents here, since having these as jumps and not putting in the 16ths to the vocals during the 24th drumrolls feels lacking, but putting in the 16ths would probably be too messy.
-51.018 24ths end here
-59.021 this kind of errors happens more in the file, but it’s particularly noticeable here where the drums actually have distinct descending pitches and you have them represented with jacks or ascending rolls (24ths immediately after this as an example of the latter)
-61.179 missing 16th

-62.47: As a general note, anything resembling 24th triplets is better off having the minijack connect with the 4th instead of starting at the 24th. In this case, the transition with the up arrow is a bit awkward.
-63.405 again i think you focused too much on the visual pattern the vocal repetition being represented as a trill that follows the previous vocal pitch fluctuations doesn’t work well, would be better to change this 8th to a jack following the previous 16th
-63.921 don’t hear this 24th, even on .5x rate

-I think the above 24th was supposed to be the 16th. This part is confusing since the 12th jack on the left has 3 notes that could supposedly go to the orchestral instruments (those are 16ths however, not 12ths).
-64.857 missing 16th
-65.342 these 24ths are honestly so quiet i feel like it’d be better to just focus on the vocals that follow 16ths.
-71.050 missing 16th
-71.244 missing 16th
-74.437 should be a jump

-For the above 4th note, there’s also a drum roll here.
-80.66: I don’t see a 3-note 16th jack warranted here. The percussion would make the minijack on the 8th note; the vocals are on different pitches.
-85.083 kinda weird that this jack is the only one not on 3. could have kept it the same as the others and maintained a sort of mini-theme focusing on the jacks in that column.
-87.599 this shouldn’t be a jack, there is no vocal on the 4th and it’d be better to keep the jack usage consistent in highlight the vocal pitch repetitions
-91.566 shouldn’t this be a jack for the vocal repetition here? Feels weird since you’ve used jacks so consistently up until here.

-94.89: Missing 16th
-95.050 highly recommend moving the jumpjacks so that they don’t share [34] with the previous hand.
-103.11: Wouldn’t this be a 3 note jack?
-103.857 should be a jump
-128.631 the cymbal ride that you’ve put the long anchor to on 1 should end here since the cymbal ends here.
-134.050 ^same thing but with the long 4 anchor
-138.115, 138.599 missing jumps
-143.824 this 16th should be part of the jack (should be a 4 note jack) shift the 8th jump after to [24] to avoid a 5 note jack.

-I’m not sure why there are 16th jumpjacks here. Yes, there is a 4-note jack for the guitar; however, what else is making the second part of the jack?
-145.566 missing jump
-146.147, 146.341 missing jumps
^kinda wondering if I missed a layering transition at this point, but you really should keep the layering consistent up until at least 147.986 where there’s a clear break.
-170.341, 170.534 should be single notes
-Should note that here you’re going for a general representation of the drums at best keeping them mostly to the 8ths aside from the jumptrills, there are instances such as 172.373 where there are 3 or 5 drum hits in succession that are glossed over in favor of straight jump single jump single patterns.
-212.437 should be part of the anchor
-212.824 this technically shouldn't be part of the anchor but eehhhh you didn't really give yourself much wiggle room with the layering here so i guess it can slide.
-215.341 shouldn’t be part of the anchor
-215.728 another instance of particularly noticeable backwards pr
-232.018 should either be a jump or 232.099 should be a single, they go to the same drum
file honestly is decently fun, but it’s pretty rough around the edges and needs some revision before i’d say it’s acceptable.

- Also watch out when mixing minijacks with the percussion and vocals. When playing the file, the majority of the minijacks go to the vocals, so when there are suddenly minijacks or jacks for the guitar or percussion, it becomes surprising.

[5/10] Guardians of Old {Step bouy} (M0nkeyz)
First 30 seconds are pretty much just ambient soundscape that could be cut out since they aren’t very interesting and contain a lot of notes that go to very quiet stuff that the player likely won’t hear unless they’re playing on max volume with headphones on.
-On another note: Let’s say we did keep the first ~35 seconds. My main issue is the coloration of the notes. Yes, it isn’t until later that there is a beat that can be used for reference, but I can tell that the coloration of the notes in the beginning are out of place (for instance, 28.05 and 32.86 are 16th triplets that should have started on 8th notes and ended on a 4th).
-43.50: The drums are much quieter than the flute; this should be a jump with the current drum layering, although the flute is a much better choice here.
-46.34, 46.51: These notes shouldn’t be offset.

-52.413 should be a jump
^in general im confused as to why you didnt just go with the easier/clearer layering scheme of jumps to the flute, the layering to the nuanced drums is odd at best.
-58.026 instance of particularly odd pr, song has 4 ascending pitches represented by a trill.
-60.145 should be a jump
-62.104 should be a jump (this inconsistency is made more puzzling by the fact that you have 59.681 as a jump right before it)

-64.54 is also missing a jump.
Pr in general needs a lot of work in this.
-66.484 should be a jump
-68.322 this should be some combination of a jump into a gallop or a hand into a gallop to the staggered woodwind note. The quad as it is doesn’t make much sense.
-71.620 should be a jump
-74.014 should be a jump
-74.161 same layering inconsistency that happens earlier
-75.194 should be a jump
-76.346 should be a jump

-77.25: The percussion hits here are definitely not 24th gallops, they’re 16ths. This is problematic considering 86.31 is actually stepped as 16ths.
-77.532 should be a jump
^at this point I’m almost wondering if you put jumps at 70.429 and 72.822 by accident… Either way this layering scheme is much more interesting than just highlighting the drums (which even then is done inconsistently) and highlights what is changing in the music.
-78.684 should be a jump
-80.988 nvm you have a jump here, so all those previous mentioned jumps are indeed errors.
-83.281 should be a jump
-86.557 should be a jump
^drum layering on some of the 4ths here is also a bit confusing, I’d recommend focusing on just the strings for layering here.
-87.664 should be a jump
-89.867 should be a jump
^also don’t think this section should be anchor focused but ehhh the scratches are technically freeform so i guess it works.
-90.420 should be a single note
^don’t really hear anything that warrants hand usage in this section

-92.45, 94.58: Missing notes
-101.94: This 4th is late, it should be synced a bit earlier.

-102.947, 103.184 these should both be white for consistency
-104.83, 108.84: Missing notes
-111.205 again don’t hear anything particularly noteworthy here that warrants hand usage
-135.460 missing 16th

-136.23: This should have just been 8ths at the proper BPM.
-139.635 there’s another note here
A lot of layering inconsistencies, and pr needs significant work. There are good layering ideas in the middle and later sections of the chart, but you still have stray jumps that I’m assuming are left in to accent the drums but as they are now only serve to distract the player from the woodwinds and strings that you are focusing on in the first place. Would also highly recommend cutting the first 30 seconds, as they aren’t very interesting and don’t really add anything to the chart. Needs quite a bit of work before this is acceptable but you’ve got good basic ideas that you can work with.

[7/10] Dear My Sweetie {t+pazolite} (hi19hi19)
-33.725 since the jacks starting here represent one pitch it would probably be better to have the jack pattern as 4411441144 instead of 44332211 which could give the impression of a descending pitch.
-33.90, 34.14, 34.38: Jumps could have been incorporated for these cymbal crashes reasonably with the minijacks.
-35.833 this should be a jump since you’ve used jumps at 36.969 and 39.320 to represent the kicks, but I’d actually recommend that you drop the jumps at 36.969 and 39.32 (and other similar instances) in favor of keeping the melody as the focus of the jumpstream.
^this issue happens throughout the chart and really needs to be fixed. You can either accent all the kicks with jumps or vary it up as the song progresses, but within each distinct section the layering should be consistent.
-43.617 change the patterning here, the background 16ths are arpeggiated and this whole measure runs stepwise left to right and feels awkward.
^same inconsistent jump usage for the kicks happens in here too, you can leave them in if you’d like and just add jumps to the rest of the kicks that are left as single notes, but I’d still advocate for leaving them out in favor of focusing on the melody.
-65.671 layer in the percussion or something here. I get that this might make this section a bit hard, but you really should try to make this section different from the section starting at 76.050 since a lot of the background sounds disappear then.

-75.41: See 33.90
-96.401 you seem to really like having the 3 note 16th jumptrills, but these only go to the base kicks and the rest of the kicks aren’t accented with jumps in the surrounding sections.
-122.438 patterning here has the same problem as 43.617 but this time with right to left bias.
The kick layering is pretty much the only glaring issue, but there are some awkward patterns that could be smoothed out and the jack sections get kind of monotonous without any additional layering going on.

-The minijack sections are for the most part fine as they are with the exception of the layering I mentioned that could be incorporated. A bigger issue as mentioned above is the bass kick being layering the same as the main melody.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

High FGO Special Batch - Phase 2


A.Q. Children [Cut], cold (Kurorak's Bootleg), Powerflux, Punkture, ElectroMashcore

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

Supplementary: gameboy42690 has Green notes for the file conflict.

[5/10] A.Q. Children [Cut] {t+pazolite} (hi19hi19)
- lets be real you only submitted this so you could jack off to the nps chart don't even lie
- this breaches what, 22nps?

