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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 8

anqad [Heavy] {onoken feat. b} (bmah)
Rating: 7.5/10 [+.]
- offset is a touch off (changed from -3.232 to -3.241)
- second triple right from the start feels a bit strange...
- 11.991: this seems like it could be a jump for a missing bass note, but itís not a major deal
- 18.598: missing note hi-hat just after this note, make sure youíre catching all of them
- 46.008: missing note for melody
- 50.919: hi-hats extend beyond this point, to 51.455
- 1:02.526: ^, similar deal, though not quite as necessary given that it builds up through an increasing cymbal crash
- 1:14.669: not a fan of this jumpstream; the song is actually lightening up a bit yet this is the most dense part of the chart itself
- first half of final chorus is copy/pasted from an earlier section which kinda brings on the drag a bit
- solid file overall; wouldnít say thereís anything notably good or bad about it, just a textbook acceptable file.

anqad [Light] {onoken feat. b} (bmah)
Rating: 9/10 [+]
- offset is off similarly to Heavy counterpart (changed from -3.232 to -3.241)
- very tasteful reduction for an easier chart; absolutely love the approach taken in the chorus areas
- nice pitch relevance in the guitar solo
- great easier chart; I prefer this approach more than the Heavy by a mile

Apocalypse {Morrigan feat. Lily} (bmah)
Rating: 8.5/10 [+]
- artist was not provided in .sm file; please send updated .sm file with proper metadata
- offset changed from -1.130 to -1.143
- my only real criticism for this chart is that a lot of the jumps feel like they could be removed due to not clearly accenting either differentiated notes or separated syllables (as an example that recurs: 7.143, 7.506, 8.597, etc), giving the chart a somewhat overlayered presentation
- 1:10.779: this could be a color accent as a continuation from the flams; not a requirement, just an idea
- 1:14.506/(etc): with there being multiple instruments that land on here this particular piano note and it being represented as jumps a bit ago, it feels a bit strange for them to be omitted the way they are; it feels like thereís missing jumps but Iím honestly not 100% sure whatís being concretely followed beyond the percussion and the piano here. borderline insignificant in the grand scheme of things; structure still feels solid here overall as well.
- 1:25.506: jumps are presented inside of the fastest streams, so layering them in should be fine when the section concludes as well
- good chart

Big Tree (Home Alone Remix) {Pogo} (LeKrispyKreme)
Rating: 2/10 [-]

- chart should be quantized such that the structure is using 12th notes as opposed to 8th notes, as the downbeats should fall at 110 BPM as opposed to the 165 BPM you have now. If youíre uncertain how to do this, I can assist you 1-on-1 on this - itíll be pretty fast (or I can just do it for you).
- tempo change aside, the offset is actually reasonably accurate, though it could be shifted slightly earlier (-0.345 to -0.340).
- with that tempo change aside, your chartís structure needs a lot of work. The triples used for following the primary accented note in the bass-line are much too strong of an accent for the rest of the chart, which is mostly 8th note streaming at 165.
- in general, with the exception of those occasional triples, the music is generally ignored. There are some good things paid attention to, like the repeated vocals at 45.067 (the earlier instance was inaccurate because it only had three repeated taps)
- when you approach this chart a second time, try to concretely determine what you would like to be followed in your chart. If you have situations where youíre following 2 or more instruments, utilize your best judgment to determine which delivers the best distribution of notes for the song.
- when trying to follow lyrics, only keep a simple rhythm if the notes actually are reasonably close to the vocals. Your 16th notes for the lyrics are fairly far off compared to the actual rhythms.
- be a bit more mindful of your pattern usage; try to make it more meaningful.

