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Default Re: A Week ago I was Level 64 (Another week later and i'm Level 78)

about a week later and now i'm level 78. Only 2 scores remain. Not surprisingly the first one is My fxxkin desire for you. I had a pretty good run on the song (1-0-1-0 going into the jumpstream) but got destroyed on the JS. The other is Pussypump which is almost out of my top 15. A lot of these are improved scores so this is mostly just an image dump.

I feel like i could've done without the averages and misses, and i can probably improve, but getting a good consistent run like this can be a bit challenging

speaking of nice long consistent runs. could probably do better with a long enough grind but its still a nice score

The first improved score on the list. and like i thought, i was able to SDG.

Really happy with this score. Got it pretty quick after first playing the file. I've been trying to improve and get an SDG but the file is pretty tricky and its easy for me to just mess up on this file and drop 8 goods in a row.

This is one of those files i think should be easy, and is easy, but then drop like 20g on. SDG is easily possible if i can consistency.

hey look! more S.S.H. Honestly, this song has some nasty patterns in it. A lot of them happen to be some sort of trill, But its a really fun chart. I want to get an SDG on this chart but i dont see it happening in the near future. I can totally do it though.

I dont really remember this file. it was a quick "find file, get levels" sort of deal.

This file is right up my ally. It was recommended to me after getting a score on a certain file you'll see later. and you know what, i had a good time I know i can totally get a 5g score on this file though. i know i can do it but i haven't done it yet.... guess i need more grinding for a good run.

"how in the world is this file a 92?! oh, oh......" yea. i sure wasn't expecting those 24th stream, but somehow i came out ontop with this score. went into them with an SDG soi could potentially improve the score, but its still pretty damn good.

This is a really fun file. like seriously fun. Its also another case of "if i get lucky on the fast streams" the long 16th JS in this file really put my acc and stamina to the test. the fact that there are two separate long JS though really makes the file tough.

I had a pretty good SDG on this file in the last update, and i quickly improved it.

This is the first of two scores "better" than my old #1 and the first of two scores that i feel i can do WAY better on. I think the fact that i am almost dissapinted that i haven't done better says alot about how i feel on this file. Sometimes the 12th streams feel harder than the 12th jumpgluts. but seriously fuck those 48th bursts.

Easy song easy levels. the long jacks at the end though.... Honestly near the peak of my jacking speed though.

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