- Yes, the average TPS is ~22.4 nps.
- it's certainly playable but I don't think it's suitable for FFR, especially with the multiple extended 32nd walls (my opinion of the file may have changed without those, since handjacking isn't something often tested on FFR and the song's bpm provides a tough but reasonable challenge)
- score spread on this would probably be fucking hilarious to see

- The abuse of hands and jumps in this file is telling me that it doesn’t have much to offer difficulty-wise without overstepping. Worse, most of the hands shouldn’t even be hands (especially 84.47, that’s one sound stepped as a hand, yuck).
- Overlayering to this extent also drowns out what the steps can match. For instance, in the beginning when there are the 8th minijacks for the bass kick, there are instead 3-note jacks from jumps interfering with the hands. This also results in very little pattern variety.
- More than 20% of the file is hands.

[8/10] cold (Kurorak's Bootleg) {Kurorak} (hi19hi19)
- kurorak does it again
- What’s with all the Kurorak Bootlegs?
- this file is pretty tight
- some parts are kinda gay to hit even though I can hit them but I feel like I shouldn't be able to (most notably shit like the jack transitions from the down arrow to [14] at m40) but fuck it whatever
- heavily reminiscent of shrooms in that the bpm is quite low for jumpstream at this difficulty level but the consistent split/jacky patterning makes it arguably more difficult to AAA than jumpstreams 50 bpm faster (with always appreciated added 32nds for spice)
- fun shit

- 43.60: I can see how this is stepped but being after a minijack jump it’s gross. It can hit as a 32nd run though, so there’s that.
- 50.20, 50.67, etc.: 3/32nd jacks everywhere! These patterns are surprisingly fluent given the jumps however.
- 61.51: Very easy to miss on the up arrow here.
- 67.94 - 88.51: Win
- 100.43: Players are going to have to be careful of this 16th jump in the jack, because it’s easy to get a boo if it’s overlooked
- This was a well made chart given the number of jumps that you had to deal with in the patterning. The layering also makes sense with the conservative hand usage.

[9*/10] ElectroMashcore {Reizoko Cj} (gameboy42690)
- wow this was really fucking cool
- quite a good deal less difficult than the difficulty min for this batch though, but looks like we'll judge it anyways
- honestly nothing extraneous to add, I enjoyed this very much as is

- 14.23: There isn’t anything particularly bad about this, but I noticed the up jack after I got to the [14] jump.
- 55.16: This part is a short 16th run, there aren’t any 12ths.
- 75.41, 75.62: Missing 16th triplets after the jumpstream run.
- 85.75, 86.07: The vocal samples here are loud enough that they could be stepped.
- 91.00: This 8th is actually a ghost note. With the current syncing, the note should’ve been on the 64th after (91.05).
- 92.01: There should have either been a 3-note 16th jack here or a 16th triplet. One of the instruments goes to three different pitches, and the other has the same pitch so the minijack on 92.12 needs revision.
- 92.76: Why was this 8th left out?
- 97.86: Same issue as 91.00, the 8th note should really be stepped on the 64th after with the current syncing.
- Putting all the different colorings aside, I wanted to make sure the above points were addressed. This file has a solid foundation.

[8*/10] Powerflux {YZYX} (GammaBlaster)
- really hard but so good
- try to cut down on repeated 8th jacks in the streamier sections of the file (114.461s for example, up jack)
- ty for not going full blown AIDS with the 24th burst stream patterning
- please consider removing the handjack at the start of m160, heavily disrupts the flow of this file which is superb otherwise

- On that note, there’s nothing here to warrant a full 12th handjack. The transition into the 8th jack is also problematic, this needs to be changed. Keep in mind at this speed 12ths are approximately 190 BPM.
- 155.324s missing 8th
- The 16th on 155.25 is a ghost note, I think that was meant to be the 8th.
- also potentially consider changing the ending handstream to strictly jumpstream? the ending (imo) is significantly harder than the rest of the file because of those hands, having strictly jumpstream there would help level out the difficulty while still retaining an ending climax...and upon replaying the file, I don’t even think there’s enough of a difference in pitch/emphasis between the snare and kick to justify layering in hands for one and jumps for the other
- 196.837s - 197.666s lmao change this up jack shit

- On that note: Lots of hidden 8th jacks here that need to be addressed.
- finally something approaching current 99 difficulty that doesn't test dumb shit
- 3.29, 4.24, 4.95, 9.92, 11.82, 12.76: Ghost 16th
- 5.78, 7.32, 8.26, 8.97, 9.21, 10.63, 12.53: Missing 16th
- 7.26, 12.82, 13.30: Missing jump
- 32.76: What is this jump for?
- 33.43: There’s a 16th triplet here that leads to the 12ths after.
- 34.08, 34.79, 35.62: Missing 16ths
- 36.51: These are three 3/32nd notes, with the last note being a 16th entering the other five 16th notes.
- 38.56, 38.60: Missing 24ths
- 40.24: Missing 16th
- 41.96: Why was this 24th run cut short? More missing 24ths
- 46.70: This isn’t a full blown 16th run.
- 53.33: Also not a full 16th run, there are many extra notes here.
- 60.97, 61.09: Ghost 16ths, there’s a missing note on 61.21
- 61.92: Ghost note
- 62.63: Another missing note
- At this point I’m not listing any more missing or ghost notes. Take a look through the file again and send a list of changes please.
- 65.29: Missing jump
- 83.65: I don’t see why some hands aren’t stepped as quads (see 85.55, 87.44 for samples to monitor this part). Also in this section there are 16ths that could have been stepped instead of the 8th jumpgluts/hands, I’d suggest toning down the layering here to allow for the 16ths since they’re blasting loudly.
- 102.48, 110.06: The 32nd burst stops here, there’s a 16th that does come out of it though.
- 102.60, 110.18: These 8th jumps don’t go with the track very well, this is a similar issue to 83.65; there are opportunities for 16ths here.
- 121.32: Missing jump
- 121.97: Ghost 16th, look over this section again please.
- 122.50: The heavy bass kick not having a jump on these measure starts makes the layering confusing here at first. You should also include it here.
- 148.91: Missing 8th
- 149.56: The 32nd burst here started on the wrong note. It should have started on the 8th after like the surrounding bursts.
- 164.61, 166.50: Ghost note, please look over this section again.
- 166.80: This triplet section doesn’t make sense, there are 16th triplets missed that start on the 4ths but those weren’t stepped. There are a lot of “static 8ths” that are being stepped as 16th triplets, and the real 16th triplets are left out.
- 211.57: The full 16th run here was ignored, and the jumps aren’t even accurate (for instance, 211.80 and 211.86 aren’t even going to the bass kick but are stepped as jumps)
- I do see good ideas in here, although many items need to be addressed before this can be accepted.

[8/10] Punkture {dDamage} (DossarLX ODI)
- 140bpm forever immortalized as most enjoyable jack file speed
- enjoyed this a lot, played fantastically given the type of patterning being emphasized in the file
- ty for no anchorinos
- probably the hardest jack file outside of revo so that's pretty cool

- My only real gripe with this file is the jack at 90.583 being a bit long. It’s technically correct though so whatever. Cool file, good step up in difficulty from stuff like Turbo and Grist.


A Dichroic Glass Snafu, entanglement, Fireball, Roy, Six Acid Strings

Lead Judge: gameboy42690
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[7.5*/10] entanglement {ABE3} (hi19hi19)
4.446: With this note being a higher pitch than 3.897, I think these two [14] jumps should actually be [34] jumps, and the previous [34] jumps should be changed to something else.
14.791-29.060: I'm not understanding the layering choices here. The jumpgluts I get, but what about 15.614, 16.529, etc.? If those jumps are meant to go to the snare drum, there's a ton of snares you missed stepping jumps to. Additionally, the short 16th streams are very repetitive with almost no pattern variation despite the changes in pitch.

The pattern repetition mentioned above is problematic here, in addition to the missed snares.
36.417: There are missing piano notes here.
37.840-42.596: I can hear a lot of drumming that was ignored. It seems intentionally left out but it feels a little empty.
104.545: Missing 8th note.
119.668: Missing 8th.
- All the jumpgluts can become a bit much at times, but at the same time I don't think the file is unfairly difficult and I think it works alright for FFR.

- A good number of the jumpgluts were surprisingly well done in terms of patterning. However, this would definitely not be suited for a tournament file.
- Please address the missing notes and pattern repetition mentioned earlier in the review.

[1/10] Fireball {tarolabo} (hi19hi19)
- I can’t get anywhere close to passing this thing, and when I turn failing off I get around 400 greats, rarely any less. It’s just insane. By the end of the file I found myself just mashing the keyboard randomly. Waaaaaaay too hard if you ask me.
- NPS chart is pretty hilarious though.

- This chart violates the guideline of having high D7 being able to get double digit goods (difficulty 120 represents that). In addition there is also some emphasis on vibrating in the 32nd and 24th walls, and we want to stay away from using walls as a difficulty measure.

[6.5/10] Six Acid Strings {The Flashbulb} (DarkZtar)
9.455: This is a bass kick separate from the synth, there shouldn’t be a 32nd minijack on the left note here.
11.780: This 16th is separate from the bass kick on the 32nd after. There shouldn’t be a minijack here.
In fact, I think the above two problems about minijacks for two different sounds occurs throughout this beginning section.

