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Default Suggestion for profile-onlys

Lately I had been wandering around profiles a bit, and getting continually more frustrated that a HUGE chunk of our playerbase simply isn't that. A ridiculous amount of current accounts have barely played any games in the amount of time they've signed up? At a quick glance I've seen 3 years and 450ish games. That's taking the casual gamer excuse a little far, no?

What I'm suggesting is that if the user does not play a single game (in any of FFR's flash games) or uploaded a simfile, or perhaps helped with the code (just some ideas, plenty of leeway obviously) for a very long period of time, their account be removed. This isn't to say that if you don't play one game every week you can just mosey on off the site - I was thinking more along the lines of 3-5 months. This would be to reduce the amount of people using FFR as just another myspace/facebook/etc, and would at the same time remove the old abandoned accounts.

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Default Re: Suggestion for profile-onlys

It's been said before that we never remove accounts. However you could instead replace the idea of removing accounts with perhaps an annoying pop-up PM, or e-mail (if enabled).
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