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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 8

Floating Point (Drumcorps Remix) [EzExZeRo7497] {The Algorithm}
Rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- gimme a minute while I push all positive bias out of the way before judging this because this song is seriously god-tier to me
- 15.588/etc: situations like this where the jack patterns break off (15.910) are a bit unclear given that the foundation of jacks typically follows the guitar chugging + bass drum; in this circumstance, all five notes would be viable as the same -- if the deviation happens as a result of the lower melody shifting, then you can’t defend having all the jacks there, and if the deviation happens as a result of the higher note hit that happens at 15.910 (similar to 16.553), then what dictates the changes at 17.195/24.053, etc? Food for thought.
- 16.445: non-isolated overtoned note that likely should be a 192nd
- 25.883: while this is an overtone/buzz - given the fullness and separation and earlier notes, wouldn’t this effectively be a triple as well?
- 30.695/30.803: some more notes here that likely should be 192nds given their general overtoning
- 40.231: remove white here
- 44.624 to 1:08.624: I’ve always been a huge fan of how menacing this section sounds, and the jacks in here are absolutely brutal, but very fitting.
- ^, that being said: some things to consider:
----- missing note for guitar at 44.731 for continuity purposes, since that’s what you accent
----- 46.338/etc: because the guitar is no longer accompanied by the bass kicks, you now have a tonal element and having them repeat looks a bit strange, given that they are very clearly two different notes; additionally, having these detracts from the actual repeated percussion accents that happen at 47.838/etc.
---- 1:07.660: missing jump for kicks here; gives a bit more abrasion to the termination of that section
- 1:33.160: that snare is accompanied by an overtone that clearly continues from earlier, so this note likely should be a 192nd as well
- 1:50.195: move this [UR] to a [DR] to better accent the separation in the guitar chugging (your current pattern creates a very noticeable four-note anchor)
- follow through with keeping a check on your mini-jacks and make sure they’re clearly working in the way you want them to in terms of representation of the percussion/guitar/bass/etc.
- 2:54.374: percussion changes slightly here; missing jump for kick to help separate things out a bit
- 3:01.981: given that you can’t use a hold here or anything, it’d be nice to have something here to accent that buzz (a few notes for the attacks of the overtones would likely work well here)
- even with all the things suggested, the chart’s structure is very deliberate and is effective overall
- clean up some mini-jacks and add a bit more accenting power to the main sections of the song
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