21.435, 21.885, 22.185: Ghost 16th notes.
23.916: Interesting color note theory!

30.830: What’s going on here is a 3-note down 16th jack, with a [12] on the 3rd note. The 64th burst that comes after should be mirrored.
37.595: Missing 32nd note.
51.335: There's actually 24ths (or roughly that at least) playing here. This should actually be three notes just before the jump instead of a 16th(ish) minijack.
56.232: Ghost 16th.
56.532: Missing 16th.
62.311, 63.511, 64.711, 65.911: What are these 4th jumps going to? If it's for the synth, there needs to be 16th jumps at 62.761 and 63.061 (repeat for each synth). Although personally I'd remove the four jumps and keep the ones from 67.111 onward; that way you get some nice progression once the jumps for the cymbal kick in.

75.231: This section is very messy; revise patterning (it may be a good idea to remove the jumps in these 32nds)
75.831: The bursts here are erratically stepped and there’s also a hidden up jack that makes it worse. The 64th burst starts on the 16th at 75.906 and goes to the 8th, and the 48th burst is cut short. This part needs revising.

81.661: Missing 8th.
82.336: Missing 16th.
83.461-84.361: The 32 trills and 16th mini jumpjacks make this part brutal! I'd like to see this part toned down a bit.
85.036: The transition into the left-handed 32nds is pretty rough, especially when the player is already trying to recover from the previous bit.

To the above point, please change the one handed 200 BPM 32nd trills. Also, what are the jumps at 84.906 and 85.056 for?
After 90 seconds into the file, the overlap of the color sounds and all the buzzes are interfering to the point where the color theory actually becomes more detrimental – especially when it comes to the 64th bursts.
95.891-105.487: Why all the missing 16ths? A handful of them are step, but most are ignored, and I can't find any real consistency in when they're stepped and when they're not.
107.585: Oh boy. It becomes problematic when other fast elements interfere with the colors you use for certain sounds (the 48th jumps are a recurring structure, and then in this section there are 48ths right next to them).
109.248: This burst ends early. The drum actually plays all the way to 109.398 (although it's rather faint by that point).
112.321: Missing 16th.
115.079-124.674: Again, there's a lot of random 16ths that are omitted for no clear reason.

There comes a point where color theory detracts from the original contribution to the file. Considering this is a technical file with other color notes when the burst sections come into play, they interfere with the colors.

[7/10] A Dichroic Glass Snafu {Blitz Lunar} (Gradiant)
11.529: When you're stepping the clicking sounds here you could be a little more pitch relevant by having these consecutive clicks stepped with the same jump (so turn this into a [34] jump), and then the louder ones get stepped with a different jump. And then for the sake of pattern variation once the lower click returns you can step that with a different jump (so now 12.029, 12.362, etc. can all be [12] jumps). You kinda do that sometimes (17.696-18.696 follows this type of structure, for example) but then something you kinda don't. This kind of attention to pitch relevancy becomes trivial once the song gets really intense, but there's room for a bit of pitch relevancy in the opening jumpstream.
18.946: I hear another click here, so there should probably be a jump.
19.112: No click here though. I'm not sure what this jump is going to.
19.196: Rather than start this burst with a jump, I'd actually end it with a jump instead. The note at 19.362 is quite a bit louder than the one here.
22.696: Missing jump.
28.196: This should probably be a jump too.
29.612: This jump would be fine if you were still stepping jumps to the clicks, but you're not. Change to a single note.

34.736: 32nd bursts like these can have their patterns varied up more so it’s not just a straight roll.
35.946: This 16th note just before the 48th burst looks like a really good place to dump a good; I’d change the pattern here. On the subject of the 48th burst, I'm confused as to why it doesn't continue all the way into the 8th jump (other than the fact that it would be a really lousy pattern if you didn't change the [34] jump).
On the above note, the up jack leading into the 48th burst is what contributes significantly to the problem.
41.654: Ghost 32nd.
46.418: Missing 24th note.

46.986: There shouldn’t be a 16th jump here. The 24th run and 16th minijack sounds are completely separate (which also makes the 3-note 16th jack here wrong).
47.362-48.029: There's some cool 24th notes you could have stepped around here.
48.736: Same issue as 46.986, there isn’t a 3-note 16th jack here, and there shouldn’t be a 16th minijack jump.
49.696: And again with the 24ths starting here.
52.029: Here too. In all three cases I'd say it's up to you whether or not you want to step them, but I'm personally leaning more towards you should step them.

53.458: Missing 24th note
58.652, 63.319, 67.986, 72.652: What is this 16th jump for? Note that this jump creates a 3-note 16th jack due to the 8th hand, and there isn’t anything directly corresponding to a 3-note 16th jack here.
81.076: This burst is only 7 notes long and is a 32nd burst.
82.236: There isn’t any 32nd triplet here, it’s still 24ths.

90.362: Missing 4th note.
94.529: 8th note should be a jump.
95.362: Should be a jump.

95.986: Similar problem to 58.652, jacks are being created in the middle of the 24th stream so this is more problematic.
97.486: Missing 16th (see 43.819)
98.402: The minijack jumps here don’t make sense.

101.696 & 101.946: Should be a jumps stepped to the clicking.
102.362: 24th stream actually should start here.
103.446: The click doesn't actually fall on a 16th note here. It's closer to being a 24th or 32nd note (it's a bit difficult to tell). Also this jumpglut feels a bit overstepped and forced.
104.279: 16th should be a jump.

104.736: Be careful of the 12th jack on the down arrow, this causes a problem for the 16th jumpglut immediately after.
107.513: Hidden 12th jack on the right arrow.

[4/10] Roy {Terminal 11} (Pizza69)
Considering this sounds like such a Dossar song to step and the song quite literally has his name on it, I can't believe this wasn't stepped by Dossar.
13.443: These drums are pretty loud and feel more right as jumps instead of single notes.
18.243-19.443: I'm not sure what the layering scheme is supposed to be here. It seems to vaguely follow the loud bass drum, but it's difficult to tell what you were going for. Actually I'd say this is a recurring issue throughout the file; there's so many times where I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what exactly the jumps are going to. Sometimes it's pretty clear, and sometimes it's a mess.
22.243: This quarter note jump actually shouldn't be a jump. Rather, the 16th notes before and after should actually be jumps. There seems to be some ghost notes around this area too; probably to accent the high-pitched noises but I don't think it plays that nicely.
23.076: These should be 16ths, not 24ths.
25.643: Ghost note.
27.976: Not sure where you're getting 12ths from. The first 12th should be a 16th, the second 12th should be an 8th.
28.343: Ghost note.
28.543: Listen carefully, this is actually a 12th note.
30.168: I can't hear what this 32nd is going to. If it actually does go to anything, it's so drowned out by the rest of the song that I can't pick up on what it is, and I doubt most other people will either.
30.743: Ghost note.
31.143: These rhythms are very questionable. There's really only 8th notes being played here, although the noise at 31.243 could potentially be stepped with a 16th triplet (technically the 16th would be a ghost note, but it fits what the song is doing).
32.976: Another misrhythm here. First 12th is a ghost note, second 12th should be a 16th (although it's a pretty hard note to hear).
34.443: I'm only hearing an 8th triplet here. No 12ths and 16ths, missing 4th note at the end of the burst.
36.043: These sound closer to straight 16ths to me than 24th gallops.
39.843: These 24ths make no sense at all. There's only 16ths here at most, and even then I'm not entirely sure there's 16ths all the way through.
44.318: Ghost 32nd.
53.843: Why the break in the stream?
55.043-58.243: Layering here is extremely dense and difficult to follow, and a lot of those 16ths feel like ghost notes. I can sorta kinda get a grasp on what the 16ths were meant to follow, but it's near impossible to decipher what's an actual 16th and what's just there to emphasize just how ear-piercing these sounds are (which in my opinion doesn’t work).
63.393: Ghost 16th.
64.593: Missing 16th.
67.710: Change the 12ths to 16ths (no 8th at 67.743).
67.818: Ghost 32nd.
73.110: As you've probably picked up on by now, there's a huge number of ghost notes in this file. There's no 24ths here.
80.643-93.443: Countless ghost notes up ahead! To go in-depth and point out each and every individual ghost note would make an already long review even longer.
94.643 & 97.843: These aren't quite 12th notes. The 16ths at 101.093 are actually much more accurate to the correct rhythm. Why it's much more off the first two times is something I'm not really understanding.
96.443: Pitch relevancy is a little backwards; 96.443 should be moved to column 1 while 96.643 should be moved to column 2 (so basically just swap the two notes around). Very minor and trivial in high difficulty files, but since this is a pretty calm part of the file it’s something to be more mindful of.
117.010: If it's color note theory you're going for, fine, but remember to adjust the BPM so the notes don't go off-sync. I don't know if it would be a huge deal in FFR, but it was a little noticable in SM.
128.343, 129.943, 131.543: Ghost 8th notes. The jumps should all be on a 4th note.
133.393: Yellow note syndrome at the end of the song. Please fix this.

