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Default Re: Early Release Special Batch

This batch is now complete. Goldstinger's reviews for June Set 3 and Set 4 have been put into this post.

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 3:

Conditional Queue
[9.0*/10] Miserable Bastard {Terminal 11} (Shxfted)
[8.0*/10] Laughing Puppet {Nvoise} (Deamerai)

[5/10] Chain Lightning {DanJohansen} (M0nkeyz)
[0/10] Waterlily Junction {Kfaraday} (kommisar)
[0/10] Marill (Gender is not a Binary) {Kfaraday} (kommisar)

Results for Early Release June 2018 Set 4:

[9/10] L {Ice} (DarkZtar)
[8/10] Fly of Beelzebub {DM DOKURO} (AutotelicBrown)

Conditional Queue
[8.5*/10] Longinus {Xi} (DarkZtar)
[7.5*/10] endleSSStation {Yuuyu} (DarkZtar)
[6.5*/10] hyper weaboo vodka shots (formerly Yamada Stream) {kommisar} (DarkZtar)

[3/10] Force of Light v2 {FFMusicDJ & SGX} (DarkZtar)
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