Choprite {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
Rating: 6/10 [?]
- offset of -0.034 keeps the BPM at 200 flat (the first sample of the song is a bit chopped off for some reason but subsequent beats are fine). Thereís no need to change the BPM beyond that for the sync structure.
- numerous missing notes for samples (8.810, 10.685, 13.610, 14.060, 43.382, 43.682, 1:19.836, etc.)
- 14.135/14.435: might be suited as single notes since you represent the fuller kicks with doubles
- 36.035: if youíre going to follow the melody here, then fill out the notes earlier in the phrase at 34.085/34.385
- 41.587: the BPM changes that were done here are completely unnecessary and actually cause a very brief blue-note syndrome (that is: the downbeat of the song is temporarily on a blue note) which is why you require a 400+ BPM change to fix things back to red again.
- 42.932: the kicks keep going past here at a pretty audible volume, so them being missing in the notes to follow feels a bit strange, I suppose
- 50.432: similar situation with the BPM changes
- 1:00.335: likely also worth being a jump given that the kicks are there on 8ths as well
- 1:00.939: should be 64th swing like earlier
- 1:09.870: ^, etc - this keeps happening and has additional locations where this can be applied
- 1:10.239: this is a very nasty burst, oof
- 1:34.384: pattern should be shifted to put this particular note on something thatís not a [D]
- 1:50.134: can definitely have a kick here
- 1:58.534/etc: missing 16th notes for some kicks
- 2:03.184: this particular kick is quite punchy and likely should be represented as a jump - if not, then the jump at 2:03.634 should be shifted to something to include a [R] in it, for better relevance
- 2:06.934: some missing kicks here
- 2:27.557: ghost note
- 2:48.409: missing note, etc
- 3:07.535: these jumps stand out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the section
- 3:26.133: missing jump
- 3:34.522: ^
- 3:45.406: missing note, etc
- lots of stuff in here to be fixed; sync can also be readjusted to not have the crazy fluctuations in it
- chart has a solid structure and clear intent at points
- burst difficulty is a bit inconsistent; some of the bursts particularly from 3 minutes and on are quite a bit harder than earlier counterparts

Cruel Whole (Abelcain Remix) {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
Rating: 8*/10 [+.*]
- 33.333/etc: should be jacks here as well according to your structure (happens a ton)
- 1:12.322: previous kicks actually collide into the stronger one - this is the only time in the song this happens so it should be accented accordingly
- conditional queue on addition of jacks in instances like 33.333; I understand this may have been deliberate, but it is glaringly incorrect to ignore it half the time when thereís no legitimate reason to
(- this is a perfect opportunity to seek an appeal if you donít want to change the structure)

Edible Flower Monologue {OSTER Project feat. Yu Tokiwa} (bmah)
Rating: 8.5/10 [+]
- 8.226: instrument actually plays 24ths here (itís quite hard to hear at 100% speed, admittedly)
- 8.976: missing note for same instrument here, should be five 16ths
- 39.726 to 55.726: structure here feels a bit off because of following the accordion-like instrument for layering purposes here, as itís a bit tougher to hear - itís not -wrong-, just tough to follow at times
- 48.726: assuming the previous point - missing a note for it here
- polys at the end are quite rough
- chartís very good overall

Epstein-Horsharck Lids {Venetian Snares} (ositzxz369)
Rating: 8.5*/10 [+*]
- the whole repeating pattern motif that happens throughout the file is executed pretty nicely, I dig it
- a few weird jumps earlier on (2.100, 14.356, 22.588, 49.843)
- 41.977: change this burst, doesnít need a mini-jack like this
- 1:06.444: another burst to clean up
- conditional queue on adjustment of bursts to remove mini-jacks; they detract from an otherwise cool structure/concept
- very good chart, feels both old school and new school at the same time

Landscape {Tsukasa} (bmah)
Rating: 9/10 [+]
- missing piano notes at 29.118, 35.975
- 44.654: optional - thereís actually a nice little flourish here that could be accented if youíre in the mood to make that triple really forceful (since a playerís basically gonna have to burst into it)
- this layering structureÖ Iím used to aggressive from you, but this doesnít feel like a chart coming from you at all
- thatís not a bad thing at all in this case; I literally had ďexcuse me?Ē written as the first note when I hit the mini-jack + colliding jumps and whatnot
- excellent chart; despite how heavily layered this is, thereís a lot of detail in it
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