Gameboy’s review brought up the prevalent technical and layering errors throughout the file, so I don’t have much more else to add except that I also noticed some problematic pattern repetition. For example 58.483, 60.083, 61.683, and 64.883 are exactly the same patterns, and a similar issue happens after.


._Pulse, ephemera, Firmament Castle Velier, looming shadow of a tree long gone, Wizdomiot

Lead Judge: One Winged Angel
Color: Dark Red for notes, Light Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Reviewer Judge: DossarLX ODI
Color: Dark Blue for notes, Blue for providing comments to the lead judge.

[8*/10] ._Pulse {YZYX} (GammaBlaster)
- minijack at 3.383s kinda irks me, change the stream patterning beforehand if you want to keep the hands
- I literally laughed out loud when I got to that minijack because that 16th is actually a ghost note.
- 6.51: This shouldn’t be forming a 12th minijack
- 4.36, 7.25: Missing notes
- 4.75: This isn’t a fullblown 8th handjack
- 9.56: This 16th goes to a synth run that was ignored. Please include that 16th run starting at 8.97
- 25.57: This section needs to be looked at again in terms of the jump placement. There was the right idea in a few spots that the buzzes were 3/16ths apart, although some of these jumps don’t make sense (and I assume they were meant to layer the buzzes but were misplaced). For example, 25.96 this 8th jump should have been on the 16th before for the buzz. There is of course the powerful kick as well that lands every two 4th notes, although the other jumps need to be addressed.
- 33.60: Overkill with quads. This is arguably just jumps.
- 37.43: Buzz missing a jump again, the misplaced jumps repeat.
- 46.65: Oh man this is like a longer extension of Adventures of Lolo’s 24th triplet jump things.
- 59.16, 63.38, 65.49: Change this 32nd burst so it doesn’t create the 3-note 8th jack; the pitch changes.
- 67.46: It may be a good idea to include this 4th as it is the start of the 16th run after (it has a hold period in between).
- 69.31: While this handstream is passable, the 7-note 8th jacks are really ugly when it comes to playing them.
- 87.29: Missing jump
- 92.37: The 8th jack should start as it’s where the bass kick starts.
- 105.28: Missing jump
- 107.52: These hands make no sense. It would be better to step the 16th run starting on 105.67 (and keep in mind spots like 108.04 don’t actually have 16th triplets for the bass kick).
- 113.31: There are a LOT of up notes starting in this section. Please distribute the patterns a little more evenly so there aren’t so many anchors based on the up arrow.
- 127.02: Ending should be kept to jumps.

- wow this is a lot beefier than the SM chart (incredibly high nps despite having lots of 'break' sections)
- Yes, close to 18 TPS average.
- nice meme gamma, I think it's great

[8/10] ephemera {ABE3} (hi19hi19)
- Our Journey and Epilogue with some moderately difficult 12th jumpjacks before the file "starts"
- jumpjacks are patterned very nicely, jumpstream very comfortable for its density and speed

- The 12th jumpjacks were done very well, especially considering the speed here.
- it's cute, though honestly probably a slight bit easier than the batch difficulty min

[8/10] Firmament Castle Velier {ueotan} (hi19hi19)
- what's with 222 being a meme jumpstream bpm
- Freedom Dive. I should note that even with the easy beginning, this file averages over 18 TPS!
- 18.49: The conversion for this burst is going to be hilarious

- again very comfortable jumpstream patterning throughout the file (I usually never have any qualms with cornstream)
- that one 24th stream at 86.747s I tend to stumble on but it's probably because I'm particularly shit at roll stream patterning (I think I mentioned this to you before as well but the patterning seems quite fluid in the editor so pay no mind to me being garbage)

- To hit it’s not too bad, but I’d say it’s easy to get goods on because it’s hard to quantize 24ths in a stream properly as opposed to something like Eclipse where it’s very concrete with the 32nds in terms of where the 8ths land.
- 88.89: My favorite part of the song.
- 101.60, 102.68: Missing jump?
- 120.79, 121.06: Wondering why there aren’t any hands here.

- great high FGO boss jumpstream file (probably edging out Serious Shit given the handstreaming)
- Layering was also toned down appropriately when there were 16th jumps (i.e. no 16th jumps going into hands creating minijacks). The nice part about this song being 222 BPM is that it’s close to 225 BPM and there won’t be any 3 frame hiccups in the jump/handstreams.

[5.5/10] looming shadow of a tree long gone {goreshit} (Wiosna)
- wow check it out another jumpstream file
- and it's fucking 222bpm

- Freedom Dive.
- song itself isn't exactly my cup of tea, too little variation in what's almost a four minute file
- the file itself though does well to keep things interesting and engage the player

- Keep in mind the file is close to a 17 TPS average, which is considerably high for a file over 3 minutes long.
- 12.50: Missing jump
- 12.72: This immediately got my attention. There aren’t any 12ths here, there are just 16ths so this 12th jumpjack is entirely inaccurate. These 12th jumpjacks also appear after.
- 15.20, 17.77, 26.42, etc.: How are these jumps? These problems continue.
- 39.12, 40.88, etc.: More missing jumps
- 41.28: These are single bass kick hits and the only jump should be on 41.42, 41.82 is also missing a jump and I’m not sure where this file is going with the jump placement at this point (originally it made more sense in the beginning).
- Actually, after the repetitive jumpstreaming I’ve realized that these are not actually full 16th runs. That may have caused my confusion when it came to the sudden switch to just having the bass kicks with jumps.
- 56.82: There’s an increase in hands as we enter this section, although there’s an incomplete use of layering here. How did this suddenly go up to hands when the other percussion is still being left out?
- 73.44, 90.20: This section shouldn’t be entirely jumps for one sound
- 90.74: While the bass kicks are powerful, leaving out the louder snare that’s blasting at the player makes these streams play awkwardly.
- 107.50: This isn’t a 9-note trill, 107.57 and 107.70 are ghost notes.
- 120.34: How is this a jump?
- There are more than enough ghost notes and layering errors at this point to say that this file needs another look. Just found another ghost note at 122.03 and 122.97 with a missing note at 122.70
- 144.19: Missing note
- I can’t consider this file in its current state with the errors that exist throughout. The patterning also needs more care, there are many 8th jacks that are out of place as well.

- you could probably get away with incorporating some more split roll patterning with the 32nds given the relatively slow bpm but I'd understand if you wanted to avoid those
- had fun, though again probably a bit easier than the batch difficulty min

[8*/10] Wizdomiot {LeaF} (AutotelicBrown)
- babby's first Heterochromia??? (at least some sections give me that vibe, if only for a brief moment)
- some pretty mean dense jumpstream patterning but damn fun to play, and the burst patterning within those jumpstreams flows very well

- 36.98: Patterning here doesn’t go with the song, putting 8th minijacks for the piano would fit this part much better and I’m not sure why the layering suddenly decreased.
- 74.23: This 24th trill thing needs to be fixed. There is a 5 note piano burst here, although there is a fixed interval that isn’t a 24th triplet going into a faster gallop (also keep in mind putting aside technicality, you’ve created a 24th minijack there)
- 74.63: If this 8th jump is a jump then 74.78, 75.08, 75.38, and 75.53 should also be jumps.
- 90.08: There could be a color “jump” here if you wanted, or just a jump.

- 91.897 - 109.897s incredibly fun
- 95.33, 102.53: I can guarantee that I’ll need to frame fix quite a bit in this file. This is a 32nd burst with 64ths replacing the 32nds, and it’s going to convert horribly.
- 98.93, 106.13: This is actually a 24th burst.
- 120.61: Missing 16th
- 120.98, 121.28: These are 32nd bursts.

- nothing major to add


daddy can change, Frictional Nevada (Full Version), Maximum Security, OWA Raged in Vegas (Fuck Bees), Make The Fire Burn

Lead Judge 1: gameboy42690
Color: Red for notes, Dark Red for responding to reviewer comments.

Lead Judge 2: One Winged Angel
Color: Blue for notes.

Reviewer Judge 1: TC_Halogen
Color: Orange for notes, Gold for providing comments to the lead judge.

Reviewer Judge 2: DossarLX ODI
Color: Purple for notes.

[4/10] daddy can change {goreshit} (HeZe)
5.159: This is an incredibly rude intro! One-handed 16th trills at this speed are already pretty difficult, making the player do a [14][23] jumptrill at this speed is pretty crazy. Yeah, 270 BPM is definitely pushing it here -- certainly not the worst because it is an extremely short trill at the start of the song, but either way, I’d definitely omit that.
7.706: Missing 8th for the vocal sample.
8.148: Missing 16th triplet for the vocal sample. (It’s a bit difficult to hear the 16th, though. At the very least step the 8th.)
8.702: I can just barely hear 16ths for the vocal sample, but they’re so drowned out by everything else that I wouldn’t step them. At the very least, they sure as heck don’t warrant a jumptrill. Definitely agree -- with the kicks coming in on 8ths, it makes the jumps falling on 16ths look erroneous.
8.923: Pretty nasty 32nd burst coming out of the previously mentioned (and completely incorrect) jumptrill. The pattern on this 32nd burst is pretty rough to hit at this speed since you can’t just jumptrill it. Not much to say about this… a [23]143[12] sequence of 32nds is pretty rough to hit at most tempos - doing it at 270 BPM is uh, well… certainly not different.
9.477: Ghost 8th note.
11.469, 11.691: Ghost 8ths. I wouldn’t quite call these ghost 8ths being that there is a percussive clap that plays alongside of this, but I believe that it’s being mentioned because there are notes in spots that don’t have vocal samples that were previously ignored in the section before. If you want some sectional differentiation, adding jacks for repeated vocal samples will help a bit (see: 9.587/11.801)
12.576, 12.798: Not sure these 8ths are going to anything, either. Whatever’s being followed here is definitely not clear...
14.597: There’s no 32nds here, just 16ths.
15.289, 15.399: Missing 16ths.
15.621: Ghost 16ths all the way up to the 48th wall.
16.008: Speaking of the 48th wall… WHAT? As it is, asking the player to do 48ths at this speed is a really bad idea even if it’s a jumptrillable pattern. The fact that this pattern is not jumptrillable at all makes it worse. The 48ths don’t even go to anything; this whole wall of 48ths is nothing but ghost notes. At most there should be a hand at 16.008 to put extra emphasis on the drum, but that’s it. The 48ths absolutely need to go. This pattern is simply impossible at this tempo. A 48th jumptrill at 270 is not permissible in its own right being that it forces players to do 24th jumptrilling at over 202.5 BPM
16.672: Since this is a different drum than the one being played at 16.894, I’d recommend moving the jump to something other than a [12] jump. When you’re layering both the bass and the snare as jumps, it’s important to step different jumps for each of them. (For example, bass-bass-snare-bass can be stepped with [12][12][34][12] rather than [12][12][12][12])
16.894: 271 BPM 16th jacks are generally ill-advised and should be avoided. I personally don’t mind them at this speed, but ONLY if they are a set of two in mini-jacks. Three or more notes at this speed = no.
17.779: Going back to my point about stepping a hand at 16.008, you could step a hand here, too, especially since you stepped one at 19.993.
18.111: for better pattern continuity, one of the two notes in that jump should line up with the trill coming up ahead.
18.610: missing vocal sample.

19.052: Missing 16th. Yep, this is another vocal sample as well.
19.108: Anchored one-handed 16th minitrills weren’t very fun. Look into breaking up the anchors. Not sure what the color note theory was for, it just comes off as a visual distraction more than anything. There’s really no reason to apply a color gimmick here being that you’re clearly accenting two elements: the chopped vocal sample, and the snares; there’s nothing special about either of them.
20.215: Change this hand to a jump.
22.041: missing vocal sample.
22.595: Same missing 16th as 19.052.
24.062: I have no idea what this burst is trying to emphasise. You’re putting too much effort into trying to chart literally everything that you hear at a lower rate - I definitely hear the sound that this is following (p.s. You have the wrong rhythm, it’s 48ths and the sound stops on the 8th note, not the 64th after), but it’s so subtle at normal rate that it should simply be ignored.
25.224: These are just 16ths, not 32nds. Actually, these 32nds are here - they’re chopped snares.
28.573: missing 16th for percussion.
29.126: Missing 16th.
30.122: missing 16th for vocal sample.
30.621: Starting here, there doesn’t seem to be much reason for switching between using jumps and hands other than not wanting to step hands when there’s 16th notes (and even that’s done inconsistently). For consistency’s sake I would stick to using jumps. You also seem to be missing a lot of jumps for the bass. Most of them are stepped, but then some are randomly left out for no clear reason. (33.886 should be a jump but isn’t, 44.056 is the exact same thing but the jump was stepped this time? The only reason I can think of is to avoid repetition, but the song hasn’t really changed in any way where this kind of “add more layering as time goes on” strategy really works.) The heavy use of anchors can also get pretty irritating, especially when you have patterns like 33.277, which might not seem that hard on paper but in practice it can be a real pain in the ass and isn’t really all that fun.
33.277: the repeating 16th note trills makes sense, but the pattern forces an EXTREMELY long anchor that is borderline unplayable. If you want to indicate repetition, use a combination of normal and mirrored patterns to create a visual symmetry.
33.720: all sorts of missing jumps for percussion when you followed all of that in the past.
36.931: more color gimmick stuff that is not only strange, it’s even inconsistent in this point in that you completely ignore the other snares later on in the section.
Honestly, up to the end of the file, it’s really more of the same: inconsistent accenting, improper structure that doesn’t clearly accent the prominent elements of the song, and strange difficulty fluctuations (though as a result of inconsistent accenting).

[3/10] Frictional Nevada (Full Version) {Venetian Snares} (Xtreme2252)
3.346, 3.879, etc.: It would be preferable for these jumps to be single notes instead. 2.013 and 5.746 have an additional instrument, so stepping a jump at these points to accent that extra instrument and single notes at other times would be a more effective layering scheme.
7.079: On that same note, these hands should only be jumps at most. Even with the current jump usage, there’s nothing loud enough in the song right now to warrants hands.
8.412: 16th trill is a bit questionable. The notes that are being played here don’t really sound like 16ths.
10.012: Missing note.
12.278: The sounds you stepped here continue all the way up to the next 16th trill. Personally I don’t think they needed to be stepped at all, but if you’re going to step them they should be consistently stepped.

15.077: The most audible notes in the trill that you’ve got here actually aren’t immediately audible as 16ths until 15.877, making the rest of the trill seem strange.
20.143, 20.676: I don’t hear 16th gallops. Same… it seems like they are trying to overcompensate for the strings, but yeah, it’s not immediately understandable.
21.143: same as 15.077, the trill feels a bit arbitrary until 21.476.
23.076: Based on the current layering, this should be a jump. (Layering for most of this file can be confusing. I’ll only be pointing out the bigger layering issues I noticed, which unfortunately is quite a few). Yeah, I don’t agree with both of these being triples. 23.609 can pass with how loud it is, but the other needs to go.
26.809: not that the rhythms are wrong, but the choice to use one-handed trills here is a bit ill-advised because the difficulty hasn’t really picked up much at all; this is rather jarring.
40.939: this triple seems misplaced.
47.605: and situations like this are why the layering seems inconsistent - out of numerous percussion accents, this one seems extremely loud compared to others and it’s only a jump - yet there’s triples other places.

56.537: Missing 8th.
64.735: Ghost 16th. Also I’m pretty sure nothing in the first two minutes of the song warrants a 16th minijack.
This little flute flourish shouldn’t even be a 16th note blip at all; it should have a grace note. The repeated tap for the flute makes sense with pitch, but it absolutely should not be only a 16th apart, it’s further than that for sure.
65.268: Ghost 16th.
72.223: I don’t hear any 24ths.
Yep, just a mess of misrhythms here, unfortunately.
80.399, 80.799: There’s no reason these need to be hands.
83.865: Missing 4th note.

90.531, etc: these anchors are incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly, don’t fit with the song. The instrument that you’re following actually does change pitch on occasion, so there’s no reason to have the patterns structured this way.
117.726: It took me a very long time to figure out what the heck these jumps were going to. I would reconsider the layering scheme here; the drum you stepped the jumps to is difficult to hear over everything else that’s going on.
120.525: lost a note here for some reason
120.858: Missing 16th.
120.925, 121.192: 121.458 is only stepped with a jump, so why are these two notes stepped with triples?
121.525: Ghost 16th.
122.558: Ghost 32nd, not to mention it’s an incredibly rude pattern.
122.725: Missing 16th.
122.858: Ghost 16th.
122.991: Missing 16th.
124.058: Missing 16th. (There’s a lot of issues with missing notes or ghost notes, so again I’ll mostly be pointing out the bigger issues I can find from this point on. Please look through this file again, because I can find tons of missed notes, and sometimes ghost notes as well.)
Will second this notion, there are a ton of missing notes throughout the chart.
126.624: In addition to the first 32nd being a ghost note, this is an incredibly awkward pattern to hit. Happens again immediately after this burst. Very ill-advised pattern choice that actually forces a 225 BPM 16th mini-jack that doesn’t need to.
127.024: This 32nd is also a ghost note. (Oddly enough, this burst and the previous burst are both stepped correctly at 134.106 and 134.373, but with color notes instead of regular 32nds. This is very inconsistent stepping; the same sounds should ideally be stepped the same way every time.)
144.921: Hand usage is really wacky and random throughout the majority of the file, but this bit in particular is a great example of when you should scale back on hand usage. This part is very dense, but there’s really nothing going on here that’s loud or “heavy” enough to warrant having three hands in a row with 16ths in between the hands.
This is the kind of song where it is better to scale back on layering patterns, and instead do accent-based structuring, where only the loudest of accents get beyond triples, and other instruments dictate whether or not something should be anything more than jumps. The structure in this file is inconsistent from start to finish, pretty much...
147.320: I can only hear 32nds here, not 48ths.
152.586: be careful with bursts that cause pattern collisions like this - you have a 4321 burst ending in a [24] jump, which forces a 16th minijack on 2 and also cannot be jumptrilled.
154.119: also be careful with using trills like this - because of the pattern forcing jacks, you’re going to want to save this for something SUPER jarring/loud.

161.985: Very dense wall for such a quiet buzzing sound. I think this should be toned down. 100% agree - it’s a really effective to accent quieter walls with smooth and lighter patterns so that the really loud ones can get the focus with harsh walls.
166.739: These are 16ths, not 24ths. 166.873 is a ghost note.
184.314: Lots of misrhythms here. All the jumps should be one 16th note earlier.
187.313: At this speed, 4-note long 16th jacks are probably too much for FFR. 3-note long jacks are already kinda pushing it.
One thing that saves the person who charted this is the fact that all of the jacks will be at the same interval, thanks to being at the magical 225 BPM threshold. Four note jacks are definitely too much, and it’s not even worth using for the sound that is being followed - it’s barely noticeable.
188.380: the buzzes are not continuous here - either use 16ths, or do some flams to accent the separation.
193.546: Ghost 32nds. If they were meant as color note theory, this is inconsistent with how you stepped the same sound a few seconds ago with jumps (191.046, 191.246). They’re also off-beat by quite a bit.
206.510: first set of 24ths are passable, but these are not
215.575: Eww, gross pattern.
215.886: There’s only a 16th here, not 24ths.
221.374, 221.507: Listen closely, these are actually both 32nds and not 16ths.
227.440: NOPE. Never step a 225 BPM 32nd trill.
237.438: You’ve had a bunch of misrhythms before, but starting here I notice you have a bigger tendency to get your rhythms confused due to the unusual rhythms in the last minute or so of the song. From here until about 300.627 things get very messy. There’s also some hidden 24th minijacks (at 225 BPM this is way too fast!) and some really gross 64th walls that need to be toned down.
Gameboy’s notes here are all really well pointed out as a first step of improving the foundation - there is a lot to be worked on with regards to improving the structure, before we can even get to correcting some of the finer details. There are a large amount of layering errors, misrhythms, ghost notes, etc.

[8/10] Make the Fire Burn {Rainman} (TC_Halogen)
- Fantastic stream patterning given the speed we’re dealing with here
- Only gripe with this file (as previously discussed on skype) are those 64th bursts into down/up jacks. They’re very visually difficult to play through, and even when knowing what’s there these sections are quite jarring/awkward to hit in comparison to how smooth the streams flow...if toned down, I’d probably prefer two sets of 3 note 64th bursts as opposed to 48ths

- 68.41: Very long 8th jack. Maybe it could be split up so there’s a 3-note 8th jack for the vocals at 68.75?
- 70.28: Missing jump?
- 73.86: The 8th placement in these 32nd streams are very clever, although the resulting long 3/32nd jacks in the stream are quite rigid. This works though.
- 174.51: This 4-note jack into the hand almost comes out of nowhere, it’s a sudden shift from the 3-note jacks stepped previously; alternatively this could still go into a hand if the hand is placed differently and the 32nds are also changed along with it.
- The 4-note jack mentioned above is my biggest concern, although for the most part this file looks ok. The 32nd streams are quite rigid but doable. The 8th jumps included in the 32nd streams at the end, while I can see why they’re put in, might not be a great decision for this speed (it’s still doable though).
- I should note that most of OWA's suggestions were already considered in some fixes sent, so I've removed the previous CQ flag.

[1/10] Maximum Security {LEAF XCEED Music Division} (hi19hi19)
- I’m not justifying this chart with a written review

- Note from Dossar: OWA told hi19hi19 in private why he thought this file “blew chunks” and hi19hi19 seemed to be okay with it. Pardon the review.
- Eh? I mean… I don’t think this 1/10 worthy; it’s got a legitimate structure and it’s not exactly unplayable for any reason, it’s just… dull, really.

[7.5*/10] OWA Raged in Vegas (Fuck Bees) {Kurorak} (hi19hi19)
12.102: This should actually be a jump as well.
13.265: Make this 4th note a jump. (This note and 12.102 repeat multiple times, same notes apply for all other instances.)
15.399: Personally I think only the second minijack should actually be a minijack; the first minijack only goes to the 16th bass kicks which you had stepped with jumptrills before, the second one goes to some chopped samples which is more deserving of a minijack.
This one’s tricky - if you don’t use a pair of mini-jacks here, you get forced with some 1211 kinda structure, which looks a bit sloppy. I think this is an appropriate choice given that there’s not much else for options.
19.472: Sample chopping begins here, there should be a minijack to represent that. It actually starts a 16th before this at 19.407, interestingly enough.
21.266: I don’t think this is really loud enough to warrant a hand. Yeah, just seems kinda silly to have that as a triple, haha.
23.868: The synth keeps playing 8ths here, I’m not sure why you stopped stepping 8ths. Actually, I would have avoided stepping the 8th stream at 20.765 and wait for FLOWER’s lead synth to kick in at 26.584 to introduce 8ths. If anything, I’d say that you should just add some three-note 8th sequences to connect the synth and the vocals to keep a pace and not have it so empty.
54.062, etc: there are some missing hi-hats that could be used to keep the pace even more aggressive without necessarily adding anything in the way of layering.
62.467: Missing 16th.
64.019: Missing 16th.
69.132: This quad is very exaggerated; it should probably be a jump instead. Since you already colored this note white to accent the sample I don’t really see a reason it needs to be a quad, too.
I won’t necessarily advocate the removal of the quad, but I will say to pick one or the other - you don’t need a double-accent there.
69.709: Missing 16th.
72.295: Missing 16th.
74.493: Missing 16th (This is turning into a trend here. I can’t really tell if there’s a reason they’re left out or not.)
76.691: Ghost 16th.
I actually hear the note that this is following, not a ghost note here.
79.019: Missing 16th (same one as 62.467)
79.536: missing 16th.
80.506: this triple actually seems like it should be delayed a bit.

87.812: I don’t know how I feel about this burst. I get what you’re doing here but it’s pretty hard for something going to an effect that’s not so loud. Yeah, it’s a pretty jarring pattern for something that you can barely hear.
89.428: The only reason for this to be a triple is because the vocals and synth are playing at the same time. It didn’t really feel like it should be a triple otherwise. It would almost be more effective if you added a triple to the second cutoff cymbal at 89.687, since players are likely to associate the triple with the cymbal being that the lyrics were already playing before it.
93.566: I’ve played this file about 6 times now and I still get wrecked by this one part. This burst isn’t bad but the following [14][23] jumps and the next 32nd burst screw me up and then I end up great-rushing/good-rushing the entire jumpstream. It might just be me being bad but maybe look into tweaking the patterns from 93.825 to 94.213 so it’s not so easy to good-rush. I’d leave it alone, personally. The difficulty in the pattern is actually not overshooting the burst, because jumptrilling it is rather uncomfortable and will cause you more grief than it’s worth. Piecing it together exactly as it is isn’t that bad.
106.433: Ghost 16th.
108.760: Ghost 16th.
109.407: Missing 16th.
Hmm, I’m not hearing this one.
130.420-137.920: nice meme, favorite part of the song LOL HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOLD
140.118: these patterns are a bit weird as the bass does change notes between the first and third 8th note of each sequence.
170.764: The transition into the 32nd roll is really gross. So simple, but so tough. Definitely recommend a pattern change there...
172.321: Same issue as the one I had with 69.132.
174.643: How come this isn’t a jump?

178.394: seems like there should be at least a flam here?
182.402 & 182.661: These two 4th notes should probably be jumps, too. You were aggressive earlier on with these kicks, step it up.
184.730: Turn this 4th note into a jump.
184.924: Missing 16th.
186.971: 12th note should be a jump.
202.833: 4th note should be a jump.
Despite all of the problems this file has, I still think it’s very fun. I think mostly the last 40 seconds or so of the file should be given a second look, but you’ve done some solid stuff otherwise.
Lots of little minor things peppered throughout the file, but the structure in this chart is quite deliberate, and generally well done.
Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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Default Re: Batch Review Thread v2.0

12th Official Tournament Batch - Set 1

[7/10] A Baptist Church In Georgia {The Flashbulb} (Pizza69)

- offset is solid
- some PR improvements can be made overall, particularly in situations to prevent some minor pitch relevance collisions
- why are the lower piano notes ignored in the earlier parts of the song but not the later ones? there’s a strange emptiness in some areas that can be alleviated by accounting for those lower notes to keep pace
- 43.249: the large BPM shift two beats earlier to over 103 BPM actually makes this colored improperly, as the first note here should actually be 1/32 before the downbeat - also, the timing is a bit incorrect starting at 43.578.
- 43.907: because of the improper start time/BPM change, the two notes after this 4th are colored differently when they are equidistant - they should all be the same color.
- not too bad overall, but the patterning definitely irks me.

- PR looks improved for sure, nice work!
- good job on the tempo change fixes, definitely better looking in appearance
- patterning is a bit cleaner as well.
- nice job on these fixes! [8/10]

[8/10] A small journey that starts from a morning glow {cosMo@BousouP} (bmah)
- offset appears to be slightly early (-1.405 -> -1.412)
- nice PR play in the opening, a subtle but well thought out detail
- 20.953: triple feels a bit out of place only because the cymbal crashes are arguably stronger accents but don’t quite receive the same respect in your layering scheme
- 30.173: missing note for incoming snare, which is only important to me because I was going to suggest moving the [13] at 30.311 to a [14] as the snare is clearly audible beyond the fade to me
- 37.398/37.535: I feel like these notes should be placed for the guitar, but arguable.
- 38.499/38.636: regardless, these two notes are missing piano notes and should more likely be added to your current structure.
- 42.145/42.696: missing triples for cymbal crashes? I can understand the omission of the first one because patterns don’t work in your favor and your accent structure makes it more worth leaving it out, but the second instance can be added without any sort of issues
- 47.444/47.581: missing notes for chip melody
- 1:09.531: if you’re following percussion earlier in this section, you should definitely be adding at least an 8th note here (and potentially more)
- really enjoyable file, pretty tough to play through but certainly fairly accounted for

- offset fix applied
- instances of missing notes for the most part were taken care of
- other little subtleties/missing cymbal crashes throughout seem to have been picked up as well, good job
- better overall, good stuff. [8.5/10]

[6.5/10] Alien Lair {Shanbubula} (MarioNintendo)
- sync actually needs a tiny bit of work. Some points are fine, other points are anywhere from 5-8ms off looking at waveforms; take a look at this and adjust accordingly.
- 3.180: this particular bass note gets a stronger accent simply by not sharing an instrument?
- 4.807: unlike earlier, this note plays with another instrument and gets no attention paid to it, which appears to be a bit more incorrect only because the immediately incoming section uses them for layering
- 5.274/(etc): while the right arrow jacks are technically accurate, the left jacks are not because they’re two different tom pitches
- 15.896: personal preference, but i’d change the down arrows through 16.480 to left only to keep the continuity of the snares being on up and down only.
- 21.262: should be 12ths
- 32.578: change to jump (makes more sense since it’s both the snares which you’re accenting with jumps + a piano both repeating their same note twice)
- 33.978: ^, if you’d like.
- 34.037: move down 1/64
- 40.862: based on the 8th earlier in this section and the incoming jump, layering would dictate that a jump should be here
- 49.182: theoretically could be a R because the same percussion plays three times in a row, not two.
- 50.584: what’s this jump for? There is a snare that is… relatively close to this, but it should be a polyrhythm that lands on an 8th like the earlier section
- 56.592: got a bit of a pattern collision on the down arrow between the piano holding [23] and what seems to be the snare/kick; change the Ds to Ls after the [23] at 56.845 and you should be good to go
- 57.778: change to U for the repeated piano notes
- 58.710/58.943: more instances of potentially repeated piano notes?
- 1:00.226/(etc): curious as to why these particular notes were omitted?
- 1:02.015: see 50.584
- 1:09.793: this rhythm’s actually not quite right and actually bothered me at 100% speed despite being not too — it needs to be ever so slightly earlier.
- 1:13.726: another situation where the rhythm is slightly off, but just enough to be noticed on assist tick without slowing it down
- 1:13.993 to 1:27.293: your jump usage in this section is all over the place. One moment, you’re giving precedence to the kicks, another time the piano, another the bass, etc.
- 1:25.893: I understand the introduction of the chip is worth accenting, but you’re giving it a somewhat boring pattern that is redundant and doesn’t really accentuate the scaling, which honestly isn’t a huge deal: the bigger issue is that the really strong pianos come in along with this chip and then you bomb the player with a glut of jumps to accentuate the piano once the chip disappears when the earlier, harder hits at the aforementioned time are just ignored.
- 1:38.376: noticeable misrhythm, should be 8th-24th-24th into the 8th [DU] jump
- 1:39.815: see 50.584
- 1:46.810: can add a jump here, that piano note’s got some pretty significant volume against the repeated notes
- 1:49.382: misrhythm
- 2:02.293: definitely not the right rhythm, listen a bit more closely
- 2:23.215: etc, see 50.584
- 2:41.260: see 49.182
- 2:46.626: very bold decision to pick the counter-melody in the background here, but I like it only because of the ending with the 3/16 accents; I’d almost like if the opening notes at 2:48.026 were doubles and the percussive splashes were triples too, just because it gives more attention to that.
- 2:58.915: >
- this file has a LOT of mistakes
- however, a lot of the mistakes are small; they just add up quickly
- there is some layering/structural finesse in some parts that make this chart really memorable, but in other areas, the layering is so convoluted and it feels a bit overdone in many areas.

[4.5/10] Aguazaur Destroys The Plastic World {odaxelagnia} (I like it)
- offset seems fine
- 1.900/2.200: missing note for a kick
- 6.476: missing kick
- 10.076: the rolls fade quick enough to make this constant motion feel a bit off; remove notes 4 and 8 in the 9-note burst to give it that staggered feel
- 10.676 to 19.376/27.476 to 28.676: Concept is cute, but not properly executed; if you’re going to play with patterns based on the panning of the track, your notes should go towards the panning, not away from it. Mirror all the 8ths so that it’s something like [34] 4 [12] 1 [34] 4 [12] 1, etc.
- 29.876/etc: the repeating notes for the vocal samples would be a nice touch, but the lyrics change and you do away with it the moment the percussion comes in. The vocals are active enough to change the layering scheme and cut out repetition, maybe that could help?
- 32.127/36.927 with your current layering scheme, this should be a jump
- 33.777: your patterns should be changed up to give accenting to the kicks; jumps at 33.927/34.227, remove jumps at 34.077
- 39.477/etc: smart idea to repeat the patterns here, but ill-conceived in that musically this section is quieter yet your layering has actually grown. Revise this idea by keeping the repeating patterns while reducing the layering a bit. Pay attention, because not all of these are the same: some have cymbals, others don’t — use that to your advantage for structure.
- 48.177: ayy, more panning play
- 49.077 to 58.678: again, you’ve got the opportunity to change up your layering scheme but you don’t really take it; this chart is pretty redundant with the jumps on 4th kicks, so you’re going to have to put more effort into changing things up a bit
- 58.678 to 1:08.278: your layering scheme here is not only redundant, it reduces the effectiveness of your progression by basically using chains/repeated notes everywhere, in a situation where repeated notes was actually a part of your structure in the section before to help make things different
- 1:00.978: missing jump for kick
- 1:07.978: might be worthwhile to cut this roll short since it fades a bit
- 1:15.328: missing jump for kick
- 1:17.803: missing note; also, why do the next few notes have no layering?
- to be honest, the file is just a lot more of the same and I don’t think going further is going to change the decision much. I do notice that later on, you add some triples for vocal accents which is a good touch, but a lot of the remaining file is just more of the same. Clean up the structure a bit and try to make it more interesting.
- this song might need a cut, to be honest. I know it’s only 2:40, but it feels much more than that, unfortunately.

[8.5/10] Aublia {onoken feat. ALIAKE} (bmah)
- offset changed from -1.490 to -1.495
- 14.427: missing note for the little guitar flourish
- 16.398/19.475: very noticeable missing notes here
- 17.648: no accent for the guitar flourish here?
- 31.302/32.456: move these two notes off of U, because the second and fourth instances of that seemingly repeated riff don’t play the first note
- 49.187: I’m personally having a pretty hard time hearing this; I can hear it on a lower rate but it’s barely discernible and might be a jarring accent for something much tougher to pick up.
- 50.244: missing flute note
- 52.168: is this worthy of that little 64th flam accent you did earlier? Arguably a difficult sound but might still be worth looking at.
- 53.225: I’d move this note to R, and then shift 53.610 to a LD jump; it carries the melody better visually while still providing the repetition on the L arrow that you wanted
- 54.187: move the third note off of R, it’s just like the one at 48.225
- 59.187: feel like this should be a jump too, an opposing jump would work fine
- 1:01.494: ooooo shit now we gettin’ it on, love the song change
- 1:04.379/(etc): these notes, while not cymbal crashes, are pretty damn hard accents. Might be worth using triples on these in appropriate situations where the sound is not only loud, but also quite full and holds until the next note more than a beat later.
- 1:07.552: jump seems a bit off, hard to tell what it’s accenting/layering on
- 1:16.302: missing note
- 1:28.418: might be nice to get that little guitar flourish in, no need to add layering, just a nice little spritz in this section
- 1:46.831: missing 32nd note
- this song fucking rocks; really happy to hear something like this in the tournament
- chart is great! A couple of little tweaks to make it perfect. That second half is fantastic and shows some impressive pattern symmetry/repetition that help make the song much more intense.

- fixed: 31.302/32.456, 50.244, 53.225, 54.187, 59.187, 1:16.302,
- 1:04.379/etc: this is FUCKING DELICIOUS NOW
- 1:07.552: me not picking this up was really stupid, apologies
- that midsection is even more awesome than before. [9/10]

[7.5/10] AVALON {SASAKURATION} (bmah)
- 56.559: a bit heavy-handed on the layering here, no?
- 2:20.524/2:28.924: missing notes for hi-hats
- only real grievance is that pitch relevance could have been executed a bit better, particularly in that final stream; in a situation where you’ve got a fast moving ascending/descending melody like that with jumps accenting a melody, pitch relevant jumps with the general ascending/descending motion can usually be done well.
- chart’s fine. Nothing special about it, but to be fair, the song doesn’t offer too much either. Layering at the end is a strange decision, but I understand why it’s done, personally.

- hi-hats fixed at 2:20.524/2:28.924/etc
- nothing else really modified beyond that. [7.5/10]

[6/10] Beauty and the Beast {Diabolik Blaze} (Hairy Cabbage)
- offset is noticeably late (switched from -0.042 to -0.032)
- 42.032/(etc): these 24ths are incorrect: starts as 12th notes until 42.304, turns into 16th notes until 43.122, where the 32nds are passable
- 45.441: not a 32nd burst, the snares are hard and distorted but they are individual hits and are much slower (45.441, 45.509, 45.594, 45.679, 45.747, 45.816)
- 50.179: move up a 64th
- 59.872: should be moved up to the nearest 32nd
- 1:00.032: shouldn’t be a burst/flam or anything of the sort
- 1:13.122: I like this idea; however, the earlier parts of this section don’t follow suit. Switch up your jumps to indirectly accent the change of the notes in the melody like you do here.
- 1:26.486: this split-handed bit lasts for a bit too long; also, the kicks actually repeat in sets of 3, so you can play with the patterns a bit better than this (you could repeat patterns in sets of 6)
- 1:35.253: same situation, percussion repeats in sets of 3 so you have two excuses to break the extended split-handed stuff here
- 1:42.577 to 1:44.759: boy with a file this hard, you should be upping the layering pretty damn hard in a section like this, let’s attack the player relentlessly
- 1:46.668/1:51.032/1:55.395/etc: 24th burst for hi-hat?
- 1:48.713/1:48.782: missing notes
- 2:01.941: missing 32nds, though these can remain omitted since they’re a lot quieter than the rest
- 2:21.577: a few missing notes here, might be worth adding
- 2:22.350/2:22.441: missing notes for snare (they are 12th notes, but starting on the 8th so break out them 24th snaps)
- 2:22.872: missing note for snare
- 2:22.350: missing note for snare
- 2:23.554/2:23.827: more missing notes; check the rest of this section and make sure you’re catching everything; with as aggressive as this song and chart is, you should definitely be grabbing everything that exists in the song as much as possible
- 2:24.032: technically a misrhythm; starts with four 16th notes, and on the fourth 16th note, turns into a 32nd burst - if you don’t want to use 32nd notes for the sake of differentiated patterns, 24ths are fine, but clean up the opening of it by using three 16th notes and then doing the rest of the burst that way
- 2:26.622: this should be a 5-note 32nd burst, not a mini-jack; the burst following it is strange and off-rhythm if you want precision but in any case, it should be faster than 16ths
- 2:27.850: check your rhythms here, not quite a straight 32nd burst and noticeably incorrect at 100% speed
- 2:33.441: should be 24ths, not 16ths
- 2:45.577: still 32nds, not 48ths - maybe a pattern inversion or accent or something could help here
- 2:56.213: should be 16ths, and actually starts a 16th before the beat. Feel free to keep them as one-handed trills, though — I like that idea a lot.
- 3:12.577: there is a repeating synth here that really should get some love (single notes will likely do fine)
- 3:21.441/3:23.622: changes to 24ths here, also the jump at 3:21.782 is ghosted
- 3:39.850 - see 2:56.213
- did not particularly enjoy the last minute only because while the song did tone itself down, there were opportunities missed to still keep the player engaged, imo.
- this file has the potential to be a really memorable, and brutally difficult chart; you’ve got a solid foundation, but the structure has a number of misrhythms and could use some cleaning up.
- beef up the layering in some areas! The song is so heavy and harsh, yet some areas have single notes/jumps and it’s just blaaaaaaaaah.

[8/10] before… {yassu} (AutotelicBrown)
- offset is good.
- 17.194 to 30.909: I feel like the pitch relevance could be a touch better with respect to the highest note being anchored to the right arrow; it’s noticeable but I feel like some notes are not quite accounted for. Not a huge deal, though.
- 32.623/39.480: feel like the last note of this trill should be moved off, since it is a different pitch to the notes before
- 1:10.766: missing jump for cymbal crash?
- 1:29.623: missing note for piano?
- 1:32.944: move up to 1:32.909 (12th note); seems more correct and feels more natural
- solid file! No major complaints overall, this is a good mid-level challenge.

- all suggested updates for missing notes/rhythms resolved. [8.5/10]

[7*/10] Boy & Bear {Pogo} (Psychotik)
- offset changed from -0.080 to -0.104, changed BPM at beat 99.75 (57.104s) to 127 BPM, changed back to 105 BPM at beat 100 (57.222s) — is this some sort of song cut error?
- 19.389/etc: move to R for proper pitch relevance, a mini-jack is incorrect here - this seems to happen throughout the intro, resolve accordingly
- 27.389: tough to discern, but might be a vocal note here?
- 31.104: definitely a missing note for vocal here (make it a 192nd instead of a 16th to keep it consistent)
- 42.544: this should be the 192nd after the 8th, not this 16th here
- 44.830: ^, etc
- 59.507 to 1:17.793: The mini-jack usage here is passable, but the jump usage seems a bit strange to be in that the jumps on beat 1 of each measure don’t really have anything dedicated that they’re following.
- 1:17.793 to 1:36.079: on the flip side, the mini-jack usage into beat 2 (1:18.222, 1:22.793, 1:25.079) doesn’t feel as impactful. In the earlier section, you had vocals running into another type of accented vocal sample, and while it’s not the most relevant visually, it feels right on the hands.
- 1:21.364/1:30.364: first time - this mini-jack is fine pattern-wise, but it should be pushed down a 32nd note; second time - there’s no mini-jack at all when you can have it for better structural consistency.
- 1:44.079/1:53.222: a [24] jump is probably best here; it creates the connecting mini-jack that you’ve had for these samples throughout the earlier part of the chart and remains fairly friendly in terms of patterning.
- 1:52.079: this is note-for-note exactly the same as the previous instance. Change it up.
- as an easier file, I actually like this. It’s got a fairly coherent and explicit structure. However, there are some noticeable misrhythms that need to be addressed, as well as some pattern clean-up that needs to be done, before this can be considered.
- conditional acceptance on 192nd note jump rhythm fixes as well as BPM/sync fixes listed above

- looks good from previous suggestions. Accepted. [8/10]

[8*/10] carnation {aaaa} (Elekton)
- offset is good
- 1:51.426: this is gross; I personally feel like the 16ths are much more prominent and give separation compared to the 12ths you have earlier — as it stands, this is also a very large difficulty spike
- I can’t… put my finger on it, but the layering of the calmer sections just doesn’t feel right to me, particularly from 31.551 to 41.676 and 48.051 to 58.551. It’s not criminally incorrect or anything, it just doesn’t feel right to me for some reason.
- on a more positive note, I dig the repeating pattern motif at 1:10.551 and 2:07.551, though I wish it wasn’t the same note-for-note
- conditional accept with that polyrhythm section removed

- polyrhythms triggering the conditional queue flag have been removed; file looks great! [8.5/10]

[8*/10] Cest What {Terminal11} (DarkZtar)
- offset changed from -0.200 to -0.224; BPM changed from 240.200 to 240.195
- 0.378/1.472 (etc): first time - arguably missing note, second time - definite missing note for bass guitar; fix as needed throughout
- 24.829/etc: any 16th mini-jacks exiting onto the same hand at this tempo = nope
- 35.195: I feel like the kicks probably deserve more precedence here, given your later accenting
- 41.596: at 240 BPM, this 32nd is pretty tight against the previous R; switch up the pattern slightly
- 1:00.674: a bit too subtle to have a mini-jack, I think
- 1:09.417: should be 3/64 instead of 1/24 (only five 3/64 notes with a 16th gap into the 4th)
- 1:14.330/1:22.323: could add another jump for the second part of that intrusive chime
- 1:17.411: see 1:09.417
- 1:37.395: oh god what in the everloving hell is that burst
- 1:54.688: this mini-jack is too tight, change up the pattern
- 1:56.936: remove note
- pretty tough patterns when stuff gets going.
- conditional acceptance on the fixing of all mini-jacks tighter than 1/16, as well as ensuring any mini-jacks resolve on separate hands.

- mini-jacks all are kept to no faster than a 16th note and converge properly on opposing hands on termination
- that pattern at 1:37.395 is still gross
- also, for some reason I didn’t mention the pattern at 1:23.155, which is not quite as gross but still falls within that realm
- 1:47.573: CONDITIONAL QUEUE - I moved this to a D to separate away from the RR mini-jack; if you’re not alright with this, apply the changes yourself and send them again - otherwise, you can just accept that one note change and not have to deal with CQ again. [8/10]

[5.5/10] Chaos {Schmutz06} (Skullbac)
- offset changed from 0.000 to -0.007
- in general, jump usage seems kinda arbitrary
- 8.007: should be a jump?
- 18.284/18.395: remove notes
- 30.337: transition into this 48th burst is kinda rough
- 43.266: this is pretty gross; a reminder that 135 BPM 48ths = 202.5 BPM 32nds, and by extension the start of this burst is essentially the equivalent of a 64th burst at that tempo (24th/32nd/48th all next to each other is a mini 96th note burst)<